The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 23, 1953 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 23, 1953
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHKVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEW8 WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 28, 1981 Dissertation on Restrictions And Burdens of Being Famous By HAL BOVI.E NPW YORK (AP) — Would you like to be world famous, recognized and admired Rnt- if HP thought it over, I don't think he'd want to be famous at all. The man in the street offhand would say, "Sure. Why not? Do you think I'm crazy?" wherever you went? hei a „„ hermit Fame is too often a cage that imprisons the one within it just as surely as a lion is held by the bars of /have met. or interviewed many famous men »nd women, and usually have come, away feeling rather sorry, for Uiem .Their renown is a heavy and burdensome chain and restricts their freedom. prisoner of everybody. . You become public property, whether you like it or not. Some famous folk revolt against being pawed by the people, anrt their reward Is sometime to be sneered cntiiu, »»'u it..w. .~*,. ... Whatever power they gnln from j at as ••gettin' too big Ior fame often is hardly worth the britches." simple pleasures they lose. The truth is that the man in the street has more real fun and freedom than the man on the pedestal. The price of those who stand upon a public peak of prominence is to be stared at wherever they BO bowed to. endlessly admired. Th« ordinary man certainly feels lie could use a little more apprecialion from those around him— particularly his wife, his other boss, his children, the neighbors and a few traffic cops. When he pays his taxes, he may even think the least But they have a right to be themselves. It is said that even the gentle Gen. Robert E. Lee disliked having people touch him or walk closely behind him. An earlier general, Cincinnati^, went buck to his plow after saving Rome. Probably the other generals and politicians called him a show- oft. but was he? Or is Greta Garbo Smith Says Labor Appointment May Be Delayed WASHINGTON (fft— Sen. H. Alexander Smith iR-NJ) said today the appointment of a new secretary of labor might be delayed several weeks. . Smith, chairman of the Senate Labor Committee which will consider the appointment, and report it to the full Senate tor confirma- insincere when, after a tremendous I tion or rejection, discussed the mat• • • — "--'tcr with President Elsenhower at career, , she insists now on the Alniont Unlvcrial In the process of time. lh« use of surnames has becxrne Universal, the only exception being the members of the royal family of Ens- land, who sign by their baptismal names only, according to the Encyclopedia Brltannioa. The American flag first was hoisted In Alaska at Sitka on Oct. 18, 1867. DYESS NEWS' By MKS. J. L. JACOBS , right to be alone? Recently a tall, still youthful, looking man of middle age was looking at a tray of gadgets in a his Uncle Sam could do in return | five-and-ten cent store, is mail him a "thank you" note ' "- '-'- '--' But otherwise his appetite for acclaim is actually pretty limited. The fame he wistfully daydreams of would—If this dream came true —be a living nightmare. And in his heart he knows it. To win achievement or recognition in one's field is one thing. But to be widely famous is another thing. To most people fame would be a nuisance and a bore. It would be frightening and kill them young. For everjj man likes to feel he is his own master. But when you are famous you are the uneasy iNO BABY TEETH-BriU Mc•Daniel, 4, at Valparaiso, 1ml., 'smiles lo show his vyper and 'lower dentures. L'.itil eight imonths ago, the youngster was ion liquid diet, because a rare .disease caused a rapid decay lot his baby teeth. Now he's able to eat hard foods, while waiting for his own set of permanent lt*«th, expected lo arrive by his sixth birthday. "Doesn't he look familiar?" one salesgirl asked another. "Like who?" "Well, a little like Lindbergh." "Y-e-es," said the second girl doubtfully, "maybe around the eyes and mouth. But can you imagine Lindbergh being in here?" Both girls Inughed at the. idea. A moment later Charles A. Lindbergh paid for his purchases, smiled shyly and walked out. No man in history ever won fl greater fame overnight than he did—few wanted that kind of fame less, or paid a more terrible price for it, Today Lindbergh Is happier than he has been in more than a quarter of a century because, as he told a friend. "Now I can go into n dime store and nobody knows me." It is one of the greatest privileges and pleasures he has known since he made his famous flight to Paris—just to be as free again as any other man In the street. The South Will Rise Again FAYETTEVILLE, N. C. Iffl — Payetteville police got a new order yesterday: Look for a dozen stolen Confederate cannon balls. The big blnck metal spheres — each about the size of a bowlinjr ball — were taken from the foot of a Confederate monument near mid-town. Originally they were centered toRether In the form of a pyramid. But recently the monument was moved, and when the balls were re-located, no cement was used. They disappeared over a period of several months by singles and pairs. