The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on October 31, 1894 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 31, 1894
Page 1
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..i OCTOBEU 31, 1894. IOWA, WEDNESDAY. AJONA, ROSSUTIi OOtMY REPUBLICAN STATE TICKET, of any Why? BECAUSE WE ARE GIVING THE BEST GOODS FOR THy / Extra Fine Brown Sheeting 4c. Very best Prints 5G The best Gingham Check oo. Spool Cotton * c Extra fancy fine White Batts 100. Fine double width Dress Good remnants 25c. 40-inch Fancy Wool Dress Goods........ 60o. Bed Comfortables,. • */W 54-inch Repelants, black, blue and gray.. 50c. Largest line of Underwear, Yarns, Angora Wool,-Ice Wool in the City, 7 Secretary of State... .W. J Auditor of State......... .C. G, T 1 " 5 C > T> Supremo Judges j jj. J). Treasurer of .State Sotax S. HEBHIOTT Attorney General Mil/row BaitMsr Railway Commissioner . ..C. L. DAVIDSON Clerk of the Supremo Court. ..C. L. JONES Reporter Supreme Court. B. I. SALMJJGER CONGRESSIONAL TICKET. Congressman-lOth Dist...J. P. DOI.MVBB JUDICIAL TICKET. Judge-14th District W, B. QUARTON COUNTV~TICKET. Auditor F.D.CAi,™ Recorder M. F. RANG AIA Clerk of Courts B. B 1 . GROSE County Attorney J- C. RAYMOND ( H.-C. HOLT-ENBECK Supervisors ....>....• \ j jt BABTON. TOOKHJMPOR A SWINDLER. J. L. Sutton, an Officer of the Algona Farmers' Exchange and Produce Association (?) is Taken & Walter Bros., atMctntvreJa.,which informs him that a check payable at his bank, in iavor of J. E. Palin, 4 is in their possession. Mclntyre is in the northern corner of Mitchell county. Mr. Smith has written the tlrm that the check was probably blown from the house of Mr. Kercher, hear Manly, by the great cyclone. It has been cancelled and is worthless now. The captain says the most peculiar freaks of tile storm that lie has observed and heard of is the straws that Were driven endwise into hard bark . of trees and hard wood posts. He has several specimens and would like some one to explain how it was done. IS rtjlnnnnftrinJuIJtfuiJiJtnJiJin^^ BIG MONEY VOTED. Bead and Reflect The Following are Facts. For a Fraud. — The Discovery Made at Sioux City.—Button's Confession. The Sioux City lYibune gives the Official Record of Two Council Meetings.—A Change in Clerks. AI.GONA, Iowa, Oct. 27, 1894.- r riie city council met In regular session at the city clerks office, Mayor Ambrose A. Call in the chtiir. Members present— Wadsworth, Gartleld, Pettibone;: Corclin^tey, Magnusson and Nicoulin (lute.) Absent—Vesper and Hutch ins. The minutes of the last month's meetings read and approved. Gartiold and Wadsworth were appointed to act with Cordmgley as finance committee in the absence of Vesper and Hutchins. Moved and seconded that the following bills be allowed and warrants drawn on the treasury for the same: I. have just received a new, good, nobby andfushion- iible line of woolens, consisting 1 of Overcoatings, Suit- Fine Coatings and Trouserings. They must be sold, ings, be sold at unheard of Taylor ear Ye! mat J. A. HAMILTON & OO. have just received. . - another carload of 3-ply DIAMOND ROOFING.-K We have also received a quantity of ...... buildings RED WING SEWER PIPE following account of the operations of Suttou and his "gang:", ..... •„ Manager Van Dervort of, the Sioux City implement and seed company has just discovered that -the name ot his company is being used : by a party ot swindlers of the JBohjemian : oats type, in a way that heleai;i&may- injure it, when, as a matte*** fact*! the company is entirely innocent bi any connection with the operations ot the gang. A little over a month ago a man who gave the name of J. L. Sutton came here, representing that he was irom ilgona and was an officer of a farmer B exchange and produce association that desired to make arrangements to buy goods from Mr. Van Deryort's company at wholesale prices. He stated the matter in such form that Mr. Van Dervort was convinced that it represented an opportunity for him to secure some additional business, a^d he ; aocord.inK., Iv sicned a contract with Sutton by agreed that.,hia Company would furnish certain articles to button at certain wholesale pnces. . . Sutton left the city and thejuat thing Mr. Van Dervort beard of the matter was when he began to receive letters a few days ago, from people In the counties of the north central part of the state, particularly Hamilton, Hardin and Kossuth. The writers J. A. Hamilton & Co, lumber, etc .$ 60 39 J.V. Nlooulin, express £ «" A. Boss, labor. \l ft! Gllmore £ Wtuklo, cl ruynge ^ Jg .H, J. Wlnhte. Imrclware * 7 " Weltrentunt Bros., hardware Tohn Paul I/umber Oo, lumber — 0 A. Tollfijr, work on Park avenue W. .T. Thafekery, labor ... W.E. No,ud^n, drayuge, etc •» E. J: Gllmore, oil •• •••• ^i,.,, 8pjff^Afc.W°n r ^?£ rplp ::::::• MM 50 65 00 50 no t ; J} T . J-milOJ't lUV 11 *' 1 " 3 ""•»-•./ jft OK a. 8. Stubbing, street com *>i ao The following are the bills paid during the month of October, 1894, by special order of the council and by order of the water committee: O.M. & St. P. R:ll. Co.. freight S536 58 O.&N.W.B.B Co, freight « "5 W. E. Naudain, freight, etc t<« °° BtegT5i^ C eU°f t ai ) tchat7cts 10804 {ATH>roved Oct. 13th.) ..„„ i. Digging 2570 feet of ditch at 7 cts S Wm. Tlchen, pipe work - :• L. Nelson, pipe work.. >' 0.M.Dalley, pipe work J * 0;L.'Pol(0id.d;ffl?lnff ditch..