The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on November 14, 1894 · Page 3
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 14, 1894
Page 3
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Niwtofi and the the ,"lft« IfifWftel, "what *** fee***, Ifidtn^ftdlrtfrotteUlOHSlnS to a small tWO tSEAf HB FftdM dAS At BLOlN, ILL. ftfcW • i. the teacbef, ftppfoviligly, class." it's fottefc." G. #«<* ana Ml* Wife to Ut«d—important fiftiiot tocctelon Stlehtei*ft Snpr6m* Cdtirt— Meld lor Adatna-So you nave swbftt off fro| t. $ & jiV ; iflgthe first week, but after that 1 felt all tr »What did yoti take to allay the c for tobftcdb?" _, , „ .. "1 tOdkto sacking again. That allayed the<y*Yihgi-lghtoff." ..,„„ tf Azt6i? the obtoressive embargoes levied upon the inneu wan by his Inveterate enemy, dyspepsia, aftef Sneftls, are lifted and the Joke cast off by tnfit sovereign tnedieiaftl liberate* from bodily ftitoents, feostettefs Stomach Bitters. Heatt btifn, flatulence, oppression at the pit of the stomaoh, the presence &f bile -where it does hot beidntf, flffl alike remedied by this potent re- fotmet of a disordered condition of the gastric drgan and the Href. It is the 'prince of tonics and Btomftchics, invigorating at the same time that it remedies. Both appetite and sleep are Improved by it. A wineglass before or after meals, and before retiring will be found an efficient restorative of the ability to digest and assimilate and to rest trttn<iuilfy. Use it for malarial, kidney and rheumatic trouble and for constipation. For the aged and infirm it is highly beneficial. _ The man who lives only to please himself has a bard master. MIDNIGHT? PHOTOGRAPHS. Departing Audlende of tlio Brondway The- Hire Photographed—-New Development of the Wonderful Aft of Photography. Mr. Rockwood, the well-known photographer, has conceived and successfully * carried out a new departure in his art, •which seems to be a defiance of all previous photographic conditions. As good pictures can now be made at midnight as in the blaze of the noon-day sun. A photograph oUhe^audience of-the 'Broadway Theatre •was recently taken between eleven and ' twelve o'clock at night as they were leaving the building. The means for accomplishing this result is a new pyrotechnic compound which Mr. Rockwood has just introduced. The possibilities of the morning papers publishing in picture form the events of the preceding day and night are •now manifest. Mr. Rockwqod prophesied this some years ago, and now sees his dreams accomplished. With the resources of this new art, it will be well for the young man about town to be sure that he goes to the theatre with his own girl instead of some other fellow's sweetheart. fit, OIK, 111., Nov.10—Mr. and Mrs. Alexander a. Peck were found dead last evening at their house on Dundee avenue. They weie last seen alive Tuesday evening. The room where the bodies lay was filled with coal gas. The fire was still burning in the large base burner. Mr. Peck's body was in bed and his wife's was on a lounge ttear by. Apparently both had died most peacefully and had hot moved after lying down. Both were 72 years old. Mr. Peck had retired from active life and lived on his competency. An inqtiest will be held. BALLOTS ILLEGAL. \ Cflt OS Irt tn* Sottthetft Stfrtc*. Boston, Mass., Nov. 10 -The second blizzard in three days swept sou'hern New England yesterday. 8. era! inches of damp snow fell. Traffic w^ delayed on electric roads and what few telephone and telegraph wires were left intact by Tuesday's storm were snapped or badly crippled by the weight of snow and ice. Ihere have been no direct wires to New York since Monday and press matter is being sent around the storm via White River Junction, Vt., back to Springfield, thence to Troy, N. Y., to Albany, and down the Hudson. The damage to shipping has not been great, as the stormy weather of the week kept most vessels in port. A steamer arrived at Newport yesterday from Block island and reported the fishittg schooner Eddie Weeks wrecked on the island. The crew was saved by life savers after being in the rigging several hours. Afi FOR t)ROUTH SUFFERERS. There is no deception so dangerous as g<»lf-deception. Some people seem to think a woman's weakness'her strong point. - Tlie aniseed tree grows wild in Florida. It,was first noticed in 1732. 