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The Daily Telegraph from London, Greater London, England • Page 9
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The Daily Telegraph from London, Greater London, England • Page 9

London, Greater London, England
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FILM SOTES North Pacific By CAMPBELL DIXON MR WEEKLY GARDEN TALK A perfect lawn in 18 weeks! Now town frets Emerald Velvet It gardening discovery wf the century teys Alfred Cole head gardener responsible far Britain's most famous lawns for 25 years Preparing Glory Now By CORDON FORSYTH NEXT to the rose the chrysanthemum la undoubtedly the most popular flower with amateur gardeners who like to specialise No plant Is more rewarding of the constant attention needed to bring the blooms to full perfection Apart from that to carry the garden display well into autumn and at the same time provide plenty of blooms for cutting you simply must grow a selection of chrysanthemums I personally like to try out a few varieties each season for specimen blooms setting them on a strip of rich well prepared ground limiting their growths to not more than half-a-dozen staking them carefully and later disbudding so that each stem carries just one large bloom But I also grow many more plants with very little thinning or disbudding to produce their blooms in spray form They make a brave show in company with the Michafel-mas daisies with which they blend so magnificently and provide arm- I fuls of cut flowers Garden True finding room for them In Calendar 'I problem especially those that do not bloom until September since the space they occupy is colourless until then This can be overcome to a certain extent by planting them in groups and setting gladioli among them a practice I employed very successfully last season Another trick is to grow the chrysanthemums AND Emerald Velvet will vastly Improve every existing seeded lawn This astonishing new grass Is Ideal perfecting worn or unsuccessful seeded lawns You simply plant Emerald Velvet 1 ft apart In your existing turf Slowly but surely splendid transformation takes place YOU OWN A GARDEN you must welcome Emerald Velvet Already there are 11000 showpiece lawns growing from It In Britain Make sure your home and family benefit from this great botanical discovery Act now! Obtain your root off-sets which are fully guaranteed from Matt Templeton Ltd the sole Producers or their authorised Agents The off-sets will sent to you prepared In polythene bags In time for planting this Spring Supplies strictly limited-orders despatched In rotation So please send your order now today! Off-sets sufficient for 100 sq ft of lawn cost only fil £2 for 300 aq ft and so on Templeton Ltd Dept DTI Gntmhy Uttc send me poet free bags of LOVELY AZALEAS What grace and beauty them delightful flowers bring to tsur gardens Needing no align-tion they reappear eeery year wtth a blare of colourful bloom which completely cover ilm plant Hitherto comparatively expensive I am pleased io be able in offer some excellent specimens mixed colours including orange yellow red 4c 76d each 3 roe 21- CHINCHERINCHEE8 We all heard so much laai year about ihesa lovely flowers but many gardeners were unabla io grow them because the demand tor the bulb exceeded Ihe supply However I have now a hoe stock of these from my South African growers bur would advisg early ordering CHINCHERlNCHhfcS are wonderful a a a cut flower tince they keep fresh for weeks: each bulb produces several stems about 18 inches high with clusters of attractive white blooms Excellent bulbs 39d dot: 76 23 276d 100 BLUEST OF BLUES Well what's unusual about a blue flower? Quite a lot when it's a poppy yes it fact a giant flowering poppy in a delightful shada of ky blue MECONOFsis BAILEY1 io gi its proper name Is a lovely flower quite apart from its unusual colour ideal for thady parts excellent plants to flower this summer 3 (or 106 6 for 176 post i6d OUTDOOR FREESIAS Now you can successfully grow these desirable Ereesias nut of doors the garden Due is a new and really vigorous strain I am offering and one which allows vou to sec blooming ihose fabulous pink vellnw rich orange and lavender shade (hat hitherto have been the rcluive privilege of the man with a greenhouse And course the glorious scent it something that alone makes ihe growing worthwhile Mv tram of outdoor Krecalas bulhg is tneciallv prepared is easy to grow gnd produce a succession of graceful flower spikes over a very long pertod Please order early for 1 know they are going to provg popular 50 for 25- 100 for 45- PAEONY RANUNCULUS The largest and moar spectacular of all tha Ranunculus Flam as soon ns ground for a blac of colou- that you'll never fornet Each Gigantic bloom measures three to four inches across unfo'dint colour that almost dazzles wtth Its brilliance Make them your ccntrc-piece thia year he hold with a bold bloom for a flood of colour from May till June These are ail picked tubers from proven stock si my special bargain price of 10- for 25 i 7 6d for 50 30- for 100 GLOXINIAS For cool greenhouse or for rowing in window boiee there arc few flowers which surpass beautiful Gloxinias In vivid scarlet and pink and cmrancine violet shades thev make a colourful display I am offering selected arge flowering named eariettea 3 for 56d GRANDMA'S PERFUME you buy mv pretty Lavender so went the Olde London Crvc Lavender is still one of the most enchanting easily trown shrubs io be found la EngltA Garden If you have omitted to make a fragrant corner in your own garden you should retBCdr this Immediately A very tpecial offer of 6 sturdy specimens for 106d (post 4c l6d) is