The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on October 24, 1894 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 24, 1894
Page 1
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VOL ALGONA, KOSSUTM COtJMTl f , IOWA, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 24, 1894. Our Trade is Double that of any Other Year. REPUBLICAN STATE TICKET, BECAUSE WE ARE GOODS FOR THE LE; MONEY, Extra Fine Brown Sheeting 4e. Very best Prints., Bo. The best Gingham Check 6c. Spool Cotton 4c. Extra fancy fine White Batts '..... 10o, Fine dpuble width Dress Good remnants 25c. 40-inch Fancy Wool Dress Goods........ 50c. Bed Comfortables. ll.'OO Fine extra quality Blankets, FOE 10 DAYS. 6Tc. 54-inch Repelants, black, blue and gray.. 50c. Largest line of Underwear, Yarns, Angora Wool, Ice Wool in the City, Jas. Taylor. Secretary of State ...... W, Auditor of State .......... C. G. McCABTtt* , , ( C. T. GBANGKB Supreme Judges.. ,. ...... -j H B DEBMER Treasurer of State ....... JoHS" S. HERRIOTT Attorney General*. ....... Mit/rott ftteMtay Railway Commissioner . . .0. L. DAVlbsoSr Clerk of the Snpi-emc Court.., C, L, Reporter Supreme Court. U. t. CONGRESSIONAL TICKET, Congressman— 10th Dist...J. P-.tlolAivKR JUDICIAL TICKET. Judgc-14th District ...... W.B. QUARTO* COUNTY~T1CKET. Auditor ...... , ...... ....... . .F. D, CAtKiM Recorder .................. M. F. BAND AM, Clerk of Courts ................ B. F, CHOSE County Attorney ....... . . . . J. C. RAYMOND „ , ( II. C. HOU.ENBECK Supervisors ......... \ L< BARTON. THE FOLLY Off FEEE COINAGE. Minneapolis Tribune: Senator Sherman, of Ohio, is recognized as the ablest exponent of sound financial doctrine in the country. What he says upon the subject is. always attentively listened to, botii by political friends and foes. Mr. Sherman has been making ' some campaign speeches lately, and has devoted a large portion of his time to the dissection of the free silver coinage fallacy which has not only run riot with the populists, but has taken such a strong hold on the democracy of Ohio, that they declared, in their platform promulgated this year, for free coinage on the 16 to 1 ratio. What does such a proposition mean? It means as there are 371 gtains in the silver dollar, and 371 grains of .silver bullion can be tfee-rulns. Although ho had softie ribs bf6ken and was badly shook up he was getting alonp very well and Was fully expected to recover. He however, took a Stlddcn back-set and died in a few moments, probably from some disease of the heart. Our acquaintance with him was as a comrade and member of the same coin- p-fthy and regiment during the wan Since then' we have continued the acquaintance. May he re$t in peace, Buffalo Center Tribune: There is no talk HI democratic circles now about a stir[plus i-n the treasury which Is dangerous-to the welfare of the country, as there was in Cleveland's former administration. This administration has borrowed $50,000,000 tfeus far this year to pay the running expenses of the government. And in addition has used $48,000,000 of the $100,000,000 gold reserve, which was never encroached Ufton by any former administration. How is that for economy and JeiTersonian simplicity? NO. 4. (j Hear Ye! Hear Ye! REPUBLICAN RALLY AT BURT. BOIUT, Oct. 20.—Special to the Register: lion. Isaac L. Hillis, Des Motoes' popular mayor, addressed a large and enthusiastic crowd in this place TK*trs- day evening. The mayor held his audience spellbound for two hours and a half, even many democrats remaining .'throughout to hear his masterly presentation of Republican principles. This •to not a "calamity" district in any sense of the term, and Mr. Hillis' clean-cut address has created quite an awakening! in favor of the good cause. For the next six days or untilfurther notice I will sell at way down prices as !this is the time of year I make ray -clearing sale.