The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on November 21, 1894 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 21, 1894
Page 5
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Al&OlTA, It>WA* ftov. 21, LOCAL MATTERS, i oysters at Ladeiidorff's. Eggs Wanted by Patterson & Son. ";. -f Bete Was a dirt storm yesterday. One hundred pair of biaflkets at 6 "lit Taylor's. • Dr, Prida reports that Mytoti Schenek is on the high road to recovery. The Monday Club library has been enriched by a number of new books, There is to be a special meeting of the Eastern Star Thursday eveniug, Five hundred pair of artics^cheaper than any house in the city at Taylor's, There were t6 students on the roll at the Hormal Monday* The institution is bound to boom. Bowyer has had an elegant display »f diamonds at his jewelry store for the past few days. B. D. Grow has «stablished a paper at Germania—the Standard. Germania is a thrifty town and needs a paper. The case of the state against Joe Grose comes off in the Humboldt county court this week before Judgs Thomas. W. K. Ferguson has erected a tobo- gan slide on his grounds for the benefit of the small boys, with whom it is very popular. Services will be held every Sabbath evening in the Free Methodist church, commencing at 7 o'clock. All are-cordially invited to attend. The RicruuLiCAN has so many new ads this week that we find our space crowded. But the ads are very .live and many a valuable pointer may be gained therefrom. Mayor A. A. Call has erected a capacious barn to the west of his other outbuildings on the hill side. One ot its beauties is a big basement. v Miss Kate Smith has organized a •class in the violin at Bancrott and will give instruction Friday evenings. Miss Smith is an accomplished musician. The Grange people met at their hall on Saturday for a social hourand a picnic dinner. The Grangers have as much fun as any society yet organized. W. A. Ladendorf has moved into the A. D. Clarke building east of his old stand, and the vacated quarters are being put in shape for the. new occupant, Henry Hist. ., >-< ' *jff V^i" l ' &&•' - Th3 Wesley Reporter says that Agent Hedrick at Sexton attempted to stop a handcar that was going at tall speed the other day and just barely escaped being killed. The Emmetsburg City Council has voted to discontinue the lighting system, by .kerosene lamps, which has been operation there, and the the town is in darkness. .'-» O. N. Bossingham graduated at the Iowa Agricultural College last week, in the veterinary course, and ..will begin being a useful citizen: He is teaching ,in Buffalo township. .;> (The condition of 'S. S. Wartman is >ch as to justify the gravest fears. .He is very feeble and much of the time he is unconscious. He ds receiving very careful nursing. The skating on the river and neighboring ponds is as good as it has ever .been, and ,,the boys thinkit is as good as it can ever, be. As a Consequence .-there is a grand rush for the ice. Dr. McCosh, ex-President of Princeton College and a great divine and met-- .apbysician, Whose death was, recorded^ dn the papers last.week, at one time ha* considerable investments in Kossuth,' eounty securities. , \ Benschoter Bros, have just finished! husking coin on the W. H. Conner- ,f»rm. The corn was all weighed as it eame from the field, and one piece av^ eraged sixty bushels to the acre, and the other over thirty bushels, The Wesley Reporter says thatThos. Tweed, who was seriously -hurt .by the breaking of two ribs and injuring his lungs in the late cyclone, is in bad condition again, and it is thought an operation will have to be performed. Complaints of insults offered to young .Jadies on our streets after'nigbtfall are coming t° this office. These should •suggest all possible vigilance on the part of our police as well as greater circumspection on the part ottbe young ladies, The Wbittemore Champion says,that •another child, ftve .years of -aKe,.o£ v. legman, living north of town, died of thvee 'children that have succumbed ' the 1 terrjbje eontagipn. *•"* Kl " tll ° its the south part of town and 40-aere farffi font miles east of Bancroft. JjaWfefice Bros., of Elmore Minn., have made a flowing well for