on that rots cannot afford io tenor PEACOCK ORCHIDS Bnttmcallir named ACf DAN' THERA MURIELAE here is a truly exquisite flower which lus captured all our hearts Whenerer exhibited it it much admired and I am sure will he a popular feature tn most gardens when it is more generally known The Peacock Orchid crows like a Gladioli with all the fragrance and charm of the TUBEROSE The blooms which measure 3 to 4 inches acroaa are pure white with a throat of win red and are earned on 3-4ft stems Don't fall grow Ihete' 50 bulb 12tSd post 4c l-s 100 226d poet 4c l6d GIPSY FLOWERS Another recent Introduction la SFARAXlfl providing masses of exquisite blooms UI wide range of colours It flowers throughout the summer and well into the autumn 50 176d: 100 326d EXOTIC BEGONIAS Here la a lorelr flower which can be successfully grown in the garden as well aa thn greenhouse Wonderful waxen blooms on at iff stems In a fine range of colour including many shades of salmon yellow scarlet rnec o-anga -ed and white Culhben'i double flowering varieties excellent tuber 3 for 26d 86d dog GOLD MEDAL ANEMONES Easy to grow these lotely flowers era won Emerald Velvet at tl each cshchquPO for i- against backgrounds rich In natural beauty and stage spectacle If we see more of Lafcadio Hearn's and Loti's Japan than of the industrial nation which has just snatched Britain's lead in shipbuilding the picture may be highly selective but is still recognisable Mr Brando with dead-pan face and flat Southern accent gives the Major a quiet strength and laconic wit the curiously named Red Buttons a TV comedian is first-rate as Kelly and Patricia Owens Martha Scott James Garner and Kent Smith do well as the other Americans Miiko Taka of American-Japanese descent plays the actress with delicacy and distinction and Miyosht Umeki makes an endearing little figure of wife Journeying Boys Take an appealing child or two set them on their travels and you go too far wrong Escapade in Japan tMetropole New Victoria tomorrow) lacks the comic invention of Gene The Happy Road but it will do The story tells of a ix-year-old American picked up by a Japanese fisher family after a plane disaster and his friendship with Hiko an older Japanese boy Hiko unwittingly is the cause of all the trouble When the fishing boat gets back to port he hears that police are looking for the American boy and as police mean trouble suggests they should run away They will find their own way to the family in Tokyo somewhere beyond the mountain that is the frontier of Hiko's world Their adventures are told against backgrounds of lovely countryside and busy streets a big music-hall that makes our Palladium look drab a honky-tonk with striptease and by way of climax a rescue on top of a towering pagoda all magnificently photographed The leading players are Cameron Mitchell Teresa Wright and Jon Provost but the Japanese politely walk away with the picture Director Arthur Lubtn Impression of a Family The Unvanquished (Academy winner of the Grand Prix at last year's Venice Festival carries on the story of the Indian family begun In 44 Pather The mood is wistful and elegiac the method is impressionist the music has a dying fall The result is something suggesting (in Western terms) a Sickert realisation of a story by George Gissing There is again no plot and little exterior conflict Bibhutibhusan Bandapaddhava the writer and Satyajit Ray the director rely wholly on inner tensions revealed by a slow careful exposition of the gulf between dreams and reality family ties and youth's ambitions a widowed mother's longing for her love and companionship and his departure for the wider atmosphere of Benares Inevitable Tragedy The boy possibly because of my dependence on sub-titles seems to me less sympathetic than he is meant to be His long silences his habit of lying in bed too bored to acknowledge his devotion and attentions his neglect of the ordinary courtesies when addressing her and his grandfather are in curious contrast to the exquisite politeness of the Japanese in the films THE producers of SayonarR (Warner are not inclined to sell It short Its we read included Academy award winner Marlon Brando Pulitzer Prizewinner Joshua Logan of Broadway-Hollywood fame as director story adapted by Paul Osborn from the best-selling James novel and production by William described simply as a genius So many diverse talents generally cancel each other out The odd thing about Sayonara is that while claims to epic quality are Inflated it really is in its romantic glossy way a highly expert job The title prepares you for a variation om a familiar theme but even here one is agreeably surprised The ingredients American officer Japanese charmer romance impeded by obstacles of race creed manners and duty are the same but time and events have given the theme more urgency the camera offers beauties scenic and personal denied to the stage and the operatic soprano Mr Michener tells his story on two levels Major Lloyd Gruver is an ace pilot of the Korean war the son of a general the flanc of another general daughter Joe Kelly is a private from the slums with no family and a background of insubordination Four Ill-Starred Lovers Both fall in love with Japanese girls Kelly stubbornly resisting pressure and advice including Major marries his sweetheart The major captivated in turn by a Japanese actress realises miserably that he is causing unhappiness to his fiancee and acute embarrassment to superiors who frown on 44 fraternisation with indigenous female When the private is ruthlessly ordered to fly back to America and leave his pregnant wife they die together The major and his girl have the courage and the luck