The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 17, 1966 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1966
Page 6
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•MARCH 17, 0mmmm 40AM Htw« I Mary J. Cody, Cylinder, Bride At Depew, Feb. 11 Jaae Cotfj of Criiader tbe bride of Mitt Crawford &f Rcdsaa ia a doable riaf cereisoGT si SL Jofss's Lsibersa chnrcS *i Depr* Feb. 11. Toe Rev. diver Jctesos officiated. pirests of ibe eos^e are Mr. aad Mrs. MelriaCaS;. ofcrliater aad Mr. aarf Mrs, RSI Cravfcrd of Rodsaa. The tri3r -8-is tires ia rnarriife br ber fefosr. Patricia Janssen sad Msrsli GrisJiasati- eaiei toe coopJs. UsL-ers were Paul Ccdy iod Joe, Cra-rfori, brothers of tbs brid* aui rrtos respectjreiy. Mrs. C-traiu Curisiiacsx, soloist, visicior^paiiedb? Mrs, Lester Larso&. ii c oiy, &e bride' s sister, was S2 charge a! fee gwst book aad Mar&a Nelsca, fee gift table. Folkrriag 2»e ceremony, a receptkc was b&ld ia fee p booss wife Mrs. Rassell is diaiag room bostess, Assistiag war* Morris Fisoestad, Harry Crawford, Keiaeti Ccrf?, Trasue Tboapsoa, Lestsr Larso^Gsas. >~orfij ioJ Myrtle Boitaat. Others bejpiag wia fi/e reee-pSoc iudaisd Uii& So3- berc, pars R&Ma, Rosfles Fraser, »e£ Eerklaiti, Mary Nelscc azd Naocy Weisbroj. Mr. asd Mrs. Crawford ire resdiac Hi Ennaelstntrr. Bc»2i are 1H; rratosies of Cylinder fcirt scb:oi. Senfral Girls BE Team At State Tourney SESTCA - Tbs Seatraj Ccca- EuMSir;< Ssbcol rirls* basketball sgsad, riiiArfers, cheerleaders tiiri biriiiii., ii»3 LiVellfe, j rlli tie Liriar ber fcirtS>4ay vas Marct 6. Martls "ft'ilbtrg va^ os Lis 7?a blr1ijie.y aasiTer Marcb £ at a diaaer parrj girez. is bis honor taal sTesiac ai Sis Girl's Basketball Tccrtiaassa is Dts Mc'lKss ever tii£ veskeai. Sfc^frca girls att&nSTir inf.'injt'.l Hollee Kracse, g, Vickie Elmers Otber girls -ik^i^r the trip iir claoei karx Daws Diridgfe, Nascy GeJtyiETifiraft.r, Cia5y Lock- Susas Blancnari, Becky w, Mary EDan DitsTPorai, Baima, Carol Jones, a T:pj)3&, Teresa Toogt, VoSeJer, Betty Wetrs- ., aai Cheryl BerklanS, teani 2trfcr&, Janell jve^wbronEfc BTI* GeitaatiaDfer. Larry panl- sat ana Jim "Waltz, coaches, an£ Blanchard, scorekssper, ao- i Sie team. Mr. and Mrs. Curtis COseo were Sunday Sinner gnests at the * boat of Mrs, Olsaii's brother, tbe Ksnneifc Larsens at Mallard. While there tbev also Tisited i sister, Mrs. SQda .Stafford. Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Bailey and Mr. in: Mrs. Alfred Petersen spent Friday evening at the Oscar Patterson home, Bingstad, helping tbe Pattersons observe their 52 wedding anniversary. The Teci Jensens called on tiie Pattersons Saturday evening. Tini Strusckfcr his returnea to IDIML State UEiverslrj', AJnfss, after sjjeudiijc; £ quErter break at the banie of Ms pjirents, the John Strufcckers. Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Vaudt aid Jamil y and Mrs. Joim Strufeckt: amended the 90tfc birtfa- d£y ubsKrvanee of Mr. Vaadt £ud Mrs. Strueeker's grand- aotbfei, Mrs. Anna Webrspannof Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Newei, Su- aiii^e and Jan, were Sunday supper guests of the Ted Jensens. Tbe Jeiisaits loot the jewels to Film/'jia Tuesday where they were to take a plane to PLoenit, Ariz, -where her farents, fiie F. C. Preuis, have been spending tb« winter. Before returning, tiiey wfll go to California whei'e tiiej will visit Ijle's Mr. aid Mrs. Curtis Olsen i-tieicied t birthday partj' Sunday u. ae home of their (Saunter aad ti-n-Or, the E'vfcrett Zttterichs, Tfcrrll, honoring tiieir grand•at, Joel, who was observ- boss of bis sos aai JaaOy, fi»e Jerry Wfltergs, Otber roests iadaoe; Mr. aad Mrs. Bill Helges aac Billy aaiKurtofHosbes- ter. Joisiag ttiea for Qi& evesiac were Mr. and Mrs. Jobs Jahanaesec aad Mr. aad Mrs. Henry Loofl. M.r. and Mrs. Herb Kranse aid dzogaters aad Mr. and Mrs. Strtae Kraase of Ceaar Falls were Saaday dinner guests of fie Otis Ettglaads, Riarstei. M.r. aad Mrs. Otis Eaglani, who nave speat the past moatli oi a vacation trip to Fiariaa, across the Dated States to soutn- era California and Mecca, re- tumed home receafly. Margaret ICielsen, who teaches at Pocahoatas, recently visited at tiie home of her parents, the Carl V. !Cielsens. Suaiay, they attsiLisd the tiapytprn of ttielr grandson aad sspaev, Jon Leonard, son of Mr. and Mrs. Crdaan Grant, at AnsttL, yr™ T! Mir, and Mrs. Herbert Kranse Hollet, Heidi, and HeUissa, 6Tij caadaoe VEudt were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Otis England Thursday evening, March £, ai t dinner at Storm 1^^ in observance of thgtr wedding anniversary. Oilier guests included the Rev. ETI^ Mrs. Stanley Hansen of Erira and paulButchinson and PBJE of Eingsted. Sunday dinner guests of the Kenneth Andres included Mrs. Andre's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lammers of Graettinger, her sister and husband, Mr. aad Mrs. Emil Oeltjenbruns of Mountain Lake, Minn., and Darlene Tenborg of Anacortes, Calil Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bernhard are parents of a baby daughter, Judith Maria, born March 9 at St. Ann hospital, Algona. Little Judith has a year aad one half old brother Alan. The paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Bernhard, Bancroft. Myrtle Krause Club Hostess FENTON - Twelve members of the Friendly Neighbors Club met last week at the home of Myrtle Krause with Beatrice Langerman as co-hostess. Hilda Bollinger gave a reading, "This is a Farmer." The lesson, ' 'the care and use of your sewing machine and its attachments," was given by Clarice Luedtke and Margaret Laage. March birthday was that of Louise Dreyer. An Invitation to all persons in the FENTON AREA You are invited to the meeting of the FENTON COMMUNITY ClUB on MONDAY, MARCH 21 at the FENTON CAFE, with dinner served at 6:30 p.m., to b* followed by a program featuring SHERIFF RAIPH LINDHORST, who will give an illustrated talk on the subject of forged checks and similar subjects of general interest. Bldg, Permit Issued By Town Council FE.VTOX - Tbe Cosset! set for its regular seet- iae last Moolaj ereaiag wja all CaaacQ iB«ab«rs presesd. A baajainc psnnii was issaei to G. R. Kraase a! S» sr guests of Mr. aai Mrs. Voraaa BiUiacer an: nils were Mr. aj»i Mrs. Ksnsa Eciliarer, Mrs. iarer. Mr. tai Mrs. telaias, Alias arii Rsa** aaJ Miss Sandra Ea^teizsaz. After sapper goes** vtrs Mr. aaj Mrs. Geas Tifrtz aui Mi£&a£l, Mr. aid Mrs. cbt&a5ail aid Terrr Mr. ani Mrs. «TavD6 3o21- r, Ri^J? ani Jaij. Tbs -v-as Kn.stiD* BoO- laser's f:isr!