Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 15, 1966 · Page 15
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 15, 1966
Page 15
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Boy Needs More Than a Preston reunion attracts 94 at Swea City Swea-Eagle—The Preston family reunion Was held recently at Reynolds Park, Swca City, with 94 people in attendance. Coming from a distance were Mr. and .Mrs. Clarence Preston and John, Carlyle'j. Mrs. Eileen n joyed at. picnic -at Okobdji fosi Sunday, . • ' The Albeit Attde«Qtw Williamson and Bernard Haack children, Mrs and children By Abigail Van Bur«n (Copyright 1966 by Chicago Tribune • N. Y. Ntw» Synd., Inc.) DEAR ABBY: I am 15 and every boy I have ever liked has had a bad reputation. My family says, "Stay away from him! He is no good and everybody knows it!" Abby, no one is perfect, and just because'these guys make a mistake or two and get ini trouble with the law, no matter how hard they try no one lets them forget their past. You may ask, "Why don't you forget them and find a decent kid?" Well, I'll tell you why., I don't want a decent kid. He's got it made. His nose is clean and he has all the friends he needs because he's a "good" kid. % .- -. • I want a NO GOOD kid who needs me and will appreciate my sticking by him and helping him go straight. "Bad" kids need friends more than "good" kids, parents see it, it may soak in. Please print this. If my WANTS TO HELP DEAR WANTS: A kid in trouble is usually a "troubled" kid. And in order for him to "go straight" he needs more than friendship. If you are truly motivated to help "bad" kid*, do it right. Finish high school and then take the professional training required to become a clinical psychologist or a social worker. Then you will be qualified to do the type of missionary work you have your heart set on. But don't, at ago 15, attempt to rescue one from troubled waters, unless you yourself are an expert swimmer. You could both go under. DEAR ABBY: I am engaged to this fellow who can't keep his eyes off other girls. What he does when he isn't With me can't hurt me because I don't see it, but when we are together and he stares at other girls, it hurts me. He says blondes are his weakness. I offered to dye my hair blond, but he says he likes me the way I am, Abby, do you think he will change after we are married? He says he will, but I don't know whether I can believe him. Any suggestions? HURT DEAR HURT: Take a good hard second look at this man. Don't expect him to change after marriage. Blonde-watchers usually get worse after marriage —-hot better, : DEAR ABBY: I just want to know if I am as "childish" as my husband makes me feel whenever I have brought, up this subject: I have been married for 19 years arid I still, don't have an engagement ring. When we were married a ring was out of the question, but my husband is a very shrewd business man who has done extremely well over the years and he could easily afford to buy me one. . He knows how much I've wanted a diamond because I have told him, but 'he says it's too late for an "engagement" ring .now. I would still love to have one. Thanks for letting me tell f er and Jetty attended the' MUt? ftesota State fait over the Law* Day weekend. >*.^ Art Spear/ Sherburn, Mirtn t and George Tobin, East Chain, were callers last we«k at the William Tobin, Ole Johansen, and other homes in the aim Mr. and Mrs. Myrwin Larson and family of Grove aty, Minrti, were Saturday and Sunday visit ors at the Laurel Peterson home. The Floyd Montgomerys were guests of the Milton Wilsons of Elmore, at East Chain Lake Sun- A\cy Lofstrom were Mr. and ATS. Howard Pingel and family, iVilton, Wis., Mf. and Mrs. Hugo day The Chris Feddersens were Cylinder; Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Preston, Wells, Minn.; Kenneth Preston and John and Maurice 'reston, Spencer; the Marvin Jeever and Kenneth Anderson families, Estherville; Mrs. Har old Depew, Emmetsburg; and the Keith Griffits, Panorama, Calif. HOSPITAL Mrs. Nels Godfiredtson is a medical patient at the Holy Family hospital, Estherville. Vis- tors have been the Cecil God- fredsbns, Humboldt, Mrs. Mervin Johnson, the Ed Godfresons, and the Ben Wibbens, Algona. E. E. Thompson is a patient at Estherville Holy Family hospital for medical treatmeYit. He was admitted Tuesday of last week. Mrs. Millie Hill and Vern, Marne, were weekend visitors at the home of Mrs. Fred C. Newlin and Pauline. They also visited with the Darrel Newlins and the Glenn darks. Maxine Clark is teaching second grade in the LeMars schools this year, and Betty Clark is teaching first grade in the Lincoln school at Fairmont. Both are daughters of the Glonn Clarks. Tuesday evening guests at the Walter Magnusen home for the birthday of Mr. Magnusen were Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Honnette and Ethel, Sherburn, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Roger Feurhake, Dun nell, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Madsen and the Julius Ericksons, East Chain, and the Ole Kvams- dales. Wednesday supper guests at the Walter Magnusens were the Archie Ditsworths and the Clifford Andersons. Sunday guests at the Louis Fed dersen home at Spirit Lake. Cathy Feddcrsen has been ac cepted as legal secretary in the office of Attorney Arthur T Edman at Fairmont, Minn. She has been there since July 11. At the Ormal Guinn home Sunday for dinner, guests in eluded Mr. and Mrs. Barton Evans, Estherville, Mr. and Mrs Stoner and Linda, Lau Emma Gram and Mrs lelz and Mr. Aeihfeit and and Mrs. Chuck family, Buffalo this to someone, Abby. Do you think I'm 'childish?" BARE FINGERS DEAR BARE: No. It may be too late for an "engagement" ring, but it's never too late to give a woman something she's always yearned for. Doesn't your "shrewd" husband know that diamonds have been .a man's best investment as well as a girl's best friend for years! , CONFIDENTIAL TO "MUST KNOW NOW": In the eyes of the law, the common law marriage, under 'certain circumstances can be as legal as a formal wedding! If the relationship is given full legal recognition, the parties have full legal rights and obligations toward each other, and the common law marriage must be dissolved like any other marriage. Laws differ from state to state. Ask your lawyer to advise you. The Pete Beiers and family Sioux Falls, S. D., spent the Labor Day weekend at the Vir gil Jensen home. , The Don Koons, Estherville Linus Vaskes, Rolfe, Keith Pos hustas, Mason City, Orville Bu dachs, Estherville, and ttve^M&u rice Carrs, Sioux Falls, S. D. were at the parental Harolt Carr home Sunday for a picnic Mr. and Mrs : Jim Hardt of Lincoln, Neb., spent a few days at the home of his parents, the Marlin Hardts. Jim recently received his discharge from the Air .Force. v Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schultz of Sauk Rapids, Minn., were last weekend guests also at the parental Marlin Hardt home. Those families and the Rudy Hardts Henry rens, Carrie Vigdal, Armstrong;. Last week Tuesday to Friday guests at the Ormal Guinn home were Mr. and Mrs. Allen Jones and sons of Des Moines.., The Cecil Godfredsons, were weekend guests at the "Marvin Johnson home. -, : > v; .'•,', ^ Mrs. Dettmer Thojmijison';;at- tended a TB board jjjieeting;at' Algona last Wednesday.-,. '• ; ; . Mr. and Mrs. Willis Raiimann and Todd, Cedar Rapids, weire Friday to Monday visitors "ait the >arental Cecil Thoreson ' 'home. firs. Rahmann will teach 3rd grade in the Hiawatha school ,his year. Mr. and Mrs. Robert. Ander son, Waterloo, and Mrs. Elnora Paul, Iowa Falls, were'Sunday guests at the Marlyn Paul home. Jeanette returned home after a week at the home of her grand mother. On Tuesday of last week, several from the area, including the Marlyn Pauls, Glenn Clarks. Mrs. Duane Jensen,, Mrs., Dean Swanson, Don Cordeses and Gilbert Cordeses attended the fu neral of Don Lunning, son-in-law of the Jack Cordeses of Rolfe former Swea City people. -. The funeral was at LeRoy, Minn. Recent coffee guests of Mrs tenter, and Alfred and August Mfelz. Mrs. Lucy Lofstrom and Wiliam and Alfred and August Melz visited the Harold Melzes at Richville, Minn., on Pickeral -ake, for a few days', Four Corners club meets at Portland Portland — The Four Corner Social club of Portland met Tues day afternoon, Sept. 6, in the home of Lonie Van Hove. Eleven members answered roll call: "A Household Hint." Those attend ing were: Agnes Stewart, Emily Larsen, Leita Phelps, Hazel Carroll, Velnra Nelson, Lonie Van Hove, Marian Spsiar, Sandra Harms, Wyona Harms, Janice Moore and Vera Fitch. Mrs. Robert Schueler and children were guests. . After .old and new business was taken care of and bills paid; months, to serve for : the follow- r uompson, Mie "" Shakflpee, ilinn., were Monday guests in he J. E. Thompson home. Mrs. Hazel Carroll, and Bill Carroll, Davenpoft, ended a house warming in the >onald Carroll home, LuVerne, Minneapolis, and new home on the farm ot Mi s.; Giftes' parents, Mf. and MM,! Ralph Riding, four miles northwest of' St. Jo3. The' ' GifreS moved from a hohle east of Bode, the M61vin Baas, fattiily lad moved itt the spring from the Reding farm. > Mr. and Mrs. Robert Zeimet, Angela and Robin, were visitors liere with Mr. Zeimet's parents, Mr. arid Mrs. Eugene Zeimet and family and with Mrs. Zeimet's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Garland Bradley and Jerry in Algona, before leaving for Cedar Falls. The visitors spent the summer in Oak Ridge, Tenn., where Bob attended the Institute of