to win through The and the aruat's first duty he convince her is to be a good human being A story sometimes poignant and always pleasing to the eye is told As'-ynatum in Jiiltin Marlon Hrando and Mi ko Taka in Savonara Variations THERE must be a good number of sanguine people connected with the arts who compliment themselves not perhaps on being irreplaceable but at least on having only flesh and blood rivals to face Automation they feel does not threaten their particular contract of employment Until last week I should have counted myself among these too complacent folk But now I am badly shaken by Frau Zillner the archentante (or fairy -tae aunt) of the Austrian Radio who has made a boast that may well take the wind out of periodical writers' sails It seems that in Vienna if you dial 1560 you will hear Frau voice reading a fairv story and I have not repeated myself once in five years" she says If you buy The Daily Telegraph on Saturday I ask myself nervously can you be sure of reading in the World of Music column something that you have never read before not during the past five years but even the past five months? No you certainly cannot And so perhaps before lone may it not be possible here in London to dial a number and be regaled with musical reflections drawn from a vast anthology of the world great musicians and thinkers bank of -50 articles provide that absolute variety that no ovmr miaraniM mortal hand car ever guarantee 4 N'OVELTY and variety are accepted by most people as axlomaiically good I suppose because all our lives contain so much mevit- SOROERA ROCK RANTS ROSESPIANTYSHRUES) I hit moat guMk to piMtftat IB A 81IIK of in rmmuam for garden eri III many colour illuRiraAioaa and plant mg plana woo'd be of Cnornoui Mir in de txlinf what to plan' lor Mt: rctu fta Send for fc Lof to HKFS LTD 1 7 SB Mill Llvarwoa' A COMPLETE CLEMATIS COLLECTION wassails lor all purpose while for the North wall lalvertfetva Deiandii blue (or the Mcrbaroui a Shrub Bordet naaeiKi Gravely ar yellow and the Lai ae Mhwaevd Hybrid lor pillars wall and penolai etc all vigorous eariettea with a Iona (lowering range from May-Oct Lady Betty Ballon velvety purple Lady Loadeabwrowah blue ircy hewer rot pink Mr holmmidele) pale blue Mr runs mauve 8 plant a above lor 70- 5 plant Large Flowered Hybrid (tv SOI- plant! pc tea (or 30- urrtgr Pm 4 lor ChO Write for 1LLUS1 RATED NURSERY CATALOGUE poM free PENNELL SUNS LTD TS LISCOLS An Outstanding New Bedding Flower PHLOX CUSPIDATA TWINKLING STAR (Twinklesi On of the moat appealing noveltiea yet introduced creatine a atartling effect when maasert Produces a carpel of flow era in vivid pinks red mauve uea etc while the white serrated rdgr sparkle in the light Similar in growth to Phlox Drummondii Nana Compacts height 18' Large Pkt 244 eWjO Poet Paid on a Personal Theme LEAKS OR LIVES There li growinf concern tmonit the cncrel public the Increanni number ol fatal ind ira(lc accident on our railway! nd thty anxiously await an announcement that omcthini more it mnt to be done to preeeni iheae calamine than ibe usual official enquiries The public (eel that this Is a matter of such Importance that the whole working of our railways at present should be the subject of Psrliamemsry consideration Our representatives whom we send 10 Westminster seem to be completely out of touch with what the ordinary man in the street in their constituencies Is thinking If they will take the trouble to consult them they will And that they are deeply apprehensive with regard to the recent railway accidents and the heavy loss of life hut on ibe other hand they fee! that a waste of time and public money which might bate been devoted to this urgent mailer has been spent pursuing the alleged bank rate leak which in Ihe light of events suggests that it has been used gs an Instrument for political purposes from which Ihe public has benefited little SAFE AND SOUND Their cry it lleca not and they will not be an bed until Parliament ha cauaed a thorough Invettigailon into the organisation of our railways from lop to bottom and given an assurance that steps will he taken to avoid if not prevent a repetition of these disasters in the future The administration management and staff nf any business nationalised nr not must all accept their share of responsibility when things go wrong In ihe past Britain pioneered Ihe railways of Ihe world To-day its railways are amongst the slowest ihe least up to date and in addition lose vast sums of money It la time we did something about it lo make our railways safe and sound in every respect THE ROYAL ROSE So aptlt named the Queen Elizabeth here is a new variety which has won universal praise as a rote worthy of us name ol vigorous growth It is exceptionally free flowering producing large candelabra of pcrferi full peiallcd of toll carmine rne and dawn pink Already winner nf the highest awards here is a rose which every ga-dencr will want io grow I am pleased io be able lo offer well-grown bush trees bl- each 6 for SOI- carr Ac 26 3 CHAMPION ROSES 106 Top named varicilea acclaimed by profea-c Iona I rose erowers as some of ihe finest of these lovely flowers are Included in my rove collection Everyone will recognise these beautiful rotes PEACE yellow edged pink ENA HARKNESS glowing rich crimson PRESIDENT HOOVER tear let flame gold One bush tree of each variety separately labelled for 106d posi Ac l6d 2 collections in all 20 post Ac 26d A GARDEN OF ROSES If you are thinking of planting some more rose trees here is a chance you should not miss In order to clear parts of my rose gardens of a limited quantity of vartoua varieties I have decided to offer these ai a pnee far below