The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on October 17, 1894 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 17, 1894
Page 5
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MATTERS. at Ladeoddtit ? 8. r Be St fcfet speech to^tnoftow hight ^ wwi ^ „„„„ 10 w „,,„„» 0dS&sile at JiW. Tayltft's Satatdarlffoftwttow ewftjftj^Oogto llip tiew abstract firm will Vtf-i be Haj£ If you need a Hew latnij «o,&Jthe Of>1% House Grocery. -** „ Geo. Hunter has sold bis liVery barn td Hager Bros., of Sexton. Do you want R8od ttitfe Butbaftk potatoes? Go to the Opera House Groc- J. J, Wilkinson arid family are do&> iclled in the Grove! house, on east State itfeet. , ... . Andrews Opera company has been booked by Manager Haggard for the flight Of JXOVi li . The World company filled for Thursday night, went to pieces and the play was declared off. See the advertisefcrmt in another column of that hustlitiptoaiture man. A. D. McGregor. l v ' '' Everybody should go to the auditor's office and get a Russian thistle bulletin. We are all interested, James Cowan is pushing-the work on the Gflmore brick, Which is going to be a very handsome building. Mr Stacy sa'ys that the wheat grown fa Kossuth county this year is as good as grown anywliere in the world. A regular meeting of the ladies of the Algoiia Library Association will be held Friday, at three o'clock, at the Beading Boom. Prof. Gilchrist will occupy the Congregational pulpit Sunday morning. It will be pleasant to hear the Professor's voice iu Algona again. Bev. A. VV Gorrell's subject for Sun- dav morning! , "Christ Presenting our 1 Praym." Evening:' ''The Besult of the'first Christian Sermon/' Auditor Doxsee has received from the State Agricultural College a consignment of Bussian Thistle bulletins for/ jtribution. Call and get some. . T| J Hey wood concert at the Congreg- afto] ,il church Saturday night was one of the best ever given in Afyona. Every member of the company is an artist. , , There will be a character social in the 1. O. G. T, hall Saturday evening, October 20. All are cordially invited to attend and take part. Admission, 10 cents. County Treasurer Spencer desires i taxpayers to be reminded that taxes become delinquent and are advertised November first. Now is .the time to payup^ Eev. Carter, of Clear Lake filled the Congregational pulpit in Algona very acceptably last Sunday, Bev. Davidson preaching in Mr. Carter's church at Clear Lake. S. 0. Spear has developed a very respectable limp as the result of a runaway on^Thorington street that was amusing/to everyone who saw it v except Mr. Spear, - x - ,ifo B'-lMatsou wasjup at'^Lake, ,MUls one day last week on business, but incidentally neto'ok id Congressman Dol^ liver's speech, which he avers was the finest be ever beard. '•' In the. window of Stu,dley's Drug a neat display of artists materials and also specimens of the work of Mrs, E. W. Goodner, instructor in 011 and pastel work. . * B. N: Weaver got the first grist of low grade flour turned out by the Stacy * mill with its new machinery and he says it made bread good enough to give a reputation to the best. B. W. Haggard was off his bed Sunday for the first time in twenty-two ; days. He has had a severe run of ty- ; phoid fever but is coming out all right under the care of Dr. Kenefick. '" 1 , Some idea of' the flong time \vhich t Oliver Wendell Holmes was in public *•. ,H£e oa'u be had from.'the fact.tbat Dr, - Hudson heard kim lecture in, Massachusetts in 18^0, just fifty-four years ago. - Regular meeting of James C. Taylor WVB, C. will be held Thursday after- ; noon at S o'clock sharp, A full attendance is desired, as matters of importance are to <?ome, before tb.e : corps, ; The attention of the population of '• Northern -Kossuth is palled to the (Change made this.week in Jake Freeh's i ad. There will be'no change He 'is still' the" irresistable evangelist of sound insurance. §purbQck & Lambert received orders - three large tanks Thursday evening, were ready to be sent ont ber ky noon* They 4o their work and are working up a big creamery supplies, > . ^ ., „. p, McElroy filled the Baptist it 3pjGidj*y morning* and evening; .-• _i—•—-AJi j.jjg pastor -at the '^s* fill 'the Metbudist ?8 services, Bev. tdJHHT tiW ««t CTHiH WpOKf ^im^m^xytm^ -* SK * J »ttd«mwi^«««. have be»tt J>ued Hohen- A. Duttoh aftd Maggie A. W.'Bffltt**tt » liifi, Wes FniQioach, v , ** • ovmj **>*. •»!»« ..t»* F "«» VVfitfht, fthd Michael H&gah and tCfttie Ufl€ll.' i * ttiltiS 18 to §4J«&k !IL AtflMa «a^^TOSV5 *.