The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 7, 1966 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, April 7, 1966
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Speech Participants Finish Season Recently By Mary Jean Mertz G&rrtgan's speech department •under the direction of Sister Mary Ignatius, P. B. V. M., Sister Mary Alfred, 0. S. F., Sister Mary Michael, 0. S. F., and Mr. McCall, took part In many activities In the past month. On March 6, the CYO semi- flnallsts from the Pocahontas speech meet attended the CYO speech finals at Breda. Five came home with superior ratings out of ten participants. Those meriting superior ratings were: in interpretive prose, Mary Kay Miller reading "Georgia Primer" and Mary Reding reading "Arrangement in Black and White"; in extemporaneous speaking,Stephen Schuller speaking on "What the Pope's Visit Accomplished"; in humorous declamation, Janice Thul, "Jane"; and in oratorical declamation, Constance Bormann, "The Thin Gray Line." These students will receive a gold speech medal from Bishop Joseph Mueller at the annual CYO Award Day, to be held at Storm Lake, April 24. The other five students merited excellent ratings. These were: Michelle Erpeldlng and Mary Bray in extemporaneous speaking; Mary Jean Mertz in book review; Gary Loeblg In dramatic declamation; and Kathleen Elbert in Interpretive prose. On March 25, Garrigan speech students participated In the district speech contest held at Lake Mills. Students receiving superior ratings and entitled for the finals were Constance Bormann, Gary Loebig, Jeanne Milder, Stephen Schuller, Mary Bray, Karen Winkel, Carolyn Spurgeon, Nancy Muller, Betty McGuire, Ann Loebach, Janice Thul and Linda Dodds. Those who received excellent ratings were: Mary Beth Sterba, Sandra Elbert and Jean Kayser in dramatic declamation; Patricia Loebig in radio speaking; Linda Nitchals and Mary Jean Mertz in book review; Yvonne Kohlhaas in Interpretive poetry; Jane Wilson in interpretive prose and Ardls Thllges in humorous declamation. Good ratings were received by Yvonne Crowley in book review and Mary Lou Kramer In story- telling. In the state finals held at Lake Mills on March 19, students who received superior ratings were: oratorical declamation, Constance Bormann reading "The Thin Gray Line; In extemporaneous speaking, Mary Bray speaking on "Amish: Is Governor Hughes' Compromise Practical ?" and Stephen Schuller speaking on "Federal Aid to Education - Where the Money Comes ard Goes"; and in interpretive poetry, Lima Dodds reading a selection from the "Rime of the Ancient Mariner." These students will receive a gold state speech medal on Award Day in May.' Eight students received excellent ratings. Those who merited this rating were: Jeanne Milder In radio speaking; Karen Winkel and Carolyn Spurgeon in story-telling; Nancy Muller and Betty McGuire In Interpretive prose; Ann Loebach In Interpretive poetry; and Janice Thul In humorous declamation. These students will receive a silver speech medal on Award Day. - o - Garrlgan's debate team trav- elled to Cherokee on Saturday, March 13, to compete In the Class "A" division of the Iowa High School Debate finals. Of the ten debates entered, Garrigan debaters won only one. This win was taken by the negative team of Vincent Esser and John Bradley. From there, the debaters journeyed to Carroll Kuemper to participate In the CYO debate finals held Sunday, March 14, There, the debaters took three of eight debates entered. Those wins were taken by the affirmative team of Steven Schuller and Ronald Gilbride. Next on the calendar for the debaters will be the Iowa Forensic Meet at Iowa City to be held April 15 and 16. Sympathy The faculty and students of Garrigan wish to extend their sympathy to Phyllis and Beverly Lichter, and family on the death of their mother. Talking over their debates in the State Final at Cherokee are: Mary Bray, Ronald Gilbride, Vincent Esser (seated), John Bradley and Steven Schuller. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••-•i"' dan High School MJf ThiirMimr Abtll f. 1966 ^^^ ^^ ^^^ *B Thursday, Afr'H 7. 