The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on November 7, 1894 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 7, 1894
Page 5
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,•> V, MATTERS, Fresh uj&iefB at Ladendorff's. J uli M Kriaeftskl Was awarded the d6iiti-«ct (ot plastering the Dooley J. L. Peter* was down from Jftatt- ciMt Thursdaj- last. He was about to ffiove on hid farm hear St. Joseph in smithetn Koasuth. „ The 4lgona correspondent 6f the Dt'S MtiifiesLeadef pays this coropli* ffietit fa> Professor Gilchtisti "Me is dtie of the progressive men of the Bifreteentli century. We hope td heat flf his being actively engaged in school Work in the near future. Such men ate needed in our educational institutions. Tbe school that secures him Will have a teacher, and cot & figure* hlad." The division point of the C. M. & St. P, railtoad has been dhanged from Prairie do Chien to McGregor. This will please Iowa travelers* Humboldt Independent: We had the pleasure of an agreeable Visit last Thursday with Jo Faxon Of Kossuth county. Jo is an old settler between the Devitie and Fisher bridges and is one of the best fixed farmers in that section of the county. Mr. Faxon is a distant relative of the ^icknell family, C. A, Smith went into Chicago last Thursday night to buy a few Roy Wilkes colts for handling the coming winter for the track next season, The Algona folks who attended the Whittemore speech of State Auditor McCarthy speak of it in ter^a of very high praise, quite in contrast with the comments of the Whittemore Champion. Our people rated the speech as a tery effective one and a vote-maker for republicanism. Anyone wanting a good cow should Consult our local advertisements. , John Switzer has just bought a Poland China stock hog from Howard & McAllister of Jefferson, Iowa, Mr. Switzer is a successful breeder and handler of swine. He has at present about thirty full-blood Poland Chinas, many of which are registered, and all of which are elligible to registry. He expresses the opinion that theHiog cholera so prevalent, or whatever the disease may be, is due to bad water and poor care. His own well is 200 feet deep, and he has had no trouble because no sufrace water. N. Y. Tribune: Eli Perkins, who is a vestryman in an uptown church, in tbe absence of a Sunday school teacher, kindly offered to take her class in the Saboath school. After teaching the class four weeks Mr. Perkins was presented with a bible by his class. People can draw their own inferences. J. E. Paul has some fine honey to sell. A. D. Clarke, John G. Smith and B. F. Cros'e represented Algona at Mr; Dolliver's Bancroft meeting. Bancroft Register: D. A. Haggard, the ll silver tongued orator of the auction block" says that everything he is selling at his many sales brings a fair price, except horses, though at the Leonard sale last week he secured somewhat exceptional prices for good animals. The ad of the new firm, Haleen & Peterson, appears in this REPUBLICAN. They are already doing business, jy H. Setchell had a serious attack of cK«era morbus last week. , Jns. Cowan puVthelifishihg ! tbuohes on the brick *, work ^.oT pthe I 'Gfltn.oire store building Saturday night. It must be said that tbe building is a beauty. The proportions are seemingly just right, and tbe material is pressed brick. The store is 100 feet by 22, with ample basement, and will be used by itr. Gilmore as a grocery 'store. The young pepple of Algona tender a reception to Mr. and Mrs.' Harvey Ingham at Court House hall Saturday evening next. It will doubtless be an elegant affair. A subscription was circulating yesterday to raise money to defray the ex- penses'of E, C. Buffiington to Iowa City, in order to give him the benefit .of treatment.for his eyes in the Uni: versity hospital, ' Word came from Garfield township about 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon . that all tbe official ballots were used up. Sheriff Samson left with a supply at»lively gait, . Jas. Cowan is laying the foundation .for a residence building of ample dimensions, east of Wm, K. Ferguson's, It-is to be veneered with brick. The location is desirable. 