Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 12, 1966 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, September 12, 1966
Page 8
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foeeeeeeeeoeeoeaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee "INK in my VEINS" By MARIAN INMAN •eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeoeeeeeee Remember the Pied Piper of Hamelih? The piper rid Hamelin of rats. When the town fathers did Hot pay him -he led away the town's children. He had a cause and a purpose. Many of us have a cause. We must be careful that it's not so small a cause that we soon run out of purpose. I know e young woman in one of our Urge cities who was a pied piper at the age of twelve years. Ann, we'll call her, lived in a slum. Her father worked at a packing plant. Her mother also worked part time. They made fair wages but more of it went for liquor than for food, clothing, and warmth. The family's life Was miserable. U was the same with the neighbor children. Ann wanted to seek help from some interested person. Whom could she ask? She often looked longingly across the river. Perhaps over there people cared if children wont hungry and cold. One day the cause loomed.high, the purpose climaxed. She was sent to the store with a dollar arid a list of groceries. She fiercely loved her two little brothers and sister. This day •he bundled them Up and took them with her. The grocery was a magic place, of warmth and light. They admireo wonderful foods they could not afford. Tney looked so longingly at the candy display that Ann recklessly bought them ten cents worth. While they were blissfully enjoying the candy, she bought the groceries, ell but a ton cent can of pork and beans. She decided to steal a can to cover up the candy spree. Several times.she had her hands on the can of beans but could not bring herself to take it. So she went home to take a severe beating. Because of her mother's anger, there was no supper and. the little brothers and sister crept into .bed with Ann to soothe her hurts,and. to keep warm. Cold and hunger awakened them early the next morning. Their parents were sleeping in a liquored stupor. Ann scurried about for a bit of food for them, then put on* all <the clothing they had and took them out of doors. Tney found Bill, the boy next door, and his sister hopping about,, trying to keep warm. Ann end Bill hit upon an idea. They gathered ell the neighbor children and started to cross the river on the ice to the opposite shore. Ann (planned to tell of their plight to anyone who would help. , '' ' Half' way across the' ice broke. They were marooned on an ice island. Their screams attracted people on both shores. Police and firemen rescued them. They told their story at police headquarters. As Ann identified the children, they were taken to their homes. As the ringleader, Ann was turned over to the police matron for the day. A kind and understanding woman, she gave Ann the first real bath she had ever had, even shampooed her hair. She awakened Ann's pride by admiring the girl's hair. She told Ann the welfare workers would try to improve her home. She advised Ann to study eagerly. Soon she would come of age and could carry but her purpose of a . ••• better life/ :.•• - •' -• ;, . . • ,:• ' • •• - = ': The police matron,remained Ann's friend through the following dreadfully hard years but the day came at last! Today Ann is happily married to Bill, has helped her brothers and sister and many others to a better life. There are many more stories about Ann's struggles but they are for another time. Ann did not have too small a cause. She will never run out of purpose. , A freezing method for making salty water fresh enough to drink .has been granted a patent by the U. S. Patent Office. The freeze-crystaillizatkm method is now being tested in two pilot plants at U. S. Department of Interior's Test Station at ,Wrightsville Beacih, N. C., one of which produces 15,000 gallons a. day and the other 200,000 gallons. Several different processes for desalting; water are being investigated at the North Carolina station, which, is operated by; the Interior's