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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 13

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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I TUESDAY EVENING OAKLAND TlflBUNE 13 NOVEMBER 17, 1914. I Every Housewife Should Read These Pure Food Articles Carefully; Should Profit by the Information and Patronize Pure Food Markets TOO ew Free raarkefl USM3D Of People Find Coffee Pops Not Agree With Them. Sixth and Washington streets Specials for Wednesday DBINK BUTTER EGGS. FRUIT SPECIALS J. Schwattz-' MEATS Fred J.

Getz, 10 lbs. Leaf Lard for $1.00. Limited to one sain to each customer. We supply 5000 people weekly with butter and eggs. PEIFEGTIOI food CEREAL Pure Cereal Nothing Else Xo Molasses.

If your grocer does not supply you, address Perfeetlon Food Cereal Third street and Pwtght way. Berkeley, Cal. Meat and Poultry Specials For Wednesday and Saturday G. E. TURNER OLD FREE MARKET, COR.

FIFTH AND WASHINGTON. CORN FED PORK Sugar Cured Ham, lSKcperlb. Shoulder Pork tSVatf Lb. n. Picnics Lb.

Leg Pork aTTaTT YOUNG STEER BEEF Trime Rib Roast 17Vstf per lb. Rump Roast 14 Va Per lb. Pot Roast 12' Per lb. Sirloin Steaks 16 per lb. Round Steak 17 Per lb.

All Other Meals In Proportion. Sauer Kraut, 6 lbs. 25c Be Sure and Get to the Right AND WASHINGTON. Wednesday will be our big For; pr jjualit dsmtCeT DELICATESSEN THE BUTTER BOA, C. F.

VOORHEES, Stall 14 day all prices slaughtered. Edwarti Heyerson, Booth 49 Prices Cut in Half. FRUIT SPECIALS L. Heller, Center Booth The Prunes, 6 lbs 25 3 lbs. 25 Figs, 6 lbs.

for 25 Booth 3 Hessler Eastern Sugar Cured Bacon, 22jzc per lb. Wednesday only. FISH. All Fish at reduced prices. BUTTER and EGGS John A.

Jurgenson, Stall 7 Our GRIZZLY PECK BUTTER shipped direct from producer, are positively guaranteed. If our goods do not prove satisfactory we cheerfully refund money. I Sam Herman, Booth 60 Biggest Fruit specials we have ever given. JWm. Applebaum, Booth 15 Bananas 10 Per Dozen.

N. Snyder, Booth 30 We sell out our fruits tomorrow regarless of price. in 1 A. E. Nartinelli, L.

Lucchesi, R. Lencioni, Pagni a Puccini, At the four corner stalls 412 14th Street CONFECTIONERY. f)AINTY MENU. A place that is all the name implies. Our Dainty Lunches are becoming more popular every day with particular people.

Cleanliness and Service our motto. Widerspam Karoly, Props. 11 BmCHT will quote the lowest prices on fruits ever given. 602 Castro Street OaKland Manufacturers of the Famous Peerless Brand J. KOllAN WILLIAM J.


THE LOWEST PRICES VKGETABLF.S, SAUSAGES FRl'ITS, MEATS. u.uir,, rmn, nilLlul. MILK. BUTTEIl. CIIEESK IHKl nv The market was built at the expense of $25,000 Long the Coffee Man BEST COFFEE (Reg.

40c Value) 30c Lb. BEST CHOCOLATE 20c Lb. BEST TEA (Reg. 75c Value) 50c Lb. A 1 964 Vi Market San rancisco.

4 A At Schlueter's, 1318 Washington Oakland. I At New Free Market, 6th and Oakland. Sf rtffK At Washington 9th and Oakland ULUICO Thoncs Oak. 3823; Oak. 1322.

floors, tile walls, marble partitions and toilets, lovely mirrors, pedestal washstands, free telephones, etc. A maid Is in attendance on market days to look after the wants of women patrons. The public Is protected at all times In the quan-lty and quality of goods. Hereafter there will be no more goods sold on the sidewalks. The board of GARIBALDI TAM ALE PARLORS! We imikinK a specialty of After-Theater Parties, serving our Tu males.

Ravioli and Spaghetti, with the choicest Wines mil Liquors. Our service is unexcelled. Open Day and Night. 1 WIXITH ST. Phone Lakeside 3587.

