The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on October 31, 1894 · Page 9
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 31, 1894
Page 9
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ftfifctifeLldAJI, ALGONA, IOWA, WEbftESDAY OCT. 31, yoti call that »diia"tick># "fitne?" JOM~Because he waits i or no than. SlFft'tvber—l)id ybii feisl the late fin&iieial depression? Singerly—Feel ifcl Why, fof a iaonth, I wasn't able t<i borrow a shilling! "If a dog should howl tinder you? Window at night, Would, you regard it as a sign of death?'* "If es, ii it was light eitbtttfh fof me to get a good aim at the dogi" Judge—Wheft you broke Into the library and stole ft lot df books why did you take otily the works'Of classical authors? Thief—Because, yoiir honor, tnodertt books fetch hardly any price in the market! Mr, Hopperly—^What? Ifou only fci&teen, Madgie? You look older than that. Madgie—I know it. But I can't tell that I'm twentyone, cau I, when my big Sister is sticking at that age and everybody knows we ain't twins. It isn't always the tnen that prav loudest at prayer meeting that people believe ih most. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative ; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers and permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met with the approval of the medical profession, because it acts on the Kidneys, Liver 'and Bowels without weakening them a,iid it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all druggists in 50c and $1 bottles, but it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Figs, and., being well informed, you will not accept any substitute if offered. 'of Scott's Emulsion is contained in letters from -the medical profession speaking of its gratify, ing results in their practice, Scott's of cod-liver oil with Hypo- phosphites can be administered when plain oil is out of the question, It is almost as palatable as milk—easier to digest than milk. ^fMpare^bySaott & Bowne,K. Y. All drnpelata. Patents, Trade-Marks, Examination and Advice fts to Patentability ot fnveutlon. B«nd for " Inventors' Guide, or How fo Get * "tt." 07ABBBIA, WATOTCitW, 9.9, pertains to fruit raisliigr in of Aworlcu, the southern, ', >v}l) prove of gre^ rowers, but to evev; «» ssiii^^^^^^ MAILED^ 5 i '*™ '•" ,?"T ' ** T' rp rf f,» f*Jsi^.i-> I W«8irt?|f6lUjla&tm?«9Hll9^i88ii5«I9', ' 3 - tllglier Grade Produtts, ffltk? , / <*; i t.ML"' n"*" -— Legg Labor g^Hort Money * A TOENADO OF COUNTIES IN N§§RA^I<A SV FLAMES, ttomeS, Stock aritl Crdjis 6t Rftnclimen Colnplctcly Rnlnctl—Btay fie' Many ticaths—Scttiers Seek Sftlety in tfntcr Courses. AQAfN tJEFEAf 60, S, Neb,, Oct. 27.— Tthe prairie fifes which have prevailed in this (Grant), Cherry. Sheridan, and I'hohms counties since Tuesday have assumed vast proportions. They started in Sheridan county ' and have thus far burned over a section of country forty iliiles ill width. The damage to hay, ;ranch property, and cattle is enormous,! jbttt nothing- like an accurate estimate 5s yet possible. Many lives are supposed to have been lust, and thousands of tons of hay haVe been burned, leaving- the cattlemen destitute. Homes and stock were also burned, and the cattle ranges are ruined. The list of taiown victims at present is: i BLISS, - , ranchman. ' LACHER, 13. L., ranchman. / TWO FARMERS, names unknown. RANCHMAN, at Mullen. The two first named were attempting to save their property by back burn- ; ing, but the hig-h wind drove the flames on them and cut oft' all escape rbefore they \vere aware of their danger. Lacher lived long enough to tell his story to ranchmen who came to Ins rescue after the flames had passed. The fires are burning in several directions and the wind is blowing almost a tornado. Hundreds of thousands of head of cattle are grazing in Cherry, Thomas, Grant, and the other counties where the fires are raging. These cattle were sent there from the southern part of the state, where the drouth has been felt so heavily, to graze for the winter. It is feared a large proportion of these cattle have perished. Several ranch houses are reported to have been destroyed and there is probability of a large loss of human jlif e. ! Nothing like the present disaster has 'happened for years. A s there are nuin- jerous streams in the afflicted section it [is presumed many -of the 'ranchmen Jiave succeeded in taking their families to these water courses and thus avoided danger. The flames are not driven high, since the grass is not tall, consequently any one reaching a stream can escape death unless