The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 24, 1966 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 24, 1966
Page 1
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(le.) Upper DM Molrm fhor«d«ry, March 44, 1966 , CROSSWORD PUZZLES CAN BE a great deal of fun, but until recently I never paid much attention to them. But one day when the Algona Upper Des Moines came, I happened to have a pencil In my hand so I worked the Crossword in that It wasn't long until I became hooked. Now I do the UDM and one in a magazine every week and one every day in the local morning paper. - o CROSSWORD PUZZLES CAN BE considered setting-up exercises for writers. I have the type of brain that retains all sorts of miscellaneous Information and forgets important things like telephone numbers and the multiplication table. In Crosswords I've finally found a use for some of that learning. And I've learned some new words - some of which I didn't really care to know | - o- I WONDER WHO IN THE WORLD makes up Crossword puzzles. Perhaps the redactor (editor) can tell me. (Editor's note: Not me!) Nobody ever seems to have a by-line with them and they certainly must be hard to compose. Some of them are mighty hard to solve also, although I'm doing better now that I've found out It is not cheating to look up words in the regular or crossword dictionary. - o- WITH ALL THIS NEW Information, plus allowance for waste, I decided to tell you about another new hobby, fishing in terms I gathered from Crosswords. - o PERE (FATHER, FR.) and ego (self) decided to hie (hasten) down to the arenase (sandy) shore to try out piscatoral (pertaining to fish) prowess (skill). The neap (tide) was right, the sol (sun) was eoan (pertaining to dawn) and there was not much agar (seaweed) in the agua (water, Sp.) It was too cold for natant (swimming) so I decided to ret (soak) my pedal digits (toes). OUTDOO FUN II jijjjjjj WE WILL OPEN FRIDAY, APR5L 1 BE A FIRST NIGHTER AND PLAN TO ATTEND OUR. GALA OPENING! FRIDAY THROUGH TUESDAY, APRIL 1 - 5 n 8nw*RT WAYNE-GRANGER ..ERNIE KOVACS-FABIAN CINEMASCOPE COLOR by Of tUM NORTH TO PLUS SECOND BIG LAUGH HIT I ONE OF THE FUN HITS THAT MADE THEM FAMOUS 1 ybU'Rf NEVER r TOO YOUNG ' UNA LYNN-NINAFOCH WE SAID AVE (greeting) to our amlgo (friend, Sp.)atfhe stoa (portico) of the camp, and paid him the ora (money of account), we got into the umiak (boat, Eskimo) and when I took the paddle (oar) we would gee (cause to turn right) and haw (cause to torn left), we pulled into a ria (narrow inlet) on the allee (sheltered side) and Father warned me not to be prolit (verbose) or I would frighten the fish. So I got aphasia (loss of speech) and watched the aves (Mrds as a class). There were laws (gulls), an erne (sea eagle) an oo (Hawaiian bird) and herons (wading birds) preening (dressing feathers). - o - IN SAL (SALT) WATER we can flsh sans (without, Fr.) license without fear of americe (fine for punishment) and without need of eloln (conceal) the fish. We didn't catch any grike (young salmon) of sisi (porkfish) but we netted cephalopod (squid), cero (mackerel- like), conger (eel), dace (carp-like) and awa (mllkfish). We saw an heptad (group of seven) cetaceans (porpoise). .It was such an oner (extraordinary thing) that I opened my os (mouth) and sang ela (Guido's highest note). - o- I PLAN TO TAKE THESE flsh to our domicile (home) and cook them euge (well done). Of course, they will have to be served with alec (fish sauce) which is well-known to Crossworders. I don't know how to make it but it may be a combination of anet (the dill) moly (garlic), kava (Australian pepper) and cos (lettuce). For ates (the sweetsop) we'll have me! (honey) which has fust been taken out of the cere (wax). - o - IN THE MAIL CAME THE mirabile dictu (wonderful to relate) news that I am a great tante (aunt) to Thomas Christopher Zender who must be a rara avis (extraordinary person) to his parents, Tom and Pam at Cleveland, Ohio. And the redactor (the