Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 15, 1966 · Page 12
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 15, 1966
Page 12
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for Burl firemen ADVANCIi Counselors M the Johnson House " MM Thursday, Sept. 8, fol- hy ft luncheon at noon. . I i Mr, And Mrs. Jim , Siwick of tfllra s P lrit I*** were oversight IIIIIMI gucjts Wednesday at the home of Mrs. Art Ldaso.i. On Thursday they went with the Barnard Phslps to, Elk Mound, Wis., to attend ths funeral of Mrs. Art Miller, They returned to Burt Friday and the SGwicks viistea at the Leason home until Saturday. \Mr, and Mrs. John Alasou, I iBurt— The Burt Town Council improved the purcase of an emergency vehicle for the fire department. The unit is a second hliid panel truck used :,by the J\l- *;bna fire department; and it will used to carry rescue equip- ^A ;r3presehta;tiVe'^.oi;. : Mie''^l pg Construction; Co, of s «*»*»*• was at the council meeting \ ipresent a bill for the summer bjack,t:>pping job, ^Ttie ; co:t was $|;OQ4 for six blocks of new blacktopping and sealcoating ort iu >nve strepts that had been black AIM STEM SY JULIAN CHRISCHIUII \ WR^P ^^^^r^V^U Wg wlWiW W^^M^W ^ fi^ped before. IfMrs. Thecla Chrjstsrisert's garage will bs rented for storage oftcity equipment/; ,:" ; .- j;New secondary wiring; will be installed thru an alley from the Buri Elevator property ' Bjumgard shop, '.': x. ;:: ;: 30th ANNIVERSARY t Jobserire r tJieiif 80tti wedding iversary •'. at 'the '; Burt :."M "" . leys, the Bill ScshatJs r the James Brehms, the Don Thomsons .arid (u^na! -mhi^l^i^Tliey^-Te^uest' ffri- "E An .;o{>3h ; " House; ^honoring •••tine ""-" ' '""-'- New Carlisle, Ind., visited sov era! days at the J. P. Stevens and with Mrs. Bcrnadine Op helm. Mrs. Mason is the former Jean SteVen. ; v ..'• ;•••'..:• ..j, 1 '- tttd? Mrs. ;>M6ward Salisbury went', to iPatibaUlt, Miniit. Friday and were guests at the Milton Salisbury home.: On Saturday the'group went to Minn,37 apolis to see ilie ball game b2r tw&en the\Baltimore Orioles and the 'Minnesota Twins. ;Oir Saturday the Howard Salisbury's .went to Elkton, Minn, and were'guests »t the Win. Spear home. Mrs. Spear is Howard's sister. On their rciturn tyip: thdy, visiited several hours with Treasie and Gerald Brace at Hayfieid, Minn. They returned Home Sunday evening. : :The George Beckers and Evelyn Mawdsley took a group 01 Presbyterian young folks to For- €J*t City Sunday to Attend the special showing of the Billy Graham ittijiii; ^Ttye'- r Restless Ones" it^ttie • theatre in Forest City. v4Mr.; 'and- Mrs! ; .<Y, C, Hinckley ;^nt:;.^lowa'f City Saturday; and ..were guests at the Don Thomson home. On Sunday they were dinner: giiesite at the Bill Schatz home, ^ey ;aisp .visited the tarry '•' Htricklfeys at Oelwein. Marilyn's ••;daughter, Michelle ; ThomsenV accompaned the Hinckley's home for a two weeks tone Ro<k Mr, and Mrs. Frtnk Flaig and Vtr, arid Mrs. Roger Jensen at' .ended the funeral services for Mrs, Kate Trainer of Kanawha lunday. Mrs, Trainer, who is an aunt of Mrs, Flaig, was a formelr Jurt resident. ,'lkat... , -p;m. 7 Sunday the home'oftheit daughter, ' . wood, Ames. No ^fts pleasel>plve l^pfesoiv family, are ^ lbr'iir>ftr ;^urt rpsidents. He ^fas; In "tlie ; gar?^? bUsihess here some years: ago; :|lThe family reunion was held; Sunday ait the shelter house in the S^iata park in Algona. This, was the 9th annual reunion and there 60 present. Mr. rand Mrs. Mtcl) Taylor -aind '"Mr. 'iand ' . year , the host* will b? Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wlbbcn and family. Burt Methodist church Sun day evening. Fiye oouptes wdre fyoldi'en. She:. was on her way 8Mne> from o several; days .yiau s. in Mason, City and '' ' "" ••••-• Found a; tooth 6'f a mammoth, an elephaliWike ;|r;eature of. thpus- otf^eaj^ agoi; jSii Ject doMrri the gravel pit while working ' weighed' 3% '"" 7 inches fcljsh and .3 inches across. .,—.. _.