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Raleigh, North Carolina
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The Daily News and Observer. FRIDAY 29, 1907. Farmer closed the-side with a flv to CONSUMPTION iniiG wirk! HUGE ACOUITTEO CfflOL PAP HARRIS Mainly Caused by Chronic Colds and JONES' MURDER ANOGLQR A MONO -ri Rev. J. R.

Moose With Or. Pihson. ury Instructed to Return A. M's Sweet Revenge center-field. A fly from Edwards to third, followed by Schneider's striking out.

and Swank's hot drive into Farmer's glove, prevented LaFayette from getting to first In the fourth Inning. Neither did A. and M. make first base this inning. LaFayette landed two hits in the fifth, but got out on high flys.

Temple, in right field, made a sensational running catch of McAvoy's fly during the sixth inning, otherwise neither side did any special playing. Both, teams seemed so well matched that it was almost impossible for either to make any headway. In the seventh. Swank got a hit to centre field, but was thrown out while trying to steal' second. Long struck out, and Norris sent a fly over to Shuford in left field- Harris, for A.

got a hit into right field, and made second on Jordan's sacrifice, but was put out while trying for third. Lafayette's flrst three men up in the eighth Inning got out In one. two, three order. Temple fanned. Thompson ent first hv eettine hit.

and Farmer Services at Edctiton trect Methodist "Mot. on LaFayette. lianging-ou coughs. A prominent New England scientist has given a good deal of time to the study of consumption, and finds that comparatively few cases are hereditary. Mostly all are caused by neglected coughs and colds, which gradually weaken the whole pulmonary system, and before people realize it there is a diseased spot in one lung; spitting blood soon follows and eventually a collapse.

Such an unnecessary end, such a pity, for all could have been so different. We know of many instances where our valuable cod liver preparation, Vinol, has been most beneficial In such cases. Vihol is able to cure hanging-on colds, stubborn coughs, strengthen the 1 jngs, and thus prevent the development of consumption, because it is the most perfect cod liver preparation ver compounded; it contains no oil or grease to upset the delicate stomach. 4'hurch Ae of Deep Interest and of lirent Value. I We're agents.

We receive this In quan-titles that ve can handle quickly, -lience It is always fresh. 'Shipment just received. 1-2 Ibs 1 3" -li lbs. and Slbs. 80c.

per pound. WAS FINED $100 The evangelistic services now FOUR TO NOTHING progress at Edenton Street Methodist church each morning at 10:30 and at 8 o'clock at night are growing in in line Was for Carrying Concealed Wea- A Complete I St versa 1 of Form Brings I Uons Only Other Trial of Day Nwent out on a fly to centre. With two men out and Thompson on third, Goss got a base on balls. Thompson Victory Under tlie Lead of Hur-ris' Steady Work in the Box and Rejuvenated Spirit Among Whole Nine. Was Over Whsilier George Iianp Maintained a Nul-' sance.

KING CRO WELL DR.UG CO. Druggists RALEIGH, NOR.TH CAR.ONINA next scored on a wild pitch, but Goss out the side out trying to make the home-plate. Lafayette got one hit In the ninth After Wednesday's fiasco, the A. jAt the conclusion of the State' 9 evi- inning, but used it to no advantage, leavin" the score 4 to 0 in A. M's.

lence in the case of A. R.f Hodge, M. bunch got together yesterday and favor, it was Lafayette's off-day. with some good playing to A. M's.

credit. cijarged with the murder of Clyde played ball till the rooters went hoarse and the bass drum of the band yell The Line-lip. et it does contain I every one of the fifty odd medicinal curative elements actually taken from fresh cod's livers, with tonic Iron added. We ask Raleigh people to try Vinol for weak lungs, chronic coughs, hanging-on colds, or run-down and debilitated conditions, -and will pay for the medicine ourselves if it fails to benefit How can we express our. faith in Vinol more W.

King Drug Co. Note. While we are sole agents for Vinol in Raleigh, it is now for sale at the leading drug store in nearly terest and value, and are being largcl) attended. Rev. J.

R. Moose, a retrned missionary from Corea. arrived in the city yesterday fiom Greefnsboro and wi'l assist Or Plerson in jthe services. 1 1 is an able and earnest preacher, op whose -sermons are certain to be of value and of deep interest. Mr.

Moos the ii.uest of Rev. R. F. Bumpas. pastor the church.

