The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on November 21, 1894 · Page 3
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 21, 1894
Page 3
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1'Hte ALGOM, IOWA* WfetttftgiUY, t-tiiM lt« ftftk** in »6tt*fefif>l(t Around. When & gteat millionaire mores fcbwMayS the event tikes oh a character that 16 not distinguished by jfefrer- iseniafc simplicity, 8 &ys the New Yotk Silh. When Mr. Webb gats tired of - Virlttbnt and takes his family to Sou- pert £>t Narragahsett t or Mr. Vancler- - bilt moves from one of his country Hduses to another, or the Asters leave >'<lp Hudson for Rhode Island, the .vfeightseers are interested. Mr. Webb "- has one hbuse at Newport and another at Narragahsett, which is across tho bay. The Nai-ragansott house is Used for g-overneesss, servants and children^ and is a convenient place to stop When one of the Webb yachts runs across from Newport. When a great millionaire moves the family is usually stored away in a .Special car which is hitched to the tail end of an express train and shifted fi'ofn one road to another, so that no changes aro necessary. Tho stable is transported with the coachman drivin«* a. four-in-hand loaded down with stable trappings. Following him is another man with a victoria and brougham swathed in clothes to protect "thorn from the dust, and dog carts and village carts and phaetons, driven by the stable boys, bring up the rear with hunters and saddle horses. The big and little yachts arc towed along from' one placo to another in a similar fashion, to the delight of the sight-seers, and discussions upon the wealth of the millionaire are stimulated all aloii"' the route. ° Look Out for CoUl Weather But rido inside of the electric lighted. steam heated, vestibule apartment trains or the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railroad and you will be as warm, comfortable and cheerful as in your own library or boudoir. To travel between Chicago. St. Paul and Minneapolis, or between Chicago, Omaha & Sioux City in these luxuriously appointed trains 'is a supreme satisfaction; and. as the somewhat ancient advertisement used to read. '•tor further particulars, «oe small bills." Small bills (and large ones also) will be accepted for pnssage and sleeping ear tickets by all coupon ticket agents. For detailed information address Geo. H. Heafford, general passenger and ticket agent, Chicago, 111. A hypocrite only wears his mask while he tninks he is being watched. The Chicago Great \\ estern R'y will on November 20th, December 4th anil ISth sell cheap harvest excursion tickets to all points in Texas, Indian and Oklahoma Territories: also certain points in Sew -Mexico. For full information; address either of the undersigned, A. W. Noyes, A. C. P. & T. A., or C. J. Brooks, C. P. & T. A., C. G. .W. R'y, 226 Fourth street, Des Moines, la. If there were no fools in the world the lawyers would all be out of wort. The 'Chicago Great Western R'y have now on sale cheap winter tourist tickets to all •; winter tourist points. For further information call on or address one of the undersigned. A. W. Noyes. A. C. P. & T. -A., |or C. J. Brooks, C. P. & T. A..' 22(5 Fourth street, Des Moines, iowa. en a man talks of the necessity''^ a' field for bis abilities he means some place where he is not so well known. Generally speaking, time is money and a vacation is a little change. ' There is no use talking, -any higher than we live. • A kicking cow often gives good milk. Hypochondrical, despondent, nervous, "tired out" men -those who ifTer from I backache, weariness, loss of en- erg-}^, im- I paired mem- ' ory, dizziness, . -inelan- c li o 1 y and 'discourage- njcnt, the re. suit of ex_. ......stijig diseases, or drains upon' Hie system, \excesses, or abuses, bad habits, or , .