The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on October 10, 1894 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 10, 1894
Page 8
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Studley's Drug Store ......... 9iiftm tw freight. . . . J i 43am t&aseftger ......4 08pm fiotta ftlted .......... 8<S?p» my freight. ... 8 16am tassenger .. ..206pm IOWA, 10, 1804, And Everything kept In ft Flrstclass Lutnbef Ifafd. VOUR PATRONAGE V.. 1871 When in need of Hardware, please call on meand^ get prices, I kim to keep the best, such as (Jarland Stoves and Ranges,"Baker Barbed Wire, Heath & Milligan's Paints, Etc. Don't Pav the Conducted By J, A. Our Abstract Books are complete up to date,'and reliable. 4,hoy. represent an outlay of thousands of dollars and were prepared by an experienced abstractor. Our patrons may therefore feel certain of getting reliable abstracts. Our work is guaranteed and wo furnish abstracts as cheap as irresponsible and incompetent persons who. have no books, though the county does not pay us a salary, clerk hire, office lent or oven furnish us stationery. FARMS AND WILD LAND FOB SALE . / ; MONEY CONSTANTLY ON HAND FOR FARM LOANS, £ .! ; And furnished immediately upon application. .... . HAY & RICE Opera House Block. C. L. LUND. ESTABLISHED 1880. J. J. RYAN, (Successors to Real Estate 0. L. LUND.) We wish to announce to the readers of the BfePUBLioAN that we have extraordinary facilities for the selling of farms.and un'mproved lands in Northern Iowa, and wo invite everybody who wishes to dispose o£ their property, to call oh us at our office in Algona or to correspond. As soon as spring Opens we have a large number of customers from the eastern, states who are ready to come out and secure a piece of Iowa soil at reasonable prices, we pelleya in lair dealing and If you want to sell your pj-operty for wha| it Is worth, don't waste any time in listing with us. Yours respectfully. LUND & RYAN. The Bancroft Tbe:prily one fn Kpssuth County. J. A./Frecft, Proprietor. NEWS OF THE TOWN, I3r. B. Harris, of Aurora, Ills., returned home after a few Weeks rest and vlsit'Wlth friends in and near Bancroft. The Andrew Johnson fatally, Who live near Swea City, are down with typhoid fever and are having a hard siege 6f it, The many friends of T. & Cole ferejjla'd' that he has been returned to Bancroft for another year by the M. E. Conference. Miss Leia DaVison returned home last Saturday night from her visit to Ramsay township and Buffalo Center, For anything in the Insurance lino see J.; A. Freeh. J/Z. Little's Opera .Company will ap-, pear in Jefferson hall tonight in theOpora, "The World," The play and company come highly recommended. The democratic caucus of Greenwood township met at Sheridan Bros', office last Monday night. C. C, Thompson was chairman and James Sheridan secretary. The following delegates wore chosen to represent Greenwood townihip in the county convention: R. W. Bat-go, Wm. Dltz; F. J. B'yf'uo, Peter Ewbn, John Roifners and J. G. Graham. The caucus then adjourned one week wnen township officers will bo nominated. Cliff Stockwell is back in Borrymari's drug store and his many friends are 'glad of his return. He is a graduate of Highland Park Normal College and is a registered Pharmacist. : • ' / We saw some very fine specimens of Haas and Seedling apples at R. E. Davison's that were grown in Jay Graver's 'Orchard in Portland. S. S. Sessions honored Bancroft by a visit last Monday. •''' Wo stake our reputation as a prophet upon the proposition that there Will bb two weddings Inside of thirty days.- ; The friends of Chas. E. Mallory, of Buffalo Center, at this place are glad to''liear that he is recovering very rapidly from his ; recent illn6ss. ' • • •<•.;•:.