Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 19, 1966 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, September 19, 1966
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Btafca Historical Society low*. City, iwa Coffee Break . . . Yes; if they exhibit a 2- headed pony in 1967, our groat State Fair's attendance might pass 600,000. . . . Some wives might do well to imitate the amiable facial expressions on the gals 1 facet In the pajam* A nightie ads. ... This is the Brave Now World, with Iowa schools opening in Augustl An extra week's repiever for frazzled moms. * # * Who will be the first lowan to donate E, mandrill with cage or a pair of sea-lions with pool to the all-Iowa zoo? He can put his business name on a plaque, as they do in the Sioux Falls zoo; a free ad for decades. •& -X 1 •£ Why don't the papers & TV stations report how many colored football players in a gam*, or in an All-Star game, or on each team or in the big leagues? Do we have to wait for a pie ture when they hit a home run? "—calf nibbles at lunch' From what you hear at zoos & farms, a calf is cuter than a lion. You can't ignore a cute calf or he might eat your newspaper (as above) to make you pay attention. On the other hand, a lion might even eat YOU! * * # TEENAGERS ARE EVEN CUTER * As 'I grow older the young grow bolder. Me, I'm no scolder: I merely sit & smoulder. —LOUISE SCpTT Cambridge * Every day in every way. * t * * "Has it ever occurred to you," asks a University of Iowa profes^ sor, "that Evy might be aiming to become president of Oregon State University? Otherwise, why has he scheduled Oregon State 4 years in a row to play Iowa A take home a bag of gold? If we didn't have such a stalwart proxy as Bowen at SUI, Evy might be dreaming of HIS job." * * # Egad, I hadn't noticed it, till Bill Friedman, the indoor tennis builder (3 courts under- his dome) told me the 3 Harlan Millers are the only 3-generation tennis family at the club: Senior, Junior & Harlan the 3rd. Indoor tennis is the greatest innovation in DM since they introduced electricity. * # * ... I'm told Harry Graefe, who used to be one of Wakenda's liveliest Saturday eve challengers. now saves our great State one or 2 million a year by . investments. . . . Don't look now, but any day Iowa's great Cowles family will control more newspapers and TV stations than Hearst ever did. . . . Opposite viewpoints: Parson College's prexy calls it an "emphasis on management"; but Life Mag calls it "flunk-out U." What Iowa TV A radio stations need is more local homo- grown programs. ... And why not air closeups of all baseball A football players, sans helmets? ... For their failure to build a 2*passenger ear, Detroit must now tuffor a plague of motor* cycles. Broken water KM closes Swta School Swea City schools woro closed for two days last weak when a water line broke in the building. There were no classes Wednesday or Thursday but they were resumed Friday after the building lost its water supply when a pipe broke beneath the school's front lawn. The broken pipe had been installed in 1916. Race tightens in Advance "sub" campaign Several changes have taken place in candidate standings as Lhe Algona Kossuth County Advance completed three weeks of its subscription campaign. As indicated in the standings, the race for the $800 first prize still wide open. The vote • " -•"--A t U • •< " • ^. • • ^^L • 1J I qona Kofttith County \ Ja*imr*fi ' v" •. • ^ ••"^•%.§wtrW^rlwC^! Entered at attend clou mattff, Dee. 1, 1908, at Altfofta, Iowa, SOSC, pottofflcc under Act of Conarat* March 8. 1879 ^^^^^^^F ^^Bl^A ' ^ ^^ ^ ''"'.' '• '^^^Bl^^ ' '^Hr ' •' . ' ^' M ki MM rn.ll*. *• UAUKA** *«B<* «JK «JK« AI * Atl A 1/NtAJA U BAAEfi III 4 CB^TIAMC ^^^^ ^^ ' .'