The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on November 21, 1894 · Page 2
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 21, 1894
Page 2
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V^V;V-' i ' » ' ' •> gfi- ffifi ABOOTTHECAMfflKE HOW tME OLO MAN GOT HIS fHANKSQlVINQ DINNER. Wliftt ft rennsylvanlft Regiment T.carnod itt t)o Through Complete lJUctpltne— Isoll l!«U—Logan at Atlanta— tjeffulnrs. Its G«t ttls Thahksgtvlhg Dinner. A company of searred war veterans had gathered on Thanksgiving night in the town hall, and Were cnjoj-ing a tflorious reunion. Baked hams, coffee and turkey sandwiches Were circulating briskly; reminiscences of the terrible war and tales of gloi-y and hardship were the order of the evening. All hearts grow teiidor and many voices were husky with feeling as the old soldiers recounted their experiences. Suddenly an old, White-haired man, clad in tattered garments, darted past the door-keeper into the .hall, and ilung himself sobbing, upon the commander's neck. "Prison—down South — suffering— tlu-ee years!' 1 ho exclaimed, in a paroxysm of emotion. "What!" cried the commander, "another old veteran? Welcome, comrade, to our humble feast." An eager group gathered about him and a dozen questions were asked. "What year?' 1 •'What company?" "Libby?" "Andersonvillo?" "Castle Thunder?" The old hero waved his hand majestically and said, as distinctly as ho could: "How can T recall the awful talc? My bleeding 1 heart shrinks • from reopening its wounds. Let tho benediction of peace flood our weary souls with rest. I am an emotional old man." "You are right," said tho Commander,, deeply touched by tho veteran's words. ''Let joy rule this happv, hour. Sit down aud partake with us.'" They brought, him refreshments, •which be set-mod to appreciate immensely, and treated him as their most honored guest. lie adjusted himself around four plates of beans, two pieces of v>:e and five cups of coffee, and then full to work steadily on the sandwiches. "How sweet," said he at length, "to moot thus, linked by the indissoluble b omls of fraternal love! Ah! how it fills my heart—and stomach! Excuse mo if 1 wipe; away a happy tear. I am an emotional old man." All s:it in reverent silence before the hero, until he commenced on his twenty-seventh sandwich. Then th-j commander, whose heart was overflowing with.sympathy, asked in pity: "And did they treat you harshly in those rebel prisons?" "What rebel prisons?" asked the veteran. "Did you not say you wore in a southern prison?" "Oh, yes. I only g-ot out last year. I got three yours down in Texas for borrowing a mule. It makes mo tired, now, to think of it. I am an emo— Vl The corporal tried to strike him and the commanrler tried to trip him and tha door-keeper tried to grab him; but ho slipped from tho hall like> a bullet from a gun, and the thought of the way in which he beguiled them rendered the entire company emotional in tho highest degree.—• American Tribune. division oi CoftffectferfttfcS 1ft "Valley of Death," "DetiVs actl tho Wheatfieid, but by a& almost superhuman effort they extricated themselves by desperate hand-to- !iand flghti ng 1 . In doi'ns 1 Ao, however, they lost half their number, but that grand effort stoppsd the assault of Hood long enough to save the key of the field— Little Round Top— td the Union army. Iu j&otembef, 1864, the ranks had become Sb decimated that tho regular regimenta were Sent to be recruited. logati nt Atlanta. "I never thitik of Senator Logan,* 1 saicl Captain John 11. Thomas, Who represents his old district, "but that t call to mind that memorable occasion, which made him immortal in the tiearts of the Utiioti veterans of the late war. It was before Atlanta, in the inidst of f, groat battle. Like wild lire the news had flown from mouth ttj month Unit General Mc- I'herson was lulled. Dismay was depicted on every countenance, and de« feat seemed'inevitable. "The retreat had already begun, when suddenly Log-atJ, who was second in command, came galloping down the ranks like a man of iron. I will never forget him as he looked that