The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on November 7, 1894 · Page 7
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 7, 1894
Page 7
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HOW STOUT BOT STOUT, fi£MAMAM,£ Of A BlfiOMAffiO All Cad flesh Me , - :•; e fttia strong. ., ($!?»»* ^« JITd. Sferti>$, J7Z. '-,< Few men fete held itt higher esteetri 1 tgf their fellow townspeople thati Jas. W< Stout, of Siply, 111., and it is due fid doubt partly to this popularity that the record of the case has created such %ide-spread interest. While his experience is not withoxtt an equal, yet it has been sufficiently remarkable to detaand the attention of thousands of tJCOple in Illinois, among whom are ttttin"b€fed some of the most eminent SAVE f rife In January, 1898, Mis Stout was stricken with what was thett i believed to be sciatic rheumatism, and in a short time was barely able to hobble aroitnd ott crutches, and it seettied to his friends that his days were numbered. tto-day he is a strong, hearty looking tnan of 160 pounds. Bow this wonderful change was brought about is most interesting as told to a representative of the Republican by Mr. Stout himself: "I was afflicted with sciatic rheumatism and lumbago in January, 1893. 'The sciatic nerve on the right side became affected in the hip, running down to the ankle and across the small of the back to the left side, and ^ soon toy whole system became afflicted, causing me the most excruciating pain. In a very short time I became totally unable to attend to any business whatever, and the disease rapidly, growing worse, I had to take to my bed, where I lay suffering almost continuously for months the most agonizing torture, scarcely being able ' to .<• move, or be moved. At one time I, lay for six weeks flat on my back,;, the slightest movement causing .me such pain as almost to throw me into convulsions. I cannot begin to express, to you the ., intense pain I suffered. I was drawn, . by the severeness'of the malady, over, to the left side; lost my appetite, had no desire for food,' and what little I did eat I could not digest, the digestive organs failing to perform their duty, adding greatly to my already precariousi condition. For weeks at a time I was unable to eat or sleep, suffering all the time most intensely and at, ; times fearing I would lose my reason, and would have welcomed death to relieve me of my sufferings. "I consulted with local physicians and some of the most'eminent specialists of the larger cities throughout the country, some treating me for ' one thing and some for another, but without effect, and I received no relief whatever. One physician told me I had double curvature of the spine and : •would eventually become paralysed. I epent hundreds of dollars in the short time I was afflicted without receiving the least benefit. My friends all thought that there was ,no hope for me whatever and'said that I must die, and I myself had almost given up in d&spair, when in September, 1893, ' rOJout eight months after I was first K-, f f „*. dieted, my attention was called to Dr.' 1 Williams' Pink Pills for Pale 'People. Without much hope, I at once sent to C. F. Rickey <fc Co., Druggists, Mt. Sterling, 111., and procured some of the pills and immediately began taking them. Before long I became aware of a great change for the better in my almost hopeless condition. My appetite came back and my digestive . organs performed their usual functions properly. I took some more and grey? rapidly better—could sit up in a chair and my body began to straighten out; continued the treatment and in a short time was able to be about on crutches. My recovery from that time on was very rapid and assured. My right leg, •which before I commenced this treatment was numb and dead, now experienced a - pricking, tingling sensation. •I was enabled to throw away my crutches and walk upright once more among my fellows, a better man " ilcally than ever before. When taken by the disease I weighed 1 /ISO pounds; was reduced to 115; I now weigh 160, more than I ever weighed^ »t any time in my life, Yes, sir, I