„. Mrs. 'Edward Pollock |nJ6yc!d;«yer'flCty visitors on the occasion of thpir 60th wedding anhiversary which was celebral L "^st 30 UV Stanhope jvherr hbsts. Mr. and.Mrt. Chas, Spry ' guests. The officers of the cjub ;iare:; '.pres,,;.; Jierry^i-iWlje^; uinn ' r»i.oc''• I\-ivMill" MnS^aVlamH « THERE HAS NEVER been much doubt of the enthusiasm, courage and good morale of the U. S. fighting for-• ces in Vieihiani, but the same things cannot ba said for the Vietnamese, who apparently would rather let the Americans flight theirwai• , i .the story "Join the Army and freei a Vietnamese for civilian life" is more truth than fiction. Our long effort,to make an aggressive fighting force of the Vietnamese has'fia'i'led. •; , " '.;... . . ' ' - •.':!-. .;•; ; While Amerioan are fighting and dying to protect the; Vietnamesei people, winning the war doss not seem to exciits the imagination of the Vietnamese . . . whereas the Viet Cong are a dedicated, ruthless people with a goal in front of them, the South Vietniamese people we are fighting for and spending billions of dollars in the process, couldn't care less. Desertion rates in the Vietnamese Army are staggering — something like 25 to 30 per cent a year . . . and Americans 'report than vifheri they are needed to fight, they are "out to lunch."'.'To fight Communism is one thing but to fight in a land that has no governiment to speak of, where the people desire your presence only for the money they can take from you arid where the home town soldiers "bug out" when the going gets hot -r- that's a horse of a different color. SOMETIMES we takt for granted our "little' home, town induftries and if you don't think Algona hat much industry, then read tho pages of today's Advance. Counting just the II or 12 larger industri«s, we found nearly 800 persons are employed in indurtrial and reMed work. Algone salutes its industries wit:* special displays throughout the town this week. You don't have to look too closely to realize that Algona has some mighty fin* industries opsrating here right now — and most tr« growing and expanding rapidly. .- MAKE NO MISTAKE about it — Algona isigoing^to be Caoad with what-'to do wiifch its hospital one of tHsse day's. At LoiMars; the oJty council last week passed a resolution calling for a sipeoial election on a proposed $300,000 bond issue for purchase :of Sacred Heart hospital for $150,000 and an addi- ' tional $150,000 for hospital opsrating funds. , The Sisters of St. Francis four months ago advised the Advisory Bbiard that they wished to cease operation of the hospital %o3use they were losing $2,500 to $3,000 a month ... no figures have ever bsien released by the Sisters of : Mercy, who operate St. Ann '...hospital, but there is little doubt , that there is going to be a transition of some kind .one of these : days."" •'. « • . ;.'. ; -.. '-'.'.''•' . It's doubtful if any other order of Sistsrs can be persuaded to take over the local oi>eraition and if they can't, then it will be up to the city or the county to do something. • MUST BE PLENTY of jobs around these days . we counted no less than 19 "Help Wanted" ads in last Thursday's Advance ,.. most we've ever seen in 16 years of newspapering in Algona. . ' . . ; BLONDES MAY have niore* fun but they have'v little cha'nca of .bairig/'Misis America" A.v-;i' can; you remember the Upl Moticii IN TMI eilTMICT Ot THt STATI 01 , IN AND Mil KOMUTH H iHfc MAi UM . • ' : ' ' • : If THE UTATi Ot . ., ,' HERBERT A. KEMPKER,: Deceosed Prabete He. ml '. APPOTNTMINT Of IXICUTOR NOTICI TO CMDITOM , TO ALL .PERSONS INI ErtESTED; IN TMI ESTATE OF HERBERT A. KEMPKER, Peeaa r iVou are'.hereby * notified tKcf or> ; th* 1/th do/>iftf. August, 1966, .thd ; last,-Mil arid testomeht of .Herbert .A. ,Kempker;de ceased bearing date of the 22nd ; day o June, 1965, was cvdmitte'd to probate' ir the above named' .court. and that .Omaha National Bank of Omaha, Nebraska, .was appointed-executor of said estate. <•••?;; •"Vsoticd is: further given thttt any ae lion to set aside said will', mlist-. 