^^™««^«l*Jw^«™'^T* ff ^ ^ mr j~^r-'*T 72i_^ T ^ f gi^^^a^d^- %ill be the first r^hubii'can ftneech of tfie catnpaigh in AlRoha, and the re- ])ublicana should celebrate theetetit by giving the speaker an overflowing house. The Kickapoo medicine compatiy is With US again, and Sagwa id haw the great elite for suckers. It is a, marvel how these things be. The alarming prwaletice of tturtas would suspected if these people did not come around occasionally, The statement of the Fifst National Bank of Al«ona» published in tiie, ; Ra* PUBticAK this week, exhibits an enviable condition of soundness and pros' perifcy, The Fifst National is one of the best managed and most successful institutions in Northwest Iowa* The Osterbauer family, in Ifvington township, which has had one death from diphtheria, and which had a number of others 'of its members down with the disease, is reported to be getting the better of it. Those sick are recovering and there are no new cases., The next play at the Opera HoUse ,will be "The End of World," Which is to be presented on the 24th* When the U. D. M. announced, last week, tbat We end of the world would come otr the 24th it did not refer to Harvey's wedding, Tbat is to be on the 23d, Advertised letters: Mrs. Lon Anderson, Alexander Abib, Miss Louisa Budde, Mrs. Hugh Brunson, Alburt Frrow, Miss Emily Green, Miss Mari Mergen, Miss Mary L. Johnson, Herman Krause, Adam Palmer, Mrs. J. W. Smith, F. A. Schultz, Bev. Ohauncy Taylor, Miss Matilda Vawam, Mr. : M. O. Perry, Mrs. A. B, Smith. Harper's Weekly of Oct. 18 devotes a page to the cyclone which swept over Northein Iowa and Minnesota on the night of Sept. 21st. Among the views given are tWo supplied by Algona artists, one showing the remains of the Schenck school house and the other the wreckage of Geo Boeyers' house. The other four views are from the town, of Le Boy, Minnesota. Supervisor Chubb reports that the necessities of the cyclone belt have been attended to in ihe main. Some of the cycloned are getting into their new houses, however; aud will need furniture. There is still call for assistance such as ^neighbors can give, and the ladies do not feel that they are at the end of their work. Many cases calling for sympathy are reported by the latter. , ' The State Grange last week honored itself by the re-election of M. De L Parsons of this pluce to the position of State;Lecturer. Mr. Parsons is a man of ability and standing and is highly inspected by everybody. A.B. Judson, of Silver City, was elected Master. Algona has:continuousl,y held an influential position in the State Grange, as it was entitled to do by virtue of the success of Algona Grange. . Mrs. Swan Peterson was yesterday brought down to Algona. to her. /new horn?.' She was barely able to be moved. The physicians have had difficulty in transplanting skin from the arm to the bare surfaces of the forehead. The H. P; Larson family, who took the Peterson familv in on the night of the storm and who have given Mrs. Peterson every .care since then, are deserving of great credit for their generous hospitality. The populist countv convention organized Friday with B. E. Davison for chairman, and G. V. Davis, secretary Speechps were made by J. E. Blackford, Mr. Heathershaw and others crit- icising the democratic and republican parties indiscriminately. The convention made no nominations, but indorsed Bandall for recorder, Hofius for auditor, Crose for, clerk, Thompson for attorney, ana Barton and Jacobson for supervisors, There were only a few persons present. The Jones & Stacy mill is getting its new machinery adjusted and in running order but is not in regular operation as* yet, The Wilson mill 'has got its machinery, and. a gang of men are at work putting it in place. When our mills 1 get to running again we shall have practically a new industry in Algona, and the product of the mills will probably be equal to the best flour made. The machinery will be new ana wjth the latest improvements, and , capable of turning out ipore than ^he county can;us.e, , . • Bev/A,.V, GorreU begins a -series of lectures on the Apostle's Creed, Friday evejning of this week, which will be of interest to all bible students, #e es* UydQVites the^yowng people of Al-^ to'-attend tb^se'lectures, and '" nottb'e"sUglite8t objection to-anyone takingnotes,'.ol-wMt be says,'if they phoose to'49'so- These. Jeetwres will ten4 to strengthen tne fajth °f »U Ghrigtianp and help them whose minds are MU1»&«Mt on the --—-^--teem,;' . t »,' \ / ( Tbe aanejng part ninggivp by fee peop e was w^J,8tt§nde4» bejn ____ _ iflflk* rdfttiwa WiUifirt fctftt, irt PJotti Ores* ship, has beeti Brtld to ft Bnf-liti bilyet fot *S8 ah flcfe, and the tltcli f tftm tfi mm irvitigtot. has sold at the same fiftutes. The Kft pfedfction is that it Will not l ohn Many land' will gel] fdt SS0 fttt acte, Ahd that yeaf« till JCossutii coiifity el] fdt SS0 fttt acte, A it till not KO beggihg for tliftt. The ttarosMtiAtt enjoyed a visit witll Mr. J s 0. Baker the pobtilist ean< didale for congress, While he was in town Monday* The radical political differences that have always existed between the Writer ahd Mr. Baker have hot been allowed to in the least qualify'the respect he has ever felt for him as a ffian Who believes sincerely in the principles add politics he advocates. It is of course not a bit single lar that so many populists and so many democrats, for that matter, are mong the best people living, it makes us believe that in the economy of things it was not expected nor intended that we all think alike nor vote the same ticket. A ; deal which had been in contemplation for some months has just been completed, by which Melzar Haggard and Gus Peek become the owners of the abstract, collection and land business of Jones & Smith. Possession will be given November first, when it is ex- B Kited that Mr. Smith will remove to es Moiues and enter into partnership with Mr. Jones, who has a business established in that city. There is every reason to anticipate that the new proprietors, who have enjoyed the advantages of splendid business training and are bright and active young men. will make a decided success of the business. Mr. Peek has a special advantage in having been a clerk in the office for some time. As noted last week, there have been rumors abroad of the sale of stock by cyclone victims at ruinous prices. We do not know bow much of this was done, but we have located one transaction definitely where a farmer who had everything blown away and whose well was filled up With dirt thrown in by the wind sold a lot of good heavy hogs for $2 a bead and nice fat ducks for 10c. apiece.. The seller was half crazed with the situation be was in and suffering from injuries inflicted by the cyclone, and the buyer took advantage of bis opportunity and committed the robbery, for that is what we call it. A. disaster like the recent cyclone seems to affect different persons differently. Some have been putting in their time giving assistance to the unfortunates, and oth • era have been prowling around the scenes of desolation and death in search of plunder. The guilty party in this case was not a blue sky man, nor a resident of Algona. The democratic county convention held last Wednesday in this place was slimly attended. Only a little more than half of the precincts in the county were represented, and the number of delegates reported was but little more than half th.e number in the republican convention, which bad 105 delegates from 31 precincts out of the 32 in the county. To be exact, there were 19 precincts represented bj; 56 delegates, according' to the Courier's report'. '. But '.the bosses, bad/ matters Well Inland 'and the ticket'put up w; s •<tsily"dictated, especially in View 01 the fact that there was no competition for the nominations at the disposal of the convention, aud everything went by acclamation. The candidates are as follows: P. E. Johnson, of German Valley, for recorder: J. B. Hofius, of Union, for auditor; Guy M. Butts, of Wesley, for clerk; 0. C. Thompson, of Bancroft, for county attorney, and Silas Lloupe of Lotts Creek and Albert Jacobson, of Seneca, for supervisors. The best known of these nominees is Mr. Hofius, who beld the auditor's office from Jan. 1, 1890,, to Jan. 1, 1893. The term of office to which he was elected was for twQ years, but the legislature extended the terms of all incumbents of the office at that time to three years, with the purpose of having the terms of treasurer and auditor expire in different years thereafter, Mr. Hofius held the position for three years 'and was a candidate for re-election, but was defeated by C. M. Doxsee. Don't miss Taylor's cloak sale Oct. 20. * \ )H • IBI III L " '"•••" "i PERSONAL MENTION, Wra, (Spencer, one of the clerks of the U. S,* Senate, is visiting his brother, Col. Spencer, Mr, and Mrs. D, A. Haggard spent Sunday at'Corwjtb visiting the family of M, P, Gardner, " jMr, -and Mrs. Hiram Baker, of Stoughton, Pane county, Wisconsin, ^visiting, the editor, J, ;'A» Biownell, the popnlar shoe, dealer, was a visitor in Omaha last week,;w4iere he was, calle4 by business. , Charley Slagle an4 family, are in,Algona. ' Tpey expect to'r^main Ijere for the prfsent, andpossjbJy.for tiie