The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on October 17, 1894 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 17, 1894
Page 8
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OF EV6RY DESCRIPTION AT Studley's Drug Store. -DEALER IN- LUMBER And Evei-ythinfir kept in a tfirstclass Lumber Yard, 'YOUR PATRONAGE SOLICITED. BAKOttOff, IOWA* Oeft 17, Ifik condueted by Ji A. NEWS OF THE When in need of Hardware, please call on me and ^get prices. I aim to keep the best, such as Garland :Stoves and Ranges, Baker Barbed Wire, Heath & Milligan's Paints, Etc. JT. J, 0. Bakef, pSjMillst and defnoerktic candidate for- congressman from this flis-. trict, spoke at Jefferson hall last Monaay evening, Among the statemetits he dade was that nifto*tenttts of the f&rtas Were mortgaged, that 97 business Men out o/100 failed, that there was only *7 of iftowe in circulation per capita, that the Wilted States oWed 18,000,000,000, ib fottii tier's and that all this was caused by the 1 ;g!s« latlon of the Plutes as he called them Ho claimed that Ernest Seyd, who was hired by the monied men of England and Holland, came to America With $600,000 of money and secured the demonitiZatioh of silver in 1873 and wrote part of the bill himself, As a remedy for all these things MlQMf V MW&tRBL, _ JMLtiStOuOfl f ATJ.IHOWI VJ0f «**' .-jkfchW toetlel Itiaft feWFfJfHll i»», atjeflefWfiHfrttjft.nelflUB&ttt.— 4 Sight, headed by the dflpifial fotindef of eentutie eoiefisd flsiftstfellf and the Jftsh* fort Mate of all wdUid»beTffiilfet6i-s ( D, W< MctJatoe and a eottipftfiy 6f, witett. fe |e ^ from Afterlea's harvest of bright lights, al ideas of a refined ahd elevating eharjus* tef. cotntu&fiding the patronage of the ' ' who never attend BWIW s ktmws &} a Wblild Hk6 tb ^6hafi|?d the feffefd* a Mai! ileek tf IIBOO"'" " • ' '^ 4, MbUghj teffletlf s « hefe Vesleftfiy &oHcitltff ^ " graih 1= bueuiii/.blg show in sight* a..- ,can't afford to tniss it, It id worth eoinitt wiles to see* Make lip your Battles, secure yottf sfe&ts in advahee by applying in person, or by mall or telegraph, to J. A, Campbell, PLUM CREEK, PLtm CittSfeK, Oct. W.—Afc this writing George Holman is domiciled in his ,oWh home, Carpenters 0. S* Ramsey and A. L. Seeley putting up a house so George could house away what few effects the cyclone loft him. We think Ed Simpkins had tlio most threshing done for the amount of grain Cellar's* EaHcTofCwilS fete this week With fttflend of Ws ffOffi FW* let-. Itid., td ideate lita.eft JKos|fatli eounty soil ' •„ • "- ' : ,fhe United fifellitim In ..dhritft held thfeii 1 eoMffireMee Ih.WebsteP City, Ofitobef 10 to 14, Lcdyafd, loWft, Was set Of! as a mission) attd 6h the arrival dltiielr.mitils' ter Mdnday evening, ftev, J2.E, Walkeiy about sixty of the eltfeens met the, paswf and his wif x d at their • home, and, Rev. Johnson of the M. E. Church) gave'an ad* di-ess of welcome, after which an elegant supper was served to all present. • • , Our Abstract Books ar&complete up to date, and reliable. '^7. represent .an outlay of thousands of dollars and were prepared by an experienced abstractor. Our patrons may thereloro feel certain of getting reliable abstracts. •Ou^rki^MaXjdandwefurnteh abstracts as cheap as irresponsible •ind incompetent persons who have no books, though the county does not pay •us a salary, clerk hire, office itmt or even furnish us stationery. S-ARMS AND WILD LAND FOR SALE .................. MONEY CONSTANTLY ON HAND FOR FARM LOANS, And furnished immediately upon application. Opera House Block. HAY & RICE C. L. LUND. ESTABLUHBD 1880; J. J. RYAN. (Succesaora to 0. L. LUND.) Seal Estate Dealers, Algona, Iowa. We wish E the REPUBLICAN that we have extraordinary faclll «.ed lands in Northern Iowa."