The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on December 5, 1894 · Page 3
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 5, 1894
Page 3
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f ilfc At,(BU!?A IdWA, WMtf?ESBAf , DEC. 5, BAtttY AM) FOtMttt, SUM CHAPTERS FOR fcEADfeftS. fttfW 8a«5«ti*til Fartneri Opetfttft This Ifejft»tfn6ht of the Motnestfefla—Mints S»-t« th6 Cftr6 Of Itve Stock and ^ r Some Important Diilrjr ntattersl :*• As the bee gets his honey •' «?om the flowers* here some and there some, and as he does hot himself manufacture that Which is coiittted as his product, s6 we men must sometimes appropriate the Wisddtti of others and make it our own, even in dairy writing attd practice. When 1 was a boy 1 remember that 1 Was taught to hit & rusty nail on the head-before trying to draw it. The jaJ? Idosetted the fust and made the nail easy to draw. In that connection WaS att old story that 1 used to hear, as follows: A man Very learned, and a scientist, was in the habit of employing a good deal of help. Being a man in quest of wisdom he was ai.wa.ys on ' the lookout for little lessons to be learned from his hired men. One day he employed to do some work a neighbor who was counted anything but bright. He concluded that that man at least could teach him nothing. However he set the man to drawing some nails and noticed that before trying to draw them he would always first pound them in. Asking the reason, he was told the theory, as above, which goes to show that men gather wisdom as bees do honey. The necessity of a closer fellowship among dairymen was emphasized by W. D. Hoard at a re- Cent dairy convention when he said: "We come here to enlartre the intellectual part of our business, to rub up. our minds, to get new ideas. I have , noticed myself that almost all good Christians need to rub up against one another occasionally in order to refresh their Christianity. If they don't they soon get cold, you know, and the devil gets in and puts in his best licks right to sell & counterfeit, no matter how £<M>d it may be. The question of counterfeiting is not affected by the serviceability of the counter! eit. Some people buy oleo knowing it to be such. Some men sell oleo, carefully stamping it as such, and more than that, have signs ft dozen feet long proclaiming their product to be butterine. On the other hand a great deal of the oleo is sold tinder the head of creamery butter, and it is this latter method that is hurting the dairy interests and of which dairymen complain. An instance came under my own observation a few years ago. Before the national law Was passed compelling sellers of butterine to stamp it as such, cheating of this kind Was particularly rife. A smart fellow got wind of the fact that the Grand Pacific hotel, Chicago, was funning short of first class butter. He determined to play the philanthropist and supply the deficiency. Purchasing a wagon load of the best butterine, he assured himself that all marks were removed that would distinguish it from the genuine dairy product, and took it to the hotel, He sold it all at the top price for creamery butter, and cleared about $50 by the operation. It is not probable that that was the first or the last butter exploit of this particular sharp fellow, or that he was or is the only one in the business. When this incident is repeated over and over by a multitude of men, it must be evident to all that a great wrong is being done the dairy interests of the country. It is right that the dairymen should be given a law that will protect them against these treacherous counterfeiters. There arc laws now, it is true, but too imperfect or too poorly enforced to do much to stem the tide. Jay in Farmer' Review. Autumn Poultry Notes. The man or woman who puts bitsiness methods nto poultry keeping never fails of success, and success too that,, is far more sure and satisfactory than is vouchsafed to the majority of the departments of energy and enterprise that agriculture