1 Brick and stone are on th,e ground fpr another residence a tew rods east; Mr. Cowan is one of our mogt enterprising men. The Algona Matrimonial Assopia- tipB'has just made a discovery 'that sends the cold chills down the back of every one pf its members,. • Another $;iQ Is going to be called fpr and will have >tQ j come. Once more the troth must .be impressed.upon their winds that UK is wore blessed tp giye than receive,; In tbe'prejjent instance Ralph"H. - Miller wttl get tfre $JO cpntribut jops, , He will "" 1 -^~- iV —of tbe best and prettiest P. M. Whitman is with fit again, f.^iffl'Ssrai tftt"X.j8j2 ^ fo-'fc&lfrK' Iitff<£fc <t^£ m^^'M liilYlDff IDftuG 8 fiouro run tO vOwJ; John Bedding and Miss Annie Len- ettsaf e to be married today in the Catholic 1 church at St. Joe. Yesterday was one of the quietest dais we have had this tear. There wad no disturbance at the Rolling places of elsewhere. Toil could hear a pin drof ufadef favofable cifcumstattces. The judges and clerks of election wefe very lonesonii yesterday. The experience was quite in contrast with what was fS6ittffipn;befofe we had our Australian 1 ballot law, when a dense 6fdWd sttffotinded the polls and wheft ticket peddlers With variegated tickets commanded all the avenues of approach* Those were lively times. No ennui for the election officer then. Those in Algona who have been sick with typhoid fever ate improved in condition over last week* Catl Setchell is much better and Miss Katie Henry's symptoms are more encouraging, There was a meeting of the school boat-d Monday night, but aside from allowing a few bills no business was transacted. J. R. Dutton received a letter yesterday morning from the insane asylum at Independence saying that his son was in a critical condition v but express* ing a hope that in a few weeks he would be brought out all right. A traveling artist last week took a number of groups of school children with his camera which he sells for 36 cents apiece. Better patronize home talent, Miss Magaret Rutherford came up from the Agricultural College last week She will teach. It will be a good thing for everybody to look over the REPUBLICAN'S great club offers. Mr, M. N« Dayton and Mr. Geo. Mornin, of Cedar Falls, spent Sunday with their wives in Algona, the guests 01 Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Robinson. Invoicing has been the regular order at Doxsee's hardware store the past week. The end of the work was not reached until last evening. Mr. G. M. Howard has been assisting in running the store, List of advertised letters: Mrs. Jennie Allen, Fred K. Butler (2), Mr. Geo. Bominingbam, A. N. Brunson, J. E, Carter, R. R. Contractor, A.L.Dutton, Mr. Wm. Delaney, E. C. Dawes, Dana Hubbard, D. R. Hubbard, Erick Johnson, Mrs. J. A. Mathers, Thos. C. Neilson, O. A. Ohleson, Boverest, Kossuth, county, la., Mrs. M. Stuart,'Catherine Stomp, J. D. Van Buren, Hellen, A. Young. As Lew Smith walked over to. McMurray's carpenter shop yesterday he said it reminded him of the time when the Algona people had to go down to Irvington to vote. That was thirty-five years ago. , . /: The Walker Bros, have something to say to every family in Algona,' ah'd they say it in the - REPUBLICAN'S advertising columns. There is an occasional renewal of the agitation for electric lights but no tangible result is so far in sight. An electric plant, it is believed, would be a paying investment in Algona, and no equivalent investment would be a bigger thing for the town. ; Mrs. H. S. Langdon, who has been very ill at Sandwich, Illinois, itf now recovering. . ;. -iv,A : l^fine.i