± birS»iaj. Ttnirs3a? erf-inr sapper i^j'sls of 2«£ Araoid Hautelaaas Mr. aad Mrs. Etosr Mrs. Keassa Bollinger, Mrs. Gsa* Tietzmd Mrs. Sophia 'flhtdi* teaiaU trarsle3 to Ft. Friday to visit 2* asv-bara of tLe LiuTT Straj'trs. Tie i Lid teas named To33 Allea. Mrs, is fer of fcr is fiie former Ditne "sn daugtrtar of the E<3 s of Lcoe Roct. Tbe Fsuton Forward 4-B Clnb net for ifcelr Marcli as-eSing at tiie Lome of Evalra BierstedL. Tit record baots vere pass-d ont to EifcHib^rs. Ditue Mills £u3 Jam ponjpe r£Te a oeiD03>- strsrkn; as "Hov to lay, cut tad mark a cannent.." Rita Luedfte i;2Te a aaiuaiistrstjaii as "planning Tour "SPtrdrobe." LuncL. served by a fr-AJfft*o (to.) UpfMf &M M*fcMi Mart* Farewell Supper For Ruhnkes Held At Depew FEXTOS - Tfee J?ai«j circle at tie S. Jate's La&eras cJs c.i Dep?-«r z%! 12.5$ v«4 ti 5 of Mrs. Osas SoTe& vere led fcr itrs. Bertlaad aad pastor rare 8% IESSOQ. QasSls •re re Mrs. Uori Fisa&siad aad Mrs, Geoff* ^o^assa, Sr. Tbe cirde bai t pc*-lsck oo of R*Ebrw vts ifi at tte §Ktf book «a3 Mrs. Gtfr jHtsffiu reflstered &e cifis. »rea tad Beft Fere beiped ctrrr tad Bo«t»sses vet« Mrs. Art Kr»sst2, Mrs. RorranJ Bnto, Mrs, BiToU Tichaaa, Mrs. Mrs, for fee Ertla Rsits {AaSr. nchxied scoe ioets by lUreL Berkland •Soet tj Dettte tad Pain ani a poea K Mrs, Mik&elL Mrs. Robert lei drroQaos aai z iili vis br pastor Jofcisxi. Tbe Ritotes vere preseateJ & j^rse fer 2i Fairvilie Ladies Shower Hosts For Bride-To-Be FENTOJv - A ndscellanecms s&iaw&r vt£ held SnaSar at SL Lake's LoSjeraa ctisrcli at Fsir- Tffie tar Mailys Tliompscm, brtde-to-be of KeiroeQa Kerber. Ti£ prc^raaa consisted ofajaHao solo by paala Berilausl, a "Before and After" reading bj Delores Elmers, and a vocal scio, "The Men in IDT Little Girl's Life" by Paala Wieaer. Wanda Mrs, Dale vo^l, Mrs, Cias. Mrs. Parf Tc^gl, Mrs, aerklaaa, Mrs. Erria Mrs. Derrood To^i, Mrs, Barlaa Eisners, Mrs, Kea- Dea jlctesoB, Mrs. Elnjer Greisert, Mrs, BaroM Fere, Mrs. wiastao Kerber, Mrs. DiTi3 Bsrtlsiiii, Mrs. Donald Root, Mrs, -raiiiui wleoer, Mts.5or- Siaa Xelsaa, Mrs.G«sjeWefsier, Mrs, Victor Stnecfcer, Mrs. Bins, Mrs. WHliaza Bo- Mrs. Locffle Frisk, Mrs. Beanie Berklsad, Mrs, Barvej- Hsirltssi aad Mrs. Donald Siav. Miss TaotOfSOQ and Kerber nil be married Friiay erealag, ii^rcis 16, at Estterrille. - Tbe Lafiseraa Lay- afcz's L«aroe of SU Jolm's met last week -rifii Eter. Sfc&cer leading opening derotions. A fito "Lent aad the Weaniag of Lent" iras sbcrvra. Wilber Roeber of Wbitteaore gTjiiBinpd to tae group now to hare a better membership contact for tae r.atlcmal I..T..T.,. A report was p-reu on tbe Mission Fair to be beld ffiip summer in tiie Algesia aone. A report on Q»e progress of tbe teams in tiie membership drire vas also given. - ^™^"^" M««^^— ^ K ^ .. ^, FOS SA1£ - Story and & half S bedroDin tonie, PETER KOENCK. Ph. BB9-2S5B, Fes- tcm. ( 21-2S-25-27*) Hosts far Q» exotog were Mr. tad Mrs. Dtrrel Dreyer tad Mr. aad Mrs. fUroW Etoers. - o- Mrs, BtDieter returned bcaae Sttardar frora affiOB&'sTacaaoo ti SL PetersbHTg, florida, SK iras set tl FL Dodfee br fee Da* tae Drerers aadtbeaatBmmboldt br fbe D&rrel Drerers, Jackie, of 8» Daaae Dreyers, ace- puiied SKIB to Fentoa aad stared ontll Sondar «ben hij foflts were dinner