'i>e brpught in the district court Tot sold count-/ within one year from ' the : dott of .the second publication of .this notice or th-.reafter be forever barred. ' '.Notice is'further given thot all'person indebted to said estate ore requested tc moke immediate payment to 'the under signed, and creditors having claims agoins sold estate shall file them with the clerk of the above pamed district • court, a provided by law, duly authenticated, for ollowonce; ana unless - so filed -within «i iilonths from 'the second" publication o this- notice (unless otherwise.'allowed:.o paid) such claim shall thereafter, be for W" harrert. • ••' . •• ' - -'" 1 ': lll> "l_' f .Dated this 7th day of Sjptember, 1966 j • ' .' Omaha Notional, Bonk : . •. • Executor of sold Estate' . '. - .-' • ..Omaha,: Nebraska?•.'.-'• .'. - - .''--•' Address •-' ' ',"••..• :'<:•' '' McMahon-8. Cosscl ; ''•--.-.•. Attorneys for said Executor •-..,;-.. Algono, lowo Address ••• ; v. ' •.'•-''.'' '.'.'' )ate of second publication , • 22nd day of September, 1966. Published in the Algona Kossuth County Advance, ; Algona, lowo. September 15 ,and-22, ;f966.. •' trlet, ionefoft Independent .Schoo DI*tfl«;.S«Wt«it, CMMuftlfy Sehoe DiStflet, L«oVort<_C6(Whunltv Sthoo Dlttfiet' Lahota Consolidated School Diitfltt,., Gfdnt ,C6rwolldot«d Schabl District, Grtertwood Township School Diitriet afM Ro»risey i Rural Inde- ptndtm School District; Jlifrlef^ All t 6f ; th» iquntx «iho6j »ys- Scne-ol Dis f • , -Ringsted Community •£% WMtoWJ^JK »t%$L ^JJf^Sfi ^* V H* £££HM ortd 'hWiirWve «*• M*&J&iJW l Lr bfdder n«l«fcf»;.W merged scribed. Dated ,df . tembcr, 1966. /S/ A. M. > CouMy Su /S/ W. H. Battlett this $rf> »* 6f _l»fflet, Oi each Is constituted W thii. dote; Jistrict III, AILof, the county school system of Dicklhson County, • lowo, as presently constituted; District IV the following named school districts of Cloy County, Iowa, os constituted at this dote: Spencer Community School District, Everly Community School District, and Meadow-Longdon Township School Dlitflet; , , District V Clay Central Community School District, . Sioux Volley Community School District, and South Cloy Community School District, of the eourtty school system ot Clay County* lowo, as present constituted, together with tha fallowing named , school', districts,, as .constituted ot 'thl* ! oote, 6f the eourify School sys- tern ef . Pdlo ' Altd County, Iowa: Ruthven Consolidated .School. District, Aynhirt Consolidated School District, and Mallard Community School District;'. District/AVI5 'the.'fallowing' named school .district!.of;Pdlo Alto County, Iowa, as : i presently, constituted: Emmetsburg' Community School 'District, Oroettinger Community School Dis> trith and T-West Bend Community .School District; " . ' District-' VII Algona -Community School District, tuVerne Community , School District, and Burt Community School District,' each as presently const i. Hired, ot the county school Systorr. >of .KassUth.Countyi Iowa, tram which'q-governing and tox-certlfylni Doord of 'directors • for said merged area, composed 'of : one director elected from each director- district,'will be ele:t^d upon final approval: by said planning boards of the proposer to - form • said merged . rea. Notice is .further given that the pur- Presiftent", Kossu>h County Sdftrd of Education. • • Published .,« tM. A^o^KaUuth County county " avan >«i, September 15, 1966. " Notice is hereby divert that the Boord of Sup\%isor7 r of/ossuth CauWy, Iowa, will ,r«!elv«i sealed bids 'at the oftiM of th'e County. Auditor of Kossuth County, equipme to repairs to e por ^ e of r tne>lstlng^"operT ditch ef Rossuth Cdunty Drainage District No. <,<rt which time and ploee the b« will oe publicly opened and read, aleud. ,. . The location of the wprfc.A 8 '*™,.. 