A. Hutchison Oft his farts irt Springfield .township. They secured a two-inch flow of water four feet above the grouttd. and charged only $60 for the job. This is iflthe great flowing well region of northern Kossuth. G. C. Culvet and family, who came here from Dakota recently, expect to start for Florida the first of the week. The visit to the south is made on account of the continued illness of Mr,j. Culver, in the hope that the milder climate may be beneficial. The meeting of the Belief Corps Thursday evening Was rendered interring by the presence of Mrs. Sarah Howe, of Garner, the Inspector, and by •a visit ffom the G. A, B» Post, who "set up" cake, coffee and ice cream. Dr, Sheetz, Eugene Tellier, inspector HoWe, Mrs, Lahtry and others made speeches. W, H, Conner has sold his 200 acre farm in Plum Creek township to G, W. Leigler,of Illinois, for $7,000, Mr. Conner thought that he had done his share of hard work, and being so fortunate as to be able to live Without it, he took the price offered, and now two men are happy, We hope now to see Mr, Conner settle in Algona. Mr. Leigler takes possesaion next March. The Wedding of Ralph H. Miller and Miss Marguerite Winkel takes place at the residence of the bride's? parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Winkel, to-morrow evening. The event will bo attended by the good wishes of the entire community. Mr, and Mrs. Miller will at once begin housekeeping at Stratford, where Mr. Miller is established in the drug business. The W. W. Wheeler family at Des Moines has been afflicted with diphtheria,'which attacked the eldest daughter, Genevieve, who had to be quarantined from the other children. She was cared for by Mr. Wheeler and a nurse. The (situation was rendered the harder by the ill-health ot' Mrs. Wheeler. Miss Gencvieve was improving when last heard from. The .program"at the Social' Union Friday night includes a pd,per on "Romantic Love," by J. T. Clmschilles. one on "Co-operative Housekeeping," qy M,rs. W. C. Danson, a recitation: '.'The Little Quaker Maiden,"'by Miss Lulu Clarke, and a vocal solo by. Mr. Geo. Hamilton. It is a promising program. There will be a special musical service at the Congregational church Sunday night. There will be a ladies' quartette,'a gentleman's quartette, n double quartette, and a number or' solos and instrumental pieces, with a brief address by the pastor. There will be a very strong emphasis on the musical feature. Will testify foreshadows a lefigthy trial. The case brought by Laubenthal, of Wbittemofe, administrator for Kohn, who was killed by a Milwaukee snow- blow, has been disposed of already, the fudge directing the jury to find for the. defendant. A different result had been looked for in that case.iti which the company had made an offer to cotttj promise oti a smaller allowance of damages than was claimed. The first lecture of the Baptist La^ dies' course was delivered last night at their church by Rev. Wayland Hoyt, D. D., of Minneapolis, on "Lessons from a Great Life." This lecture Was ohe of the finest ever delivered here* abd any who missed hearing it missed what Would have been a great pleas* ure. The life from which the lessons of Work, Cheer and Tact were drawn was that of Dr, Arnold, of Itugby, England, It was a masterpiece. The ladies have ample reason for encourag- meht over the auspicious inauguration of their lecture course, The next lee* ture of the course will be delivered by Dr. Strickland, of Sioux City, whose theme Will be, "Gen, Grant, from a Southern Standpoint." The course is bound to be popular and successful, 1 v • t v V-,;" V'. •* -,i >»> iVt, -, ?V f :> frTMo V'<y,v, „ number of, gchqol teachers very pleasant company dm,-' 4ion of the Ate9na. normal i tbe guests of Miss, FrankjQ syjji.s Mia§68 Jphneon, Ada ****" ' and and Miss Kate Field, who is to lecture-in' Algona next month on "Despised Alaska'" has been honored by being made an officier of public instruction by the French government, which is the highest distinction in the department of public intruction for service rendered to literature and art. She received the brevet of to-day from the French legation in this city. Those who were familiar with tbe sacrifices made by Mrs. Beglmair in behalf of the cyclone victims will be glad to know that the board asked her to name the amount of expense incurred and then allowed it by unanimous vote. Mrs. B. turned her house into a hospital on the night of the cyclone, and it remained a hospital for some time. Her goodness of heart was well proved. Advertised letters: Haakon Mikkal Anderson, A. Anderson—"Country," F. D. Calkins, Miss Mary Calkins, Mrs. E. Dunn, Miss Ada P. Davis, A. C. Ellis, Mrs.