The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on October 24, 1894 · Page 3
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 24, 1894
Page 3
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tOWA, WMSJSfJAt, trOfi mi 1894. mmm. IN FLAMES, f feBfcIBti§ 6ALAMITY AT HOUS- fafa, TEXAS* Sttt&rs of Chatlt^ ftrid fctrff i* tlents boasted Allt-ie—t'aitiafole i*rojp- eftt Converted te Ashes—originated In San Jacinto Hotel. JlfbGEg tfo A CLASH, ttt tfttte isr, Texas, Oct. 17.—the worst fire in the history of Houston broke otit at 2:40 yesterday and before it was got under control at 4:30 o'clock not only had a large amount ,of property been destroyed, but two sisters of St. Joseph were burned to death, two infirmary patients also perished and a third sister was dangerously injured. tTlie fire originated in the San Jacinto hotel* a boarding house at Franklin and San Jaciiito streets, from which the blaze spread rapidly to the adjoin-_ iag small buildings of St. Joseph's in-" firmary on Franklin street, destroying a large two story frame annex and then the new four story brick main building. The destruction of these buildings was accompanied by loss of life. Sisters Doleral and Jans were burned beyond all possibility of recognition, while Sister Clothilde Was fearfully burned about the face, neck, breast *and arm, her recovery being 1 in doubt. Two patients are also missing, but there is not the slightest doubt that they also perished, On San Jacinto street the fire spread to a one-story cottage and next destroyed Alexander's three-story boarding house, managed by Mrs. J. J. IIus- sey; the three-story brick building-of W. N. Shaw, occupied by the S. M. Eushinore Grocery company and J. W. Hancock, stationer; A. Chiene's three- story furniture house, and W. L. Foley's dry goods house, the largest in ' the city. It was 4:30 when the flames were at last under control. The loss / til be fully $500,000. ,/ Ca«6 Worn Scott nt OmaJia. OMAHA, Neb., Oct. 17—Yesterday the criminal branch of/ the district cottft, presided over by C. R. Scott, was ordered by the other five judges of the -district* sitting as a 'court, to transfer to their docket the case in which Editor Rbsewater of the Bee is accused of libel by the wife of ex- Sheriff Bennett. This was the result of a motion by Mr. Hose water before the five judges to have some other judge preside at the trial since he regarded the prejudice of Judge Scott as a bar to a fair trial before him. Judge Scotb declared his ability to conduct the trial fairly and refused to allow the papers to be removed. Then the judges ordered the clerk to prorjuce the papers in the case at 9 a. in. to-day and cited Mr, Rosewater to be present for trial. When Judge Scott heard this he at once entered in his journal a decree nullifying the order of the five judges and cited Rosewater to appear in his court at 0 a. m. this morning for trial. He further instructed the clerk that if he attempted to carry the papers in the case from his coxtrt room he would have him jailed for contempt. RAILWAY MEN IN CONFERENCE. Kepresentatlves of Seventy-Two Lines Meet at St. UolilB. ST. LoulS, Mo.,Oct. 17.-—A conference of the executive officers of the western and southwestern railroad lines, adjourned from last September's meeting at Chicago, began in this city yesterday. Seventy-two lines are represented directly and indirectly. The first question of importance discussed was QlAKtfe tN DEBAtE. rfolin M. J. firj-ftft ftt"t Lock Itofns ftt Lincoln, LINCOT/ST, Neb., Oct. 10.— The first the proposed reduction of the rate of mileage on all freight cars, except refrigerators, to 6 mills, as suggested at the recent New York conference. The matter was referred to a committee of six. Many lines oppose the move. The report of Chairman Bird of the Western Trunk line committee, on east bound , . joint debate between W.|T. Bryan and John M. Thurston oh fin. ncial issues occurred yesterday afternoon iti gri- ctiltural hall and more than 8,000 people heard the speeches. It is estimated that every precinct in the state Was represented, and in some instances largely. In addition many well known characters from other states were present. It was one of the largest audiences that ever assembled under one roof at Lincoln, and the reception given to the two principal figures of the afternoon was hearty and en* thusiastic. Mr. Bryan's speech dealt mostly with the income tax and silver legislation, from a democratic stancV point, and Mr. Thurston argued from' the republican platform. He said free coinage, if hot confined to the home .product, would min the country. He jfavored the free coinage of all silver 1 mined at home. The debate closes in Omaha to-night. ' Disturbed Mr. ISlake's Meeting. : NKW Yomc, Oct. 10. — The reception 'given to Edward Blake, M. P., at the Lenox Lyceum at night was productive of a sensation. A fire started in the auditorium and the police claim it was 'the work of an anarchist. The liames were quickly subdued and no one was hurt. M. Blake's address was mainly a defense of the coalition policy lately adopted by the home rulers in reference to the liberal party. About $2.000 was subscribed for the Irish parliamen* tary fund. Uuscball Men to Meet. NEW YORK, Oct. 19. — It is expected that a meeting of the rival baseball association to the National league will hold a meeting here to-day and consider the outlook. The men who [are in the scheme are confident of forming an organization which will successfully compete with the National league. /-'' THE CAMPAIGN IN NEW YORK STATE. Will Employ Many Men. BALTIMORE, Md., Oct. 10.