i.'r.'nd day of July, 1804. Seated on a coal-black horse with head and shoulders erect, ho was tlie most gallant and picturesque specimen of a soldier I ever saw. "As he galloped down the ranks at full speed, his flushing eyes gathered in every detail of the battle, and his stentorian voice rallied the army corps from retreat to the charge. His eyes literally blazed as he dashad to tho front, and to me the title of Black Eagla' bestowed ou him on that occasion has always seemed a most appropriate one. "His men caught the inspiration that only such an impetuous man as Tjogau could have created then, and history tolls how that battle was changed -from humiliating defeat to a great victory for tho Union cause. That day was a grand victory for Logan, and every soldier thinks of him as ho looked on that occasion, when the F ifteeuth, Sixteenth, and Seventeenth army corps, obedient to his electric voice, changed from dis- orgunizud forces to n victorious army." Koll Cull. "Corpiral Groea!" tlia orderly cried, • Hero!" win th i answer, loud and clear. From tlw lip? of tho sol.Her wlu stood ncin And "Here" wa-> the word tlic next ropIicJ 'Cvrus Drowr'—t'-ioti sUcusc fell— Thti tduom answer followed tho call; Only Mi man saw him full, Killed or woundcl he could uot tell. There they stood in tho failing light, These men ot battle with i?r ivo, dark looks, As nlain to bo re .id as open books, While slo'.vly gathered the shado.vs of night Tho fern on the liillsldca was splashed with At its afinttftl meeting the Anflf6ficaft Canoe asSo'eiatioH decided to ftmgftd thfe racing rules td ptntiit oi handicftppiiif . Ires defeated Schacfftr in tne Second night's play of the billiard match f'ttes- day, scoring &3!J points -while his opponent WAS making 23'J. Clacquel- defeated lioftleref in a match race at San frj-nndsco nnd lowered the coast five furlong fecofd to oiuOK- A match at 300 birds foi' |500 a Side has been arranged between Capt. 3. tj. Brewer and J, A. If. Mliott. Mctt-opole, -sVitli 200 pdtiiids up, fan six and a half furlongs ftt Jirashvillc in 1:30, within twrj-flfths of a second of the record. Schacfcf ran GOO to tves' 56S in the opening night's play of the billard match at ?scw York Monday. It is av* ^ragc was 35 5-17. Chicago athletics and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology teatn played a tie football game at Boston Monday, each scenting otic goal, The body of the Into czar 1'cached St. Petersburg 1 and was escorted to the cathedral by u procession imposing in length and make-Up, The Dublin corporation adopted resolutions declaring lack of confidence in the government in view of its attitude in the amnesty question. More than 300 persons lost their lives in an earthquake in Japan. Sa- Icata was almost entirely destroyed. President-elect Monies of Brazil will !>e inaugttrntcd Thursday. His cabinet ;as already been selected. lUissell Island savages attacked the •'reneh traders' .station, killed its occu- •unts and feasted on their bodies. Myrdn ll. Wright, congtf&ssmnn frbtn the Fifteenth Penftsyltanift district, died at ±renton, Oitt. Wallace T. PTielps, known as "Whistling Dick," who had been a membe* of thfe Chicago fiie department since 1866, is dead. Rttfrts 5s. Kamsrty, latd trcasnWt of Illinois, tvaa buried at Carlyle Tuesday. I4ov. Altf eld and othfer state tifficiala were itt attehdcthce. William Stitl-ges, the plaintiff in the ' famous Sturgcs^arwell litig'atidiij Who broke dbtt'ft Under its weight,died at Owcgo, *T. Y. George W« ScOggaii, the. tvell-khOwn race horse owner and breeder, died at his home near Louisville, Ky> , GRlMfe. ar-iitt.i. . Griswoltl ttnd Lake, the ti-ain i'ob^ bcrs who Itilled Detective Owens, pleaded guilty in the Circuit (iotii-t at Waltkcgan. Iix-i?ankcr A. A, .CadwaUadei? oi Superior, AVis., pleaded 'guilty of embe7.