win* tier, • • ' ; , " Hey. Gep, H, Kennedy bas gone to tbe:eajtej;fl part of t&e (state for bis, wife and child. He wjll not be back _ f>n'8 term, When lie «a« Aurfotinded by a crowd of cuHons people who mis- tetffc him for thb chief ftaglsif&te of tbd nation. * 4 Mr. G. H. Latnson fceftfc-to Ues Moines Monday to take his $frd de- in Masonry. This it ibe higheflt e given in WteSohty fcxeept the ottish Bite, Which is not given in is coutihy. Mr. Lamsort is one of e best informed Masons in the state, r. Geo. E. Clarke and Alex Patterson with hint to take the eameidegree. Mr. A. Casler, of Bancroft, was iti AlKona Monday. He" was just about to Start on a trip through the east, stopping first in Michigan and then going Ofl to New York, wheie he has three Slaters whom he has not seen for thirty years, tie thought it was about time tftgo back and get acquainted with his relatives He will not probably return tdKossth until next spring. GEN. BE5ESON Af LO General Beeson spoke at Lu Verne Friday night in the Methodist church to a large audience, The Methodist choir and a male quartet furnished campaign music, to the delight of the audience. Gen. Beeson spoke for au hour and a half, and his speech Was number one and aroused great enthusiasm. Gen. Beesou said it was one of his best meetings this fall, aud it could not have been much better. JUDGE QUARTON, That's what it is now. Saturday afternoon at the Court House, in the presence of about thirty interested spectators, and including nearly every member of the Algona bar, the oath of office was administered by Geo. E. Clarke, and W. B. QUarton was' District Judge of the Fourteenth judicial district. Judge Quarton began his labors Monday at Spirit Lake. CLOSING OF COURT. The trial of the damage case of Mrs. Craudall against Arthur Ward, of Wesley township, her former husband, for injuries inflicted upou her person, ended in.a verdict for the plaintiff in .the sum of $160. In the case of the Walkley heirs against A. D. Clarke & Co., the defendants were the victors. Other cases disposed of were as follows: Stover & Abbott Mfg. Co. vs. J. E. Jones. Dismissed. Breen & Stephens vs. Grannis & Palmer. Dismissed. J. B. Jones vs. H. A. and D. B. Fraser. Dismissed. ' H. E. Burtis vs. Eliza J. Burtis, for divorce. Dismissed. New England Loan & Trust Co. vs. M. Stephens et ul. Dismissed. Beverly Watkins vs. Lena Watkins, decree of divorce granted as prayed. State of Iowa vs. Aug. Grimmers,for setting piairie lire. Defendant plead guilty and was fined $25 and costs. , Lessing vs. Richardson/Plaintiff got. judgment for. the property at his costs. 1 Slate of Iowa vs. J. L. Button, continued on motion of State. A; A. Grose vs. Frank Nicoulin, dismissed for want of prosecution. D.-D. D»dge>vs.vlra Cook. Plaintiff ha,B v judgment for ttye-fijee of ^the^ >nqte and costs. -, Geo La<!y w?i'q trVanted a permit to sell liquor at LuVerne. OHABE & SANBOBW COFFEE, Walker Bros, have the Chase & Sanborn Coffee agency. Make no mistake about that. i v ' - / ! -? ( .* * -. •' '''•"•• ' 11*1* PpTATOES—EARLY OHIOS, Eighty cents a bushel. Leave orders for your winter's supply at my office. C. L, LUND. JERSEY OALF TO SELL. Heifer calf six months old. •v . MBS. LAURA A. HUNT. Don't get in too big a hurry for your potatoes.' but wait for the car at the Opera/House Grocery. BBPOET OF THE CONDITION < • OP THE Fir!st National V OF ALQONA, IOWA, ' At the close of business, Oct. 2nd, 1894. /, And get your Potatoes <••.• •« C - 7 J • -"M»(. at the. Fall anc ;<r^ V . V V , T Y T T T We cordially invite your inspection to our latest display in these goods, which, comprises the choicest and most complete line the markets afford. Alll new, clean stock; marked at lower prices; than ever before. .. - RESOURCES, Loans aii4 discounts overdrafts, secured apd UP* secured" ... 0. s. bonds to secure circulation ,',,,,. ,...,,. Premiumsnu TJ. 8- Bonds.. BanluiiE-liousH Furniture, and Fixtures , Due from Nat'l Banks Reserve Agents). KINDLY FAVOR US WITH A GALL. , j 1 1 Jas. Taylor. ,«: ".TX.jA < -,i% GO T0_l V 483.?7 BARB WIRE : •Of which they have the sole agency, Anti-Rust Tin Wire, Minnesota Linseed Oil Company's Paints^; -—AND THE , ; \ Bissell Carpet Sweeper^ f t ' ' The Best Sweeper Made. WEITGENANT BROS., f Oorner State and Tborjpgtou, ' s and other cash itejjig 384.M, other N»t'iHanh§. • s.we,oo 4§,45 KractlouaJl, paper and cents..,, ,., In lrt'"' '" "*-' '5.V S> T ? VJ ^^^m^mihf-if^^-^ VM i>' Jr . -V'f^ ATJ)% - ". ' '', T >> ' - ? v--lv, ^. v,-'^ • f' Wrt-n'oVCTa-n/l riryal 'Roaciv'RiTnria-nt i.Tl .

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