The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on December 5, 1894 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 5, 1894
Page 8
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«>i>.,^f^cW ~ -^^^^ :: , t • ,-*> . :v j,;:v .r /-"i*v-T.>V ^T,"p'; ' ^vt< > > -vv, ,_.:•'-'.;• ,,i-;-^4^ j^.^^%^^^^| BANCROFT NEW s Just What You Need, Sold drily at Studlsy's Drug Stora ALdONA, IOWA. ;orm Conn', let us reason 't'ogftitor: Everybody says it is gains to be a "hard winter," so "hike time by t!u> foroltt'Ck" and prepare for It nnd don't ''froeze to .death" as you did last winter, but t'omo iincl BOG tup. and prct some STORM WINDOWS at "prices to suit the times." Can ftirnisJuinyst/.o. • • NORTON, 1S71 When in need of Hardware, please call on me and get prices. I aim to keep the best, such as Garland Stoves and Ranges, Baker Barbed Wire, Heath & Milligan's Paints, Etc. jr. Chicago SOUTH Mi*ed oiiatn way freight.... 11 43am ""' ....408pm KoHli- Western sotrfM ttlxed .......... (507pm ,,8i5aW> ..2 ospm BAHCKOFT, IOWA, t)JSC. 6, 1894 GohductSd by J« A. PREGM. CITY The Council let the contract for a system to Jackson & Moss, of Des Molhcs, a week ago last Monday night. The price paid was about $6,000, Including the Well, which Is SIS feet deep, and throws S8 gallons of watet- per min* uto. Thci-o will be a tower 70 feet high, made of steel and oh top of it Will be plac" ed a 1000barrel tank. There will bo 8*inch mains around the four blocks and double hydrants every 150 feet. A hose, cart is being purchased at Cedar Rapids, and there is to be 500 feet of 2)4 Inch hose.' The material is here fora flrstclass volunteer hose company, and taking it all around, Bancroft will have as good a system of waterworks as any town of its size around here, and the beauty of It all is there is money enough to make the system complete. Don't Fay tk Our .....,• Abstract Books arc complete up to date, and reliable. They represent an outlay of thousands of dollars and were prepared by an experienced abstractor. Ouc patrons may therelorefeel certain of getting reliable abstracts. Our work is guaranteed and we furnish abstracts as cheap as irresponsible and incompetent persons who have no books, though the county does not pay us< a salary, clerk hire, office rent or even furnish us -stationery. FARMS AND WILD LAND FOR SALE............;... MONEY CONSTANTLY ON HAND FOR FARM LOANS, : And fm'ni.shetl Immediately upon application. ..... •; : : : '• f: H : HAY & RICE Opera House Block. C. L. LUND. ESTABLISHED 1880. J. J. RYAN. ABOUT THE CREAMERY, The Bancroft Croatuory is receiving an Increased supply of milk, and under the able management of Fred Wilcox will undoubtedly prosper and become a source of profit to the farmers. The only thing it over lacked was patronage to make it a paying investment, and if all the farmers in the vicinity will stand together and patronize the creamery, and indirectly themselves, this can be made the best paying and most (profitable creamery in Kossuth county. (Successors to C. L. LUND.) YVe wish to announce to the readers of the RMrcm&icANtlmt we have extraordinary facill- ror uie selling of lanns and un'mproved lands in Northern Iowa, and we Invite everybody wishes to dispose of their property, to call on us at our office in Algoua or to correspond u™ As s ' )on a s spoils opens we have a large number of customers from the eastern states who are ready to conio. out and secure a piece ol Iowa soil at reasonable prices. We hellera in.tair wmi i® a y °" waut l. t ^? io11 y° ur property for'what it is worth, 1 don't witsto'any tthWiii listing with us. *.v* TI »>IBV »v ftu i» v»» uii't II vn It T» ffcOUV t*ll J UII11C7111J Yours respectfully. LUND $,RYAN.. Against Fire or Tornadoes ? Is your family protected in case of death, by a life policy in a solid company? If not, ';••••;'/; - • . •-.• •• • . • •'• ,•-' -• :'.'