—The agreement reached between the Pennsylvania and Maryland steel companies' creditors will result in the early reopening of the Maryland Steel company's big mills at Sparrow's Point. The works, which employed 3.000 men, have been virtually closed for eight months. NOTES Brussels makes 10,000 hats daily. A North Carolina dog has been taught to track turtles. The pay of an admiral itt the English navy is $9,125 a year, Ten dollars is the average annual income of a native of India. , Suicide is less prevalent in Ireland than in any country in the world. A leading New York throat specialist says that "the best chest protector is worn oh the sole of the foot." It is calculated that from 40,000 to 50,000 slaves are yearly carried away captive from Zanzibar and neighboring towns. A boatman on the St. Denis canal, in France* recently found in the water a package containing railway shares worth §22,000. The Brooklyn dog that was sentenced to death for biting the man who Was beating his master has been finally rescued by the higher courts. A Chinese custom is the throwing into the ocean of thousands of pieces of paper when friends are about to sail away. Each piece bears written on it a prayer. A Florida jury recently escaped from the jury room by night and serenaded the judge, the lawyers, the plaintiff and defendant before they were recaptured. A recent state paper published in Berlin shows that Germany can ^in ten days after rn order to mobilize the forces is given, place 2,500,000 soldiers in the iield. There is treasure to the amount of §30,000,000 stored away in gold, for the purpose of conducting the early stages of a campaign on a cash basis. In Berlin, for some reason, bicycles are thoroughly out of favor with the populace in general and the police in particular. There are plenty of bicyclists, but they have to fix a third wheel to their machines in order to dodge the police regulations regarding a two-wheeled machine. The third wheel is small and is only used to get around the city ordinance against bicycles. Officially aftef elaborate com petitive tests made tmdef authority af Coiigfess by the Chief Chemist of the United States Agri cultural Department, Superior to other Baking Pow ders in Leaven ing Strength* The most Careful Housewife will use no other. ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO., 106 WAUL ST., MEW-YORK. ABSOLUTELY HlLL CONSULTS WITH THE LEADERS. _ _ Politics in New York State are attracting the attention of the entire country. The fact that two conspicuous figures in the national political arena are opposing candidiites for governor serves to give the campaign a poinewhat national character. If David B, Hill is elected to the office he will at once become a formidable candidate before the next National Democratic Convention. If Levi P. Morton is elected, lie will probably go into the next Eepublican Convention with the New York delegation solid for him. Both candidates are fighting the battle of theif lives. When not consulting with his leaders at the headquarters in New York C.ty, Hill is touring the state making speeches from the rear ends of special trains. KELLY'S LATEST ARMY. Proposes to Mass Ills Forces at Sacramento Tills Winter, ^ OAKLAND, Cal., Oct. 17.—"Gen." Charles T. Kelly, who led the San Francisco regiment of the Coxey army i. to Washington, has completed arrange; Vents for a new inxhijbtri&l march, but instead of going across the continent he will this time direct his ,10- vading forces toward San Jose and the productive regions that lie along the route. The object of his march is to sective signatures to a congressional petition for relief of the unemployed, and incidentally to obtain contributions of supplies fov the a.rrny, that is rapidly increasing in numbers ftt its big tent, Branches of the avmy will - "of tltf '• Jegislatwe, in the ner that 1 Coi$y;an4 J^s followers went ''' tonnage percentages from Missouri river points, was presented and adopted. The new schedule, which covers all classes of freight, will take effect next Monday. At the same time western tonnage percentage become effective, BEATING ALL RECORDS. Reglatratlou at Chicago Will Probably Eclipse That of 1893. CraoAftO, Oct. 1?.— The registration in Chicago promises to eclipse all previous records, With the flrm belief that the result of yesterday's work will practically decide which way the election will go the democrats and republicans o\it in the wards early doing their level' best to got eyevy qualified ' voter registered, "Before many Iwws had passed it became eyicteut that their efforts were t' ft» enormpug cou!4 be counted. President Has Writer's Cramp. V NEW YOHK, Oct. Hi.