The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on October 24, 1894 · Page 4
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 24, 1894
Page 4
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'• -" ' "'- •' •"- • A difeL m f Ml §V MILTON STARR. of Subfeeflfctloh, 9ne copy, one year, in adfaace *i.J Ofte copy, si* months, In adtance ] »Jae eopy, three mouths, 1ft advance........ 4 Satwcrlpttons continue, till otdered Stoppe ibd nil arrearages are paid. DARKEST DEMOCRACY. This is undoubtedly the darkes year that the democratic party ha seen since the war. The fact exist Without reference to the defeats it sti tained in the October elections—com parable to nothing this side of the re bellion, when patriotism was at it highest and democracy at its lowes ebb—or the probability of greater dis asters soon to come. The hopeless Hess of its condition is seen in the fact that even if now commissioned with a hew grant of power it would no know what to do with it; it would onl know that it could do nothing with it What little is left of democracy todaj represents only partisan organization and that in a sad state of demoraliza tion. tt has ceased to represent any certain principle or policy. When i party gets to that stage it has no fur ther excuse to exist. The idea o: party government in this country ii liberal, but there is no place in it for f mere aggregation of alien politica forces without a settled and well de fined policy to propose which, if given power, it will conscientiously put into operation. The democratic party to day has no such policy on any pending question deemed by intelligent citizens to be national. In the absence of such anifying sentiment or purpose about all that can be said of the party just now is that the pieces are left The party as a party in the popular acceptance, is as dead as a door nail and even the pieces are after eacl other with a hostility as irreconcilable as that of the traditional Kilkenny cats. WHICH TIME DID HE LIE? It is sometimes the case that political contests in the state of New York are watched with an interest attaching usually to national contests only. It is so this year, when Hill is making a desperate fight to gain the governor's chair as a stepping stone to the presidential nomination. It is this situation which makes Hill the nominal representative of the democracy what there is left of it. We take pleasure in reproducing his views of the Wilson bill: The bill in its present shape is neither satisfactory to the democratic party nor to the country. There is no mistaking public sentiment upon this point. We promised the people bread and we are giving them a stone.— Senator Hill, June21 1894. Tillsi bill j-ji'dposos a suicidal pdlicy when It seeks by its extreme provisions to (discard immerous reasonable tariff duties and thereby imperil many industries and create a deficiency in necessary revenues simply for the purpose of affording an opportunity or excuse for the substitution of an income tax. The substitution of internal or direct taxes for custom house taxation means the reduction of the wages of American workmen to the European standards. It means the degradation of American labor; it means the depriva- tion'to our workmen of the comforts and luxuries of life to which they have been accustomed.— Senator Hill, April 9,1894. Wo promised the people that if in- trusted with powei this vicious, un-American and objectionable law should be repealed, and we rejoice to-day in the fulfillment of that pledge.-Senator Hill September 25,1894. It may be safely asserted that the new law Will nob cripple or embarrass a single industry in the land, nor throw out of employment a single workingman, nor unduly stimulate overproduction on the one hand or exorbitant importations on the other... The reductions are not deemed unreasonable, extreme, nor unjustifiable. They are so fair and moderate thatno manufacturer in the country lias any excuse whatever for reducing the wages of his employees. If manufacturers assume to do it they must furnish some other reason or pretense than the present moderate new tariff law.—Senator Hill, September 35,1894. STAND BY THE SUPERVISOR TICKET. The republicans of Kossuth county should stand loyally by their ticket foi supervisors and see to it that it is elected. Then if they want supervisor districts let them. BO vote and we shall have a district system in which no complaint can be made on the score of locality, In the present election, if we ignore everything but locality, which there is every reason not to do, the democrats do not offer anything better than do the republicans, This is a bad year to turn things over to democrats, FJyo thousand business men of Denver have united in issuing an address in which they appeal to the voters of Colorado to make an end of populist rule in that state. This petition states that $300,000,000 of values have been destroyed by populism in two years. That is not strange. Populism is repudiation, and repudiation is ruin. _____ _ Oov. McKinley addressed an enthusiastic audience