- zlcnienb and %vas sentenced to five years' imprisonment. A verdict of guilty was returned in the Little mine riot case at Pekin, 111., and sentences of imprisonment for three and five years were imposed. Henry Smythc, accused of swindling Chicago merchants, escaped from the train at Little Ptock, his wife having drugged the officer in charge. "Jack the vStranglcr" is again at work in Denver. A Japanese girl of ill repute was his third victim. I3ill Cook and his robber band held up a Missouri, Kansas & Texas train near Muskogco, I. T. They were unable to enter the express car, but relieved the passengers of their valuables. NEW YORK'S GREAT BEAUTY SHOW, Vu'.uo of .unitary Diic pline. A Pennsylvania regiment, when it first joined, had excited tne commiseration of the veteran organizations of the brigade to which it was assigned, because its colonel kept them standing in line so long when halted at the end of each day's march, throw-. ing out markers, and compelling each restless soldier and impatient officer to "toe the mark" until the alignment was perfect enough to suit him, writes . Colonel A. H. Nickerson in Blue and Gray. Other troops gathered in the fuel and such canjp perquisites as were in sight; still he would not oreak his ranks and allow his men to go until each company front was an absolutely straight lino. On the day of the battle, when the brigade to which this regiment belonged moved into line of tattle and opened fire on the enemy the position that fell to this regiment was a con^ epicuous one on the side of a gentlo elope that fell off toward, the Sunken road. Here the colonel's line was formed, just as vig'ully correct as it had been ftt the close of each day's march. And there, too, these men stood and stayed. Tha bravo colonel was killed! officers and jnon were falling lijie, -autumn leaves all along the line, and yet "dressed on the center," whei'pCthoir, colors were flying, just as,tlje.\?;,had, been taught to do at the closo'"6'f' A each day's inarch, and, this, too, comprising about all the »*clrTlIs'"tia'ey had ever had, they had continued to load and firj as regularly as if ivt target, practiced—a striking- .evidence of the effect of even a little discipline, and an example of heroism worthy of the best and bravest. And down in tho corn where the poppies crow Wore rudder st-ilm than tin: poppie* know, Anil crimson-dyed was the river's flood: For Hie 1'oe h ;»Z crossed from tin other side That day, in tacvpf a murderous lire, swept tii^miNiVn in its terrible ire. And their life-blood went to color the tide. 'Herbert Kline' " at tho call there came Two stalwart soldlaiM into .the line, Ho \r;n ; between them this Herbert Kllno, Wounds J and bloc Jin; to aanver his name "7>.ra Kcrr!" and a voice answered "Here!" "i-iirini Kcr.'! " but no m.\u replied. They ware bfothbi-s, tlicso two. the sad winds stihcd. And a shudder croyt throu ;h th; corn-fleldi near. Djan!" than a soldier spoke: Dean carrlad our r5 rimeat colors," ho slid. "Wlien our ensign was shot I left htm de.vX Just after the ona:ny wavered and bfolce. "Clo;e to tho roicl--sldo his boJy lies, I paused a inotnotit to stlvo hlcn a drink: Ho murmured liU mother's uama, I think. And death came with it and oloiel his eyea " Twas a victory. Yes but it cost us dear, For that company's roll, when called at night, Of an hundred men who into tno Riht, Numbered but twenty that answered '-here: 11 jugulars, t-'*e war broke out the ?:l, 3d, 4th, tith, Icn and lOth regiments of in? fa.trtry an>l one coixip^ny of the 1st were hastily gathered at Washington, »B4 *Q these were added four now regiments, the nth, 17th Hth 17th infantry, thus forming two brigades, which ware joined hy » briga4q pj volunteers, g, splendid divlslpRQf saUJier.