—J. B. LAIED. See Orr on questions of pain*. Use Burnell's Commercial Agency. They have the only correct gufde to go 'by in giving credit. They of ten collect We will place on sale for TEN DAYS ONLY, $500.0O worth of goods at a Discount of 25 per cent, as follows: Ice Wool Shawls. Worth of Hoods, Fascinators, Ladies and Children's Yarn Mitts, <&QnO Worth of Men's, Ladies' and vp^VJU Children's Handkerchiefs, Mufflers, Windsor- Ties. $ 1 HO Worth of Stamped Linens, Chil- 1UU dren's Caps, Ladies Silk Mitts. That J. A. HAMILTON & CO. have just received*:* another carload of 3-ply feLA&{fclP^ Tliis roof material has £een thbroughly;tested and has L been proved to have no equal for d urabihty and cheapness. It also makes excellent siding for barns and outbuildings. We have also received a quantity ol.,?.... RED WING SEWER PIPE, Which is just the thing for Road Culverts, Well Curbs and Chimneys. Our stock of Hardwood Lumber, 1 enc- ing Brick, Tile, Etc. was never better. Come and see. J, A. HAMILTON & CO. bought now for 50 cents, that any person could take less than 60 cents worth of silver to che mint and get a dollar in' exchange for it. Senator Sherman de-' monstrated the criminal folly and wickedness of such a proposition, and the- disastrous effects it would have; on this, country if enacted into a .law in language so plain that it does'not require, a man to be versed in financial lore to understand it". He said that the amount of silver in sight in ,the bills when others have faited. Address Marshalltown, Iowa. Money to loan on long or short time. 3t£ GEO. C. CALL. If you want a job of painting done' rye Or see Orr. BY THE GOVERNOR.. We invite all the ladies to call in and see the above goods and bargains. Remember this sale will be for TEN DAYS ONLY^-NO LONGKER. Yours truly, JNO. GOEDERS. A PROCLAMATION ^jTjmnnnJUurmnji^^ We have a most Complete Assortment and many bargains in this line, We have, a full line of Blair's Celebrated Keystone Tablets; a very fine line of Box Papers and in fact everything usually sold by Stationers, We are offering box papers containing i lb,, or 00 sheets of fine paper with envelopes to maten, for 25 cents, • This is a' paper sold the, world over for 50 cents per box,; Can sell you lead penoiis and give you a ?^;p§nQJl j&arpener witli 1 ^ b *r!r , *" v » f f #5 ->- A - §wy, 0W fpr is three-billions of ounces, .each ounce containing 480 grains!; The annual production of silver in the world is about 161,000,000 ounces, the commercial value of which is $12^,000,000, but the coinage value at the present ratio is about $225,000,000. In case free coinage were adopted jn this country this vast hoard of silver would be invited to the United States in the hope to obtain 'for it more than its market value. What would happen in this country from such an influx the senator depicted in the following forcible language: What would be the inevitable result of the free coinage of silver now, when the silver in the dollar is worth only 50 cents? Does any man need to be told that it will be worth only what it cost? The government will lose all control over the amount of money to be issued. This will depend upon - the greed of bankers'and bullion dealers. There will be no limit upon it except the vast quantity of silver'in the world. All this will seek our market as long as our silver dollai; is worth more than the bulliqn in it, The result is inevitable, 'as certain as the law of gravitation. The purchasing power of tbesUver dollar with coinage free will be the market value of the silver bullion. No gold will be taken to the mint or be paid into the treasury, All we • have .will be withdrawn and the United States will Stand with China, Japan, India, Mexi- eo'and South Ameriga as silver • states, a,nd fee detached frojn the-great QiYiU- ged nations of Europe who still warn- tafp the gold'Stanflard, The only beneficiaries