Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 19, 1966 · Page 12
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, September 19, 1966
Page 12
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' (lew*) ADVANCE > MONDAY, SEPT. 19, Ch*trfntn« Boird ef TruttMt ftlttbritt Aiioclitleft of InUttfncnt Club* .. 0. I am a childless widow in my lite 30's. My home, apprai- Md at $22,000, is paid for. I earn $8,500 a year and will receive $80 a month until I am 65 from the proceeds of my husband's life insurance policy. I have $7,000 in a savings account, own 204 shares of AT&T, bought through payroll deductions as a Bell System employee, and am buying 40 additional shares. I have $11,500 in life insurance and would like to start an investment program. How much do you think I can afford to invest? A. You certainly are in an excellent position to start a diversified investment program, and I strongly urge you to form, an Investment club. You are at an excellent age to profit from what by "BO" If all else fails — follow directions! QUESTION: I know my new homeowners policy co.vers water damage from broken plumbing, vandalism and glass breakage, etc. Does this policy also include personal liability and thievery at about 19% savings in premiums? ANSWER: This is so — that's why so many are switching to the new homeowners policy. There's one thing about baldness — it's neat! Husbands often come home from' work too tired for words — but their wives insist on talking anyway. INSURANCE AGENCY • Algona Iowa you would learn in. an investr ment club. And the National Association of Investment Clubs has literature and advice available that makes forming such a club an easy matter. Besides, you probably would find the monthly meetings stimulating and they would serve to widen your circle of friends. As for your personal investment program, with your salary, insurance, dividends and interest, you have more than $10,000 a year in income, so it seems you should be able to invest $1,000 to $1,200 a year quite easily. There are several possibilities you might consider. You could select a good, sound mutual fund under a plan where you could avoid the front-load commissions. Or you might open two or three Monthly Investment Plans (MUP) with your broker, through which you would build up direct holdings of several good securities. Major oil companies, utilities and motor stocks are all selling ait attractive prices these days. Three Monthly Investment Plans — one for each coni- pariy — would allow you to build good holdings of three different stocks in the years ahead. The Monthly Investment Plan has this additional advantage: If you skip making your payment for one month, there is no penalty or extra expense to you. As to your savings account, you might put about $4,000 in 5 per cent certificates of deposit. Q. My mother keeps telling me to invest my money in stocks, but she doesn't know which ones. She keeps telling me something in electronics or synthetic materials would be good. I only have $100 to invest. Do I have to invest it all, or can I buy some shares at lower prices. How do I go about buying stocks? I'm 15 years old and feel I want to get started as my folks have no security for me or themselves. A. Many years ago I started my own investment program when I was about your age. I made a few mistakes, but learned from them. Investing has been a very satisfactory experience for me through the years. First, I suggest that you get some basic books from your library on security analysis and study them thoroughly. One thing I have learned is •that I stand to make more money in the long run if I buy stocks of good, companies which are temporarily unpopular than I would by 5 buying the most popular stocks at the moment. Right now, many