*, Qooeral George Gi SyUes/ regulars spryod with dist'mo- teift in most of the acjfcjv- of tlw war, At delft*-, '» jftq tho afternoon, of Jujy 3, |SO<j, ' I,(nt Ulble. Harry Weaver of Uniontown, called at our oflice while on his way to the Hanover fair and related a war time incident in connection with a small testament which ho was returning to a Mrs. Smith, of Hanover, who was formerly Miss Louisa Vandersloot. At a certain time during the war, while a number of soldiers were quartered in and around U niontown, Mr. Weaver who was then a boy, in pass' insr through his father's garden one day discovered a soldier lying there who was weary, footsore and. in dis' tress generally, Ho invited the soldier to the honso, where he was given something to eat and gen' orally rejuvenat id, who, in order to show his gratitude, presented young Harry with u, testament which con» tamed tho following inscription: "Samuel Vandersloot, Gettysburg 1 , Adams County, Pa., 1801," and on the title page the jiamo, "Louisa Yander* sloot" in pocicil, Some timo ago in turning ovor tho contents of ?v tyunk the book was brought to Jighl;, and Mr. Weaver started an investigation, which resulted in tha infovrofttion' that the relic was presented to Samuel Vandersloot, who was killed during tho war, by his sister Louisa, who is now tho wife of u Mr. Smith of Hanover. Mr. Weaver returned tUo.booU to Mrs, Smith, who prizes it highly for its associations, —Carroll (Ga,) lie cord, _ __ J.euvo-TnlUuK nt the Station. A squad of soldier boys was about to set of£ for the seat °J war, At the station a largo crowd of friends gathered, and there was the wsu.aj amount of Idssiog, weeping, embracing and }eave-takin,g, A Jou4*voiced rmin wets entert»i»ing ft gyoqp oj ladies with his conversation, remarko4< as one J?f the s\''eet Jittlo wives \v»s passing, was going to the >v§r, ftn4 »ny 9! fri,ends .should , station to aoe m'e Qfjt', j thein.." Tbolitfcle wjQrn ft u and very quietly s^M, "OU, o[a» 3 fe you. if, Sotrifi sti{)pdseit ffioftdS ol a pet liave peculiar id"6a9 ns to* what kind of items apap'ei- fequii-cs. Not Jong since a gentleman oatoa into the sane- turn of a Texas papef and sa'.d to tho '•Look hero, you miss a heap ot life itettis. I'm on tho stfc&ts all ifft^. lit conic up evory once in a While and J»ost you, 14 "All i'ight, feteti on $GiU' itefn, but reiHehiber Wo Want heWs." Hi Had Hip Dlsaaso al in Bos'tofl j dad tthfeft he fc<Sft8 horns The art loan exhibition ni,w on in New York Ciiy is attracting the attention o) connoisseurs at all centers of art. The show is exclusively of poriniits of celebrated American beauties of these and other days, done by the most celebrated arlbts on botb sides of the Atlantic. The above is a copy of a portrait of Miss Georgine Campbell painted b^ /jerfelf. It has won universal praise, not only as a work of art, but as a thinj of beauty as well. • ' ' ?rague WASHINGTON. - Consular reports indicate a revival of iommerpe with European and South \merican countries as a result of the icw tariff law. John Karel of Chicago, consul at has been made consul general St. Petersburg. Carl Jonas of Wisconsin will succeed him at Prague. Secretary Carlisle has issued a call for bids for 850,000,000 5 per cent ten year gold bonds, Juclgo "C6le overruled the demurrer to tho indictments of IJrokers MacCurt- noy and Chapman, who refused to testify before the senate sugar investigating committee, Senator Peffer says the populists will not aid the republicans to or- anizo tho senate, »nd prophesies the reformation of parties on, the line of silver and anti-silver. A general order, commending in- dividval spltUei's for specially meritorious nets during 18M, has been is&x\ed by Mujor'Gonoral feichofield, Republicans of Kansas held a jolljfl- sation at Topeka. All stale officers and congressmen elect wade speeches. Tho contcbt among Illinois republi* cans for the senatorshiu gives evidence of narrowing down to » choice between Medill &u<! Cullom, In granting a ro)iearing in a contested election ease the MJQhig pro me court he!4 the use of an, eraser oi) a ballqt to be permissible, : Readers of the Ht, Louis b jive jtotormitied^it is state^, to .test the eleetiw pf oyexy republj,caji ."','•' >J,,, - ', ,'jt d|m CU JO AGO, CATTLE—Common 10 prime,...? Boos—Shipping grades,..,,... '— Pair OUN—Np, '4, OATS— ffo. 3.,.,, — -So. 8 — CUolcp I 7>. 