has to offer. Now what are a few of the ways in which good business is made manifest in the condiict of poul- fhree times a week givfe & half pitH 6J the oil meal to twenty-five hens. st ivrtiitty- shot*-*. Of course 1 do hot knot* What the existing conditions art in other states relative to poul* try at the state fairs, but have been disappointed at not being able to make an exhibit in our own state fair recently, because of the lack of suitable provisions made for the fowls While at the exhibition. If such conditions do ejtlst in other states as well as this, then is it not about time that our farm papers took this matter «p and aired it in its true light? And is not this, at the close of the annual fairs, a good time to ascertain just how poultry is handled at the different state fairs? Usually there are thousands of villagers and "city folks," who are more interested in the poultry exhibit than in cattle, hogs, sheep, etc. Some farmer asks, why? Because in every one's make up there is a love for domestic stock, and not having ground enough to keep a cow or horse they (the masses) keep a few chickens, to which the whole family become thoroughly attached, hence they look up the poultry exhibit about the first thing. And usually find things about like this: A lot of fowls cooped up without proper care, no food or water, and fairly gasping for a little fresh air, continually moving about in pens that have not been cleaned out for from four to eight days, and could they talk would ask what they had done to be used like this. Some of these birds might be fair specimens, but for the conditions in which they are placed, but the majority are a lot of culls that would be disqualified by the standard of perfection. Now the masses conclude that as this is a state fair exhibit "open to the world," that the birds shown must be the best of their respective kinds, and all are more or less disappointed if not disgusted. The truth is that the best fanciers dare not subject their best specimens to such rude treatment, fearing the consequences, so they keep their birds just where they should—at !:->•"' " r FfcVMr) | V THE ILLUSTRATION IS A TYPICAT. 'GUERNSEY' COW.—FAEMERS' BEVJEW. ,^,, «»• •<"*' 'gk „ » ' fc 1 '*. ' along on those Christians that don't as- ,sociate r with each other. Now, I am "' not so much of a religionist as not to believe that these things apply to good _dairy woi'k just the same. We need . ,to rub up against one another." This is good doctrine and true, The whole ,- ''dairy world would be benefited cquld /f'the- influence of our dairy assemblies \| be extended to include all. Wherever "-- this occurs there is an elimination of ^competitive enmity, and a general '^working together for the good of all. THE r; i Churning has had so much said upon , : jt in the past that one would believe - that nothing new could be developed •on that subject. But that has, con) eerned mostly the churning of cream and milk. Nowdaivy instructors and en» thusiasts are realising that a new kind tb,e first "agitate, Already science that the dairy industry Jft ifewfan,ey It vyas but a few about try culture? One is by using printer's ink to make known what one has to offer. If you have superior cockerels or pullets to dispose of, just put a card or small "ad" in your agricultural journal. Then people 'will know w&at you have to dispose 'of. As long as there are plenty off advertisers you <can not aspect purchasers will hunt .your place up. Every tman must call Attention to his own wares. Another rman- B»er to show business prudence iis by watching the markets closely foxrgrain, which must be purchased. Then buying by quantities when prices awe low •est and payingcash down for what is purchased, Cash always commands the very cheapest prices and vit were better if more persons could become aware of the saving which a cash basis effects, Another opportunity'to show business enterprise lies' in first producing the first class of goods «ajd then usin'g a trade 'gn&rk