of our very good companies are not particularly popular with investors. If you invested your $100 in Ford or Chfyslef' of In• one.'bf 'out -good oil companies, of with a good utility, I am confident that, by the time you get to college, you will have enjoyed a good return on your mortey and wilt find your investment worth substantially more than the "original $100. If you are deeply interested in learning; how to analyse a security, you might like to obtain the National Association of investment Clubs' Investment Club Manual, which tells you how to use the tools for stock study. And I think it would be very good indeed for you and other students if you were able to persuade pine of your teachers to help organize an investment club in school. There are a number of such high-school students' investment clubs already in existence. Homemakers plan meeting Tiies., Sept. 27 Swea-Eagle — Swea-Harrison Homemakers will meet'Tuesday, Sept. 27, at 2 p.m. at .the home of Mrs. Maynard Jensen. This is one week later than the usual meeting date. The Organizational Tea is to be held at Algona, on Sept. 2, which is the reason for the pos'tponment. Roll call will be "My Hair Problem." The lesson on Cosmetology will be given on that day, and those attending the organizational tea will receive material for the lesson. Mrs. Laurel Peterson, Mrs. Blvin Swanson and Mrs. Roy Valvick will attend the tea from Swea-Harrison dub. Election of officers will be held, so a good attendance is desired. Hostesses will be Mrs. Glenn Clark and Mrs. Jensen. Saturday evening supper guests at the Maynard Hurl-; hurt home were Mr. and Mrs. Orville Fleir and children and Kay Martin, all of Minneapolis. They were also overnight guests at the Hurlburt home. The Maynard Hurlburts attended a gathering for the birthdays of her parents, the Joa Fleirs at Armstrong, Sunday. Mr. Fleir was 82 years of age.. Others were the Orville Fleirs, .Mr. and Mrs. Art Anderson and Kay Martin, all of Mininea'polis/'and^TMfr and Mrs. Oral Headwick and Gerald of Curlew. Sunday supper guests at the Maynard Hurlburt home were Art Andersons, who were also overnight guests; other' guests later in the evening were Mrs. Alfred Hurlburt and Kaithy, Elmore, Minn., and Mrs', Elmer Nelson, Swea City. '.• •; Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Buhman, Mankatp, were Saturday afternoon visitors at the - Andrew Brones home to see them and Jay Brones. The elder Mr. Brones is the grandfather of Mr. Buhmann. The Buhmanns visited other relatives in the afternoon, including the Warren Brones and the Kenneth Bfones. Ronnie recently completed foiir years of college at Mankato and left this week for Air Force training. His wife will continue 'Her college education at Mankato. Ronnie's parents are Mr. and Mrs. William Buhmann (Lillian Brones) of Emmohs, Minn. Danny Anderson left Tuesday morning for Wartburg college at Waverly to begin his sophomore year at that college. Sunday dinner guests at the Albert Anderson home for the birthday of Mrs. William L. Tobin, were Mrs. Tpbin s Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Brones, and Mar- oia Tobin. Joining them for coffee were Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Jensen,, Algona. Mr. and Mrs. William Gerdes of Davenport were Tuesday to Friday guests last week at the home of cousins, the Chris Fed- dersens. Saturday evening, Mr. and Mrs. Chris Fedderson and Cathy attended the wedding of Miss Renee Steiss and Roger Neiiman at Forest City. They were accompanied by Mrs. A. J. Kra- mersmeier. Pallbearers for the funeral of E. E. Thompson were George Harner, Reuben Holcomb, Harold Hesyik, Glen .Qlson, Eldon Link and Maynard- Jensen. •" Labor Day picnic guests at the Wallace Dawson home were the Jack Recces, Laverne