^arly vices, are treated through cor- ,'respondence at, with Uniform success, by the Specialists "of (he Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute, of Buffalo, N, Y. A book £$f >3 6 large P 8 P S , devoid'to ^ |>gpu t sideration of the maladies above !;|iint;4cl,at, may be had, wailed'$t+ \£ftirel^ scaled front 'observation, w a •j.}^-.. . /.,. i... gQ m }j U g }0 cent ^ '"av postpge on i0ri, at Ui above ;nore than , toflfHyaf wferwdto, • Uidj ti THEY CALL IT MtJRDM JUiW BLAMfeS dart. Mim fteftnohftlbta for tlin iit£tMi t-ottffc Mottse Trajjfcciy — 1to*k of *«•« tramps — Attempt a It-sin, to WASlliXGTON C'OTJBT UotSK, 17.—Sheriff Cook, Oct. 17* called on Gov. AttKinley for a detachment of State militia to help him guard W. Dolby, a colored man. the prisoner was taken from the jail to the court house and sentenced to t\venty years in the penitentiary. On ncccnint of the large crowd on the outside of the cotlft hoUsts the militia, ]00 strong, was afraid to attempt to take the prisoner to the train. He Was kept in the court house, and at C:30 p. in. s While soine persons were pounding- on the court house door,the milttia,which was on the inside, fired through the doors into the crowd, killing five and injuring twenty persons. Since then Coroner Edwards has been holding an inquest. Col. Coit refused to come here and testify. Last evening the coroner rendered a Verdict, finding that the men killed were innocent of any crime, and intimating they were victims of the haste of the sheriff and Col. Coit, in charge of the militia. Coit's evidence was not heard. Some great questions will arise in this case, such as to how much provocation the national guard must first have before firing to kill in an effort to save property or the lives of prisoners. Some say a special grand jury will at once be empaneled to 5n-> vestigate the charges against Cook and Coit. Attempt to Wreck tin Alton Train. JOLIKT, 111., Nov. 17.— The St. Louis and Kansas City express "on the Chicago & Alton -road that left Chicago 'at' 31:30 "Wednesday Anight, arriving ai Juliet at -13:55 yesterday morning, ran into a pile of ties piled on the track about a mile from this city. The trail- was coming at tuuh a rate that the engine pushed the ties a hundred rod' before a stop was made. The trail was badly damaged. No arrests fol lowed. It is thought Chicago cai wreckers are at the bottom of the scheme. Trumps Slusr ami IJob the HAMMOND, Incl., Nov. ] ?.— Tuesdaj afternoon three tramps who have-beer; camping near Tolles'toh for some tirru went to the home of August Berger aged 72, and after binding hiir. hand and foot beat him with a heavy bludgeon until he was insensible. They then ransacked his little house and secured about $40. Then they went to the home of Mrs. Mary Fulgraf, whom they maltreated in the same manner. Mrs. Fulgraf is badly gashed and may die. HEAVY LOSS OF LIFE. Ships Sink and Go Ashore on Engltali Coastfl — RJvor Avon Is High. LONDON, Nov. 17. — Stormy weathei and floods continue to prevail over the south, part of England, and the loss 01 life and damage to property is increasing greatly. At Eath, Somersetshire, the Eiver Avon has reached the highest point of tho century. Thousand)? of people are homeless and are being fed by the authorities in various schools and other public buildings, Dispatches > received here from Dovei say that the gale is blowing with re» no wed violence. Several ships have been washed ashore along that portion of the coast. Many ships have been driven ashore and their crews drowned. Strikers Battle for Scanty Food. YOBK, Nov. 17.