of 13,000 people in New Orleans Saturday night, It was the first republican speech made in JJonisana by a northern statesman nearly twenty years. There seems to be a great republican awakening Jn that state. T, fc. Pixon, formerly superintendent of -the deal amj du,mb insiitijWou »t Qla,the, , , , hp jn a de an affidavit to which be with baying °« seyftj--, p>,om ol * jv tified the governor, who Ignored the matter, and later he wfts discharged on MttL Lease's recommendation. H<6 says Mrs. Lease told him that all the officials did that sort of thing from the governor down, and that each member of the board of charities took $60 of state money with which to go to the world's fair. It is not strange that school officers should be inclined to take for granted that their public services ought to be paid for, nor strange that they should allow themselves pay without looking through the law to soo if it gives them specific authority to do so. But it does seem strange that when that authority is directly challenged there should be any time lost in been looking up the law and in complying with it. It seems strange that a man who has served as president of a school board, and looked up to as an unquestioned authority by his official associates, should have allowed himself to go ahead in ignorance or disi-e gard of the laws which should govern him and copies of which are supplied him at the public expense. And it seems strange again, that a man so careless or reckless in the discharge of official trusts confided to him, should aspire to be called up highci and made a county supervisor. There is one thing, though, that would be stranger than any of these strange things, and that would be his election. The Fort Dodge Messenger has substituted a semi-weekly for its weekly edition without raising its price. The Messenger has been noticeably overcrowded for some time and has had to run supplements frequently, one 'of the best papers in the state. The effect of the election of a republican house, which is now a strong probability, would bo to block all tariff legislation for two years, as a republican congress and a democratic president could not do business. Many people, undoubtedly, will vote for republican congressmen for just that reason. Wo have been too ruuea torn up over that question for the past two years for our good, but the democrats have not got the sense to see that the country needs quiet.^ The movement of Germans into the republican party is decided. Fifty Germans of the fourth ward of Lyons, who have heretofore supported Judge Hayes for congress, have formed a club and will support Geo. M. Curtis. It is given out that oven though elected governor, Hill will not qualify if the legislature is republican. The legislature will almost cartainly be republican, but there is very little danger that Hill will bo called upon to qualify. State Auditor G. C. McCarthy has appointments to speak at Bancroft and Win t- tcmore this week. He is to be at Bancroft Saturday afternoon. The first legal hanging in Iowa In many years was that of Jas, 0. Doolcy, at Fort Madison, Friday, Dooley intimated in a speech on the scaffold that a poor man has no chance, but it seems that ho had a hance to murder his aunt and her little Irl and improved it. Dooley took up the cause of the poor too late in life. There is 10 telling what a figure he might have cut n politics if ho had been given another year. The silver required to put into a dollar such as the populists want coined and made a legal tender for the payment of debts, is worth in the markets of the world about 49 cents. There is not much being said in the papers about Howard's passes—Howard, the associate uf Debs in the great railroad strike and his. supporter in the boycott movement to get every person to quit rid- ng on Pullman cars. Since his passes were counted up and it was found that he had a pass on every western road but one and in addition an annual Pullman pass, ;ho matter has been dropped. Language is ;oo feeble. Lu Verne News: Would it be helping the matter any, Mr. Courier, to elect your supervisors in the west and north and to .eavc the entire southeast portion of the county without any representation? Wo think not. Wo will just go to work and elect Holleubeck and Barton, and next year we will have the supervisor district plan, and all parts of the country will be represented. Beacon: The appointment of W. B, Quarton as the successor of Judge Carr on the district bench took effect last Saturday. On Monday Judge Quarton opened court in this county, and proceeded as if to the manner born. Judge Carr also began his judicial career in this county early in 1887, The Sherman laAv was passed in 1890 with the avowed object of stopping the decline of silver. When it was passed silver was worth 105 cents an ounce; when it was repealed it was worth 65 cents. It was not a success. Vice-President Stevenson struck the 3ull's eye of truth when he said: "Every reason why a nja,n voted the democratic ket two years ago is a good reason for voting it this year,— Humboldt independent. Yes, but there wasn't any reason then. 0 '.. .'