The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on October 24, 1894 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 24, 1894
Page 5
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OCT. S4, 1894 LOCAL MATTERS, frota vice at lift, ft, invited. Miss Kate Field, who is to lecture in Algona in December, has two principal lectures, one on "Despised Alaska another on "America for Americans." Mr. Matson has not decided which to JFresh oysters at Ladefidolff's. Mellon day comes one week 6Xt Tuesday. Section day comes one week frota Tuesday. a good suit or overcoat call at . Goeders'. The house pp. the county farm is being repainted by Mr . .Off, A full litte of crockery now to be seen at the Opera House Grocery, The ad of Hamilton & Co. Will interest every man- who buys lumber. Itemember the Opera House Grocery when looking for something nice to •eat. Sidney Coterell, of Burt, is painting the elevator red at the Northwestern •depot. Attorney Sullivan went to Lyon •county Monday to look after law matters. Mrs. l j ar!sh is very sick with typhoid tfeVer. She was reported better yesterday. There was a pleasant character sociable atUood Templar Hfll Saturday evening. "We are furnishing the BEPUBLICAN and the weekly N.'Y. Tribune for $1.85 .for one year. Services' will be held at the Free Methodist church next Sabbath at 11 'O'clock a. m. and also in the evening. The Algona State bank has found it necessary to replace its f urnace^with a, larger one,, which is being put in this week. The Elder Barnard residence property near the Free Methodist church, has been soid to F. L. Boals, the pres- •ent»occupant. Photographer PetersoEfx&sSf^phqto- graphed five wedding groups during the past week and it -wasn't much, of a week for wedding groups either. Fairbault, Minn. Democrat: Not only the best show the Andrews people •ever had, but it is the best opera company that ever played in our city. Arthur McCormack and Miss Pearl McNamara were married at Primghar last week. They visited Dr. and Mrs. McCormack Wednesday and Thursday. The Geo. L. Galbraith residence has most of its frame work up. The signs are that the completed structure will be one of the finer residences Of the place. W. K. Ferguson and others are agitating a private system of sewerage for the eastern part of town. It is thought the work can be done without any great coat. Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Taylor are enjoying a splendid dry goods' and millinery trade this fall. Their cloak sale last Saturday was taken advantage of by a great many people. J. B. Paul and Wm.Cleary have been up in Minnesota buying bees. They secured' ten stands. Mr. Paul has the honey and Mr. Cleary gets the bees and will/Jet .up in bee culture again. 0* "^Matson lia's~ffecure"d a date from MislnSate Field, the Washington journalist, for a lecture in Algona, December 21. Ingalls, the Kansas high-stepper, is coming some time in January. Among the appointments of republican campaigners published in the Register is that of 0. A. Ballreich for Ledyard. Oct. 30 and Wesley Oct. 31, or Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. Mrs. Horton has vacated the S, B. Reed house, which has been her home for many years, and has taken rooms in S, H. Pettibone's residence. Mrs. John Wallace and family have moved into the Eeed house. -• The weather of the past week has been the usual October weather in this •locality. Under its benign influence many have felt called upon to revise the old verdict and to declare that October is the most delightful season of the year. • ' Marshall Hays suggests that a canvass of the county for the benefit of •the cyclone sufferers might be made by take. We don't see how Miss Field is going to Mng in anything on t#oman suffrage in either. The Courier has a campaign placard in its Window showing how much the MeKinley tariff taxed the farmer on clothing* but if you talk with some of the democrats in this town they will tell you that protection never added a and the carriage othefwise slightly; the occupants were badly shak en up, Mrs. Byrne having her ankle sprained and injured so that she has been unable to take a step Since her return. Mrs. Zahllar was more fortunate and escaped with only a few bruises. The team after getting loose rah into a wire fence and one of them belonging to Bert Zahllar had its breast and throat cut open, exposing thewiftdpipe and making a