- Emma Foster, Mr. John Grein, Hawkeye C. Club, John Krein, Maj. W. F. Kirkhart's Circus, G. W. Kelley, C. G. McCarthy, Mrs. Ella McCowen, O. C. Nillson, Wm, Renslow, A. C. Redfie'ld, A. G, Stormfeltz, Angelo Shirk, C. L. Winters. A badly wrecked buggy was to be seen on court house square yesterday. •It was the property of Lucius Adams, -the Hobart creamery man, who the tnight previous was driving with his .wife and her sister when his carriage collided with Supervisor ' ChuWs -wagon, The horses all became frightened, and the Adams horse ran until it came up against a wagon in front of Weitgenant's hardware store. The occupants of the wagon -were thrown out and Mrs. Adams and her sister were both somewhat injured, the latter tbe more seriously, Station Agent Hedrick reports some slight changes in tbe running time of Milwaukee trains, which are indicated in the corrected schedule in another column, Tj}e morning passenger go- igg east leaves at 10;82, ten minutes }t$er than, formerly, and the evening train is due at 6 o'clock, five minutes earlier, Going, west, the morning train goes *t 9UQi or twelve minutes later, and the evening aU:^, or six, minutes earlier. Freight twins Carrying pa§* go east ._at J;46 a nd . <?$Q_p, m., " Hi PERSONAL MENTION. Judge Quarton is spending the week in Algona. Mrs. A. L. Peterson and son visited Livermore friends las! week., B. W. Haggard left Monday for a business trip in central Iowa. Editor Johnson, of the Britt News, was a visitor in Algona last week. S. D. Drake and wife have been attending at the bedside of the latter's father, Mr. Wartman. Mrs. II. 8. Langdon arrived home from her Illinois visit Wednesday. She is much improved in health. Alex Younie, of West Bend, is visiting in California. He writes interestingly of bis trip to tbe West Bend Journal. Bancroft Register: J. G. Smith and Dr. G. T. West, of Algoua, came up Tuesday to help the gun club pulverize mud saucers. Besides having a good time, they at least made expenses. They are among this county's best shots. Reporter: George E. Clarke and Eugene Clarke were among the visiting attorneys who had legal busines in this term of court. A. A. Brunson, one of Algona's prominent citizens, Was attending to business at courthere Tuesday. He was feeling pretty good over the land-slide, seeing that'he belonged to tho victorious party. Reporter: Joseph Thompson, of Algona, was transacting business in Emmetsburg Tuesday last. During the past eighteen months Mr. Thomp- syn has had an eventful life. He was struck by a passenger train while crossing the Milwaukee track north .of Algona and severely injured. He was also one of the cyclone sufferers, his :iouse and out buildings being blown so pieces by the recent wind storm. Two such experiences rarely come to a man in so short a.time. HERE IT 13 AGAIN. ,.,«., and in all More time you be glad to be the owner of an ifistru- ment Which won the highest hondrs itt the great race. Kimball pianos, reed organs and Kimball pipe organs were all easy winners at the World's fair. They have won tbe admiration of the World's greatest musicians. No Other manufacturer of pianos and organs received as high honors as W. W. Kimball Co. at the great world's fair. Go to Kimball Co. piano rooms and examine the finest stock of pianos and organs in northwestern Iowa f abd represents the largest builder of pianos and organs in the world, whose guarantee on a piano or organ is as good as gold. Every instrument fully warranted for five years. W. W* Kitaball Co.'s at Bronson jewelry store, JOHN Ewtiro, Local Manager. Lost His Arm, The West Bend Journal tells of a terrible accident occurring near that place on Monday of last weeks Last Monday forenoon while Chris Streit and his brother