Office of Saline Water. A '• • '' •. •.. ; : i ;' ' \ ' : /. - • v. Sea water begins to freeze at 28.4 degrees F., and the ice crystals that then form are essentially salt free. The patent covers a progess for freezing saline water in such a way the ice crystals are sufficiently large and they can 'be easily separated from the remaining brine, drinkable water is then prepared from the crystals. To help in the beautification program, either to keep or to make. America, bsautiful, Allen B. Sharpe and Richard A, Hull of Ottumwa, Iowa, have devised an apparatus for crushing «nd flattening junked automobiles, The machine is sufficiently compact that it can be moved to used car dumps, over public roads on a truck. It crushes the cars in an hydraulically operated jaw so that the flattened car is about six inches high and substantially the same length as it was originally. Mr. Sharp and Mr. Hull assigned rights to patent to Al-Jon, Inc., Ottumwa. Our librarian was able to get Grace Neis Fletcher's book "The Fabulous Flemings of Kathmandu," for me. I hope you do not pass up the reading of this book, the story of two doctors in Nepal. The Flemings, whom the author calls "Silent Samaritans" for they went to Nepal not to preach the cause of Christianity — but to show it by their work; they have brought to a remote isolated part of tha world the kind of medical care that country had never known, Two me/diciai missionaries; Dr. Bob an ornithologist, his wife Beithal a physician, practiced in His name, for they understand that the kingdom of heaven is not situated either in Washington or in Katihmandu, but in the hearts of rnen. In the Christian kindness of Dr. Bob and the luminous, beauty of Dr. Beithal, a beauty that comes from within, quiet as .the cross shining all night in the hospital quadrangle, their way of showing their faith is to demonstrate it by their deeds. "A man needs e far look once in a while to bring into proportion the little things that trouble him." day weekend their son and dau- ghterMh-law. Mr. and Mr*. Den* ftil Hattey mi Sftftn of NcW ftichwond; Wil. •Trwi •flw ffrwvi Ht Wit MilMlVvfNaf Mitte qrttt two diyi ul Minneapolis list week. They returned home Wednesday, Kohlhaas-Ringsdorf wedding St. Joe — Miss Marian Kohlhaas, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Kohlhaas, St. Joe,-and Joseph Ringsdorf, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Ringsdorf, Algona, were married' Monday, Sept. 5 at 9:30 a.m. eph's church here. in St'Jos- The Rev. Leo C. Schumacher officiated at the double ring ceremony and was celebrant oi the nuptial hign mass. Acolytes were Marvin ain,u Allan Kohlhaas, brothers of the bride. Sister Mary Doris OSF, organist with St. Joseph's school 7th and 8th grade choir sang. The bride, was given in marriage by her'' 1 lather. Mrs. Dean Doctds, Algona, sister of the bride, was matron of honor. Tpm Ringsdorf of Burt, brother of the groom, served as best man,. Guests were seated, by Howard Kohlhaas; brother of tne bride; and Bill Wempe, Austin, Minn., cousin of the groom. Following the wedding ceremony a dirtner. reception .was held at the Imperial oaie in Bode lor 100 guests. Tabli?, waiters, friends 01 the newlyweds, werie Sharon Reding, Linda; Lackteig, Patty Cink and Vicki McGuire. Kathleen"" Piathe' and Mary bor : mann, cousins of the bride, were in charge of the guest book. ' In cniarge of the gilt table were Donna Mullin, Linda Dodds and Shirley Heimer. Mrs. Wii- Ired Kohlhaas and Mrs. Jim Wempe, aunts, were in charge of the punch bowl, with Mrs. Sylvester Wagner and Marge Lattimer, aumts,' cutting tine cake., Mrs. Milford Piathe, an aunt of the bride, was in charge of flowers. Tiie newlyweds will be at home at Centerville where Mr. Ring£ uori attends college. Mat*«t*e4 e^aWaiattiLeVshj*- aHai nflrOTyi MUjnTvr wf Rev. and Mrs. Frank Harcey, is living at home this year ind teaching in Corwith. Karen graduated front Wisconsin State Uni» versHy: M La Crosse. ' Maree Miller, daughter of the H. W. Millers, returned to Des Moines today (Monday) to begin her junior year at Drake. Mrs. Helen Putistuck was vie* tted by her son, Mr. and Mrs. John Putzstuck