The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 7, 1966 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 7, 1966
Page 4
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4-AIf*f«» (to.) Upfxw D« Morn** Tfrwwlof, Afwif 7. 19*6 Cresco, AOK Clubs First At 4-H Day Manj perscos frjta /5-1 1.7*7; F. Steels, secretary of 8* C 3f C, and Ted Clrisc&fUes, pres^Kit of ft* C& later; Wffiiiffi J. Fiao, of Alfocz; Liadl tT a* ssrsters &f tfc* 4-Kch-ts. A*ir*-J £rs? place to th* tor's ez&itits -ris t&e 30* of ti* Cr*sc; £k,TS at Z*srf*-r's clottix. Is s*c«rf plac* -ris tt»e Sssca e Fanners, »'.x ei- Mt&e-i al tea's O. K 7<r* Seri*~4-i ibe Tic*. . 4-H i>J7 as fbe ci-ost si:-c*ss»3l Tb* Alrxa A OK ejtib, e^er beVi b £« 14 7**: s of Sbe T^uch presectej th*ir al ti* Hort* T*y-Til •• JVrf - / ^~**J" .. **.£ js :*. .V 5~i£tT"j~. F r Jnili"jrs, ti% U-O>- ti* 000^7 4-H ortinitztioe aod b=xi;rirr csirors rf .U^ooa for fee it?; Giles DsVaiois aad R.ce sr Hiesistra, bsth of fee 4-R aai siteisioti office; tt aai Lio/i Gr»r ol USED CARS Dora Johnson, Rites, Wesley Mirror". cciE/'.osfr'i of t2>5 4-H COTatvcQO Lcoft of Ferity, Mrs. 8*a A&- LUcer -A "A'est &*&1, M.-s. Orrille 7tor*.s.:G sf S»e* City, Fr*i Asi :f "A'esie.T, Ted Ssith of 23£s B^ICK EI^-vtTi 22^ 4-lrcr -AlfXii, J2j7i?s Uiilins of Co:- »-lai fil -rv»; 4, ii; v »"i , Li^^l Peter sen of Sire* &-Jaiiu-je±is, li,^: acfcil City, Fixer Kiesslri aai bus H" 5U7CK Serrices f;r Mrs. Ctec*r H. itasvi, £ -J, -s-.ielT fcisv; Cars e^ ~A tfce "S'eslev coo iag. trleflT, it tfas ni«t- re, 4-i:c: '-€ ^ 2* Ligt school ?trrr»."ar i lav al 2 p. E. iJ ti Icai F:e* cimrcL, "iVesie;., Her. Cirrjli S^sosxi, ofSciit- kterment lo^k f4^c« at e*s Csrrjelerr, "A'esiev. D^ri Vei-a Titas, diagbter of Erastas arrf L*ua Maiitie Titus, vis tors D«. IS, 185i, ii Kaat, Aik. L- ier teoier sbe c*z:e to tie area PO.VTiAC CiUl^i, 4-xor, py*er ste*riir L, Cch IT.CCO ictu^ r^iles. 5-lXK Elect:*, full ;»ys*;, electric -i^i:vs i^i Kits, iVtil CAT. CADILLAC, 4 - 0:0: hir>- top, fcii jc-vez si»i ii: CHEVROLET Terffiie, 4-55 GLDSUG3ILE F-sc' gTlglri^, 23t03i2tiC, li g^Xi I's'A CHEYBOLET 4-O<XT, V-£ aid air ccail 2 - l&SO CKEVT.OLETS, all 4- toor iizrit&ps, Hue, vrtite, Gr&ta. IsiS BUJCK Elfectra s&daii, 4- door, fall pover. 1&55 CHETOOLET, 2 6«sr, 6 trans. SGHULTZ BROS. TRANSPORTATION HEADQUARTERS Home of CADILLAC - BUICK - PONTIAC — GAS FOR LESS — 1009 S. Phillip* AJaoni, It. LEGALS I.'' TKi DISTRICT COURT OF TK£ STATE OF JC'A'A I.V AM) FOR KOSSLTK COUNTY ?::,or.e .'<.. iX4 .'•'OTICE OF ?RO3ATZ OF -ILL, OF APPOLVrWE.VT OF EXEC- ITOR, A.VD NOTICE TOCRED1- TOR.S H- THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF C^j-'.es K. Xe"**:, I>e^eii5-i TO ALL PERSONSIXTERESTED !?• THE ESTATE OF Caries K. J»"&ia'£i ( Dt-C'tk-S^-! Yea ire h-erety rj&ufle-i that en ibe 4^, liv of Apr;}, !&«£, the lis>: -*-.;; i^fi;: ci O-arles H. ?««"»'el, 6&te-iS€-i, tiearisg date of i.-^ •!*. ii>- of Jiziiry, 1&63, fts it-.\\~A'i to probate in tie iixive r^rr.e^ &MH i.:A thai E1U L. Jfe^'e 1 . -*i.s appoi.