~' — '~"- —-•«"»<" ,, to call on us nt our office In A "AS soon as sprlngopen* we "hare, a large numhtr of customers from ..— _ i roadv to come out and secure a piece of Iowa soil at reasonable prices ;r;;~~~ _ollue and It you want to sell your property tor what It Is worth, don't waste auy time in listing irtth *w., Yours respectfully. LOWD« it Are You Insured? .Against Fire,or'tornadoes ? Is yoiir family; protected, fin case of death, by a. life policy in a solid .ipbnipany ? ' ' '"' *' • • - '"<""• j • A. FRECH,— Of the BANURQFT INSURANCE AGKENCt, submits the following companies' for your consideration. This is the strongest line of companies in any agency in Kossuth county and -does the largest business.. S A11 city policies are issued in Bancroft and can be had on short motice. We can do a more careful business because we •devote our time to it. Creamery and threshing ma•chine insurance a specialty. HT-RT? AND TOENADO CO S Merchants and Bankers of Des Moines JJIB&-AJNIJ XUKWAIJU.^U.O Anchor of Creston. Hanover of New York. • Dubuque Fire and Marine of Dubuque. Fire Association of Philadelphia. Northwestern National'.of Milwaukee. Hockford of Rockford. State of Des Moines. ,, Capital of Des Moines. " , The total assetts of the above, companies is $3.36,678,181.08, according to the Auditors report of Jan. 1,1894. ho advocated the free and unlimited coinage of silver at a ratio of 16 to 1 ahd told how the present legislation had nearly' ruined 5 silver states in tho west and made a very touching appeal in their behalf. He failed however to explain what benefit the Iowa farmer would derive from the prosperity of the silver states. He declared that bullion had no value until it was stamped by the government as money and declared tnat paper was money as much as silver if it had the government stan.p upon it. He was in favor of fiat money and wanted the circulation increased lo «50 per capita'but again failed to explain how it could be put .in circulation unices the farmer and laboring men had value 10 give for the money. The opera house wa about half filled and there was no applause until the close of the speech. He read his speech from manuscript. We imagine he did not make more than 1,000 votes by his speech. Mrs. P. S. Van De Boe, wifeof our former merchant, came up from Des Moines to make a visit with her many .relatives anil friends. Mrs. J.O. Hatch and daughter visited with friends in Bancroft last Monday and Tuesday. The Phonograph man was in' tbwn'this week and on'e of the attractions was a song by Berber J.' L. Johnson which- was- as good as any he had on hand. ! u . Miss'Anna Barslou returned from her visit at "Lesley last ^ eek - ' ''"' l , Dr,. Howe preached' both morriin& s atfc evening at the B'aptiSJt church last Sunday ii^the.ab'senceof KeV. Laidley to attend the ass'ociatipn at'Goidfield. ' '' • Tom "Sherman returned from !