Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 26, 1966 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Monday, September 26, 1966
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MILLER'S . . , Cheerful gllmpM: At a DM hotel they munch pitta In the dimlit lobby around midnight. (Pitta in tho Moonlight.) ... I'm not dauntod by tho guy who can turn a football In* sido out, no cutting or taarlng. Ho merely unlace* it first. . . . Ugh, the Waco plane I learned to fly at a bachelor U exhibited this month at an an Mquo: A Mtelike biplane. * * * To my astonishment, by beauteous wife still envies heivcousin Marjorie Green (Bristow) the playhouse Uncle Frank gave her at 7, Memo to Iowa psychologists: Can I cure this childish hangover by buying her the playhouse we used to see near 56th & Grand? * * * ', One more reason for TV wit- ards to flash on the screen face- closeups of the.football players: So disguised by helmets, pads A' face masks, some unscrupulous team might ..spring a baboon or gorilla in its lineup, A nobody the wiser. . Alona H<muth County Stafca Hlfltoriotti Society. city, Cofiof«»« March ft 1879 *nt*M«t « *ee«<1 eltn« WtsMW 0* • I9*f. «t * **«•• »*««. .no«to«i* und* * ? W Cofiof«»« March ft 879 VOL, 46-NO, 71 MONDAY, MPT. 24, 1H4 - ALOONA, IOWA - I f»M IS IN ONE S1CTION Ill I bond issue vote Dec. n* "—Iowa reunion,ail Mexico's 1988 Olympics?' An Iowa {pi who enjoys her self-exile in Mexico wants to ar range SUI, ISO ft Drake re unions in Mexico during 1968's Olympics. (She claims ifd be cheaper than staying home.) Yet you might have to watch those heel A toe walking races .•..*•,* * TAX PAYER'S PRAYER from too much love of giving our leaders be restrained the cash we need for living a foreign country's gained. <• --JODIE Paullina Mary Meyer, 89 of Livermore, dies Tuesday Livermore — Funeral services for Mrs. Mary Weyer, 89 of Liy- ermore, were held Saturday morning at Sacred Heart Catholic church here with Rev. Gerald Skahill officiating. Burial was in Calvary cemetery here. Mrs. Weyer died Wednesday night at the Sisson Nursing tome at Humboldt. She was the 'ormer Mary Birnbaumer and vas born at St. Joe. She lived in the Livermore area for her entire life and wa married to Peter Weyer at Liv ermore in 1902. He died in 1908 She is survived by three children: Mrs. Frank Zeimet West Bend;'Miss Margaret Way er, Dysart and Dr. J. J. Weyer Fort Dodge. There are also three granc children, one brother and tw sisters: Peter Birnbaumer, Har dy; Mrs. Susan Wagner, Pierz Minn., and Mrs. Barbara Weyer, St. Cloud, Minn. ROLL 202 TRIPLICATE Chuck Davis, Algona, rolled a triplicate of 202 at the Algona Lanes recently. This is the highest triplicate ever recorded at the local'bowling lanes. Wet Nam sendee Burt — Marine hospitalman second class Larry C. Cummings s home from 13 months service in Viet Nam. Mrs. Cummings met him in Des Moines last Sunday. The Cummings and their three children will -move in mid- erailment near Whittemore that day-by-day pursue we might win more ease. —LOUISE SCOTT Cambridge October to Camp Le Juene, near Jacksonville, N. C., where he will be stationed. He has been in the service 12 years. Sept. 21 a birthday and anniversary dinner was served at the Cummings home for the ninth wedding ot the Cummings, tlie 41st wedding of the Dr. B. K. Bahnsons, and three birthdays. Thursday another dinner was- held at -Mrs. Cumming's folks, the Homer Gregorys, Algona. Truck driver injured in crash An Emmetsburg truck driver, 18-year old Robert J. Schultz, suffered a cut on his head when a truck owned by Ralph Wickman, Rodman, went into the ditch and overturned Wednesday afternoon about 1:45 p.m. five miles south and two east of Whittemore. Patrolman .Charles Bird necked the accident and reported Schultz said a bee lit on him and he lost control in attempting to get it away. No charges were tiled. The truck had $1800 in total damage. ' "An " e'x-ehernistry 1>r student'" it Drake U tells me a prof once bet he'd\ eat his hat (a\ ; shirt too) if Iowa State beat; Drake. Well, he lost. So he milted both garments with chemicals, into liquid form; neutralized the acids, munched & swallowed the resul tant soup till his ISU bettor re lented. * * * Ah, here Rand McNally's golf guide avers there are 102 golf courses in Iowa. I hope this is nearer correct than their reportage of only 4 golf links in DM, which actually has ten. (At 2-a-week you might play all the links in Iowa in only one year.) * * * . . . You can choose each au tumn whether to travel 300 miles to see your varsity alma mater licked