-n«ri eze-cntor of &iji estite. Notice is farther giver.U'At a^y act:or. t,o £*: ai'.ie saJd wlli must be brought :TJ ti*e ii.str:ct conn of siji coucty •srithin o^e year frorr. tie ia.te of the sfecoadptibli- ciiio- of this notice, or thereafter be forever birred. Notice is further giver* that all persons irjiebted to said estate ar e r e-que st 6-^2 to m ai e i rr. rr. eilate payrr.e:/. to tt/e ua^ersigrjed, awi creators Afe-.-ing claims against said estate &f.all file therr. t«1th t. v /e clerk of the above came-d district totin, as provirJed by law, 4uly amt»enticatfr(3, for all- o»'a.'jce ; aj'jiurJess so f ile-d i»'!thln sii months from the second publication cf thjs rjotice (unless orh-erwjs* a]lowed or paid) sTich claim siizJ! thereafter be forever birrei Datei this 4th day of April, 1&66. E1U L. Ne-srel Executor of said Estate Fenton, Iowa Shurnway, Kelly i Fristedt Attoruey (s) for said Executor Algeria, Iowa Date of second publication: 12th day of April, 1S66. (27 i 23) of Britl, receire-^ her eda- caJJcc ii tfae Britt schools, iad a rra^-jale of Britt tigls the Class of i 315. Fol!Gnriag sbe tiagtit c-^intr)' near Wesley for t-st/ years. Cc September 4, 1517, s£>e 1-25 aaltei is riiarria<e U> Oscar W. sea of Mr. atd Mrs. arj Joiaisoa, at Garoer. Tbe caqJe establisfce-d tbgir first !>anie co a farm near rt'esiey, laier mcrring to Brttt vbere they resided for some- Use before returning to their farm aortb of Wesley. There are U-o soos aod ooe daagitfir, Iran E. ; Mildred and Robert W. Jotasoa. The family were members of tbe Evangelical Free church a Wesley. Mrs. Johnson vas a member of me Hnt chins Bible study class; tbe Womeas' MissioQary S&clet}-; the C. C. H. club aod the Wesley Homemakers club. For the past five years, Mrs. Johnson has been in faning health. March 26 sbe entered tbe HaDcocl: County Memorial hospital aid Siaday evening passed away. Sbe is surrived by her husband the children, Ivan E., Wesley; Mrs. Raymood (Mildred) Carl- soa, Wesley ; and Robert W. , Britt ; two daughters-in-law, Mildred and Joan, the soo-iji- law/Raj-moad; 8 griiidcbildrea; one sister, Mrs. John (Rosa) Smith, Wesley; a brother, William E. Titus, Monette, Mo.; aad one cousin, Mrs. Jess (Phoebe) Hill Algona. Graveside Rites Mark Matthew Hoover, son of Mr. aad Mrs. Kent Hocrver, formerly of Algooa and DOW of Emmetsburg, died Sunday about an hour and a half after birth. He is survived by his parents and three brothers and sisters, Kim Marie, Michael and Kay Ann. Grandparents include Mr. and Mrs. Ted Hoover, Sr. of Algona. Closing Out Farm Sale Having cold our farm, we will hold a complete closing out tale at farm located from Burt, IVi mi. east, 1 mi. north, *A mi. east then 1st place north on west s4de; from Bancroft, south to Union Slough blacktop than 2Vi mi. e*tt and 1'A south on west side on Saturday, April 9 1 p.m, — Farm Machinery — 194844 Mass*y Harris; 1948 A John Deere; 2 J. D. 290 2-rew corn planters; Int. 4-row corn planter; J. D. running gear with steel flare box; Rubber tired running gear, wood flare box; Continental stalk cutter P.T.O.; 10* field