.' •" •'. Of the BA.NUROFT INSURANCE AGENCY, submits the following companies for your consideration. This is the strongest line of companies in any agency in Kossuth county and does the largest business. All city policies jare' issued in Bancroft and can be had on short notice. $#e ; can do a more careful business because we devote ottr&ime to it. Creamery and threshing machine inBu^ahce a specialty, FIKE AND TORNADO CO.S Hanover of New York. Fire Association of in Northwestern Natipn'al Bockford of Bockford". ' State of Des Moines, '•' : Capital of Dos Moincis.. . ' " ' Merchants and Bankers of Bes Moines (Anchor of Creston. Dubjiquo Fire and Marine of Dubuqne. LIFE COMPANIES. •Equitable of New York. Mutual Life of Now> The total assett^ ,p|: the above companies is',$366,6^8,181.08 according,^'the Auditor's report of .Ja#. 1,.18.94. ' K. W. Itielunonrt, J'res, U. P. Smith, Vice J'res. A., B, Richmond, 0, J, Lenantjer, Ass't, Cash, Farmers' i& Traders' Savings Bank BANCROFT, IOWA. A. 15, Richmond, 0. F. Land, Loan, and Insurance Agency, .Established 1881. A Urge list of wild lands for sale, improved farms and viJlag property tor sale or rent, Farm loans on long time'and low rates of interest, Offices at Bancroft and Swea City, Iowa. R, M. RICHMOND, NEWS OF THE TOWN. The Ladles Missionary society of the M. E. church meets ot the parsonage next Saturday afternoon. They are shading quite a •largo quantity-of clothing and provisions to Western Nebraska, where the people have had no .crops for. *hree yeass. Mrs. A. N. Leonard and daughter Pearl and Geo. Bliss and wife went to Scribner, Neb., last week to visit relations at that C. A, Pray, ofGladbrook, Iowa, is the now jeweler that works for A. Su,ndstrom. He come.- very highly,-recommended tooth as a citizen and workman and Bancroft will be glad ho has,come among us., , Jack Johnston recently . hud- : ...a, letter from his parents, who live .at, Ifledfprd, Oregon, which states that ,the. grass is green and the flowers in bloom at that place. . ' Alex. Wilson was over from sBjiffalp Center for a visit last Monday .and reports everything O. K. at the Center.. . Two good residences for rent reasonable. See J. A. Freeh. . . ... J( . There/is some talk of a third meat market but we can not .vouch for theicoi:- rectness of the report, . •••.-• >••• When it comes to photography we will put O. L. Harper agaiast any one in rtho state. Go and see his cabinets. .,..::J. S. Paine, of Eagle Grove, hkd business here the first of last week and incidentally called on a number of his .friends here;,, . • -,,/ ... .... There;is>o.'question we want answered and that is why do so many, Iowa jjapers shout for McKinley and Reed for-'presi- dentin 1896 when we have a better and abler man-in Senator Allison, of Iowa,, Dr. O. H,Bemis took a couple of nec- rosed bones 1% inches long out of a man's jaw the other day, and while this, is a very difficult operation it was outirejy successful. The wound is healing'in go'pd shape. The Dr. evidently 'understand:; his business. Carl McGlellan is able to be arooud again but it will be sometime is entirely well. An auction store has been holding forth in the Anderson building, ;•'•;•• Boy Johnson will spend the holidays at home, Misses Mab«l and Margery Carr entertained quite a largo party of their young friends with a peanut hunt party hvst Friday evening and all present were loud in their praise of the splendid, limo had* Jas. Hath'eld and wife of Uelmoud, There is to be a birthday party in honor of Miss Wunn at her home east of town next FHd&t evening. The ladies of the M. fi. church give a conundrum social at the residence of F. B. filsenhart to-ftight. Everybody is invited. C, F< ttigley has sold his p«cef Patchen Boy» ahd a Western Chief horse, to W. V. Wills, for. *500, Patcheh Boy has made a trial mile in 2:8?, Will Mcfionald, of fiurt, shook hands with his Bancroft frtdhds here Monday.. LEEYAKD, Edwards & Cotton sold 175 head of shoats to Mr. Link, east of Ledyard, They have already sold in the neighbPrhood of 8,000 head, all of thehi