Searpulla. Manngor. ami is one of Jhe finest west of Chicago. It has a frontage of about 100 feet on Washington Ftreet and a depth on Sixtli street of about 225 feet. The' height (if the building i.

about 35 feet, thus insuring the necessary and ventilation. There are no unsightly parts to obscure the view. For the further convenience of the public there Is a ladies' waiting room, furnished nt an additional cost of ooo. with all modern conveniences mosaic liih HiuewaiKS Clear or all Meridiem which makes things much more sanitary In this district immmm -STEVENSON mV mm BOARD SUFFRAGISTS III waiwere referred to a special committee to be re-drafted and reported to the executive council in session here today. Southern delegates announced in the convention that their caucus had decided to concentrate their energies upon winning Alabama for women suffrage the coming year.

1 PICKS DISTRICTS CONCORD ADJOURN one of the younf men playfully placed a red flag in the form of a bandana handkerchief to the mast. Immediately a small boat put out from the 1 linen and officers and crew fame up and demanded from Lewer the Identity of the boat. The younff men par- leyed for some time with the Japanese, hut finally explained that the flag- meant nothing. A demand waa made that It be taken down, but this. Lewer says, the crowd refused to do.

The Japanese finally withdrew nmld shouts of "Bansft" from the Americans. When they heard their national cry tho Japanese laughed loudly and the tenpe situation became one of friendliness. well Illustrated by a story told by Don Lewer, one of the passengers on tho steamship Manoa, which reached port Lewer declares that the officers of tho two cruisers, Hizon and Ansma, never overlooked a single bet which might lead to complications or glvo un udvantage to the enemy. They were waiting in the ofllng to capture the German gunboat (ieier, which has now been ordered to remain at Honolulu until after the war. Lewer's experience with tho ns she scouted in and about the islands was an Interesting one.

With a parly of friends ho was liahing in the bay. Their little boat ventured a little farther out, than usual and Mrs. to Lloyd Jrne Last Leave: Vw ill Fight Heirs. JAPANESE CRUISER SH0WS VIGILANCE SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 17.

The activities of tho Japanese cruisers which have now started for South America, but which lay for a long time off the port of Honolulu, was Impersonated Bro. for 20 Years; Drew Pension, Charged IIS 17. James W. Woblx-r. an inmate of tlio cov-rrniumt Mildior' liomC--nt Saw-t'lle for several years, whs arrested on a warnint yesterday rlinrft-ert Willi Impersonal Ihk Ills brother John dead for forty yenrs.

ii iid thereby drawing an SS monthly (wnsion for twenty yearn. Webber's application for jm increase under the act of 1912 led the kov-rninient. to invostluate through Ohio ix liitives. Tho indictment followed. Webber was arraigned and held in default of $2000 bonds, lie said lio was too jMior to employ an attorney.

The dead brother was a member of Company 7th Ohio Ueffinwnt of A olimtoers. MX FRAN'TS5-n. Nov. Inst Jink in the rhain tlint ba.s connected tfti-rt Louis Stevenson with Pan Francisco )r bo many years was brokfn yesterday Blacklist of Congressmen Is Opposed by National Body. NASTTVTLLE.

Nov. forty-sixth annual convention of the National American Woman Suffrage Asso-' elation in session here since last Thursday, closed last night with an apparent truce established betwen the opposing elements of the organization. Among tho more Important results" of yesterday's session were- the election of officers, the declaration by the association of a definite policy opposing atttacks on a political party and the adoption -of resolutions setting forth the organization's stand on legislation for suffrage and other public questions. Contrary to numerous rumors of the day and night previous, no mention was made of the Congressional Union, con more can the house at llydfK'and streets Justly be refilled the "'Stevenson ma.ns Ion," fofnll that now yemnins to unite dlctly with the creator of ''Trasur--tsTat)d'' are rooms thronged with strtCnge faces. Four Selected for of Carnegie Endowment; Melrose Site Accepted, At a meetintr hclil Inst nlpht in the -Oakland free library the board of directors, after a careful consideration, chose the four districts in which the Carnegiq branch libraries will bo erected The districts were: Melrose, Kast Oakland, between Thirteenth avenue and Lake Merrltt, Golden Gate and Alden.

The only site dellnltely decided upon was tho one in Melrose district. It is tho tract one block east of the Fremont high school, on the Boulevard, donated by Messrs. Hoot and Talcott This site has been favorably indorsed by all of the Improvement clubs of that locality. The other three districts have promised sites, but to dato no definite location in any of the three parts of town receiving the favorable mention have been presented, and should any grlven district fail to make good its promise to tho hoard then another district will be selected. W.