cultivator; 4 sec. drag with evener; 10 1 J. D. windrower with P.T.O.; 2- row J. D. cultivator; Case 2-16 plow; J. D. 2-16 plow; 40 1 J. D. elevator; New Id** 2-row pull type picker; Drive on wagon hoist; 7' New Idea mower P.T.O.; Side delivery rake; J. D. Endgate seeder; 6' J. D. pull type mower; J. D. H sprMder; 15'J. D. disc; 8x14 flat rack. BUILDINGS 1—12x14 hip roof brooder house 2—12x16 4 pen hog houses I—Tool Shed TERMS: Cadi. Not responsible for accidents. MISCELLANEOUS Red GUnt eittle oiler and stand; 15" N. W. hammer mill; ro«d grader; Hand grinder; tractor sprayer with pump; dirt dump scoop; 60 gal. hog waterer; 300-gal. gas barrel and stand; 110-gal. gas barrel; grease guns; chicken feeders; wood post*; Rolls woven wires; Steel fence petti; 2 eltctrle fencers; oil tank heater; plus misc. iron and some household items. Lawrence & Wilbur Doege 4\UlsYlEBs? ^IM^ OWNERS Raymond Spencer and Ronald Peek, Auctioneers Burt Savings Bank, Burt, Clerk MORRELL'S 1HT PRIDE, Fully Cooked SHANK PORTION FRESH DRESSED ROASTING CHICKENS Lb. 39* Average 5 to 7 Lbs. FULL SHANK Ib. Butt Portion... ib 65 c Center Slices . . ib 89 C Also Boneless Hams, Whole lams and Quartered Hams FAMILY PACK (Approximately 26 PIECES) Cut Up and Pan Ready CHICKENS Lb. 37 QUALITY MEATS and POULTRY WILSON'S CORN KING CANNED HAM Slb.Can 5^ FREEZER FILLER SALE OF ARMOUR'S ^ *?• : i "' SLICED BACON.. Lb. ALL-MEAT, SLICED 49 FULLY COOKED CANADIAN BACON Lb. WE ALSO HAVE LAMB Q Cut and Wrapped j FRONT % - . . Lb. 43C To Your Order At I Ulim U |L CC r No Extra Charge J " mU /4 - - - LD. JJC u _ 9 _._J i/ 2 BEEF Lb. 49c "VALU SELECTED"' EASY CARVE CHUCK ROAST$79 Boneless Rolled Waste Free —^* ',&.•* FLAV-O-RITE FROZEN Red Raspberries or Strawberries GRADE FLAVORITE FROZEN POLY BAG Hash Brown POTATOES 2 Lb. Bag 25 C MARIGOLD NO. I QUALITY CREAM All Flavors 1 / 2 Gal. 79 ?Y FRESH FROZEN PURE FLORIDA „_—-.- .^gt \ GRADE A - FLORIDAGOLD **J!M C| Orange Juice PINEAPPLE • Crushed tTidbitj •Chunk •Sliced No. 211 con cans for The AVERAGE Food Cost U LOWER At HOOD'S rDay" After Day. Wt Invite You To Check Our Regular Shelf Prices and COMPARE Thursday, April 1, 1966 (Id.) Upper Des Moinaj-5' SAVE AT. HOOD'S HUNT'S FRUIT COCKTAIL IN ALGONA Prices Good Thursday, riday, Saturday, Monday No. 300 can OCEAN SPRAY STRAINED or WHOLE Cranberry Sauce C & H - BROWN or POWDK^D SUGAR 2 ONE LB, BOXES 25 POTATO Dulaney's — Syrup or Vacuum Pack SWEET POTATOES 2 No. 3 Squat Cans All Regular PILLSBURY CAKE MIXES package $1 • SUPER VALU Jelly 5 • Apple • Cherry • Grape • Plum • Crabapple FRENCH'S . _ ^ Salad Mustard ... %" 10 GRANDEE Thrown Stuffed Manzanilla or Plain al^|J m .^ t —',-., - „, *~No. \ Queen V^liyeS m e e e^e • jar GEDNEY - Dixie Split, Whole Chips ^ A m Sweet Pickles.. .3 "" > 1 SUPER VALU Aluminum Foil PAGE - ASSORTED COLORS jfe Napkins . .. w KRAFT MINIATURE Marshmallows... 