The Logan Daily News from Logan, Ohio on April 15, 1963 · Page 4
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The Logan Daily News from Logan, Ohio · Page 4

Logan, Ohio
Issue Date:
Monday, April 15, 1963
Page 4
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.THE WORLD TODAY Steel Firms Keep Eye On 'Charley' By JAMES M\RFOW Axftociated Prr«* Nr»s \nalyst WASHINGTON (AD-There's a delicate reticence in the steel in dustry — an attitude of “Charley, you stick your neck out fir*>t “ — mhich may be coupUxl with tin certainty about whether prices should be raised at all This doesn’t stop them from getting raised, though Last year, just a few hours be fore the US. Steel (orp rais*d pnees and angered President Ken nedy. the Bethlehem Steel fnrr s President F-dmund K Martin was telling his stockholders Bethlehem was trying to hold the line in the face of increasing domestic and foreign competition Shortly afterwards U S Steel boosted its prices, in defiance of Kennedy's desire to hold the line, and what followed wa*> like a Western All but two of the other major steel companies jumped on BLITZ BROTHERS their pomes ami joined the posse They raised prices. t<*o Krom a competitive standpoint, since Martin mentioned it, ihis might have seemed a prime time for the rest of the industry to cut t‘S Steel s throat by not liood mi- prices and underselling the giant But once they raised prices they were in the **ame comjs titive sition as before although higher prices ineanl lugger profits This is where a simple minded economist begins to get pains m the head since it might also seem that the firm which kept prices down would sell more steel and thus wind lip with more profits than if it raised prices and sold less steel At any rate the indignant Ken nedy pressured the steelmakers and all thoM* who raised pnees then dropped them to where they had been They kept their prices by SAKREN there all year Then last Tuesday by a strange coincidence Arthur B Homer, chairman of Bethlehem, was tell mg his stockholders a price in crease now won hi give some im mediate relief'* to the industry Hut he conceded “There s eon sidcrahlc doubt in my mind as to whether the market will support a price increase That same day. last Tuesday, the Wheeling Steel t *» play id ( barley It raised prices on a selective lid of items None of the other companies did They all watched Charley. with his neck out They even refused comment In one case a steel executive said he was surprised This was F. .1 Haley, president of the Al lc heny Ludlum Steel ( orp But another. W E Mullestain. vire president of I.likens Steel < n . act ed like a man who had read Wheeling’s mind He ‘‘.ud “Obviously our feeling is that it is necessary for us to improve our profit position” He said the road to bigger profits lay in raising prices and lowering costs, which is hardly a new idea in business But he didn't say Lukens would raise prices Nobody in the indus try said such a thing Kvcrylxdy The Logan Daily News Publish**! rl 11 1> except Sim*1 tv by 1hr Wavne Nf*uv p.«|nT Company. Logan, Ohio, at *>H !• iv| Main Street Conxolxtaling the U>x king Sentinel, established in' I 8 :t 8 the Otun Di-mo- ( established lH«kl, and The Logan Duth News. WAYNF. W GALVIN Publisher IU1I. Mil.Id.It Editor and Manager L T WFflll Advertising Manager Entered in the Post Offiee of l/>gati, Ohio, as second class mail niatter srns«*!tlPTIf)N TKit MS Hv carrier delivery, 35 cents j»er v crk llv mail In H‘>clclng County and the t<og.m trade area tier sear. $8 I Isewhere in Ohio and 1st and 2nd rones |>er year, $10 Beyond 2nd zone jar sear 9)2 PHONE KV 5-2109 OK F.V 5-2100 AMERICAN REWSMPfl IffltSlHTITTtfES «■ Waited to see what Kennedy did to Charley Kennedy, after keeping the industry wading almost two days, wa* gentler than