The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on November 28, 1894 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 28, 1894
Page 5
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Kov* 28, 1894, LOCAL MATTERS, ,. ( tjteif>e8 at the Opera House Grocety. JPai-6 maple sytup at Patterson & : 8eo. Ws tlatttet has taken the job as , ftight ttatch. judge Quaftott is holding his court • at UtotHetsbtltjg this Week, Sidhey Smith'ls credited with shoot^ ing a jack fabbit a few days. Gfapfes, pitie apbleSj lettuce, celery, etc.* at the Upefa Hotise Grocery. One htihdi-ed ladies trifaffied and un- tt itnttted hat at cost at Tayloi-'s. Buy your dinner at the Opera House Grocery and you will be thankful, Hugh Hedrick is acting as cashier in the New England Clothing Mouse. E. C. Tuttle is clerking in the auditor's office, Me is a very cripable clerk. Miss Dodd has received a lot of de* sirable new books for the holiday trade. Presiding Elder Black conducted 1 quarterly meeting at the M. E. church Sunday. There will be Thanksgiving services at the Episcopal church to-morrow at 10 o'clock. '• A fine line of Thanksgiving fruits .and vegetables at the Opera House Grocery. The next term of court in this coun* ty begins December 10th. Judge Thomas will preside. . • There was a cold wave from £he arc- tics yesterday, but it-was not so cold as some other waves. » The school children Will have a vacation of three days thi,s week-Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The "Nineteenth Century Club will meet next Tuesday evening, Dec. 4, with Miss Corriielngh am. fMisa Baridall's music class gave a piano recital at the residence of Mrs. Bowyer Saturday afternoon. ' Kate Field- is to be the attraction at the Opera House for December 21st. Paste that date in your hat. : ' We have had some good genuine November weather, the past week, and that is something to,be.thankfuVfor. . H. C. Dodge had four handsome and plump jack rabbits hanging in front of • his meat market yesterday morning. ' There has been a change in school hours. The afternoon session closes at four o'clock, in'stead of 4:16, as former] y- - '."" . "• ... .-...-.... . • Before starting 6n his trip ^Archie Hutchison promised the REPUBLICAN an occasional letter from the sunny south, 'ii ' .••••; Boy Foss, the little son of O. L.^Foss, has been quite' ill of typhoid pneumonia for, a few weeks; but he is now decidedly better. - .' , • John Gilsk^ will' sell a lot-of stoC.k, farm machinery, andi grain at the S. A. Thompson place today. Wm. Elaine , is $o moye on the place. ..v.^ ,- \ . . if Mrs. Grep, Simpkins h^s been'vevy .ilj Ifor 'the Vast fe^V;-dayswitli ( a' 1 fieart trd u- <ble. Mr. Sin3pkinS;-W i a^called home on account of her sickness. The usual Thanksgiving -service is to be held at the Congregational church tomorrow, at 11 .dfclbck; Bey. Av O, Stevens, of the 'Baptist; church, is to preach the' sermon, i' 1 .... y, ; '.'.,V..'- j : There is one -thing that bur lady friends are all interested' in, and that is beautiful millinery, such asTaylorte. They Will read Taylor^s ad with /more than usual interest this AVeek. / "• ; ' It is understood that- Judge :Quar ton has tendered the appointment - of /reporter in his court to Matt Grier, of Emmetsburg, and that he has accepted. Mr. Grier is an excellent reporter. • Marriage licenses' have 'been issued to Wm. Tjaden and Katie F. DeBoes, P. O. Brentjord and He,ttie G. Toeth, Albert Gillett and May L. ,Sarchett, and John Boyer and Anna Kinnew, Advertised letters: Hawkey e C. ClubfMaude-Lau-d, W. J. Marshall, 1 Johp A. Millis, • Soren Neilson, Miss, Sjgri Olson '(2); Miss Ada Rienhart, F. C, TuUbs, John Squires, Emma Schal. ' There is continued activity in ex- Jeqding the water mains. The, city has a lot of two inch pipe and has wisely decided- to put 'them, •• 'they will bring the most leveou^ in \yaj;er rents, 1 „ J, B, Winkel had the remnant of his house east,o| bis business headquarters moved north' of it and faced to the west, * He b^s added to it and raised the roof and has qujte^a good house to last I' i* A It if M ft tt H It 1t f Iti1 an question at the Baptist church HtAJVUlt gH|IUVHUVU* fiight. The attendance was large and There will be a meeting of the ladies .of the A, P, A- at , tiUe fading room, ;Frjdav,Nov, 30, at 8 o'clock,- All 1ft" disinterested in the, BUWSS of 1 the room should be present nfc'this Begister says that ._„,„._ . ,. v wrar, of ' Webster OityfWftgMig^lt, of J.