overcome by the dense smoke. ' It is reported that two men were burned at Mullen. One is dead and the other is lying in a critical condition and will die. . At the same time a Qre started on the south side of the track, -burning everything clean from Lakeside to the Blue river. This report comes from Whitman, in the southern part of Grant county. Fires have been burning north of Whitman since Tuesday. Several thousand tons of hay have been burned and several miles of range burned over. Another fire has started in the north and is burning down east between tlie middle and north prongs of the Middle Loup this morning. • Citizens in the locality of Thedf ord, Thomas county, were out until a late hour Wednesday night burning fire guards and at this time the town is considered safe, unless the fire should eoine in north of the strip burned over. The wind is blowing at the rate of sixty miles an hour and grave fears are felt, as the atmosphere is full of smoke and cinders. So far no loss of life is reported in that locality, but the loss of range will be great to stockmen. DIBEFUI, NIGHT Itf SAND Terrific q ft les tash tho Flames Into Destructive Energy, AWWAWCB, Neb,, Oct. ST.— Last night was a direful night in a large portion of the sand hills. Devastating fires swept through the western part of Cherry and Grant counties all day burning on the north side of " the Bur' •lingtpn i-ailvoad track to within about four miles' of Hyanpis, .Laslie'd "on bv p, furious wind, the flres traveled at & pace that carried consternation and destruction, The. fire on the railroad was started, the first of the wee>k by a man and his pipe about ten nuiles ugrthwest pf Alliance, ^he man, was dyunk, and in filling and lighting hjs pipe threw the burning match, to the ground, where it, jgnited the grass. ' In ft n instant a fipe parted, which, fanned, by the northwest wind, at gnce set out 0» its mission, of destruction., A num. of lives is repoyte^ }gst, - *»' pot. "S3WG.W. an .extensive WmonWs w, Jwfl been arranged., ' a | ftnrn "hmrincft nftftn 4maVlA> Kv^^'UW^ •tapanese Troops tight fhfeif- Way Into* Chinese t'erMifcrr. Losmos, Oct. 27.—A dispatch ffoin Tokio dated yesterday says Field Marshal Count \'nma#atn, has tele i graphed to the war office that a detachment of L600 Japanese infantry crossed the Yulu river Wednesday and attacked the enemy. The Chinese force consisted of 600 cavalry and 100 infantry with two guns. The enemy fled. The Japanese captured a Chinese fort, two guns, and many rifles. The Chinese loss was twenty killed and wounded. The Japanese sustained no loss. The Japanese advance columns are advancing upon Lishiven. Later advices from the front via Yokohama show the Japanese .irmy immediately advanced to the attack of the Chinese at Kttilenstod. The battle is now proceeding. BRYANT REVISES His STORY. Mo Goes Hack on Ills Confas&icm in thrt Arkansas White Cup Case. is, Oct. 27.—Tho trial of twenty-five white caps \vtis resumed yesterday tit Helena, Ark. The sensation of the day was the testimony of (Jus Bryant, the leader of the gang, who turned stale's evidence last spring and made ti confession. Urytint's evidence yesterday was directly opposite'to that contained in his confession. The prosecuting' attorney openly charges that the state's witnesses have been tampered with, Three negroes identified several of the defendants as being' members of the whitecap organization. The trial will- continue several days. Panic In an Ohio Theater. TIFFIN, Ohio, Oct. a?.— The breaking of a bolt in the Edison electric works in this city last night at S o'clock was the cause of what for a time, threat- •ened to be a terrible panic and result in the death and maiming of scores of •human beings. The lights in the theater went out suddenly and a scramble for the exits at once commenced. Finally the gas was turned on and quiet restored, but many of the audience left the hall. A number of persons were bruised in the rush, but none were seriously injured. Spies Placed on Trial. S. C'., Oct. 27.— The trial of liquor spies, for murder was commenced yesterday. The case against McLendon occupied the attention of the court all day and most of the witnesses for the state were examined.' The testimony so far shows that the deed was cold blooded. . The case will be continued in the morning and McLendon .will be put on the star-d, Chased by 150 Armed Men. _ BATTLE CHEEK, Mich., Oct. 27. -Policeman Marcellius was. seriously shot yesterday afternoon by, a tramp while the 'officer was arresting three of them in a store in the east end. After firing twenty shots in the store the tramps toolctothe woods. Aid was summoned from the city and 150 men armed with rifles started in, pursuit with instructions them back dead or alive. Condition of the Czar Unchanged ST. PKTJSBSBUKG, Oct. 37.