II. Weeks, the architect, 1ms been asked to prepare plans for a building suitable for the Melrose slto and ho will submit these within a short timo for tho consideration of the board. Katherlne D. Osbourne, former COUPL IIJURED IN pvlfa of Lloyd Osbourne, etflpson of jfitevenson and patron of Edward Salls-'llry Field, who last of all the family, has RUNAWAY MISHAP cerning which there had been heated dls- 1 been living In the famous house at 1100 Lombard street, left yesterday for New York with her two sons, Alan, aged find Louis Stevenson, aged in. She was dlvoreed from Osbourno on November 6 of lust year.

She said yesterday: "All Is dono now. The house has been sold and I shall never return. I am noins to New York with Farmer and Wife "Suffer Bone Fractures When Thrown Into Ditch. INVITED TO HOTEL, ATTACKED, ROBBED PAN FRANCISCO. Nov 1T.A MELROSE.

Nov. 17. John Terra, a farmer of San Inndro, sustained a fractured ei.llfir-bone 'his mornlnqr and ills wife, Lillian, a broKen right leg when the brakes on a liKht flprlnK wsnon refused to work on steep 1.111 alone the Redwood road, with the result that tho wagon crowded upon the horses' flanks, causing a runaway, and the precipitation of the occupants Into a diteh at the riot -tarn of the hill. The eocple were taken to Melioye police station and removed The KEY SYSTEM offers a prize of $100 for the best concise statement or phrase containing not more than twenty words aminp; the ADVANTAGES to Exposition visitors in making the East Bay Cities th eir headquarters. The advantages of the KEY SYSTEM direct FERRY SERVICE to the as compared with the rush, dust, discomfort and crowded street cars should result in a large proportion of exposition visitors making their headquarters in the East Bay Cities.

This in turn will bring business to our merchants, patronage to our banters and permanent residents to our cities. The East Bay Cities want a catchy, truthful and convincing phrase that will serve as her introduction to all prospective exposition visitors, and through such introduction invite them to enjoy her hospitality and advantages. RULES GOVERNING CONTEST 1 Statement must not contai more than twenty words, 2 Each statement shall be written upon plain paper with nothing to indicate the authorship. The full name and address of the contributor shall be given on a separate sheet enclosed in the same envelope and mailed to J. II.

Brown, Traffic Manager, Key System Building, Oakland, talif. 3 Contributions will be assigned a number in the order of their receipt and at the tlose of the contest, the contributions, will be submitted to the judges without ihe names of the contributors. 1 hold-up men who have baon operatinK nere lor me last week, continued their activities this morning, and three crimes were reported. One of the alleged robbers, Krimst Mltohuil, who said he was a barber, was, caught at 4:15 a. m.

by Partloman Cagnev and Sue.ttlnl orrinor I tn the OtikiHiid einwrKeui hospital, wlmru 1 I Injuries were dressed by Dr. 10. 10. I'ovdlo and I'avlson. Try two sons and from here to Philadel-jjihla, where I Intend to enter Alan for a jeourse In naval arehiteeture at the Pennsylvania fMatn University.

I suppose I sorry to go, though that housr with a final wave of her hand out of the cab window at the dun-looking pile that held Jts sad secrets of a stormy past "has been the scene of some ot my darkest hours. "Even how Mrs. Stoverfson's hatred of me follows me, giving me no rest. no peace of mind, no assurance that I can ever burst through the welclit of woe that she and hers have worked on me and Mrs. Isobel Rtronsr, Mrs.

Stevenson's daughter, who it UvIiik at Santa Barbara, has taken possession of my dearest belongings those letters, papers and other relics of Itobert Louis Stevenson, I which I had treasured from their connection with the happiest years of my. life. So little doea Mrs. Strong care for the memory of L. that she has ordeded I them and other Stevenson relics put up for auction In New York on the -3d of this month.

"I am glad that the last link should be lone Joining, me that fine soul," she i eaid, resuming her story. "Well, I have my attorney in New York obtain an injunction preventing that auction, which to me to all but a sacrilege. 'When I ar-Irire In the East I ehall fight to the end ttjf. my rights and his memory." BKATEX, T.MtES POISON'. LOS ANOEI.K9 Vn 17 Srnli.n.

Olson. Andrew Thompson of Palo Alto was the victim. Ho was in his room at the I-acy Hotel, whither, he says, Mitchell nau invitea wnen ttie latter knocked him down, took his watch and ran. Thompson Informed the officers, who captured Mitchell and fnnn.1 cushion among the delegates, and no motion was presented Involving any authorization of -the national body to discipline state organizations which might work contrary to the association's policy. Anti-adnilrilsl ration supporters worked diligently for their candidates for national offices, styled the "ree.ientatlve ticket," but after the Rilmlnisratloii nominees were elected by majority strength of about 70 votes, calmness prevailed.