being shipped in from the southern part of this state, In a couple of years it will pay a. shipper to lo« cate hctc. A, Dutilap, whq for some time has been down to Hot Springs doctoring, returned last week greatly improved in health. He has gained in nine weeks 2% pounds, We all hope that he may entirely recover and be with us again. Wilson & Co,, the biggest hay firm In Northern Iowa, have now in store over 1,000 tons of hay already baled. They intend to hold it till spring and expect at least $10 per ton. The constable who got so unmeiclfully pounded last week had a couple of follows arrested last Wednesday, accusing them of being interested in the fight and having struck him during the fracas. It being a state case, the county attorney was prose* cuting, and the defendants engaged Mr, M. Stephens, who of course cleared them easily. Mr. Stephens got in some points that would have done credit to an old lawyer, and his address to the jury was fine. The trial lasted a whole'day. Mr. John Boyd, of Nevada, Iowa, was here Thanksgiving day with a couple of men showing them land. We Should judge ho sold them, as ho never asks more than from $10 to $15 per acre more than the land is worth. . : ,. The Cosmos seems to be a failure this winter, the attendance being from one to two every meeting. A. D. Clarke, of Algona, last week sold to Mr. Z. S. Barrett, the banker, of Wesley, 320 acres of land north of Ledyard two miles. The price paid was $20 per acre, which is cheap, considering the location aud quality of the land. Two land agents got into a wicked flght over the value of land at Ledyard Thanksgiving day. Both, of .them were pretty badly scratched up before they were parted. Come again, Mr. Boyd; you are always welcome here and will receive the same warm friendly reception ; when you come. . , . Have you seen Dunlap's holiday goods? If not, why not? Jim Taylor and Judge J. ,W. Sullivan, of Algoua, were visitors in our fbvvn yesterday. Jim sold about 50 cloaks, but wo don't know whether the Judge succeeded in selling any or not. . . • The county attorney remarked last week ; that he did j,ot believe two nicer and i more peaceable towns, than Wesley and Ledyard existed in the state, and we agree With him. Germania now lias a payer edited) by one MP; Grow, who< we believe-, is the youngest editor In; the state-, as he is only 15 years old. Ho is a, young man, and'we wills say to his credit that he'gets up a very newsy paper. We-imer, Rich &ILes.lie have made it a practice to buy from, 160 to 320 acres:of land every week. A-pretty gopd idea. Mr. Cox, living east of Algona, will wofklhe Judge Bishop fann n.ext ycai 1 . A pleasant party was given, Maude kin- yon on last Friday evening by he'r young friends. The Schenck Sunday school will give a necktie party at the resklen ie of 3, B, IIo- fiusnext Friday evening. All members are expected to be present, M. P. fiAeGAit?fll ( G. **. HAOQARD & fiaocessors to ABSTRACTS, SEAL ALQONA, IOWA. MONEY! On HOXIE & 'BRUN8ON, fARM LOM'S. street, AfgoM, <)()< 0, •' asiAL For iiototttifttton in regard to tatids m Notthivesterh to*a, write to Mtot s gMn Street, Algtfhi, foftfc Oico. ft. CfcAto, dJU8. A. c OLAKK15 & C ATtO&MfS -A? ALGONA - - . * . &EO. & OLOTID, (Sucoessor to W. B, Quoftoti) Attdfney and OoHflgeiw at Uw, AttiotiA, 161VA, - \ Oftlseover Kqssuth County State flatik. . ______ SULLIVAN ORIGINAL NOTICB, In the District Court of Kossuth County. Iowa, May Term, 188B. — W. L. Franck vs. 1$. p. Swelling, C. A. Ross, I}. L. Bel oson, P. J. Sol berg, ingrald «. Belleson and D. VV, Townsend. *oP..J.Solbergand Ingrald B. Belleson, defendants: You are'hereby notified that there Is now on file in the office of the Clerk of the District Court of Kossuth Comity, Iowa, a petition of the plaintiff j? i h . e J& 6 L e 5, nt i tlc J ca ">*> ^aiming of B. Townsend'tho'sum of seventeen hundred dollars (W,700), with interest at the rate of 7 per cent, per annum from November 1, 1894, with costs find a reasonable attorney fee; asking the fore* closure of a certain mortgage given by' B. P. Swetting to VV. L. Franck to secure the paymentof saidnote,upoii the northeast % of Sec. Six (6), township Ninety-four (94), range Twenty-nine (29), west of the Fifth P. M, 1 ; asking that whatever claim P. J. bolbnrg or Ingrald B. Belleson jftajr' have , . . Swotting, C. A. Ross, B, L. Belleson, P, . Solberg, Ingfald B, Bellcson and D. W. DANSON & BUTLER. LAW, LOANS AND LAND, Collections a Specialty, orace in tumlneruowles new building, ^^-.