1966 • •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 2 GHS Students Win Academic Recognition Two Garrigan seniors, Stephen Schuller and Sharon Ludwig, recently received notification of special honors. ,. Stephen Schuller was one of forty-seven outstanding high school seniors admitted "With Recognition" to Iowa State University. He received a congratulatory letter advising him of his admission in next fall's freshman class. His records at Iowa State will carry a notation of his special standing. Iowa State recently instituted the practice of giving new students special recognition for their high academic achievement in high school. Only students ranking near the top of Iowa State's entering freshman class and the nation's high school seniors were given this special recognition. A certificate was sent to Garrigan to be presented at a later jdate. Sharon Ludwig received word last • week that she has been awarded a scholarship from Nettleton's Business College in Sioux City. The scholarship was awarded on the basis of her high school transcript and the results of a pre-test taken at Nettleton's. The money is to be applied to tuition costs for the term starting in September. Sharon will take the Executive Secretarial course which lasts approximately ten months. Spring Recital Held March 22 By Joan Kohlhaas On Monday, March 28, the annual spring concert was held in the Garrigan gym to honor Hazel McEnroe and Victoria McGuire. The two were presented with certificates by Father Friedmann. 'Those performing in the recital were: Kathleen Plathe, Susan Nelson, Mary Hamilton, Ruth McEnroe, Jeanne Zender, Barbara Winkel, Constance Arn- d'orfer, Margaret Lickteig, Marcia Hlnken, Ruth Cassel, Mary Ann Eischen, Jeanne Milder, Jane Wilson and Corrine Bormann. The Varsity chorus and the Freshman Girls chorus also sang for the audience. Leonard Kenne, Stephen Schuller and Steven Eischen were among the Garrigan students who attended the Science Symposium at Cedar Falls. First Triplets 'Registration was neia tor 196(3-67 school year recently. Over 135 eighth graders enrolled, along with over 400 freshmen, sophomores and juniors for the coming school year. Shown above with Superintendent Father Friedmann are the Maurice Reding family of the Bode St. Joseph parish. Left to right are: eighth grade triplets Jane, Jean and Joan, Mrs. Reding, freshmen twins Larry and Mary, and Mr. Reding. The three triplets comprise the first set of triplets to enroll at Garrigan. State Music Contests For Mid-April By Joan Kohmaas On Friday and Saturday, April 1 and 2, the state solo and small groups music contests were held at Humboldt. Eight groups and five soloists represented Garrigan. The groups included: a sextet consisting of Mary Jean Mertz, Diane Dogotch, Patricia Schumacher, Jean Haag, Jeanne Crotty and Beverly Lichter; a freshman trio made up of Mary Reding, Victoria Elbert and Debra Arndorfer; a junior- senior trio of Jane Arndorfer, Mary Jo Becker and Diane Bode; a freshman sextet of Betty McGuire,, Kathryn Long, Ruth Neppl, Rebecca Bormann, Darlene Plathe and Barbara Stoffel; a freshman double-quartet of Anne Loebach, Christine Berte, Diana Muller, Nancy Muller, Timothy Boekelman, Michael Berte, Anthony Bormann and Lawrence Kollasch; a junior-senior double quartet of William Obrecht, John Forbes, Mary Foley, Hazel McEnroe, Rebecca LicKieig, Maureen Lentsch, John Hamilton and Francis Hildman; a junior-senior quartet of Jane Arndorfer, William 0- •brecht, Diane Bode and Thomas Fuchsen; and a quartet of John Forbes, Hazel McEnroe, Madonna Heinen and Timothy Thill. Star Dust By Patricia Loebig With the advent of snow, ice, wind, came various small incidents that accompany snowbound people. One studious person, with long bangs, was bound to get her homework finished. She bent* over ' a candle and singed her fringe, Mr. McCall had no problems, whatsoever, living across the street from a supermarket. Barb and Shirley Stoffel had unexpected company - probably expecting Santa - but all they got was a dog, Bob Elbert had a hard time finding his car. It's not easy unless you know his 'Merry Oldsmobile.' Becky Lickteig had fun creating a new delicacy - toasted toes - from getting too