25 ft. • • • roll " _ ^^ 1 9 BUTTER KERNEL Cut Green Beans » x c 0 R N 5 No. 303 CANS Colonial TEABISUITS 2pkgs. 39c Hi-C ORANGE DRINK 2 46 oz. Cans 49c Del Monte — Sliced or Halves PEACHES 25* No. 2'/ 2 Can (Mix or Match) Cello RADISHES OR GREEN ONIONS U. S. NO. 1 YAMS a 10 King Alfred DAFFODILS 2 Doz, 5000 In - First Come First Served PONTIAC POTATO 100Lb. Bag $198 .e Fresh, Crisp CEIERV WASHINGTON DELICIOUS APPLES 3 us. 49 LARGE SUNKIST ORANGES doz. 49" We Have Onion Sets and Onion Plants Algona's Only Home-Owned Super Market 7-Week Old Boy Passes; Graveside Rites Graveside rites for John Joseph Hllbert, 7-week old son of Mr. and Mrs. David Hilbert, AJgona, were held at Calvary cemetery here Wednesday at 9:30 a. m., with Msgr. P. P. Gearen officiating. Hamilton Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements. The baby died Monday at Iowa City. He was born at St. Ann hospital here Feb. 9, 1966. His mother is the former Kathleen Mertz. Besides his parents, survivors include a brother, Jerry; and his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Hilbert, Wesley, and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Mertz, Algona. r cimifiti MVERTISIIB WANTED - Housekeeper. Live In. Modern farm home near Algona. Girl, 12 - boy, 14. Private room. Wages open. No liquor. Sundays off, If preferred. Write Box 535- C, % Algona Upper Des Molnes. (27-28*) WANTED - Young Man for work In grocery dept. Apply In person. HOOD'S SUPERVALU, Algona. (27tfn) HOUSE FOR SALE - 2 bedroom^ with garage and finished basement at 1515 E. Oak. Phone 295-2388. (26-29*) CARD OF THANKS The family of Harry J. Bode would like to thank all those kind friends and relatives who remembered him so generously in his last illness and death with the many masses, memorials, cards, flowers and food. Your kind acts were most appreciated. (27*) CARD OF THANKS Many thanks to everyone who remembered me with letters and cards during my recent hospltal- ization at Iowa City. They were deeply appreciated. Art Olsen. (27*) -, ... , fr CAJRD'.'OF. .THANKS' : I wish to thank the Priests, relatives, and friends for their prayers, visits, gifts, flowers, cards and letters while I was hospitalized at St. Ann's and Mercy hospital , Ft. Dodge and since I've returned home. May God Bless you all. Mary Flalg. (27*) NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING. OF MEMBERS OF THE ALGONA CEMETERY ASSOCIATION, ALGONA, IOWA. Annual meeting of members of the Association will be held Monday, April 11, 1966, at 4:00 p. m., at the City Hall, Algona, Iowa. Meeting to be held in accordance with Its by-laws and for election of directors whose terms expire, reading of reports and for transaction of other business that may properly come before the meeting. Wm. Runchey, President (27) SPECIAL EASTER SMORGASBORD serving from 11 A.M. to 3 P.M. All you can eat for $2.00. Special Children rates At Hand's Park Private parties large or small have you/? bowling parties here too. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY FOR LEASE SERVICE STATION IN ALGONA WOULD CONSIDER HIRING AN OPERATOR Write Box 338, Algona, la. (26-27) ARTSWAY CARROLL Garage & Impl, LUVERNE, IOWA HOMES FOR SALE tMM HOMH 'IOANS'AW(A«AI$' YOUR SIDEWALK OF SECURITY JUST LISTED 615 S. DODGE — 3 bedroom home. 2 bedrooms and full bath downstairs. Large panelled bedroom upstairs (ideal for the kids). Living room, dining room and kitchen. Single unattached garage. Ideal family home in moderate price range. — * ,— 501 S. DODGE — 3 bedroom two story home. Two bedrooms anl full bath upstairs. 