in 1962 He said it was all right for the steelmak­ ers to raise prices on just some items a selective list—although he didn’t want a general increase But what he wants to see and what he can do a Unit it are dif ferent tilings He doesn’t have a law to stop a selective increase now or a gen- i ral inert ase later And d will be a mirat le of reticence if the steel­ makers. sorting with a selective price Utost. don’t in time make it general It's like tine thing lead mg to another Sim * Wheeling, playing Charley didn't get its neck chopped off, it seemed safe to go outdoors Anti Sunday Lukens announced it would raise prices on a selective list of steel items If the other steel firms follow suit, the Steelworkers’ t'mon, which did without a direct pay increase last year in order to com ply w ith Kennedy's request to hold the price wage line, looks like a lead pipe (inch to demand higher wages. This then may set off one of those inflation spirals, since the steel industry sets the pace for other industries Non-Mcdicol Employes Picket Newark Clinic NF.WAHK. Ohio (A I*» - Non medical employes, unhappy over recent policies and actions at Newark hospital, began picketing the hospital Saturday. A spokes man for the Central Ohio Public Employes District Council 53 said picketing would continue How ever, no strike or disruption of service was planned Carl Holt, Council 53 representative, said Newark Hospital Work ers I/ical 1170 was protesting dis missal of a woman employe and refusal of hospital officials to talk contract terms Hospital Admin istrator Richard Athey countered that the firing was justified and that federal law does not require a hospital to negotiate with a union. HAL BOYLE SAYS BLONDIE ly** i want ^ ( TO KNOW A0OUT ) Ht» -r--/ ( geography J v * :;X* S ' \ T" BARNEY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH YE g —( HEERED . A RIGHT zr I WUZ UP IN TM' HIGH FIELD PLOWIN', PAW, AN’ I THOUGHT I HEERED YE HOLLER —/ THAR'S A ( DADBURN DRAFT BRINGING UP FATHER ETTA KETT LITTLE ANNIE ROONEY ^ __ HONEST, KU*T- YOU ~"v'. ' J SHOULDN'T OJ&HTA SET MAP AT MR. FJNG FOR THE WAY HE TALKS"J HE ONLY SOUHPS r THANKS A LOT- THANKS A BG LOT FOR SUCH A 5WERT WARM GREETING AFTER GOCH A LONG,COOL ABSENCE// OH, PLEASE - I PlPN'T MEAN IT TO 50UNP BAP! ITS ONLY THAT YOU SOUNP BAD WHEN YOU'RE NOT REALLY BAP/ _ OH, GEE- I'M JUST MAK7N' IT J worse / f Possum Hollow mrs h.usTtvERsoN Average Is Sick Jo Days A Year Good For Thought Doesn’t make any difference how had you may be there still i«* some good in you And regard less of how good you are. there is still some bad in you Shut In Sharon Reeves, daughter of Mr and Mrs Frank Reeves, is eon fined to her bed for some time Please send her a card Her ad dress is Rockbridge Rt 1 Visits From Cleveland Mr>- Betty Carpenter and fam ily visited Mr and Mrs C D Beavers for a few days Personals Mrs Jane Keller and family were Friday callers. Mr and Mrs C I) Beavers and Barly visited in South Perry Thurs day. Mr and Mrs Ron Flowers anil family visited Monday evening at the Stiverson home Mr and Mrs Jerry Bennett and family. Mr and Mrs Boh Spring er and family and Mr and Mrs Ramon Bighain and family were Saturday evening callers at the F lowers home in Logan Sunday supper guests of Mr and Mrs II I. Stiverson were Mrs (Hive Lindsey and daughters Audrey. F’.tta and Vicki, Mrs Ruth Bussart and children Annette, Tony anil Jeff, Mr and Mrs Jerry Stiverson. Mr and Mrs Bob Springer and family and Roger Morgan Grandma Kiner is somewhat improved She is residing at Patterson Rest Home in Columbus Dorothy Bowsher and Rosie Green were Thursday callers of Mr and Mrs Ros Mathias Alta Beaver and Becky Stiv«*r son shopped in I. o g a n Friday morning. Miss Gliek called on FTfir Stiverson Thursday. Ktta and Vicki Lindsey visited Jennie