their normal catalogue value of 4 1-in 5- each These are Arst-class In every way well frown bush trees and as a special i bargain these LUCKY DIP" roaes are being cleared ai the specially low price of us foe I 176d post Ac l6d 526d dor post Ac 26d Pleat leave the varieties to me and you will be well satisfied with your bargain GLORIOUS GLADIOLI If you event isnt flowering exhibition blooms you should grow the eaneilct included in ia DE LUXE" collection This includes I careful) balanced selection of some of the most wonderful of ihesc truly mgreellous flowers Gigantic darrtlns spikes which moet certatnlv wifi occupy a pride of place In your garden this summer Cuthbori'a DE LUXE colleciloo consists at AMERICAN EXPRESS Golden SPIC AND SPAN Rich LILAC JOY Lilac purple FIRMAMENT Deep blue at eel grey RED FOX Crimson Twenty each of aboee glam flowering eariciics 100 An quality GUARANTEED FLOWERINO SIZE corns each rariety eepar aitly packed and labelled for 22 6d carr 4c 2b MASSES OF GLADIOLI Yea enough for your own needs and some to gtee away Flam at imereals and ensure a continuous suppl of wonderful blooms Mv OALAXY Gladioli arc offered ai a etre tempting low price so that you can grow an abundance of these beautiful flower far cheaper in fact than you caa buy the blooms from your florist Fin quality 810 cm in a wide rante of beautiful colours 100 13 6d post 4c 134 200 2)- post 4c l9d 500 57 6d post paid PAEONY PRIDE As a great loser of iheaa beaut Tut flower I never lose the opportunity of persuadina mv gardening friends io grow ihem They are completely treuhle-free and eihen once planted reappear eeery rear with increased splendour Each plant it literally covered with tnaiet of lovely blooms which are ideal a cut flower I have a slock of hardy hush Paeonies and offer ihem al a specially low price 6 named all different varieties in a wide colour range for 20-i 2 collections 12 tn all) 376 or you caa hsvg 3 for 10 6d ALL-SUMMEn STRAWBERRIES Have a plentiful supply of garden fresh frun right through the summer by growing the sensational MONT ROSA strawberry Here is a variety which grows like a buh makes no runners but can he divided when require! Cropping with a fine supply of luscious well-flavoured fruit at ihe normal lime It continues io yield a continuous suppl of strawberries right through the summer until In fad the arrival of the early frosts Easy to gron ever gardener can entov dishes of wcll-rtpcncd desert fruit out of season Fine plants to yield Ihis summer 6 for bl- 12 for 106 50 40- 8 FLOWERING TREES 296 Strong wcli-rootcd 3g-5fi trees Prunus Hvsakurs Japanese Cherry Acacia Hardy Variety Prunus Scrottna white cherry autumn leaves Malus tlyu bright red Pyrus Aldenham deep red Prunus Pissardt Nigra red flowers and leaves Pauls bcarlct double red May So bus Aucunana white flowers and red berries 4 ree i 4 HYBRID LILACS 196 Large double flowering bufhet to Noom next Soring Spftih dark crimson Hortcnucm purple Lemomc hne Buchner lilac 6 4-YR AZALEA BUSHES 236 B'iddcd plant to hioom next Spring JAPANESf VARIETIES Beethoven lilac Kathleen red Palcxmna white Schubert pink MOLLIS large orange (lowers PON TIC A large yellow tccnicd Minimum 3 plant for 146- 4 CLEMATIS 176 Large flowering varieties lor planting now VILLE dc LYON carmine NELLY MOSEK pink JACKMANII blue EDINBURGH white Only complete collection tupplicd All good Carnage and Packing Free MIDDLETON NURSERIES Dibdcn Southampton I SIFTL bRlII CAGES 4 NETTING ft complete bird and frost protection Single and cheap to erect in any size with lasting eflycicncy Also Steel Tennis Surround Standards Top Rods 4 Netting Centre Posts 4 Nets Suppliers since 1825 Samples and quo attons free OASSONS RYE SUSSEV Phone 2134 KEIWAYS SPECIAL OFFER 6 Pacome 25- 12 Irises 25- 6 Pvreihrums 12- 1 lire Paeony 21- 18 Butterfly Gladioli 16- 50 Large flowered Gladioli in ten vane-ties 18- 12 Dahlias suitable for cutting 25-12 Perennial plants for ihe Border 25- AH named varieties separately labelled Please add 1 lb for each lot to cover part cosi of postage Ac Write lo KtLW AY 4 SON LTD Dept 11 LANGPORT Somerset JOHN INNEN COMPOSTS will give you Ihe best results Manufactured strictly to formula guaranteed by the country's largest suppliers -Send Sd stamp for 88-page catalogue and instrucive literature on all composts and their use Dept Woodman Pinner Middieses NOELITE PAVING made in five colours and manv sire with i non-slip surface unaffected by weather provides an economical f'gth or terrace in your garden Full partku-ars from Noeltte Ltd (DTi Borough Green Kent Telephone Borough Green 2686 Aluminium ladders superior quainv factory prices Rise Mon COLOURED HEATHER In brilliant new self colours and beautiful shades to flower the whole year round Scarlet carmine rove violet lilac cream mauve 4c 40 dozen MACGREGOR Plant Specialist LARK-haLL Lanarkshire POSTAGE STAMPS 10- prr hnr BOND ST STAMP AUCTIONS At 1 30 FEBRUARY 10 11: ALL-WOR LD SALE notably Canada Capes CEYLON Gambia Germany Ghana (cancellations! 