— A bulletin issued from Livadia at S o'clock last evening- says: "Neither sommolence nor spasmodic symptoms : were observed to-day. His majesty's appetite is satisfactory. The oedema did not increase as usiial " Tho bulletin is signed by the five doctors in attend- k ance upon 'his majesty, of the . Gold Reserve. WASHINGTON, Oct. 27.— The cash balance in, the treasury yesterday was $113,713,451; gold reserve, §00,650,301, The increase in the amount of the gold reserve was occasioned by deposits of gold m exchange for currency, Of these deposits $352,805 was received at New York, $133,705 at 8t, Louis and pc,433 at Philadelphia, j Mm Mary A. WoodlirlcJsre Bead. CHICAGO, Oct. 37,— Mrs, Mary A. "Woodbridge, general corresponding secretary of the International W, C, T, U,, died at her, home yesterday afternoon 'at 0 o'clock, She' had been stricken -with apoplexy the day pre- vioijs and, it had been know?} frojn the first that she could not Jjve, Soclnllst Issue Settled, 4W, Qct, ?7,-~The. socialistic congress rejected by a vote qt 141 to 48 Hew VpUinar's. motion to drop the discussion of the action of Bava'rjan deputies because it was one of esedie'aey, Trke. matter is JQ be been a j'ane\yai of in, yeard trf , sei'ions Highest 6f all in Leavefrifig t> -Latest U* S. Gov't 4 wits AT Sanks—What do you think of the Story about Jonah being? three days inside of the whale? Tanks—It's a good thih.sf. 1'vo given my wife worse excuses than that. Sally—lithel and I are so interested in you! Jim—Kind, certainly; but why? Ethel—We had our fortunes told. One is to marry you, and the other is to be bridesmaid. Distressed Young Mother, traveling 1 with a crying infant—Dear me! I don't know what to do with the baby! Thoughtful Bachelor, in the next seat —Shall 1 open the window for you? "Is it really true, as Miss Old Girl Says, that she never married because her lover was lost at sea?" "Yes; another girl cut her out of his affec* tions on a trip across the Atlantic." Anxious Wife, at an altitude of 500 feet, to husband, who is accompanying her on her return trip to earth after having been blown up at a steamboat landing—John.we are coming down among strangers. Is my hat on straight? Husband—Do you know that every time a woman gets angry she adds a new wrinkle to her face? Wife—No, I did not; but if it is so, I presume it is a wise provision of nature to let the world know what sort of a husband a woman has. tike "Sweet Belli; Junglcd Out of Tone." Wealc nerves respond harshly and inbarmonl- ously to slight shocks, which would produce no effect upon strong ones. The shrill outcry 'of a child, the slamming of a door, the rattling of a vehicle over uneven pavement and other trifling disturbances effect weak nerves—sensitive nerves, sorely. Nervousness is largely attributed to dyspepsia and non-assimilation of the food, a very usual concomitant of sleeplessness. Digestion and assimilation renewed by Hosteller's Stomach Hitlers, soon beget nerve quietude and sound repose. The great alterative causes the liver and bowels to unite in cooperative harmony with the stomach, whereby the general tone of the system is raised to the true standard of health. In malarial complaints, rheumatism and kidney trouble, the Bitters produce excellent results. Inquiry is made as to what has broken the backbone of summer. Tho fall, of sourse. REMNANTS AND RAVELINdS, it. D. Laveag-o, who died recently afc Santa Crux, Cal., left, $1,000,000 to be used in building a hospital for the deaf and blind. The great game Bsh of America are the Canadian mnskallongc, California bass, Florida tarpon, Labrador salmon and Adirondack lake trout. A lting'3 Daughters' circle in San Francisco is composed of eight Chinese women, two Japanese, two Syrians and their two American teachers. A Georgia colored woman decided to commit suicide by drowning, but by the time she had waded in Up to her waist, her courage forsook "her and she returned to land. A New York girl, in passing- through the hall of her house recently, encountered a burglar. She grappled with him ami, catching hold of his hair, held on until help arrived, when he was turned over to the police. A Chicago criminal owes his escape from the penitentiary to the cleverness and devotion of his sistei*. She managed to administer to him, unknown to the prison officials, a