The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 17, 1966 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1966
Page 12
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Concert Assn. Member Drive The annual membership drive of the Kossuth Community Concert Association began here Monday with a kick-off supper at the Congregational church. The drive for new members will end this Saturday with a meetine at the hitrh school Annp» at 3:30 p. m» when concerts for the 1966-67 season will be selected. Shown at campaign headquarters at Bjustrom Furniture here are, left to right, seated, Fran Grantham, secretary, Mrs. Kyle Keith, membership chairman, Mrs. Ted Smith, co-chairman of membership, and Mrs. Ed Gilmore, volunteer worker. Standing is Len S. Exum, New York representative for the booking agent. Anyone interested in joining the association, which will present four concerts during the coming season, may stop in at the headquarters today, tomorrow from noon to 9 p. m. and Saturday from 9 a. m. to noon or call 295-7143. One of the following volunteer workers will also be happy to serve you in Algona and surrounding areas: Mrs. Wes Bartlett, capt,, Mrs. John Schutter, Mrs. Helen Mikes, Corrine Shimel, Mrs. George Sefrlt, Mrs. James Dodds, Mrs. Kirk Hayes, Mrs. Russell Guster, Mrs. Richard Mawdsley, Mrs. Carl Nelson Mrs. Donald Trupke. Mrs. Ron Taylor, capt., Mrs. Jerry Leaneagh, Mrs. Tom Cogdall, Mrs. Mel Bay, Mrs. John Hayes, Mrs. James Chalstrom, Mrs. Jim Cowan, Mrs. Albert Pergande, Mrs. Jerry Anderson, Monica Storr. Mrs. Nat Bangs, capt., Mrs. Floyd Holt, Mrs. Keith Christie, Mrs. Art Olson, Mrs. Charles Hlnken, Mrs. Frank Moulton, Mrs. Richard Hurt, Mrs. Karl KUlsholm, Mrs. Earl Lierley, Mrs. Rex Taylor, Mrs. Wm. Kraft. Mrs. Verne McClure, capt., Mrs. Gary Everist, Mrs. Dean Koob, Mrs. Jack Limbaugh, Mrs. Ed Gilmore, Mrs. John Love, Mrs. W. B. McDonald, Mrs. James Whittemore, Mrs. Allan Knlep, Steve George and Eunice peters. Out-of-town workers are Edmund O'Brien, Whittemore; Florence Reynolds, Titonka; 'Mrs. D. J. Welp and Mrs. R. J. Welp, Bancroft; Mrs. Paul Erdman, Wesley; Frank Ryerson, Burt; Mrs. Arnold Hill, Bode; Mrs. Raymond Stone, LuVerne, and Wilhelmina Harms, West Bend. (UDM Polaroid Flashfoto) IIIIIIIIHIIMIH Throw rugs is a good name .for those little mats scattered here and there In strategic places - places where there Is more wear on the carpeting, or on polished floors. First you throw them here and there, then they throw you here and there, and now Mrs. Julius Peterson is going to THROW them out, regardless of the saving they may do to her carpeting. She tripped on one March 26 and broke her wrist - the right one, of course, to make the injury as uncomfortable as possible and leave her more handicapped then had it been the left one. In spite of it, she and her husband went to Royal the following day to spend it with their daughter Lucille and husband, Harold Anderson. Well, if Maggie Pannkuk a few years ago could take a broken wrist to Florida, Mary can take hers to Royal. They will heal just as quickly in one place as another. * * * Well, you've seen the TV man who takes his sinuses to Arizona. I know a person who is taking a couple of \very small pressure spots to Florida via infra red light applications and getting excellent results. She can't convince any doctor the fat she doesn't need frontally should be transferred posteriorly. * * * Having written about the letter from Mrs. Delores Walker of Natchez, Miss, inquiring about the Crose and Erickson families, it has come to me that the name of "Thomp" Grose's son was Joy. Just in case someone does know about the Erickson or Erricson, Sever of Norway and taken from an 1870 census I will mention the names she gave Sever, Anna Erric born in Norway, Annie, Lena, Herman, Julia, Ole In Wisconsin and Lewis and Mary of Iowa. * * * Enclosed with the letter was one from Myrtle johannsen, who with her husband Hans is spending the winter at Phoenix. Of interest to Algonans was this paragraph. "Hazel Vera and Mabel Livingston came to call on us the other evening, Mrs. Livingston doesn't live too far from us at Apache Junction. Lela peck Stewart Mendenhall's daughter is being married in phoenix tomorrow," i wonder if it is Leona she was writing about. "purwQod" (the Jo- hanngen's son at Waverly) is remodeling the store while we are gone, Hans hasn't played too much golf. }t has been too cold," * * * Alaska, where he is in service, have a son born Feb. 18 and he has been named Charles Todd, a husky ten-pounder, born three days before his parents' wedding anniversary and four days after his father's birthday. His father has been called "Chuck" most of his life, the new baby will probably be Charles and Charley will probably be left to Charles number I in his mother's first, famiiy.'