and family of Denver, Colo., over the Labor day weekend. Elaine Schnakenborg, of Lu- Verne) who is attending the Iowa State university this. fall; recently pledged with the Alpha Chi Omega sorority. Mr. end Mrs. Don Huber, of Delhi, visited her parents, the Jerome Eisenbarths, and her sister, the Ronald Gerbers. Mrs. Huber is the former Delores E4s- enbarth. : Marvin Eisenbarth, a brother of Mrs. Huber, visited the Hubers in Delhi the past ew days. Mark Bennger and Marvin Eis- nbarth left Saturday for Col: egeville, Minn., where they will enter St. John university there. They are the sons of the Charles I I I I NEWS OF ALGONA teringers and Jerome Eisen- oarths, Mr. 'and Mrs. Richard Mawds- ey and- Mr. and Mrs. Milford Piathe spent two days in Minneapolis recently. The two couples saw "As You Like It" at the Tyrone Guthrie theatre and at tended the Minnesota state fair. Mr. and Mrs* Andrew Cubit dad as. guests for several 'days recently Mrs. Cubit's* parents, Mr. and Mrs. David Reese of Oskaloosa, la. Mrs. W. W. Cassel was visited AlgMe* Mil's •other dra Desioines MM, Andrei Crawford, mother of local Algona man Andrew CtoWord died at the Lutheran hospital In toes Moines lute Wed^ nesday evening alter sustaining a fall down the basement steps at a daughter's home in Des Moines, where she made her home. , .>" ; Mrs. Crawford was'in good health for her age prior to-the accident and would have celebrated her 93rd birthday October 7. Survivors are two sons, two daughters, eight grandchildren, and eight great grandchildren. Funeral services were held Saturday, Sept. 10 at the Dahlstrom Funeral' Home in Des Moines. Ex-Algona girl married ' Loretta Jean Trout, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. K. Trout ot Dra^esville, Iowa, .former Ambrose. Call state park custodians, and-Ronald L. Boyer, son of Mr. and' Mrs. Carl Boyer, of Unionville; ,Iowa, were married Aug. 27 at 2 p.m. at »the Assembly of God'church in Eldora. The Hev. J. F. Perry officiated at the double ring ceremony. Wedding music was played by Carolyn Zeltman of Eldora and Mr., and Mrs. Duane Lloyd of Union were vocalists. Sonny Walker of Unionville was best man. Rhonda Smith of Marshalltown was . flower girl and.'Jeff Valde of Eldora was ring bearer. Ushers were Gene for two weeks by her daughter, Boyer of Unionville, Melvin Mrs. John Phelps of Murtrtesbo- Trout,,brother of the bride, Harold i Lloyd of Gifford, and Jim Gaznell of Amana. A reception followed the ceremony in the church fellowship room. Mrs. Vernon Lloyd, oi' Ua- ion and.Mrs. Harold Lloyd of -BY MOLLY MacDONALD — 295-7080— I i I i ro, Tenn. Mrs. Phelps returned home .last Tuesday. Mr. end Mrs. Don Prieskorn and Mark were home for several days last week from their cottage on Spirit .Lake. They had as their guest at the lake over the Labor day weekend Bob Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs. Craig Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Vern Leeck end his parents, W"r. and Mrs. Herman Leeck, spent, the Labor day weekend in Toledo, IQ., visiting Mr. and Mrs. Herb Leeck. table. Mrs. Phyllis O'Connor of Centerville baked, cut, and served the wedding cake. Mary Kirk and Kathy Kirk of Drakesville were dining room hostesses. Mrs. Leona Sapp, Mrs. John Perry, and Mrs. Ray Lowewen were others assisting. Beth and Karen Gaznell were the bride's personal attendants. Debra Walker of Unionville had the guest book and gifts were cared for by aunts of the bride, Mrs. Marlyn Smith of Marshalltown, Mrs. Gene Monro^ of Bl- dora, Mrs. Harold Trout of Eldora. After a wedding trip Mr. and Mrs. Boyer will reside in ^Missouri where Mr. B^yer is 'stationed at Fort Leonard Wood. Too Late To Classify Babysitter in my home. Please call after 5:00. 295-5997. 71" FOR RENT — Six» room farm' home 2Mz miles northeast of Algona. Couple or couple with small children preferred.;Phone 295-2143, Algona. 