and Helen Tucker Sunday. Mrs Hester Tate and Jo Ann l ink called on Becky Stiverson Mondav evening TODAY In History By T1IK ASSOCIATED PRESS Today is Monday, April 15, the K)5th day of 1963. There are 260 days left in the year Today’s highlight in history: On this day in 1912, the steamship Titanic struck an iceberg in the North Atlantic and sank with a loss of 1,513 lives The vessel, Iwmnd from Liverpool to New York, was on its maiden voyage and carried 2,224 persons. On this day: In 1638, Fmglish settlers arrived at what is now New Haven, Conn. In 1817, the New York Ix*gis lature authorized construction of the Erie Canal. In 1904, a hero award fund of $6 million was established by steel magnate and philanthropist An drew Carnegie. In 1952, President Harry S. Truman signed the Japanese peace treaty officially ending World War 11 . In 1959, President Dwight I) Eisenhower announced the resignation of Secretary of State John Foster Dulles because of failing health. Today’s birthday: Painter Thomas Hart Benton is 74. Thought for today: Don’t put too fine a point to your wit for fear it should get blunted-—Cervantes. Bv II \I. BOVI E NEW YORK (AP) — Things a columnist might never know if he didn’t open his mail: If you are si* k fewer than 16 days a year, you're healthier than the average American. Do you snore habitually? Some 22 million Americans do. although 21 million of them probably deny it. Tip to housewives: When you wish to reheat meat cooked rare, cover it with leaves of lettuce to avoid getting it too well done. Modern health measures are making motherhood much safer. In 1925 the death toll during pregnancy an*l childbirth was 65 of every 10,000 mothers Now it's less than five per 10,000. Christopher Columbus was no speed demon He averaged 29 miles an hour on his first trip to America. Other quotable notables: “It is indeed desirable to lie well descended but the glory belongs to our ancestors ”—Plutarch History lesson It isn't true that the White House is a haven for intellectual mediocrity. At least 11 IS presidents were members of Phi Beta Kappa, scholastic honor fraternity. Go West, young lady, if you’re looking for a rich husband We are informed one out of every thousand persons m Casper. Wyo , is a millionaire—or was. Those good old days? Ohio spent 52 a year on each of its public sc hool pupils—hack in 1853 Prosperity note: Businessmen 37th Division Changed Again 3-Brigodc ROAD Concept Is Adopted COLUMBUS, Ohio (AIM—Ohio’s 37th Infantry Division has completed its second major overhaul in five years. Division Commander Maj (Jen I/>ren G. Windom has announced. The change molds the National Guard division into the new ROAD division concept which centers the infantry fighting force around three brigades Since 1959 the division has been organized under the pentomic structure of five infantry battle groups. Undor the new plan brigade headquarters will lie located in Columbus. Cleveland and Toledo. The Columbus unit commander is Col Vernon B McMillen The Cleveland brigade headquarters is commanded by Col. Merton R. Day and the Toledo unit is commanded by Col. George F\ (iraf. The ROAD division calls for the 37th to have six infantry battalions, two armored battalions and five artillery battalions, including one which fires the Honest John rocked. Also two infantry battalions are attached to the 37th, In another change. Brig Gen. Wilbur H F'ricke of Waynesburg, formerly the division artillery commander, joins Brig. Gen. Herbert B. Eagon as assistant division commander. Col. T. Dye Barnhouse of Columbus is the new artillery commander The new concept gives the division more firepower and greater flexibility. 