by which *iey may be identified by the market, par example; Tow wish to get up «, repijta- tion for strictly fresh eggs$R.yipT»' market, J?irf|t be'sure yoxu^girssare fresh and no pjjstj&lke, fav it must fete remembered that in the winds of the. crastomers the finding flf? even & single poor egg, •yvill cpunterbfthMjee in fp^e tfoe ej?e$; pf buying 1 iwny dozens ef gw<l eggs, Then gr$nte4 the' " ' stamp uppn each an "attr»e1&re marjc showing the ws-me pf the •otbey to freehiiesg/ Jn is — "- home! Why dosi't the i AsmEgers tafee a tumble and charge an en^asBEce fee of?say 10 or 12)4 cents per hee,cL, fprovide gratin, water, and a ,-good relisfljLe attendant so that the ooops could Ibe cleaned out once each4«y, fresh stoew put in,; also fresh water.and food., »n<l under ^such treatment ithe poutouny exhibit would be 100 perfeent more, atiractiye, -end if the fanciers were assured that their specimens would toe "well cai^dl ior, I am convinced that the best in. ijie state would (be represented, S o tflaat the people who had paSdoia their nuqijiey to see th»($air would Tbe-g-etting 1 v*lue received, 'while under "(the ' present con- diti<jmnB-imd jnanag>einents thousan,ds go away »dJsgnsted, and with a, -feeling that (they haye oaat had the worth of their .anoney by amyimeans. last's have som« ffeform ip. tlate matter, aqad what ftssocaation will toetthe first to «take it up? €Iope we msay hear Hwaash more fawwble reports oaext season, ' iff, F, , HQUSK _ .._-._„ ., ,.,,,, v last winter, «ays K, S. Matfceson in Beard's Dairyman, whereey«rything that money cqui4 buy was f«*an4 in the fefwnp; the sto4k was for tey all the so ejaied tiighist of all in leavening Power. tL S, Ctoir't Report i 3 jWS 1 n tot war, IS ttdjudit Attafc tlttltn*. ftttJ mm Powder ABSOLUTELY Wanted His Sufferer—I suppose t»e must sue the rail- ro*d company for about 13,000 damages. Lawyer—Thfee thousand dollars damages! Nonsense! Thirteen thousand ab the very lowest, man." Sufferer (surprised)—Why, 1 think I should be quite content if t get $8,000 dfl tn ages. Lawyer—Yes, probably you would; but 1 want at least $10,000 for myself. Nothing But Staples. "Is there airy letter here for we-uti«?" "No letters." "Airy postal card t" "No.'' "Any papers?" "No papers." "Is you got any almanacs?" "No." "Well, I reckon we'll take a hunk «r side meat an' a bottle o' quinine." Christmas 1 J resents i«'ree. With the first cold snap comes thoughts of the holiday season, and how to get the money to buy presents for friends and relatives. Christmas presents may be obtained entirely free of cost by drinking Lion coffee and then mail the large lion heads cut from Lion coffee wrappers to the Woolson Spice company, Toledo, Ohio Their list of presents comprise a fine assortment of pictures, books, a knife game, etc., especially a fine picture "Meditation," mailed in exchange for eighteen large lion heads. Besides getting these presents you also get the finest coffee in the world b- using Lion coffee, sold only in one ound packages. If your dealer has, „ an .Illustrated .Premium List, send your address on a postal card to th> 'firm above named. Never look a gift apple m the wormhole. Qive thanks for the gift and band the apple ,to a small boy. How's Thts t We offer One Hundred Dollars Re-ward for aiiv case of Catarrh that con not be cured bv Hall's Catarrh Cure 1 F. J. CHENEY & COT, Props.. Toledo, Ohio. We, the ' ' ' ' ' " * Lini perfectly lioli __ .... transactions and financially liblS _. out any obligations rondo by ibelr firm. WKS.T & TBUAX, AVholesale Druggists. Toledo, Oh.Jo. \VA.GDJX<}, KiXXAK & MAimx, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, Ohio. Hall s Cutarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Price T5c per bottle. Sold by all 'Druggists. Testimonials free. Hall's Family Pills, 25c. For people who invented gunpowder the Chinese are wonderfully clumsy in handling it, The "Banner.Route" fop the South. The Wabash is apam to the front -with the home-seekars''excursions