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MOaf MSONAT1NC FACTS Emerald Velvet erowg so stronrlv and thickly It actually chokes most weeds You save hours of weeding Tet the grass blades stav short and need far less mowing RUNTWC IS StMTU Tou make one Inch holes 1 ft apart Press In success is assured Illustrated instructions are sent with your order fa Matt Pleas NAMI AOOS1SS -ere too good to miss SEND FOR THIS SUPERB GUIDE IN COLOUR FRH ON APPLICATION OOCOOD fr SONS LIMITED IPT US SOUTHAMPTON SWEET PEAS -ypw a FOR CUT FLOWERS 1 OR EXHIBITION SEND 11 fer a Special I Leila Ilea 5 37 reaiaiaiaa 8 SEPARATE VARIETIES I Ale Harden Orange Ccnac I VI rv Batina -Omni Pink Styliaa J-Blue Fewer cui Jtoy Lavender I Gigantte White Master cream -Deep Cream Briar Bone Scarlet 008 GARDEN SEED CATALOGUE WILL BE INCLUDED WEE -I JJ SEED CATALOGUE OHHiUi I DEPI DT4 LODOOV NOAEOLK MB HARDY EktEX GBOWN 3 BUSH ROSES 5- ad 1 alien Pink Ovagr Vatmoa White Scarlet or Doable Pink timber 7 (or 4 6 100 Swret Pent 1 l-r 100 cnemoaee 7'-30 Da tab Irk 2 riser LMkt 3 25 DUTCH GLADIOLI 3 Red Yellsa Pink Mauve White er Mised 75 Doable arnutaoa 7 IS Gat Ptnale 7 2LSS EVHlBIUON SHALLOTS 3 11b GI4NT GLOBE ONION MIS 3 73 Lily the Valley 7 IS Palyaatha 7 6 FLOWERING TREES 12 UK 1 vunuud 1 Cbctiy 1 Bd May 1 La bar naan 1 Red-beirind Aab 1 Lila 4 RVududend an SI: 3 Peoni 7 6 6 FLOWERING SHRUBS 4 Paray ibis Drama Span Cnua 4 Van Rowe 77 lb Heuvjvechla 76 73 Qavchthara 7 73 Revet llrdama 2 6 23 Graen Privet 5 -(ME mdrr la I-mU 1 1 CLAREMONT NURSERIES IS BOWERS GIIEORD kvskX Ui Cl an yg atrawBctrie NCR beng grown on Use Continent are now ava table in thu Country Trained to a support the plant grow like runner been June lo October Fall planting A Cultural It nip with every order No Strewing needed Lem san inquired I A 5 Plant CRO Oder 20 DEC Colour Catalogue rltc Glndieli Begonia Li lie Hast Tract Ac 1 a at AUfl 1- HOIlt AMARU SPALDING 1 er 17J Beet Seven St BUbarn La SURPLUS FRUIT TREES 1 I van 11 APPLtV PLVRS A NLVI' in all ipular wne lie 3 IO 4 year oM 3 9 art for 16 9 17 (or 39 6 Buh HtBBIEv 3 each Itueh PMl HEN 109 eo NT AND RD APPLEV PE A RV PL AIN A (IIERRIEv 6 each 3 for 76 Cmrnatr V1 rilrv OLOl RED ILL NT RATED CATALOGUE Frail Ttee Shrob Plaon Bolb full of Suton and Oi-den Flan FREE ON REQUEST HE HAMPTON PLANT CO (iRSgi LTD B0 New MafSew Surrey Sr lust the ob whatever your gree ihouac size! One-inch burner for up to tOO cu ft two-inch burner for up to 1200 cu ft Or buy both burners interchangeable) for ideat range of temperature Uae alone or with lengths of pipe to spread the warmth for a IF be guaranteed I enclose 6 tic 8 WALTER BLOW SON LTD Leavesden WATFORD Hertfordshire Reunion Paris Stephen Murray and Dorothy Tulin in Tale of Tu'o Cities" Just mentioned Not that he is heartless He loves his mother in his fashion and grieves sincerely when he learns that she has died alone Yet he will neither please her by showing his love while she is alive nor stay for the funeral rites when she is dead He can perform them he says in Benares his examinations will not wait All in all a tragic view of life if a process of birth decay and dissolution as inevitable as the seasons can be called tragedy Mr Ray is now completing his third film about this family If as good as the first two the trilogy will deserve to rank not so far below Gorky series and lusty poetic evocation of Provence Creaking Tumbril A Tale of Two Cities was last filmed in 1936 with Ronald Colman as Sydney Carton Isabel Jewell as the little girl who goes to the guillotine holding his hand and Basil Rathbone as the aristocrat who ran over a child and rebuked the weeping parent with 44 Your wretched brat might have Injured a very valuable Now there is a new British version at the Odeon Leicester Square adapted by Clarke directed by Betty Box It reminds us again that Dickens was a caricaturist of genius but a caricaturist The vehicle creaks and lumbers on It never carries conviction Not that the film lacks talent Dirk Bogarde endows Sydney Carton with the right mixture of cynicism and chivalry Dorothy Tutln a charming Lucie Stephen Murray gives us a Dr Manette restored in one dissolve from doddering amnesia to brisk professional competence Christooher Lee makes the lecherous St Evremonde elegantly sinister and Rosalie Crutchley pulls out all the stops as Madame Defarge The Happy Mourner If you like a thriller and who I recommend a goodish specimen at the Rialto Family Doctor is concerned with a practitioner in Devon whose quick turnover in rich wives has excited sympathy but no suspicion Except of course in the young American who comes around asking questions just in time to save a nice young thing from making a fatal error Writing and direction are smooth the acting excellent Marius Goring plays the doctor with the Rolls-Royce and taste for antiques Rick Jason a likable American of whom I should like to see more is the Lochinvar from the West and Lisa Gastoni makes an attractive patient Producer John Gossage writer-director Derek symbols intellectually constructed and emotionally determined And the basis of all musical form is repetition the reviewing of the same material in ways which range from identical note-for-note reiteration to the most far-fetched variations in which rhythm melody and harmony appear completely transformed Even the greatest range of ideas is comparatively small and many of these will bear an Indefinable resemblance to each other like the children of the same father And that in fact is what they are children or repetitions of a single character temperament and individuality All extended music is in fact a form of variation and so perhaps Frau boast is not so alarming as it first seemed to put it right and at the halfway mark they loyally all changed over At Drury Lane last week Tullio Serafln brought down his baton for lhp anthem and was understandably taken a5ack to find the orchestra beginning Turandot He wisely stopped and began again Orchestral players are familiar with the lesser technique of covering up his own mistakes by glowering at the cellos And stories filter through of Continental maestros who spit and throw batons at errant piayers one is even re- pQrte(j have left the rostrum and tt trumnpfpr in sinip rnm- By engaged a trumpeter in single com There are too few conductors like 3qU