gash large enough to lay one's arm in. Mrs. Charlotte Smith, mother of C. A. Smith, Of this place, died at theres- C all 0p§ra M©u§§ ^. . IU| M tjtiittttfm Mi the teachers, under the direction of tbe, •County Superintendent. Such a canvass could be made very thorough and systematic and therefore effective. Rev. Gorrell will deliver his lectures •on The Apostle's Creed on Sunday eve- •nings instead of Friday evenings, The ichange from Friday to Sunday evening 4s made at the suggestion of persons who find it difficult to be present on a week-day evening, It is reported, but we know npt with how much foundation or fact'that Mrs. WJjeeJock will soon be married in her new, Wisconsin home, to a gentleman "who paid her attentions in her girl' *-— - 1 *— J , pf course the story is roraan* or not. ' .^ and wife, pf Garfield ~,,..«4p;*W! Monday, They last week matje, a .canvass of the ~" cent to the price of wool. The democrats had better get together and settle their little differences before they come down so hard on republican economy. Dr. Pride got ft lively shaking up last week while going out in the country to consult with Dr. Paul of Whittemore. The buggy tongue fell down and the horses began to run, when the doctor jumped out. Craig Calkiiis, who was driving, held oil till the teani i broke loose, and was dragged some distance after the buggy quit, it was fortunate that neither party was seriously hurt. The doctor was lamed a little. Fied Calkins, the republican candi date for county auditor, has b sen tin Algona visitor frequently of late. Mr. Calkins has been giving his attention to business most ot the time since his nomination, but has got out among the voters enough to find out that there is no mistake about there being a strong feeling in favor of the republican party and the republican ticket. Mr. Calkins Will be the next auditor by a good safe majority. There is no doubt about it. Mr E. P. McElroy preached three sermons Sunday, two at the Methodist Church, of Algona, and one at the residence of A. D. Barr, in Union township, at the conclusion of the Sunday School service held there. The Union Sunday School was turned out of a house and home by the cyclone, and now it is well attended at private residences in the neighborhood. There were about fifty in attendance Sunday afternoon. On Wednesday evening, Oct. 31, the Andrews Opera Co. will produce Falka, a comic opera in three acts, by Ghas- saign. On this, their ninth annual tour, the company has been greatly strengthened by the addition of Frank Desbon, a clever and young comedian. All new costumes, their own orchestra; taken as a whole the strongest company ever put on the road under this management. Secure seats Saturday at Dingley's. Andrews' Opera company has combined with Deshon Opera Company and will play "Falka," at Call's next Wednesday evening. Falka was the opera put on here by Andrews, about four years ago after two weeks spent in rehearsing at the Thorington house. It is one of the best comic operas. And all of their costumes are new. Andrews are particular favorites with Algona people, and will have as usual an overflowing house. Mr. Foss has some very suggestive remarks in our advertising columns, and Mr. Goeders gets to the front by the same blessed .means. And if there ever was any doubt of what the Misses Matson & McCall are doing, their ad, makes it clear-that they*propose to be. useful, and at a reasonable figure, ornamental. Our advertising pages are middling lively and we might say, without reproach, that they are full, too. Piles of brick and stone recently placed on the lots east of W. K. Ferguson's residence on State street have led to the inference that Mr. Cowan is going to put up some houses there right away. Mr. Cowan says in this connection that "-some folks know nwre about my business than I do," which we take it is an intimation that it would perhaps be just as well to not be so free in predicating future events upon present appearances. A letter was advertised last week by the Algona office for Eev. Chauncey Taylor, better known to old settlers as Father Taylor, who died in 1876, eighteen years ago. It was claimed by his daughter, Mrs. J. E. Stacy, who found the writer was his old chorister in Rutland, Vermont. The latter had seen a notice of Father Taylor's missionary A. amitP, or tins piace, uieu wu uue i idence of her nephew, Supervisor B. Smith, of Gerffiania, last