f rpm such a depreciation an4 debasement) 9* t»e W'« n ' ey of \bQ QQunfcry would be the debtors. Hvgn tee, woe Qwnef 8 would, hot profit f OP while they iwwW bg abje to get nominally a'dQJlap for 87} grjriw of sfJ- s ye.y, yet $9 purchasing poww-o* t« e e wpuW l>e to- Wove, tftan. :j)B67baJf, Tpe be-teas ol.Ww farmer J$F *W W*W«V^M*« H*MWJ "V VVVtV ,^.y$'^m $$$$' l$r; phasing ppvgtf M& hrwaulAM ap;*§ite£ ,«ff» W*to*Uw^;^$ W»l ; e|d ;^bll! s ^«W"Wft*MP W&folU » j.l._ -~J~ J-," X« 4-V,V. ivirfl/\nlf,Tr "'/vP st.VlO Tr«fi F^r, a General Election .to^bje: "Held Tuesday, Nov^6Tifc$fev Purguant to law, I, Frank D. Jackson, governor of the State of Iowa, do hereby proclaim that at the general election to De held on the Tuesday next after the first Monday in November, It being the sixth day of that month, of the .year One Thousand Eight Hundred and Ninety-four, the offices hereinafter ure to be filled, to-wit: By vote of all the electors of the state: The office of Secretary of State. The office of Auditor of State. The office of Treasurer of State. The office of Attorney General. The office of Judge of the Supreme Court for the full term. „ , The office of Judge of the Supreme Court for the term expiring Deo. 31,1B97, said office being now temporarily filled by Horace E. The office of Olerk of the Supreme Court. The office of Supreme Court Reporter. The office of Railroad Commissioner. By vote of the electors of each of the eleven congressional districts; The office of Representative in Congress from eaqh of said districts. By vote of the electors of the following judicial districts, the office of Judge of the District court, as follows: The First judicial district, two judges. The Second judicial district, four judges. rntr_irni.iiui -<»/qiniul /H cfcul nt.. t.wn Innirna \^rafc^iy&--i^v\^^ Read and Reflect The Following are Facts. The Sixth judicial district, three judges. The Seventh judicial district, four judges. The Eighth judicial district, one judge. The Eighth judicial district, one Judge for the wexplrecT terra of H. S. Fairan, said office being now temporarily filled by M t J, "Wttdo Tge'Nlnth judicial dlstript, four judges, The Ninth judicial district, one judge to fill the vacancy now temporarily filled by three £o£nth judicial district, twp judges. 9 Eleventh- judicial district, tin 'rfif OJweWb judicial dlstrtet, one 3ud T^p Thirteenth,' judicial district, judicial ftistrlot. one the unexplred term of i, O, Hatch, office being now temporarily district, , one jv>dge 4l§Mfit. judicial l"& I have just received a new, good, nobby and fashionable line of woolens, consisting of Overcoatings, Suit- ings, Fine Coatings and Trouserings. They must be sold, they will bo sold, and they, can be sold at unheard of prices. What in the name of common sense do you buy those miserable shape and buttonless garments for, that make you look old and sickly, and you know you feel'. bad with a suit of those sAveat-shbp made garments on.' Do you know that death and desolation are lurking in those ready-made clothes which are made'in sweat-shops in New York, How ninny times -diseases invade your, home, such as diphthera, scarlet feyer, smallpox, etc. In 99 cases out of 100 the sweat-shop clothing brought ther disease to'your home. Don't buy it,. I can - sell you a fashionable, good fitting, good wearing and presentable^ suit for the lowest figure possible. I can sell ypw woolen,, for less money than any body m Algona; because' I wanjf '„ Repairing clone on short liotice A»ddpne rightt ' \v ." Press buttons made tp order, • f.' t «'f, ,<; Satisfaction 'guaranteed in eyey^ resp'epjf,, >" i,"V , Can alW sell you -steam, ship] ^eke'ts - to^nO, lw^ Europe as Jow as^tjip lowest in pj?iop», vv '• '/^'"'^v-'<"fMl ti»H,iLf /Sr iM >ff ,'.\< >'jV Km p,.y l -'T- """"^M-^^ITO •%l> l.Sfaf^WWSgti*

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