The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 7, 1949 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 7, 1949
Page 3
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MONDAY, MARCH 7, 1949 'resident Backs Military Changes Truman Asks Broad Revisions in U. S. Defense Establishment I Ry V.Han C. Kay [ WASHINGTON, Mnrc'h 7. yr>— lent Truman called Saturday fr liroad changes In the national Tilitary establishment, tududlng Inversion of Hie new agency into I regular department, of govern- piH. In a special message to Congress, Je said thai present powers of the lefcnse secretary over the armed Iirees are "too limited." J The secretary should be given lippropriate responsibility and au- |iorlty" said the {Resident. Moreover, lie recommended ap- loinlmeiil at a chairman of the l>ii>t chiefs of staff, with "prece- lence" over the three commanders It the armed forces now 1 constltul- >B the staff. In general, Mr. Truman's rec- Immendations followed those of Hoover Commission which Itudied the national defense or- lanizatiort along with other agen- lies. He «u'd the commission's lecornrnendations "have great, mcr- I; and present an objccliye to I'liich I believe we must continue D move." Mr. Truman also backed the pro- losals of the commission to give Ine defense secretary more assls- |ince. He said there should be an under- |pcretary of ciefense and three as- f--lant secretaries. This w as not provided in Ihe tesent. law. Apparently one reason I'as that the national military es- • Dblislmicnt was not created as a lull fledged government depart- lient. with the usira! setup of urt- ler ,and assistant secretaries. It Ixists chiefly os a coordinating |gcnc.v for Ihe armed forces. "Demotions" IJninenljoneii However, the President's message Inadc no mention of one recotn- • iiendatlon by the commission—that Ihe present civilian secretaries of Ilie armed forces be demoted lo Ihe positions o[ "undersecretaries" I'f defense for Army, Navy and In discussing limitations on the |>ower of the defense secretary as •Described by Die present service Imification law. Mr. Truman mentioned as an example: I "The departmental secretaries are •ipecificnlly authorized to deal di- lectly with higher authority. Furthermore, many of the key respon- Jibililies of Ihe secretary of de- lense have been assigned by this Itatute not to the secretary, but, " the boards and agencies which prjve much of their authority 7om the military departments .hemselves. I "In short, the act Xails to pro- I'lde for a fully responsible offi- l.'ial with authority -adequate to Ineet his responsibility, whom the •President and the Congress can Iiold accountable." The President said that: J "I therefore, recommend that the •National Security Act be amend•?d to accomplish two basic purposes: first, to convert, the nntioii- lil military establishment into an •executive department of the gov- lernmem, to be known as the de- Ipartment of defense; and, second •to provide the secretary of defense •with appropriate responsibility B nd • authority, and with civilian and •military assistance adequate to ful- |fill his enlarged responsibility." Walrus are hunted for their hides loll and ivory tusks and natives of Ithe Artie coasts like to eat the •meat. Militia Needs Protection in Red Prague BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 800 Funeral Directors Expected at Conference MEMPHIS, March I.rfl'i-Sonio «X> persons from four suites are cx- Itccted to atiend a eonforence of the Mississippi ViilU-v Mineral Directors AMocintlim lu-ru May 18-20 Plans for n, 0 conference were announced hero ymu-rday alter n Youn» oynten «« c«tl«I iptt. Fire Raxes Jap Town FUKUOKA, Japnil, March 7, W» —nre today destroyed 180 homes in nearby Yamnlo »nd wriously daimiKCd an others. of the <rxnc»Ur« cotiuntt- a to be represented arc Arkansas, Tennessee, Mi.vfl a sll>)» and f NEURALC/A\ I Mottilnc 1* mnn quickly *(T*clly* \ I fur Ihe rcllrf of noiirilgl* tad 1 I lYfurttctie ttian Liquid C*pUdln«. I 1 Alto •ootlvc* upMt mrvr* du» to I I th* p»la. UM oulj M <Ui*ot*d, I N * ***<! Oouitar Nmn w«nt Th« Friendly Yard hM * Plumbing Fixture E. C. Robimon Lumber Hal Boyle's Column— Missionary from Hew Guinea Tells of Work Among Cannibals R.v George Tucker (Tor Hal lloyle) New York—uri—Some men left their war in the Pacific, hut Radio Star Lanny Ross brought ins back as a souvenir. What made a hit with the Navy in 1943 ought to be good /or the public In 1!