1 The first coffee plants in America 'were planted by the Dutch iti Surinam 'in L718. The trumpet honeysuckle is a South American plant and was first noticed in> 1656. The crossflsh to be found in Chinese waters is pink in color, belongs to the goldfish family and is marked by a y^gure of a'cross. ,^,' v'. The wine product of California last ''year was equal to more than a quart for every man, woman and child in •the United Stafr";. Supreme Court Kende*s an Important Decision. LANSING, Mich., Nov. 10—The Supreme court yesterday filed art opinioli in an election case, under which ballots cast and counted in every election precinct in Michigan Tuesday arc illegal clearly. 1'he question was what constitutes a distinguishing mark, which mark is prohibited by law, the court unanimously holds any mark whatever other than a single one appropriate to designate the intention of the voter is a distinguishing mark. The results of this decision will be far reaching. The court holds that if two tickets on an official ballot are identical the marking of a cross over each is illegal; also that to mark a cross , over any ticket and then before each name on such ticket, or placing a cross before the name of a candidate and then erasing the name of his opponent on another ticket is • illegal.. In substance the opinion holds that a single mark is a vote and is sufficient to indicate the voter's intention, and thab a second mark might be agreed upon as a means of identification. It has been the practice of election inspectors to count all such doubly marked ballots, so that under this decision any of the elections held under the Australian voting system, it is believed, maybe contested. Comitttsstoti Mttps Out Its Plan of Work. Neb., Nov.10.—The Nebraska Kelief commission, appointed by the governor to arrange for drouth sufferers in Western Nebraska counties, organized yesterday. The secretary said he had proceeded on the plan of districting the state and dividing the _'."„. '"" denominations situation as a grave one and that the amount of destitution in the Western part of the state has not been in the least exaggerated. Out—Ju4tlfl«A la toa*t. A ease was recently tried ia ft justice's eouf t in Pittsburg whifth, if established as a precedent, will lead to ft faotable reform. One woman employed another to make a dress fof her, and in spita of r<§paated calls and constant protestations that shft had nothing to wear that did, not make her look like a pet-feet fright, the dressmaker continued to delay tha manufacture of the gown with that superior scorn so many of the class affect. The customer at last grew desperate and in a moment of frenzied anger sailed into the dressmaker and punished her physically ib. tt hair* pulling, face-seratching, hysterical, womanly way. Tha assailant was arrested and tried before a justice, who promptly dismissed the action. The possibility that other Courts may follow a similar course in similar cases awakens a glad tune in the heart. When a woman caa take out of her dressmaker or a man out of his tailor substantial repayment of soul for the Vexation and disappointment incident upon the everlasting delay in finishing a dress or suit the millennium will surely bo getting close to its place in the calendar. Deafness Can Not Be Cured The latest investigations by the United States and Canadian Governments show the Royal Baking Powder superior to all others in purity and leavening strength. Statements by other manufacturers to the contrary have been declared by the official authorities falsifications of the official reports. ftOYAL BAKIN8 *>OWDEft CO., 106 WALL 6t., NEW-YORK, l*r. -^ •M Four by local applications, as they can not reach the diseased portion of tbe ear. There is only one way to cure Deafness and tbat is istrieting the state ana cuviamg $ a ™^£^^^*%& territory, regardless of religious }"j us "f iniag of the Eustachian Tube, iminations. He