—From Gray Gables comes the news that President Cleveland has been seized with a severe attack of writer's cramp, which so far has obstinately refused to yield to the treatment of the eminent physicians called to administer to the distinguished patient. , , Pottery Men in v Session. PITTSBURG, Pa., Oct. 19.—Representatives of the leading pottery manufacturers of the country are in session ,in this city trying to effect an organization to create uniformity in prices with a view to ending- the deadlock competition that has been going on for more than a year. Strikers Guin Another Point. NEW YOHK, Oct. 19.— : Popldn .& Co., of Nos. 459 and 4ul Broadway,. one of the most influential firms in the Cloak Manufacturers' association, have signed the scale of prices demanded' by the Cloak'makers' union and. have given bonds* that they will live to their agreement. Great Welcome to Wilson. PniLirpi, W. Va., Oct. 19,—Constituents of W. L. Wilson from Barbour, Taylor, Tucker and Randolph counties numbering 5,000 welcomed him yesterday. He made two speeches. All indications point to a tremendous barbecue at Beverly to-day, Pleads for Increase of the Army. WAsnijfGTOsr, Oct. 19,<—The annual report of Major-General O. 0, Howard, commanding the department of the east, been made public, Gen. Howarn strongly recommends an increase of the army to at least double the size of the present force. Uniform Policy for Socialists. BBUSSBLS, Oct. 19,—The socialist members of the chamber of deputies have decided to open negotiations with the labor deputies throughout 'Europe with a' vjew of adopting an identical policy in every parliament. pQV, Japanese Politeness. Lady—The feet of the ladies of your country are compressed, 1 believe. f Japanese Attache—Oh, no, madam, that is a Chinese custom. We in Japan allow our ladies' feet to grow to their full size (politely)—not that they can ever hope to rival yours, madam. Lite's Scuffle. Miss Prude—Miss Smith is very charming, but she seems to have no special hold upon the men's affections. Miss Primm—No, is seems to be a "catch-as-catch-can" affair. An Ample Fund of Pleasure and Health May be derived from'an ocean voyage and foreign travel. But before one gets one's "sen- legs" on, as tie sailor says, the abominable qualms, begotten of sea sickness, have Usually to be gotten over. Delicate people suffer, of course, more than the robust from this ailment, but few sea travelers' escape it. Against the frightful nausea it produces, Hostetter's Storr. aeh Bitters is a reliable defense, and is so esteemed by tourists, commercial travelers yachtsmen and mariners. An ailment akin tc sea, sickness often afflicts land travelers with •weak stomachs. This is often brought on ty the jarring of a railway train. Disquietude ir the gastric region from this cause is always remedied by the Bitters, which.also prevents and cures drills and fever, rheumatism, nervous and kidney trouble, constipation and biliousness. / •.' Unless a Christian has poor health he slanders God when he goes to church with a long face, _____ That Joyful Feeling With the exhilarating sense of renewed health and strength and internal cleanliness, which follows the use oE Syrup of Figs, is unknown to the few who have not progressed beyond the old time medicines and the cheap substitutes sometimes offered but never accepted by the well informed. One trouble with the world is that every man wants to measure his neighbor's cloth with bis own yardstick. Coe*8 CowgH Balsam ft the oldest and best. It, will break upa Cold quick. £r than anything eUe, 1» Is always reliable, Try Jt. The man wno is trying the hardest to pick the bible to pieces is the one who is feast willing to live up'to it. Karl's Clover Root Tea. The great Blqott purifier, elves freshness and clearness tp the Complexion »nd cures Constipation, 28c, 60o, ti, Ut goes against an old man's grain to find bis son sowing wjld oats, drinking rye and getting oorped. • Juvenile Logic. Mother—Why do you pack up your toys so carefully, Ethel? Ethel—To keep them for my children, mamma. Mother—And suppose you never have children? Ethel—Then they'll do for my grandchildren. A Sure Indication- First Tramp—The house is closed up. Wonder if We vacant? Second Tramp—That's easy. If the key is under the doormat, the folks is off for the day; if it isn't they've gone for good. STATE OF Omo, CITT OP TOLEDO, ) gg LUCAS COUNTY. i ' FRANK J. CHENEY makes oath that he Is the senior partner of the firm of F. J. CHENEY & Co., doing business in the City of Toledo, County and State aforesaid, and that said firm will pay the sum of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for each und every case of Catarrh that can not be cured by the use of HALL'S CATAHRH CUKE. FRANK J. CHENEY. Sworn to before me and subscribed in my presence, this Oth day of December, A. D. 1886. _^—. A. W. GLEASON, BY WAY OF DIVERSION* j SEAL \ Notary Public. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally and acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Send for testimonials, free. F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O. {^if Sold bv Druggists, 75c. Hall's Family Fills, 25c. Many people wear long faces because they are afraid they wouldn't be considered religious if they didn't. ' Nearly every sinner expects to repeut when he gets too old to longer enjoy a life of sin. Spiritual dyspepsia is harder to cure than the other kind. Hoax—Why do you call that trolley- car conductor "Time?" Joax—Be* cause he waits for no man. Strawber—Did you feel the late financial depression? Singerly—Feel it! Why, for a month, I wasn't able to borrow a shilling! "If a dog should howl under your window at night, would you regard it as a sign of death?" "Yes, if it was light enough, for me to get a good aim at the dog." Judge— When you broke into the library and stolo a lot of books why did you take only the works of classical authors? Thief—Because, your honor, modern books fetch hardly any price in the market! Mr. Hopparly—What? You only sixteen, Madgie? You look older than that. Madgie—I know it. But I can't tell that I'm twenty-one, can I, when my big sister is sticking at that age and everybody knows we ain't twins. . PIONEER KNITTING WORKS, IOWA CITY. the latest styles. Goods manufactured Iowa lor Iowa people. » the nftby is 59 sure ft nd use that old and well.trjed remedy, WJXHWW's 3QOTn;»'o BYBVf for Ch>iqrf n TeetWng' The race track wowld be further oion it it; bad wore dead heat? beats. _ . > q?he pleasant weather and the vigor with which the cry of &s , been go' persistently dinned into the eavs, of th^ people bined to attract all claws to, the the leadevs, the Chicago's Registration OJUPAGQ, Oct. }9,— -Tuesday's, total yegistrat49B. approximates 343,5000, must, Jiowever, the »um,bep ol wpmep who This i§ estimated &t 17,- WarrftPted to cure or rtqney rvf unde*. A^K your • be QOQ, Mgf. has notbfag but pQw4gp jte htf SW Thii statw^rf W Qf*Q»rpt ^©' &$esiaitw?$5l'Qf ' the mil show a surprising tewftse ' , William ^fe It's easief to dodge tfee Jnoome tftx col' a girt who is Jearjijug fo rtfe a o Tea the gome of m jiaVe fp Uye a iong while t9 find out tbftt we don't koow ,^ . ^. Anyone con participate in our enormous profits by sending us fromWiOto Sl.OOO. Highesi; refs. Write for particulars to THE TRADERS SYNDICATE,, Traders' Bldg., Chicago, 111. AGENTS WANTED. LU1O liU 7 ASSIST NATURE a little now and then in removing offend- irig'iuatter from the stomach aud bowels and you thereby avoid a multitude of distressing derangements and diseases, and will have less frequent need of your doctor's service. Of all known agents for this purpose, Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets are the best. Once used, they are always in favor. Their secondary effect is to keep the bowels 6 pen and regular, not to further constipate, as i s the case with other pills. Hence, their great popularity with sufferers from habitual constipation, piles and their attendant discomfort aud manifold derangements. The "Pellets" are purely vegetable and perfectly harmless in any condition of the system, No care is required while using them; they do not interfere with the diet, habits or occupation, and produce no pain, griping or shock to the system. They act in a mild, easy ana natural way and tUere is no reaction afterward, Their help lasts., The Pellets cure biliousness, sick and bilious headache, dizziness, costjveness,, or constipation, sour stomach, loss of appetrte, coated tongue, indigestion, or dyspepsia, wjndy belchjngs, ''heartburn,'' pain and distress after eating, and kindred derange- jnents of the liver, stomach, and bowels. In proof of their superior, excellence, Jt can be truthfully said, that they are always adopted as a household remedy after _the first trial, Put up in sealed, glass vials, therefore always fresti and, reliable, One little "Pellet" is a laxative, two are nuldy cathartic. As a "dinner pjll," to promote digestion, or to relieve distress from overeating, take one after dmner, They are t|ny, sugar-coated granules; any child wjlj readily take them. Accept no substitute that may be recom wended to be "just as gpofl 1 fatter far (he dealer, because er,proSt, ,pwt #f? J8 not help. ' Pt. Band, Iron Hoop A. Basket You Can Water Your Horses With. Cost) ] no More Than Any Other Kinds, but Will ; *' flinn^ STAMP' ANYTBIlTa,- MAILED FRElE; (I to any Farmer o» Farmer's Wtfa i UP TO DATE DAIRYING" containing full instruction how to secure > • HigherOrndeProducts, mat? ^ BOTTEB W hba 4 JETTED PB1GE 4, and W Hh Less Labor e* Hore'Moneyfj Reviewing and explaining in a practical manner.,. V THB NORMANDY (FRENCH) SYSTEM, , DANISH DAIRY SYSTEM ANP . A ELGIN SEPARATOR SYSTEMIC ivhlch have brought prosperity and ease to t£e, d^iry fannsrrtif' ) Write for this Valuable Information.' Dialled pREE;!^ application. Kindly send address of neighboring Jjwpw! vhc. own cows. Address R. JUPSPJNASSB,.,, '" A Ex. Sec'y Columbian & , 848 W« L»KC STi \llmvis Dairy Associations.

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