^ Iowa. 'r LAW, s. s. 'SESSION sT" ~~ ATTORNEY AT LAP, 8peol tton . , W l ,i? sald land, -bo declared Inferior to plaintifl's mortgage, and that their claims be forever foreclosed and barred, and for general equitable relief; and unless yon appear and defend on or before noon of the second day of the next May term Of said court, to be begun and holden at the Court Housoin Algona, in said county and state, on the 31st 'day of May A. D. 1895, default will be entered against you and judgment rendered thereon. ' ' 'E. V. SWETTING, 30-13 Att'y for Plaintiff. Wis. visited Mrs. C, J-J. two weeks with Wunn southeast Mr. aud. of town.. CALL AT.THE OFFIQE OF Y BANK 1 i/niuv &t> UAND AND TOWN LOT 00. lusuraoce and Farm Loans U i \ ii *. R,^RiaWMpN0 f . Mr. Ilatfield is a brother of Mrs, Wunn. They were very much, pleased with the country and may conclude to- come hero for gpoc|,.- They left a week ago last Monday to visit a brother of Mr. II, at Newton, Ja, The Good Templars had a lively debate on "Love vs, Auger" at lodge last Saturday night, Love came out tu'st best, Tom Ke}ly went to Dos Moiues yesterday witli » consignment of hay for Mpifteji roftrtcet. JHe wiU remtviu tu Ufttll 'the holidays. TJje liaptist Sunday school is making to obsoj'vo Ciu-ist^fts, League gftvoau excellent last Sunday evening in the of missjofts, ioth, UQWP aud a handsome colleet,|oj\ comnnj}UQ»tiqn. of, Progrossive . 305, A. F, a ft a 4. H,, ope Blwtiow Qf ottlcors, J- JJyj'ne is making « very j}io Ilfttol Ostrijnder, way dpwu by 4. A,. HURT. A. Goldstone is preparing to start a for a tim« in. order to catch the holiday trade. ••.-.••'• Thanksgiving was qjuite a holiday in Burt. A good'number of residents acted with hospitality becoming to the old custom and invited goodly numbers to come- and feast. AtDr, Beano's a''seeial • tUpa- was had. About 30 sat down to dinner. The ice on the river being excellent, a, large number of.young people went skat- Ing, • • . Win, Shafferwas unfortunately the loser of his pocketbook containing, quite a sum of money, Whether lost or stolen,. Mr. Shaffer \ cannot tell. Hard-earned money is bad to. Jose and wo sympathize with Mr. Shaffer. Peculiar ctistoinej s are often m« in business, and the latest is the sale of a corn, planter aj- this date, The new time table which wont into of TAX SALB MICE, To Goo. D. Field: ' Yon are hereby notified that on the first day of December, 1890, the following do- scribed real estate, situated in the county of Kossuth and state of Iowa, north half lotlhirteeii'03), block Two hundred Seventy-seven (377). Call's Addition to Algo- iu,Iowa, was sold by the treasurer of said county to Geo. C. Call, w,hp is now the lawful holder of the certificate of purchase thereof. That the right, of redemption wilrexpire and a. deal'for said land be made unless redemption' from such sale be made within ninety days from the completed service of this notice. r Dated this17th day ttf April, A. D., !i8d4. ;KH3 .