>49. he reasoned. So he said to Cecil Abel, the missionary al Kwato, New Guinea: "Cecil, I'd like to have you on my program some time. That Is if we ever get back." Cecil Abel is a -ir.-ycar-oW Anglo- Papuan whose idea of running a mission Is unorthodox. He doesn't know what denomination he Is supposed to be. His idea of saving souls isn't teaching the natives to sing hymns on Sunday, and going to church. "We don't bother alxmt forcing the native belles into civilized sweaters nud Slacks." he says. "J BUOSS you'd say our Job 'is to straighten out their thinking." Abel Visits the II. S. So the war passed, ami one day not long ago Cecil Abel came to the United States. "I suppose you could say some of my dearest cannibals." said Cecil "A cannibal who doesn't eat you is Inexpressibly dear." "They're stil'l operating?" "Well, back in the moutalns. I remember an old lady they killed in 1940. They offered me a tasle. Long pig, they failed it, I can tell you. people sre mighty good eating. "Oh. of course, I Ijaven't eaten any myself. But I've eaten lots ol dugong. That's si-scow. A chief once told me there nas absolutely no difference in the taste of people and dllgong. Maybe dugong was a little tenderer. "As for head hunters—a quick way to make a head hunter mad Is to cull him n cannibal They abhor human fl c .,|,. They only de- cnpitate you. The cnniiibnls' are sort of looked down on by Ihe head hunters." Mission is CO Years Olil The Kwato mission was started 60 years ago by Abel's father, who survived head hunters for 40 years and went home to England, only to be killed in an automobile accident "t remember my father hnldinp- me up when r was a lad. He was showing me to the cannibals and he cried, "here's the young man wlin'll head the mis.sion when I'm Rone. You wouldn't eat him would, you. If you had the chance?" A wrinkled old warrior grinned toothlessly and saiit, "we have the chance." Abel explained the early code of the true cannibal' like this: ''They ate each other for economic When one tribe fouglil another tribe, Hie winners 1 ate the losers. They had very few past-war problems." The reason Abel came to this country was to get corn and rice srrd. I went to Iowa and snw their beautiful corn. I thought how lucky I was to find such a seed. But they asked me how much rainfall we had. T told them 230 Inches. 'Oi>nd gracious.' the lowans cried, 'this seed Is only conditioned for •to inches. You'll have to go to Guatemala.' " So he did. Aberdeen Angus Show And Sale to Be Friday | MEMPHIS, March 7. </P)—Scv- | eniy-ninc purebred Aberdeen An- 1 BUS cattle win be of fercd • for sale | at the fourth ttnnuiil show and i sale of the Tri-Slate Aberdeen An: gus Breeders' Association here Prl- tiny. Twenty-seven breeders have con- sisued 15 bulls and 04 cows to the sale, which will be held at the Shelby County Penal Farm. Joe Kcefauvcr of Jancsuoro. Tcon., uiii judge lnc c^me, jj,,,} Roy G. Johnston or Helton. Mo will be (he auctioneer. The association Includes Aberdeen Angus breeders from Tennessee. Arkansas and Mississippi. It will meet Thursday night to elect new oillcers. Sailor Sets Out to Sea The Hard Way to Prove His Swimming Prowess PHINCETON-BV-THE-SEA. Cul , March 7. M'I—Thli Mltor went to'I .sen the hard nay. James Coale.s. of Air Group 10 Srjimdron 193, Fleet Air Wing. N',,-' val Air Slnlion, Alamwla. Cnlif. hiid boasted of his swirn;iilns prowess. Two friends accompanied him In B private plane yesterday as he set out to prove It. He planned to par chute down two miles out and swim ashore. There wns n miscalculation. lie hit the Pacific waters 13 miles off this fishing port, 20 miles south of San Francisco. A life raft was tossed out. It mirfnced (JOO yards away. The current, carried it fuslcr than contes could swim. The plane circled fishing craft. One alerted boat took Contes aboard ns he wns nt the point of exhaustion. injured Caretaker ToMs Church Bell to Get Aid CONSilOHOCKEN. Pa., March 7. dl'i—Lying injured mid lielplr.« In tile belfry of n 100-foot church lower. John J. Dcwan tolled the churc!) bell to summon aid. The 50-year-old maintenance engineer fell from a ladder while making repairs in the tower, break- inn his ankle. Unable to make anybody hear hi.