Wednesday. Mrs- Smith came out here from Chicago with her husband, B. N. Smith, and her daughter, to visit her son and nephew, last June. She had an acci* dental fall from the porch while at her son's Which it is thought may have caused her trouble, which is understood to have been peritonites. She had the best medical attention but without avail. The funeral was fiom the residence of B. F. Smith oh Friday, and the remains Were interred in the Germania cemetery in compliance of her own request. Mr. Smith and two daughters spent Sunday in Algona, and on Monday departed for their home in Chicago. Somebody who is evidently afraid to have his identity known, makes a mean assault upon the ladies who have been doing so much for those who suffered from the cyclone disaster. There is no doubt but the" ladies have been guilty of feeling great sympathy with Mrs. Peterson in her distress, to which they have given praiseworthy expression in the supply of her needs, but as to any comments upon the medical treatment we are not in a position to testify. The skin grafting was not wholly successful, it is understood, but that is a difficult experiment under the most favorable circumstances, and in this instance the circumstances were very unfavorable. In this case all parties seem to have done the best they could, and neither of the parties, probably, has any occasion for serious criticism. The Co"Urier squib is probably the work of some quarrelsome outsider, who fancies that he has some occasion to be disgruntled, and whose timid disposition prompts him to shy his stone from behind cover. three Great Comedians. Favorites of the People. All New Costumes, Their own Orchestra. Bleats on sale at Dingley's Saturday. USUAL PRICES. ^ Mfttift. ONE NIQHt 6NLY, WEBNESBAY, O^f ANDREWS' OPERA COMPANY AttD FMANK tJESMOM, In Chassalgne's three-act Comic Opera. LOG OABIU Maple Syrup. Don't fail to try it, at WALKER BUGS. ocDENTST» A. L, BIST, B. D. B Local anaesthetic for deadening pain £ums when extracting teeth. GEO, W. HUNTER, Good Rig for Commercial and Business men furnished on short notice. Standard Brei Trota and Pacers FOR SALE OR TRADE. Thorlnefton street, South of Hotel Tennant. , Iowa, PSEWALL, PAINTER • and PAPER-HANGER. Postal card .orders promptly attended to. 1 0. ROSEWALL,. Algona, Iowa. labors written by State Secretary Doug family Pf <Je.Q, r^.,^,™ ^,, f ,,^, -. , $28, bMdej some.ifftjfijss'Qf/isJry goods, etc, They placed tM.ragney-in, ^ ^^nk ?et tp Mi\ Holman?8 : ^j?tV - . ,. jbertFenton, yesiding'Vn'ep^.T-Art, y«fc.m»P-J5Sw? /«BW lass of Grinnell, which made "no men tion of his death, and supposed that his old pastor was yet alive, Archie Hutchison on Friday sold a 240 acre tract of wild land in Seneca township for $20 an acre. The purchaser is Mr, Ed Bittner of Adair county, who will locate on the farm next 'spring, Mr. Bittner already owned HO acres adjoining the Hutchison tract, every foot of which is tillable land and wbioh can he plowed in one field, Taking the whole together it makes a 380 acre farm to be proud of, Mr. Bittner is a well-to-4o farmer of Adaip county, but he Ukes Kossutb so mucl\ better that he concluded, to majfce a change. Harvey Iqghw, his pavente, Capt, and Mi's* Jngnam, and. IMS sister QQr» me, went AQWR to Pes Moioe§ Monday so as to be, in good season fov the wed« ding, wbipb was to tafce plaee Jag t ey» ening. ^re4 was to go over from Qm aba to me«t them there, The, qeye inony was timed fpr geven o'clpcfe; $jd. fqllQwing it the Bridal party wetp to lafee their immediate ;a^|rtnr| M riu3V —~ TftP.wany friends' PF thft A full line of shoes and rubber goods at Jno. Goeders'. PERSONAL MENTION. Algona friends of Aunt Mary Career will be sorry to learn that she is stil confined to her bed most of the time and is weaker rather than stronger. She recently eujoyed a visit from Mr. and Mrs. V. H. Stough of Minneapolis Lawyer Barslou was doing business at the hub Monday. Dr. Heflin and wife of Swea City, were in tovyn last evening, on their way to Burlington. Mrs. H. S. Langdon is reported to- be quite sick in Sandwich, 111. Wesley Sherman of Boone, la., a brother of Mrs. Alfred Evans, was in town visiting last week. Incidentally he bought some Kossuth county hay. Mrs. Emly Borton and two boys,from Oregon, are making a month's visit to Dr. Garh'eld's. Mrs. Borton is a daugh,- ter of the latter. . O. E. Simpson and wife, of