• GEO. C. CALL. IBMINISTRATHI NOTICE.' Notice is hereby given that the undersigned have been appointed and have qualified as administrators* of the estate of Robert Steplienson, late o>f Kossuth cwn- ty, Iowa; deceased; All jsersons in any manner indebted to said estate will make immediate payment to tlw undersigned; and those haviiag claims against the sadd estate will file tbem.with.the'elerk of the district court of'Kossuth couwty, Iowa, as provided by law,duly authenticated, for allowance. • Dated this 10th day of Nov., A. D. 1894, GEO. E. BO^SLE, •Whittemore, ADA S; STACY, • • •10 Algojia, Iowa. L. K. GARFIELD, M. JD.f PH781C2AX AND SURQEOX, Ogceoa Htatqstreet. Algona. Jo M.J.KENEFIOK:, M. D. Offlee over '1'aylor's slot e . ^;M> PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. ' Atgbna, Iowa. J t . M. ffilDE, M. D! r~ Office over Goeder's Clotning Store. Mgona^ -; v .. /^^ l&it week,, ^ff,^' ^ ^W'^W vlttC.J " ""L*f'M$ W$ti\tM ifect Monday, makes it very Incon- 'venient for loca-1 travel between towns oni jthe lifio, A traveler is compelled* to stop; 'over nigh tin order is make the return trip. !Already wo hear ft kick. The band paraded the streets Saturday Hist and had th,oir picture taken, By the wuy, the band is impxoYluR wonderfully .under'the direction of Prof. Floyd of ~ metsbprg. UNION, TUo SchencKschool house is nearly ploted, Mr.s. F. r^. Wilson is recovering from feer Mr..and Mrs,^, F. Jf oflnsspent several days a.t Buflft}<> Can,tw visiting, tb^ir lately. Mlss,o8 Rattle . SHERIFF'S; SEE, Notice is hereby given> that by virtue of a/n execution on transcriot to me directed by tiiie Clerk of the District Court ot Kos- snthi county, Iowa, against the goods, chattels, lands, tenements, etc,, of Olof Berqoaest, defendant, fej. favor of A. D, Clark* & Co., plaintifli's,. I will e<ffor at publJesale, to the'highest/and best bidder for cash, a| the door of $ie Court House, in.thp town of Algona, county of Kossuth, Iowa, ©n the 15th day of December, 1894, between the hours of 9 o'clock, a. mu, and 4 o'cloete p, m,, o» said day, a If of saldOiof lX«»'nn«Qf'O »'in-lif fJflr* n't^Jj.!" f# STATIONER, fllied. /Deals in palnta, o^' 2 k ^ Per'umerles, etc. ' d Thorington ats. Alaona.Iowa. C. B. PAUL, M. D., "~~ WHITTEMORE - J _ I&WAt Regular Office Jioura 8 to 12 a, in., 2 to a P-..W, Orer WJchJcr's Furniture stoTe. Beslden&> nortu' of tlHsvft , T. J. FELLING, M. 6. . PBY81CIAN AND 8URGB®N r - Oonsoltatlon hi English and German. Over Sootcg'H store. Whfttemow,^ CHAS, MoCOKMACK, -Ol -,vvw~«- *** *•-wuui.ii/f4 fVUH V f ) W >T Jt* 4. Ill north, half of the northeast quarter oJS'seo' .tion Noi Six (6),townshipniiiety-sevon.(97), 'range twe»ty-seven (37), in TCossuth county, Iowa, bale to commence at the ttour of t\yo o'clock, p, m., of SJ»id day, Witness my hand this 12th day of N&v* ember, 1894, C. C, SAMSON, r> iv T T Sheriff Kossuth County, Iowa, By W. J. Brunsoi}, Deputy. 10-34 -ri-»" . B J'Sf^aUywKe^ewo,-^ -^1 s, Kost or 0. & N. Vf. depot;;' , /t" ALOONA, - IOWA. - %l ,-> «ff .ft,* 11 .* 'I B. K. S-AYEBS, D. V. M., SI1EB1FFS SAU Notice is hereby given that by virtue of an execution on transcript, to me directed by the Cleric of the District Court of Kos« suth county, Iowa, against the good.8, chattels, lands, tenements, etc,, of Olof Berquost, defendant, in favor of F. W; Borpm,ann, plaintjff, I wjlJ offer at pu.b}fo sale to the highest and best b, jdder, for cash, at the door of the Court frousp. in the town of Algona, county of Kosswth,' f\\\ T.Vi/i 1 KrK ftnir nf t\n. «V^.U,... -i an A \ 1-1 AMD DRILLING. ^^B^X^^^^i^^ '• "1 no-pftjt, Pftjj ooor address,-•••.*??' - «', ,;'"»*^ riAI.I.IDM RDO« ta~~~*,*t4. ' } i~ ! ^ Iw f^'\ ^•'W^'>.v?^>; I.J^^CT. ivy.iC ^aS?-; kl ~- -^-W JEWELS 'j? rjr,'=">fH i j y" t >"*'j *•* +VVPOHUH, 4vr)t». on the istbdayof Degeniber, w; between the hours of j) o'clock, a, m,, and 4 o'clock, p, m,, on said day, »)l of said Qlpf Ber» quest's right, titje and imprest in and to the following dpsci'jbed reft! es$at<?i sjtua*-» 04 in ICossuwjcoftflty, to'Wit! TOB north half ofitfifl nprtjieast Quarter of section Wo, Si* (0), township jiinety^^ :•«?»»(&?), Roasutlv „, ;o commence at ^ejjouy if-;s§p j •A ' ' /':-i"l^^ OTTOtB {/•>•*£ uX O, BOWYBR, . ;- f &'* ? ^ f';!^ i Pfnnirs Ann TTJWTJIDV ' $••? i> IwUVJlH OMU JJjnluiIiIi ir ,f p* ffi"is^wpvpi ^^Ji*™r ™ * ^^ffiBirft* 'S* «ff SJJyerwaie.. * ^Tl s2S

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