Larsons, Everett Thorsons, Wendell Dits- worths, Ormal Guinns, Johnnie Tobiris, Jack Smiths. They played cards for a social evening. RocheMe Dawson entertained three little friends for her 6th birthday. Guests were Claudia Reece, Cheri Larson and Kim Ditsworth, who gathered at the home of the Wallace Dawsons after school last Wednesday. You -ate hereby notified thaf there Is new on file in the office of the County Dfaindge Clerk, Kossufh County, Iowa, a report slgrtea by Mdrvjn O. Kruse, ErWi- rie'er In charge of irrtprovehient to bfoin- age District tPAK No. 84, Literal No., 8, stating In part as follows: "'I his is to certify that Fairbanks Excavating C&mpany, Algona, Iowa, has Completed wofK covered by its contract doted July. 12, 1966, for irnprovefnent to Lateral No. 8 ot Subject Drainage District. We recommend that you accept the work performed by Fairbanks Excavating Company and that you institute pfoceeOings hecessary to make final payment for the Work to the Contractor." You are further notified that same will come up for rearing before the Boards of Supervisors at their office in Algona, Iowa, on the Sth day of October, 1966, at IO:OU A.M. (C. D. T.) Any party interested in said district or the improvement thereof may file objections to s6id report and submit evidence to show why sold report should not be accepted. Dared at Algona, Iowa, this 14th day of September, 1966. JOINT BOARD OF SUPERVISORS FOR EMMET - PALO ALTO KOSSUTH COUNTIES By: Arnold Alderson Kossuth County Drainage Clerk Published in the Algona Kossuth County Advance, Algona, Iowa, September 19, 1966. IN THt DISTRICT COURT OF THC STATI OF IOWA IN AND FOR KOSSUTH COUNTY IN iXt MAI itK OF THC ESTATC OF HERBERT A. KEMPKER, Deceased Preb«te No. 19*7 NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL, OF APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTOR, AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS TO ALL PERSONS INTERESTED IN THE ESTATE OF HERB'ERT A. KEMPKER, Deceased: Yod are hereby notified that on th« 17th day of August, 1966, the last Will and testament of" Herbert A. Kempker deceased bearing date of the 22nd day of Juqe, 1965, was admitted to probate in the above named court and' th&t Omaha National Bank of Omaha, Nebraska was appointed executor of said, estate. Notice is further given that any action to set aside said will must DO brought in the district court of said county' within'one year from the date of the second publication of this notice, or thereafter. be forever barred. Notice is; further given that all persons indebted to said estate are requested to I make immediate payment to the undersigned, and creditors having claims against said estate shall file them with the clerk ot the above named district court, as provided by law, duly authenticated, for allowance; ana unless so filed within six months from the second publication of, this notice (unless otherwise allowed or paid) such claim shall thereafter be forever barred. Dated this 7th day'of September, 1966. Omaha National Bank Executor of said Estate Omaha, Nebraska Address McMahon & Cassel Attorneys for said Executor Algona, Iowa Address Date of second publication 22nd day of September, 1966. Published in the Algona Kossuth County Advance, Algona, Iowa. September 15 and 22, 1966. la. State Bit., Wholding • 60.40 State Conirri.i Wholding - 6.61 Advance, Publishing .'. 42.20 W. Finn, CoUrf Costs 136.00 Arwell, Rat Control 23.00 Carson's. Frame 6.95 D. Smith, Expenses ... 54.00 Upper p. M., Publishing ..^. 36.16 STREET Burris, Salary 181.10 Burtis, Salary. 