The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 22, 1953 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 22, 1953
Page 13
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TUESDAY, SEPT. 22, 1953 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THIRTEEN AFLMovefsQuis'nytQ Prevent Fights Among Private Unions By NORMAN WALKER ST. LOUIS (AP) — A quiet move besan making headway at the AFL convention to day to encourage private agreements banning fights between rival unions. While the AFL leadership is wrestling with the problem of establishing some over-ali machinery to render binding decisions on inter-union scraps, many major AFL groups think it won't work and are going ahead with plans of their own. HIGHEST, NOT TAL.LESW Local citizens claim .this new skyscraper in Mexico City, Mexico, is the tallest In the world, and they may be right, if you consider that it's built '7800 feet above sea level. The 42-floor project is the tajlest building in Mexico. IN THE PROBATE COURT OF ; MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ,« ARKANSAS >' CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF No. 2150 R01' A. BRINKLEY, DECEASED NOTICE OF SALE ^Notice is hareby given that the undersigned administrator, pursuant to the order of ,the Probate Court of the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, dated September 18, 1953, relating to the above estate, will offer for s^le at public auction to the highest bidder for cash, at the former store or place of business of Roy A; Brinkley, deceased, (known also as Brinkley Mercantile Co.) in the Town of Dell, Mississippi County, Arkansas on the 2nd day of Octo- b"'-. 1953, commencing at 10 o'clock A.M. the merchandise and fixtures ot the Estate of Roy A. Brtnkley, deceased. The merchandise to be sold has been inventoried at $9,640.80 according to inventory filed September 9. 1963, copy of which is on file in the office of the Probate Clerk, B'ytheville, Arkansas, and another frony is in the possession of the undersigned administrator at Dell, Arkansas. The fixtures to be sold ore those fixtures shown in and AP Newsmen Oatis, Noel Receive Honors NEW YORK i£P) — Associated Press Staffers William Oatis and Frank Noel have received Overseas Press Club honors they won while prisoners of Communists on opposite sides of the world. The two were on the press club'6 list of award winners 1952. Oatis then was in in April, Czechoslovakian prison and Noel was in a Chinese Communist prison camp in Korea. Oatis, AP bureau chief in Prague leased, received their awards last night in person during a premiere of the Bing Crosby movie, "Little Boy Lost," at the Rivoli Theater. Proceeds from the premiere will go to the Overseas Press CLub's memorial press center fund. •Oatis. AP bureau chiefin Prague when he was arrested for what the Czech government called spying, won the $500 George Polk memorial award for "courage, integrity and enterprise above and beyond the call of duty." Noel, captured while photographing the Korean War, was given ,an * It was learned, for instance, that the 800.000-m ember machinists union arranged a peace meeting with the equally powerful Carpenters Union on a dispute dating back more than 40 years. Al Hayes, Machinists Union president, was due to confer today with Maurice Hutcheson. Carpenters Union chief, on proposals to settle the dispute over which of the two unions should represent - workers who install machinery, called millwright work. Hayes planned similar confer' ences with the iron workers, operating engineers and plumbers unions seeking bi-lateral Job rights agreements. The fact that the carpenters were talking of such a side agreement with the machinists . was considered significant because the carpenters quit the APL for a month recently over a complaint the APL was powerless to solve squabbles between AFL t rivals. Apparently the carpenters are not sure any effective APL dispute-settling machinery will be established. Labor unions have become increasingly worried over their jurisdictional problems. Afraid that employment may slack off from its present record high, each described in the inventory and report filed by the undersigned September 18, 1953, copy of which is on.file in said clerk's office and a copy is in the possession of the | undersigned administrator at Dell, "ill of which can be exhibited to interested persons by the clerk or the adn-inistrator. The administrator will also exhibit the property to be Mow! Anyone Can Have HOT WATER QUICK! wants to cement as many job rights for its own members as possible. The jurisdictional problem was major topic of corridor conversation at the convention which was due to 'turn attention this afternoon to 'airing gripes over the Taft- Hartley Labor Law. The convention will hear (2 p.m., EST) an address from Martin P. Durkin, the AFL Plumbers Union president who resigned Sept. 10 as secretary of labor in resident Eisenhower's cabinet in a row over Taft-Hartiey