or stay home a\ see your high-school team win . . . One pair of travelers wangled a few popular Kennedy half-dollars for overseas gifts when they bought traveler checks at their bank. ... Our town's social elite are sorting out the Birth Con trol book sale donations from people who're ditching books t make more room for bric-a-brac. . . Our coffee guzzlers think iewsweek excels Time Mag ex copt for its lack of arf~~pictures n color. , . . Mike Cowles sends a rose >very year to each member ol lis 20-year club. They feel silly tut their wives love it. MOTHER DIES Mrs. Iva Wray, 70 of Clarion died Tuesday at the Clarion Community Memorial hospital followingTa Wg illness; Sutyiv ing are three sons including Harry Wray of Algona, a daugh ter, two stepsohs and a step daughter^ Mr*. A. L. Fisher, Lu Verne. Algona show si 3.8% retail sales gam COMPARISON OF IMS AND 19*6 let QUARTEI ^ RETAIL SALES /n It occurred THREE BOXCARS (pWe shown above) on a Milwaukee broken. Cause of the derailment was not known. Road ^freight train were derailed about three miles east of Whit- just south of the John Simpson farm. temore at 6:30 p.m. Thursday,., evening. None of the cars tip- Two of the derailed,cars were loaded with soy beans and ped over and service,was restored early Friday morning in time the other was empty. Repairmen from Austin, Minn, were cal- ff\f ttl (**"''• l"J3SS3f?P (Vf tllf* fldllV tT163tl frT*3in" IOC! *H^/1 O VT*1 \T£\f\ ?l Vt*tl it A O Wi T^Vl t\*r li 1 /I * t\\ r\ »»r»»-*r»i»»« finnt *On4-ns-l The .freight, known as«a "way-freight," was returning to Mason City! It starts out fr,0'<n that point daily and travels to either Emmetsburg or iSperJcel', returning late in the day. They had" the repairs .completed About a mile of ties" were damaged but no rails were led and arrived about 4 a.m. in about three hours. The freight, which had only about six or eight cars, was not traveling fast at the time. 33 NEW CONCRETE LIGHT POLES FOR RESIDENTIAL AREA " "Ani 'expansive'"new"street lighting program for downtown Algona and several other streets including State and Call is now underway by the Algona Municipal Utilities. Cost of the project will be about $10,000 and will be taken from the light fund of the Municipal Utilities at no additional cost to the local taxpayers. A total of 33 new concrete street poles are in the process of being installed. Fluorescent light fixtures from downtown will be moved onto these new poles and new fixtures, with twice the lighting power of the old ones, will be installed on the downtown poles. THE ENTIRE project will take about two months to complete according to Jim Palmer. Utilities Superintendent. Ninete'en of the new concrete street light''p'bles are being installed on State street from Jones east to Phillips street. Another is being installed on the corner of Jones and Call streets. Eight more new poles will be placed on Call street from Jones to Moore, a distance of two blocks. Three others will be placed on Harlan street from Call to State street. An extensive street-lighting program was instituted here 12 years ago, during the Kossuth Centennial period which greatly improved the lighting of downtown Algona and surrounding streets. The recent project was approved by the Board of Municipal Utilities last spring but it has taken all summer to get the new poles and fixtures. Members of the Utilities department are doing the work. "—buffet lunch for hunters" This year it'll be different; farmers will be so happy to tee big-town hunters from Sioux City e> Davenport that they'll serve 'em free picnic lunches, ha-ha! Actually, a farmer should get $1.50 for each pheasant taken on hi$ acres. * * * Most lowans who've watched soccer on their travels think it's a better spectator sport than our football. It's inevitable in Amer ica, & I wonder which Iowa high school will be fjrft tq field a soccer team for their spectator sports. * * * At the recent well-waxed e* hibit in low* of 192 modern pictures, I liked the picture celled "Homage to tht fejv pale yellow fqutre borderet with pfle grey A pale brown. Ivory square wh« aches fo homage should hang § copy his room. \ * * * LUCKY DOG Each dog has fleas; it is his nature to, ff we might scratch, 'our U Humboldt PoCottOfltOS Mti ! Corner Clarion p Eagle Grove | Rockwell City Hampton I Cherokee Webster City lowo Foils Belmond Fortit City A4tl , k MOftfcOfl | Atlantic I Contorvillo Denlton Nevodo Sheldon ; Mount Ayr Sptncor Oioge Oiceolo Storm Lok, Vinton Waverly - Spirit Uk 28399 2042 1990 3232 4381 2313 4501 7724 8520 ,5565 7927 2506 2930 2060 