At the morning service yesterday Dr. Pirtson had for his theme, "Sowing and Reaping." his texts being 'Be not weaiy in well doing for In due season ye shall reap if ye faint not." this from Paul, and "Cast thy bread upon the watrra for thou shalt find it after many days." At night his text wa.s "Give ye Them to Hat." this being a plea to the church to help the world. Both were of deep Interest and wrK well attended, the congign-lions finding food for Christian growth nd deeviopment in the valuaht" thoughts glvn expression to by Di will continue to lay and throigh next -d Cor relief. The taste of vk-try was Lafayette Position Peters f. b.

Snook c. Edwards Brouglilon PrintiCo. MeAvov c. f. Edwards r.

f. A. M. Fox Thompson Temple Harris Shuford Farmer Goss on their lips and its prophc-y in the air from the moment that "Pap" Harris sent the first ball across the plate. Whmn it was all over, the Farmers had scored four and the Lafayette aggregation had the succession Sohnleder RALEIGH.

N. CL Swank r. f. Long t. h.

Norris s. s. every town and city in the country. Look for the Vinol agency in your town. Updegrove s.

Drake Printers and Blank Bool! Score by Innings. The score: R. H. E. Jne3, in" the Superior court yesterday, the defense re3ted and Judge Jnes, finally directed a verdict of "not CJilty" upon all the evidence II was clearly seen that the.

State failed to make out' anything ex-4pt, possibly, a technical of manslaughter and this contention did not meet with 'the approval of the court. 1 1 1 was contended that, since th a carry-ing of a concealed weapon Is statutory crime, even the accideni al killing constituted manslaughter ut'thts position was denied by the delense, it pointed out that the fact of having the weapon was not iminal, the statute looking only to and that there was no legal r-rtnnection between the ac idental shooting and the fact of carrying the weapon concealed. i After the jury had rendered a verdict as directed, submission -of Hodge was received In tier In-fiifctment againstthim--carryli con Lafayette 000 000 000 0 5 4 A. M. 300 000 Olx 4 5 3 Struck out by Schnleder.

by Har ESTIMATES ON APPLICATION Special Attention to Mail Orders OWN COME POLES. ris, 4. Bases, on balls, by Schnleder. 1 by Harris, 1. Struck by pitched murder, on account of the absence of witness S.

D. Parker (who at once turned up) the only other matter to engage the attention of the court was the disposition of the matter of Oscar Blalock. who plead guilty of cutting D. Stell. Stell came on the stand tied up in a rag as to laws and look ball.

Schneider, 1. sacrifice hits. A. 2. Stolen bases.

A. M. Lafayette, 1. Two base hit. Schneider.

Wild niteh, Schneider, 1. of goose eggs which they had given their opponents the previous day served them hard boiled. The crowd was small and enthusiastic and the day deal base ball weather. There was a snap to the A. M.

play which gave hope from the beginning and a determination after the bulge had been obtained which gave little cause tor anxiety as the game progressed. There w-re errors, but ihey were not costly. The Pennsyl-Vanians fielded swiftly and several times landed good hits, but the errors came at critical moments and the hits were lacking when runs were waiting to reward them. Two A. M.

players reached third and second bases in the nrst inning as. the result of errors and one run was scored na sacrifice hit. Then, with third and second bags filled. Telegraph and Telephone Wires to Be Changed In Capital Grounds. The telephone, telegraph and street ear wooden poles that are in Capitol Square are to be down and out by Sat ing scary as being a possible victim ofj Umpire.

R. P. Noble. Time of game, 1 hour and 3f min utes. urday night as provided by the recent Legislature.

The requires these poles to come INCORPORATED) cealed weapons -and for this! Judge out and that the wires be taken off rapitaTj kixinr. xtn iMn uL mumps. He puiied aside nis oana-ages, however, and disclosed the mark of a snickersnee at least three inches long. When it came to telling of the difficulty, however, he was so incoherent that the court was moved to inquire as to his sobriety, and one of the attorneys on the cross-examination to ask the rather personal question "are vou not always drunk jxt Jones imposed a fine of one Hundred the trees. In obeying the law the Ral collars and costs BAND JMERT NO VACATIOX.

ENTER ANY TJJIE. It Is a. fnnAriArl fact bnnvn twrarham In NnHh tn riHrn those who The only additional evidencA Intro duced by the State yesterday was that of it wo witnesses employed In the Car Thompson proved himself the man of olina Hardware Company, wno con an ordinary drunken sot?" Stell denied the hour by a hot single to center are Informed, that KING'S Is THIS SCHOOLTHIS RIGHT SCHOOL viewed from every standpoint of merit. and The best faculty, best equipment, the largest. More graduates In positions than all other business schools in the State.