editor) and liis wife are aval (pertaining to grandparents) for the first time. Well carpe diem (enjoy today) for tempus fugit (time flies) and they soon grow up. In plain non-crossword language - congratulations to everybody concerned. I'll bet the new baby is a darling! - o WE HAD AN ALGONA WEEKEND when wo went up to Clearwater to see the Ted Larsons. Naturally, Ted and Father went fishing and Nell and I went gadding. We saw Kathryn Gilmore at Redlngton Beach (Harold was at the ball game) and Sylvia and Virg Smith who have an apartment in the same building. We had a good visit and Mrs. Gilmore had some slide pictures of other Algonans - the Butch Clements, Fred Kent, Sr., and the Floyd Saunders. Pauline Saunders is out of the hospital now after several months following a very nasty break in her leg and can now get about with the aid of a walker. The Saunders are permanent residents of Lake Wales (I think it is). We drove over to St. Pete to see the Ed Wolcotts and the Swede Andersons but they weren't home. When we got home we learned that Estel and Selma Rentz of Crystal River had been here but we missed them. - o- DUR1NG THE WEEK OF March 20 through March 26, people having birthdays include Walt Hagen, Sidney Johnson, David Shumway, Kristin Hoeckel, Warren Morris, Audrey Duncan, Jo Ellen Pittman, Harold Sundet, Howard Miller, William Miller, Russ Buchanan, Jane Cole, Leona Macumber, Bob Watson, Everett Anderson, Fred Kent, ST., David Hutchins, Marcia Mowers, Bill Nugent, Paul McBride, Jr., Mace Hershberger, Denny Waller, Connie Wycoff, Dean Taylor, Cathy Chrischilles, Burton Harmes, Bless Rusk, Roger Johnson, Timothy Shea, David Agena, Tim Claude, Irene Spurgeon and Lament Wellendorf. The Bob Diek- manns and Louis Snyders have wedding anniversaries. - o - THIS WEEK'S RECIPE, IS FOR Peach Pom ..Poms and these rolls are mighty good for a coffee session. 3/4 cup milk > 1/2 cup sugar 2 tsp. salt 1/2 cup margarine 2 packages yeast 1/2 cup lukewarm water legg 4 cups flour (unsifted) 1 cup peach preserves 1 cup pecans Powdered sugar icing Scald milk; stir in sugar, salt and margarine. Cool to lukewarm. Dissolve yeast in warm water in large bowl. Stir in cooled milk mixture, egg and half the flour. Beat until smooth. Stir in rest of flour to make stiff batter. Cover tightly with foil and refrigerate at least 2 hours. This dough may be refrigerated as long as three days. Divide dough in half. Roll out into 18x9 inch rectangle. Spread with half the preserves and half the nuts. Roll up as for jelly roll. Seal edges and cut into 12 slices. Repeat for other half, place in greased muffin cups. Cover, let rise for about 1 hour. Bake at 350 degrees, 20 minutes or until done. Ice with powdered sugar frosting while rolls are still warm. These rolls are equally, as good made with blueberry preserves, orange marmalade or raspberry jam. GRACE Bob HdfM, Toetdoy Weld In '111 Take Sweden" starting Sunday of the Algona Theatre Sun. thru Wed. MARCH 27 - 30 ALGONA CONTINUOUS SUNDAY FROM 1*30 P.M. TAHITI ?J Edward Small presents. BOBHOPE TUESDAY WEID mm mm OHRRILL IN COLOR! Jeremy.Slate Sweden PIUS COLOR CARTOON PLUS "SNOW FUN" MEDAL The Navy Commendation Medal for meritorious service while serving in Headquarters, Third Marine Division in Viet Nam, was presented 2nd Lt, Lloyd J. Cartmill, son of Mr, and Mrs. Lloyd W.Cartmlll of onawa. Lloyd was a graduate of Blencoe high school and entered the service in 1942. WESLEY By Mrs. Viola Studer Jeremy Slate makes sure Tuesday Weld's Scandinavian education isn't confined to books in this scene from "I'll Take Sweden," opening in Technincolor Sunday at the Algona Theatre, through United Artists release. Bob Hope, Frankie Avalon and Dina Merrill co-star. "Education" in Sweden refers to boys and girls, not birds and bees, according to the story of this lighthearted comedy with music. Eileen Johnson dropped In fo'r lunch. Mrs. Justine Becker entertained her contract bridge club March 16. Mrs. Minnie Bleich will entertain the ladies March 30. