The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on December 12, 1894 · Page 6
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 12, 1894
Page 6
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ALGOKA, JQWA, r ! *#. ffe & nderwear. Thursday Morning Dec. 13 = Begins one of the most '.GIGANTIC UHDKRWEAR SALES That Algona people have euer seen or may have occasion to attend. 400 Doz. Men's and Boys' Wool and Cotton Underwear Bought direct from the leading factories of the country. This underwear will be sold to you for less than jobbing houses sell the same goods to dealers. Dont miss this sale. Provide yourself with underwer at wholesale prices. HATS. HATS. Yours for good goods and low prices. Case of Hats received last Friday. Come in and see the New Block in Derby and Fedoras. Be the first one to come out in a now stylish hat. FUR COATS still go at $6.00. by! inu A" LOCAL MATTERS. Fresh oysters at Ladendorff's. - Holiday lamps at Walker Bros. Dingley's holiday stock is great. Miss Kate Field's date is the 21st. See the ribbons in Geoders' window. November weather was voted a great The G. A. E. annual meeting comes tonight. Juvenile Temple social Saturday evening. The adjourned tax sale will be held next Monday at 10 o'clock. judge Lot Thomas opened court with a full docket Monday morning. 500 best Nickle Alarm Clocks, only 98 cents, at Hyde's Jewelry Store, tt Don't failto inspect those beautiful lamps, and fancy dishes at Walker Bros. Miss Ella Langdon has been seriously ill. Her condition is somewhat improved. '•.'• Dingley is right after the holiday trade. He has a very fine display ot desirable goods. All the G. Av E. men should attend the Post meeting tonight.. The order of business is the election of officers. Contributions to the Fair caabe handed in to sonie member ortheiA. L. A- or sent to the sample room Friday a. m. " • ' • ' • John Ewing, the local manager of the Kimball piano company, has been suffering from a severe cold for a few days. The married folks dancing club pays $10 into the relief fund every time they !, use the court house for a dancing party. Bancroft is to have a concert given by the Mikado Quartet on the 28th, Miss Kate Smith and Miss Lillie Eanks are to participate. .<„„, -The regular meeting of James C., ii' Taylor corps, No. 208, will be held ' T?Thursday, December 13, at 3 o'clock \ P. M, That is tomorrow, & ""'a re was a light snowfall Monday . • j __!,, — « .-. 4* •!*• lintra rliann. ,(» AC AS A evidences of it have ' om the ground. It is co!4 for iot for, December. are looking for good f and good v&lues, go to i House Grocery, You will pthing if you don't. in the family of : 0, A. and stuck a needle into a few days ago, Dr. Mc- ed to cut it out, xt six days or until further sell at way down prices as time of year I make ray iaie,— J, B The Ladies of the ^Episcopal Guild will give a social for the benefit ot the church, Thursday evening, at the residence of Mrs. Geo. E. Clarke. Everybody is Invited. L. M. B. Smith has been taking his turn at being sick. His daughter, Mrs. Jessie Huntington, of Ellsworth, Minnesota, came down the first of the week .to look after him. They have people down at Ft. Dodge too, who will rob hen roosts if necessary to a proper observance of Thanksgiving day as a religious anniversary. The differeence is that down at the Fort they call names. Eev. W. E. Davidson was absent at Clear Lake on Sunday and his pulpit was occupied at the morning hour by Mr. E. P. McElroy, who delivered a sermon ranking among the finest ever heard in that church. The union bible meeting was held there in the evening. , The Burt Cornet Band announce that they will give a concert December 21st, 1894, at Marble's Hall. The band will be assisted by the male quartet. The boys are reported to be making great progress under Prof . Floyd, and their concert will be one worthy of patronage. •••• '•':•''•'' ; .' ; ' '•'• ;•' •'•• . The Storm Lake Pilot says that Ed. E. Duffle, who was one of the judges in this district ten years ago, was appointed to a similar position in Omaha recently. Judge Duffle's friends here will be glad of this proof that he has got the better of his weakness. His ability was never questioned. In the few words said in these columns last week no reference was made to the management of the Algona roller rink,nor was any reflection upon its management intended. The roller rink was in very bad odor when ib was the rage. That's all. Licenses to wed have been issued to Frank C. Newell and Mary Dreyer, Frank Eisenman and Gertie. Scott, J. A. D. Coats and Etta Welch, C. N. Schaeffer and Eva L. Scoonover, J. F. Wiltse and Myrtle Clement, John Sabin and Lillie B. Warden. The Bloor family, of Burt, are having a hard run of