LaCrosse, Wis., have been in Algona visiting friends for several days. Mr. and Mrs. I.M. Finnell entertained several of their bachelor friends at dinner last Sunday. Prof. J. G. Gilchrist and wife returned to their home at Laurens, Monday, after a visit of several weeks .with Algona friends. Jake Freeh, the REPUBLICAN reporter and insurance man, paid an early visit to Algona Monday. He transacted his business and returned home Monday forenoon. Mrs. N. Setchell spent Sunday with the family of Samuel Mayne, of Bancroft. Mrs. J. E. Stacy and Mrs. Winnie Sterzbacb, drove up to Bancroft Thursday last. Clarence Cooper, a son of Mrs. Anna Cooper, returned from Nebraska Saturday, where he had been for the past four years, P. L. SLAGKLE, Manufacturer of and dealer in Harness and Harness Goods, ALGONA. IOWA. E. G. BOWYER, DEALER IN f ATCHES, CLOCKS AND JEWELRY, All kinds of Silverware. Repairing a specialty DOUGLAS IS THE BEST. NO SQUEAKING $5. CORDOVAN, FRENCH&ENAMELLEDCALF.. Old— *VW»A>S»W** YES, Just the kind of Old Fashioned Maple Syrup you used tO' boil down, yourself, back East. G-uaranteed pure, or money refunded at the GO TO. . $ 3.5p POLIGE.3 SOLES. • LADI ffl IES GUDDEN BARB WIRE; Of which they have the sole agency, Anti-Rust Tin Wire, Minnesota Linseed Oil Company's Paints., AND THE— Bissell Carpet Sweeper; The Best Sweeper Made. WEITGENANT BROS., ,'.!• Corner State and Tbpringtoii. . .SEND FOR CATALOGUE ! WU-DOUGUAS, BROCKTON, MASS. You can save money fc a .Because, we are tSelargest manufacturers of advertisedIhoes in the world, and guarantee the value by stamping the name and price on the 1bottomf whicfi protects you against high Prices and the middleman's profits. Our shoes equal cSstom work in style, easy fitting and we" ring qualities. We have them sold every, where at lower prices for the value given than Tny other make. Take no substitute. If your dealer cannot supply you, we can. Sold by BROWNELL & ALLRED, Algona, MICE TO BUILDERS, .Notice is hereby jriven that sealed bids will be received by the undersigned until 11 o'clock a. m.. Saturday, Nov. 10,1894, for the erection of two school houses, one in sub- district No. 4 and one in sub-district No. 2, in Union township. Specifications can be seen at the Auditor's office in Algona. The Board reserves the ritfhtto ^t^n^bid. 4,5 . Beo'y School Board, A full line of fur coats -at the lowest prices at Jno. Goeders'. SOCIAL UNION CLUB. The Social Union will hold its next meeting .Friday evening of this week at 7:30 p, m, The program consists of a paper on Browning's "Saul," by Bev, O. A, Stevens, a paper on "Organized Charities' 7 by Miss Jessamine Jones, a recitation; "Dead--Unknown,"by Miss Abra Robinson, and a vocal • solo by Miss Kate kantry. All are invited, Get you).' maple syrup House Grocery. at the Opera JJRSEI OAHF TO Heifei' palf BJX months oif ' A. -' . NOTICE TO VOTERS. At the regular Sept. 1894 session of the Board of Supervisors it was decided to submit t5e following questions to a vote of the people at the next general election to be field on the Oth day of Nov, 1894. "SJiaU the number of members of the board "o'f Supervisors bo increased to seven (7)?" " "Shall the county be divided into Supervisor districts?" , , „ "Shall the sum of seven thousand dpllars (7.000)1)6 raised by a special tax to build a jail in apd for safd county?" That a tax of one and one half mills on the dollar shall lie levied upon the taxable property of said county for 1895 for said purpose, • Aji legal voters of said county who shall be in favor of tho foregoing proposition shall reposit ballots having . written or nted th When looking for a--, Stove call in and see The "Riverside Oak," [The Wind-Sucker.]/. There is jio Stove made more- economical in fuel and* so» lasting as the Wonderful- Eiverside. .SEE THE .. RADIANT HOME For a Hard Coal Base Burner; there are none its equaL -.^i i, *>,,• •'$ '\^ IT PAT YOU TO B'QY THE l' egal' votoys who shall be o to sai4 prppositipns shall deposit ballots written or printed thereon, the ng words, towlt: increase pf Supervisors." districts," fo HORN'S STEEL RANGESk Our entire line of /Stoves and flanges are Guaranteed to' satisfaction or money refunded. GALL AND H T \ \ 7* 1 * "• , J. Wmkie New Shapes and New Styles Miie ,,i ORMNJft MM, BBIOWNBIU JtypjjwantGO,OB!300»S! ^ ^ DRILLING, j.a«w amo wasgailea r m r flwfti $8140,

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