-Cr, Gvahaw n^h 11110*1 QTT rtW^o*.!*»vi /-i rin«ii "Diirctiflsiiiff J,in§» the hearing was an appreciative one. Miss Cramer introduced the the speaker. Mi-. Cowan was finishing lip the work on the Ed. Gilmore building yesterday, though the time specified in the cott- ttact lot its completion was December first. Mr. Gilmoi-fc put? in the shelving and counters* arid he hopes to occupy the new quarters in a couple of Weeks. A sacred concert at the Congregational church Sunday night was listen^ ed to by an audiefice which filled every seat in the auditorium. There Was a double tsale quartet, a double female quattet, a number of solos and several instrumental pieces. Music hath charms to draw a congregation. Jlio. G. Smith, who was appointed by Gov. jacksoti as a delegate to the anti- option convention held at Vicksburg last week, did not attend. The compliment implied in the appointment was well bestowed but it was hardly to be expected that Mr. Smith would make the trip. liev. O. A t Stevens, Pastor of the Baptist church, says the lecture to be given by Dr. Strickland, of Sioux City, on "General Grant from a Southern Standpoint," will be even a more popular lecture than that given by Dr. Hoyt. That is about as high praise as could be given to any orator. The Humboldt Republican says that Rev. Mary A. Safford is now in Call fornia and intends to spend some time in the southern part of that state. Those who know how extensive is the work accomplished by Miss Safford during the past two .rears will rejoice that this opportunity for rest has bc.en offered her. The Bancroft Register tells this hog story: " Wm. Campbell took in two of the heaviest loads of hogs Saturday ever brought to Bancroft. They were some ue had contracted at the Ellsworth & Jones farm; one load tipped beam at 4, 640 and the other at 5,480 Ibs. Rather hoggish loads all 'round." Sheriff Shepherd, of Pipestone county, Minnesota, was here yesterday to take charge of R. Ristau, who was wanted for stealing a team of horses last month. Ristau was captured by our local officers Sunday at his father's place, near Lu Verne, and lodged in the county jail. The horses were secured- as well. The city fathers at their monthly meeting, Saturday night, discussed the policy of putting wp a two story building on the lots near the water works for city hall and storage uses. It is the scheme to sell the city 'lot and building on Gall street near the Dodge street crossing and put the money in the new structure, in case it is decided to go ahead with it. , A. W. Williamson has moved up to Burt, and the Monitor ells what he .is doing: "Wes. Williamson now occup- ,ies the Lem Stockwell farm, having moved up from Algona last week. Mr; Williamson is.riot unacquainted upthis way, having lived on the old Barslou .farm several years ago. He is a hard worker and a good neighbor, and Mr. Stockwell, who will now take life easy in Algona, is fortunate, in securing 'so good a renter. The Humboldt papers report that O. N. Bossinghani of this place, a recent graduate : of the Veterinary department f)f the Agricultural College, is going to locate there. : The Republican says: "Dr.'Bossir.gham, who graduated this year 1 at Ames .in the class of Veterinary Surgery has decided to locate in Humboldt. He was here looking over the ground last week arid will probably return for business simetime during the present month." The State Episcopal.Convention is to be held at Des Moines next week,' beginning on Tuesday, the 4th. The Algona parish will be represented by Rev. A. V. Gorrell, the Rector, and by Geo. E. Clarke, Esq., as lay delegate, and Mr. C. B. Matson hopes to attend 'the sessions. Rev. Gorrell has arranged to take the place of the Arch Deacon at Waterloo on Sunday next, and Alex Peddie, of Emmetsburg, is expected to conduct the services in Algona. The marriage of Mr. Ralph Miller and Miss Marguerite Wjnkel was solemnized Thursday evening in the presence of relatives and close