considered the when tbis tube gets inflamed you have a " " rumbling sound or imperfect bearing, and when it is entirely closed Deafness is tbe result, and unless the inflammation can be ;oken out nnd this tube restored to its normal condition, hearing will be destroyed 'orever; nine cases out of ten are caused ay catarrh,-which is nothing but an in- Inmed condition of tbe mucous surfaces. We-will give One Hundred Dollars for any case or Deafness (caused by catarrh) tbat can not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars, free. F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O. ists, 75c. JUMPS THE TRACK. Holloway Sites Big Kour for S85.00O. TEBBE HAUTE, Ind., Nov. 10 .—Edward Holloway, arrested on a charge of wrecking the Big Four train at Fontanet, causing the death of the engineer and fireman, during the strike, and who, it is said, was terrorized into making a confession which afterward he recanted, yesterday brought suit for $25,000 damages against the Big Four company for false imprisonment. Holloway was kept in jail three months. The grand jury unearthed the conspiracy of the wreck and indicted six miners for the crime, three of whom have since confessed. Persons Hurt, bnt None, It 1» Thought, Will Lose HlB life. PITTSBURO, Pa., Nov.10 .—Last evening a trolley car on the West End Electric Street railway jumped the track, going down the steep grade on Steuben street, and over a thirty foot wall. Two passengers were badly bruised, and the motorman was pinned beneath the car, suffering a badly sprained shoulder, and is thought internal injuries. Lucille Taylor, a 10- year-old girl, was thrown over the embankment and is badly hurt. ' Students Attack Zacliarin's Home. ST. PETEHSBUBO, Nov. u)—The medi cal students of this city made a hostile demonstration against Dr. Zacharin yesterday. They were dispersed by the police] Prof. Zacharin's house at Moscow was also attacked by an angry cro. National subscriptions have been opened for a great monument to be erected to the memory of Alexander III., "The Great Peacemaker." This work was undertaken by order of the new czar, and it is understood the monument will be erected at Moscow. The work of constructing the tomb of Alexander III. in the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul has commenced. The remains of the late czar will rest beside the tombs of his mother and father 'near the entrance of the cathedral. . . by Dru all's Family Pflls, The best evening ties are those that keep a man home after dark. took Out for Cold Weather But ride inside of the electric lighted, steam heated, vestibule apartment tiding of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railroad and you will bo as warm, comfortable and cheerful as in your own library or boudoir. To travel between Chicago, St. Paul and Minneapolis, or between Chicago, Omaha & Sioux City m these luxuriously appointed trams is a supreme satisfaction; and, as the somewhat ancient advertisement used to read, '•lor further particulars, see small bills. • Small bills (and large ones also) will be accepted for passage and sleeping car tickets by all coupon ticket agents. 1-or detailed inforinayon address Geo. H. Heal- ford, general passenger and ticket agent, Chicago, 111. For that matter, all first boy. babies are princes, and princes of wails, too, as a general thing. Invest Now In the best, most wholesome and most valuable ieudln» obtainable tot-1885. Tlie Youth's Companion offers unequalled value and good lending forull tho VARIOUo HAR1TIES. Among the pupils at one of the public schools in Georgia is a negro woman forty-thi'ee years old. The church of the little village of Oka on the Ottawa river contains a silver statue of f the Virgin Mary presented by Louis XIV. Abner Dorsetb, a negro living in Hickory Mountain township, North Carolina, has a head which measures thirty-two inches in circumference. Tho shah of Persia is the owner of a Shetland pony, which is only twelve inches in height, two incbes.smaller than tho famous "miniature equine" belonging to Baroness Burdett- Coutts. A hundred tons of cats' tails were