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Cruise are parents of a baby boy born March 13 in the Britt hospital. He was baptized Sunday in St. Joseph's Catholic church by Father Phillips and was named Dennis Eugene. Sponsors were Bill Cruise, by proxy, and Mrs. Gene Arndorfer. The Cruises have two other children, John 2, and Denlse, 1. Mrs. Cruise is the former Selma WichtendahL. Mr. and Mrs. Vince Cruise are the paternal grandparents. Denny, son of the Luke Youngwirths and Mike, son of the Nate Studer' s left March 14 from Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo., by plane for New York, going by boat to Frankfurt, Germany. Mrs. Ed Johnson and Mrs. Luke Youngwirth visited Mrs. Johnson's mother, Mrs. Mary Wingert, a resident at the rest home in Buffalo Center, March 17. A group of ladles and the priest of St. Patrick's Catholic church presented aiTappropriate program and served lunch. & " Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Otis and Mrs. Laura Richter were March 6 guests in the Jim Lucas home in Ames and made the acquaintance of a new grandson born to Jim and Kathy Lucas. He was baptized Daniel Allen March 20 in St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic church. The infant's uncle and aunt, Carol and Tom Otis, were sponsors. Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Otis visited cousins, the Ed Albrechts at Clare Thursday evening. Their daughter Margaret Otis of Mary Greeley hospital, Ames, spent the weekend at home. Mrs. Otis resumed her work at St. Ann hospital last week, following an illness vacation of several months. Guests of the Steven Doughans Sunday evening for a turkey dinner in the Joe Krieps home In honor of Debbie Doughan's fourth birthday were Mr. and Mrs, Geo. Vitzthum, Mrs. Helen Youngwirth, Mr. and Mrs. Luke Youngwirth and Timmy and Leo Youngwirth, Mr. and Mrs, Jack Frideres of Wilmington, m. brought home her sister, Janice Ricke, and Linda Eenhuis of Britt Thursday evening. The young ladies had gona to Wilmington Monday with Tom Studer, who had spent the weekend at his parental Geo. Ricke home. Tom is employed on a ranch near Joliet, HI. Joe Eisenbacher and his niece, Jane Eisenbacher, left Tuesday for Bartlesville, Okla. to spend a week with the latter's sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Al Goranson. Jane is a daughter of Vince Eisenbacher. - Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nelson- of Corwith have purchased 3 lots in the north part of Wesley from Cletus West and plan to build a home. The lots are just north of the Norbert Hilbert home. Nelson is employed at the Weidenhoff plant in Algona and his wife is the former Cecelia Eisenbacher. Ed Eisenbacher recently returned from a 2-week vacation. He visited his brother, Father Linus Eisenbacher at Odelbblt, his two sisters and their families, Jake Strouths at Wilmont, Minn, and Gerard Strouths at Reading, Minn., and various places In Wisconsin. Mrs. Elmer Doughan entertained her auction bridge club Thursday. Mrs. R. C. Bauer will entertain the ladles March 31. Debbie Doughan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Steve Doughan, was honored March 16 on her fourth birthday by a party at the Joe Krieps home where the Doughan family have been staying during the Krieps 2-week absence. Guests were Mrs. Merle Loss, Debbie, Don and Jackie, Mrs. Bill Rockwood, Kitty and Ronnie, Donna Mae Youngwirth, Gail and Dawn Youngwirth, Mrs. Helen Youngwirth, Mrs, Nancy Ballard and Kristi of Algona, Mrs. Dick May, Lynn and • Julia of Renwick and the Krieps children, Rita Youngwirth and To make op (or ail the (filet there is a lot of activity on main street, attboughtbe storeiskeep- ing up basinets M usual while the living ojiarters ate being remodeled as a new home for Mr. and Mrs. Hovey and family. The trucks and drilling rig moved out last week so it can only mean they finally found water at the bottom of that well at the Don