—Yesterday at a meeting of the striking eloaknwkers a do«en loaves and a box of herring were ravenously consumed by the pooi fejlows, who fought like .tigers lor a share of it, When the striking bakers heard of this, one of their number announced that to-day he would bake 500 loaves, for, distribution samQBg- the gry cjoaktnakers. A conservative mate pf the amount of money that has already been Jost in wages' to the (striking cloakmakers placed the aggre gate as alose to $750,000. The manu- factuj-ers estimate their losses at over $5,000,000, ta Jfoy, }7,—geverjvl nien ac p| ttye, byutal rourcl^r pf an wejre, bjing' conveyed tn, prison by Uie g-findaru^fs attaekeql thf eicpvt W)tU tl].e secur-ing tijg , prisoners" find them. TU^ qftoeva'resisted tlie mob ajjd a desperate flgWoppureed, 4wi»g wh.)9h several wen. on b_9tl>,-w'er<j> " 'l^^iM^^t (Ben. tHE f AiBLES, ttltffttn* His firm-* CSC nh Mnllrn t.nng. fifesr TSIJ5-, Nov. It.—(Jen. Nieb Jjorts he Was attacked at Maliun L Nov. 11 by the Japanese; troops and he succeeded in repulsing them. The Chinese general adds the .Japanese made a second attack upon the posi* tions he occupied Nov. 13, but it appears the Japanese were again repulsed, and the Chinese-, pursued them towards Fungh Wang, which Wen. Nieh expected to reach soon after sending hh report. The siiniHarity betWeen this reported defeat of the Japanese and the defeat they are said to have sustained at Motion on the road to Peking would make it appeal- that the two engagemnrits may Jje identical. Reports from Port Arthur say the Japanese have not yet cup- tUred Talieti Wan. It is also reported it portion of Gen. Sung's ai-my have rc<- captured Kinchow and the Japanese have been driven out of Motion on the road to Aeking by the Chinese, who afterwards pursued them for several miles. W, C. T. U. CONVENTIO'l. Executive Committee Meet* to P for Session at Cifvclttmli Ohio. CLEVELAND, Ohio. Nov. 17.— -Yesterday was a lively day umong the ladies of tho National Woman's Christian Temperance Union. The executive committee held a protracted meeting at noon in the Hollcnden parlors. Miss Willard presided. The discussion related wholly to the work of tlic coming convention, which begins today. The national vice-presidents also held a meeting to provide plans for certain work in the convention. It is announced that Neal Dow would not be present on account of illness. This announcement was a great disappointment, because he was billed for a lecture and was to be a great attraction for the convention. ,Up to last evening about 500 delegates had arrived to attend the convention. National League Proceeding!!' NEW YORK, Nov. 17.— The National league took some important action yesterday. After nearly five hours' work magnates voted to rescind the 10 per cent assessment rule. It was also decided that each club competing in a championship game shall draw 50 per cent of tho net receipts. The abolition was carried by a vote of 7 to 5. President Young was re-elected for the three years next ensuing. Mr. Young was elected secretary and treasurer by the national board. The national board, consisting of A. H. Soden, C. H. Byrne, and, President Young, was reelected. There will be no change from a twelve, to an eight club circuit. Nothing of the American association has turned up. Scliaefer "(iafns 011 Ives. NEW YORK, Nov. 37.— The fourth night's play in the 14-inch balk line billiard match between Sjhaefer and Ives began last night with Ives far in the van. Schaefer succeeded in reducing the discrepancy in the scores somewhat, making two brilliant runs. The score: Ives (1,800)— 6, 81, 0, 0, 17, 177, 49, 0, 59, 118,8,23,58,0,10-2,400. Schaefer (1,032)— 38. 3, 0, 244, 16, 84, 0, 149, (53, 45, 7, 104, 12, 3-1.798. Averages— Ives, 43 6-7; Schaefer, 54 9-18. Calls on Secretary Greslmui. WASIJ.JNGTO^, NOV. I 1 }.