...' ...... - ..... '.... '. " ..-.I The Sioux City Journal says that "the next speaker of the house will be Thos, B. ieed." So may it be, The Webster City Journal estimates Dollivor'S majority at 10,000. L, S, Merchant, president of the icau pointing Company, of Cedar Rapids, died last Thursday inoj-njng. He was on* y forty-five years of age. lie was a sup- ,essf ul Qot, 19, 1894, one „. - -1 Bprfcji ana west of »a$ed with my B »^ w J 8»aey WAW Please fceaametP m$.i mU gMJy tiwvi 4*vtv* >t<«n 4-**xx*i Vvl f\ t It* xirtvt 1-vX amejp jns'i ,ww mm ym tobl8toubl|»' ItQaQbji^t, W.-Iim r , IJ. A- MJftjgil, m^l bOinfe Suetfissfiifly Against a Chargt of Assault and Mattery—A Gay Lothario Charley toevlne. a son uf Bafhet JDe- vine, ttas attested on cothjpiaiht of L. B. Best on £l chflfge of stealitig a team of hoi-ses, and btought before Justice Taylor Batni-day. County Attotney Haymond. for the State, filed an amended information alleging assault and battery ih lieu of larceny, and on that occusation the case Was tried, Clark & Cohenour appearing for the defense. The comfalainant Best testified that Devine overtook him on the road while he was driving from Be vine's place to Algona and set Upon him and beat him and took his team from hifflj while young Devine's story was that he went after Best and when he came up With the team Best was no* where in sight, and he took tile horses home. Justice Clarke, after weighing the evidence discharged the defendant. it seems that young Best Worked for Barnet Devine during the summer, and that he improved the opportunity afforded him to win the affections of Devine's daughter Nellie, a girl only about Fifteen years of age. and that Mrs. D. was inclined to encourage the intimacy. A few weeks ago Best? and Mrs. and Miss Devine went down to the south part of the state by team and were gone ten days, visiting Mrs. Devine's relatives. It was when they re^ turned home to Barnet Devine's that the troubles occurred. Miss Devine has now, it is stated, been placed by her father in the safe keeping of a convent and will not be likely to go on any more excursions with Best, whom Mr. Devine evidently does not regard as Rood in the superlative degree that his name would imply. The report was circulated that Best and the girl were married, but it is denied and is probably unfounded. LOTTS CREEK SCHOOL CASE. The western part of the county is considerably torn up over an indictment found by the grand jury at the recent term against members of the school board of Lotts Creek district township. The offense which was made the baais of the indictment was drawing pay for services as members of the board. The school laws expressly prohibit this, section 1738 of the old Code providing, among other things: "Nor shall the members of the board, except its secretary and treasurer, receive pay out of any school funds, for services rendered under this chapter." There is no doubt whatever that the "services rendered under this chapter" include services at board meetings... The supreme court has gone farther than this and held, in Moore vs. Ind. Dist. of Toledo City, 55th Iowa, page 654, that a sub-director is not entitled to pay for services for doing committee work. P. J. Walker was secretary of the board for a year up to the recent election, and it was on his complaint that the indictment was found. He refused to draw orders for bills allowed forsuch services during his own term, and likely the matter was carried into the courts as a result of the contruveiv sy arising in consequence of such refusal. Mr. Walker has as evidence the bills allowed by the board during the incumbency of his predecessor, pne of which is the bill of S. Boupe, president of the board, allowed in September of 1893 and the items of which are as follows: Attending sub-directors' meeting.. $3.00 Drawing contract. ....... . ............. 1.00 Buying seats ........................... }-00 Committee work .................. • • • -.4.00 It should look as though this whole bill would come within the prohibitions of the law. Whether the other directors looked up to Mr. Eoupe as president of the board and a politician of prominence, and thought he must be versed in the law and know what he was about, we do not know. Certainly no one can wish to make any harder than must be the situation these officials are in. It is very strange that men who stand so well as these do and against th,e integrity of not one of whom is there a breath of suspicion, should be caught in such a predicament, as offenders against a statute which is supposed to be in the hands of every school officer, The code makes the punishment of a misdemeanor such as that for which this indictment was found "imprisonment in the county jail not more than one year," or a "fine not exceeding $500, or by both such fine and imprisonment." The parties were placed under $500 bonds each and their cases will come up the next term of court. Mr. Walker appears to feel the sting of the accusation that his