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The La Crosse Tribune from La Crosse, Wisconsin • Page 7
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The La Crosse Tribune from La Crosse, Wisconsin • Page 7

La Crosse, Wisconsin
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CUT YOUR OWN Save By Learning Medical Tax Rules Woman, 26, Is Sought For Fifth Murder Trial Larose, Recovers From Howling Twister aches that remind him of the disaster today. Others VLrflSBP artDUtlP much worse suffering to bear. Wednesday, Jan. 13, 1965 Everyone in the mile-long area "rD Ja" 14 By RAY DE CRANE spouse, dependent children, The payment of unusually your parents if you are furnish- high medical expenses admit- ing chief support or for any oth- tedly is a hard way to get a er person who would have qual- tax deduction. But over- ified as a dependent had not he look this possibility if your med- or she earned $600 last year, ical bills ran high in 1964.

a a Many taxpayers overlook this Any reimbursement received opportunity for a deduction, from a hospital, health or ac- fearing the rules are too com- cident insurance policy must be plex. You The extra deducted from the cost of your effort required to learn the rules medical expenses. If Blue Shield and furnish the information can paid $300 of your $500 surgical be rewarding. fee last year only the $200 ac- We discussed the special rules tually paid by you may be applicable to medical expenses shown in your computation, for those over 65. For all oth- Here is a typical medical ex- ers, medical expenses are not pense deduction for a family deductible until after they have with income of $10,000: exceeded 3 per cent of adjust- Here are some often-asked ed gross income.

For example, the answers to if adjusted gross income is them: 000 the excess of medical ex- I include funeral expenses beyond $300 is deductible, penses with my medical deduc- In totaling your medical ex- tion? penses separate the cost of med- expenses cease at icines and drugs from other the moment of death. No burial items. Drugs may be included expenses may be considered, after their cost exceeds one per i have a heart condition cent of income. In the $10,000 ex- and my doctor prescribed three ample, all drug costs beyond one-ounce drinks of whisky daily. $100 are deductible.

May I count this as a medical expense? Your medical expenses may you. It counts as be considered only in the year medical expense, paid. You may take into account payments made in 1964 on in November was a dependent the previous fee, until the day of her marriage, but you may not consider the She is filing a joint return with cost of operation if no her husband. May I deduct a payment has yet been made to $300 orthodontist bill I paid for the surgeon. her early in 1964? Include in your personal med-j is one of those excep- ical expense calculation the cost tional cases where she other- of any hospital or health insur- wise would have qualified as ance premiums, fees paid a doc- your dependent had she not filed tor, dentist, optometrist, chiro- a joint return with her husband, praetor, psychiatrist, Christian You may claim her medical ex- Science practitioner, hospital, penses.

mental institution, private duty. I am a diabetic and my nurse, and all expenses for lab- doctor requires that I eat spe- oratory fees, X-rays, false teeth, cial foods. Is the cost of these eyeglasses, hearing aids and foods a medical deduction? their maintenance, including these foods merely batteries. List also the purchase place other foods in your diet price or rental of wheel chairs they are not deductible. If they or crutches and the cost of an'supplement regular food they ambulance ride.

are deductible. If you have a sufficiently highi to call for a deduction forget to include your rom ob- By WILLIAM R. BRINTON KANSAS CITY, Mo. (UPI)- 1 penses paid for yourself, your An attorney named Mason sits in a swivel chair and thumbs through reams of notes on a murder case. Unlike another lawyer named of television not interested in saving some young woman from the clutches of the prosecutor.

because Don Mason is the assistant prosecutor. Like the fictitious Mason, he wants to see justice done. In this case he thinks it is best served by bringing a young widow to trial for the fifth time in her 26-year life. Sharon C. Kinne, a slender, rather plain woman, has been tried three times for the fatal shooting of her husband James as he lay in bed March 19, 1960.

at the family home in to life imprisonment. Independence. She was also From March 4 to Nov. conviction because an insufficient number of jurors had been certified for her trial. Last March, Sharon went to court again.

This time a mistrial tyt Aui I efrp of greatest destruction found homes once stood. An empty lot was ruled because two members I I I I I I VS TV II IIU I TV I MCI some loved one dead or injured all that is ieft of one home of the jury were clients of a law 3 ruins the.r homes. five irSns died In Tit partner of Lawrence Gepford. LAROSE. La.

(UPl)-State bicheaux set up an aid station tornado was an the prosecutor. Police Lt. Stanley Bernard was at Haceland, north of the strick- automobile ouned bv one of the On June 29, Sharon stood trial driving his car near Larose en area. Ambulances, doctors. Some children who remember dea(J a third time for her when he saw two black clouds technicians and supplies were the violence still scream and Here thc debris has death.