18 Persons Are Routed By 'Molotov Cocktail' CLEVELAND (AP)— Eighteen persons were made homeless in a fire that gutted part of a two- story brick building and caused an estimated $11,500 damage. Arson investigators started a probe after being told someone threw a bottle containing flammable liquid (Molotov cocktail) through the window of an apart ment suite Sunday night. Jesse Younger, the occupant of the second floor suite where the* fire broke out, told firemen he had no idea what was behind the incident who expect to hire a college engineering graduate from the Class of 1963 can probably get him for a $600 a month offer—if the fringe benefits also tempt him. Life is getting easier all the time: You can now buy an electric carving knife for only $27 98 F’ast talk The French are reported to be among the fastest speakers in the world, averaging a reported 350 syllables a tmn ute American men speak about 105, American women 175 Keep your child on his feet. The famous heart doctor, Paul Dudley White, in advocating the benefits of exercise, warns that hardening of the arteries begins in boys as early as the age of 12. Maybe this will help you feel bigger: Approximately 99 per cent of all living things are smaller and weaker than man The perils of authorship; llon- ore de Balzac, the French novelist. died exhausted at 51. It was estimated he consumed 50,000 cups of coffee while turning out 350 books. DAILY CROSSWORD Boy, 13, Is Wounded By Accidental Gunshot CLEVELAND (AP) — Daryl Adams. 13, was hospitalized today with a gunshot wound police said hi1 suffered when a companion accidentally fired a 22 - caliber rifle. Daryl, son of Mrs Ann Adams of Parma, was visiting a school chum Sunday when the gun went off Police quoted the boy who fired the shot as saying he was showing the rifle to Adams and two other boys when his finger slipped onto the trigger accidentally. r^vX,l0 Ohio Girl Is Crowned As 'Miss Teen U.S.A.' BlIRBANK. Calif. (AP) — A pretty Ohio teenager is reigning happily as “Miss Teen U.S.A.” today. Judy Adams, 16. broke into tears Saturday night when she was announced as the winner over five other finalists. She was chosen as the girl who typifies the best in American youth. Her prizes include a new car, a part in a Hollywood movie, a $1,000 wardrobe, a Canadian vacation and a year's supply of beauty kids and cosmetics. Her parents are Mr. and Mrs. Karol Adams of Parma, a Cleveland suburb. ACROSS 1. U. S. aoldier: mil si. 6. Tangled maaa 11 Perfect 12 African pygmy antelopes 13 Vent 14 Lifts 15 Classify 16 Zealous 17. TV s ----Williams 19 To blunder 21 Took possession by force 27. French sculptor 29. More infrequent 80. Hot gushing springs 32. Pert, to malt drink 33. To merit 35. Potatoes: dial. 40. Related 43. Biblical mount 44. Cows 45 Mythical King of Crete 46. Harass 47. Oblique 48. Remains of a wood fire DOWN 1. Main point 2 . Lazily 3 Risk 4 Made of oats, as cookies 5. City train 6 Bellow 7. Dry 8 A workbench aid 9. Man s name 10 Itemize 14. Tiny amounts 18 Sand hill 19 Unit of work 20 Spawm of fish 22 Either bear: astron. 23. Sun Jpxl 24. Frolicsome 25. Lamprey 26 Not wet 28. Part of "to be" 31. Remainder nstsrdsjr’a Aaawa* 34 Scratches 38. Metal 35. Scotchman's caps 36. External seed coating 37. African river (Kenya) 39. The Orient 41. Arrowhead poison 42. Ensnares 46. Bachelor of Arts degree: abbr. TELEVISION PROGRAMS (Bold face type denotes color programs) Monday, April 15, 1963 CHANNEL 4 CHANNEL 6 CHANNEL 10 p.m. (WLW-C) (WTVN-TV) (WBNS-TV) 5:00 MovieMickey MouseFlippo the Clown 5:30 Movie Cartoons Flippo the Clown 6:00 MovieMaverick Dinner Theater 6:25 Home Edition Maverick Weather 6:30 Home F-dition Maverick Traffic Court 6:45 NBC News Maverick Traffic Court 7:00 Jamboree Dakotas Chet Long 7:15 Jamboree Dakotas News 7:30 Monday Movie Dakotas To Tell Truth 8:00 Monday Movie Shannon I’ve Got A Secret 8:30 Monday Movie Rifleman Lucy Show 9:00 Monday Movie