Sam were operating their corn husker on the farm of Paul Dorweiler, four miles northeast of town, Sam got his hand caught in the shredder and his arm was drawn in almost to tbe shoulder and horribly mutilated. He was brought to town and Drs. Bachman and Boody amputated it about four inches below the shoulder. Where corn stalks are fed into the machine there are rollers filled With spikes, and behind the rollers are knives that chop the fodder up into piecus about an inch long, and it was into this part that the arm was drawn. The hand and part of the arm were left in the machine when he was released. It was a terrible accident and should be a warning to people who handle these machines to use every care while operating them. Mr. Streit at this writing is getting along as well as could be expected after such a shock to his system. But he will go through life with an ever oresent reminder of tbe danger in cornhuskers. ALDEN PLOUE At Walker Bros,' It is the best. Here are Some Bargains we Offer You This Week: i • 1 •i I t • 3 * * * * Men's all-wool Underwear, Boy's all-wool Underwear, Men's Bandom Wool Underwear, Boy's Random Wool Underwear, Men's Wool Hose, heavy, Children's Wool Hose, Berlin Lined G-loves, - 60c IDc NOTICE TO PAY UP. Those wishing to pay their accounts ill find me at my residence,five blocks east of the Thoringtou house. All accounts must be paid by December 1st, 1894. 7-8 H. J. WINKLE. If you want a job of painting done see Orr. When you are looking for good groceries 'and good values, go to the Opera House Grocery. You will miss something if you don't. Carload of Michigan apples at the Opera House Grocery this week. OOLT STEATED. A gray two-year-old mare colt left my place at Bancroft Saturday night, Nov. 10. .Anyone returning the same will be well paid for their trouble. 7 A. L. HUDSON. NOTICE. Everyone owing us on account or note are requested to call and settle, as we have sold our business in Algona, and must have these accounts settled at on ce;—7tf * PATTERSON & SABOHBTT. ODGE'S MEAT MARKET. Having bought out the Bennett Meat Market, I shall run it in a first- class manner, buying none but the best animals and serving meats to "customers in the best shape. FREH'FISH EYBB.T FRIDAY. H. C. DODGE, Prop., State street, Algona. Go to the New Firm. PATTERSON & SON, ',. f i , - i i Where you will find a complete line of Staple and Fancy Groceries, Crockery, GLASSWARE, ETC. We have om hand a fine Une of Canned and Dried Fruit; a complete line of fresh Crackers, We ^arrant every sack of our Flour. IWe will always pay the .highest war^et price for Butter and Eggs, and would kindly ask a share of your patronage, We will do pur best to please you, ** JPATTERSON & SON, in? was weU.fttten^d, and the Ghnat- The printed WW'Pf totw " I g 0» AT.TOTJB OWN PBIGB, f lie pm i8.r§jiteA to P, L, 81^ we I«w0 'gQt to , L, 81 out OUB These are broken lots and sizes that we wish to close and are good value at twice the money. THE GRANGE STORE. They Say the Skating is Good •On the River. You can't skate without skates. We have them. Our inventory showed too large a stock. In order to reduce it we will make a discount of 25 per cent on our entire line of skates until Dee. 1st. The Last Gold Snap Made you shiver, because you did not have a good fire. You can't have a good fire without a good stove. The : " Riverside " is warranted to give satisfaction. See it. The users of the "Radiant Home" hard coal heater can tell you more about its qualities than we can. We can. convince you with a thirty days trial without expense to you. -«—^c. M. DOXSEE. Winkie-s Old Stand. • re Here I .. s And our stock is larger thai* .ever. In fact we are a little?, crowded, but we have what you want and know where to find it, Just leave the order and we'll fill it at the , ' V-'V^/'V ^$4i«p^ ' .'•: j,"; • - '» r^n^v r ^,^ >>,^ <,'. V v f* J 'V V \' ->,' 1 ' •;! JtISl^^FHJK[M4" : ^'$- -v^.'^/."v'VX. .,;<% M ^,iir'Jb^fiUINk^ &•*- »J* r *-. ' -. , !,!>«" iV-j. * \ • \ , '?w/ .^^•^^•••^••^••^•••••••••••••M v ' ,1 r* .t'- . /'V ,,, '•'".-'• •',',, '"',', .\wTpr~£B5fH k?v,''" *;iJ!V* : K> i" * VT ' ' ^j, t > 1 t^'%'->l \t,' _^s JH* Wl

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