So get the BEST. It Is the cheapest. Write today for our SPECIAL OFFERS. NEW CATALOGUE and full Information. Addren.

tfTVO'S KTIS1 N'KSS COLLEGE. eigh Telephone Company was yesterday getting itself in proper shape on the grounds, it being said that iron posts at" to be used. It is also eald that the; Postal and the Western Union companies will take ou their telegraph call service, as they do not care to to the expense of putting in the wires as required. this feebly, but could eive no inrorma on which both runners scored. There Third Regiment Band at rted Hodge with the purchase of a pistol several days' before the killing was scored on a sacrifice hit.

Then tion of a plausible sort regarding the cutting. The negro defendant in his these three runs until the latter hal jnd one or two other witnesses, the purport of whose evidence was not own behalf stated that Stell had ac of the eighth inning when Thompson came home as the result of two wild costed him and grabbed his hatis Raleigh, or Charlotte, N. We also teach Book-keeping, Short hand. Penmanship, eta, by maiL Send for our Ilome Study: pitches, both of which got away from George Laner and 'The Deej East. me Aayiayene DacK-siop.

The only other ease that resulted in When the game was all but over in the. first half of the ninth inning a trial was the indictment which has and hugged him; that he tried to disengage himself from the unsolicited embrace when Stell put his hand towards his hiD pocket and "I beat him to it," concluded the witness with clarity. Judge Jones topk a good look look at Mr. Hteil and then fined Blalock fiftv dollars and costs. been pending for a year against peorge The Bbtry 'Mmebraph.

there was an incipient fight occasioned at first bag by the Latayette runner el nuw- for running Addltniiiim Bond Issue. It is reported that at the next meeting of the Board of Aldermen a resolution Will be introduced to have on, the sixth of May the election for the issue of bonds In the amount of for the erection of an auditorium in Raleigh, this under the provisions of an act passed by the recent. Legislature. I ion of a nee fa Lane's bottom4, sec resenting a resounding thump given him in the back by the A.

M. first "deep east" just outside thfe present city limits. The case was fought baseman, who was making sure of his meat. from start to finish, Mr1. B.

C.J Beck DEATH OF BEXJAMIX HILL. rwith prosecuting with the solicitor A hot foul earlier in the game had taken its iiight to the grand stand and J. C. L. Harrhv Argo 'A-complete printing outfit for your office at small cost.

The latest In duplicating work. 'TX -r. If you do any circular letter wdrk. you cannot afford'to be without this machine. i -t Send for diKcriptive catalogue an truly.

Shaffer and C. U. Harris defending. where it kissed a fair A- M. rooter There was a cloud of-witnesses pro on the forehead.

There were calls. and con and a symposium of oratory Academy Easter Monday, Night. The next band concert in Raleigh, among those being rendered during the winter and; spring bjy the Third Regiment Band, wilT take place at 8:15 p. m. on thV night of Easter Monday.

Under the directors of Mr, Hage-dorn. the band has been working hard for eeveial weeks, preparing some especially attractive numbers for the Easter concert. Miss Helen Smedes. well known tt music lovers throughout the State, will play viOTW being one of the prominent features of the occasion. The Third North Carolina Band has deevloped into a thriving musical organization, conducted on good business principles.

Its members are to be congratulated on the large measure of success they have attained, and deserve the thanks of Raleigh's citizens for their generQUS entertainment. Reserved for the concert next Monday are on sale at Tucker Build for a doctor, but the young lady swab from counsel at the conpluspon of Bhie and Gray Reunion. Dr. B.5F.! Dixon, State Auditor, was in Southern Pines yesterday where he went to deliver an address at "The Blue and. Gray" reunion.

The music, at this was furnished by the band -of the Stato Institution for the Blind. bed off the damage with a wet handkerchief and smiled the order to "play frail." Th Farmers responded till whch with the charge, the jury 'took the! case, of Lane. JntQ consideration fend returned after, djourrimenr "with the last player was down and out. lfred Tmmmm go, The game was swiftly played, there a verdict of guilty. The Lane store seems to have been North Carolina Man Who Lost Tra of Parents, Dies at the- Emergency Hospital.