friends of the two families represented; the ceremony being performed 1 by Rev. W. E, Davidson. A pleasant incident of the eyeqing'was the sending up of ninety silver dollars by members of the Algona Matrimonial Association, of which Mr. Miller was, a member. Mr, an,d Mrs, MiJJer.have already settled down to housekeeping in their homeatStrat-' ford, This is the.season pf .the year when it is in order to call • in a«d paj your subscription to -the county paper, ItJs the best form, tp pay all that is back and »; yeaj- jo advance, When a man has dose tbat and ip addition has chip', pedin kbelitUeibtt' weeded to get the Spate' Regime?, the Inter Qceap, or great weekly* be feelsasol* . . considering tbe pleasure , an4 substan tiai benefit 'tQ ^ fleriyed, Ije.hus mad tb,e bept iay^Unjenli 1 ^ pi'^ent gpm to City, fot Lieut. Colonel, and Captain Kitk, of Mason City, for Major. These nominations will be Voted on by the members of the tegiment, but it is not anticipated that any opposition will be made to this slate. W. E. G. Sanders* of Emmetsburg, goes on Col. Rule's staff as Chief of Commissary, with the rank of Captain. Col. Cooke and Capt. Haggard were in attendance at the Ft. Dodge meeting. • It is said that Capt. King's stories were Very entertaining and were Well f eceived* The Fort Dodge Messenger pays one of bur lawyers this fine compliment: "The present term of the United States Circuit Cotirt has been notable for the active participation in the trial cases of two of the most famous lawyers of Iowa, Mr, Geb. E. Clarke of Algoha* and Mr. John N. Baldwin of Council Bluffs. Mr. Clarke is one of a family of six lawyer, all of Whom are successful as counselors and advocates, They are Maine men by birth. Few men are the equals of Geo. E, Clarke in laborious preparation of cases or in the effective discussion of complex questions before courts or juries." W. L. Joslyu and Geo. Johnson started Wednesday noon on a trip to Des Moines on skates. They got as fat- as Livermore Wednesday night and reached Humboldt by noon next day. They were unable to proceed farther on the trip on account of the breaking up of the ice. They found the Des Moines a winding stream, and estimated the distance to Humboldt by the river route to be eighty to one hundred miles. At one place 'they were told that by walking a quarter of a mile they would have saved eight miles of travel on east and west lines. The boys estimate that they climbed over 600 wire fences. They also place high figures on the walking done and the value the experience will be to them. The entire corps of teachers of the Forest City schools visited the Northern Iowa Normal and the city schools on Friday last, spending the entire day in examining our educational facilities and methods. The teachers gave their particular attention to the departments in which they were themselves employed.. Following are the names of the educators'present: J. D. Slipup, principal of the Forest City schools; Miss Nellie Johnson, assistant; Miss Nellie Flitneri grammar; Mrs. F. H. Fiske, 3rd intermediate; Miss M. Rice, 2d intermediate; Miss Emma Halverson, 1st intermediate; Miss Lydia Fredericks, 2nd primary; and Miss Helen Halverson, 1st primary. The Social Union program Friday night was brief but good. Tbe paper on'-Romantic Love," read by J. T. Chrichilles was in that clever writer's best style and was listened to with great interest. It probably could not. be seriously maintained that the tender sentiment is a modern. discovery, nor that Hebrew history is ransacked in vain for evidence of its presence, but it is encouraging to be assured that our higher civilization is, not inconsistent with its predominance in /social life. Mrs. W. C. Danson read a pract ; ical paper, or at least .a paper on '$' practical subject: -'Co-operativeHouse,- keeping." It,was suggestive of a bright ter future for hard-worked housekpep\' ers. .A>soloby Mr. Geo. Hamilton a;nd an instrumental piece by Miss Cornie' Ingham were much enjoyed, and Miss' Eulu Clark recited "The Little Quaker Maiden" in a'style that brought down' the' house. The leqture room.was com : pletely filled. Fresh'oysters at LadendorfE's. ' . PERSONAL Rev. Wm. 11. ftelly, j>astor of the Presbyterian