complaint was actuated by malicious motives very keenly and to resent it as unfair. He says he expostulated with some of the members in vain, He is a large property owner and states that his an- nual'school tax amounts to $60, The board at the fall meeting elected a former secretary over Mr. Walker's head and taking all the matters into account, it would be easy enough for an outsider to arrive at the conclusion that the controversy was middling sharp on both sides. But it is a strange case, the particulars of which the REPUBLICAN records with, regret that they occurred, WHO CAN They are interested in this W§t of New at tl)e Rending Rporp. Following is a list of new books just put on the shelves at the Reading Room; Trilby, DuMaurjei 1 ; Views Afloat, T&yler; Out of Step, JPoole; The Manxman, Caine; Kidnapped, Steph* enson; David Balfour.Stepbenson; Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hy4e, Stephenson; Story of an African fawa, Sehilener; Tbe Haunted ?o.oj, Sand; Tbe kuck of Roaring Camp, Harte^proa^J'.Craw' fora; TbeCtojpneJ's Daughter, King; Wle thoughts .of su J rows; PountQf M»ote The Squirrel Jns,$Q^ Adven* tures of Sbfrtoei JJotaeg, poyle; 4 Wmdpw ip Tteim^, Bame; IJneJe Tom's Cabjo, Stowe; History of the 19th Oentwy, Mc$ewe; Shakespeare; Works of Teon , Mrs, J. W, Hay has giveji the use the followin slev's Water **CT " ~y *'K?jy* Valuable tteft-S fiorh-d hi Stable at Wastes The Wesley fteportef give's the fol* lowing particulars of a disastrous fire in that place Thursday night: While Fred Corey went to the dfutf store about 10 o'clock last night his stable caught fire ffom a lantern he left hanging on one of the harness pegs. It is supposed the lantern was knocked down by a horse that was left loose in the stables and before anybody was aWare of it the stable Was a mass of flames and it was impossible on account of the intense heat to liberate the poor animals from the blazing building- Mr, Corey had just bedded his horses and Went for sotne carbolic acid to wash a sore on one of his horses which had been cut in a barb wire fence, and had no knowledge of the fire until he heard the alarm. The horses Were all Well bred and spirited animals. The brown team were six years old and were well matched. The sorrel team were four years old and were highly prized by Mr. Corey, Carrie K, the running mare and the favorite of the turf and classed with the best in northwestern Iowa, was sold when a yearling for $300 and later for $500. She had just been purchased from Wm. Delany. Beside the loss of horses and stable, two set of harness, several saddles and a lot of robes and blankets were destroyed. No insurance on the stable, but there is supposed to be some on the horses. The policy has not been found yet. The loss will exceed $1,000. COMPANY F ENTERTAINS. The shoot being given by Company F is proving very successful. There are sharpshooters here in attendance from Mason City, Webster City, Fort Dodge and Emmetsburc, and they are being royally entertained by Col. Cooke, Capt. Haggard and the officers and men of the company generally. Some of he visiting officers are Capt. Hoffman, Webster City; Capt. King, Fort Dodge; apt. Eefsel, Emmetsburg; Capt. Kirk, Mason City, and Lieui. Henry, Emmetsburg. Company F's rifle range is pronounced to be one of the best in ;he state and the company take considerable pride in it. We give below the totals of the score made yesterday: TWO HUNDRED YARDS. Hurley, private Co. C 19 Smith, sergeant Co. C 18 Hurley, private Co. K 17 Armstrong, private Co. K 17 THREE HUNDRED YARDS. Hurley, private Co. C 31 Taylor, sergeant Co. F 21 Taylor, sergeant Co. F 20 Smith, sergeant Co. C 19 Ward, sergeant Co. F 19 Turmire, private Co. A 18 Hoffman, captain Co. C 18 Hurley, private Co. C 18 Taylor, sergeant Co. F 17 Armstrong, private Co. K 17 Smith, sergeant Co. C 17 Ward, sergeant Co. F 17 FIVE HUNDRED YARDS. Smith, sergeant Co. C 23 William, sergeant Co. F 23 Ward, sergeant Co. F 20 Smith, sergeant Co. C 19 Hoffman, sergeant Co. C .' 18 Taylor, sergeant Co. F 18 Hurley, private Co. C 17 Vaughn, private Co. K 17 The program for today on the range is known distance firing this forenoon, and skirmish all afternoon. . IS IT BLUE SKY. Complaint is coming in from the cy:lone district of the meanness ..of certain insurance companies in settling with those who met with losses in the storm. The case of Otto Britton, living near Wesley, is cited. He had his house insured in the Hawkeye for $200, and his granary, stables, grain, stock and machinery for $500, The buildings were a total loss, the grain was damaged one-third to one-half, and his machinery was damaged, but adjuster Wilcox allowed him only $103 in all, and got out of him H receipt in full, Britton is said not to be a man who .ooks out for himself very sharply, and ;t is charged up against Wilcox that he practiced upon Britton's unsophistica- ;ed nature and ignorance, It was claimed by Wilcox that Britton had violated the terms of the insurance printed in small type, by borrowing some money to make