*t. Dodge yesterday 'where he had gone to hear Hen ry Watterson speak. • •' Rome Woodworth was expected in Ban croft yesterday to make a visit^'with friends.' ' ; -' 1 "' The.Bancroft Insurance Agency b*as- a ad in this issue with facts therein worth of being read by all. " <f ' The Ladies Aid Society of the 'M. E, church have a sociable at G. W. Skinner's tonight. received, the cyclone stripping the grain off the bundles so that one large stack of wheat brought only eight bushels. We must extend our apology to D' A. [aggard, as we found he had not included lie whole of the damage, only a part, ence, our impertinence. By looking over tho repairing done in he cyclone strip, we find that Plum ireek is kindly assisting the victims. , Husking corn seems to be the leading nterprise just how. News are scarce, but then hurrah for a epublican victory next month. D. Rice has Just finished threshing what the cyclone did not hull out for ilm. QUABTQN,. i A*r LAfy Offlea over KjUirotii Co, Bauk, Postofflco bluoK, ALdnNA, loWAv FENTON. PFNTO»,Oct. 16.—Mr. and Mrs..John Bellinger were made happy by a baby.boy ast Friday. Mother and baby both dong well. • ' Will Henry and Fred Boevers are visitr ng relatives in Illinois. John Hable, one of our nice young men, has jusi got him a new top buggy. Mr. Mentzgave a party to the folks Saturday night The Newell Brothers have been threshing for the last two months. They say they have another month's wprtc to do be? fore they finish up. Corn picking is coming soon/and the people all proclaim having sore.ha,nds. .^The > Fenton co-operative creamery hauled their coal lrom,Burt last/Monday.? \ v.BUFFA^O^FORK. KXI . ,,^.., Mrs. W. P. Giddings and son'Freddie are staying at Fred Ringsdorrs at present. ';. •'., V " • .. . ) f ifj(f{£ A son was .born to Mr, and Mrs. Sam Wiltse, on October 10. Mrs. L. Tibbetts and .son arev T. A. Butterfleld's. - >, .... •Miss Helen Eddy :is on the sick-list. Miss Ruth:'Butterfield is, greatly proving. UNION, , The quilts and other bedding made at Mrs. Minnie Sarchett'S.for the cyclone sufferers go to Mrs. Schweppe. ' Mrs. Emma Ratcllffe, of Waukon, Iowa, is here on a two week's visit to her sister MM. Schryvcr. We hear many compliments of the ac-, curate and full accounts of the recent storm bythe REPUBLICAN. Clarence Salisbury ia nursing two severe boils on his right hand, Jos. Thompson and sister, Mrs. W. P. Holius, have returned from their Missouri 'trip. . ' , . The residence of Mr. Thompson will be greatly improved both in appearance and convenience, in rebuilding. A new porch is added to the front and the yard is being graded up. . • M.-Schenck has begun his house. He saved enough from the house and his two big : barns to rebuild one barn, with the exception of some large: timbers and shingles. Mr. and Mrs. Boevers' marriage certificate was"'found in Mri Fox's cornfield apparently"but little hurt, about two miles from the Boevers home. Also F. L. Wilson found a piece of the siding of Boevers' house on the Ensign place, also a card- Aboard card holder. Silas Schonck returned to his home in .Lincoln', Nebraska, Tuesday. • '•• i ' The'.Sunday School which was -held *at the S'chenck school house before the'cy* 'clone, now meets at the residence 6f A:OD. Bar'r every Sunday at 2 p 1 . m. sharp. ' Tdrs. Myron Schenck spent part' of/last week With her parents at Burt.'< ">'-.- '"." 1 'Mr/'and Mrs/Burt Minter'h^ve returned fromf their wedding trip and 'expect'to'^'gp to housekeeping itiis week." ' "'August Dad istielping his father-iri'Jlaw Mri. Schultz build a hog.h'ouse." .*'< /•••;• *' CTriau has" hi^'buildirigs-ali •'straighten^ 'i| ed"u r p again 1 and the place presents ttie'i&jp-* • peara'nce as before the'cyclone.'' * ' • ,,,. ( ;tfhe 'Reibhoff'Bros'. 