— The Chinese minister," accompanied by two of his suite, called on Secretary Gresham yesterday, • In view of 'the pendency of negotiations for United States mediation between China and Japan, the call occasioned much comment, although 'the 'ollicials and diplomats said it was without significance, RcenU Of Wlsmarok the Best Plan. KKRLTN, Nov. "17.— The VoBsiseho 55eitung says: "Jf it be true Chancellor If ohenlohe seeks Prince Bismarck's advice it would be better to recall Bismarck in order to clear the situation, Probably 'Bismarck, in the present cir* cum^tan ces,, does not desire to bepqme a> responsible minister, preferviug to criticise from afar." ' Will Contest, Web,, Nov, J?,— ft is now asserted- ojvgoocl authority that there- ^vvil.l be « gubernatorial contest in Nebraska, It is said tho committee will file the necessary papers .'before Nov,' 20, the, date on which, the tii»e for ber a contest empires'. Many lead-' republicans pj>ppi»<j the contest. Minors NQY, pf General Master Wppkmo.n. 1 J, Ji ereign<an4 General Hec votary ww, JobH W» Wayfii* pf the j^abor in refusing & seat .the pf til? J8in«5S to }pse o| ROYAL Baking Powder Absolutely pure. The official report shows Royal Baking Powder chemically pure, yielding 160 cubic inches of leaveft» ing gas per ounce of pow«der, which was greatly in excess of all others and more than 40 per cent, above the average, Hence Royal Baking: Powder makes the lightest, sweetest and most wholesome food. ROYA!. BAKING POWDEP CO., 106 WALL ST., NEW-YORK. PEOPLE OF THE DAY. I Dr. Charles Eastman, the Indian, and his wife (Elaine Gooclale) are living in St. Paul, and are well and prosperous. Oliver Wendell Holmes, son of the poet, is the sole heir of his father's estate valued at $300,000, with the exception bf one bequest of $6,ODD. ; Engineer-in-Chief Melville says that in the Olympia, Minneapolis, Colombia and New York we have four cruisers that for speed beat anything in tho world. >Lord llosebery is a devoted father. He cut the cabinet meeting rather short in order to be with his little daughter at Dalmeny park on her fifteenth birthday. The empress of Germany goas to bed ordinarily at 10:30, rises'at 6 and makes the emperor's coffee with her own hands. The family dine at 1, have tea at 5 and supper at 8. General George G. Meacle, the liero of Gettysburg, was a soldier of austere bearing but was beloved by his men, among whom his spectacled face won him the nickname, of "Four- eyed George." Mrs. Ohphant, the novelist, has just lost her last ^'surviving son. Though a chronic invalid he held''the place of sub-librarian at .Windsor -castle,-and wrote for the Spectator and other literary papers. In a sjreat many cases of Asthma, Piso's Cure for Consumption will give relief that is almost uquul to u cure. 25 emits. It is a:base libol to say that, women want ballot-boxes to put bon-bons in. II the Baby Is cutting Teeth. Be sure and use that old and well-tried remedy,-; Hits. WJJJSLOW'S SOOTHIXO Srtasv tor OUildren Teething- A man entirely satisfied with himself bas no time to be satisfied with other people. Coo'n Cou^U lialaam la the aWf.Rt. and bi>bt, U will break tin a fold quick. er than an.vtblau else, ic Is always reliable. Try it. Liye >vell and live long, to shorten bis duvs.' It kills a man Magic; corn Warraotod lu euro or money retuuded. Auk your irujgist lor J t. 1'rlce iZ ueu t». , Kin are almost as easy to accumulate as empty tomatu cans. "A- Cup of Parka' Ten at uight moves tbe bowels m the morning." ]f you want to, flatter tell him he has none, a man's vanity, He ia the assassin of somebody's happiness. READY READING. Berlin, charttj* hospitals receive an annual subsidy of jjjlX'iU.OIK). In four years congress has authorized the expenditure of $2,000,000,(WO. The l?aptis>t clergymen in Baltimore have agreed that each shall preach a sermon osi the need of fenders on trolley curs. The states having the greatest percentage of .nejrro population arc: South Carolina. 