recently sold in one lot in London for the purpose oE ornamenting ladies' wearing apparel. Assuming that an average cat's tail would weigh a couple of ounces, this would mean that no fewer than 1,792,000 pussies had been killed just to supply this one deal. It is said that one of the West India islands is inhabited exclusively by turtles, some of which grow to an enormous size. Attempts to establish human habitations' on the island havj always failed. The turtles undermine the foundations of the houses and not infrequently attack the in mates. SCIENTIFIC BITS. out Coarse wrapping paper is made of sunflower stalks. A Maine woman recently shot a heron more than five feet in height The squirrel monkey has a larger brain in proportion to his size than any animal except man. At sea level an object 100 feet high is visible a little over thirteen miles. If GOO feet high it is visible nearly hirty miles. _ A thin parchment called "glassme 1 las just come into use as a protection to the covers of books. It is glossy and transparent and vary durable. Aluminum is now worth about fifty cents a pound. As recently as eight years ago it was $8 a pound and a quarter of a century ago it was 816. ^ ",f - Brings comfort a»d improvement an<3 tends to personal" enjoyment 'When riehtlv used, T h «> wany, who live pet- ter than otters and enjoy life more, wig less expenditure, by more promptly, adapting the' world's best ppowow w the needs of^pUyswal being, will attest the value to Jiealtb. of the pure_lj<jw4 - - principles.; embraced m tne Fined for Violating Pension Laws. DES MOESES, Iowa, Nov.10.— In the federal court yesterday ' Dr. A. L. Wright and Dr. S. C. Dunkle were fined §?1,500 each and Dr. A. S. Gockley $1,000 for violation of the pension laws of the government. It was charged that as a board of pension examiners they each had drawn money from the government when' all the work of the bourd was done oy one member. They said they had violated the laws, unconsciously and unintentionally. Sues Michigan Central for S5O.OOO. JACKSON, Mich., Nov. 10.— William Wha'len, engineer of the section of the Michigan.' Central special which ran into another train at the depot here Oct. 13, 1893, killing thirteen people and injuring many others, has instituted puit in Washtenaw county against the Michigan. Central for $50,000 for personal damages. He claims the accident was due to the failure of the air brakes, _ _ ^ tera 1 "i"udy^Jd"Ktl>Ung, Mark 'i'watu. J. T. -.- . fee, andI u.oro Itanane h'mdrod otlicv omlnoat wrlteis contribute to tho volume for uoxt your. Now subscribers who pond $1.75 at ouco rocelvo Tht Companion free until January 1,18(16, including the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New \ ear's >um- beis and a year's subscription besides. Tiii YOUTH'S CoMi'AXios, Boston, Mass. . in the form most acceptable «*«» «.»£ 1 »nt to tbe taste, tbe ref resbing and trwly 1 beneficial properties o£_ a perfect j[a3f» .. >»£C A A4-«-.nl1v stlaatiaincr ijb.6 SVStem* wJwiwwftljr ewne -Wn^ipatiof: Igiven »t&WoMQ jgftW"} \YitUout Pall. Wis., Nov. 10 — Ex- Cj&sbier Jphn B. Koetting of the South Side Savings bank had a preliininary hearing in the municipal court yestev- -day on the charge of hftv|ng .receded Deposits after he Hnew the bank was insolvent, ,He was bound oyer for- without ' Mutiny Among Brazilian Troops. Rio DK JANEIRO, Nov.10.—Some artillerymen here, having been ordered to Pernambuco, flatly refused to move, and a detachment of infantry was sent to the artillery barracks to rcbtui-e order. Twenty of the ringleaders were arrested by the infantry and immediately shot. ,One hundred and seventy of the men were discharged from the service and the rest were distributed among other' troops. It is feared the mutinous spirit will show itself among other troops. "King" Kelly Dead. '• BOSTON, Mass., N ov. 10.