amendments. Durkin was scheduled to give a secretary of labor in President sold to interested parties at all play-by-play account of negotia- reasonable hours. | tions with administration officials At the sale the merchandise will first be offered in the lots or categories shown in said inventory and then as a. whole to determine which method will bring a better price; the unmcumbered fixtures will next be offered, and then the incum- bered fixtures ill groups according to the lien claims thereon. AH sales will be subject to confirmation by the Probate Court of the Chickasawba District of Missis- on the proposed T-H amendments. He has charged the White House agreed with him on 19 changes to be submitted to Congress, only to have the President change his mind later. It was learned that AFL President George Meany expected to follow Durkin's speech with one of his own on the same subject. Meany has previously said Durkin could not continue serving on an 1929 '30 '45 '50 1952 AIR TRAVEL IS UP—The rimarkable growth of civil air travel in recent years is shown by the steadily rising lines on the Ncwschart above. U is based on a recent bulletin of the International Aviation Organization, Montreal. Bulletin gave data in kilometers, which have been translated into mileages on the chart, accounting for the lack of customary round figures. The IGAO points out that the world's v scheduled airlines carried 45 million passengers in 1952, compared with 39,900,000 in 1951 and 21 million in 1947. In the U. S., airline passenger traffic was about equal to the Pullman (first class) railway services in 1951 and exceeded it by 20 per cent in 1952. Nearly 1,400,000 people traveled by air between the U. S. and overseas countries last year. Skelton Back On TV Tonight HOLLYWOOD Ijfl — Red Skelton returns to television tonight with a new sponsor and a new network and in the flesh. When Skelton started his television series two years ago, he quickly shot to the number one •ating in the nation. Last year, ilagued by poor health, he filmed sippi County, Arkansas. administration team "where agree- L. M. MOODY, Administrator in ments are not kept." Succession of the Estate of Roy A. Brinkley, Deceased. RETD £ ROY, Blytheville, Ark. Attorneys for the Administrator. 9-22-53 award for the best picture report- Ing from "abroad, judged from its interpretive quality. Eisenhower has never answered Durkin's claim of a broken pledge. Most AFL officials expect a reply omorrow when Vice President Nixon is due to address the convention with a personal message rpm Eisenhower. Meany told cheering delegates ,'esterday AFL unions must quit ightlng among themselves and concentrate on organizing workers not yet members of unions. "There is no excuse for competition for a few members on the part of organizations having hundreds of thousands of members,' Meany said. "And no excuse whatsoever for squandering trade unior money in a battle over a few members on the ground a principle of jurisdiction is Involved. "Let us turn our energies we are wasting in fighting one another to the great mass ot unorganized members who need trade union organization." Way Clear Now For Dick Haymes, Rita Hayworth LOS ANGELES [0 — The last legal obstacle to the scheduled marriage Thursday of crooner Dick Haymes and actress Rita Hayworth has been eliminated. Haymes' second wife, Nora Eddington Flynn Haymes, who divorced him last Friday, has notarized a waiver which she refused to sign When she got the interlocutory decree. Hsiymes now can get a Nevada divorce without waiting 30 days after he files his suit tomor- NEW POCKET-SIZE PORTABLE HATER HEATER COSTS LESS THAN $3.01 Merely place * portable FAST-WAY Watw Heat«r ID a receptacle containing water. Plug ta rpnt socket get HOT WATER QUICK usandB u» for bathing, scrubbing, mubfnc. intoR cream •Dnraroro. rnillt cana. oaili. at*. Heata *mall quantities very (ML. Speed of heat- k large quanta ties depends on the quantity. Com. fr* witbga*. No fir** to build—oo hot water to carry no running up and down stain. No dirt, ao muaa. no top httry fuel bill* Handyl loeipeoalvpl Read direction* butnrp ua(n«. follow. Now «»»lew Chao J3.00, Fat atl« by— General Hardware & Appliance Co, 109 West Main St. Hubbard Hardware Co. 213 "West Main GOOD USED FURNITURE : We ire now using the second floor of our store exclusively Tor used -furniture. We feel by doing this we .can serve our customers Better t» three ways. I. We can Ri?e you mort for youi i used furniture on new. ff If yon want to bit; rood Bfed (urnitur* we will bar* It. ; I. If you want to sell used furniture we will buy It. In *ny ot the three cases We won la Jike the opportunity of figurine With you. " .Through our liberal allowance foi .used furniture on aew we have accumulated the largest stock ot used furniture in our history We Pay Cash For Used Furniture We Inrtte' you to fislt our axr.O furniture department on th* Mcontt floor. Alvin Hardy FURNITURE CO. 113 K, MalD