1 have thbir buildings] 'nearly all replaced. Thetiinber, however,' DAN80N A BUTLER, LAW, LOAtfS AND LAJtD, ' • , Collections a Spe.'lalty. ' Office in Gardner oowIeS hew building, Algona, E.V.S WETTING. ATTORNE7 AT LAW, Money to AlRoiia, Iowa, S. S. SESSIONS. ' . t * , ATTORNEY AT LAV, , .'i • Leans and Insurance. Special attention given to collections of all kinds, onioe over Uhrlschlllps' store. Aluoua, Iowa. L. K. GARFIELD, M. D., PHYSICIAN AMD 8URQBON, Offlte on' state street, Algona. low*. M. J, KEtfEFlOK, M. D. .Office orer Taylor's store. Aigotia, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Algona, Iowa* s, M. PRIDE; M. r>. J ''•,,.', • -. : -r; «- •Qfflce, oyer , Goeder's Clotnmg Alffona,- i .*'- • jlf - LIFE COMPANIES. • !».'(* Equitable of NewYork. Mutual Life of New York; it. IK. Richmond, Pres, B, F. Smith, Vice rres, A, B. Richmond, 0. J, Lenander, Ass't, Cash. Farmers' & Traders' Savings Bank BANCROFT, IOWA. r the laws of the State ol Iowa. None but borne capital tnver Jed. Author- Foreign'and domestic exchange bought and spld, and a general banking Special attention given to collections. Insurance written. -Steamship toed capital. $50,000- fWBiiiess transacted, „..„ ,. N. E. Sheridan, A. B. Blchmen0, 3, F. Smith, ftwmej Mayne.o. P.Mallory, J.N. ^hefidan. . - ...-•'.• Land, Loan, and Insurance Agency, 'i'i'' " i•; j ' ' . Couuty Attorney Ea/mond and Sheriff Samson were in these parts the first of the week. The Masonic Lodge bad their first regular meeting in their new hall last Wednesday evening and the hall is one of the finest in Northern Iowa. The republicans of Greenwood township held a caucus for the purpose of nominating township officers last night, at Sam Mayne's office, but as wo send our last mail-at 2:45 we cannot give tho nominees till next week. C. E. Martin goes to Minnesota the 19th, next Friday, ' Miss Lela Davison begins her school near Buffalo Center next week. The ladies of the Baptist Aid Society meet with Mrs Brayton this afternoon. At the Sunday morning meeting of the Baptist church a unanimous invitation was extended to the Northern Iowa Bap- tift Associati m to meet here next year in annual session. There is a good chance for the church to secure that honor, There will be a grand public ba.ll at .Jefferson HaU one week from to-night,, The Odel) string band will furnish musjc, *)as. Whalen will be floor manager. Tickets will cost ?},35 each, including supper, The ball is being gotten up by Joe and Henry' WhaJen, p. A, Lonergan and Will T-hpWp', son, The Gpod Tepplars will give ft pfoicken Leo Tibbetts has.been hired-for,another- year by the Buffalo Fork Creamery cpm- pany. •',.-. , •• . ' Mr*,and Mrs.'L. C. Smith and family of Burt,-spenHhe Sabbath at E. ; B, Eddy.!?| A10X pound son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Fired Kingsdorf October 10.. •>,<,-.• i The L. M.S. will meet Tuesday at the church to elect coming year. . their officers , for., the presents' tHe aspect that a strong-wind bfcS; prevailed; but ere spring reaches us I pro/ sum* it \vill all be cleared 'away,; ,and the' timber will look muph thinner-than form-, .erly,, . ' ." ' '"' ' Jno. Eeed-has sold'-his farm <riear< the house to a cousin of,Mr. S'treater's:' ,' } 1 Old Mrs, Hudson is' with her daughter Mrs. M/Godden. , ' '< • ••• ' n •• * r filled. Deals in paints, oiw, lOrington fits.' Algonajow*. C.B.PAUL,M. J)., Regular'Office hours 8 to 12a.m.'