luck this year. Mrs. Bloor is in town nursing her daughter, Miss Ella Wolfe, who is under surgical treatment, and last -Wednesday her son, Cliff Bloor, had bis leg broken by having his horse fall on him. He was running a race when the accident occurred, Our E. B, Warren, of the U. D. M., seems to have a namesake at Des Moipes, TheEegister of last Saturday has a very forceful letter urging James Harlan for governor. Were the letter dated at Algona, instead of Des Moines, we should credit " Bob" with this suggestion, which is certainly worth considering, There will be a Fair and Supper giv^ en by the ladies of the Algona Library sion was very enjoyable. There were ten ladies from town. Some of the finest Christmas Roods ever exhibited in Algona may be seen at the stores this year. Our advertising columns are the best directory of houses where beautiful ( articles for holiday gifts can be obtained. They will repay a careful inspection. The variety of really attractive 'and desirable goods is such that it\<is frequently hard to choose. Our latest musical organization is the Mandolin Club, which was organized Monday night, with Guy Taylor president, Charley Slagle. vice president, Irving Dodge secretary and Wilfrid Jones treasurer. Other members of the club are Wesley Lamson, Fred Davis, Chas. Coan, Mart Weaver, Will and Ed Eicbardson, Geo. Purvis and Frank Chandler. Mr. Fred Woods, of Spirit Lake, is the . instructor. This club will play at the musicale to be given in Call's Opera House on the 27th. The United Workmen elected officers Tuesday evening of last week, as follows: Geo. W. Platt, master workman; Charles Laage, foreman; Frank Lull, overseer; Will Lacy, recorder; Eugene Tellier, financier; Jas. Cowan, receiver; A. P. Hanson, guide; Chas. Winkie. inside watchman; Ed Winkie, outside watchman. W. A. Ladendorf was elected trustee for eighteen months. This is one of the rapidly growing orders of the place and one whose benefits are the greatest and the surest. Every young man-should join it. The annual meeting of the stockholders of the State Bank of Algona was held on the 4th. All the officers were reelected, and all the directors with the exception of Capt. Tyrrell, whose place was supplied by the elec- 11 **\SU W £S*tWW\y 11 MW Wt*^^*.»»%*w. *JJ n»»w v> w tion qf Mr. Fred. M. Miller, one of the solid farmers of Plum Creek township. Capt. Tyrrell and Mr. St. Glair having disposed of their stock to Kossuth county men, the bank is now wholly a home institution. The directors have declared a dividend of 8 per cent. The business of the bank is flourishing. One of the cases disposed of by Judge Thomas yesterday was that of Lillie B. Warden vs. Edgar C. Warden, for divorce. The case was briefly presented by F. ,M, Taylor and the evidence of desertion being conclusive, the decree was promptly granted, No sooper was the plaintiff made a free and unineum- •bered woman than she was claimed by another man, Mr. John Sabin, and without any unnecessary delay a marriage licence was procured and, repair- ind to Justice Taylor's office, the new knot was tied with neatness and dispatch, Of coarse we are liable to get an ex- ge'rated idea of a war so fat awa? as China, and to suppose that the whole country is COnvtilsed with the struggle. But a small portion in fact, of the great Chinese Empire is engaged in it or excited over it. Mrs. VV. K. Ferguson has just received a letter from her friend who will be remembered as a visitor here when she was Miss Gove. This lady is now the wife of a member of the British legation atFooChou, China, and her letter has iti it no reference whatever to the war which has been going oh between China and Japan, Eev. F. M» Bristol, one Of the most bf illiattt lecturers of America, will deliver his celebrated lecture On "Brains' 1 iti the Music Hall, at Einmetsburg on Tuesday evening, December 18th; admission 50c. Those Who desire reserved seats can secure them by writing to the Sec'y of the Young People's Utnoti, Bev. Epbt. Bagttell, Emmetsburg, Iowa. Those who desire to attend can reach Emtnetsburg at 5.20 P. M. and leave at 11.05 P. M. If there are ten or more from this city a fare and a third will be granted by the railroad company. The people of this commun* ity are earnestly urged to avail themselves of this rare treat, THE BEPUBLICAN does not join in the opinion that the present newspaper controversy over the governor's salary signifies a widespread disposition on the part of the Iowa editors to engage in a scramble for the office 1 No paper of any standing thinks of expressing itself on the vital matter in less than a column, but it must be remembered that the bottom has been knocked out of politics, and the Turks, Armenians, Chinese and Japs are too remote to