1 bedroom down. Handy kitchen. Has screened in porch in front nnd back. 203 E. KENNEDY — 3 bedroom family home I arije living room with fireplace. Dining room. fvHcfceu £uH bath. Single garage. — * — 821 E. NORTH — M; block from Catholic grade school and church. 3 bedrooms. Large living room. Kitchen. A nice family home in good location. _ JL 1715 E. LUCAS — 3 bedroom ranch type home. 1200 Sq. Ft. All on one floor. Built in range and oven. Separate dining area off kitchen. All bedrooms have double closets. Double garage. 704 S. MINNESOTA — 3 bedroom two story home. 3 bedrooms and full bath upstairs. Remodeled kitchen and full bath down. Dining room and living room carpeted. Double detached garage. — * — 1421 EAST LINDEN — Near new 3 bedroom split level home. Separate family room and den. Double closets. All oak floors. Large attached garage. — * — ACROSS FROM GARRIGAN — Brand new home ready to be occupied. Offers 3 bedrooms, kitchen (including built-in range and oven), and living room (carpeted). Financing available at $700 down. - * 321 S. JONES — Large family home or duplex apartment. 3 bedrooms upstairs with separate entrance. One bedroom down. Kitchen has brand new built in range. Lots of cupboard space. Separate heating plants. Single detached garage. Seeley Realty Co. (over S & L) 17VJ Paul M. SteUy. Realtor Mark A. Seeley Office Phone 5-2350 Residence Phone 5-3174 E. STATE Arnie Ricklefs and Jim Geelan 5-2491 Leo Frankl 5-5479 THE ANSWER TO SWING FEVER? GIVE IN!!! SWING INTO A DAU'S GARAGE VALUE RATED USED CAR. NEVER BEFORE PRICES LIKE THESE! 1965 FORD FALCON, 9000 Actual Miles. Wa« $1695 NOW $1640 T964 OLDSMOBILE FIESTA STATION WAGON, One Owner, Full Power, Air Conditioning, Electric Rear Tailgate. Brand New Premium Tires — _ $2595 1964 RAMBLER AMERICAN WAGON, Overdrive, Radio, Reclining Seats. Tremendous Camping Carl Was $1395 NOW $1325 1963 FORD RANCH WAGON, 3 Sealer $1295 1963 FORD GAIAXIE, Was $1395 NOW $1325 1962 OLDSMOBILE "98" TOWN SEDAN, Full Power, Air Conditioning, Pristine Condition. Mist Green. Was $1750 NOW $1650 1962 RAMBLER AMBASSADOR 4 Door, Power Steering and Brakes, Radio, Bucket Seats. A Real Steal For A low Dollar Price. Was $1195 NOW $995 1962 RAMBLER CUSTOM 400 4 Door, 6 Cyl., Overdrive. Lowest Miles Around. Copper and White. $1025 1962 BUICK LE SABRE 4 Door. Full Power and Air Conditioning NOW $1595 1961 MERCURY METEOR 2 Door, 6 Cyl., Automatic NOW $79$ 1961 PONTIAC BONNEVILLE Hardtop. Full Power, Air Conditioning, New Tires $1395 1950 RAMBLER WAGON, Red and White, Overhauled Engine and Guaranteed. Wo$ $595 ,..,——,—.__..— NOW $450 1955 QLDSMOBUi SUPER 88'*. Take Your Pick - Both Rwn Fine! _J r $150 B AU /C OLDSMOBILE PAH 9 RAMBLER 12$ South AUGONA, IOWA

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