The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on November 7, 1894 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 7, 1894
Page 1
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VOL ALGONA, KOSStJTH DOtJttTY, tOWA, NOVEMBER 7, 1894. ffO. «. ?" Our Trade is Double that any Other Year. Why? BECAUSE WE ARE'SGIVING THE BEST GOODS FOR THE LEAST MONEY. 50. 6c. 4c, lOo, 25c. Extra Fine Brown Sheeting 4c. Very best The best Spool Co Extra faufflSNb, V^l Fine double widih Ui:t*» . /remnants 40-inch Fancy Wool Dress Goods .... 50c. Bed Comfortables $1.00 54-inch Repelants, black, blue and gray.. 50c. Largest line of Underwear, Yarns, Angora Wool, Ice Wool in tie tity. t -i • r^ Jrine o e e o e o e • £\ «v j, t We Have It! Don't fail to examine it; everything in the latest designs. Call and we will show you something that is sure to please. We. also call your attention to APPLES—another carload of those fine Michigan apples just in. -Now is the time to buy, CARRIED BY A BIG MAJORITY Enough Townships Heifd from to Show \ that Out Club Offers on the Register, Inter Ocean and Tribune are in it Republican and Register, $1,85—Republican and Inter Ocean* $1.85—Republican and N, V, Tribune, $1.85. —Other Combinations. The REPUBLICAN has never made more liberal figures in the way of clubbing rates with other desirable pa* pers than it makes this fall. The rates it advertises flow are with the best republican papers in the country— papers one or more of which every republican reader likes to have. We can get some papers for almost nothing, and they are worth about what they cost. But the papers above named are as good as the gold. If any two or more of the above named outside papers are desired with the BBPUBLICAN we can give them at these rates: The BBPUBLICAN and any two, $2.20; the BEPUBLICAN and the whole three, $2.60. These rates are strictly cash in advance. The political situation has for a year or more been getting decidedly inter- tisting. The interest has not begun, to wane. It will not until the next presidential election, two years hence, but will naturally increase. A great deal of history is being made these days, in which so much of industrial machinery is idle, and so many brawny arms are resting. The careful observer of affairs can get a finished education in political economy at small money expense. The Iowa farmer is a sharp observer, and a clear thinker, and can get all the practical educational .benefit out of the situation in which; at* the present time, other sections of the country are supplying the principal victims. In a ''short time the REPUBLICAN, will print a list of publications, or a/literary/f amily and miscellaneous «Carter>s Old Stand,"- Walker Bros ALL NEW! SHOES. GOODS; LATEST STYLE AND FINISH, «* ARE FQUND witj| the prices at which \?e citff'-'supply'tne'm. to-our subscribers; We shall give the best rates we can, and they w'ill'be satisfactory rates. , GOOD AS WELL AS GREAT. When Governor McKinley was in Des Moines it was noted that almost the first thing he did,when he got to the Savery was to send out a telegram, Naturally no inquiry was made of him as to its contents. It is now revealed by a dispatch from Dubuque that the telegram was one of condolence to Mrs, C. W. Robinson, of that city, on the death of her husband. The self- explanatory dispatch is as follows: "Some years ago C. W. Robinson was taken seriously ill in a Washington hotel, So great was his suffering that Congressman • McKinley, <who was rooming across the hall, was aroused, and he spent the balance of the ,night in caring for ou*r townsman, 1 For some days both he and his noble wife were assidious-in their attentions and acquired something of an acquaintance with Mr, and Mrs, Robinson. Friday, as Governor McKinley was traveling from Council Bluffs to Des Moines he saw a notice of Mr. Robinson's death, and, remembering them, he made it bis.first duty upop reaching Des Moines to send Mrs, Robinson a telegram condoling with her in this her time of greatest sorrow,, A, man who'considers it bis first duty to be kind under 'all'circumstances is a great man, and such is the big hearted Gov, for The Republican and State Register,. Tie Republican and Inter Oceaiw Tfie Republican and, N. Y. Tribune, .$1.85 -$1.85 .$1.85 A FREE SAMPLE COPIES, dinance forbidding the taking of any more fish. It is amusing to sit on the banks of the lake and see the thousands of fish fins protruding above the. water, it not being deep ^enough for them to get out of sight. The water supply for the town is now being taken out; of the . wells so that the lake will not totally disappear. The facts in the case are that this beautiful lake has been supplied by springs, but owlnjr to the dry weather these springs have become so dry that the only water that has run: into the hike was from theflittle showers we have been having during the past two months. It is to be hoped that the lake will not totally disappear, for it has been one of the handsomest lakes in Northwest Iowa. [DR. CHARLTON HELD UP., A""Clear Lake special of Nov. 1, says: Dr.