141.65 Frambach, Salary 155.85 Helrfiers, Salary 133.82 Lashbfo'ok, Salary 47.89 Pergonde, Salary 194.18 Wibheri', Salary 142.06 Sifert, Salary 137.27 la. State Bk., Wholding 82.30 State Comm., Wholding , 11.78 Life Inv. Ins., Premium 95.52 Cook's Welders, Oxygen -_ 5.35 Indust. Towel, Service 5.77 Miller Lbr.. Stakes 4.40 No. Central, Gas • 3.40 M. Todd, Broom - 50.00 ROAD USE TAX Algona F&F, Repairs 1.45 Algona Imp!., Repairs 137.18 Arnold Motors, Repairs 19.50 Bra;dley Equip., Repairs 8.94 Geofge's Body Shop, Service _ 10.00 Greenberg's, Repairs : 27.fl c i Hilton's, Repairs 14.50 Highway Comm., Blacktop 88.50 Farm Service, Oil _- 126.48 N. la. Asphalt, Oil Applied ... . 746.10 Reding's, Gravel . 7.50 Sunray DX, Gas & Supplies ._ 315.62 Taylor Motors, Service 8.24 PUBLIC SAFETY Boekelman, Salary _ 3*1.35 Bulten. Salary 251.09 Day, Salary 208.18 Hutchison, Salary 264.62 Jorgenson, Salary 274.82 Elbert, Labor 47.00 Voigt, Salary 186.84 la. State Bk., Wholding 199.40 State Comm., Wholding 36.41 you qan light your yard... ex-resident, dies in California Myrtle Jane Johnson-Chambers, former resident of Algona, died Sept. 12 at Rose hospital, Los Angeles, Calif. She was the daughter of Frank E. t Johnson and Jane Fletcher-Johnson, and was born July 5, 1880, at Stacyville, Iowa. On-Decemberl8; 1901 she was. united in marriage to Ed Ohanir bers, and lived west of Corwith for many years. Five . children were born, Clayton died in infancy, Mabel, Margaret, Elaine and Harley. She was a life long member of the Methodist church, and for years taught Sunday school, and was active in the ladies aid society. In 1944 the Ed Chambers family moved to Algona, where they resided until 1951 at which time they moved to Los Angeles to be nearer their children. Her husband, Ed Chambers, preceded her in death in 1960. Since then s'he has been in failing health. She is survived by four children, Mabel (Mrs. Harry Scheef), Margaret (Mrs. Ralph Foreman), Elaine and Harley Chambers and two grandchildren all of Los Angeles. In addition, a host of more distant relatives and Mends will also mourn her passing. Services were conducted Sept. 15 at the Armstrong Mortuary with Rev. Greene delivering the message. Graveside rites will be held at the Corwith cemetery at a later date. Legal Notices tor an outdoor evening party ... or offer a Warm night-time welcome to your friends. Whether it's yard lighting or automatic dusk-to-dawn lighting, it makes your home more attractive ... It cpsts »0 liUif . . . It brightens so much . . . Ask your local electric system or your electrical contractor about bringing a brighter night to your home. ( Algona Municipal Utilities LEGAL NOTICE HEARING OF FINAL REPORT OF ENGINEER ON COMPLETED CONTRACT ON DRAINAGE DISTRICT EMMET - PALO ALTO - KOSSUTH TRI NO 84, LAlERAL To all landowners and interested persons in Drainage District Emmet-Palo Alto-Kossuth County Joint Drainage District No 04, Lot. No. 8. THOMAS FUNERAL ONAPEL FENTON Experienced Emhalmers and Funeral Directors —•— RELIABLE 94 HOUR AMBULANCE SERVICE —t — Funerals May Be Referred To Us With Confidence Phone !8?-279$ -, FENTON RINGSTED PHONES: 886-1006 — 886-1001 — 886-1970 ''iJJIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIti COUNCIL MINUTES The city council met in regular session with Mayor Finn and the following council members present: Muckey, Andreasen, Elbert, Cook, Miller and Peirce. Minutes ot last meeting were approved. Cigarette permit was granted to the Rite Oil Co. Letter from the Algona Chamber of Commerce was read, which was pertaining to the Highway routing of 169 through Algona. The Chamber recommended that the present route be followed. The City Council authroized the City Attorney to draft a resolution recommending that the proposed widening of Highway 169 follow the same route. Resolution to be adopted at next council meeting. Authorized Albert Boekelman aryd Richard Groen to attend a Police shoot at Camp Dodge. Authorized the Fire Chief to attend a fire meeting at Atlantic, Iowa. Moved and seconded the meeting adjourned. D. A. Smith, City Clerk GENERAL Finn. Salary ,..