•».• ..-••••;••-.'i-w. ; Samuel Mayne's face was wreathed in : smiles and his principal business Monday ;in the legal line was to buy the cigars and 'apples'for the boys and their number was jlegion: The cause of all his happiness/ and celebration was the arrival of a 10 Ib, girl at his residence, the evening before. All aroidoing well and the NBWS .congratulates Mr,., May i}e. . .. • . ; . ; ;...7» Frank O'Hara and wife, of Elmoro, Minn.; visited with Dr, and Mrs,rHow.e,,of this place last week;: •• . .-. -.^; [.,' jc There is to be another, big auction sale of horses at Howe's livery barn next $&fc ui$ay.arid everybody is invited. ./M ,•;•:> A. W-.Moffatt, Frank Dingley andiT. H. Conner wero<up from;(the- hub. last eontfikitloftS oi felothea, bedding, etc., for the SuffofetfS ifl the late cy6lone disaster. At the satae tiffte the gentlemen Interested in grading around the church ate requested to bf Ing their teafns aftd wotk. % the young fnen hot owning teams a cordial invitation is eitefeded to cotte with shovels. To alt workers ft free dinner iHH be given, All persons not particularly interested in the grading are invited to the dinner, the proceeds of which are to go to the cyclone fund. All ladies interested in either cause, or both, are cordially invited to contribute to the d'inher* and also to come probated with thread, .•thitable 'and needles« as many garments may need repairing. Dilute* 26 cento "Cast, your bread flbon the waters, ahd'ifc Will- return to yoii after many days," PLUM CBBEK, Oct. i. The' ih this locality are kept busy repairing Sitilie 1 the cyclone did its Work. • • i 1 - v Henry Warner and wife, of Seneca, weredown tp see Grandma Warner' and look over the wreckage. ,., E. M. Sawke', wife and family, of Burfc;' weredown to H, ^Varner's. Mr. HaWke says the stories heard Up there are cxagcr-' ated the wrong way. , , ... ,. P. Rico has his house and' barn about patched up again, and Warner has his roof on his house. Wo think D. A, Haggard's guess is a guess indeed, as we know tif three or four places that ho has not been tp see. Bill just because those three pi' four men are not. aristocrats, and althbugh'they' lost from 8300 to $500, it did not pay to go and size up the damage. Yes, Dave, multiply your sum by three or four and you will get closer, PLUM CREEK, Oct. 9.-rBenschoter Bros, have bought a larm in Minnesota, near their father's, and expect to move there this fall. They will bo missed. Albright & Sons have again rented the R. J. Hunt farm. The Poverty Social at Lee MeWhof tef'9 was a vety fefljoyablfc affair, although thel'e were hut a few bf eseni The pto- gfatn consisted of songs, recitfttiotis, reading and instrumental tousle.,Proceeds,$4. Cora Paifie, pi Burl, was the ghest of, Evelyn Stonfe last f hursday and Friday,' pf WtifTTEMOKJL Bttofifi, Oct. 8,—A Mathers of Thds'. Me Govern are hef-e Itingi V« . • . ' A Mr. Shefeha'fd ha$ bought .ah" in' Mr. Fairtriiffl's fctofe. fie is a genial appeafing'getttlpinan and, we' bid him wel- cotoo and bespeak a kind, reception, in a business way, One by .one whitteniore adds to her industries'and population. A, Schmidt went to Hawarden ."Tuesday morning. • ; ;< • 'What's.thematter with another Good Templar enteftaihttient? H, Cordell is with US again, piling .Up policies for the New York Life, Rev. McElroy preached to a full House Sunday. '. , I)r. Paul wants a student in medicine, A bright young man will get free instruction if ihe right one appears.';.. . : ? , Office MI frffdge street, AigOfta, to««r U OALL, OSO. K. CtAftft|l, CLAM2 k CftAS. A.COHfifco 10W A, w. Office of nf ko«8Uth Co. Saflk. Aigoiia, low*, SULLN 4 MoM AHOST , SEXTON, Oct. 8.