•"We'li,»"who ever heard anything but "Chuck" Nicoulin, Charley Murtagh and Charles Lathrop ? * * * I have a timely suggestion to one of Algona's popular matrons, "read before entering." She might get into serious trouble I * * * • We have two Vivas here. One is Viva Giddings of the LuVerne area, one a former cor respondent for the Wesley paper. One is pronounced Veyeva and one Veeva. I learned which is which, it's Veeva Lease and Veyeva Giddings. * * * First flower news - Mrs. Earl Sheppard says her tulips are peeping out and Bernice Schoby says her crocuses are up. Hurray for spring! Anyone have a first mosquito to report ? * * * More reports of memories of "If the Man in the Moon were a Coon" from Paul Palmer and Mrs. Leo Nurre phoned me from Whittemore that her mother, Mrs. Walsh of Lone Rock used to sing it to her. * * * Along with the other "firsts", I'll report a picnic held at the Ambrose call State park Feb. 27 by the Ed Gilmore and Nat Bangs families. They report it a lot of fun, plus a lot of chicken, plenty of fires to keep warm and even the very light snowfall didn't dampen their enthusiasm. * * * about confusion - Who is going to taow who ii being talked to? Charles palmer was married % little over a year a$o to a widow with three oMWreo named p«iy, jeajws and Charles, Now she and Charles Palmer, Fairbanks, What's the world coming to ? Boys wearing earrings and girls wearing pants I Yet, I was reading one of the Apostle Paul's letters in which he admonished women to wear long hair and men to cut theirs, yet the pictures of Christ always show shoulder length hair and all the men of the Bible are pictured with hair that length. Paul, a bachelor, had a lot to say about things of which he was ignorant - like an old maid or bachelor telling parents how to raise their children, * .*• * gada and Yallo Naudain were at Elmore, recently epewiin* a day with her sister, Blanche and Clarence MaJand, There is a hedge with berries and Zada said the cardinals were having a feast, some of the birds were different colored and she couldn't figure the whys and wherefores. Guess we'd, better get a bird book and further our education. I'll bet Frank Ryerson could tell us. * * * Marie Ogren asked me the other day where the Jim Wychors are now. I don't know. Who does and will call her? He roomed with her when he first came here to manage KLGA and she thought he was such a fine fellow. She has had Christmas greetings from him from time to time but didn't this year. Editor's note - Jim is employed by a station at Worthington, Minn, * * * A\iray goes' another of my favorite TV programs according to reports from ABC in this morning's paper (March 2), Ozzie and Harriet Nelson. Yet, some darned old western or goofy program will be left. * * * 1 don't know when Alice Anderson of Bancroft was brought here but I met her yesterday. When I asked her if she had known my uncle Bert Goddard her face lighted up and she smiled, "Oh yes" and said they went to the same church.. * * * Thank you, Helen Lusby Witmer, for your note. Where have all the years gone since I knew you as a little girl ? * * * Anybody going there ? Flashed in plane landing at Las Vegas "Fasten your money belts." Former Ledyard Lady Married In Wisconsin LEDYARD- Relatives and friends here have received announcement of the marriage of Mrs. Maxine Nitz and Raymond Anderson of Rosendale, Wis., which took place Feb. 12 at Rosendale . Mr. Anderson is a plant superintendent for Green Giant and has been transferred from Rosendale to Glencoe, Minn. - o- Janis Goetz, who has been employed for the past year and half in Lawrence, Kansas, began nursing duties at the Blue Earth hospital Monday, Mrs, J. G.Swartzell, mother of Mrs, Elvln Carpenter, was a patient in Blue Earth hospital for several days last week for tests. Lawrence Ternes was dismissed from the Holy Family hospital Wednesday and Mrs. Glenn Lloyd from the Blue Earth hospital Tuesday. Mrs, George Thompson is spending a few days visiting at the Janette and Charlotte Mason home In LuVerne, Mr. and Mrs, John vokoun and Shirley were Sunday dinner guests at the home of her mother, Mrs. fred Junkermeier. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Goetz and Janis, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Goetz and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Beenken and family and Mr. and Mrs. Art Wirtjes were at the Roger Goetz home Sunday to help Karen celebrate her eighth birthday, Friday morning, the girls' basketball teams, cheerleaders and Coach Dennis Barber, Mrs. Hibbard and Mrs. WUma MacKinnon left to attend the final games in the girls state basketball tournament in Des Moines. Tuesday visitors at the Edw. Looft home were Mr. and Mrs. Leon Brandt and daughter and Mrs. Lydia Brandt of Zearing. Members of the Grace circle of the Bethany Evangelical and Reformed church spent Thursday and Friday painting the ladies Craig Runksmeier, five year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Runksmeier, was