neWiuboy. is. reported at Cheeyef Hudson's. " '^ H. F. Watson arrived home from the East Monday night. Harry Dodge has bought out the Thos. Bennett meat shop on State street. • . ^ . This is the unfeeling way in wWch the Des Moines Register refers to the Hallowe'en, celebration in that >cij;y; "Tonight is Hallowe'en. Many youths are preparing to celebrate it by various outlandish crimes, which will be watched for and the perpetrators >arr rested by a large number of special police appointed by Mayor Hillis to patrol the streets. Tbe police will not wear uniforms, and many a young hoodlum will spend tbe night behind the bars," * Young men who have not learned that it is not in order to destroy the property of others, even for funj should be given a special course of instruction, Or, 'suppose they destroy their own. property, or that of their parents. If they tear up their own sidewalks and then put them in shape the next day it would be all in the family, at least. But somebody should tell the boys that there is no night in the year in which the depre* flattens' they commit are pot crimes in the definition of the law, Congressman Dolliver spent all* pf Friday in Algona, resting up and vis* iting friends, He, went east op the six p'clock train, being (town for a speech at Garner that night' ' He was very much pleased ^ith the ppera hp«se, pn account pf the ease pf speak- jng in ifc, He pai$ tbe spftecJj p£ |-'— duotioa by Pr, Sheets a very high •• ' < - ^^Tt*'<**T~^t~ ¥ PM&BW*WP4? </.; ,7; ^mlmmnimmw fa extend its • ' v './ f, AM. «l^n4.» i «i.S««^^%.JP^/Jlj5,ttf2 * ' t- i • i " c4fV.*. (*;"• ? ppnf p|Bl%j;iQB|) ti-V • • AtfnriMrm iscs ymii-&w j°*.r4J I «*Ar>kl«i4>«v<M. «><«w^Wn«r*n4w«f« . Galbtaith ii ptifthihg nfg »Bsid«%e6 cfft.stste The Stfuctute f?rows under hid hand and will be one ot the ornaments of the town. It will be one of out largest residences. Mrs-IJ. M. Setehisll had the tune to fipfalfi hef ankle Sufiday. The wotk of laying the water pipes id how neatly completed, and in good season* The town Will soon be &>1" lecting water rents worth mentioning. Mayot Boyis* of Whitteinotej always occupies a bdi when he attends any doings at out opera hotise. He knows how to support the dignity of histoWfi* Ai-chie Mtltchisoh goes to Lake Chatlesoti ott the Ifith to begin opera* tions on the tide plantation of A. A< Call. He will build levies, bteak the land, put up buildings and/ place taa- chitiety for elevating the water from the bayou. He will have all the work done by contract^ and says he will have no trouble in getting tbe work done as labor is plenty. The sowing of the tice will not be in order till Match. Go to Norton's lumber yard for storm doors and Witidows, The letting of the school house contracts in Union township will come the 10th ihst. C. M, Doxsee evidently means business. See his new ad. Two of Algona's young democrats Went over with the general land slide to the republican party, They are Bert Mathews and Chas. Cohenour, Thei «-i good sense is to be commended, Mrs. L. Lentengre and Miss Isabelle Tiss, of Corwith spent Sunday with friends in Aigona, Call at the Algona Tub Factory for pork barrels and tierces. 4w .. COW FOR SALE, Inquire at REPUBLICAN office. 2w THE DR. FELLING TRIAL. EOLLtVBK'fl Whittemore Torn Up Three Days.— Dr. Felling Tried for Procuring a Mis- Carriage, but is Discharged. The trial of- Dr. F. J. Felliig, of Whittemore, on the charge of procuring a miscarriage, was held Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of last week, before Justice Phil. Dorweiler, and resulted in a decision discharging .him from custody. The criminal act was alleged to have been committed July 8, about midnight, and the miscarriage alleged to have resulted from the dose followed at 4 o'clock the next afternoon. Mrs. Randall and her mother, Mrs. Chaa. K. Nellis, testified for the prosecution, and