near a gas oven. When asked what he did when he was snowed in, Joe Ringsdorf replied, "Who was snowed in? Only Wesley 1 Everybody else has snow plows." Some say, "Who was snowed in? Others just admit the uncomfortable circumstances. Dick Bleich tells of keeping warm with sixteen blankets and four rugs. Soloists in the contest were; Victoria McGuire, Hazel McEnroe, Mary Jo Becker, Susan Nelson and Ruth McEnroe. On Friday and Saturday, April 22 &id 23, the State Large Groups Music Contest will be held at Milford, Representing Garrigan will be the Varsity Chorus. Garriganites To Science Symposium At six in the morning on March 4, eight Garrigan students along with their science instructor, Sister Mary Imelda P. B. V. M., left for a Science Symposium at the State College of Iowa in Cedar Falls. Students attending this' symposium were Linda Buscher, Carol Besch, Steven Eischen, Michelle Erpelding, Leonard Kenne, Linda Lickteig, Connie Molacek and Stephen Schuller. Stephen Schuller, the delegate from Garrigan eligible to take a science scholarship test, spent his first morning taking this exam. He was selected to represent Garrigan in the Physics Department from his scores on his ACT and NMST tests. After each lecture about fifteen minutes was allowed for questions. Students and teachers broke into different groups according to their various interests later in the day. Teachers met in a group and as Sister Mary Imelda P. B. V. M. expressed itj "The Science Symposium was an opportunity to learn about radiation from authorities in the field and to exchange Ideas with fellow teachers." Then each group went to different rooms where they learned about college% life in general and the SCI curriculum. After these short sessions, the students toured the campus and were dismissed for supper. A night lecture ended the day and the students were free to enjoy various recreations, The next morning lectures were held until noon. Carol Besch stated, "This was a great experience I The lectures prepared to give us an excellent idea of radioactivity and its many uses." Linda Buscher had this to add, "I found it very informative because we learned the good effects of radiation as well as the harmful effects." In a special session the various scholarship winners in physics, chemistry and biology were honored. After the presentation of scholarships, the Garrigan delegates left for home. Connie Molacek summed up the symposium this way, "I enjoyed the lectures and the experience of an overnight visit. It found it very interesting and worthwhile along with the fun we shared." Honor Roll Announced Garrigan's Gold and Silver Honor Rolls were announced recently for the third quarter. The Gold Honor Roll, those students meriting a grade average of 90.0 or better, is as follows; FRESHMEN: Mary Becker, Jerald Besch, Timothy Boekelman, Rebecca Bormann, Nancy Courtney, LaVonne Dorweiler, Jean Goetz, Gordon Kramer, Darrell Lentsch, Margaret Lickteig, Anne Loebach, Kathryn Long, Kevin Lynch, Betty McGuire, Mary Kay Miller, Mark Muehe, Paul Nelson, Ruth Neppl, Mary Reding and Pamela Simon. SOPHOMORES: Diane Arndorfer, Bonita Dahi- hauser, Mary Ann Eischen, Ronald Gilbride, Timothy Molacek, Linda Nitchals, Patricia Reiling and Patricia Scherer. JUNIORS: Judith Berger, Judith Besch, Rebecca Black, Kathleen Boudewyns, Kathleen Crawford, Michaela Elbert, Gary Erdman, •Dwight Gilbride, Esther Hildman, Jean Kayser, Joan Kohlhaas, Lynette Lappe, Leonard Loebach, Patricia McGuire, Janette Miller, Richard Muller, Susan- Nelson, Michael Nitchals, Caf6l Otis, Mary Beth Sterba, and Janet Zittritsch. SENIORS: Mary Jo Becker, Carol Besch, Kathryn Besch, Mary Bray, Linda Buscher, Patricia Cink, Steven" Eischen, Eldon Erpelding, Michelle Erpelding, Nancy Fox, Shirley Heimer, Marilyn Kellner, Ronald Kohlhaas, Maureen Lentsch, Sharon Ludwig, Janet McGuire, Jean Plemel, James Schiltz, Stephen Schuller and Robert Smith. The Silver Honor Roll, those students meriting a grade average between 88.0 and 90.0, is as follows; FRESHMEN: 1 Shirley Becker, PatriciaDahl- hauser, Victoria Elbert, Ronald Heinen, Michael McEnroe, John McGuire, Diana Muller, Jean Nauholz, Norman