lay my recovery entirely to Pink Pills," J)r, Williams' Pink' Pills for Pale' People are an unfailing specific 'for «uca diseases as locomotor ataxia, partial paralysis, St, Vitus' d,ftnce, sciatica,.neuralgia, rheumatism, n'erv- , ^us Jieadaohe, the after effects of Ja ' grippe, palpitation of 'tjie heart, pale and' sallow complexions, and, - 'all forme of weakness either in male or fejnaje, Pink Pills are sold ,by all dealers, or will be sent) post paid <m " , 50 cents a bP^ pr six .. .. -tthey^eneyerfsoldw, '•'or by .the' JOp) 'by ' add^egpng, ' Medicine, Qa,,'gehenee. A Colllitea ftetentetl By A tl&sfa ton ft ftftlh* Sight. Engineer fedward Schaffer* on trfeitt So. 9, running between Buffalo and Rochester, on the Falls road, says the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, had ah experience last ''summer that made 1 his hair stand on end. ±he train left tiuftalo about t o f clock, in charge of Conducto. Knickerbocker, with Engineer Schaffer at the throttle. The train had ft clear track, as was supposed, between Buffalo and Rockport, and was running at & high rate of speed. Black Rock wis feached without any mishap. After 1* aving that station behind the engineot sent the train ahead at the fate of over thirty milea an hour. The night was dark as pitch, and the rain beat against the cab windows Unceasingly. Engineer Schaffer sat ill his seat by the cab window. The headlight was of little uso in the blinding rain, and the en- gineoi* could see only a few yards in advance of the engine. The train sped on thf otigh the darkness, and soon, the lip grade, about live miles south of the Tonawanda, was reached. The engineer Opened the throttle wider, the fireman shoveled coal faster. , Tho hill was passed .ihd the tfdin rumbled on through the storm, Suddenly a flash of lightning, followed by a terrific peal of thunder, lit Up the track a half a mile ahead. Schaffer was looking ahead just : 'at that moment, and a sight met his gaze that sent the blood 'to his cheeks. Twenty yards ahead four freight cars were standing on ihe track., Grasping the reverse lever he pulled it, back to the last notch and shouted to/ the flue- man to put on the aivbrakes. • The fireman's blood seemed to- "freeze v in his veins,, and, seizing the brake lever, he sent the air through the pipes full force; At the same moment Schaffer set the emergency Brakes. The strong locomotive , cr.eaked ; and groaned. The engineer and -Jireman, with blanched cheeks, stood* looking into each other's, faces, while the " perspiration, trickled from their foreheads in largo drops. But only for a moment,' for the engine' tottered" and both' of them were thrown to the floor of the cab.' The shock was so sudden that the passengers in the coaches were thrown from their seats', the chandeliers swung 1 from the ceiling and two of them fell to the floor. One man was thrown completely over the seat in front of him, landing with his head shoved under the second seat in front and his feet propped up against the- breast of an elderly gentleman behind in such a manner as to hold him firmly in his seat. One young lady was, by the force of the shock, lifted • from her seat, carried into the aisle and deposited in the lap of a man who was lying on his back in the aisle. The baggageman was at the time engaged in checking a trunk. He did not check it just then, however, for when the shock carrie the trunk eluded 'his' grasp and 'started' with the other baggage for the other end of the car. The baggageman was found a few minutes later covered up with sachels in one corner of the car. After the excitement had subsided the conductor and engineer got off the train to investigate the situation. They -found the pilot of the engine shoved a foot beneath the caboose of the freight train ahead. As they were but a few miles from Lockport, the freight was pushed into the yard limits and sidetracked, the train proceeding- on its way to Lockport. Old engineers on the Central Hudson pronounce it the most wonderful stop they had ever heard of. The flash of lightning was all that saved the lives of ovex* 200 passenger's