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Harvllle.anu daughter, Diane, of Memphis, spent the week end here with her parents. Mr. and Mrs- W. S. Gray. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Tyler and daughter, Sherry, of Whitton spent Saturday evening In the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Prank Tyler, Jimmle Smith. Paul Francis and Miss Lavista Carroway were Sunday guests of Miss Deanie McClendon at Whitton. Artist Edwards left. Saturday for Searcy to spend a few weeks. Other teachers leaving are J. D. May to Ebimo. Tcnn.. Dennis Anderson to MarrletU, Miss., and Mrs. k. Thrash (a Hattlesburg. Mrs, Jane Jones and Mrs. Mozelle Williams shopped in Memphis Friday. Miss Ollie Faye Harris of Memphis spent the week end here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Harris. Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey McSpadden and daughter, Neva Fern, of Mount Pleasant, Ark., spent Friday night Read Courier News Calssified Ads. here with his sister, Mrs. J. H Ulric Lloyd, in Little Rock Hospiital last Sunday. While in 'Little Rock, he visited Bert Mathis and other friends and relatives. Jackie Blackard Leaves Wednesday for Camp Pendleton, Calif., after several days here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Blackard. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Cash and children of Memphis spent the week .end here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Cash. Mrs. Elmer Rogers and son, Pete, accompanied Tom Parks to Pontiac. Mich., Friday where she will visit her husband and daughter, Mrs. D. C. Dobbins and family for a few weeks. Orville Lee Modesitt has gone the White House yesterday. He said In an interview It was his idea thr choice could well be put .off until close to the time for Congress to return in January, "If the new .secretary Is chosen now, he couldn't be confirmed until after Congress comes back," the senator said. "Meanwhile, he would be out in the open for everybody to snoot at — labor or other groups that might be disappointed." COTTON LOOK FOR THt SHK WITH TH£ MMIS MT TKaDl. MIRK. aVAIUILE IN DUCK, ASPHALT BOTTOM AND OUR NEW PLASTIC BOTTOM. OUR PLASTIC BOTTOM IAG HAS BUN FULLY FIELD TESTED AND WILL OUTLAST THREE OR MORE REGULAR DUCK BAD*. EACH TYPE IS STOCKED IN AU ItfEJ IIEGULAJt OR WITH HOOKEYE. £*•>* BEMIS BRO. BAG CO. MIMPMII J, TfNH. For Sale By ALL LEADING JOBBERS Hnlch. and family. Mrs. Llllle Belle East of ,___ spent the week end here with her family. Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Holland and daughter, Alice, spent the week end In St. Louis with their daughter. Margaret. Alice will remain for a longer visit. Bobby Yates left Friday for Flint, Mich-, to work. Carl Lloyd visited his brother. to Oxford. Ml«., to attend tht Unl- children of Jone.boro -P.ntp.rt of . .. versity for this college term. •rsltv lor tnis COIICK* «**"• **»v - w.» — -— t-—• -—• .isity ior in » M lt)d Mrs . Dewey Cox. They have aasKra «VMa- .T413.1 *J«VVJ « __ i_ it.- **« «.lH Vfl-C Afirll rinnlal. of A. J. Benson. Mrs. Henson Is the former Miss Faye Springer of Wilson. The Rev. and Mrs. W. W. Peterson attended the pastors meeting at Marked Tree last Tuesday. Albert Mclntire of Kansas City, Mo., left Wednesday after a. two week's visit here with relatives. The Rev. and Mrs. C. D. Crouch left Monday on a two weeks vacation and visit to Wichita Falls, Tex. While there they will visit his brotn- Charles Chrestman arrived home Wednesday night for a leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Chrestman. Eleven women attended a party at the home of Mrs. Delbert Prentice Thursday afternoon. Games were played. Those receiving prizes were Mrs. Charles Herrod, Mrs. Joe Coffman, and Mrs. Lois Bledsoe. Mrs. Prentice served cookies and drinks. Mr. and Mrs. James Cox and COMING SOON! The Delta Maid fo Be Announced in the Courier Hews lint week her* with bit ptrenti, New Bruniwlek, N. J., after eerml •daye here with his perentr, Mr. tad Mr». dene McVey. Mr. and Mrs. Arvll Daniels and daughters, Diane and Beccah, Mrs- a. W. Daniels and daughter, Mr*. Richard Shelton »p«nt Sunday In Memphis with Mrs. Modena West. Misses Lorene Brownfleld *nd Violet McVey of Memphis spent the week end here with relative!. Mr. and Mrs. Keith Taff of Oklahoma are guests of Mrs. Alice Tall. Pvt. Herbert McVey hai gone to QinHfrifld Economy... StJoseph ASPIRIN SAVE MOST-200 TABLETS 790 ALFALFA SEED 32* Lb. Oklahoma Approved Top Quality—No Noxious Blytheville Soybean Corp. ISM W. Main Phone) MM RUN DOWN... 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