•,•' VOL. eo-NO. 7J MONDAY, SIPT. 19,1966-ALOON A, IOWA- 14 PAGES IN 2 SECTIONS Grenade kills Fenton man is spread separating the leaders is so small that by consistent effort, the standings could change with any report. The close of the first period, Wednesday, Sept. 28, will mean the votes drop in value after that date. Candidates are trying to get as many subscriptions as possible before then. Pro-rated vote standings, Friday night, Sept. 16: Mrs. George (Eleanor) Sachau, Titonka __ 5,350,000 Mrs. Donald Usher, Ottosen 5,240,000 Agnes Ockteig, Wesley 5,200,000 Mrs. Owen (Darlene) Curry, LuVerns 4,750,000 Mrs. Howard (Aileen) Swan- -" son, LuVerne 4,610,000 Mrs. Leo Thomson, Sexton 4,350,000 Mrs. Edgar Kollasch, Bancroft 4,320,000 Mrs. Art (Edna) Zeimet, Bode 4,020,000 Mrs. Melvin (Shirley) Ostwald, Whittemore __ 3,750,000 Mrs. Fred (Lorraine) Schoby Jr., Algona 3,670,000 Mrs. Melvin (Cyrella) Sifert, Algona 3,300,000 Mrs. Eugene (Eileen) Muller, Algona 3,210,000 Irene Corle, Algona __ 2,920,000 Dorothy B. McFarland, Burt 2,870,000 Mrs. Victor (Mary) Neuroth, Algona 2,300,000 Mrs. Franklin (Janice) Jensen, Algona 2,100,000 Mrs. Evelyn Krominga, Lakota _._ 1,850,000 Sandy Richardson, Swea City 40,000 Union Township M-D club meets Record Kossuth county corn and soy bean crops were predicted today by Extension Director Galen DeValois providing a heavy frost holds off another 10 days for the corn crop. Combining of beans is in full swing today and although exceptional yields up to 45 bushels per acre are reported in isolated fields, the Kossuth crop is expected to run between 30 and 35 bushels per acre. This would be the highest in history, topping 29.6 per acre yields in 1961 and 1965. And De Valois reported the 1966 corn yield could 'top the 90.9 bushel per acre yield of 1964. This would be far above the expected 86-per bushel yield predicted for the State, of Iowa ISOLATED LOW fields, several of which were in the Whittemore area, got fairly heavy frost Wednesday night when the mercury plummeted to 36 degrees in the Algona area. "A heavy frost right now would be bad for the corn," DeValois said. "Most of it still needs another 10 days to mature to* whire a ffbsl would* -not damage the crop." ' He added that the south half of the county is a "little dry" and predictions of top yields in this area are not quite as optimistic now as they were a month ago. All of the Kossuth county corn is past the dough stage and about 90% of the corn is dented. The crop is generally about a week or two ahead of a normal year. Record corn, bean crops Forecasts over /- : *••77.• i •. i AAL L, Campaigns while in hospital 90-bushel corn for Kossuth W. B. "BING" MacDoilld didn't let an emergency appendectomy interrupt his campaigning for the post of Coi^uy" Attorney. He found nurses at the hospital were good folks to campaign for and is shown handing out literature to nurse Gloria McClure last week. MacDonald, a republican, is seeking the County Attorney position held by Gordon Winkel, democrat. ! <,_ Exclusive Advance Photo by Bruce Ritchie. Petit jury named for "—who called who a Cow College?" An impenitent Iowa State grad recalls a State U journalist called ISU a "cow college," & just for the heck of it he & 5 other Ames collegians boosted a cow into a classroom at Ames. Is this a myth? Or did they barbecue the critter to provide the team with more beef? * •* # An Iowa girad traveling in Europe was overweight on her luggage. But the man at the airline scale told her if she had a Kennedy half-dollar he'd overlook that detail. Pretty blondes in Sweden are covering coffee tables with JFK 50-cenfcers. # * # Yes, if I had it to do over again I'd take up school-teaching as a career & marry • girl who taught school. We could start housekeeping with over $10,000 a year combined, <& visit iuropo every coins. year, loaded with JFK * * w MEMORY OF A CHARMER Let me say though I could I'd not change one moment Of this interlude you loomed. Upon the horizon of my life; Paused briefly, smiled, Then swiftly went your way! —CHANEY ROSENBAUM DCS The Union Township Mothers and Daughters club met with Ethel Smith Sept. 8 for the first meeting of the new year with 21 members and one guest, Mrs. Allen Wagner. Three new members are Hil- eria Erpelding, Dorothy Hanna and Colleen Schneider. Helen Vogel and Mamie Winkel received birthday gifts. The hostess number was a poem "Wings of Prayer," read by Dorothy Hanna. For the program