improvements, but how jhis could be held to vitiate the insurance on the whole property it is not easy [;o understand, It is noticeable that nothing ever seems to .scale down the insurance rates or come in the way of its prompt collection. It is singular that companies that expect to do busi' ness can conduct their business in this way, _____ NORMAL NEWS, , The chapel was well filled by tbe students and friends last Thursday evening when the following excellent program was given by the literary so* ciety: T . _, Quotations frpjn low Authors,, Recitation , FramUe Fortey Di'llJ ,.,.. .,, Pelsarte Olftss Recitation, • •, ,, • , • Bwvey vyaaswoptft - ),tlon "" Ohas.Tayloy Debate: Resolved, Ttiat the vlffJit of sufr frago slumld bp extonAefl to woman, WU k'insoB,' F "B, SShiSon ttifes & Load of fceef—justice Condemns it and has it Sacrificed. Sheriff Sathson in add ah important seizure of beef and other drinkables at Qetmania last Wednesday. His first Visit td Gteffasatiia was ofl the flight pfe* viottSj When his search was rewarded by the finding of stuall quantities of cider aftd whiskey. The sheriff spent the night in Bancroftj and the mote* he pondered the deeper became his conviction that there Was more of the" stuff hid away somewhere, so he made ail early trip to &ertnattia early itt the morning^ when he came itt sight he saw that the place was riitinlfig wide open, but before be eould reach the dooi the proprietor had made a hasty eiit from the back ddof across the prairie* So hurried had been his departure that he left tile beer tanning from the keg, The sheriff t made an ex* animation of the premises and finally found a trap door through the floor, and below it a hole in the ground in which Was deposited four quarter bar* rel kegs of beer, and three eight barrel keefs, which he brought to town. The trial of the contraband was before Justice Clarke on Saturday. There was no defendant in the case, and so John i)oe was inade to stand the disgrace. The intoxicants were condemned and ordered destroyed, The offendor against the law who "skipped" on the sheriff's approach was a clerk for the men who were in- dieted tinder the prohibitory law at the late term, Thos. Kelley and Mike 0'- Rourke (not our honored ex-supervisor), who are now under $500 bonds each* The audacity of the offenders ought to subject them to the best penalties that the law allows. Since the close of court notice has been filed under the mulct law by three citizens, looking to the 3S- sessment of the tax upon the premises, which are the property of the Northern of tM tax the Ve&tdol Btifrettisots will, nude! Ihe lftw< hear and paid upon them at their next flieetififr H we ftistake faqt this is the first application of the fmilet law attempted in this county, A traveling iflaii frota Waterloo t> lates to the BfeftrettCAN the hapt>y ex* fjeriefifie of that city with uflivef&ity extension lecttires last Winter. Two courses of lectures of six each Were air* ranged for, the tickets for each course being fixed at 75 cents and single admissions being 2s eerits, The lectures Were fill given by processors of the State University, and $10 with ex* pjenseswas the fee uniformly paidi The lectures were largely attended and were recognized as a great public benefiti All expenses Were paid and over $&q remained hi the treasury at the end of the season* We think this is entirely practicable in Algona. There is'no occasion at all for bringing in high priced lectures. We have very able men who can be had for small fees, and an occasional home lecture would be much liked. The fee can be put down to the Waterloo figure. The course of lectures by Mr. McElroy given last year filled all the requirements of a popular lecture course, and covered a range of subjects both interesting and profitable. Call at the Algona Tub Factory for pork barrels and tierces. 4w Carload of Michigan apples at the Opera House Grocery this week.. Money to Loan, Money on hand to loan on second mortgages. 3tf GEO. C. CAI/TJ. ALDEN FLOUR At Walker Bros,' It is the best. MILLINBRY AT MODERATE PRICES AT . . . MATSON & McCALL'S. Galbraith's Dodge street entrance. We are Offering a Job Lot of Book Cases AND Writing Desks K' Very Cheap. We are also prepared to give bargains in SIDE BOARDS, CHAMBER SUITS and PARLOR GOODS, Gall and loooh our Stoolo over when in need of FURNITUtiK A. D. McGregor. Ambrose A. Call, D, H, Hutchins, Wm. K. Ferguson, C, D, Smith, President. Vice-Pves, s Casniei 1 . ' THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK IOWA, Money OH hand to loan at reasonable pates to parties who furnis^ first-class security Directors—p, H, Hutchlns, S', A, Ferguson, PUlUp pppweUey, W« F. Carter, Ambrose A. C»U, », J(, Spencer, Wwf ^»' GASH CAPITAL$139*000,00, **« OJiovus O}ass Jp Yopal Musio The PeJsarte a;1U was very and elicited tjearty applause.. M«cb interesj was taken, in toe to- bate, and wbUethe negaUve had m formal 4§ejsio» oOhe judges, tJje at* lasting be» , Iowa, QENERAL o.Q.qhubb.yjoepres,,' . H. Lant

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