SHE COUNSELS HARMONY. In announcing adjournment of the annual meeting Dr. Anna Howard Shaw, elected president for the tenth term, made a brief reference to the opposition. She said: "If any one has any criticisms to make against the president of this association or the official board, that criticism should be offered first to the president and to the board. In that-way possibly all strife can be obviated." Pr.

Shaw was unopposed for president. A substitute resolution on declaration of policy offered by Mrs. George Bass of Chicago, was adopted by tho convention instead of the recommendation approved by the executive council. The resolution reads: "Hesolved, that the National American Woman Suffrage Association is absolutely opposed to holding any political party responsible for the opinion and acts of Its Individual members or holding any Individual, public official or candidate responsible for the action of his party majority oie the question of women suffrage." Mrs. Grace Wilbur Trout of Chicago emphatically declared her opposition to the sending out by the.

association of "any blacklist" members of congress. TURN COTTON DOWN. Shaw explained that under a resolution previously adopted the national body could not work in any state with" out the consent of the state association. The statement of policy finally was adopted bjf an almost unanimous vote. The convention tabled a resolution urging all suffragists and suffrage organizations to aid the common 'movement by "buying a bale, by wearing- cotton clothes and in every way popularizing cotton." All resolutions rels tine to the European ST.

ANDREW'S GUILD TO HOLD CHURCH BAZAAR Tho jrulld of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church will hold a bazaar In the church auditorium, corner Twelfth avenue and MaRnolla street. Thursdav and Friday of this week, afternoon and evening. The affair Is for, the benefit of Uie church fund, and a program will be rendered each evening. Refreshments will also be served.

The ladles have prepared tables on- jdpttntr nf fnr'ift' w-nrlr .1.11 concealed in tho bathroom adjoining his upanmeni. John Ludlow of UK Posts treet was attacked by three footuads on street, near Sutter, at 1 a m. He was -Contributions will be received up to and including December 10, 1914. Deaten and robbed of a watch and chain and iio In cash. The third victim was Jihn vmiu ui-ii- icaeles, candv and the usual bazaar para- ex-soldier of BL'8 Kearny street.

He Vas 5 The award wilMje announced on December 20th, and check for $100 paid to the successful contestant as a Christmas present. Seven representatives of the conservative business interests of the East Bay Cities have agreed to act as judges. hearted because her husband had immiHim umi.a welcome ine puhlte Is extended. Opportunity to purchse Christmas gifts at reasonable figures will be offered. Mrs.

Prank Braewell Is president of the guild, and Mrs. J. A. Anderson Is secretary. The ladies assisting in the bazaar are Mrs.

Frank Koteman, Mrs. William James, Mrs; Clarence Oliver, Mrs. C. Gove Jr. and Mrs.

M. Moultnn. ROAD WUFCTOK NAMED KALT LAKE CTY, Utah, Nov. 17. The annual meeting- of the stockholders of the Salt Lake route was held here vesterdav and th tninar- Deaten ner instead of taking her out for a car as, she says, he had promised, Mrs.

Geraldine Richardson waiKlng along Jackson street, near Stockton, wJien a1 lone lrighwayman held him up, taking his watch and WOMAN'S FTXD URGED. SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 17. Wrlth the certification of the reJlight abatement law but a fortnight or so away, Police Commissioner Theodore Roche! following the meeting of the board last night, urged the formation of a committee to raise a fund to be used to make provision for about 2000 women of the under world who will be thrown out Into the city's streets. Roche said that the commission will confer with District Attorney Fickert as to what action to take.

In regard to the redlight district. of mercury, which she sent her little daughter to one of the nelgh- bnra. flskinir thnt' nVityA'- be notified of what she had done. She was taKfin to tne receiving hospital, Ing directors were elected: W. II.

t-'ancrort, Oscar Lawler, R. S. Lovett E. E. Calvin, W.

O. Kerckhoff, J. Snrtorl, W. A. Clark, J.

Ross Clark. wnere me surgeons say ner recovery la doubtful. Abel Richardson, the husband, was arrested by Motorcycle Officer JSllsworth, who locked him in the II nil W. H. Comstock.

R-. C. Kerens, 1 Ttawa karna and T. Miller. s7s35 rriN t2isS3.

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