on board the train. f iking a Long Sector—Iti ofde? to etfect & curt ilj bate to undergo ft stifgical operation Patient—Is it fealty danfcarousf Doctor—No dafifcw; you Wil Without ft doubt. Patient—But I hftt-6 undfcrstood In opirfttiott of that character only one covfefti in ev6ry 10,000. t Doctor—I know, but 9,999 hate ftlf^ died. Yo« are the 10,000th one. "fcou iurely recover. tMdh't Like Bogs. Victor—Does your dog ktotf fcay trtck*< Boy tots of 'em. . . "1 should like to see some of them. Can •jroti'make him lie dowfa and pretend to be dead?" "Easy. Co-wn, Toweer. downl Now be dead! There!" ' , , . .. ".bine, very flnei Please keep hftri tbdt way until 1 leave." He Had Skipped. H e _Yott're husliand is abroad, I'm told? She (stockbroker's wife)—Yes, he's traveling in Sduth America. He—Oh, indeed 1 And do you expect hitti home shortly? Ehe—Well, I cfth't e*actly tell. You see, these extradition arrangements take up such a lot of time. A tcmt»le of Health .Where vigor, good digestion, appettta and sound repose minister to physical comfort. Is the bodily structure which, howevef much its foundations'hare been 'sapped by 111 health, has been restored—rebuilt, as It were—by the great renovating tonic, Hostetter's Stomach Bitters. Nothing infuses strength Into a debilitated frame llko this saving medicine, which, In the rigor and regularity it Imparts to the. system, endows it with the sur.cst defense against disease, and the best guaranty of a, long-life and hale old age. "Worn out men.ot business, tired mechanics, overworked mill hands, miners broken down by hardship and exposure to malaria, mariners and tourists, all declare that it ts theebest safeguard against tbe influences of fatigue, bodily or mental, and of climate and temperature. Incomparable for bilious, rheumatic, kidney and nervous trouble's. Equal to the Occasion,. Bob—What did the lecturer say when £oti threw; the cabbage&'at him? " Dick-Mjh, he said that he had hear.d the 'audience would be*pleased, but he-really hadn't expected they, would entirely their head. , ' '' "' ' FOUR TRACK SERIES ETCHINGS. t • f— *' The Unexampled Offer of the Kew,Tork Central. Art lovers will find one of the best bar-f gains placed before the public for many a| month in the offer of the Passenger Depart-j ment of the New York Centra^ to sell at a- merely nominal figure a collection, of etch^ ings, which have become famous all over the country as the "Four-Track Series."' - t 1 • ttri ftiajt RUHR fflfflS fMUfifflIfl UndeMtaad ilie Sei. Hostess.—Why do the Chinese crip* pie tHe best of their girl babies so inhu- ; manly? Traveler — To save their darlings lifelong Buffering. "How can it be?" "When the Chinese girls grow up .they are able to wear small shoes without torture." A Wood Mine. In Upper Tonkin there are wood mines, according to the report of a French.consul. The wood, which was originally a pino forest, was swallowed up by the earth, which covers it to a' depth of eight yards.. Some of the trees are a yard in diameter; the wood is imperishable and is sold-to the Chinese for coffins. . . » ' A Child Enjoys The pleasant flavor, gentle' action and soothing effects of Syrup of Frgs, when in need of a laxative, and if the father, or, mother be costive or bilious, the.mostgra.t-,-. . ifying results will follow its use; so that | it is the best family remedy known, and every family hand. should have. a bottle on ingto: "Rounding "theT'Nose. Mohawk Valleyi" . "No. 999 and the DeWitt Clinton," "The Empire State Express," "Horse Shoo Fall,"; Niagara." and ''Gorge of the Niagara Eiver." These etchings are all printed on 'fine's plate paper, 24x83 inches, and the absence; of any objectionable advertising feature,. renders them suitable for framing and! hanging to one's office, library or home. > Copies may be secured at the office of W. B. Jerome, General Western Passenger Agent, 97 Clark St.. Chicago, for fifty cents each, or will be mailed in stiff tubes, secure from injury, to any address, for seventy-five cents each, or any two of them to one address, for 81.80, or any three or more ordered at one tune to one