ancj serafln who will take the responsibility for failures as well as accepting the honour of successes New Britten Work Benjamin brittens new musical mystery play will receive its first performance in June at this Aide-burgh Festival It is based on the third of the series that makes up the Chester Mystery Play The role of Noah ill be sung by Owen Brannigan and that of his wife by Gladys Parr The remainder of the cast apart from the voice of God will consist entirely of children Suffolk schools are supplying a chorus of 100 animals and six gossips and a orchestra of strings recorders percussion bugles and handbells will supplement the English Opera Group Orchestra The work may later be given In London and on television The Clements -Memorial Prize for 1957 has been awarded by a jury consisting of Iain Hamilton Humphrey Searle and Matyas Seiber to a string quartet by Michael Rose a 23-year-old cx-s4udcnt of the Royal Academy of Music World of Music By MARTIN ships the fundamental unity beneath the comparatively small number of seemingly unrelated images ideas and beliefs which make up each mental life rpHIS after all Ls what we value JL in the great composers this revelation of the unity in diversity It is an ability to create from some insignificant cell the notes of a major triad in the 44 or a text-book fugue subject of four notes in the Jupiter a world of When All Wrong on derful lo cut for indoor decoration Th DC CAEN giant flowering variety with Iona stiff stems are particularly recommended 25 each of 4 named sorts scarlet rose blue and white for 10- or mixed 76d 100 THE ROCKERY A fine collection of Alpine plants which wtfl transform your rockerv into a blaze of colour Lovely Aubrattas Campanulas Sunroses Saxifrage Sedumv Alpine phlox 4c 12 named vgrtettes all different for 15- post 4c 1 ROCK AZALEAS Esqu site miniatures at this beautiful flowering plant 61- each CARRIAGE AND PACKING UNLESS otherwise quoted please add th tollowing to cover these charges Orders tween SO- and 80- add 36d 30- to 50- add 5 Order under 30- add 16 over 80- are carriage paid SUMMER REVUE The new edition bt Mr Cuthbert is aow ready and will he tent FREE on receipt of PC Beautifully illustrated in full colour every tardener will hnd it an interesting Ufe formative Garden Guide CUTHBERT 5 Goff's Oak Herts The Nurserymen since 1797 DOUBLE PEONIES Few niants are more decorative or permanent tn the garden or of greater value for cut-t inn Plant ta any fertile well worked soil preferably with a North or West aspect and da not cover the crowns with more than 1 Inch of soil We ofler probably the two best and most generally popular varieties available both sweetly scented DUCHESNE DE NEMOURS Whit with cream centre SARAH BERNHARDT Vivid ptnk 66 each 3 foi 16- 6 for 30- 12 for 55 Postage paid for cash with order Spring catalogue postage 4d WALLACE BARR THE OLD GARDENS TUNBRIDGE WELLS Kent ANEMONES SENT BY RETURN POST Superfine mixed De Caen 3- 100 5l)i 126 Larger corms 5- 100 500 226 Lowt (Depi 10) I-lit wick Beds LOOK! Circular Siecl Water Butts 40-4S gallons painted green 326: cart paid wo Tap 71- extra Ltd 3- SALMON 19 Horace Road Forest Gale 7 (MAR 5481) Garden comfort begins with th LASI-KNLEl ER STOOL designed to take the backache out of weeding and bending Price £2 3a 7d carr 4 packings 3s 6d or send 3d stamp for 88-paic illustrated catalogue ind garden guide including many other A dv to Easier Gardening to Dept Woodman Pinner ddx Anti frost new bird protection NETS any sizes tent by return A1m Comrktc Garden Protection Cages pea Training Nsis Sports Nets Catalogues Free SUTTON Nctmaker Hadlow Chambers Sidcup SPRING GARDENING Send for Compost Real Stable Manure Clean to handle 16- large bag covers 540 sq ft Carnage paid borne England 4 Wales JAMES CUTTING 4 SONS 5 Stamford Lines Know your plants: the pinner PLANT LABELS Lastly marked with ren or pencil Completely weatherproof Send 3d stamp for details and 88-page illuitrgted list ol many other Aids to Easier Gardening Dept Woodman Pinner Middx ffkfkO JRsE MANURE old and well-1 UU 0 rotted the flnet natural organic manure obtainable from ihe best riding 4 slud stables Large ak (36in i 22tni 14- 2 sacks 13- ea 3 sack and oter 12- all carr paid Dept Woods Farms 392 Up par Richmond Road Putney 15 1958 SEED CULTIVATION MANUAL AND CATALOGUE Send for your FREE copy and make certain of ibe tineat specially selectee strains of vegetable end flower seeds which have won over 250 awards Fruit and Rose Tree Catalogue also available Laxton Bros (Nurserymen) Ltd (Dept 8) Bedford Nursery Thrapston Rd Huntingdon GAKDLNLRS ISE UK the new sort rubber KNEE PADS Take all the discomfort out of kneeling on wet or hard surfaces Light weight easy to wear 9s each post Is 17g pi post Is 6d Send 3d stamp for details and 88-page illustrated catalogue and garden Guide including many other Aids to Easier Gardening Dept Vkoodman Pinner Midcil SHOPPERS MARKET PLACE (15- pr line) CELLULAR BLANKETS Pure Wool Mothproof shrlnk-reisting Peach Rose Whit Blue Green 40 60 226 63 80 451 70 90 56- 80 100 66- etch Port free in Hawick Honeycomb Blanket Co Hawick Scotland PARTY GAMES Quizzes Tricks Treasure Hunts hundreds of happy ideas for young and old FREE a 32-page illustrated Booklet telling you all about them Cill or end postage (3d lo most exciting toy hop SIDNEY ROSS 87 Oxford St 1 FARM KENNEL AVIARY (10- per line) HARD PAD AND DISTEMPER Effective protection is available for your dot Ask your veterinary gurgeon for details of Epivai" the only Hard Pad and Distcmrer Vaccine prepared in Britain PARTNERSHIPS BUSINESS PROPOSITIONS 176 per line) With whlta space er Indent It pr line titrm New-style Business