interest us. No, the offers made to pay the expenses out of the salary do not mean that the office would suit us. We want something better. A couple of weeks ago the U. D. M. had a sensational item about an irate Spencer man who was over here looking for Hill, who broke the record recently on a foot race from Swea City to Bancroft. Hill had run off with the Spencer man's wife, or his wife's affections, we disremember which and disincline to say which would be the most improbable. But in last week's issue of our cotemporary it tells how Hill never was in Spencer, and now the Spencer News declares that the wronged husband never lived there, so we are left in the most harrowing suspense. Is it possible that our esteemed cotem- porary has been the victim of a cruel fake? The auditorium of the Congregational church was filled Sunday evening on the occasion of the annual meeting of the Kossuth County Bible Society. D. B. Avey. president, presided, and appropriate addresses were made by Eev. Stevens and Bev. Kennedy, of theBap- tist and Methodist churches, respectively. The officers elected were Chas. J. Doxsee, president; F. S. Norton, secretary; Eugene Tellier, treasurer and Miss C. T. Dodd. libarian. Interesting reports were submitted by Miss Dodd as libarian and C. J. Doxsee ! as secretary, showing the business of the past yeari THE BEPUBLICAN has received a postal card from C. A. Kidd, of Spencer, announcing the postponement by Gpv. Jackson of action on his application for pardon till next July. A case against this Mr. Kidd was tried in this county some six years ago, ending in acquittal. Kidd was subsequently tried on another charge, the forging of special findings of a jury, and found guilty. He appealed to the supreme court, which after wrestling with the case two years sustained the inferior court, whereupon an appeal was made to the governor for a pardon, which is now pending. Kidd is fighting with great vigor. His case has become an occasion of local controversy, if not a political issue, and is liable to hitch up alongside of the Jones county calf case and be relegated to ancient history. GIRL WANTED. to do housework. MBS, C. B, HUTCH- IKS. 2w POTATOES—ERLY OHIOS, Eighty cents a bushel. Leave orders for your winter's supply at my office. C, L. LUND. STEAM THEBSHEEB CHEAP, I have two complete steam thresher outfits which I will sell at 50 cents on the dollar of their actual value, Come quick.-ll J. L. BUTTON. DOWN PILLOWS, Head Bests, Stamped and Tinted Goods at SetchcU & SeteheU's, AT r A.A Jfc. JL,ML JL JL-j*L JL A JL .-*. |M|0V^V0^0B^MM^^^^W^^^^^^k .! AYLOR'S. NA UU' Your choice, fine French Felts, all shapes and colors, including children's, worth $2, $1,50, $1.25 and $1 each, and every hat cheap at the price, and not sold for less by any other house. Our price on these to close, - - - 5O Cent Each- T At NA 9 Your choice in an extra fine LUl im *• line, well worth 50c and One Dollar, at T,At NA S Sixty bucram frames worth _LJ__ 50c, at 13 CENTS EACH- 100 bucram frames worth 50c, 75o and $1, Your Choice, 25 Cents. The ab9ve lots have been consigned to us to be sold and is less than 25 cents on the dollar. We will make a reduction on our Trimmed Hats. Call at once and get a good choice. JAS TAYLOR. 25 Cents Each. A Merry Christmas is Out of the Question 1 Without a cheerful fire. You cannot have- a cheerful fire without a good heater. The ranks next to the baby in bringing joy, and good cheer into the home. Try one Before Christmas. See our Stoves and Ranges before buying. We handle the best—RIVERSIDE and JEWEL. We have a full line of Wood and Iron Pumps. All kinds of repairing done. We still have SKATES. .C. M. DOXSEE, '-,4 --I '$ , «4 -.^ Winkie-s Old Stand. TWO WEEKS ONLY I Closing Out Sale r Ooine and buy the Christmas presents of at less^han ever befoie. A fejy dollars will buy twe*"$« ful Xmas presents for your entire family.' , , v : :<| LADIES' DRESSES HOSE, MEM'S NECKWEAR, MITTENS, Association Friaay, December 14th, at - venilo Templars will give a the Eutberford sample room, The Fan- will be held both afternoon and .evening, Supper at 5 o'clock ana until all are aerve^, Music throughout the eve. of the best musical talent Supper 86c, The alu,mnj 9? 'the Jpw'ii Bt#e Un.J« versity we qongiaering the i Desirability of organizing an. association. There are about twejity^vg graduate^ pf the institution in in the law „ social' next Saturday Good Templar HalJ. They " " invitation to the SHIRTS, * HOSE, > AS place has secured F " mortise look use of a ILL GOING 111 B§/,Q8e, M OSSF ^ J»Blk front; , r '..\«*' y&t*i{$*##4^^ * \"i*rti.$y®$£&'' ^- r : J ^ -r¥'r . fji twJSh*'' • * '-**» m\ > ' -^vit •»,! v H v <- % 'F*f.

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