drug which gave him every appearance of a violent attack of in.llammatory rheumatism. The woman then went to the judge and by telling him the condition of the prisoner secured a suspension of the sentence. Tickling: Number Three- She—I will marry you, George, sincb you •wish it so much, but I tell you frankly I can never love you so much as my poor dead husband. He—I suppose you did love poor John very much. She—1 don't mean John. J mean the one before him. There is no way of getting children to be good like showing them how. , The man whoridos a hobby pays Well for his transportation. IRRIGATED LAND: J6b acre Farm anywhere In ft. ^ „ acres JRKiGAtBD permanently Fttn&tiM, taTHK SYNDICATE LAP<1> ANDJRR ttSO CORPORATION, KanSftS OUyi This Month •*•»•• •** AnydhJi cfln Jiaf tlcttfate In <mf enornious profits by sending iis from *i«t« SI ,000. Highest rers. Write for jsanicnlarS iff E TRADERS SYNBiCA f fadets- fiidg,, Ohlbftga, ill, AOENiS WANTfiO. Apply Balm into each nostril. £Ly BHO3.,5fl Warren St., &.¥. IS THE NOSOUEAKING. , CORDOVAN, :FRENCH&EMAMEU£OCALF; $S,sp POLICED sotes. S. WORKING! EXTRA FINE. LADIES' , SEND FOR CATALOGUE > W>K.»DGUGLAS, BROCKTON, MASS. You ctin nave money by treat Inct the W. Li Dotielas 83. OO Shoe. Uccniiso, we ore ll»9 largest manufacturers ot this grade of shoes In tho world, and guarantee their value by stamping the nama and price on the bottom, which protect you against high prices and the middleman's profits. Our shoes equal custom work In etyle, easy fitting and wearing qualities. We have them sold everywhere at lower prices for the value given than any other make. Take no substitute. If your dealer cannot supply you, wo can.- . Consumptives mid people I who have wcnk luoRsor Asth-, I ma, should use rise's Cure for I ] Consumption. It has cnred 1 I thousands. It has notlnlur- I ocl one. It, is not bad to tuke. I It Is tho best cough syrup. Sold overrwhero. 85c. •'cam SUMPTION. W. N.-U—tt.M 1163 No. 43. When answering advertisements kindly mention,this paper. If you've-neuralgia, take, St. Jacobs Oil— rub it on —nib it on bard—keep rubbing it : on—it has got to stop the pain —. that's what if s for. Ah! what a warning to millions of America's men wjio are dally tearing down their naturally strong physical and nervous system. Stop a moment 1 Did you take to tobacco naturally ? Well, Y no 1 And now you want It—why ? Because tobacco tastes good ? No, but to gratify a feeling hard to explain, and only satisfied by nicotine, B IF I? "5k QHdnbOT 1 T THE USE OF TOBACCO BaBr Ka _€» OO\^re I M "MAKES IT SHORTER. We have not the time, much less the inclination, to preach printed sermons for the sake of making a man quit tobacco, IF HE DOESN'T KNOW THAT IT HURTS HIM. We want to talk to the man who realizes that he is TOBACCO spitting and smoking his life away, who V/ANTS TO STOP AND CAN'T. Tobacco has produced a diseased condition of the nervous system, and from time to time, you are compelled to feed the never ceasing demands, and you may have, like millions of otber men, Nearly every I, day the newspapers give an account of some eminent man falling suddenly dead at his desk from heart disease. As a rule, no middle-aged man in, active business dies thus suddenly unless poisoned, and that poison, in a majority of esses, Is tobacco. Meanwhile the slaughter goes on, The press and the pulpit seem muzzled, the majority being participants in the popular vice, and those who sre not seem hypno- * tized and afraid to speak out. ^"f-4 Tobacco destroys manhood. Tens of thousands of men feel the darkening clouds of early decline, because nature, not exhausted naturally, but burdened with the taking care of a tobacco-poisoned blood, has slowly and surely succumbed to the frightful effects of tobacco upon the vita, forces, that makes strongmen IMPOTENT and DESTROYS THEIR MANHPOD, YOU ASK FOR PROOF. -., Absolute Guarantee; feej how i desire far tobacco, eliminates, the, .,.,,.... , s, ncreases the weight, makes the blood pure and rich and tingling with new lite and energy. k i Hundreds of letters from aged men testify to years of tobacco ' *J*ye_ry, ft» d .Ml how Np'To-Bse destroyed tobacco's power , ana brought pack leelinKS long since dead, while sensations »f a younger existence once more. warmed the cockles 9f the gW .moa'ji brart, u .Ql9qnjy (toys were gone, the sunshine' ^as >^^L%.w^^jggfWflfi &*#» 9t tow W»< I m it, j^'^^syy^ifiSW^'-^f' ^•. fi9P Afl^ w ' 1 Tfti ! P AS ' w,«ip«i*>J««wl ft«* the pu^Usberel^paDe|- ? wJ||Sp}|^r|S8^

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