The following Story of pathetic interest Is taken from an Annapolis the life mystery of. young man said to have been born in Raleigh. Edward Benjamin Hill, a young man twenty-three years old, who had been living in Annapolis about nix years, died at the Emergency Hospital last night. Th young man's death was due to' pneumonia, having bean taken there from his boarding house, 238 West street, and he had (been in the hospital for about ten days. His story of the loss and the inability to again locate his parents was being little hitting and was tonclud cd in an hour and a half.

The Coronation of "Pap." a bjone of contention in thejnelihbor- hood for a long "It was testified Master Early Williams, who was with The News and Observer a year that hi shop was open on Sundays; ago. has returned to the "Old Reliable" as its efficient "devil' The situation when the home ag that it the resort of.n the "skin gaag: that It harbored, curstns and gregation took the field was a tense one. The day before had seen the Slilillllllis maudlin. laughter and free fights; and that, on -occasion, the brawling! could Every can of Argo Red Salm6n contains one pound net. It is always guaranteed to be full weight.

visitors give the college such a trounc ing as to break all records. The flow he a block. It that a. i er of the pitcher's box had been pounded and mauled beyond recogni tion. On the A.

M. stands, the ing Pharmacy today. an and pathetic one. He gathered rooters rooted, one thought deri of various 4 and sundry brands, kinds and flavors. Respecting.

Its pofers as a rejuvenator" the cider received only endorsement. One ARE STRICTLY inGll-GRADE iN CONSTRUCTION and are dis ENGRAVED was born in Raleigh, North Carolina, with a certain brave perfuntorinessl and when but seven years old was WHOLKSA LK WARRANTS FOR In the box for A. M. was "Pap 4 tinguishrd by superb tone. Quality and attractive-? case designs.

KVIL WOMEN. taken to Baltimore by his mother and placed In the Henry Watson Home Harris. It was said that "Pap's" spurs were just grown and that he was Wedding Invitations They are sold at the right price easy, terms.v-r -witness testified that If a ma had filled up on old corn Saturday night the cider might keep him going on Sunday. On the other hand. Lane introduced much testimony tend ng to that city.

He had scarcely oeen there Said That Magistrate Roberts is Pro- a week when Mr. Henry 'ryaings. "getting his chance." Wherefore, it was whispered that "Pap" might be nervous. The first incident Was not calculated to add to his peace of from St. Margarets North Severn, Send for catalogue and full information' to this county, visited the home and show that he.

shadattempted t6 pre feeding Under; Douglass Act and That Many Arrests Will Follow. and Vtstnoff cards Almost a Cheap as Printing. Write as. Tba Bea Bodk Mid Stationery i Hletkmnnd. Va.

took the boy to raise. serve order by; parting Oo. Hill lived with Mr. Tydines In the fighjts, running mea from; the I store third district until he was eighteen It was stated yesterday evening on HIIU. till JM Au.

lin. becoming so active. In the Intrest, of years old, when he came to Annapo good authority that Magistrate H. II. lis.

After coming to live with Mr, RALEIG It N. Ci 4 Roberts had issued warrants In up Tydlngs the boy wrote to his mother peace as to knock down malcontents, unirtner complications existed, mthe facij thaj, two negro churches i abide i close bv the store and that "there was wards of sixty cases against the keep and received an answer to his letter ers and inmates of disorderly houses He wrote again but never heard sinve. in Raleigh under the Douglass act and upon inquiry at the Henry Wat preacning going on next aoor iwnue within was ribaldry and carousal. One son Home in Baltimore, he was tot-i making such women vagrants. It is supposed that the list includes every Johnson ivitnpaa uaiA nnnl WrA Hi I thick all trace of his mother had been lost BARRETT THOMSON ARCHITECTS and ENGINEERS RALEIGH.

N.C. J17 Fayettevllle St. Bell Phone. one of the well-known houses of evil The young man's father, Alexander A there as bees, lm front. In the store.

repute within the city. D. Hill. Is said to have, been employed in the hAckys rd. everywhere Some mind.

A fclow bounder to Drake at second j-esulted in a wild throw to first and a safe runner. But "Pap" was a Captain. He was not in the nervous cJass. He pitched with a vast deliberation; with a smiling confidence that slowly worked its stimulating effect Into the minds of the nine and the spectators alike. Slowly, from an experiment, "Pap" emerged as an idol.