. '"V4V«£ ... ,.. t >'f • Residence north of trae*. Pj& ; %8J.OIAy.A~NJ).'$UJt i GJ$Otf,\' C r , v ' ! 1 Consultation'In English and O'erman'." • '"",", ',VA\I , •'• Over Goetch'sstore, Whltteinore,'Iova.,G ' * " ' '. . *»" s! ""' »ft • ,* VJ»ij DR. T*if '" '''', Bstablisbed 1891. A large list of wj)41'andi for sale. Improved farms a»a village for sale or rent, Fwpi iQftns ou Ipng tiro'e ana low rates pf interest, '^'^^^^^•^• fc|fc||| p H i 0|iDi CALL AT THE OFPIOE OF pie supper at t)*e C. J,"Attdersoo hu.'jjdjng, formerly occupied by H. 0. .ttruer, day evening next, Everybody and get a fast class supper. F, W, DjaHe, Qne of the qldest of Bancroft, died last Mp«4»y evwJpg bis residence, His de&tk was cau.sg4 p)'}» -fly by tronbles epRtractedJn t wag a prominent Q. A» B- ro%B, ai-y pext week, , . , p«t to Ws bouse in t ipu^i 8)191$ 3URT. . ', . The " poverti" sociable held at Mr. and Mrs. O. P. McDonald's was a decided success financially and socially, About 180 was cleared and the Y. P. S. C, E, was benefited'that much. Mr. and Mrs. Phillips mourn the .death of their tittle baby. Cholera infantum was the cause attributed, They have the sympathy of the people of Burt. Russel Cook is suffering from an *ttack of heart disease and, for some time has been seriously ill, The Kickapoo Indian Medicine cojppa* ny concluded their stay in our town tjjday and go to Algona, The Presbyterian church }s to be dedicated Sunday next, the finishing and fixtures to be put in this week, . Burt Monitors Edith Bowyer and Net* tie,Benjftmin,' of Algonay gpewt Tuesday- nigljtVith Blanche and Gertie Blade,, ,.. E, j.MurtagtvM. J,-Walsh, 0, P, McDonald and Sidney Cotterell were the delegates-from bere, to the democratic county convention,!,,,G,»g, _. few walnut trees which have grown seed planted only si? years age, wd *,„ ^ just piaked two tm^bels of s$ed. fram tbeifl. ,4bojmcjpgbaby bqy % whiob tips tb,e 1 atteR -••'---'--•"-—^ «-'-— Jf you want a job of . painting, dqne Orr. ' ' ..' ' .. , I II t ..... II • For the nextoix daya-or uqtil further notice I wil.l sejl at way down prices as this is the time of year I -make ray clearing sale.-r-J, B. Office in rear'ol 8wea City Bank.'\'M. <,; -,',,', SweaClty,,] . NOTICE TO YOTBRS, At the regular Sept. 1894 session of the Board of Supervisors It was decided to submit the following questions to a vote of the people at the next general election to be held on the 6th day of Nov. IBM.•'Shall tj^e number of members of the board of Supervisors be increased to seven (7)?',' •iHbaU the county be divided Into Supervisor districts?" "8h, all the sum of seven thousand dollars ; 7 ,(HX), be raised by flt-pwW, *»*& " Diseases'of, Children a Mrs.MeCair — . WM Vn"a»a'?QVpafd county?" That a tax of one and ope half wills o« the dollar shall be levied upon the taxable, propprty of' said county fpr 1895 fQf>al4 PUrpp^e, . ",, ;, AJJJegra} voters of said Bounty T?bo sbal} be In favor of the* fpregping proposition Bbajj repQ'sJt baUpts having written ; printed thereon the following WQr48< tqwi ; "Ppr inoyease of Snflepvtapra, 11 ^, "For Supervisors' -«-••—••• f'Fprlafltax." • ALQQNA lldren a 8peclalty. TO TJ5sIdeM»,-'| i "'£ I'B, Ba?tof t lQ,'«c ) N.^W.;deppt,^^ , PNA;: .:''IQW^'I^ "iTT "IT *"'," "*'T"'! T .t5 1 7i^',nS''5J?^/" T;r - ,,„ •^ -. v ^y nPNl'T^'S ! T*"»»/* 'l'$$^W^rfa 4 " *-1R f $'&T>JPRinV ,*nV T}: , j^$^#iMt*>M. tm rrl^MBiiwieatiiotu IP juUII-WhjR^tra.etlBg,' TOWN

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