The jury gave up July merge into a column and sent in from neighboring areas, cower at any loud noise that re- riparpH anH workmen 2 in trying to reach a verdict, realized I was looking at a have I received so minds them of the hellish roar- puttjn(, new homes first voting 7-5 for conviction, much help given so gladly by so ing of the tornado. Crushed automobiles have then becoming snagged at 7-5 In less than two terrible min- many said Dr. Robi-j The tornado slashed a two- been DUShed into odd comers for acquittal. utes that morning three months cheaux Sharon was released under ago, a tornado spawned by Hur- Lt. Bernard has terrific head Hilda left 23 $25,000 bond.

She went to Mexi- ncane Hilda left 23 persons co City with her latest boy dead or dying, 160 injured and ArrninnmAnf fripnri rhinoort hair cfvHct50 homes and businesses de mile path along Louisiana Route awaiting removal until mors 1 and Bayou Lafource. The road important jobs are done, and the creek run side-by-side. Sugar cane harvesters and The land still bears the marks transports thread their way of the twister. Smashed utility through piles of wreckage at ths poles and tangles of wire line eastern boundary of the fields. SHARON C.

KINNE friend, a Chicago hair stylist 50 homes and businesses named Joseph Francis Puglise. stroyed just north of this south Of Burglary Suspect There Sharon was arrested Louisiana town. MINNFAPOI IS iAPi Ar- tbe highway, some of them lean- They alter their crawling and charged with shooting Pa- Lt. Bernard was one of Christv drunkenly bayou lit- courses to bypass an occasional rades Ordonez. ucky ones.

His car was plucked of C. with sunken fishing boats oil well. the ground and hurled 200 uams- on a cnarge of bur- var(is through the air He re- glarizing the State Bank of of debris show where Life must go on. Mexican police found a gun inrougn me air. ne re in thp rnnm chamn Pt.oiicp members shouting into the car surgeon Laxe in August was in the room Sharon and Puglise mjcroDhone as the vehicle continued in U.S.

District Court shared. Tests showed the wea- mtcropnone as me i lawyer can be i thp chnii nn dimmed over the top of utility Monaay uniu a mwyer can De pon failed to eject the shell on found for the man the second flrlng During Shar- windows of the Williams, formerly of Menom- haTsUcs to 18. haT tesS the gun that to the ground Bernard taktng a cheek protector and 25 Torment of Bronchitis-Asthma tried' for another murder, and 19b'." Sharon 'shared" a cell to kui'ed broken arm SSTwTrth Jackson County Jail with Mar- misfired or failed to eject after' llb other, witnesses checks in Miami and Right now she is not available garet Hopkins. They became every second or third shot. he instinctively begun direcimg Mlami for trial.

She is in jail in friends and had no secrets Said Mason: tests rcscue traffic, co in still another between them. When Miss Hop- show that the gun found in the murder. kins went free and Sharon went Mexico City motel was the same Today, what was once a hap- Club Meets Monday to the Missouri Prison gun that was used to kill Patlpy community of 150 persons is CROVE Minn The Back in 1957, Sharon married at Tipton they corresponded. Jones." (rising from the debris. It is be- Spring Grove Commercial Club James Kinne.

On her marriage bedame dls- PuSllfe.Jcf 3n will meet at the I-egion club- certificate was a notation enchanted. She gave the prose-turned to the U.S. Sharon, jailed, carpenters hammers and hu- Poliro know- what cutor a letter in which Sharon failed to show up here last Oct. man grit, Lannonwi nn parlior hnchanH allegedly told of a gun hidden 26 for the fourth trial for her The Red Cross is building a ughe ho married, was 0ne in house in husband's death. Her bail was small home for the surviving KIDNEY danger signals Tho nieht hoforp Kinnp was Independence.

She asked Mar- forfeited. three of five elderly spinster killpd hp fold rplativps hp in- garet to get gun- Kinne still faces trial in sisters and civil defense authori- na a fr. ctnrnn officers quick ly Mexico City at an indefinite tics are working hard to put not vour back at any tended to leave Sharon because i oattma up niamt, irratu she was unfaithful They urged searched the but found date- And Mexican authorities Larose citizens back on their pam, may WBrn nothing, hold detainer papers asked by feet kidnay In the fall, the Missouri Su- Kansas City Police. Don Mason During the crisis, civil defense rx VM. 1 I 11 TX tonlc-dluratlc.

TODAY at all drua health director Dr. Phillip Ro- Relieved By New Discoveries! Research at Spears Chiropractic Hospital has opened the door to health for thousands of sufferers who have been led to believe there was no relief for their respiratory ailments, such as Bronchitis, Asthma, Emphysema and Hay Fever. Because of our excellent results, scores of "hopeless and discouraged people who knew little about this hospital and chiropractic have found new hope and relief from these and many other types of disease. rooms at 7 p.m. Monday, Jan.