Mae Schenck showed pictures of different countries. Those present signed a card and sent get well wishes to Doretta Plumb. New policeman joins local force Jerry Thompson, 21, of Hum holdt, began his duties as Algom policeman Friday replacing Bil Rasmussen, who resigned sev eral weeks ago. Thompson's ad dition to the local force brings i1 to full compliment of eight Thompson has been in the insurance business recently and is a Humboldt high school graduate and later attended Fort Dodge PRESSED to give an estimate of the county yield, DeValois said the crop might average out at 91 or 92 bushels per acre but this would probably be the top. In averages over the past five years, the corn crop has jumped from 74.1 bushels in 1962 to 90.9 in 1964. Last year's crop dipped to 83.5 bushels, mostly because of wet weather in September. Beans have ranged from 24.0 bushels in 1965 to 29.6 in 1961 and 1964. Following are averages for both crops over the past five ears: 1941 1962 i. 1963 1964 1965 1966 (esti.) Corn -71.3 -74.1 -.71.5 -90.9 -13.5 -91-91 Beans 29.6 25.7 27.3 29.6 24.0 30.0 A Petit Jury of 73 Kossuth county residents has been drawn for the September term of court which opens here Monday, Sept. 26. It will also mark the first appearance of new district court judge Murray S. Underwood, Spencer, in local courts. He will assign cases Sept. 26 and the Petit Jury has been notified to report on Monday, Oct. 3 at 10 a.m. Those named to the jury are the following: Algona — Fred Asa, Charles Beringer, Jim Camp, Charles Dearchs, Dean Dodds, Ronald Hansen, John Dreesman, Verna Kain, Ray Mertz, Fred Plumb, Merta Shore, Sylvia Smith, Evelyn Thilges. Armstrong — Bernard Quinn. Bancroft—Gerald Angus, Maran In man, George Johnson, Bernard Long, John Menke and, Jack Nyman. Bode — Thomas Raising and Albert Thilges. Junior college. He is single. BURT BAND QUEEN Charlotte Lappe has been chosen 'as Band Queen. The Band Festival will "be held in Algoi*a Saturday, Q<4 i, Cool August weather and warm, dry September weather las helped crops considerably in this area. Asks OMVI MM be eontiirasd A petition by James F. Smith, Lehigh, to continue an OMVI charge against him past the September term of district court was filed here last Wednesday Smith, who was picked up Sept 1 and charged with OMVI after a two-car crash south of Algona states that he wants the additional time to receive medical re ports from two doctors who ex amined him after the crash Swea City woman injured In mishap Mrs. Arthur Anderson, 68, of Swea City, suffered bruises and sprains in the neck region and was hospitalized at Estherville after the car in which sloe was sitting was struck by another at the Clay County fairgrounds at Spencea" last week. She was lak- Buffalo son, Center —Ann Patter- Burt —Rita Buffington, Theo. Jacobson, George Koestler, Dale and Richard Trunk- Lockwood hill. Corwith —George Gunther. Elmore —Luverne Corhus and Ralph Mastin. Wayne Boettcher, Burt, Geo. Jorgensen Jr. and Lorena Reimers. i Irvington —Jo Ann Hansen. Lakota — Alfred Christ, Darlene Geilenfeldt, Elsie Koppen and Fred Schroeder. Lone Rock —Arnold Lieb, Elmer Pajahn and Ann Radig. LuVerne — Ann Bjustrom, Clarence Casey, Ralph Davidson, Nels Jensen, Betty Johnson and Clarence Krause. Swea City—Barrel Bunkofske, Robert Geerdes, Edward Ham- Chamber urges 169' to remain on State street The Algona Chamber of Commerce officially requested the City Council to pass a resolution that highway 169 remain on its present route on State and North Jones streets in the future. A letter from Chamber president Ted Chrischilles was read to the council at its regular meeting last Wednesday in which it was slated that the "new widened highway should follow the present route on State and North Jones streets." The letter stated that business along this route has been developed with the thought the highway would remain there. The letter stated, "We understand C. B. Anderson, State Union Highway Engineer, has approved this route as being acceptable to the State Highway Commis- Extension group on home ec. Wagon reported stolen at