goest* of Mrfl. Dreyer. Mrs. Sophia Wicbteodabl, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Boilinger and Mr. aad Mrs. Norman Bolllnget attendsd tbe ftroeral of Albert Merer at Wtdttemore Tlrarnday EBorniag. Mrs. Jessie Newel, Mrs. Wendel Rnsch aad Mrs. Frank Mo Fall n^re in Fairmont Friday OD bastaess for the Mother- Daoghter banqw*. Smday gaartt erf Q» wniiaa DeWaUa were Mr. tad Mr«. Amot Eglaad of WaflingfoitJ. they afl attended fee farewell pot-lnd gopper for tbe Errln Rrftotei in tbe etealng. RINGOTED - There wfll be a mlsc«llaneoa§ abower held for Gary Nelfloo and JeaMe Ferfusce on Saturday, Marcb 19, at 7 : 30 p. m. at St. l^al't Lotberaa church in Sheriff To Give Community Club Talk, Fenton FENTOK - Sbsriff Salpi Lindhorst wan be the featured speaker nezt Mondaj' eraniag, March 21, at the meeting of the Fenton Community Club. A dinner will be served at 6:30 p. m. at the Fenton Cafe., witt the program to follow, Bob Mitchell, club president nas announced. Sheriff Liadhorst will give au illustrated fe-i^ using slides to give visual help, OB the subject of forged and bad checks. He will also give some interesting sidelights on general duties in tiie sheriffs office. It was emphasized that all folks are welcome, aad it is not necessary to be a Community Club member to take in the program, or tbe dinner. Everyone is invited. Fenton W.S.CS. M-D Banquet Plans Progress FENTCM - The Helen circle of the Fenton Methodist church met March B at tbe home of Florence McFall witt Phyllis Rusch as co-hostess. Iris Gerhardt was in charge of tbe worship and tiie lesson. Tbe theme was "Jesus Mel Them." Final pl^s were made for the Mother-Daughter banquet. A special offering of $9 was taken for tbe Deaconess and Missionary Retirement fund. Materials and finished garments were brought for tiie pajama project - Viet Nam. THOMAS FUNERAL CHAPEL F»nt»n, lowa Experienced Embaimers and Funeral Directors Reliable 24 Hour Ambulance Service Funeral May Be Referred To Us With Confidence Phones FENTON 889-2796 RINGSTED 866-1006 966-1001 866-1970 rmcK PROTECTION chicks t» thtir mtximitm fMEhtiriBf white you art SNUB JinuBSt £>• drnuf of wrtta ~ ' FENTON CO-OP ELEVATOR Ano«b«r 100% Fwmtr Own.ri FEICO Cooporotiv* ff you're looking for financing — to buy, build or rernodel your home or farm — look no further! Our bank is prepared to make many low cost loans at any time to local families with sound credit or collateral — for any one of those purposes. You are probably one of these families. Why not come in and see — you r ll get better terms at lower rates from us. Have a confidential talk with one of us — there's no obligation! Your visits are welcome — and confidential. FIRST TRUST ,uuL SAVINGS BANK ABMfTROM* OFFICE Mfr m Wilson HAM for IASTEH . „ a Wilson .. a WIIsI TURKEY -MAS for SHOP in your HOME COMMUNITY Fenton Business & Professional Directory FRtENDLY FENTON INVITES YOU FENTON PRODUCE - Lbyd Sunde Golden Sun Feeds GERALD VOIGT INSURANCE F*nto>n, HANTELMAN BUILDING SERVICE For Buiiding - Jt*me>d*liAg PHONE 889-2261 , Iowa Dr. E. W. Rusk* DENTIST Offic* Phont BI9-234t Retidtnc* 689-2353 Funton, Iowa FENTON DRUG R.C.A. Dealtr T.V $«>•$ i S*rvice Phone 699.2719 LLOYD M. 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