850 I lo 50 88 20 s— Per bu <Qt 6 « © 4 7) @ 3 40 M sy 47 g-t 81 W 1 and he handed as follows: Members of the Cook gang raided ;ho town of J^enapaht I. T,, i-obbing u store, killing one man and wounding mother, Oscar G, Peters, a prominent business man of Columbus, Oltip, commit;ed suicide in -a sanitarhun at Dan-, villc, N. Y. Citizens' National bank at Oberlin, Ohio, was robbed of $000 by unknown ihioves who conld not force the vault floor, N. J, Vilhirs, in jail at Fargo, N, D,, confessed to tho murder of u farmer and his wife near Jamestown, LATEST MARKET REPORTS, — No. S ..... , COUN— No. tt yeflow OA'i'S— No- i llous day he catue Hj* s beftthihg 1 all ovclS "i'VC got ft live iicfh fof J'Oil. ¥oW know that, infernal, bow-legged gorrilla of a brothei--in^aw bf iiiiiio, who Was !h business hero With Hid?'' I believe 1 reniembei' such a person,'' said the editor, Wear. \y. "Well, I've jtisfc got heWs ffoni Nc- btftsk:), Wlicro ho is liviiig, thrit ho is going to i'tiw for the logishttut'Oi Kow ( just give him a blast. Lift him Out of his boots. Don't spare him oil iny ac- cbtlrit.'V The editor shook his head ahd the ncwsgatheror t'otircil Next day he came up again. "My little item was crowded out, At loiisl 1 didn't soc it in the paper. I brought you some more news,' itt an item about a cat "A remarkable animal.—The family oat of our worthy and distinguished fellow townsman Smith, who keeps thu boss grocery store of Ward No 13 (beer always on tap), yesterday became, tho mother of live singularly-marked kittens. This is not tho first timo this iinhcnrd-of event has taken place.. We understand Mr. Smith is being favorably spoken of as a candidate for alder-, man." The editor groans in his spirit as ho lights a cigur with tiic effort. It is not long before he hears that Smith is going around 'saying that he has made thu paper what it \s, but it is not independent enough to suit the public. Many ' readers will say that this sketch is'overdrawn, but thousands of editors all over tho country will lift up their right hands to testify that they •.trc personally acquainted.., with . the cuilty party.— Texas Siftinas. First Discovery ot Coal Iu America. There aro strong reasons for believing- that we arc indebted to the early French missionaries for tho first discovery of coal on this continent. In McFa'rlancVs "Coal Regions of America" I lincl the following-.: "It is a remarkable fact that the first discovery of coal in America, of which an account has boon preserved in a printed book, was made so far in the interior as Illinois, by Father Ilenncpin, moiv than 200 years ag-o."—St. Louis Ko- oubiie. I'o "Suffer anil lio Strong"— In other vrovds, to exhibit fortitude when enduring bodily pain is, of 1 course, praiseworthy, but'sufferers from rheumatism would undoubtedly forego the praise which the exercise of this Spnrtan virtue calls forth,to obtain prompt und c»sy relief. It is at their very threshold in the shape of Hosteller's Stomach Bitters, -which arrests this formidable disoasQ at tho outset, and acts as an efficient anodyne upon the afflicted nervous system. Take lime by tlie forelock if you fcol rheuinatio twinges, and give them a eniitude at piico. Rheumatism is, reader, you may perhaps not be aware, liable to attack tho, heart. Many a man and woman 'with a heart thus attacked has promptly "shuffled . off tiiis mortal coil.'' The Bitters is also an excellent remedy for kidney trouble, malaria, constipation, debility, neuralgia, sleeplessness and dyspepsia. Life's Problems Solved. Tired Tim—Wpt's that you say! Lookin' I'er work? Wayfaring William—Top. I nin't no tramp. I work on farms. But I never stays in one situation inor'n a weelc. "Why not?" "Well, bv that timo the folks generally stops treatin' mo as company and wants me to work." Early Lessons, Watts—A fellow never quite forgecs tho lessops he learns at his mother's Knee, Potts—That's so. I often laugh when I fcbinKof how short a timo it took me to learn', to stuff njy hat in my kniekerbo jkers whou I had been swimming without permission, » , Under His Breath. Mamum—Robbie, I heard some very loud, wicked words just now. i hopo it was not you, was it? KobbJe—No, ma'am; I kqow you couldn't have heard mjue—I whis^red ail ot 'em. A Rebuff, Office Seeker—Mr, .President, dop't you remember mo? rresidewt—Ye8, but I cnnuot pltvce you. There is more Catarrh j» this section of the country than all other diseases put