$ 135,QO SWirtir'Sdlaryl' 1 :.-'--. 1 .'.'::-?.. "224 98 Sands, Salary 120.39 U. S. Printing, Book .50 H. W. Thompson, Dues 15.00 •trust- 4 •Ag*ncy>- Pension, -».*Life Ihv. Ins.,' PrOfilClm Algona Reminder, Advertising Arnold Motors, Repairs Bradley Equip., Supplies Perclval Motors, Service Sunray, DX, Gas .-*--;.-- — Tom's Radio & TV, Service .Upper D. M.. Advert. ^1.--.^- Aidvance, Publishing - - GreenbelO's, Ports Algona Fire Dept., Services -Algona Ins. Agency, Premium Chrome Station, Gas ..* Pratt Elec., -Service i ---- Hiltoh's Service', Supplies .... SANITATION Gdde, Salary Lemkee, Salary * * Id. State Bk.,' Who.WI.ng -Benson's Weld., Prober * Cowan's, Supplies ......— O'Bflerv Mfg., Circ. Knife Redind's, Labor & Mot. _„.*-. H. Gade, Repairs -. -Farm Service. Diesel Oil Frederick Hdwe., Supplies ...^ No. Central, Gas . SEWER RENTAL Gronboch, Soloty ., Lemkee, Salary ... la. State Bk., Interest la. DM Natl., Interest Sec. State Bk., Interest la. State Bk., Wholding State Comm;, Whblding Life Inv. Ins., Premium Cowan's. Ruler ... Frederick Hdwe., Rasp -*. — Greenberg's, Supplies RECREATION Cooper, Salary : Barr, Salary . Bartictt, Salary Henderson, Sdlory ..Johnson, Salary' Schutter, Salary Bruch, Salary Parrott, Salary -_Sigsbee, Salary . ; . — • 19.63 126.96 40.50 5.33 13.24 11.19 156.95 7.75 27.72 29.60 11.70 284.00 33.52 4.65 4.50 69.15 93.15 13.46 1.00 6.00 5.13 18.56 4,438.25 5.00 29.39 8.75 2.33 150.84 256.29 96.00 123.75 576.00 31.10 6.67 29.17 2.50 1.57 11.69 103.83 42.44 61.80 46.20 63.53 69.5: 40.46 35.92 96.26 Boldridge, .Salary•.--- — • a. State' Bk., Wholding State Comrfi., Wholding Lift Inv; Ins., premium ----Cook's Welders, Chlorine .... ArMNcdri Red Cross, Postage - Hutiell's, Supplies -—-— —r 3: Ti Hemmihgsen, Supplies -- Bomgdar's, Supplies C6wafi'S, Blocks Algeria F&F. Rose Dust Algohd Imp!., Repairs »ratt Elec., Lamp i-' °- Sditer's, Paint -—_-..•..--- — Thermogos Co., Therorhgas -: ; .PARKING METER Groeh, • Saldry ... Nduholz, Salary la. State Bk., Wholding ----State Comm., Wholding Trust & Agency, Pension Life Inv. Ins./ Premium TRUST & AGENCY B. £dli', 'Pension Published in" the Algona •County Advance, Algona, September 19, 1966. 4.99 ...8.01 121.50 13.00 2.43 139.50 22.15 9.61 6.96 1.75 4.29 6.83 7.5U 280.53 73.24 51.60 7.72 3.59 29.17 ^5.00 Kossuth Iowa, Now! A New Concept in FORENOON AUCTION On account of my health I will sell the following personal property at public auction on farm . . LOCATION — Vz mile south and 2Vz miles west of Truman, Minn, on oiled road or Iiy 2 miles north of Fairmont, Minn., then 2Vz miles west on TUESDAY FORENOON SEPTEMBER 20 9:00 O'CLOCK A.M. SHARP TRACTORS — D7 Caterpillar, equipped with hydraulic system and lights. Excellent condition. 1956 McC. D. "400" tractor, power steering, 12 volt system. Tractor cab, lined and insulated; tractor chains 38 x 14. JOHN DEERE MACHINERY — No. 494 corn planter with fertilizer attachment, herbicide and insecticide attachment, like new. No. 490 corn planter, used only for beans. 4 row rotary hoe, hoed about 50 acres. 6 bottom 16" trip bottom heavy duty plow! No. 400 4 row cultivator. 