1789 6890 6629 5901 4930 4570 4227 4251 1738 8864 3750 3350 7728 4781 6357 3639 706 6158 2685 468 545 19,286.41 23.706.47 33,605.33 32,770,19 22,820.04 61,583,70 72,360 52 75,011.44 72,597,13 67,326.66 33,886,27 27,242,04 28,523.59 14,237,53 84,583.79 60,958.94 51,055.13 62,909.46 48.522,07 39,304,99 48,157.16 22,460,59 110,67433 38,716.43 34,581.84 93,571.92 47,740.56 54,48276 39,89*44 2,55030 45 ( 3J|.52 27,370.55 2,551.11 3,23J,39 27,428.71 36,630.20 35,266.04 24,721 49 78,772.06 •4,251.94 81,464.17 84,51063 74,033.95 98,040,35 31,579.15 31,036.38 17,422.29 103,400.46 73,977.27 57,226.31 74,81438 53,36625 4.1 15,7 9.0 8,3 27 f 9 16.4 Gov. Hughes to visit Algona again Sept. 29 netsburg at 2 p.m. on Thursday and is scheduled to arrive at the Algona Hotel at 2:45. Water main break causes school "holiday" tl6.929.l2 46,222 84 40,534.15 107,16561 56,793.2$ 16.4 9,9 -17.2 15,9 M 22.3 222 2U 12.0 19.0 9 .9 11,9 1M 14.* 19.3 17,3 14.1 11.9 17,0 36,470.04 Sl.lTtW 39,*7.« 2.71054 3,1*510 1t7 11.1 10 LI 4.0 ALGONA HAP A 13.8% retail sales gain in the first quarter pf 1966 over the same period in 1965, according to a report of the State Tax Commission released Tuesday on retail sales tax paid by Iowa towns. Algona sales jumped from $3,151444 in J965 to $3,586,847.50 in the first quarter of 1966. Average state gain was 13.5% so Algona had a larger than average gain. Sales tax figures for a number of other Iowa towns are s^own above. To compute actual sales, multiply the figures by50. Governor Hughes will pay a return visit to Algona Thursday aftarnoon, Sept. 29, according to an announcement made today by the Kossuth County Democratic Central Committee. Congressman Stan Greigg, senatorial candidate E. B. Smith, and all state and local Democratic candidates will accompan> Hughes in a caravan to the Al •gona Hotel where there will be an open house at 2:45. Everyone is invited to be at the hotel to meet Hughes, Greigg and the other candidates and to enjoy the free refreshments which will be served by the Democratic Women's club. Both Hughes and Greigg have been frequent visitors to Kossuth county. Hughes spoke to the Northwest Iowa Mayor's Association at the country club in June and then kicked off his reelection campaign at the Democrat's annual dinner at Garrigan high school last month. State Treasurer Paul Frariz- enburg, the main speaker at last year's testimonial to Casey Loss, will be present, as will Lome Worthington, state auditor; Lawrence Scalise, attorney general; Kenneth Owen, secretary of agriculture; Robert Fulton, lieuten ant governor; and Michael Doyls, candidate for secretary of state Mancil Hurlburt of Swea City Democratic candidate for Casey Loss' old seat in the Iowa House of Representatives, will head the list of local candidates in the caravan. Other local candidates are incumbents Gordon Winkel county attorney; Clara Walker county recorder; and Rosella Voigt, county treasurer. Tlie cai;avaii will leave Swea City school students got more unscheduled vacations last week as the water main at the school broke for the third time. There was no school Wednesday or Thursday of last week. The main broke just inside the building and workmen tore up the floor and tile to get at the pipe to .make repairs. Short holiday vacations are planned over the Holidays to make up the lost time. Lone Rock to blacktop five city blocks Burl soldier back from Viet Nam Burt — Lt. David Christensen came home from Viet Nam on Tuesday. He will go to Yuma, Ariz., after several weeks visit here. ORGANIZATION TEA The Union. Township Home- Ivan Long, 74, lifelong county resident, dies A lifelong resident of Kossuth County, Ivan Long, 74, died Thursday morning in a Lebannon, Mo. hospital where he had been taken three weeks before. He was visiting a son and family when he was stricken with ta Ana, Calif. Funeral services will be hek Monday afternoon at 2 p.m. at the Algona Presbyterian church vith Rev. Walter Morz official ng. -McCullough's is in charge of arrangements Ivan Long was born at Dwight 111. on June 30, 1892, the son o John and Jennie Long and came to Kossuth county when he was nine months old. He was married to Jessie Holding on Jan. 31, 1917 on a farm near Burt and the couple j nesday at the University hospita farmed for many years near I at Iowa City. City Final details f;. of cost to be announced later A tentative date of Monday, ; f Dec. 5 for the bond issue for a *•; new Algona Community • School -building program which will in- -" elude a new senior high school : . vas set Thursday night at a \'j meeting of the