-...., ' Geo. Smlthfpipe work.. j" A. Andorsotf. pipe work (Approved Oct. 20th.) 1(J4 5() Digging2350feet at 7cts 10* ;£ Geo. Smith, pipe work. » f! M Dallov, pipe worK S nn j! W KongeV fioWIng scraper » 00 Wm. Tolohen. Pipe work W ™ L.Nelson,pipe work... •' "" Ohas. Brown, pipework l w A. Anderson, pipe work. (Approved Oct. 27th.) they will be sold, and they can prices. What in'the ntimo of common sense do you buy those miserable shape and but ton less garments for, that make you look old and sickly, and you know you feel bad with a suit of those sweat-shop made garments on. Do you know that death and desolation are lurking in those ready-made clothes made in sweat-shops in Chicago and New York. How many times diseases invade your home, such as diphthera, scarlet fever, smallpox, etc. In 99 cases out of 100 the sweat-shop clothing brought the disease to your home. Don't buy it. I can sell you a fashionable,'good fitting, good wearing and presentable suit for the lowest figure possible. I can sell you woolen for less money than anybody in Algona, because Kepairing done on short notice and done right. Dress buttons made to order. Satisfaction guaranteed in every respect. Can also sell you steam ship "tickets to and Europe as low as the lowest in price. Yours very respectfully, I want from n FQSS. in* BricTile, Etc. was never Come and see. J. A. HAMILTON & CO, We ttftve a most Complete Assortment and many bargains in itiifl line. We have a full line of Blair's Celebrated Keystone Tablets; a very fine line of Box Papers and in fact everything .-usually sold by Stationers. We are offering box papers containing i lb,, pr 60 sheets of £ne paper with envelopes to mate A, Joy 25 cents, This is a paper sold the world for 50 cents per bQ3J ( you lead penpils and give ypu a with eacfc and every Ll/lJt Jdtll Ull-1 CVUW. **.w«w —- — . . J wanted to know why the articles and supplies which Sutton had contracted for were not'delivered to them. He investigated the matter and found that Sutton and his gang had been traveling around the country selling township rights to sell the implements, etc., namedln the contract, at very low prices. He gave contracts in which it was agreed that the Implement and seed company would forward the supplies for the sale of which the right had been sold. Sutton had not communicated with the company in any way and it was evident that he* had been working a fraud. He had charged $125 for each township right, and while it is not known bow many of them he sold, the returns from bis operations thus far indicate .that ft land office business was earned on while it lasted, The disposition made of the notes is not yet known, but npne of them were sent to Mr. Yan Dervort, and they were all made pay S?le to the members of the gang., Several of them have turned wp in the Hands of innocent purchasers, and it waa on account of an attemp; to sell one of them to a bans tliat tne gang cameto gnef at last. Several members of tne gang have, been aweatej held to the gvand jury Jn;Hardm None of them have given the Button, Put thei'e is little , he is one of them, giving D. Ducher, Pipe work . , A.E-lnoh.pipe ork .. . AiKlereon, pipe work .................. " " Wm. Barton, rlruyage. ................... * Wm.TiQhen.plpe work .................. » I,, Nelson, pipe work. ................... " k ................... J " ,, , CM. Bailey, pipework ................... J " "" j.B.nalu.nolding scraper ...... , ........ goo •••••• • ' ... Geo. Smith, pipe work SO. Hmim, PiP" >««»•.•••• ••••• y;, T).,..*! Ayes—Wadsworth, Garfleld, Petti- hone, Cordingley, Magnusson. Hoes— N Moved C andfeconded that a warrant be drawn fur the,Harrison Howard Iron Ow for the amount due them for water Pipe when their bill is present- id duly approved by the water committee; Ayes-Wadswortb, Garfleld, Pettibone, Cordingley, Magnusson and Nicoulin. tfoes-Wone. Carried. T Hutchison presented his resignation as city clerk which WBignatlon was accepted to lake effect on tne morning of the 5th of November, . m " BK Cohenour was then norain- State Street, Algona, Iowa AT MODERATE MATSON & McCALL'S. Galbraith's Dodge street entrance and pur prices •another bU'4 r 4-'WJ;!l P »w***^ *-"—*>"»- - , Button wlptB » wr4 in tne Courier in wB fre says part of the above is SaejSftM.wmoihe 4oes npt deny anypwtPf it. H» S^, ''Xboperoy »WStH> ifa™+tJ tV,a hfinnfit Of hi§ CQH " uerik was MUHU.^U-V elected, hisseivvices to commence on tbe morning of the 6t The£?low$g'resolution was offered by Wftfiwortn: Besolved, that the citv clerk be authoriaed to warrantof'WOO eaqh, payable in two years SS drawlug interest at seven JeJcwB, P^ll S emi t opualy,aPj A Winter s Entertainment! city sessipq' at the purpose of of city " *I*«M •«!>»*»«, j" 5 ^"^" iPWft ... Wary Rise njsye,5?QU to to dispoe of them at par an pace tbeoceedein'the city treasury to GREAT VALUE, WEEKLY FOR OF; THE WOBLP FOR A credit of the water fund seconded that the above Ayes, Wads Masnussion, 'Noe§, none, Carried, Anffioumwent was then taken. . An ^ OW lerK- ^ » i » National 9 pf 'fmi yjvW, ^^^ WY^ tutebeU.' Wr'¥Ai^^n|^^K^pM?ft|f a^eoii'MftpafaR^.. W.-^Wfea^lll, /^.-.-K , V? '' &B- &r h.\ r ». rl -nQ AViT^f'-Ro.''!.** li

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