Opportunity A business opportunity never before offernl in Britain a revolutionary method of display merchandising likely in its way to be as profitable at launderettes or coffee bars bur needing a total capital outlay of not more than £360 for equipment stock and outlets It is backed by a widely known Master organisation A ground-floor opportunity to a regular profitable income Write now to Debt Al Master Modern Merchandising 82106 Crlcklewood Lane W2 ADVERTISER With very substantial hinds requires an Investment preferably a private company where profit exceed £200000 pa Management would be required to remain Preferential consideration to an engineering or chemical business Apply Bog No 15971 to Foster Turner 4 Everetts Ltd 11 Old Jewry London 2 An enterprising energetic business MAN 30 making visit to United State end March for at least two month would undertake business commrments Write AE4304 Daily Telegraph 4 OWING TO RETIREMENT of Managing Director the CONTROLLING INTEREST It FOR SALE in a very old-evtcblished and sound ft of BUILDERS PLUMBERS and DECORATORS in EASTBOURNE Buttnetg will stand investigation and would suite a practical builder who understands the trade Capital involved Apply for further detail to Cottrell Esq Chartered Accountant 35 Id 1 edge Road Eastbourne PLASTICS Well-established Rainwear Manufacturers desirous of marketing all-welded plast raincoats seek working arrangement or co-opergtion with snorher organisation poottbly but not necessarily manufacturer or users of weldint machinery Suggestions which will ha treated its strict confidence welcomed to 7316 Daily Telegraph EC4 Reflexed Chrysanthemum Pink Pnde on a spare plot In the kitchen garden or elsewhere and transplant them carefully to their flowering quarters when their buds begin to show colour Rest for Specimens OWNERS of heated greenhouses or frames with electric soil-heating cables who maintain collections of these early chrysanthemums can start their stock plants into growth straight away to produce young shoots for cuttings which without question make the best i plants for specimen blooms If heat is not available it is best to delay taking the cuttings until at least the i middle of March I am starting my stock plants in the frame adjoining the warm green-! house When the shoots are about 3in long they will be severed just below a leaf node the bottom leaves trimmed off the cuttings inserted in shallow boxes of vermiculue and stood on the staging of the greenhouse If kept moist they should root freely but must then be potted quicklv as the vermiculite is sterile Alternatively they can be inserted in a mixture of equal parts sterilised loam peat and sharp sand This will lake slightly longer for rooting but there will be less need for haste in potting them on If you wish to start a collection there are two ways of doing it: by buying cuttings which you yourself or by ordering young plants for delivery in time to set them in the open ground in late April or early May The latter are of course less troublesome and consequently more expensive In any case you should order the plants straight away so that the nurseryman can earmark the cuttings needed Three Types border chrysanthemums are classified according to the shape of their blooms the incurved closely ii ring of si looser and the reflexed in which the florets fold outwards A good representative selection should include all types Large incurved varieties I favour specially are the silvery lilac John Woolman crimson-scarlet Ashover Atom white Ermine and Vera Lynn yellow Sweet Melody and Shirley Cream Of the incurving type for big specimen blooms I am ordering the magnificent Westfield Bronze white Evelyn Bush Golden Fleece silvery pink Maid Marion red-bronze Pauline Whetton bronze Bill Riley and its red counterpart or sport" With smaller blooms good varieties are the satiny pink Amy Shoesmith purple Alfreton Yeoman yellow Lucky Star orange-bronze Invicta and rose-lilac Zest The reflexed chrysanthemums form the biggest section and there is a wonderful range to choose from For this season I have chosen the large-flowered Actress bright pink Sultan red: Golden Age Kathleen Doward salmon-peach Peter Shoe-smith orange-bronze Pink Pride Supersonic rich crimson-scarlet: and White Wings For a few mediumsized blooms of thus type to complete the collection my list includes pink Sylvia Riley golden Joseph Johnson amber Covent Garden rose-pink Florence Horwood and chest-nut-scarlet Red Flare Stamp Collecting Strange Tales By Newport STAMPS have caused wars depicted the incredible and mirrored the humour and tragedy of our world Their stories are often the most interesting thing about them and now hundreds of these tales from almost every country in the stamp catalogue have been gathered together by Mr Sutton in 44 stamp Curiosities (Hutchinson 25s Mr Sutton has culled his anecdotes from many sources Most of them have been told before but it is useful to have them in one volume They are grouped in alphabetical order under countries and the work can be recommended as an aid in writing up collections The same cannot be said of 44 Ten Under (Cassell 10s 6d) This book by Cecil Rase as told to Edward Lanchbery claims to be a stamp reminiscences It is full of curiosities but also of errors of fact For entertainment only BEECH HEDCINC Strmg plant 1 1-271 1C htti io alike lineal 7S for IS- hijge in double quick 1 lime SOI- per 100 PRIVET EVERCREEN il'L'sfc lJ-Jli 73 lor Sell 2' 3ft 75 lor 73- RHODOOENDRONS 1 0 for 10- Bush) pidiut Named hybrid virteiKi Pmk Pearl Amcrika scarlet Purple Splendour LK (piers Jjrk rcJ 6 4 for 20 FLOWERING SHRI KN IS' ll-2ft hgh dfTcen Labelled 2 i