2 diggers, one 11-ft., and 10-ft. with wheels set in. OTHER MACHINERY — Minn. Moline 3 bottom 16" plow with radex bottoms; 2 Case 10-ft. tandem 'discs; "l6-ft. tandem wheel disc, heavy duty, with hydraulics; International 12-ft digger; McCormick Deeririg 7-ft. mower, belt driven sickle, like new; Noble 6 section flexible drag; drag cart; 4 grain augers, one 6 inch, 20- ft. long on wheels; one 4 inch, 12-ft. long; two big augers; Two MW heavy duty wagons with flare boxes, 2-ft. racks and 6 ton hydraulic hoists; Multiple hitch made to hook 3 discs or 3 diggers together; 2 Winters stubble turners for 3 bottom 16" plow. CARS — 1952 Olds 88; 1959 Plymouth Fury hardtop, clean, actual mileage, one owner; Jeep % ton truck, Chevrolet motor. CQRNPICKER — 1961 McC. D. 2PR 2 row picker, used very little. ELEVATOR — 1964 Kewanee No. 500 50-ft. elevator with 63 chain, and truck hopper, 2 years old. Farmers Friend V-belt driven speed jack. SHEEP — 6 registered Cheviat rams. MISCELLANEOUS — 300 gal. diesel fuel tank mounted on 2- wheel trailer; 450 gal. fuel tank on stand; 300 gal. fuel tank on stand; Centrifugal pump, high capacity, direct drive, with Briggs & Stratton gasoline engine, complete with hose; Alemite grease gun for Caterpillar; 20 Ib. grease gun with 10-ft. hose; tools, and other items too numerous to mention. Usual Auction terms — Not Responsible For Accidents No Property Removed Until Settled For . ALLEN FREEMAN, owner Wedef & Clartt, Auctioneer* ' Peoples-State Bank, Truman, Clerk The All-Hew GREEN COLONIAL CROWN fas Fired Furnace Tne new Green Colonial Crown is a factory assembled furnace with an ALL CAST IRON heat exchanger. Extremely high efficiency. Cast iron burners; heavy duty blower. 5 year payment plan available. Reasonably Priced! AND REMEMBER, every Green Colonial heating system is engineered for whole house air conditioning. FREE ESTIMATE- NO OBLIGATION CALL US TODAY FUNK Plumbing & Heating GREEN COLOM AIR CONDITIONING MR. FARMER-READ THESE FACTS ABOUT FALL FERTILIZER Facts Fertilizing in the Fall! What Are the Advantages of Fall Fertilizallw? • It assures you of more time next spring to got your crop planted early. Each day's delay in planting corn when soil conditions are right can cut yields by one or two bushels per acre. • Reduces soil compaction. Fields are usually drier and firmer in the fall than in the spring. If the soil is compacted in the fall, the damage will be corrected by freezing, thawing, wetting, and drying during the winter. Compaction occurring in the spring may remain through the growing season. • Fertilizer prices are lower in the fall, and your Cargill fertilizer supplier has more time to provide the qood service you expect and are entitled to. • Proper fall fertilisation speeds up the decomposition of crop residues. The stalks, roots, and stubble are turned into rich humus more rapidly. How about loss of Nutrients? The University of Minnesota states, "Fall applications of phosphorous and potassium are acceptable on UN- jLv, 0 *?^! FIELDS of a " «°" types." However, they caution against fertilizing STEEPLY SLOPING, FROZEN GROUND where there is danger of the fertilizer being washed off by heavy rains or rapidly melting snow. Plow-Down vs. Disk-In Plowing down fertilizer is mo.re effective thin disking it into plowed ground. With plow down, the nutrients are in moist soil where they are available to the growing plant during periods when the topsoil is too drv to supply nutrients. ' What about Nitrogen? Ammonium nitrogen applied in the fall is held by the soil clay particles and organic matter and cannot move very far until it is nitrified by soil bacteria. How soon nitrification occurs depends mainly upon soil temperature after application. Most agronomists a fl r«« that fall applications of nitrogen should be delayed until the soil temperature it 4 inch.* depth if *P° F, or let». Many farmers apply half of their ammonia needs in S?n c j ? d <*«>mpos.it.J9n of crop rtlidues. Fall application of nitrogen is not recommended on SANDY SOILS due to the possibility of loss by leaching. Make arrangements now for all your fertilizer needs---using CARGILL Fertilizer! CARGILL, INC. SOUTH PHILLIPS STREET Al _..., A nUvvNA mttwwwtitmtmmt**mmtm^

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