—Mrs. E,Fltc'h is Ing friends at Livermore and'Hiimboldt. Mr. Genevo, of Zumbrota, Minnesota, is visiting his mother-in-law, Mrs. 'M. Hager. ; Grein Bros., .are doing a good job of plastering for C. L. Lund. . .... , W. J. Hager has just erected a windmill for Nick Mather's. She's a daisy. Call on him and he will tell you its ,flne qualities. ....... ,, E. A. E. Laage has a medicinp that will cure anytiche or pain you may have. . ; Our flour exchange at Sextoji, operated ,byC, L. Hager, is a great success. Ho ships it direct from the mills in car load jotsii ,.: Ay. A. Sroiife expects to move to.Plover, feloeit* lotfa, DANSOtf i< LOANS AMD Algona, Collections a Specialty. Offlde in Uardttef dtfwies new building. './• ' Iowa.' Ei 7. S WETTING. ATTORNS? AT Money to loan/ Algoiia.lows. S, S. SESSIONS. ; ATTORNEY AT LAW, Loans and Insurance. Special attention given _ to collections of all kinds. i- Office. over UhrlschlUes' store. Algona, Iowa;, Robert Kain is putting up a substantial ip\y.a.i soon, where he has bought 80 acres d - ! ' corn crib,granary and wagon shed com-,!.pf'fond;. In,time ho will be back in old binod, also a.windrmill. ', i kogsiith, we hope. Thomas Gilbride has put up ne'ty cattle sheds, ,.. . W. ILConner lost a valuable horse last'" week. -.. -• --.••• .,"••' , . . Companies Represented. ; Phoenix of Hartford: ' •"'« ••• '••-•'^ <>,<,• Eire Association, Philadelphia. State Insurance Co., of; Moines.. Capital Insurance Cp.> Of DesMpines. Merchants apd Bankers, of Des Moines. Anchor of Creston. Dubuque Fire and Marine, Standard Life and Accident. Equitable Life. "" .'"•.. '.,:,: ,1. T vd Equitable Life Assurance"Soc'y of thelM3 Northwestern National of Milwaukee. Creamery and Threshing Machine Insurance a. '•'^ J. If your- Policy "iifeeds^ ing or fixing up^ I Cain, do it •• • ' •>' '•' • < ---li ''-'f'"' :••' .-' ''''•• ;''- ; ' ;fof you no mattier yMt^c&tn.- J * •' '•••' - '. .'• '. '. . .; -.'. -,-.- panv you are insured in, Correspondenee solicited. ^Jty. &uy 3?ayjpr, W. A. Ladendorf, Fnank Chandler .and Clyde Thackeray,- the "Big • Four" pf Algona, were in the city, last, Sa't-' urday.<./;.. • •. •• •• • •;.••:-,. i . !: .{•« ( Two of W. H'.'McKrimoa's. children ai-e! vei'j' sick.' •• •'•- • ' : ' • • -^ •'. >•;•/_• rhave'ai ! buyer for a good IfeO ''acre farm. if good t'iin'e can be given on^aymentSvC-g '"' A. ; Frfeeti. ; '- : •'".' '"' : -^ •""•'•-: •• • • Miss May belle Johnson- came home from 1 ' '' '-' B. M.Kicliniond, ' B. F. Smith, A. B. Richmond, :,-,,., .. Cashier. !'J; ioMander, Ass't, Cash. Farmers' # Meiers' Savings Bank Incor None but home capital }»vei>4. ij. EV Bher'liiah, A. B. Bichraena. B. P. Smith, MayneIo?B'.'MaU6ryTJ-N; Sheridan. Land, Loan, ,pd Insurance Agency, i-\ ..•-.'.•" •:.'•• '-. • • • • •'• •'• -•' i : Established 1881, .A-lar|!elifit property for sale or rent, Farm Offices at Bancroft arid Swiea Oily, ^ . on long time and low ; *»d village. rest, : R. M. RICHMOND. AT THE OFFICE CITIBAE UAND ANDIT0WN LOT" 00. tlie S'tate'Ndrmal'School at'-<3edar' Falls.; She had to quit her studies on'-accouh.^'^ a severe''lleadacho. ! ' : -'- '•' .'''•": Progressive Lodge No. 5fr3, A. F.. &. A. 'M.; meets in. their new hal±. to-Tilgliti All members reetuested to be pucSerit.' . • F. ; ArBronson attended Horace SchonckJs funoral'liisi weolc""'' •"' • ^*" '•'•''' ''•' ' 'Nick Arend has a new. big stock of blankets,, also-a new kind ef whip- Called the "Cyclone." ' '' :: ' "'•*'• •< Mrs. Joseph Hackl is visiting her parents at Buffalo. Center this w«ek, The Northern Iowa. Baptist Association meets at Goldfield, Iowa, to-morrow., The delegates elected from the Bancroft church are, Pastor Laidlay, Mrs. 