Dr. Felling in his 9wn defense took the stand and contradicted everything material that they said. This was all the direct evidence introduced, but there were, a number of witnesses brought in by the state to impeach Dr. Felling's moral character and bis reputation for veracity, and about an equal array testified for the. defense to show tbat both were first "class. There was practically no material fact that was asserted by one side that was not flatly denied by the other. The case was fought ..with' vigor and persistency for three days, at the end of which time Justice Dorweiler discharged the defendant for want of evidenced The prosecution Was conducted by County Attorney J.C. Uay- mondi^ while S. S. Sessions, of Algona, and Mr. McEnroe, of Whitternore, der fended. 7 The trial elicited cpusider- able local interest. It is given out that the matter will be brought Before the grapd jury. ._ Mrs. RandalJ, "who claims to nave Deen the victim, is only about nineteen years of age., , x DID THE HANDSOME THING?. Emmetsburg Democrat: The members of cqmpanyAK report having -had a regular.,1894 time at: Algona. They werp royally Created. Everything was free and they had no bills r to pay, and they are still ;* talking about Algona's .hospitality.; generosity and— we will not mention the rest.. They did not win any prizes but they made a good showing and their efforts, were accorded marked attention. Hurley, Vaughn and Armstrong made good records. We did not learn how many points Saunders made. Emmetsburg Reporter: j Tbe members of company K who were at Algona last week, are loud in their praise of the Algona boys. Everything was free and each member of Co. F vied with,tbe other in making the boys feel at home,'- The Algona people in gen- .eral are noted fpr their hospitality, and £he boys w.ere only keeping up the reputation of the city, If you want to be used in 'a 'royal manner just go to Al> gona, ' - , Fort Dodge Messenger: Captain C, ,W, 'King , and Dan Campbell have returned ftpm attending the rifle sbopt at Algona, There were six cpmpanie,s of the Jt'N, G. represented apd<a friendly contest resulted, The boys were! entertained royally by the AJgPna 'company. . - , . ot .the company in Chicago, the a88,embje 'guy r^eyijtbie le pf We3t ~ Beod Journal; 'Our 'sister , Algona, has always beena'yeyy l and temperate tQYro. especially temperate, bqt they put tjp wore "Wge " siness 1 pyer there tban any W»i» BPrtb^nterri ,Iow^. It looks, tows as tbPHgh $ tategfvUon tip MR6JWB 'IPF a:stfp«|atJ<J J}m§ gu clear ^8' oifcy Qfespwe of - its afc Qspberial speeaJators to tbe credit gt $ tPWB, - ; ' Ttee outrages ,w.hjaii have lor s J. P. B&ffiuto Addrtssta & Magnificent Audiftncfe fit Clff'a Opera ttottsfe Thutsda? flight. I 1 he audience which listened td the speech of our popular eongfessffiaa Thursday night was probablt the lafgest that he ever addfeesed in this neighborhood^ because the opera house wan the largest audience rooiai Mr. Deliver has never failed to fill to PVer- fldWing any hall in which he ever spoke in Kossuth, Every seat was tafeeu Thursday night, and many Were obliged to stand. The invariable coin* mfent upon the speech was that it was ttife strongest that Mr. Dolliver has ever given us. It was in every respect a freat speech, and its treatment of tli & pension and money questions was especially forcible. Dr. L. A. Sheets piesided. In introducing Mr. Dolliver hi paid him a graceful compliment, d pledged him the united and hearty svbport county. of the republicans of the MR. WILCO3C EXPLAINS, We had a call last week from Mr, \\ ilcox, of Des Moines, .the agent of tte Hawkeye Insurance company, w lose action in the settlement of the 0 ito Brittou loss was criticised in our is sue of two weeks ago. Mr, Wilcox convinced the writer that probably oar informant was in error in some of tile details of the transaction, which, ii correctly stated, would have put a n 3W face upon it. The substanc of Mr, 1 r ilcox's statement is that he allowed A .r. Britton to make his own estimate o!the.damages outside of the house and paid him in full all he claimed. 