Inning succeeded inning and still "Pap" pitched on, unperturbed, with almost perfect control. As batter after batter, struck out, "popped" files or went to the bench on easily handled Infield hits, the stock of pap went up and up. The bleachers stood 'and roared at him. The feminine contingent doffed their fiag and their, parasols and waved their when he walked nonchalantly In from the box. When he took his bat In hand the band broke its brazen throat in even more atrocious music and the bleachers threatened to melt in their enthusiasm.

And It is also thought that the proce at the court house at Raleigh. O. His mother's name was Ella Hill, and fompared-their conversation to p. "political row and others stated that the Ton nra a nnot- if nnt ex he had two sisters older than he. dure in many of these cases, will be that provided for In the act introduced by Senator Long, under which the inmate of a disordery house may be RALEIGH.

NORTH CAROLINA4 Young Hill says he was taken to actly a Sabbatical When the testimonv-came from negroes, I resi the Henry Watson Home by his mo ther on account or some domestic dents of the "deep and fMar required to testify under the same Im trouble between his parents, which re munities as are provided in the gam com! the who -formerly ran a suited in their separation. He has soft Idrinkery In the same section, the bling statutes and under which, also. been for some time maxing a desper general reputation is made competent difficulties of the jury, may be imag Inedj ate effort to find his parents. He -went as evidence of the disorderly character vUltors to Raielgti can tnake the homo folks napny with box of i Royster Candy to school at SL Margarets up to the of a house. I Mr.

Steirs Eshlbiui age of sixteen, and since hlsresldence Besides the continuance of, the case In Annapolis the last six years, he has MAY COME TO RALF.ICH. 1 against Everett charged with when "Pap" made a hit, the cup ran been doing laboring work. AnltoacitOaditiiiTioii! over and -theV hero of the day stood Arrangements for the funeral ar British Ambassador Bryce Thinks He forth graven for adulation being made by friends. 1 NOTICE. By an act of the General Assembly And through it all.

Pap chewed BAD COOKERY Coals shipped direct 'from the tninssXto point of 1907, the State Board of Education HAVE A GOOD THING. is authorised and directed to locate the rodnces Results and Bad Ones. May Be Able- to Accept Invitation of Literary and HIs-. torieal Association. Secretary Clarence H.

Poe. of the car-load lots; Inquiries invited Young North Carolinians Who Made down on his gum. and every now and then scratched his head and for the rest pitched ball! It was Pap's day glory as there was to go around. Summary of the Game. Peters, of LaFayette, came to the East Carolina Teachers" Training School, "In or 71 ear that town, east of Tfalpleh offerlnor the Irril flnanolal While teaching jichool, and 'board ing.

writes a i'enn; matron, was given all kinds of food chiefly (half- State Literary and Historical Association, is. in receipt of a letter from Hon. the Song 3Icet Me On The War path. Mr. Jack Lyon, of Greensboro, the aid.

having due regard to desirability I and suitability for the location of said school." At a -meeting of the Stats done! pancakes soaked in grease, half- James Bryce, ambassador from Great bat first, and reached first base on cooked oatmeal, greasy food and po oritain. with reference to the Invita mm voung man who Is the com noser of the short-stop's error. Snook, next up, got a base on balls. McAvoy was out on tatoes. tion tendered him to address the as Board of Education.

March 15. 1907,, the secretary of the Board was in The inevitable result came in time sociation at its next annual meeting to a long ny to joraan in center neiu. structed to advertise and to notify bid-1 be held lata In the fall. Ambassador then Edwards batted a fry into Drake's hands. The side went out when Peters ders that the Board would select a site My? stomach became disordered, and jl- was the prey of terrible pick-headaches' so violent that I could not Bryce states that he cannot at this ear Uirtla Wcrfo, for the school June 5, 1907.

and that ly date accept the invitation, but that was put out trying to steal 2nd. not less than twenty-five acres would' perform my duties satisfactorily In the second half of the first in he may later see his way clear to do so. The association and the public generally will hope that Raleigh is to be considered by the board for a site) for said school. sometimes not at all until finally I was compelled to give pthe work ning Shuford got a base on ball. Drake made first on pitchers error; altogether.