Nucle- Sunday. Mrs. Lloyd Bartlett spent ;hree - days at the Andrew Han sens helping with some sewing to get Betty ready for college, as she is leaving for Iowa City Friday where she will take up pro-nursing. Mrs. Ray Fitch returned home Thursday after spending a few- days with her daughter, Mrs Myrtle Stiltz. Myrtle spent Thursday night and Friday with her. Mr. and Mrs. Art Bartlett left Thursday morning for Jefferson where they took in the plowing match. Mr. and Mrs. Harold An droasen accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Perry Lowman of Algona to Albert Lea, Minn., where they were Sunday 'guests in the home f Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Lowman. dr. and Mrs. Victor Frieders of Algona were also guests. Mrs. Victor Fitch and Judy isited Thursday afternoon in he Dwight Ruse home. A; * af Studies. He Will eonttHtf& Cedar Misr with a major Pf c. and Mfs. Richartd and infant son Thomas born Sept. 7 at St. Ahn ho§piti| Algona, were callers 'at the holfll| of /Pf c. Thul's grandparents, M and Mrs. John Thul Oh morning. Janet Reding left .Sunday plane from Fort Dodge for Cow rado Springs, Colo., aftef a 1 day visit here with her paretiOG Mr. and Mrs. Harold Reding, and other relatives and friends. THE NEW FALL COLOR SHOWS START THIS WEBX COMBINED PLEASURE rig year were drawn. Sandra Harms will have the October meeting, Agnes Stewart, November; Christmas party; December, Emily Larsen;, January, 1967, Viva Ringsdorf; February, Marian Spear; March, Vera Fitch.; April, lola Bartlett; May, Picnic, jdne, no meeting; July or August, Leita Phelps; September, Hazel Carroll; October, Janice Moore; November, Christmas party, December, Lonie Van Hove; January, 1968, Velma Nelson; February, Sandra Harms: March, Wyona Harms; April Marilyn Bengston. A lunch: was erved by the hostess, at the close of the meeting. The Lee Braytons, Mont Vale N. J., arrived Saturday to visil sisters, Mrs. Bill Woltz, Mrs. Ro> Peterson and Mrs. Donald Rings dorf. They left for home Wed .nesday morning. Harley Caster, Jessup, JacJ St. Joe Mrs. Sylvester Wagner eee»ee»ee»ee««o»»»e»»»»» Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Fuhrmann, Gainesville, Texas, spent he weekend here with Mr. Fuhrmann's sister, Mrs. Anna, Faber and other relatives and friends, tielatives gathered at the Faber home on Sunday for a family reunion. : Mr. and Mrs. Bill Asher^and Jody, Englewood, N. J., Marjorie Bormann, Washington, D. C:, and nephew Allan 'Cannon Jr and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bormann, Davenport, visited sever al days last week 1 here in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Reding and family. Mrs. Asher the former Sally Bormann, Mar jorie Bormann and Mrs. Maurice Reding are daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bormann. , Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Girre; and family have moved into th The HM.MSTAD Series HH-820 25' tube (overall diag.) 295 sq. In. picture ' RCA VICTOR Color TV Home Entertainment Center e Rectangular RCA HI-LITE Color Tube • Powerful 25,000-volt Color chassis e6-speaker stereo sound e Solid State FM-AM and FM Stereo radio eSolid State 40-watt peak power amplifier eStudiomatic changer, Feather Action Tone Arm. diamond stylus • Dependable RCA solid copper circuits Tom's Radio & TV 'RCA TELEVISION & SERVICE" Phone 5-3260 YOUR YEAR to paint siding or shakes... Get this...instead of this Get this...instead of this Don't wait until the frost is on the pumpkin. Install automatic gas heat now. Choictof 1,001 colors 6' 5 0«r |*l. dwptonei slightly higher What's so special «bout Gilt Edge Siding and Shake Paint? It's HOMOGENIZED to • sensible balance between drippy, free-flowing and hfsvy jelMype p.alnt Gilt Edge Homogenized clings to bristle tips in any position, yet liquefies at a touch. Lets you carry a full brush ).C9.4 0! paint to the surface...saves labor of extra brush strokes because once over does it... helps eliminate runs, drips, spatters, sags. Dofsn't all this make good sensj? COWAN CORP With modern gas heat, you just set the thermostat and forget it. It keeps your whole house snug and warm and you never have to give it another thought. You can relax without a worry. No worries about running out of gas or getting deliveries or anything else. Not with gas heat. You can relax about the cost, too. Gas is the most economical heat there is. See your gas company now for the names of gas heating contractors who install gas heating equipment. Gas makes the big difference. (Costs less, too.) • INSTALL CAS HEATING EQUIPMENT NOW — NO BILLING UNTIL SEPTEMBER NORTH CENTRAL PUBLIC SERVICE CO "Formerly R««dy Mi* Concrete 4 Lwmber Co." 552*6 ALGONA 10 EAST STATE STREET - ALGONA

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