-J. B. Charlton, of this place, was attacked by two highwaymen on Tuesday 'night. He was within a half mile of the lake when his valuables were demanded.- He applied the whip vigorously to, Jjis horses and on the head of the highwayman holding 'the horses. The 'other robber fired > at him and missed.- This, together.with the lashing caused the ihorses* to break, away holding them. As the AT MODERATE PRICES AT . started the man at the side held his revolver to'lhe.doctof's breast and' fired. • All that saved his'^life was his case of instruments, 'Which he carried ovev his heart. As it was, the ball passed through the case and imbedded itself between his ribs. He rode to town and gave an alarm. Search was made, but the men. could not be found". WTICE TO BUILDERS, - . Notice is hereby given that sealed bids will bo received by the undersigned until 11 o'clock a. m., Saturday, Nov. 10.1894. for the erection of two school houses, one In sub- district No. 4 and one in sub-district No. 2, in Union township. Specifications can be seen at the Auditor's office in Algona, The Board reserves the rlffht to reject anv bid. MYRON SOHENOK, *-« . Seo'y School Board. MATSON & McCALL'S. Galbraith's Dodge street entrance. A Winter's GREAT VALUE FOR + LITTLE MONEY. WEEKLY NEWS OF THE WORLD FOR A TRIFLE. & AI^LRED'S r j.'w^r'jry ''/** SHOE HOUSE, IOWA, '-*? ft r ' $109 AC£E FARMS, future Jowa farm' will 'sejl fpr $100 an acre and it wilj'pay interest on that; to do that it wjU baye cowls, aM every hjyed or famjjy worker wjJJ mjlfc, must do rt to make it pay, Th& calves will be raised on, gfcim guife ana s§nt to fat rocket ueto 1 two years <?$/ No. JwaM mil tap kept: W th^, w^fcers JU)d..99ttB from Jheja, The Ms wJjT ft Place, be a* a qboto wiU get * later- at eajyes, are. jUng props, jn suwmey Will &jBQft feed. a.n,d,ypung OBIGWAI, MCE. State of Iowa, Kossuth County. District Court, December term, 1894. Kate E. Champion against Albert B. Champion. To Albert B. Ohampion, defendant: You are hereby.notifled that a petition of the plaintiff fri the above entitled action is now on file In the office of the clerk of said court ojalming ot you a djvorce from the bonds of matrimony, on^the groun'd of desertion, and also asking 1 for the absolute control of our three minor children, to-wlt: Charles, Grace and Macrerte, And ^unless you appear thereto and defendjpn or before noon of Jhe second day of the next December term of said dis- tpjot court, be to begun and holden at the court house in Algona, In said county, on .the 10th day pf Deo,, J894, default will be entered against you and Judgment rendered thereop. ' , Plains Attorney, State mm. In the Dls^ ae o owajosswIih cottnty. In the Dls^ trlct court, December term. 1894, £iUle B. Warden against Edga/0. Warden, • gfp EdgarO, Warden, Sefeijdan,t; You are l l ,^? b ^j? otl ^ d *b»t a jetttiop of the plaintiff n the above entHfed aotrqn is now, on file }n the office of the olerk of said oourf, pjaimipg of you a depree of divprce from tl»e bpnds of maMmopy, on the grounds of a«» sertjpn, 4ud tinless you appear thereto and defend pn or before nppn pf the eeopnfl 'flay Of the next Depejnber term' pf mid-Dlstriot fee begun and hpiflen at^tbe ppurt, bpusp i In AJgona, in satfl opunty, on the JOtb d ft y of a twenty-page journal, is the leading republican family paper of the United States. It 'is a National Family Paper, and gives »11 the general news of the United States. It gives the events of foreign lands in a nutshell, its "Agricultural" department has no superior in the country. ' Its "Market Reports" are recognized authority. Separate departments for "The Family Circle," Our Young Folks and Science and Mechan- • ics, Its Home and Society columns command the admiration of wives and daughters, Jits general political news, editorial and discussions are comprehensive, brilliant and exhaustive. A SPECIAL CONTEAOT • - enables us to offer this splendid j ournal and TSE $ BPU B WOAN f or . ONE YEAR FOR ONLY $1.85, ; CASH IN ADVANCE, • [The regular subscription for the two papers is $2,50.] * ' ' ' t ? <A '' \m 4 v tr *l '•'V MAY AT AJTT TJSffli. Address, all orders to ,THE ALGONA REPUBLICAN, ,_ your name cwfl ad$re?s on a Room %? Trwwe Building, New ~~ ' JQ$K \WmK&7 TmBUN® .* v *? '-£%& *m

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