For years I was a help be honored with a visit by this distinguished statesman. and moved up to second after Shuford stole third. Temple made an easy bunt. less sufferer from stomacn and nerve 1 song "Meet Me- On The Warpath at the Jamestown Fair" was in the city yesterday. He furnished the words for the song, the music, in waltz time, being by Mr Claur Elam.

of Greensboro, while' the artistic and attractive Is by Harper Bond, who was with the Greensboro Sign Works This piece of music, all the work of young North 1 Carolinians has "caught wonderfully and is being sung by many companies on the road today The demand for It is growing and Mr Lyon says that he is arranging to have illustrated movlnsr pictures for the ong. so that these can be used also. The music is attractive and the young Carolinians have "struck it rich" in getting out the song. 'ATtei I married, my husband had WILMINGTON'S FINANCES. to get his own breakfast and finally to and Shuford scored.

Frank Thompson next lined out a clean hit to center field, scoring Drake and Temple. Farmer at the bat made a safety while Thompson was thrown out at TffldM Governor Glenn Names Board of rave lime ne uouxni urape-in uis, which reojiired no cooking. Het perr Audif tfnd Finance. The members of the Board of Audit surged me to try th food also. second.

Goss makes first and Farmer "It was lucky I did so. To nM sur Is put out at second. Goss steals sec prise y. found stay oh my stomach and agreed with me as noth- and Finance of Wilmington, which passes upon all financial matters of ond, and the side goes out, with a grounder by Fox to first base. in? else did.

I grew better and strong. the Board of Aldermen, were yester Score three to noining in a. ana GOOD JUDGMENT Requires tbatou look prosperous that you dress becomingly and tastefully. Oostly thy labit as thy parse can buy, For the apparel oft proclaims the jnr day appointed, by Governor Glenn as er rapidly, and am' now a healthy. hn An not know provided by what lit is to have1 a headache 4dr anJ i ne members namea were jes30 You will RUCK CLOTHES need not cost you much $15.00 and up will pay for splendidly styled Garments.

Wilder, S. P. McNair. C. W.

Yates, H. C. McQueen and M. G. Tienckea.

The attack of 'nerves. The Is kvhat Orane-Niits has done for me, and now favor. In the second inning, Schneider's two-base hit to center-field was a feature. Had there been anybody on bases at this time, the score would certainly have read differently. Swank hTfTa high fly over by the east bleacher which was captured by Farmer.

In a four first naraeo are the present we stick! to the food that we know we can rely on. members and tne last is a new appointment. BASEBALL; TRAIN. Seaboard Will Fix 'for It from Wake Forest. Easter Bfonday.

I The Seaboard Air Line Is going to fix it so that all who wish to come here from Forest to the ball game on Easter? Monday in Raleigh between Wake Forest and" the A. and M.v College-; teams do so conveni- entlv. f- nna our store an excellent guiae or for gentlemen this season. We ahoir wliat the best Informed men cotlder the most desirable styles, and we show hem as they are correct In every detail "When mv little daughter was veand we thoneht she would' tti pretty running catch with one handTf Monbo School Exercises State Superintendent of Public In Loner fans, and Norns gets to nrst on short-stop's fumble, then steals second, but the side is out on Updegrove's Ions: fly to Shuford in left field. Fo no food iwe could give her (even the prepared infant's food.

seenrwd to nourish Then we tried 'ape-Nuts food. Hhe took to it at once and crew iwell and fat. My' husband, who struction Joyner has gone to Catawba county, where he delivers the address A round trip rate of 75 cents from A. and the first two men up are at the closing exercises of the school used ko from disordered stom Wake Forest Is announced, and for thrown out at first, the third fans. For the Easter Shopper, we wish to State that no where will you find such array gentlcmcji's wear at Monbo.

the-return to Wake Forest the in the third with, two men out Me. here. we coraiaiiy invite you 100 over these lines, as every aeparuneut awaits you' with correct styles. ach. has aoJ lost a day his nesH Yn account sickness for vea wa have adooted Wants given bv Postum PTTjKS CURED LX a TO 14 DAYS.

hreeVRhoo-fly: will not leave. Raleigh until Avoy makes first on error by Drake, aoe- 5:30, so.ts to give time to tee but is put out while trying to slide for the game, which will begin at three second. When A. and M. comes to the rea- o'clock.

It will- be oj big game and hat. Drake eets a rood hit over short PAZO OINTMENT Is guaranteed cure any case ox Blind. icu 14 I tha little book, The Road there will be a pis crowd here to see and steals second. Temple struck out. edeedimj or rroiruamg flies In to it.

UP-TO-DATE CLOTIH URS AND FUIUOSHIJ. Thompson went out on a sacrifice, and to pkgs. days or money refunded. 0o A 1 i I 1.

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