'orrned Is in Sections S^and' 10, t Town 9 North, .Range' 30 West 6f ttve .Fifth rlncipal Meridian, Swea; Township,, Kos- , NOTICE Or INTINT TO FORM A .?. PROPOSED MEROID ARIA , AREA VOCATIONAL SCHOOU AND COMMUNITY COLLEQES ; Pursuant to section 10 (1), Chaoter 2-«7, Acts of the Sixty-first -General :Assembly, notice is -hereby-.given.- by- thev Kossuth ~ of Ed- '" ' '-'Bounty Board lucation, a .planning jbard within the msonlng of ; said section, that the State- Board ot Public Instruction met on the 19th day of August, 1966, and approved a proposed plan for •he purpose of estoblishinp on area corri- mUnity college; and ctesig'noted sold "orea d->ncrged ar=ia (Education) III,; in the vicinity of 1 Esthervjlle, .Iowa, said'-, area .''to include all'at the territory in the'county school systems of Cloy, Dickinson, Emmet, Kossuth and Polo Alto Counties, lowo,, in their entirety, as the said county school systems existed on the 19th day of August, 1966; and designated the location or locations of said ar?a community col- lerie as the Esthervills vicinity, and utilization being mode-of the existing : junior college facilities located ot Hmmetsburg and Isthcrville, Iowa; the specific. location for the development of. vocational curriculums 'be left to the 'discretion of the area board, to include all of the territory lying within the boundaries of the county school svstems of said ' C : lav; . Dickinson Emmet, Kossuth'and Palo Alto Counties iQwa, 1 arid "of f icially designated direeto districts in said prooosed merged area a conterminous .with the territorial .boundar Iks of the .following school districts, : re i ' .Ringsted. Community. Schoo District, of the county-.-school^Yf torn' of "Emmet County/ Iowa, one the following named school dis tricts of Kossuth County, lowo, a as constituted at this date: Ti tonka. Consolidated. School District Sweo City Community School. .Di» pose for formation of the said proposed area is-to offer to residents of said proposed area, to the greatest extent pos sible, educational opportunities nd sjrvice: as fallows:•:'•• i 1 . ./',.•• ','.-.••'. . • ' I. The first, two years of college work • ••'•• including pre-professlonal education 2. .Vocational'.and technical training. 3. Programs for in-service training one retraining of workers. 4. Programs for high school completkr for 'Students' of post-high school age 5. Programs for all students of hig school .'age 'who may best serv, ' themselves by enrolling for vocation o(; and.-te'chnlco) training while alsc enrolled in a local high school public ,oV.-iarivpte.: 6. Student personnel services. 7. Community Services. 8. Vocational education for person who hove -ocademic socio-economic or .other -handicaps which prsven succeeding , in regular vocational ec ucational education programs. •9. Trainirfg,. ^retraining,, and .all neces sory, preparation for .productive cm plpyment of . all citizens. . . Notice.is.;furfher : given, that .the count xsard 'of:..education 'of . Kossuth Count lereby expresses'., its < intent .to act wit the several • county boards of educatio r?m the ditch right-of-way, to- remove III leposlts ' from the existing K • open ditcl been »ne County P««? n t District . o Vforp May jottom, to Install -' epairs to certain existing tile, , and miscellaneous associated .work. A», ot he work is to -be 'performed along ^approximately 1.7 miles of.opsn ditch. Qoon- itles of work consist of clearing: apprpx- rriately 1,040 trees, excavating oAprax- mately 5,000 cubic .yards of eo rt " - ^ nd .. nstalling eight 1 5-inch diameter metal, pipes for surface drains. ",'jJj'u. All proposed work Will be Included; in : All proposals shall be Submitted .'In duplicate on a proposal form which wHl be provided by the County . Auditor .of by the Engineer . and shall be deliytred-in o sealed envelope, to- 'the. off let ^.ef^ County Auditor of Kossuth County, Kossouth County • Court House, Algono, Iowa, on .or before the time for receiving, bids as stated above. :. '• '. ".' All proposals shall be accompanied ; by check certified by an lowo ocnk -,in an amount not less than- ten percent a^fel"S»£.