OUK I IONS 25 LILAC'S 2Vl hgh Double -flowering varie- Vkhdtc red purple 7t ea 3 lor 20 FLORIBUNDA ROSES Colours Rv orange mi flame acarict copper apricot talmon MIVKH bik II 6ft well leathered 3 20 Orders dispatched within 24 hr i Cmrr Pask mg free under 20- please add extra 3 BIRDHAM Chichester Sussex DUTCH GROWN A GLADIOLI 46 Gm Eahib'a rjwMi thia Summer Packed in 5" Choice of Blue Sal Pink Red Yell Orange While Lavender 3 BUSH ROSES Tn SS 5- 6 nat Ruics 2 6 6 Rhododendrons 2 6 4 REGALE LILIES 2 3 Hydiangcak 26 2 Jap Aaicas 2 6 1 MT EVEREST Strawberry 5 3 dn dC 't (not ulnabi up to 18" uropt yr 2 6 21b lickb siullo 3 3 Clemjt8 2- DBL BEGONIAS 'LdVr 2 6 I low Siiiubs 3 25 ily of al 2- 25 EVERGREEN PRIVET 4 6 75 Beech ui iiek iio Hedging 2 3 Gm Cornier or But Buthci 7 6 Cl rutrr SOI- mJJ 1 pit pkt PAI4TINF Bl LB St PPUCk iDpi UT 170 Moor Lane Prevlon Lane GIAWTV Oid-fsahionetl hardy increasing yearly "Powerful perfume Trouble free Mixed colours Moatly double Strong atom Good cut dowers Grand edging planta Old cottage-garden gems Plant now anywhere gun or ahade north or south Great Bargain Parcel 13 planta for 7C paid or 3 lota for £1 SOUTH VIEW NURSERY DEPY it Chequers Lane Ever lev Croat Hants ROSES IN 400 I VARIETIES SHRUBS -FRUff TREES Send 6d in stamps for catalogue with COLOUR ILLUSTRATIONS Dept 0T BLABY Leicester AXALEA mollis Buihy well-grown plant that will p- Buthv wctl-s rown plant I glorious bl rc uf colour Spring will provide in your garden in the 3 Bl SlltS IN MIU) I OLOl RS 14 6 6 for 27 6 CUPRESSUS LAWSONI AN A Rapid-f roams evergreen hedge thruh of attractive appearance Strong transplanted plants 9' to hgh 12 dor: 93- 100 all cAnniAcc rAin TIMMU RY Rome Hems able repetition To gain new insight a less honest conductor would have to see life literally from a new angle tried to puil through and save his you have only to lie flat on your face somehow regardless of whether back in hospital for a few weeks as the music suffered I am doing At the premiere of a British work Objectively considered one's exist- many years ago confusion arose Sullivan performances goes back to ence is at once reduced to the repeti- about the opening beat with the re- the early days of the century writes tion of a very few basic gestures and suit that for the first three minutes uo deplore the increase of business or so until a convenient rallying which he says long since made him point was reached the wind and give up attending professional probrass were half a bar ahead of the ductions He claims that the tradi-experiences the brain that digests strings all sticking firmly to their tion of own productions and interprets and in fact with the guns which is always invoked is in fact false Anthem in TtlO Keys Jessie Bond the first Phebe in The Yeomen of the Guard was Another orchestra is supposed reported to have said in her old age once to have started the National Qf current performances of her Anthem in two keys half of them in were I thy bride 44 1 think of the repertory of experience as the -G half in flat The conductor js wicked that there should be so gradual discovery of new relation- frantically signalled to them to try much foolery and vulgarity in one of Sullivan's loveliest songs Sir NATURE NOTES By JTntJ SlntC Ritliisin William Gilbert would never have MAURICE BURTON 1 uuiuus'g endured it for a Business in 4 VETERAN opera-goer whose the Night ONE of the trickiest problems is to know what to do when a performance begins to co apse In ca ca works his motto probably ought to be 44 the show must go and hus skill should be directed to seeing that it does But with a prob- matical new work confusion is worsf to the composer than no performance at all r- lU Certainly Sir Adrian right to stop the premiere of Micnaei Tippetts new symphony on vednes- day when a faise entry from he violins began to make nonsense of the music It was a characteristic gesture for him to take he blame entirely upon lumself a a distin- Ae I remained unused and unsullied There was no need to replenish it even where as in most of our aviaries the bath water is also the source of drinking water When the fog was followed by a bright crisp morning all the birds were bathing vigorously rapidly emptying the containers of water Once refilled these were quickly emptied again In fact 20 gallons of water had to be carried to the aviaries by the time the washing frenzy was over greenhouse heater HIRDS are fastidious about keeping their feathers in condition They show this by constant preening and by their addiction to bathing But while cleanliness may be the result it seems that there is more to it than this Preening and more especially bathing may be indulged from mere pleasure Some birds will bathe in the rain and when they do so they seem to be seized with an ecstasy Another peculiarity is that contrary to what we might expect they bathe more in cold weather than in hot I have noticed thus in wild birds and it is certainly true of the two dozen aviary birds we have in the garden Another unexpected observation came last week during a period of fog Every morning six gallons of water are needed to replenish the bath water in our dozen aviaries Even if the water is not splashed out it becomes soiled in one way or another During three days of fog the water it STs ter tray provides humidity if required ir Wonder ullv economical No smoke no smell no trouble if See Aladdin at your ironmonger With 1-inch burner £6126-With 2-inch burner £6166 i Pipes and bipods extra the in the burner Jtr Aladdin Pink the Aiodriin Industrxtt Ltd Grtent-rd Mrddletts Other Gartieninu Announccnirntn ve Pay 8.

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