'C. R, Morehouse, Mrs, Henry Johnson, Mrs. R. I, Bray ton, and others whose names we have forgotten. • ' The regular covenant meeting of the Baptist church was hold last .Friday evening and the ordinance of the Lord's Sup- ppr was bbseryed last Suntfay, morning* ; ,MfS.-H,. Schuttev, whose life was des^ paired of, is now mu'eh ) bet,teiv ; .Mrs t G, W, Sweet is up and arouhii again: *fter quite ft.sevQi'o illness, , C. L. Oswandcr has thQ.agpncy sf^i- pr, Crow's Antiseptic Compound for bog. chol* era and swine fever. He, also, handles a standard stock food, Ifyour hogs have the hog cholera, give, him a trial, .,: The Bancroft Insurance- Ageac.y will hayp a new adv, ill Ithis pappf nejtt week, Wfttchforit, •".'.. Mr. Nelson, of Eiepeiw, SQwa, lia^ erected. a ne\y blacksmith shop opposite ihe $e«" eca Co-operative Stpre an'd Creft^^y, If they keep orj out there they wjll-s»Q« haye a lumber yard, drug stove spd' a full fledged town. Sen'e'pa township eoulcl sup port a good town as it Is the richest ship jn Bosswth county, Pwea Oij^y is to hftvea new general Glen Pavldsow W&B up frem " township last Sunday roQrftisg. LED YARD, • Oct. 9,: 1894,—pal.. Ordway, who owns considerable land in .western Montana, spent most of last, week there. Ho intends leaving hero in the spring to go into the cattle business in that country. H, Cleary, who accompanied Ordway on his Montana trip;...took up a 'i(X) acres homestead and is going to imprpye it nex,t season;- <•-••• \ •. •' :••'.- ,„•!,,-,•,! ,.•.-...;• ,. ' ; Thos. F. : Cook, of,Algona, visited in, town twice last week, and by the way, he sold apiece-of I.and. , . ,•.... u , ;, ,, ... ; , Ai Dunlap, who:for some .time has beeii ailingj has gone tp^Hot-Springs, Arkansais, to'rest and spend) the winter, may return in *h.« spring health/. •••• :-^i.-..-- • v -IMV'' Frank Miller, who has hepn in th^ drug business hero eves sinee the town started 1 ,, has bought August SteinJaerg'.? dr ; ug.stor& at Germania and fe gotng to 'take.ppssegrj Sion in the near ;fature;. -.^Ye/ hate .tp .sjee as goodia business,mani.asMr..,,Mil)er leayej our twvn, but hope thafe he may profit by! the chaBge. - : 1' .-. '":• ;:,'•. •.. ;.....:. ,-.,.' Wm. ILesliei'.the liig.hay.and land dealer of northern Iowa, has leased some over 3,000acres»fprairiwfor.fiye.years.lor $i' ppr aero,, and heiStilthas some, 4,000 acres' left to-lease in>the same\vfy.. ,ThiSri&gi.y-; •iiig ; .a ?man. withv limited!, means .a . fine chanceto»getagoo4,start?...... •-...•],,, . Scott .StKolley are .going to f arm : it ,pn B| 'large scale next s«aspn.. and have, leased about 1,000 acres of praAvfe to pu^ into fltix; Mr. Wright, our ,,big^arpcery main, has lots of faiSh in Kosspihis&ii, and last week bought another eigbfe;' He now owns i :: UNION. , The wind seems to have a strong hold on jis ever since the cyclone, . The ladies in.tho neighborhood of P. Sf. Sarchett's are making quilts and comforters for the cyclone sufferers. wore pleased to see the pleasant face of Mrs. Deb Blanchard one day last week. She se.ems' very much improved in health. ' bh'as. Nichols has recently pjlt up a ten!ant house on his homo farm. Gertrude Wheeler is at Germanla' visiting her brother, J. N. Wheeler. , - , , tilt.tlo .Hexpier Boevers;was qtiite siejfe the last 6f the jpeek, but is^better pow, ,' ^ ; Mrs. Herman Dau is impfoving 11 fro'm her recent illness. L. K. GARFIBLI!), W. D., PHYSICIAN AND 8VRQEON, Offl«e on State street, Algona, low*. &L J. iigoiui, :, M. D. OIBoe"over Taylor'A store". low*. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Algona, Iowa. J. li PRIDE, M. D. Order your House potatoes of "the Opera -• On Real Estate. " ' 'HOXIE <& BKUNISON. 