The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on October 17, 1894 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 17, 1894
Page 1
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F t ,•* ^ f. ALGONA, KOSSUTH OOWftTt, IOWA, WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER 17,1894. CLOAKS. Our Fur Cellar Trimrried, All Tailor Made, At.; i $3.50; As Good as Any . Sold at.... . . $5.00. -» * * Sew Chapes- and -New Styles REPUBLICAN STATE TICKET. Secretary of State.... W. M. McFABtAND Auditor of State C. G. MCCARTHY ( f^ ^ GRAfrGlfR SuttfCtiie Jtld^CS. \ rf m' TjtjjjiluJj -Treasurer of State JOH» & HKRfltorr A ttorncy Gen ef al M ILTON Hallway Commissioner...C. L. of the Supreme Court...C. L. JONES 1 Supreme Court. B. I. CONGRESSIONAL TICKET. Congressman—10th Dist^.J. P. DoLtivKn JUDICIAL TICKET. f Judge—14th District.. >. ..W. B. &JABTON COtrNTY~TICKET. Auditor..../ F. D. CALKINS Kecoftler. ..M. F. RANDALL, Clerklsf Courts. .B. F. CBOSB County Attorney *\ J. C. RAYMOND «H.™k.,,t QnM J 15- C. HOLLENUBCK- Supervisors j L BABTON. BLAINE'S PROPHECY COME TRUE. In October, 1890, James G. Elaine uttered the following prophetic words: I love my country and my couutry- 'tnen. I am an American, and rejoice* every day of my life that I am. I en-* joy the general prosperity of my. coun- •-% arid know that the workingtnen,; „- this land are the best fed ana. the, best clothed of any laborers on the face of the earth. Many of them have homes of their own. They are surrounded by all the comforts and many of the luxuries of life. I shudder, however, at the thought that the time must come when all this will oe changed; when the general prosperity peflter or a bricklayer to Work for 251 cents a day? He did it in England in 1725. Today in the United States it is & poor place where he cannot get ten times that sum. Why does he have to have ten times that much? Because the carpenter of today could no more life as did the carpenter of 1725 than he could live in a cave and huntsnakes fdf food. The difference in wages n1e*ans a difference in living, and the $2.60 is t,s much a necessity today ad 25 cents was 150 years ago. Man is not a mere muscular engine, to be fed with meat and give forth 6f* t'drt. Man is a social being. He must Have whatever his neighbor has. He , cannot grow unless he does. Every growth Implies a larger consumption of Consumable wealth, and by consumable wealth I mean whatever is made by man atid contributes to his enjoy- loaeut, whether it be a loaf of bread, a Hovel or a concert. The more a man iwants of consumable wealth, the more ••bis wages are likely to be. But by frauts I do not mean any wild, longing Jot what is beyond reach, but such wants as are in sight, and to supply (which he has such longing as Will make him work. WINNING ITS WAY. try, oft an Fine Footwear! BROWNELL, the Shoe Man, has them. If you want GOOD GOODS CHLP, .' your money, buy your Boots and^hoes, Rubbers and- Rqbr, her Boots, Gloves and Mittens, at t u. CASH SHOlE HOUSE, U ftylntomo ^ • AL.GONA. JQWA. . Ji$Wthe land. J .-'• **•"-**v ,, *'&** ' ; ' Tbe.ereat body of 'our people have. Brownell Dollar arid Eighty-five Cents, & SARGHETT osperu of the country will be destroyed. When the great body of workingmen in this land, who are now so prosperous, will, hear their wives and childred cry for 'bread. That day must come when the grjeat. factories and manufactories of this land will shut down, and there will be the silence of the tomb. And the reason why it'taudt be so is th'iS: The great southern wing of the democratic party is bound to establish the doctrine of free trade in this land. -It- will tie assisted-by its 'northern allies. The fight is now on. There is, a great body, of visionary but educated men who-are employed day by day in writing free trade essays-ami arguments in -' '-'•-'- J - -•--'—. which find their ? Emmetsburg Reporter: We notice Jtbat the republicans of Emmet county, in their convention, voted trt adopt the primary systems of nominations. This, we behove, is the only satisfactory way to nominate candidates, as it tends to remove much of the disgruntled feeling that defeated cantidates have, and gives everyone an opportunity to express his sentiments. Then, too. the minority in one precinct has a voice in the nomination as well as the majority. <P«lo Alto republicans ought to ndojjt it at the earliest opportunity. Now is the time to advocate it, as no candidates are in the field and the charge of doing so in the interest of or against teny candidate cannot be made. We, 'hope the republicans will think favorably of it and put it into practical operation before the nominations are made. See Orr on questions of