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SPEARS CHIROPRACTIC HOSPITAL him to it one more His death was first ruled ac- a. 4 cidental. Sharon told police her Court out Sbaron awalls her relurn; F.a\t I Oth Jersey Denver, Colorado R0220 Mume: Ml AnpL A-4 in transportation expenses taining medical care. This will Young Rochester include roundtrip bus, train or taxi fares to a doctor or dentist's Dies In Crash office, hospital, clinic, etc. A re- ROCHESTER, Minn.

cent IRS ruling permits a flat A young Rochester man deduction of five cents per mile killed and three other persons for use of your own car for such were injured early Tuesday! purposes. 2-year-old daughter was playing with a 22-caliber pistol and it ac-; cidentally discharged, striking James in the back of the head. She said she was in the bathroom, getting ready to go to a party. Kinne was dead on arrival at a hospital. Sharon collected $5,000 life insurance and bought a new Thunderbird convertible.

She began dating Walter Jones, the man who sold her the car. Barely two months after James death, on May; 26, the body of wife, Patricia, was found near a lane. There were two bullet holes in her head and one in her body. Sharon Kinne found Mrs. body.

was Sharon had called another boy when their car crashed into a friend and asked him to go rid- tree. ing in her new convertible. She The death raised suggested they drive down the highway toll to 19 for the year 'ane- ber prompting, compared with 16 through this tbey out car and came date in 1964. upon the body. Calvin W.

Fenner, 21, was Two months later, a dead on arrival at a hospital County gnmd jury indicted shortly before 1 a.m. Kinne on murder charges in the Fenner was a passenger in a deaths of both her husband and car driven by Jerry R. Sorn, 20, Patricia Jones. The cases were, Rochester. Sorn and two other separately.

Charallet Winkle In June 1961, Sharon was ac-, rural the period and Mary EUcn bolh atted in the murder of Mrs. to catch uD on the chores and of Rochester, also were hos- Jones. The gun used in the slay, i pitalized with severe iniuries mg had not been found, that have accumulated since wun severe injuries. c. harvest time car a after following January, Shar- a- one of the co.dest a turn and struck Police You may include medical ex- WISCONSIN HEALTH Dr.

CARL NEUPERT Wisconsin Health Officer Now that the holidays are past we enter what to many; periods of the year. A timej when preoccupation with get- said the Silker girl ting things done can cause one through the rear Former Secret Service to expose himself to the hazard wirJ ow and was attempting to of frostbite. walk on severely injured legs to Agent Un Probation Frostbite is a condition that seek aid. She collapsed in the MINNEAPOLIS (AP) Carl results from actual freezing of arrT1j of a patrolman who ar- young, 62, former Secret Serv- body in areas J7vec on the shortly after ice agent, was put on three such as the nose, cheeks, ears, fingers and toes. It occurs when the crash.

i years probation Monday for listing false information in income tax returns of his clients. Judge Gunnar H. Nordbye pronounced sentence in Federal parts of the body are exposed Nelson Wants Tire to the cold for long periods of CfriM time, or to extreme cold. OOtety btandardS Often the victim of frostbite WASHINGTON (AP) Sen. Court, experiences no sensation other Gaylord Nelson, called Young, of Minneapolis, had than a feeling of numbness, today for minimum national said at his trial he made out Muscular activity decreases safety standards and a system about 200 tax returns a year, and the flow of blood is re- of quality grading for automo- Thirteen returns he had pre- duced, which means that the bile tires, saying such legisla- pared which were introduced at body tissue receiving the tion was supported by a White the trial averaged $251 in tax oxygen it needs.

In mild cases House aide. deficiencies because of false the frostbitten part becomes In testimony prepared for a deductions, the court was told, pale, sometimes almost by the Federal Trade Since Young did not gain In more severe cases the part Commission, Nelson said, financially from such listings, becomes solidly frozen, stiff, know that bald, worn, overload- Nordbye said, he apparently did white and completely numb, ed or shoddily made tires cause it either to develop his business The person who is working accidents. We know that safe or because of a outdoors alone may not realize tires can save lives. Unfortu- attitude against the U.S. govern- he has been frostbitten until he nately, we have no standards ment.

Young headed the Twin comes indoors. Then the frozen for judging how safe and dur- Cities office of the Secret Serv- area thaws, and may be accom- able a tire ice from 1929 to 1933. panied by a tingling, burning or throbbing. In mild cases the frozen area returns to normal, but in severe cases permanent injury and the possibility of gangrene may result. Warmth is the recommended treatment for application of warmth.

The frostbite victim should be brought into a warm room, given a warm drink and wrapped in warm blankets or placed in a tub of warm, but not water. Too much heat should be avoided. Nor should the frozen area be rubbed or massaged. As the tissues warm and regain flexibility the person should be encouraged to exercise the frozen portion of his body. And, unless the frostbite is mild, always wise to consult a physician.

Warm clothing is still the best preventive against frostbite. Persons who have lived through a few Wisconsin winters as likely to expose themselves to it as are people from other areas. And many of the fabrics and styles that have been developed in recent years add to our ease in protecting ourselves against freezing. Still we must remember that the danger will be with us whenever we have frigid weather. WE PAY 4 PERCENT INTEREST PER ANNUM, PAYABLE EVERY 90 DAYS ON BANK CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT.


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