171-72* ALGONA ENDS WED. SEPT. 14 Guests attending the wedding were, from , Unionville, Drakesville, Algona, Marshalltbwri, Gifford, Clear Lake, Union, New Providence, Steamboat Rock; Liri coin, Welisburg, Oanterville,? Ei- dora, Newton, Amana, Portland, Gifjford presided at the. serving Ore., and Oaroltown, Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Grady Phillips were in Fairmont, Minn., on Labor day visiting their daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Zweifel. Mr. and Mrs. William Wyatt traveled to Florissant, Mo., recently to spend a few days with their son and his family, Mr. and Mrs. George Wyatt, ueorge had accepted a position witri Lockheed Aircraft and the family has now moved to Atlanta, Ga, The William Wyatts visited friends at Brighton, la., and Ottumwa enroute. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Cubit moved into their new home at 215 S. Roan this weekend. They purchased the house from the A, F. Agenas. Mr. end Mrs, H. W. Stebritx are being visited by their daughter Diane and her family, Mr. and Mrs. Marlin Kirsch and Todd of Irving, Tex. The Kirschs arrived Tuesday for a two-week stay. They are also spending some time with Mr, Kirsch's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Kirsch of Whittemore. Mr. and Mrs, Cecil Will drove their son John to Ames Tuesday where he is enrolled as a freshman in the College of ELI- istration For Dancing Thursday, Sept. 15th 9 a.m, - 9 p.m. PHONE 295-7069 LEUA COLEMAN Mr. and Mrs. Clair Blossom were visited for a weekend re- eiitly by Mr. and Mrs. S. J, Fardal of Forest City. } Phil Taylor, son of Mr. and Mrs. Rex Taylor, bagan hi? fr&shman year at Iowa Suate University, Ames, Tuesday. Mrs. Taylor drove to Ames with'her son. A guest at the John Dreesman home over the Labor day weekend was Dr, Marien Krcgmian, i professor at the University O'l Missouri and friend ot tha Dress man daughter, Mrs, Jacob Chu^ ang w'ho had b&sn v:situig KV- Geneva, Switzerland. Mrs. Chuang leit tor Switzerland lu^i Monday. Dr. and Mrs. Dean Koob were visited over the Labor day weak- end by Mrs. Koob's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dave DeCook, of Sigourney, la. ; Recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. K, T. Pierce were their daughtei be Roy/Strohman. SHOWER-RECEPTION A. shower-reception will held Thursday, Sept. 15, at 7:30 p.m. at i the Fenton Methodist church;, parlors honoring Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Zwiefel. Friends and relatives are invited. gincering, Iowa ty. Mrs. Harold State Universi- Gilmore entertained a group of ladies for bridge Thursday and Friday at Rapadan, Minn. . Mr. and Mrs, Mitch Taylor arrived home oxer the weekend from a trip to Arizona with their daughter Linn who began her iresrhmian year at Arizona State University in Tempe. Enroute the Taylors visited Mrs. Taylor's sister and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gross in Phoenix. Qayle Phillips/ daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Grady Phillips, returned to Grinnell Aug. 30 to begjn her sophomore year. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Krapp, Steve and Bob, spent the Labor day. weekend on a trip to Chicago and Cassville, Wis. They took Mr. Krapp's mother, Mi's, Margaret Krapp, to Cassville for a visit with relatives, then drove on to Chicago. They visited the Brookfield Zoo, the Museum oi Science and Industry and many other points of interest. Enrou.t£ home they toured Spook Cave at McGregor, la. Weekend *t th» H. W. SteMtz horn© were Mr. and Mrs. Dick Wilhelmi of R,o0k Falls, JJJ, Sheridan, Virginia, Rebecca, David and Richard of Waterloo, Mr. and Mrs. L, E. Linnan returned home Aug. 31 from their cottage near Stone Lake, Wis, Mrs. Linnan's sister, Miss Frejl- ricka Wassenberg of Spokane, Wash., spent part of the summer with them in Wisconsin before returning to Spokane. Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Stebrits were visited over the Labor day weekend by their daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Don Krause and family "of Cedar Rapids. Mrs. Wade Sullivan was visited over the weekend by her daughter, Sheila, of Minneapolis, and Dr. Donald Mclntrye, also of Minneapolis. Mr. and Mrs. K. T. Peirce hid as weekend guests recently Mr. Peirce's brother Clyde Peirce and children Joy, John James of Fort Wayne, Ind. Mr. spent and Mrs. the Labor L. |, Linnan day'weekend visiting their son and his family, Mr. and Mrs. Brian Linnaii and Sherry Lee, of Omaha. Mrs. Veronica Roethler was visited recently by Mr. ana" Mrs. Rye Ries of New Hampton. Mrs. M. G. |oume drove fft Minnfiapolis Ttesday with Mrs,; V. V. Naudain and Mr. and Mrs, Clarence Haland of Elmore. They returned home Friday evening. Rtv. ind Mr*. Frank Harcey had as guests over the Labor 40th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY Mr. 