rh. :302 Can you flunk of anything else in the family budget that has stayed as low in price as electricity? Actually, in terms of the cost of living, the price of electricity has decreased! In 1939, electridal service to your home (let's say yours is the average American home) ran around a penny-and-a-half of every dollar you spent. In the last couple of years, electricity has averaged less than a penny per dollar And just think of all the ways electricity helps you for that penny! Service like this, at prices as low as this, are possible because you are using more electric service and because your neighbors in electric companies like this one work constantly to make it even more of a bargain all the time. Ark-Mo Power Co. his show and took a nosedive in the ratings. This year he's healthier and will do the shows live on CBS-TV (8:30 p.m., EST). Most critics who attended a prevue of the neW,.show last night agreed that it's the'Skel- ton of two years ago. row. Nora attended to the formality yesterday^ after saying she didn't consider it "decent" to sign the document allowing Haymes' remarriage right after getting her decree. Haymes and Miss Hayworth plan to honeymoon in Philadelphia, where he opens a night club engagement Sept. 28 — unless he is deported before then. The Immigration Service contends that Haymes, born in Argentina, re-entered the United States illegally after visiting Miss Hayworth last summer in Hawaii. """""•• "" n ™ „ .. I™? I and cmnplrt.. its orbit only onct cst planet moving around the 6im over;; 12 years. Build SSrong Blood Fast With Iron-Rich Pep-Ti-IIon—-the Tonle 1 with Proved Blood-Building Powc'r^ BE A NEW* VITXt M&N; WQMhN* Which dnnEor sinus do von have? Build up your weak blood! Put new strength in your tired IcKKtonri body. Enjoy your food. Slc«p like :\ "lop." Take po\M,Tiiil ni'v.- Pcp-Ti-Kon and net vitali/intf. bjood- ImllctiiiK suhstnm-cs y o u nt- P (! i o bo strong, vigorous, alive! This grenl, tonic gives you 20 times your daily need of iron ...6 times your daily need of vitamin Bi . . • vitamin B , niadnamide and tw» minerals! Procluees strong red blood that is sent to your vital inner organs, to every part of your body. Don't KO on feeling old. tired, losing sleep, suffering nervousness, di/.zy spells, poor digestion due to lauk of iron and Bi, not organic conditions. Take Pop-Ti-Kon daily, like thousands. Only $1.25 at drug courtt- "«on, I'm R«a//y Uvfn'J" First Planned Cily Mexico City was planned by Cortez and approved by King Ferdin a n d or Spain in 1513. First planned cily in North America, it replaced pillaged Tenochtitlnn. Byes of the whirligig beUle arc divided by the muvgin of its head. The lower half s adapted for isee- under water and the upper half for seeing in the air., ;Grain Bin Sale THE ONLY GRAIN BIN WITH 6-PLY RIBS ?. EVERY ll'/i OF HEIGHT FOR EXTRA STRENGTH New Sioux 1,000 Bushel Grain Bin 761 78 M'hile they last we offer one car load of 1,000 bushel size SIOUX metal grain bins at (he special price of $261.78. Why take less than support price for soybeans and other grains this fall when you can have storage right in your field. See or phone us today while our present supply is still available as we will not have any more at this low price. Bins available at the following branches. Blytheville Soybean Corp. Blythcville Phone 6856 Leachville I'hone (i!) Sennth. Mo. Phone 120 Hornci'sville, Mo. Phone 2141 Keeps its value better than any other car! Used car dealers report that Fords return more of their orij cost than any other car— and there are 41 reasons why i Take build. Ford'* one-piece Crcstmart body gives you style-setting beauly with rugged "build" underneath, \\herc many other cars are bntterl, Fords are. welded hull-tight to keep out rust-causing weather and dirt. Take ride. Ford's wonderful, m>w ride reduces front end road shock up lo M)%. And Ford's new, more responsive spmij; and .shoclc aSsorhcr action gives you .tlic coinloil;d)!c easy ride you want without gas-eating extra Height, Tal\(! .S«rm«,S. Ford's economy-minded Automatic Power Pilot saves you money on every*. It automatically adjusts rarburetion, ignition und combustion to make every drop of gas ("re^' at thai) work its heart out. Vtsibilil V. Ford gives you the "all- around" view you need in today's ta&t-moving traffic. A curved one-piece windshield, car-wide rear window and large "pitture window*" all around make sure you have Full-Circle visibility. Take f/rM,V>S. Only Ford in it* field gives you a choice of a completely automatic drive, Fordoniatic, the finest, most versatile automatic you can huy . . . fuel-saving Overdrive ... or easy-shiftinj Conventional Drive. FORD WOHTIl MOltK W11K.N YOU BUV IT... WOKTII .MOKE tt 11E:N YOU SELL IT! ) r.D.A.F. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Broadway & Chickasawba Phone 4453 — If You're Interested in an A-l Used Car Be Sure to See Your Ford Dealer——

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