PaCoys. It became an even dozen grandchildren for Mrs. NellOpheim this week with the arrival of aboy at the home of Mr. and Mrs. junior Ray Hooper at Mountain Home, Ark, DouglasOphelm, his baby brother and mother were visiting here from Fairmont when the good news was received. The Sexton Friendly Club will meet at the home of Mrs. Elmer Phillips next Thursday. No, they haven't left town with all the other travelers, it's just that no one knows Elmer In that new car. Take a chance and wave at the next tan car with a cigar, it should be Elmer. FRI. AND SAT. MARCH 25 - 26 ALGONA Joe Moses is his name stealing Africa is his game! Robert Carroll Mitchum Baker .THE FRANK ROSS PRODUCTION TtCMHCOlOl* MMIM ». IWft UTBIJ PLUS 2ND FEATURE HERE COME TOM TRYON HARVE PRESNEU BOTH FEATURES SHOWN SATURDAY MATINEE STARTING AT 1:00 Ray Harig, LuVerne, purchased one of the government grain bins and moved it from the south part of Wesley to his farm. The bin is 100 x 40 ft. and has a 35,000 bu. capacity. Sadness In Sexton News During Week SEXTON - Bad news this week came from former residents. Jim and Marlene Johnson now living at Jolley, sent word his mother is in critical condition at a Fort Dodge hospital after being seriously ill the past two months. Jim's sister, Mrs, Bob Kelley, was also called home and his brother, LeRoy, was to receive his discharge from service to help at home at the farm but was kept at camp when his physical disclosed a near case of pneumcata, Being on the farm hasn't helped former resident Palmer Rurup's health as he also spent a week in a Fort Dodge hospital recently, It's sure to be pretty quiet east of town with most of the residents leaving. Henry Bailey was called to Canby, Minn, by the death of a brother. - o - Mr, and Mrs. Martin M-.mbach are still making preparations to leave for Utah the end of the month, Since no one has seen Mary McMahon for the past week this must mean she, too, took off on her annual trip to Dallas, Texas, This is a good warning not to put away the snow shovels until we get her welcome home blizzard out of the way, Is it true a popular fellow around town will be moving hU family out to Join the Sextan community when Mr. and MM, Hovey are able to more to KM store? Enter 2 From Garrigan In Piano Concerto Garrigan high school, Algoaa, announces two contestants tor the Concerto Contest sponsored by the Dubuque Symphony Orchestra on Saturday, March 26. Competing in the piano category are Susan Nelson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Nelson, Wesley, and Kathleen Plathe, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Milford Plathe, Bode. Both students are juniors at Garrigan and are active in chorus and band. They will perform the first movement of Mozart's "Concerto in D Minor." CHARGE m ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY * STORE HOURS Friday • 9 to 9 — Monday-Saturday - 9 to 5 BEFORE YOU SPEND MORE. • • CompareJRsnneys Easter Fashions THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY all Gaymode nylons regularly 3 prs. for 2.85 reduced! a 9 97 prs. for -fcig.f Scoop up a wardrobe of Gaymodes at exciting spring savings! Full-fashion or seamless... drea sheen and service weights . . . micro-mesh or plain .. . demi-toe styles and morel Cantrece* and Agilon" stretch nylons, tool Fashion colors. Perfect-fit proportioned sizes! Scoop them upl COMPARE GAYMODE- QUALITY, FIT, VALUE! GAYMODE® SUPPORT HOSE reduced! Nylon-Lycra », ng. 3.98 ft. All Nylon, rtg. 2.98 pr. NOW 2.77 NOW 1.77 Gaymode* seamless support nylons now at special savings I All nylon or nylon-Lycra* spartdex give support and comfort. Sizes 8% to 1 1 . Penney's Easter Suit Parade! TOWNCRAFT BLAZER SUIT FOR IQYS, l^r 98 For Easter, q boy*' blower of glory Vith coordinating jlacbl Handsome blazer of Orion* acrylic/wool, perfectly Penney-tgilored with fyll rayon lining. Color-cged slacb of rayon/qeetcjte, university grgd ttyle.

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