1 js to the house, the entire insurance t as invalidated by the terms of the I riicy, but the company, in spite of t ie fact that they were not liable for a nything, paid him half the loss. Mr, Britton was satisfied with the adjustment and the only thing he. is,sorry about now is that he did not go to dome home agent, whom he knew and Whom he could trust to put the insurance on such property as ought to be Covered. Of course he erred, also, in putting an incumbrance upon bis farm without notifying the company. Mr. Wilcox appears to be a square man, and we are not surprised that sp many expressed the belief all the. time that when the full facts were knpwri it wpuld be found that there bad been a fair adjustment of the loss. He has promised a statement of the case which we will be pleased to give soon when it comes to hand. It will serve to impress all parties, carrying insurance with the necessity of paying attention to the terms of their policies. :, EIGHT MILE. i I.jnean^there is eight mile of warp in a blanket I have for sale, and that is why it wears longer than any other blanket on the market,. My doors are open all day arid evening. Call and examine. The ladies will do well tb call and see my fancy house 'mats -in my new location, opposite tbe post office.—D. B. AVEY. , 6-7 CHASE & SANBOBN OOFPEE, , Walker Bros, have the Chase & Sanborn Coffee agency. Make no mistake about that. Fresh oysters at Ladendorff's. POTATOES—EARLY CHIOS, Eighty cents a bushel, Leave orders for your winter's supply at my office.' C. L. LUND. Carload of Michigan applea at the Opera House Grocery this week. '.' 1 LOG CABIN / Maple Syrup, Don't fail to try it, at WALKER BBOS. Money to Loan. Money on hand to loan on second mortgages. t 3tf Gpo. C, ~ PIQUE At Walker BFO&,' It is the best, U&e Burnell's Commercial Agency. They have the only correct'guide to go by in giving credit, They often collect bills wtien others have failed. Address , Iowa. , . , Qn Bsal Estate, HOXIE & ERUNSON. QEO, W, HUNTiR, it! jljFJSlB g,AW3 gn TJ^P& , ; f '-'-•'-'-•'- -'' ----- /.' y4lldAi» ,lA«aV Old* Y1B, Just the kind of Old ioned Maple Syrup you used to boil down, yourself, badk East, Guaranteed pure, or money refunded at the GO TO. GI.IDDEN BARB WIRE, i Of which they have the sole agency, Anti-Rust Tin Wire, Minnesota Linseed Oil Company's Paints, AND THE Bissell Carpet Sweeper, The Best Sweeper Made. WEITGENANT BROS., Corner State and Thorington. ^ ,*! naraware Store We have bought the entire stools of hardware formerly owned t>y H. J. Winkle, and desire to announce to the public that we shall aim to ! carry nothing but first-class goods Qr.clinar» ily found in a hardware stool?, and shall hope J, s,; ^I§1 by fair prices and courteous treatment 'to re« ^f ;\ '*%?$$* , ceive a share of its patrpnage,, . , ,' /J^-V'T^, We have on hah$ aiJarg^e line of hqaters,* c?l.r«%^fi among which ar<e the celebrated ^pA^Awm wi.t \ HOJIE," ^JEWJSL" and **JJrvi?i$9jPi! OA^»' names are a sufficient guarantee of their mer«;, its, We want tp close these stoves out in xl ~'~ l ' ! '' next 30 days and wiW make,prj[aes that We ca*ry a full liu$ of ailMudl of wood m&>, imn pumps for shallow a»4 ^ e P w^Js. 1 v -, ,, c> , We have &n expert tinner ana.^P 'fdVHWi^ • Pf repair- a^d plumbiog WQI& ';, - 'v^-^VJ.^Wi^ C ' 1V/T' l^X--^^*™fll , 1VL LJQ i- , - ' v T, ,• y v •"/. /; ^"'>v; ;• ' ; j j -r* J • ^\\>: i"\ j mF '$£ '''f'' " n '•• ' ^ •'^y,4 > ' i' { .'4'^ !'«i*<'irt'Ji'V. §*'% AAAAAAAAAAAAA^ AAAAA ^ A ^^ : jp:>^PfP^f 1 f^ff^^y fl n ^fi^^p'^ :v ^'^ Z^lop^ ^W'^ f r\4i^»£A jU 'MANnBA*oTiiHiBBk?^^^^^ "y\vn' s ^vW\:»

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