Schneider, Lynn Studer, Judy Venteicher and Stephen Wingert. SOPHOMORES: Mary Bonnstetter, Sandra Elbert, Susan Elbert, Kenneth Fuchsen, Catherine Kollasch and Christine Obrecht. JUNIORS: Ruth Cassel, Glenn Elbert, Jeanne Ewen, Michael Garman, Frances Goecke, Rebecca Hilbert, Sharon Hildman, Cyrilla Kellner, Phyllis Lichter, Rebecca Lickteig, Nora Nurre, Karen Otis, Kathleen Plathe, Robert Schmitt, Carolyn Spurgeon, John Studer, Elizabeth Thilges and Steven Walker. SENIORS: Jane Arndorfer, John Bradley, Linda Dodds, Kathleen Elbert, Carol Frellinger, Madonna Heinen, Michael Lickteig, Connie Molacek, Bonita Reising and Margaret Studer. Loras Choir At Garrigan March 22 Lotas College's lamed thirty- two voice Festive Choir performed In a concert Tuesday, March 22, in the Garrigan gym before the Garrigan student body and faculty. After singing a "Choral Prelude", the choir, under the direction of Father Albert Carman, sang six songs. The first of these was a seventeenth century Madrigal, "Sing a Song." The next five songs were selected to fit the moods of the seasons of Advent and Lent. They were: "ChristmasHymn","Sing Noel", "The Crucifixus", "Cry Out You Children of Israel", and "Improperium". Then a folk group of three Loras undergraduates, who referred to themselves as "The Townsmen", sang three numbers: "Get Out of That City", "Bamboo", and "Sail Away." Continuing In the folk song spirit, the entire chorus then sand three Negro spirituals, "Ezeklel Saw de Wheel", "I Want Jesus to Walk With Me", and "The Animals." To conclude the performance, the group sang an old Irish ballad, "The Minstrel", and for an encore, "Hop Up." Following the performance, Father Carman, the director, expressed delight in being able to perform for such an appreciative audience and stated that he wished more young boys shared a zest for singing. The boys spent Monday evening, March 21, as guests in the home of the Garrigan students. Following their performance at Garrigan, the Loras Choir travelled on to give performances in Charles City and Gilbertville. sister mary ita, JHBVM, reads a telegram from Clarke College congratulating Kathleen Crawford, first place winner in the math tournament. Garrigan also won second place in the school division. From left to right; Mary Ann Eischen, Kathleen Crawford, Jeanne Kayser, Bonita Dahihauser and Sister Mary Ita. 4 GHSers To Math Contest In Dubuque By Patrick E. Crawford On Saturday, April 2, four Garrigan students participated in the ninth annual Clarke College Mathematics Tournament held at Clarke College in Dubuque. Those participating from Garrigan were Kathleen Crawford and Jeanne Kayser in the Class "A' (junior-senior)division, and Bonita Dahihauser and Mary Ann Eischen in the Class "B" (freshman-sophomore) division. In the tournament, Garrigan finished second to Iowa City Regina as Kathleen Crawford, a junior, and Math Club member, placed first in the Class "A" division. For her efforts, Kathleen was awarded a certificate of Excellence and a trophy. Also meriting certificates of Excellence were Bonita Dahihauser and Mary Ann Eischen in the Class "B" division. The Garrigan team also received a trophy for their second place finish. Following the contest, Kathleen conceded, "I never thought 1 could get the trophy; I was so surprised when I did. Most of the credit, however, must go to Sister Mary Ita. If it hadn't been for her work, none of this could have happened." Sister Mary Ita, P. B. V. M., head of the Garrigan Mathematics Department, also exuded happiness in the team's fine showing. She explained, "I really didn't think we would do so well, but now that we did, I'm looking forward to the contest at Creighton." Next for the Garrigan Math team will be a Mathematics Tournament to be held Saturday, April 16, at Creighton University in Omaha, «•.••••••••*« The Friendly Store Algonq, Iowa Ph. 795-3411 or 295-3177 HOOD'S Algona's Only Home-Owned Super Market New Spring Arrivals - - - Blast Jackets Girl's WRANGLER Cut-offs Boy's WRANGLER Jeans DIAMOND'S Jacket Headquarter* of NW Iowa Quality Clothing For Men& Boys 109 E. State Ph. 295-3190

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