50.85 par cent, and Mississippi, 57.58 per cent. 1 he Strength of 1111 Arch. The strength of a brick arch having a span of la feet li inches and a ri»a of 1 foot 11 J- inches was recently tested at Bcuuo, France, with a view to'ciafcermino tho suitability of such a. construction for a service reservoir now being built there. The brick measured 11.8 by 5.1 by 1.2 inches, and were laid flat. with.'a'.joint of cement mortar 0.4 inch thick between them and an 8.10-inch layer, of mortar outside. A section two feet was built on rock abutments and loaded with 820 pounds per square foot, which load was carried without any signs of failure for eighteen hours. B.TOIIN w. _ B WitKliliitrtoi), B.C. I"'Successfully Prosecutes Claims. Late Principal Examlnur U.S. Pension Burenu. I :).JTSi» lact mtr. JSuJjutilculiii^chiluiSi PIONEER KN1TT1NB WORKS, IOWA CITY, ISxclUBlveliaml made Iiiullcn' mill Chlldron't 1 Heilcl-wear, Silk unil Wool Mlttonv, nlway»; the latest ctyles. Goods luiinufuuturod In. Iowa for Iowa people. | McELREES' SWINE OF CARDULf Modern Journalism. "Ah, madam," he'gushed, l> witb your admiration for beautiful scenery you should go to the Himalayas. Our Alps are onlv h'ills beside them.' 1 '•Have you been there?'' "No: but 1 once wrote uu article about them.' 1 For Female Diseases. iMl B BBB _ $3 SHOE IS THE BEET. NO SQUEAKING. CORDOVAN. FRENCH&ENAMEUfDCALF. 4. $ 3« FlNECALF&KANGARfll $3.5PPOLICE,3 SOLES. EXTRA FINE. .*i.^ BOYS'SCHOOLSHOES. •LADIES* Tou END FOR CATALOGUE W'L.* DOUGLAS, BROCKTON/ MA33. save money by ircn.rine tho W f 1-., J>ouj?>ns 60.OO Shoe. Rccnuso, ve »re thp larcett manv.fpqturcru at this ETO'leof shops inttie ^vrlc), ami guarantee tbclr value by fctamplug tbe nr.uje und price on tliu bottom, which protect you nunlnst high j)rlccs and ' toe mlddlempn'9 promts, Our equal custom work In style, easy fitting and voarlng qualltiee, We lisve ?5iem sold ercrj'»rtiere aUownr prices for tne vajuo given than any otljer mnUe, T.ike r,o sub. Btltute, l[ vour dealer cnnuot 9upply you, we csn, Rheumatism, Neuralgia^ Baokaeh®. find the Sunnu SoutH VIA BIG FOUR ROUTE. Tho frosty mornings, the chilly- nights, ' are the first warning notes from 'Winter's trumpet, and we watch tho Sun in his southward course, longing to follow him to a land where it is summer always. Are you going South this winter] Where ax % e you going? The "Big Four Koiite" is the b"st line ' from Chicago, Peoria, St. Louis, Cleveland, Columbus, 1 ' Indianapolis, Uenton flavour, Sunclusky and intermediate points, with Solid Vestibuled trains, Buffet Parlpr Cars, Wagner Sleeping Cars and Dining Cars to >, Cincinnati, where direct connections are'", mjtde wjitn solid trains with Pullman bleep- 5 v '»j ing cars of the Chesapeake & Ohio, Queen ,"l'l & Crescent Koute and Louisville & Nash- ,« r',\ ville Railways, to Hot Springs, Old Point, ' »$ Comfoi-t and all points fti Virginia and 'Jfhe,;» ',m Carolines; to Jacksonville, St. 'Ansnstirie 'JK® and »H points ,iiT Florida; to New Oceans *""&# and all principal cities'in 1 the'So-nth * . »•£.•'Is principal cities' in 1 the'Soi\th Through Wagner and- Cars daily between ht: ' rogtouvia the "Big FowV »»aitb'e uresque 0, & O, RyT A , rl „ . lourist rates will be in effect, V ; ' .a' Call on or address any Agent of the Bigl^-f Four Route or Us connecting ' Pullman' Sleeping-; -Jjf '** t:' Louis^nq, Wi»8h= f ,^S owV andltb'e pio%' ' ,/<^ E. 0. McCORWIO?, Fas*'r Trsmc Mtumppr Big four Routg,

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