-, shouting. Oewun crawled to the bell rope and started the bell lolline. The ringing of the bell brought John Meaner, church sexton, who summoned police and firemen. Uc- wan was lowered from the belfry with ropes and Rend Courier News Want Ads * RHEUMATIC PAIN Crash Is False Alarm EDINBUHGH, Scotland. March 7. {**'> p °»r ambulances from Edinburgh. Mii«elbiir t -h and traridiri)f- ton rushed lo nearby Longntuclry on a report of a plane crash. They found no dead nor injured —only the wreckage of a. three-fool model .plane. Read Courier News Want Ads. HAS YOU CRYIHC FOR RELIEF -rove lo yourself what effective re! lief you can get now with this fine •: medicine. You'll be so happy with i J?°,^ lp ,/ uu ' a e £' so act now, buy . <~-mi. if you sufler from muscular I aches due to exercise or exposure < (often called rheumatic pain) or ! S"if, cu!rlr lulnb »Bo. don't wait net i C-2223. Purchase price of first bottle back if not satisfied. For temporary relief of accompanying constipation take. St. Joseph 2223 Laxative Pills! FOR RHHIMMIC PAIN New low-cost magic for your dream kitchen ^YOF:N" yon hnvc your lovely Youngslown Kilchcn, you'll Iw free forever of the jt&ri>ftgc pail ami oil il.s mcs.iincs.1. For the MuHmai<ier cJcclric garbage disposer — Yonng.s- lown's ncwesL kilcJxrn magic ^grinds away your food .vrans and whisky them down lite drain! And tbnl's only om endearing qnalily of gleaming, while-cn.iiix'led steel kik-li- cns! There ? s storage spare galore, with everything right Vflicre you need H tor Bxin? tiicala, washing dishes mid clearing up. Anil Ixist of all, llifre's a low, <lown-to-e.irth !>"cc, made poisihle by high volume production. Come in-nsfc for a free dcm- onsLralion right Biray. ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. 20B-208 W. Main _ ['hone 2071 ^ for the man "who fce/oi,^ Attention Shriners! We Have Especially For You "Sahara" Fez Tasse! Pins Get One While They Lost! slS Tum ? ffC '' S S com ' )lcle selection of KNIGHTS vHnivp R p,v 0? J SISTORY ' W ' UB LOIK;ii - a " d •SHRINE RINGS, in GOLD, SET WITH DIAMONDS: SYNTHETIC RUMES or SAPPHIRES. by any Mavon. LAPEL PINS FOR ANY MASONIC ORDER, KIWANIS, EASTERN STAR, RAINBOW GIRLS and DeMOLAY SHOP DREIFUS FOR GREATER VALUES; T LARGER SELECTIONS; EASIEST TERMS! DHEIFUS »TO«S IN BLYTHEVIu, ' liinil ' i ST \Ur\-ST. BACK AGAIN-OUR OLD FASHIONED BARGAIN Bill Values PAY CASH...CARRY IT...YOU SAVE !!! ON SALE TOMORROW MORNING AT 9 O'CLOCK CHILDREN'S SLEEPERS 88* Beautiful New Chenille Spreads - 3.77 Bedspread Bargain to Celebrate Penney Days! An easy way to "redecorate" n bedroom! These amazingly inexpensive bedspreads have soft fluffy bobiiiiil dols in wm-e lines . . . stunning in seven decorator shades and while. Practical, too, because they wash so well. Double bed si/e only. Stunning Butcher Weave Rayon HERE'S A SPECIAL PENNEY DAYS BUYI Lighlweighl butcher weave rayon that looks well in all dress styles, tailored and lamininc. Wears well and is hand washable—outstanding at This Cash-and-Carry price! Spring shades and black! 38/39" wide. 50cyd "Barrows & BOWS" BLOUSES A free record with each blouse 1 1 -piece crepe sleepers. Front gi'i|>i>er fastenera. Klnslic drop seat. Easy to wash ... no Ironing;! Toy print binding. Pink, blue. 2, 4, 6. MEN'S WHITE SHIRTS 1.88 Olos« woven Sntifortzed broadcloth shirts at a price thai rnnkes you nil) your eyes! Fin« combed cotton broadcloth. Neat non-wilt. MEN'S WORK SHOES 3.77 .Amazingly low priced Penney nays special —. loaded with "expensive nhoe" features. DoubUv lanncd brown upper, loujfh composition out- Bole, leather'slip sole. MEN'S MATCHED SUITS SHIRT - PANTS - - - - 2.00 - - 2.50 Sanforized army twill, shirt is medium weight. Pants are heavyweight. . . . tough and durable. A Whale of a Penny Days Value. BOYS' DKESS OXFORDS 4 Straight Tip liluchcr. Goodyear Welt Non-Murk Soles. Another Penney Day Value 00 BOYS' SWEAT SHIRTS Red Dyiler designs in sizes G lo 10. In most all colors. C'loseoul . . . 45 GAUGE NYLONS Nol irregulars . . . but first Quality Nylons, specially priced for I'cnney Kays . . . 80 SQUARE PRINTS Anollier shipment of (hose fine 3 prints in many colorful patterns . . Yds. 1 00 Check These Bargains 1 only Boys Corduroy Coat, size 10, $1.88 2 only Men'* Wool Mackinaws, size 40 1.88 • 8 only Juvenile Corduroy Jimmies . . . ,50c 6 only Juvenile Polo Shirfs, size 5. . . .10c 20 pr. Women's Suede Shoes. ..... ..... 88c

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