a surgical patient at St. Mary's hospital, Rochester, from Wednesday until Saturday. Mrs. E. A. carpenter, Heart Fund drive chairman reported that $86 had been collected in the town of Ledyard for the Heart Fund. Those assisting Mrs. Carpenter were Mrs. Tony Kollasch, Mrs. Fred Button, Mrs. Everett Thompson, Mrs. Lloyd Jorgenson, Mrs. Harold Warner and Mrs. Dallas Green. Mrs. Zllphy Hardt spent several days last week visiting Mrs. Elmer Anderson at Elmore. While there she attended the Ladies Aid at Shiloh Lutheran church and also visited Mrs. Lola Eichhom. Mrs. George Thompson and Mrs, Fred Junkermeier visited Mrs. Georgia Thaves, Bill Becker and Ernest Ploeger at the Heritage Home In Bancroft Saturday. Mrs. Anna Togersen was admitted to the Buffalo Center hospital Monday as a medical patient. Dean Logemann, Marshalltown, spent the weekend at the parental Melvin Logemann home. Mrs. Dallas Green was admitted to the Blue Earth hospital Monday as a medical patient. Her sons, Roger and Bill, Ames, spent the weekend here. Friday evening guests at the Ed Looft home to help Mrs. Looft celebrate her birthday were Mr. and Mrs. William Mather and Billy, Mr. and Mrs, William Knoner and Mr, and Mrs. Keith Knoner and Kevin, Mrs. Richard Snyder, who is attending school at Cedar Falls, spent the weekend at home. Mrs. J. F. Sullivan and Jeremiah visited at the R. C. Ne- hotte home in Minneapolis from Thursday until Saturday evening. Thursday evening they attended the confirmation of Susan Nehotte and Saturday called on the Ernest Burrows in St. Paul. Mr. and Mrs. Gary Spear and family were received into membership at the Methodist church here Sunday. Sunday dinner guests of Mrs. Edith Trenary were Mr. and Mrs. Francis Schiltz and family, Mrs. Alma Mulligan and Daniel of Bancroft, Maxine Busch of Algona, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Busch and family, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Trenary of Burt, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Ottman of Swea City, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Trenary of Armstrong and Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Hagedorn and family. Sunday, Mr. an! Mrs. Bob Jorgenson and girls and Mr. and Mrs. Gftry Cotnrrier and Dawn of Kiester were guests at the Tom Rasche home in Fairmont to help the ladies mother Mrs. Agnes Zlelske, celebrate her birthday which was Monday. Mrs. MaryCassem and Palmer have moved from the farm they lived on west of Swea City to the home they recently purchased in Lakota. Nancy Herzog has accepted a position at the Star Lake Girls camp at Bloomlngdale, New Jersey, as director of water safety instruction. The camp is owned and operated by the Salvation Army. She is to begin her work June 21. Nancy is a physical education major and a junior at Northwestern College in Orange City, Mr. and Mrs. Melbourne Haag attended the wake of her grandfather, Harry Bode at Algona Sunday night. Funeral services were held at Algona Tuesday. Foot Broken BANCROFT - Arthur Menke received an injury to his left leg and foot when he tried to pry something loose which was frozen to the ground. He tried to loosen the object by kicking it, his foot slipped, fracturing a bone. ttiurtdot, March 1?, 1966 AlfilW, <l*4 Upjrtf 0*4 Moffttftl lUDAtftml rest room at the church. Enjoy An Evening of Fun And Harmony At The 7th Annual Barbershoppers Parade Show AT ALGONA HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM Saturday, April 16 8:00 P.M. Featuring 2 CHAMPION QUARTETS MID-STATES FOUR & ASTRO-NAUGHTS with the Kossuth Chorus and Local Quartets Get tickets now from any Barberihopper or reserved seats at Rusk Drug in Algona. 21-23-25-27 ALGONA HIGH BULLDOGS ON THE BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT TRAIL FOLLOW THE ACTION ON KLGA Radio New Minimum Standard DEDUCTIONS On Your INCOME TAX Th«r« ort now rota BftTU and regulation* on •»*" lot* of things b*ttd*i flDIRAl quadruplet*, toe. Ut AND our fait, dependable tax men flgur* your return and Iniure you o! maximum benefit*. Drop In thlt evening. aUARANTtf! STATI G irattt Tax $«rvl«« With Ov«r 1,000 OffkMj 101 North Moor* ALOONA, IOWA »«k Oiy* — 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. PHONf NO APPOINTmNT NECBSARY AAMIMMMMMMAMMMfMft BASEBALL SEASON Will Soon Be Here! 25c WILL LAY AWAY THE BALL GLOVE OF YOUR CHOICE 1 i IT'S KITE TIME ! LARGE STOCK OF KITES AND STRING PRICED FROM $2.98 TO $10.95 EXCELLENT QUALITY LEATHER RIGHTHANDERS OR LEFTYS ALL STYLES SEE OUR FINE SELECTION 1966 MODELS BOMGAARS Ben Franklin i GERALD, BOB, SHERRl, A VI BOMOAARS AMMMMAMMMAMM I Your electric water heater gives you hot water when you want It, when you need it • It's the temperature you, It's easy to install, inexpensive to operate. It's another way to live better the modern way ... electrically! Algona Municipal Utilities i

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