address, sixty cents each, in currency, stamps, express or postal money order. The age of a tree can oe ascertained by counting its rings, but it isn't so with a woman. How's Thlsl We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for any case of Catarrh that can not be cured'by Hall's Catarrh Cure! F. J. CHENEY & CO.,Props., Toledo, Ohio. We, the undersigned, have known P. J. Cheney for the last 16 year^ and believe him perfectly honorable in all business transactions and financially able to carry out any obligations made by their firm. WKST & THUAX, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, Ohio. WALDJNO, KINNAN & MARVIN, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo. Ohio. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the -system. Price 75e per bottle. Sold by all Druggists. Testimonials free, Hall's Family Fills, 25o. - , Just a Trifle In a little New England village, not many miles fi'oin Bpston, either, there is a circulating library which generously and hospitably offers itf privileges to the stranger within its- gates. , One such strolled into the voom lately, on its only open day of the week, commenting 'upon p tl).e privileges of the towns-people, and a.d-, mix-ing the .reading instinct which made the library possible in a place so small. A- dignified looking woman, a "leader-" in village society, was looking ovqr- the catalogue, helping .a • •' . \' Autocrat of the .. 'by Holmes," 'sUp said, 1 ,, .;up tine bopk, "I've never reaq!, IJMs on,?, but ^eyepy^hing; wtep is sui*6 to ' The liver. sun can't shine through a torpid Tbe sun will keep right matter how much -we talk spots. _ on shining, no about its dark Market Gardener* and farmer*. .Tremendous money is made by getting your vegetables into market 10 days ahead of 'your neighbors. Salzer's ' Northern grown Seeds have this reputation. Send to the John -A. Salzer Seed Co., La Crosse, 'VVis., for their wholesale catalogue, inclosing a 2-cent stamp. '.,,'. vr Painting the pump is throwing away money if there is poison in the water. Piso's Cure for Consumption is an especially good medicine for Croup. — Mrs. M. B. Avent, Jonesboro, Texas, May 9th, 1891. The liberty belle— the one that lets you kiss her. Coe'* Congn Balsam Is the oldest and best It will break up a Cold quicker tban anything else. It is always reliable. Try it. A gun is not doing much execution when it hangs fire. ' If tbe Baby lo uniting xeetb. Be sure and UEO that old and well-tried remedy, MRS. TVXKStow's SOOTHING SiBUP for Cliildren Teething- Cincinnati shoe workers will establish a store. "Damon's Magic i;»r»t Malre." MnTca to cure or money refunded. Ask your Iruggtst Sor it. Price 15 cents. 'Brewers 1 International union adopted tbe A. F. of L. platform. •".'A Oup of Parks' TOR at nightmoves the bowels m the morning." '•Is there any one -who thinks it is as easy for him to take other people's advice as it is for them to take his? . The total vote of the United States increased from 4,676.000 in 1860 to 12,068,000 in 1892. _ Paper-hangers are about the only men who succeed in business by going to the wall. made to cure Kelson** tr&moat Ship. The masta of Nelson's old ship, the Victory, having rotted at the base, are to be taken out aad replaced with, iron ones. The use of this metal-- for the Victory's masts has called put crit- icisms'from all sides, which,- as the ship is kept in commission avowedly as a matter of sentiment, seems natural. t Never Idle. Base Ball Crank^-Wliy doctor I What are you doing out here? Doctor—Oh, just, killing time. Base Ball Crank—Great Scott! I should think you woulcf leave your business at' home when you come to a' place of this kind o—Fuck.., The Wrong Kind. • Showman—"Cowboyi'are ye?' 1 "A , Applicant—"TZes." f ' '"' : • ^ "Ever cambyer ha'r? 1 * ; .',«",-. "Ever morning" . , . , v iy . "Wash yer neck?" ',-**•. , "Twicet a day.". "Kin ye throw aJasso?" .