church at Burt, was a visitor in Algona yesterday. Gardner Covdes and wife are planning to start on ft tfip to the east next Monday. They Will visit Washington, D. C., and other eastern cities. B. A, Haggard leaves to-morrow for a ten day's trip in the south. He will visit the scene of his first battle in the rebellion, near Hartsville, Missouri, in which neighborhood he" spent the winter of his first year in the service. St. Louis, Kansas City and other points afe included in the tfip. Mrs. Prof. Lilly has gone to Illinois tb visit hef mother. Geo. C. Call and W. L. joslyn were over at Emmetsburg the first 6f the Week. Geo. E. Boyle and H. S. Daily were over from Whittemore, Monday. Cai-1 Olson was in town attending to business yesterday. Capt. and Mrs. Ingham spend i'hanksgiving with their daughter, Mrs. Nellie Russell, at Omaha. The Lu Verne Kews reports that Leander Barton, our new supervisor- elect, Who has been seriously ill, is slowly recovering. Mrs. J. O. Reaver and children are Visiting Mr, and Mrs. H. Hoxie. Miss Fannie Spencer, of Spencer, will be the guest of Miss Durant on Thanksgiving day. Mr. and Mrs. Clancy, of Canada, were present at the funeral of S. S. Wartman. Mrs. Clancy is a sister of Mrs. Wartman. Ex-Superintendent Sanborn was a visitor in Algona Saturday evening. He was the guest of Dr. McCoy. Ten good cows for sale. Will sell on, yne year's time.—JNO. G. SMITH. Iw A FAULTY JUSTICE RECORD. A Habeas Corpus case was tried before Judge Quarton in Algona, Saturday, the prisoner being Wm. J. Knapp, who was held to the grand jury by Justice L. T. Clement, of Germania, on the chaige of larceny. Lawyer E.' 'V. Swotting appeared for Knapp, and County Attorney Raymond for the state. No witnesses appearing, the case went to the Judge on the record of the Justice Court, which did not include any statement of evidence on which the prisoner was held, and accordingly the latter was discharged! The defendant Knapp, was without counsel in the justice trial, Mr. Swot- ting not being able to be present, and the court denying his motion for a continuance filed. The costs taxed up to i.the county aggregate about'$80. If you want a job of painting done aee GIT. • ^ ;••••. ' ; ; : OOLT STRAYED. A gray two-year-old mare, colt left my-plaoe at Bancroft Saturday night, Nov. 10. Anyone returning the same will be Well paid for theip trouble. 7 A. L. HUDSOX. .Carload of Michigan apples .at Opera House Grocery ,this the Money ^to.JLoan. Money on hand to loan on second mortgages. 3tf GEO. C. CAM,. LOG OABIN • Maple Syrup. Don't fail to try it, 1 at BROS. GO TO. GUDDEN BARB WIRE ; Of which they have the sole agency, . Anti-Rust Tin Wire, Minnesota Linseed Oil Company's Paints, -AND THE- Bisseli Carpet Sweeper, The Best Sweeper Made, ' WeiTGENANT BROS., Corner State and r j?bo«ngt;on, \ «,> 1 „'• ft 8 AT AYLORU Lot NO i ^ our Choice, line French Felts, all shapes and colors, including children's, worth $2, $1.60, $1.25 and $1 each, and every hat cheap at the price, and not sold for less by any other house. Our price on these to close, - 5O Cent Each- I/rtt NA 9t Your choice in an extra fine 1JUl 11U| a> line, well worth 50c and One Dollar, at 25 Cents Each. Nfl S Sixty bucram frames worth IWi u> 50c, at 13 CENTS EACH- Nfl Ml bucram frames worth ' 50c, 75c and $1, Your Choice, 25 Cents. " - " The ab9ve lota have been consigned to us to be sold and is less than 25 cents on the dollar. li ' We will make a reduction on our Trimmed Hats. Call at once and get a good cnoice. -JAS TAYLQR. ,»« •JsS Here are Some Bargains ••• • • «.•«•« « • •••,.•;« . • we Offer You This Week:- Men's all-wool Underwear, ' Boy's all-wool Underwear, Men's Random Wool Underwear, Boy's Random Wool Underwear, Men's Wool Hose, heavy, Children's Wool Hose, - Berlin Lined G-loves, - - ' - 50e 50c 40c 25e 25c ft lOc These are broken lots and sizes that we wish to close and are good value at twice the money.. THE GRANGE STORE:; iV* ite They Say the Skating is Good the ,RTO t You can't skate ^ithout akates, We have tba;n;,v inventory slip wed too larg^ a stock. ' it we will make a discount of 25,peV p^nt on line oi'skates untUDee, 1st. 1 *•* ' l »

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