500 aeres, ... .•.•,;.-,. .-,.,.; ..•.:>••: JDd. Farrell, living abeut 'two 'miles north of-town, and ; ..whp by toe r way .is one of Kossuth.'* best farmers^. raised over $3;6oo worth, of grain ofE ; h{&,. half .section, this season. . . . ....,,, About twenty dozen eggs (most of ttiem. Office over Alffona,, Gocder's Clouung Store) . Iowa' ;. L. A. SHEETZ, AND STATIONER, Premrptions filled. ' Peals in' paints, , booki. perfunieries, etc. Oor. State and Thorington sts. /*., Oil*, Regular Office hours 8 to 12 a, in.. 2 to 6 p. m. / ' ,, . - r- , Over ^M ( 9hle,r's FurnHure store. ' ''''' Bosldence north of track. , : FSJL LIJ, .M. D. Ws> have machinery of si! sizes forliorlnigr or '-' drilling '-wells'. Water guaranteed, or 1 .; , ; -nppay. •. Oallioij'or address* GCA LLIO N B ROSi, Bancroft, la. :;,: JOTICE n • At the regular Sept. 1891 session* of the Board of Supervisors ifrwas deoidedito sub T uiWthe'followlrig'qBestloiiB'td a vote-pf the le at the next, general election to be on the 6th day of Nov. 1894. "Shall the number.of members of the 1 of Supervisors be Jnoreased to seven Ob&aultatlon In' English arid German . , . Over Goetch's store, Whittemore, J>lt.'F. 0. HEFLIN. •, J?&$$IC1AN AND .',, Office In rear ol Swea City Bank. , ' 'SweaCity, Iowa. JiloCOItMACK,. Diseases of , Children a ftpeelalty,. Besideaee, Mrs. MjCCfall's, East of 0. & Nl V, -'IOWA, damaged 'Oqes) were : ^jcpepde^ on,Jtwo "travelins'-gonUemanV. who came into' oqr town last night with a* wheel of fortune, and set ib up on Main street expecting ^o. make a big thing, They got it, 'but in other .waju as twenty/ boys, loaded one dozea rotten eggs «ach, were stationed;, on all coders and at a givep signal too eggs co'wmehce^ ,to 'fly. through the aiiiy all,of tti-em'.hitting,the machine. The!* 1 clothes lacked as if they had Just COBW out of the riyer of Jordan, only soa'ltpd with a ctiffereptfluid, 'We have about dozen more for the same purpose. FENTON. , Oot, 9,—Miv and Mrs. sVe made happy by the a'«1va4tt>f rr'Sball thercounty be divided i«tq, Isoirfllstridts?" : - ' "Shalltlio sum of seven thousaneJ 1 dollars .OOQ) be raised bya special > tax; to build a Kin and for said comity?!' That V tax afi tone and one half mills on the dotlarshall laa .levied upon the, taxable propesty, of sa!9\ ''county for 1895 fo» said purpose-, . All legal votersof said county who shall! •be In favor of tehe foregoing? proposition reposlt' batllots having- vfritten or shajl reposlt baalops having' vfWDten or iptrlnted thereon *he followlnff-words, towtfB "For increase »f Supervisors^'' **PorSupervisors' atstrlots,:*- • ' '• "For Jail tax," 1 And all legal voters who shall be opposed', to said propositions 'shall, deposit PttMots having written* or printed tbereqn tha followine wor'as, towlt; B. E..&AYEB8, west of -the-Thoringtop .HoUBB, fltpSBriTAL Aocoromodatlpnp. 3MISC Loet»l anaesthetle fpr deadening pain , when extracting 'teeth,. t * • • "Against inayease of SuBe*riaoi «4galnsf Sugervisors di&mots," this 4tdi d»y of'i 9. M, POXSKB, S. QL.^IBRi, & ROOMS a girl baby, lasji Tuesday The baby of An<Jre\v sjels last; week but Is now Ix>U;}8 Uftlple, whose him a. month »gQtapdb8..4ly hurt much improved that, he is able „ , e. jSf.ftwellfeas hti stene w»H ^y. a«4. aiso.b,ft3 hi 8 Ivjsraber ha his sew ho^e* which be ViU build soon, jeporta of » wed4i»P Imnm and Fan Loans R, M. RICHMOND. J. p. State of l^wft, KossHtH'County, B Court, Dwerober termJBW, Kate BJ. ionfileiiUheofJiQQ.qf olatinJnffofypua) ntUe !Ft ^\^,%ifififtl'l/ r W *Tkfc^A^ i f \

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