Board of Edu- J cation. -' f Thus far, no architect's '_; plans have bean released nor tho amount of monoy' to bo '•• voted on in tho bond issue'has •, boon givtn. A Citizon's Ad- "» yisory committoo, 'which was' sot up sovoral months ago, is > continuing its investigation, but will givo its final roport shortly. It is expected the details of the bond issue will be given put then, probably sometime late in October or early November.' ' THE BOARD elected Kuss Medin of'Whittemore as its'new president at the meeting Thursday. Robert Black was named ' vice president and John Claude, newly elected' member t of the board, will be sworn in at the next meeting. Because of personal business, he was unable to attend the meeting. The board established Crural voting precincts in tv/o areas. Voters inside • Lotts Creek and Whittemore''townships will vote in Whittemore while voters' in .Riverdale and Sherman townships will vote in a center to be designated later by the Board. "For the school' year '1967^68,"*parochial or private,, school student^ 'will again be invited, to participate in selected public high schbol courses under the rules of the state law on "shared time". . Non-resident students would be considered, also, for admission to such classes upon the payment of, the average cost. of tuition in the preceding year. Mason Oily man charged with OMVI Larry Strain, Mason City, was bound over to district court on OMVI charge from Mayor makers will meet with Mrs. Wm. Dodds for the organizational tea Sept. 29 instead of Mrs. Merlin Davies as listed in the program Durwood Helberg 43, of Algona, dies Wednesday an William Finn's court a week ago Thursday, Sept. 14. He was picked up by patrolman Charles Bird Sept. 13. Appearance bond of $350 was set and posted. DATE SQUARE DANCE The State Line Squares will have a dance Oct. 1 at 8:30 p.m. at the VFW hall, Fairmont. Whi- ey Aamott will be caller. Durwood old former A. Helberg, 43-yeai Algonan, died Wed Lone Rock — The City Council of Lone Rock met Tuesday, Sspt 20 with Mr. Earl Humphry, re presentative of the Rohlin Construction Co. Inc. of Esthervilie. ,vho will be doing the construction work of blacktop on five city blocks in the town oi' Lone Rock. This work will begin approximately Oct. 10 of this year. This contract calls for the reshaping, priming, furnishing and installing hot mixed asphaltic concrete on approximately five blocks of city streets as designated by the city council. The streets will be paved 20 feet wide and the concrete will be laid to an average thickness of Burt and Swea City before retiring and moving to Algona. Eight children survive besides the widow. They are Cecil, Algona; Violet, Mrs. Pet; j r Plcmel, LuVerne; Howard, Algoaa; Harold. Osage Beach; Ehvard, Algona; Marilyn, Mrs. I.ilLurn Er-1 ting, St. Louis, Mo.; Dorothy,! Mrs. Fiancis Shcirbo.i, B'.ut; and: Harriet, Mrs. Jc^ph Ward, San- la Anna, Calif. There are 32 grandchildren ?.nd one great grandchild. Also surviving are two brothers and two sisters: Michael, Burt, and John, Billings, Mont.; Julia, Mrs. Robert Bunkofske and Dorothy, Mrs. Louis Scott, both of Burt. He had been ill with diabete and later with tuberculosis fo many years and had spent the past 19 years at Iowa City, both us a hospital patient and later as an orderly at the Oakdale hospital at Iowa City. He was born in. Algona on Feb. 11, 1923, the son of Arthur and Esther Helberg. His father pre- STEPHEN SCHUUER, son of C2ded him in death in 1934. He \ Mr. and Mrs. Ervin R. Schuller, [graduated from Algona high j Whittemore, has been awarded I school in 1940. ! a Henning H. Henningson Me- Survivors include his mother | modal Scholarship in the Scholarships NO TOASTMASTERS The scheduled Monday night Toastmaster meeting tonight has 3 inches deep. This was the en- j been cancelled because of a con- tire busmen ul' the ujuucil. Hid. and a sister, Shirley, Mrs. Lee amount of $200 at Iowa State Schenck, both of Algona. There University where he is a fresh- are also five nieces and nep-1 man student in electrical engin- hews. A prayer service was held at the McCullough chapel Saturday morning with Rev. William Noland officiating. Funeral services were held Saturday afternoon at the Methodist church at Sihel- dahl, Iowa with burial there. Six , cousins served as pallbearers. In high school he was active in debate, was a member of Alpha Theta Mu mathematics club and was on the high, school honor roll. He was adjnitte4 with recognition to Iowa, University as an, outston4ijig scholar.

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