—Mike Kelly, ex-king of the diamond, died last night at 9:55 0 at the Emergency hospital of pneumonia. A few friends were at his .bedside when the end came. In his prime Kelly wt^s one of the greatest of bsjil players, ]'Jo was one of the best of ' batemen, the originator of the modern dashing style of hase running, a really great catcher, full of winning tricks and - devices, and a splendid thrower, ' - ' All the knowledge in the world make a wicked man feel at home prayer meeting. can't in a Piso's Remedy for Catarrh is not a liquid or a Miiill. It quickly relieves Cold in the Head, Headache, &., aud really cures Catarrh. 50c. about the same role in a bam does in a railroad Truth plays horse trade that sandwich. It the Baby is vetting Teeth. Be sure and use that old and vell-tiied remedy, Mns. WIKSLOW'S SOOTHIXQ Smug for CMMren'TBBthlng- ' A woman will or she won't; but whether .shewillorsbe -won't, she will just the same. There are men who help the world a great deal when they Ret out ot it, •<Hanson'* Magic corn HB.IT*." Warranted lo niro or money refunded. Ask >our Srujfgist ior It. frjce 15 ceou. Kesigns JUs pastorate. - NEW YORK, Nov.10 l7 ~The Rev, T, peWitt Tfilrnage has resigned h,is TJvooklyn pastoratp, . As providenc.0 snay direct, he says, he either will take npothev pastorate pr go into evangelistic work, "preaching the gos pel' to all people without mcfoey svnj: without price," TJie' ( resignation wagi pra'ctioftUy accepted jast No logician has ever yet, that it was tune to come out of the "A. Cup o f Parks' Te n at night moves tbe bowejs in the morning." If the bass drum could -think, it would probaWy wonder why it has to keep still so much. r—^., '•• The good that js in a man is like the money'in a bank, valueless if not circulated. • The most distant relatives are not always thosa who live farthest away. , It is a grept mistake to suppose that money c$n buy happiness, The man with the new gojd watch seldom knows whftt time it is • ' ft wart FEMININITIES. \Vomen are admitted to tho New York state bar on the same terms as men. Women are admitted only to the medical department of Johns Hopkins university. 'Has your new cook made any new dishes-?" "No; she has devoted most of her time to breaking them." A phrenological journal says: "In choosing a wife, be governed by her chin." A man is apt to be governed by the same thing after he gets a wife. Fran Kathi Hoffman, a wealthy widow, has left her fortune to the weavers of Vienna. The charitable lady's husband earned his fortune with the loom. The Egyptians bestowed great care on their tombs and little on, their homes. They regarded the latter as mere temporary abodes, but the former they looked on as eternal habitations,^ A Lone- fsland girl, who had been deaf and dumb for eight years, had her speech restored by an electno shock, which struck the house ID Which she was during a recent storm. They Were Twins. The mother of a family showed the ticket collector on the railway a' couple of half- fare tickets for her two children..The latter; after looking at her doubtfully, •said: "How old are, they?" "They are only 6, and they are twins." .,-' GIVE AWAY A Sample Package (4 to 7 doses)'of Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets t To any one sending name and address us on « postal card. ONCB USED THEY ;p ARE ALWAYS IN FAVOR.^ Hence, our object in sending them out ^ broadcast _„,.. ' • _± ,' * JMI, nru TRIAL. •* . -.v-s They absolutely cure Sick Headache,' E iousness, Constipation. Coated Tongue, Poor.; Appetite, Dyspepsia and kindred ments of the Stomach. Liver and Bowels.'! Don't accept some substitute said "just as good." • , ,. ' The substitute costs the dealer It costs you ABOUT the same, HIS profit is in the «jvst, as WHERE JS YGUHS? Address for FRPB SAMPLE, ., ,', World's Dispensary Medical No. 663 Mala^t» TREES of GOLD w ""-- 7 wi AwvAcsi •'suveyouoverHA 1 Bars' wcBerler" and Then, after a moment's pause, the man inquired; "And, where were they born?" "We mother (unthWiogly)-''This g one ws bora in New York »»d the other i» Paris," _ i Treasures laid wp in heavep don't stop drowmg interest when tbe bank dpwn fcere breaks, , , jjoses is not the only B>W* vh9 tfee promised land.- 'v> |n Wl,,'Noy,iO'.— It ia, reported artillery .will resume is perfectly Ine iyi«* £ -ji»-ir i • I'l-'i $fe}w$^',&^v$i

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