^ SSSSSiff&JseB Si I be matte for plans and specifications not returned within these periods. 1 : Co°u r nty M Audltor of Kossuth County, Iowa ^Published In the Algona Kossuth County Advance, , Algonp, Iowa, September 8 and 15, gono 1966. JEEP DIGGING Water Lines & Footings PHONE 295-5542 ner ALGONA, IOWA nce '.ttre^sjV:;; ,^-The qluJ^nu^tWice^ COKE^iifl^BBAiifiB AML'A'c -.'A. 1 .''' -''.^'^••.•f'"'r<''- ^TIBK wv*''- q 'f%^vwl*f^"*"' -,•--' '" v -.' .' V' ( • l;|1iie^ Speecii program started rapist from the;(^unty , will be '.'' ,. > r l given Monday, at Burt Cpinmun- (ty school. The tests will be read Wednesday. A meeting of the graded teachers of Kossuth county was held Monday to make plans for the county institute on Oct. 4. Dawn, daughter of the Clair Rentzels, had a birthday party at her home Saturday .for class* mates and friends, : Mrs. Viola McDonald went to Sioux City last week. She will be a housemother at a Morningside college sorority house, The Strouse family moved io her, home from the upstairs apartment at the Burt hotel. Guests at the Wallace Hawcott home Sunday observed the b'rih" days of Mrs. Hawcott and Kenneth Hawcott. Those present were Selina Clifton, Lulu Haw* C<?tt, Etta Holdren, Rhosna Behse and Gladys Hawcott. i Guests Sunday at the home of Mrs. Thepla Chn»tensen were Mr. and Mrs, Milton Hedke and Clifford Heerdt of Hector, Minn. KThe regular -Lions club meet' ing will be held at the Legion hall Monday evening, Sept. 19, The 7:30 dinner will bs served by the Au3«iUary committee: TJiecla Ohristtensen, Ruth Alice Peterson, Beth Miller and Celia S^ott. i Bill Hamilton left Sunday for Fprt Worth, Tesas. He will be a junior at Texas Wesleyan cal- lage majoring in history. //Ruth Hasse wss released s week ago Sunday from the hos pitaJ in Iowa City and is spending several days with her sis- fcer Alviiia and ptJier relatives, Qn. Sunday Mr. an4 AIr.s. Jojui Ifosst a«4 s»n Mjrk Qf jacteon, Ilinn. who was born Avfi- H» guests at the Ha*se home. Fortnigtotly club wlil meej at the hoinie 'of Bjpetticlier. '•* Mrs, Dorothy Bjeefcer area meeting of last blonde winner? Originally serving one county (Kossuth) in 194o, to serving 350 counties in 1966, we are still paneling. Picturec} above is the composing room. This is just one of many work rooms and offices encompassed in the building, which was newly constructed two years ago. We are pleased to be part of Algona'* industrial development, Our thanks to the community for their special "Salute To In* du»try" throughout this week- DIRECTORY SERVICE CO ALGONA, IOWA WE'RE 21 YOUNG-.. serving MC u.voi .C-. ^— ' : .HUbo sitMC u.vo .C-. • ' sV' four states!! Born in 1945 and now 21 years "young/' Universal Mfg. Co. has seen rapid growth in iff tarly ytars and today serves 600 Ford Motor Co, dealers in four states with ,14 trucks. • • .... ' ...•:.',.'... .Universal Mfg. Co. was formed to recondition Ford motors and small parts including carburetors, generators, brake shoos, etc. Today, iff only production plant is located in Algona with warehouses in Omaha, Neb. A Peoria, III., and Dos Moines. Since 1954, we've expanded our Algona plant four times until today, it occupies 31,700 square feet of production space on Diagonal street, , A Salute to Algona We can think of no finer small town in Iowa or any other state that can match Algona for friendliness an4 co-operation. We've always felt our relations with the city and its residents were of the very finest and we are most happy to be a part of this progressive community! The folks at Universal think it is a fine place to work and to raise our. families. UNIVERSAL MFG. CO. 491 PIAOQNAl, SJIJIT AIQONA

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