together, aad until the Ja&t few years -\v«s supposed to be incurable. For ft great many years doctors pronounced it a local disease, and prescribed Jocal remedies, aiid by constantly failing to pure with local treatment, projiopuced it incurable, Bci- euce has proven catarrh to be a cpnstitu- tionsl disease, and thereforo requires stjtutional treatment, Hull's Oal Cm'Q, manufactured by P, J. Cheney & Ca v , Toledo, Ohio, Is the only consititutjlpual cure oi) the market, Jt is takeij jlntpro/ally in dpseis f voui 10 drops to »tea8p,Qon€ul! I* tacts (Ureptly ou the blooa ft»djra]jcflUB w< faces of the &ystem. TUoy pffer p«e . dred dollars for ai»y case jt iuijstopyre, Boudfor circulars and tesrtjmpu.ials. 44- on ton leg, Could not step, We have h&a giving liltn llOod'a Sai'sapaHlla a ySftf, and he can walk, ftm ttad play as lively as any boy. lie has MO sores and is the PJtOTtmtt OF ttEAl/rtt» Mm C, BdttiE, Wafe, Mass, ; Ketoember", .flood's?* Cures Mood '8 Pills do not'purge, pain or gripe. HUE WILL MfltL POSTPAID a fine 1'nnol Picture, entitled "WiSDItAYtON "< In exulmuge tot it Large Won Heads, cut from lilott Cofffla wrappers, nnd ti 2-cent stnhip to pay postltge. Write Tor list 6.' our other flne premiums, Inolttd* log books, a knife, gtune, cto. WOOLSON SPICE do., I 4SO Htiron St., TOLEDO. OHIO.. DBS MOINBS FIRMS WAMTKO—100 enlosmon to sell ttnd 10,000 customers to buy trees. Liberal Icrnis nntl reasonable prices. IM5H MO1N1CS NUKHKHY CO.. Dos Molfies. DES MOINES Tth * MUl- berry ; ontl mate* free. Cheap rates. Mileage bought nnd sold. W.W. Williams, 2tW4thSt. J'or Bookkeeping, Shorthand of'. Telegraphy, atici f,ct position. J»wa lIuslneSM College, ];<.g Molnes. Get Catalogue. & MOO11K. Suoli Illustrious aal'cflaicll, the poet) Mautlcl, tho rompOBer; Civar anil Napoleon, wuiTlois; Mnhomot and .St. 1'u.ul. expounders of 10 :lslon, sufTciol wltliKPIl.iKP.Sy. [(you aio sttl- I'orlngr. write tniin and we will send yon our buoklOj t«>lilnir how to l>n q«ro:l. Mi*r. LION JEHSRVJS 1 TOMO ('<>. K kusus Cliy, Rio. P lum « SPLENDOR prune, Van v DEM/UN <iuinoe-^7wfc« of Bui-bank's ao million "new creations." STARK Trees PREP AID every where. SAFE ARRIVAL guaranteed. The"greatnurseries"savoyouovor HALF. Mllliousof tlie best trees 70 years' experience can grow; they "live longer and bear better."— Sec. Morton. STARK,B3'J, Louisiana, Mo. .Rockport.lll. DOCTORS WHO TREAT ALT. ' PRIVATE DISEASES Weakness and Secret Disorders of MEN ONLY. ! Free book. Address, with stamp, DRS. SEARUES & SEARUES, 1116 Itanium ,St.,Oui«lvu,Xcl>. HERE'S A SWAP We iiavo Just received a closing out. shipment of MOO »j. C. Smith $55 crude Hammer Breech Lon,dlnn QMOT fillNQ whlch we AT ^99 tfEA dHU8 UUNd can sell A I tplliDU Sent to any point In tho United States C. 0. D.. with privilege of examination on receipt of 83.OO to Kuarantce express charges, tbo advance money to be deducted from tho price ot the gun. Send for our (•"mpjotp Bun catalogue No. 97.1. WJBt»TEKN 81*6KTISra 000l>8 CO., OOO Stain Street, H.un»a« City, Bio. DIRECTIONS for using CREAM BALM.—Ai)ply a particle of tho Balm well up intt the nostrils. Aftef' a moment draw a strong breath through the nose, Use three times a day, after meals preferred, and before retiring. ELY'S CREAM BALM Opens and o'eimses the ffacal Passages. Altars Pain and Inflammation. Hnalft the Sores, J?roteetn the Membrane Irom Colds, Kefctoreu the Heuboa of Taste and hiuell . The Balm is quickly absorbed and give* relief at once. - f \ particle is applied into each uoBtril and is agreeable. Price 50 cents, at drui'Kists or by mail, Buy BROTHERS, W) Warren Street, "COLCHESTER" .'¥4 The oHt twn4s tUe whole <lowa to tbe Itee), )«vp, tnqtiijK the boot jij dlsr plug Hu4 in ertor WALTER BAKER & GO, f fhe targes* Aianufacjufeys jpf ' PURE, WCH GRAPE "" j-.ppt / ff^afff. w, j- 17- wp-^-w^^rpaarj-E^-nE wf-? , yil V>m »ot defeated m the late elec* w»a that it will wi» in p,opulist offjcials are plan jn a body tho is ipaygwyated. Republicans of Baoipo toefe the fe;^ihV/; sSstetefe., 'j jj* „ ~

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