Wesley A rubber-tired farm wagon owned by Ray Otis, Wesley farmer, was reported stolen some- ime Thursday night, according to Sheriff Ralph Qndhorst. Otis said the wagon was parked alongside a quonset building west of the grove on his farm % mile east of Wesley Thursday afternoon and it was missing Friday morning. Three injured Friday in Titonka crash Three young persons were in-| jured Friday night in a two-car crash one mile east of Titonka on a blacktop road. Both cars involved in the crash were demolished and listed as total losses. A car driven by John .Boeck- liolt, 18, Titonka, and owned by his father, Harley Boeckholt, struck a machine driven by Edward L. Attig, 21, of Wesley, and owned by his mother, June Attig, from behind as both cars traveled in the same direction. Boeckholt told patrolman Charles '-Bird,!.-who- investigated•• the accident, tliat .he didn't see the Attig car until it was too'late to stop. He was charged with fail- Roger Menz victim in freak accident Iowa sion. THE COUNCIL authorized City Attorney Russ Buchanan to draw up a resolution to keep the highway in its present location and present it at the next regular meeting, Wednesday, Sept. 28, for approval. Although the State Commission had earlier indicated it might switch the highway north on Phillips street and then on Oak and then on Oak street to North Jones, this idea had been abandoned recently and only Call and State streets were being considered as new locations. The council has indicated pre- Plans are coming along well for the launching of the Home Economics Extension program in Kossuth and Palo Alto counties. These principal events and of a bridge, meetings planned, include the Kick-Off Tea for club chairman and vice-chairman of the organized clubs in Kossuth county Tuesday, Sept. 20 in the Extension meeting room in Algona. It is at tliis meeting that clubs will receive information about programs that their leaders can use in their meetings during the year. It should be an interesting program for local clubs, as their leaders will have ilie opportunity to receive information on Foundation Garments, Soft Floor Coverings, to mention just a few. There will be another Hobby Show at Algona this year on Friday, Nov. 4. It will be held at the VFW hall in Algona. The show will be conducted so that lobbyists can demonstrate and show you "how." Hobbies are becoming more important because of the increase in leisure inie, plus making life more interesting after retirement. "Iowa State University Extension" is the title of an attractive educational exhibit that will be shown at the Kossuth Kick-Off Tea Sept. 20 and will then be exhibited in downtown stores in Algona for the next several weeks, so that the public will be well informed on the extension programs, especially those being presented in Kossuth county. LuVerne chorus elects officers ing to have control of his vehicle. The 1966 Boecfcholt Mustang and the 1960 Attig car both remained on the road, just short Boeckholt was taken to the Buffalo Center hospital, checked and released. Two passengers were also treated for injuries. Nola Boeckelman, 18, Titonka, sustained facial cuts and was treated and released. Linda Mae Knoll, 18, Lone Rock, had a slight concussion and remained overnight at the hospital. Neither Attig nor a passenger in the other car was injured. The crash occurred shortly after the Titonka-Thompson football game at Titonka. 13-county cancer meeting Sept. 30 Representatives from 13 north central Iowa county chapters of the American Cancer Society are expected in Algona Friday, Sept. 30, for a one-day orientation conference. Mrs. Theodore Hoover, Jr., Titonka, chairman of the South Kossuth County Chapter announced that the meeting will start with registration at 9:30 a.m. at the Algona Country Club An accelerated program on six common sites of cancer will be introduced as the day's feature Counties included will be Calhoun, Dickinson, Emmet Hancock, Humboldt, North and South Kossuth, Palo Alto, Poca hontas, Webster, Winnebago Worth, and Wright. ROGER MENZ Roger Menz, 25-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Menz, Fenton area farmers, was killed n a freak accident at the Honeywell Inc. plant in Minneapolis where he was employed late Thursday. The Clarence Menz' drove to Minneapolis as soon as they learned of the accident, as did his wife's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clarion Long/Armstrong area farmers. — According to an aunt, Mrs. Willard Menz of Fenton, the accident occurred at. the Honey- well'plant, where Roger has been.employed since!April,- : 1966.