• •- "Ketch'em every time—". . ; -, "Then you kin git! Yer. no cowboy. I've seed too manyuv 'em!" 0 • Too Good a Judge. Wagstaff—Where's that.Iambus dog of your's that was such a good judgu of trampj? Hopscotch—I was obliged to give him away. To be frauk, wnen I came home from the races the other night he bit me. The hardest worker isn't the greatest gainer. .. DES MOINES FIRMS WANTED—100 salesmen to sell and 10,000 customers to buy trees. Liberal terms and reasonable prides.' DEB MOINES NURSERY CO., DCs Moines. R.R. Tickets Cheap rates. Mileage bought and sold. W.W. Williams, 200 4tb St. THE CAPITAL CITY And tbe Capital City Softool 01 Shorthand, T. M. G. A. BldK.,I>os Moines, lo. The leading schools of business In the West. Board very reasonable. Send for catalogue to Mohan & McCauley, DCS Molnca.Io. CIIIC Improved, Unincutnbered Missouri rinb Farms. Hotels and City Property for Sale. Bent or Trade. 'Address wltb stamp, — T. 0. SIMPSON, Neosho, Mo. __ _ i. o. , 'Successfully Prosecutes Claims. I Late Principal BT&mlnor U.S. Penaion Bureau. 13 yrs In last war. 15 suUudlcatiue claime. otty einca. PISO-'S CURE FOR CURES WHERE ALL ELSE I | Beat Cough Syrup. Tastes < In time. Bold by druggists. tree CONSUMPTION Tbe Family Cobbler, complete outfit for'genera' The Family Hpriiess Al«nder, a complete/ outfit tor general haraeug belt repairing. 13.60. full JPro$p5ptus for Jo9S vahe Q| tbp pontents of the' wry spppan gy?? volujne pf THB YOVTJU'S Jfeyv rHr Contributors for has written- 3 itriking ppw of " buU niatH? JJoUlVBs CHlv* \/UI. Sllfc tad wool'kttMna, < the latest- Mylet.j GOOdl InaflufSotu Io#4 for lo^a people. Tf «e« PREPAID everywhere. SAFE ARR.. „. anteed. The"greatmirsefie8"8aveyou«vef Millions of the best trees 70 yeftts' exp "'" boot and shoe repairing. Price «3,00, Kept for sale by hardware dealers And storekeeper* generally, 01 sentfrelgrht prepaid to your oearastB. K, station upon receipt of price, ' BRANDENBURG & CO., Chicago, 111.; St. LquiB, MO., Kansar City, Mo,, Dmaba, »eb.. SJonx CSty, -IPF*. AGENTS VTAUTBD, • OUT THIS-OUT, ']****.-**. orton» RK, DOCTORS TTBO TREA* At* , PRIVATE DISEASES Weakness tod Secret fttorMitift MEN ONLY. Free book. Address, witbtfsttft DR8. SEAftUES & 1410 Eai-nuitt S$.« '30 This Month V I •l; _ _ Anyone eanpasUcljtotfl Ifi *»enormous profits by sending us from S1OI* ~ 1,000. Highest refs. Write for particular* ,»• k THE TRADERS SYNDlCAttT/ Traders' Bldg., Chicago, lit AGENTS WANTED. ' 0J.,UU V EVERY HOME-SEEKER Should read the pam{*let i-e««nt1y pibH«h* Pftmentier Department of the Ullnoli Ceotntl 1UU. rdad, entitled "Soathern Home-Seekers Grfide for It contains orer 60 excellent letters fai-mera now loc&ted in tbe South, and other aathttitte and valuable Information. For a Free Copy, addm* the undenlgned at Manchester, Iowa. - >, A. V MKRKY, Assistant General FaBBenge* Agm± MAILED FREE (i to any Farmer o« Farmer'! Wife .) UP TO DATE DAIRYING^ conlalntnsr full Instruction how to sectifft ' • Higher Orade Products, malca BDTTEB A BEnEH PWCE 1 r and with Ljcss Labor e«=t flore Money I explaining In a practical manner,.. THE NORMANDY (FRENCH) SYSTEM, DANISH DAIRY SYSTEM »• .- ELGIN SEPARATOR. •rhlch hare brought prosperity and ease to the dairy fame*. •> Write for this 'Valuable Information. Mailed FREBo* application. Kindly send address of neighboring Jama* •oho own cows. Addresj R. LESPINASSE, Ex. Sec'y Columbian & - 848 W. LAKE *T. \llinols Dairy Assoclitloni. CHI^MjQ ' 7-1- & "COLCHESTEB"! SPADING BOOT. 1 BEST IN MARKET. BEST IN FIT. \ ' BEST IN WEARING I QUAUTY, - ,' I The outer or tap sole e» | tends-the whole length i down ,to the heel, pro-" : i teetiuR the boot In " I ptnp and iu other * | work. < ASK TOUR : FOE THEM land don't he. put oft- 'with inferior goods.^.1 > COLCHESTER RUBBER CO. ' pi hi§ »i)4 WALTER BAKER & GO; The Largest Manufacturers o&K'/V PURE, HIGH GRADE ' ' .COCOAS AND CHOCOLATED i On thia Continent, baT*ne«hr«*'; • HIGHEST AWARDS from the great ; (trial and M EXPOSITIONS 3 and Am GO ]| .'. . -,\' ;;»" n TI»HketheDutchJ'rocew,'jioA>k*»ri Illci or other Chemlcida or Dyci wnf f; _ uiied in any of their no — * Their dellclou. BREAKFAST COCO All > fan wad aoluble, and eott* ten than ""? cent o WALTER BAKER& CO. DORCHESTER, Mm W. S3 SHOE i/V' 1 t'i' m

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