Stoney Burke Danny Thomas 9:30 Art Linkletter Stoney Burke Andy Griffith 10:00 Brinkley Journal Ben CaseyAdv. in Paradise 10:30 Viewpoint Ben Casey Adv. in Paradise Tuesday, April 16, 1963 CHANNEL 4 CHANNEL 6 CHANNEL 10 p.m. (WLW-C) (WTVN-TV) (WBNS-TV) 5:00 Movie Mickey Mouse Flippo the Clown 5:30 Movie Cartoons Flippo the Clown 6:00 Movie Bronco Dinner Theater 6:25 Home Edition Bronco Weather 6:30 Home Edition Bronco Outdoors 6:45 NBC News Bronco Weather 7:00 Jamboree Ripcord Chet Long 7:15 Jamboree Ripcord News 7:30 Laramie Combat House Divided 8:00 Laramie Combat Lloyd Bridges 8:30 Empire Hawaiian Eye Red Skelton 9:00 Empire Hawaiian Eye Red Skelton 9:30, Dick Powell Untouchables Jack Benny 10:00 Dick Powell Untouchables Garry Moore 10:30 Chet Huntley Sid Caesar Garry Moore TELEVISION - RADIO By CYNTHIA LOWRY Associated Press TV-Radio Writer Brunswick Fire Chief Gets 5-Day Suspension MEDINA, Ohio (AP) — Brunswick F’irc Chief Carlton F'rdman is under five days suspension for using the city’s new emergency vehicle without the permission of the safety service director. Duane Fish, the safety director, said Sunday night he suspended the chief Saturday because he used the vehicle before it was fully equipped. Fish said a fully trained rescue squad member is supposed to man the vehicle and the department’s squad is still in training. Ottawa County Liquor Store Is Burglarized PORT CLINTON, Ohio (AP)— An inventory was being made today to determine the value of the loot burglars took from the state liquor store at Elmore in Ottawa County. Missing after a preliminary check Sunday were nine or ten cases of liquor which had been packed for consignment to other stores. The Highway Patrol said the burglars broke a glass in the front window to get in. NEW YORK (AP) - Television makes travel so easy and inexpensive. Sunday night, for instance. ABC took us on a full hour tour of the Vatican, complete with glimpses of the Pope, a look at the Sistine Chapel and access to private chapels and chambers closed to ordinary visitors We saw and heard Pope John XXIII as he sat in his private study. The idea was to showr a day at the Vatican starting with opening the gates by the Swiss Guard. It was a reverent and earnest program although it was not done with much imagination. The “Bob Hope Show” Sunday night devoted its major sketches to wary spoofs of television hospital shows and a pointless bit about congressional investigating committees. It was rather an off night for the comedians. The latter half of the program was given over to handing out awards by a television magazine. It was not explained how five or six shows or performers were nominated originally, but readers voted, among others, “Beverly Hillbillies” their favorite new series: "Bonanza” favorite series; Richard Chamberlain, favorite male star, and Carol Burnett, favorite female star. NBC is building lots of attractive acting talent into next season’s “Richard Boone Show,” a series of hour-long dramas to be performed by a repertory company. Among the permanent members of the company will be Lloyd Bochner. who was something of a hit in "Hong Kong” for two seasons; Bethel Leslie, one of television’s busiest and most attractive guest stars; Harry Morgan, half of “Pete and Gladys” and a popular character in “December Bride,” and Jeanette Nolan, wife of “Wagon Tram’s” John McIntyre, who has been a guest star in many a series, including her husband’s. Boone will serve as host on the Tuesday night series and act in all of them—sometimes as star and sometimes, in good repertory style, as a minor character. Recommended tonight: David Brinkley’s ‘‘Journal,” NBC, 1010:30 (EST)—a look at the legend of Wyatt Earp and at the sales of desert land in the southwest.

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