- He was in the electronics division but in the past week or so, had been helping test grenades. When a grenade didn't explode in the allotted time, according to Mrs. Menz, Roger and another man enterted the testing room. The grenade exploded and Roger was killed of a collapsed lung when the air pressure outside his body became much greater than inside. The •second man was injured but not ritically, it is believed. MR. MENZ was born on his >arent's farm Nov. 15, 1940 and vas a 1958 graduate of Sentral ligh school. He enlisted in the Army in April, 1963 and served three rears, partly in the electronics iivision. He was discharged in April of 1966 and began work Honeywell shortly after. He was married to Carol Long, daughter of the Clarion Longs' farmed for a number of years just north of Algona be- mond, Harriet Hutchison, Mau- vaously_ that it favored the State street route. In other business, Al Boekel The mixed chorus of LuVerne high school has elected its officers for the 1966-67 school year. They are Gretchen Zentner, pres ident; Douglas Nelson, vice president; Bart Selby, secretary; Dale Schipull and Dennis Hanselman, librarians. The year's programs were discussed and those who wish to sing solos man and Rich Groen were auth- were U1 'g ed to si ^ n U P lj >' this orized to attend the pistol shoot week for their lessons. Small rice Kollasch, Lowell Larson, Ferae Looft, Lionell Thompson and Arlene Van Norman. ff,, . . ~m MT • 1-t • ~t | 1 [V**4JV*WVU M l< I l^ 1 1 VI H*\-- ]-/J,k-> l-V*-*. Ull V/ «_* f .111 1 Titonka—Maunce Bilsborough,! at camp Dodtje on Sept 25 a ; g rou P s will be chosen soon Margaret Carlson Erwin Eden,; cigaret ^ p^t was issued'to! WUlwrn Huosman, Ii-vin Pannkuk the Rite O ' u Co ol Hampton £oi . CORRECTION and Viola Spear. Wesley — Ii'ene Hanig, Anna Mae Hirner, George Lickteig, Ralph Schipull and Rita Young- wii'th. West Bend—Mike Frohling. Whitteman — Anna Bormann, en. to U'ne H/ily Family Uowpital. i Teeter. Mary Lucy Loebach, its new Holiday station store, The open house for the 50th and chief Ralph Elbert was autli- j wedding anniversary of Mr. and orized to attend a fire meeting |" - - at Atlantic later this month. SCHOOL BOARD MEETING Mrs. Fred Geigel will be held Sunday, Sept. 25, instead of the incorrect date of Sept. 20 stated in last week's paper. It will be The Algona Community School held at the First Presbyterian Elaine;Board will meet Tuesday night|church in Algona from 2 until iat 7:30 for a regular rue-itiug. '5 jUB. that day. 'ore moving to the north part of 'he county, on July 13, 1966. Besides his parents and wife, le is survived by two brothers and one sister: Larry, near Cedar Elapids; Loren, student at Iowa State university at Ames; and Anna Mae, sophomore at Sentral high school. Funeral services have tentatively been set for Monday afternoon at the Fenton Methodist church with Rev. Russell Eldridge officiating. NEW ELEVATOR MEN Whittemore — Roland Krug, Mallard, and James Brown, Algona, began work at the Whittemore Elevator last week. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••t**** l$*«4«i>»*%»9f*< Algona's big "Moonlight Madness" sale will be staged Wednesday night of this week from 7 until 9 p.m. with most downtown Algona stores staying open and offering outstanding values for these two hours only. Clerks and managers will be attired in typical (and sometimes funny sleepwear) including PJ's housecoats and nightgowns- Mark Wednesday of this week on yw* calf nd*r -r- AND COME TO AlGQNAl *«t «M»»M*M M tMfitf Iff tf-

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