'and Mrs. Joseph Studer were honored for their 40th wedding, Sunday, with a dinner at Van's Cafe. Seven of their eight children were in attendance and a brother of Mrs. Studer's, Rev. Linus Eisenbacher, Odebolt. Those present were the Harry J. Studers, Sierra Vista, Ariz., Roger Studers, Denver, Colo., the Frank Welliks, Britt, -Kenneth Studers, Lakota, Thomas Stu- ders, Sioux City, and Joan and John at home. One son, Junior, ,vas unable to attend. After the dinner the party went to the Joa Studer home where other relatives and guests were received. A three tier cake and ice cream was served at 4 o'clock to the guests. SOROPTIMISTS MEET The Soroptimist club of Algo- .ia held its first business meeting of the season last Monday at the, Algona Hotel, New officers for the coming year were elected. They are: Mrs. Roy Bjustrom, president; Mrs. O. L. Nasby, vice president; Miss Edith Welter, recording secretary; Mrs. Alice Wilkins, corresponding secretary; Mrs. Fred Schiltz, treasurer; Mrs. Glenn Graham, delegate; and Mrs. Frances Grantham, director, GOP WOMEN TO MEET The Republican Women's club of Kossuth county will meet on Tuesday, Sept. 13, in the Legion hall at Lone Rock at 1:30 p.m. The program, will include election of officers and introduction of republican candidates for county offices. The Lone Rock members will provide coffee for the meeting as well as musical entertainment. HONORED AT LUNCHEON A former Algonan, Mrs. F. C. Scanlan, and her sister, Mrs. John CardaU of California were hollared with a luncheon recently at'fche Johnson House. Mrs. Joel Herbst and Mrs. H. M. Smith were hostesses for the courtesy. After the luncheon, the guests COLLEGIANS GUESTS Mrs. Veronica Roethler entertained two of <her grandchildren at a dinner recently before the two.left for college. Her guests were Bob, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Rosthler of Livermore, and Sharon' daughter of Mr. and Mrs,:. Kenneth Roathler, Algona. MOOSE CLUB PICNIC its annual picnic last week Sunday at the Call state park. -The festivities centered in the shelter house. : : Enrollment down in Lakota school Lakota—304 3d for classes students at the report' Lakota school this year. At this time last year, 330 were enrolled. Individual class enrollments for the new 1966-67 school year are as follows: Seniors, 24; juniors, 19; sophomores, 27; freshman 30; eighth, 19; seventh, 23; sixth, 20; fifth, 23; fourth, 11; third, 21; second, 26; first/ 24; kindergarten, 33 and special edu- The Moose club of Algona held cation, 4. •eee»eeeoeeeee»»»»e»ee»eee»»»»»eeee»»»» ULTRA-PANAVISIONs •'- TECHNICOLOR" FROM WARNER BROS. I STARLITE Tonight — Tuesday - Wednesday AM IN BIMUMM TOOETHEIIt "000 0^00 O O », bridge at Mrs. Herbst's home for the afternoon. BRJDQE CLUB HOSTESS Mrs. Kjrji Hayes entertiined her bridge club last Tuesday evening., A dessert of nut-fiJled cararaei cake , topped with, ice preanj - was s^ved- Winiiing scorejr|<8- th,e eyenjpg were ht!4 a»i(J Mrs, Le- & ABLE! Piotirttl above, I to r. Frank Sailor, SM Johiisoii ant Bob Riodil. We wouldn't swear to it, but some of our customers say that every. thing tastes better in our new addition. Of course, maybe the chef Iced tjble- floths/ or the wneling, or the new floor nmke the difference ,.. but we wouldn't iWfir to that fither. Why not see for yourself? We're open from 5 a.m. tp 9 p.m., Monday thru Saturday, ttryino; • complete breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. Ju»t fit down inywhtre. But, if you think thing* Uitt better in the new addition, don't let ui step you! 114 N. HwM-ma.il broad iri rolls SID'S CAFE ALGONA,. IQ WA Phone 295-9117

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