paint. .TJse Burnell's Commercial Agency. JDDhey have the only correct guide to go By in giving credit. They of ten collect bills when others have failed. Address Marsballtown, Iowa. I guarantee to, stop, hair fall ing oat. I guarantee to.gro'w- hair on bald heads*. , I can show many cases of comple|ieHStt,cce8S under my ; treatment. No excuse for doub^.t T Come and see for ypuraelfl f, G. E. WILLIAMS, Under Algona State Bank. ALGONA, IOWA. .great body neverjexpierienokl themwlves th^fluf-^ fedugs which always're'sult' when 'the protective) principles are laid, aside. Poisoned and excited by the ^vild Btate- trieuta of these .writers ' and the' demagogic' appeals 6f democratic speakers. the result will be that, 'in the ve"ry near futureVVtbese " forces which are now workihgvWill be strong enough to defeat Ht the polls the party advocating the doctrine, nf protection. It must inevitably fohow that uncertainty • and doubt will ensue. ' '! The business men of the. country, fearing the destruction, will decline to business; consequently mills will shut down apd the workinginen will tfe.thrbw'n 'out of employment. The people faill then see, as we have never seen before', that they qannot, be prosperous:and have work while this orin- ciple is, threatened. In. the midst of this suffering they will learn that the only way that they can be prosperous and happy is to vote for the party that will build up the industries by which they haye,gained a livilhood—because they can see clearly that when a manufactory is shut dqwn there is no demand jor'tbe thing which they have to j s their labor, BY THE GOVERNOR. * w ^*****>< < tWii.»4CT, We have a For e_Geh<?ra£!teiecti< Held Tuesday, Nov^^iS^. t f t <. Pursuant to law, I, Frank D. Jackson, gov- Iowa, do hereby ''proclaim tli at at the general election to be held on the Tuesday 'next after the .first, Monday In November, It being the sixth day of that month, pt the year One Thousand Eight Hundred and Ninety-four, the offices hereinafter are to be filled, to-wit: By vote of all the eleciprs of the state: The office of Secretary of dtate. The office of Auditor of State The office of Treasurer of State. The office of Attorney General. The office of Judge of the Supreme Court for the full term" The office of J udge of the Supreme Court for-the term expiring Ueo. 31, 18J7, said office being now temporarily filled by Horace E. Deemer. • «•' • The office of Olerk of the Supreme Court. The ottlce Of Supreme Court Reporter. The office of Railroad Commissioner. By, vote of the electors of each of the eleven congressional districts: The office of. Representative in Congress from, each of said districts By vote of the electors of the following Judicial! districts, the office of Judge of the District court, as follows: Tpjyi'BEED ON TARIFF, ANP v&f; .WAa^s,' ' ; • " I/confess to you that this question of wage^irto me the yjtal ^quesUpn, To growth ip ciyili&ajjojj and wealth,' we, must oot ooly ha,ve wages as bikb as they are now, but .c^natuut' ly ^oa steadily, inweasiBg. ^Ttiis desjre of,mine |py constantly mQi^jng wag. eB'des not l»Y«r>to WIWVIB *W» for Nation, in that enlightened. ivea tp us i\\\ a, nobler ' The Fourth Judtoial district,-. twq Judj ,-Wur J udges. Th'e Fifth'judicial district.-three judges, l '--"-" __„ „-,__ judicial district, tlv. „ The tteveoth judicial district, four judges rLWElgbth judicial district, pnd Judge. a?gf JBlg^tfrJudtQitvi district, one juage.for ^hmupexptyea term of t|. f- Kalrall, said office beipff now temporarily filled byM. J, W"-dft T fllljfc^e vjioanoy pow temporarily filled'by /if§ g-entU ju'dibta} <Hstrioti,iwo j«4ges, ,|TJje Eleventh judicial dlstriyt,.,three WUWBth JuaiQJal' msfrfot,' , WtV .Jttdi'qJ^l ''disjrtpt. the,unexpireaterp9f^;0 " '^m\ "' many bargains in -'" "We have a full everything usually,sold by : 'Stationei's. We I/' * • t ' i ' ' " *£«! are offerin'g box papers containing i lb,, or 6<>. •', „ - : |S sheets of fine paper -with' envelopes to matcn,- ,• , fori25-centa."."This is a paper .sold the worjcj oveV for 50 cents per box. ' " '•" <C r i%S . P • -,. i .. , *" 'x'^IV^f Can sell you lead pencils arid y ^ive ypu;;iskr^i:|^ pencil sharpetfer'with each an,d every one^fbr^', 'If ^ ] - " ^ ' • , " % ' t t'l '- v -< ,--W •-.»,''• Scents. t -'. •' ^;:*m t ' ' .' V ' ' / V' 1 £ , ?.» r gpodp are first-class atid our prices .FRANK W, THE 1 DRUGGIST. If you need>an Abstract of Tltte tq your i A! P 11- * ^ a v^"* ^< s i-^-'[ ** -? i 'JftK l * 1 . Ji *F S'SS' '" yf* j 7 ' W i t\(" "''^ " >•> , A -f S'STi" y * 1 ' > , ,' \ 'V >' (C4WJSM u K ,» i TrassSfti JHfflry "IXf* 5 jOT» Tt.'A^» "-*-- O> cW'm«ff ,fe

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