to all points in Texas, Indian Territory, Oklahoma, and New Mexico 'on'ttoe Otto aud,20th ot November <and the 4tb a'nd 18th of December. Tic/kets on sale •on the above dates good returning wfthi'a 'twenty days. Everybody 'should avail themselves of ttois excellent opportunity 'and visit ttre <H {Lone Star'"-s'tate and surroundings. Fdr further information call at our city 'office, aft'229 Fourth street, Des Moines, or •address Horace Seely, Commercial Ae<ent. S. W. •Flint, Oity Ticket Agent. Boil'do'vm 'the religion of some people and you v will'find nothing In it but <&. fev? notions. '"Think Not'Today will-Never Dawii. Again." 'On'tb«'6tb and 20th of Novemhenaud 4th and iSth'of December the "Banner Route" 'wiil'feelln3xcursion tickets to all points in Texas, STew Mexico, Indian Territory and Okl^bocna. at one fare for the mound trip less two dollars. Tickets good'returning withitfitwenty days from date «£-sale. For farther information regaa-ding lands, climate, etc., call <it the Wabasn city offlc0«t S20 Fourth sftreet, DesMoines, La,, or address Horace Seely, 'Commercial Apeaa*, ''Banner HoWte." Itianot what yonaiput into (your pocket, j but wfchat you tak« «»ut that will make you ricto. A Child Enjtsys Ttoe pleasant fl«wtor, gaottfie action aod 800tfhing effects of Syrup ©f'Kigs, when in neefeof a laxative, and if the father or mother be costive «ur biliomc, the mostgrat results will (fiollow its use; so thai best Cawjily retuwfly known, family sbcwild b«w*e a bottle ma Iwnd, Wfa busier a maa is th« Iharder it is tfceiftevil to get imto couveK'saUon with bim ffljie Chicago Gwat Western R'y wUl J*e««embergOtii, D«cemtw4th and U&l cjaeap harvest esoursJiw tickets to potets i» Tews, India* and " , T<ai?ritor}es; also igertaw points in New Mexteo, For Ml iH^ueajatioa address eitww of the wnd^i'eigned, A- W, Noyes, A Brooks, O, -- " ~ POWth ' AND Someone phterged the keyhole of the town bastile of Cleaffleld, Pa., and the other night when a policeman attempted to pain an entrance with a prisoner on his arm he could not open the door and had to let the man go. A New York landlady finding two of her tenants undesirable asked them to leave. This they refused to do, and, aa she found dispossess proceedings too expensive in the past, she got three pans of sulphur which she set oil fire in the room ben?ath. In less than ah hour the two boarders left. James Anthony Froude was in Bos* ton during the city's great fire in 1872, delivering a course of lectures in Tremont temple. He had just finished his course the evening on which the fire broke out, and the manager of the course held in his hand a check for $1,000 — the net proceeds of two or three of the lectures. He proffered the check to Mr. Fronde, but the warm-hearted Englishman immediately prdered it paid to the oroper authority for the benefit of the sufferers by the fire. "When I used to go home sixty years ago from Maryland to Ohio," said an octogenarian to the New York Sun, "the journey consumed a Cvcek. Sometimes I ivent by way .of Cumberland. The rival stage coaches raced all the way from that town to Wheeling. We nearly starved during those long rides, for, although there was a stop every ten miles to exchange horses, the time allowed for whal was miscalled refreshments was cut down so that one had to chooso between hunger and certain indigestion." ._' ________ ...... ___ . _ FACTS AND FIGURES: the largest Siberian dug up weighed 809 The tusks of mammoth ever pounds, ' One of the famous "big trees" of California is conjectured to be 4,000 years old. The largest salmon trout ever caught in Adirondack waters weighed 25K pounds. The average age at which women marry in civilized countries is said fo be 23>£ years. The deepest goldmines in Australia are the Magdala at Slowell, 2,400 feet, and Lansell's at Landhurst, 2,640. The heart ordinarily beats about seventy times a minute, and, throws about two ounces of blood at each contraction. By the draining of the Zuyder Zee at an expense of $108,000,000, 73,783 acres of laud worth perhaps $130,000,000, well be reclaimed. According- to the statistical abstract of the United States the total cost of liqwors >o«nsuraed in this country an- nually'is over $10 per capita. His 1'osHIon. When first we were at Abington, writes'W. 11. Le Fanu in his reminiscences of Irish life, a peasant girl came two'or three .times to 'tlito''rectory with a ( hare and other game for sale. My father wishing to asoei'tain whether •she came by them honestly, asked her where she got them. "Sure, your iraverance," she said, «my father ia poacher to Lord Clare. 0, R. & T. A f , or a A,,«P, G, W, R'y, two w^tep so ta valye gentle w» -water in 9! .. ,^ the two, d^m^es^ 'W^fKSir"'W^"-"^"':V""^f'w^ " ', , ' •'3."'-. jgOTE <i ';^' J!ih "' ' v ^- t-m»iHiRv»- ' -> , •:• if ft Oaa i Bauv la uur^ino \i'AAtrh: •> •:• '^vfaWi9mlMw>\ N Society women often feel ' the effect of too much gayety— balls, theatres, and teas in rapid succession find theni_\voru out, or '' ruu-'down" byt the end of the sea-, son. They suffer from nervousness, sleeplessness and irregularities, The , . - smile and good spirits take flight It is time to accept the help offered in Doctqr Pjerce's Fa. vorjte Prescription, it's a medicine which was discovered and used by a prominent physician for many years in all cases of f 'female complaint" an4 the nerypus dia, orders winch arise frpm it, The "Prer scrjptiow!' is a .powerful,uterine to»iiQa n d neryme, especially adapted to woman's delicate wants for it regulates an4 promotes all the natural functions, buj}4§ up. jnvfe prates Md <;?<?•«, W[any women suffer from nervoijs pros, tratwn, or-exUanstiqn, owing to cpngestioa or tQ. disorder of the special funptions, Tfee S? S *S PF Qd 4 ctp should be qu' got yid 9f, the Jopal sourpe of jrritation jelieyed ^na.tlie., system invigorated with " " ~ ^rjptipn," Do nqt takp the cgjery compound,^ »Hd " " aerves ' EVERY HOME-SEEKER Should rt&d th« paftphiet 'rteisritty frabtfili*a i# ifr« P»»scvi(r..r Bepdrtment of th» llllnoii C*ntrtl toft road, entitled "Souther Ikie-Seekm Gfiide for 1894* It contain* ov«r 60 Mcftllent letters from HofrthSfll farmers now lonited In the Sbiith, fctid other Authentic and valuable information. For A Freo Copy, addr*4l the undersigned at Manchester, Iowa. , MKttitlr, l^^jjjd^F ^^^^^^^ ^^^g^^J Ft, Band, Iron Hoop OAK BASKET. A fiasket You Girt IVatei- VoMr norses IVith. Co»t4 no More Tb&n Any Other Kinds, hut Will StANft) "COLOHESTER" SPADING BOOT.' BEST 171 MARKET. BEST IN VIT. BEST IN WEAK1HG QUALITY. The outer or tap sole ex. tends the whole length down to the heel, pro- tecllnprthe bof.t in dip- lilng and in other hard work. ASK YOUR DEALER KOH THEM and don't be put off with inferior COLCHESTER UUUBKR CO. WALTER BAKER & GO, Tho Largest JWanufacturera of PURE, HIGH GRADE COCOAS-AND ..CHOCOLATES On Uila Continent, have received HIGHEST AWARDS from the great EXPOSITIONS lii Europe and America. TTnHkc the Dutch J*rocc'Fi», no Allca» -i—-, — ,„-. -..—B 11 ''" or other Chemicals or Dyes ar» *"'• -•«*<£/•* unecl In nny of their preparations. Their delicious BREAKFAST COCOA fa absolutely pure ani soluble, und coat* lea than one cent a cup. SOLD BY GROCERS EVERYWHERE. WALTER BAKER & CO. DORCHESTER, MASS. 18 THE BEST. | ,V?3 NO SQUEAKING. ' , f.£ . J; CORDOVAN. FRENCH* ENAMELLED CALR .* . ™JfeW, *£ffl& BOYS'SCHODLSHQE*. LAI "SENl576S CATALOGUE * WL.*DOUGLAS, •^WSSPWWW®! BROCKTON, .MASS., • "^ You can nave money by wearing the " | ", '*% w. Ii. Donfirlaa 83.OO Shoe. 'i --;.$ Becunie^ wa ara the largest manufacturers ot ' .V'' j the ('M _ ..— on tha 1 rfca'^rri^',"""" *••>"*»;<> you BBWDBI hJeh prices and * the middleman's profits.' Our shoes equal custom work In style, easy fitting and wearing quaUtte™' wehavothem so!4 everywhere r" »""?••• T e ' na e' aenoB K your dealer cannot supply you, we can. McELREES' WINE OF CARDUlI ^^»Mp«m^r^^™ l> * aS^^MBfi^lwc' <.?I8^«'^isim ?';

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