The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on October 10, 1894 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 10, 1894
Page 5
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LOCAL MATTERS. 1 WA. f night ea,lied out a fair- ra tiotyse Grocery. See Orr on questions of paint. : i*resh oysters at iLadehdorff's. The G. A. R. Bieetitig comes tohigbti If you want a jo'b oi painting done seeOtr* Angelina is the girl for good bread making, • Wi T» Muckey ds the father of a ten- pound boy. The* regular meeting of the Kossuth County Medical Association Was held ajb.tne Thoringtoti yesterday. The ladies of the Congregational Society will serve a ehickea pie supper in the church parleys Thursday evening at ;6 o'clock, : ' '• Archie Hutchison has had an heir since Saturday morning, The mother y and boy are doing well and the latter has already begtin to talk, The ice supply lias given out at a time when it will riot be much missed. Mr; Peter Winkel has given the town a go'od ice service this'season. ' .AlonzoD. Clarke, of Cresco township, is having a comfortable and handsome residence erected. Geo, Williams iS'doing the carpenter work, which insures a good job. > •' The ladies of the Monday Club met Monday night, eleven members being present,<and decided to take up the study of Europe in. the nineteenth century to open their course. Bev. John .Avnoup, a Universalist preacherj addressed small audiences at the G. A.R. hull Sunday afternoon and evening. The weather was unfavorable to ; any considerable gathering. :Rev.-E. P..McElroy will occupy the Baptist pulpit next Sunday, both mor- nig and,evening. The pastor'will be at Goldfleld'in attendance'upon the Northern Iqwa.Baptist association., ' ' •<The machinery is arriving for J. J. Wilson's new mill, and Mr. Wilson ex- pects'a gang'of millwrights here to put in the .w.o'rks .right away, The mill has "been!protected by a covering of iron. The O'Connell sisters, of Mason City hayei. opened a dressmaking establish- meWin the building south of the REPUBLICAN ofBce, formerly used bv A. D. Clarke & Co., as a real estate office. The great raft scene introduced in the World is one of the most realistic scenes ever shown on uny stage, and fitly shows the,possibilities of modern stage realism. At the Call, to-morrow night. •Whittemore Champion: Russian thistles are reported to be growing and maturing to perfection in the gravel pit of the C. M. & St. P. R'y. east of town. This is a'm'atter that should be looked after immediately.' The ladies of the old Algona Library Association will hold a meeting at 3 o'cToCk'(Friday'afternoon, October 12th, at'the-Beading Room. All ladies who hafe'airihterest in 1 the'Reading Room are earnestly solicited tp>loe present. W. ,!\ Jehkins'on^ay's that the Union ^Mf M O 1-* •?»-* f\1 f\flt- if^'r* vrrill Vir\ T» n I ft £M /"lit n « ly good audience. Tto$ phonograph was a Mfle squeaky, and Mr, Norton was {it a disadvantage in not having his assistant with him. The stefeopti- con section of the ehteftaihnlent was good.. The'patrons of the show cleared a small sum, Advertised letters: J. C. Anderson, A, 1. Bingatoan, Geo. Celliiiafl, J. P! Cleveland, Mrs., Idy Hilmen, Fred Jones, Mr. Torn.McKay -, Mr. John Myers, Mrs. Harvey Miller* Miss Sigri til- son, B, W. Bowman, Mrs. Effie Robinson, Mf, Rockwell (whose child was killed by tornado,) W. N, Stohehpeker, Fred Taylor, Frank Vernon, J, W. .-Young. The south side of town has been and is ttow a good deal dug up. The work of laying the mains is progressine? rapidly, and if no bad luck is encountered the town will be in shape to collect a big water tax next season* Water con* flections are called for everywhere,now that the mains are going in and the uncertainly regarding the water supply is removed, The National Republican Text Book for 1894, just issued, is otie of the most complete Volumes ever presented to the people. It contains 330 p»ges arranged in the form of a political encyclopedia. Send 25 cents in postage stamps to Thos. H. McKee, secretary, 210 Delaware avenue, N. E., Washington, D. C., and get. a copy. Every republican should have a copy. The .Library Association are desirous pect to fee absent fforn Iowa a cPiiple of months. Prof. rf. c. Gilchfist and Wife, i —-«-.- w» v« v*c*vaJl.*OU CtUU. TT Laurens, are visiting friends in na : ~i »' •**»»•. J -U.UU\SWJ.l*U.llSU C*J. U UVQliV/LlO that the benefits of the Reading Room shall be enjoyed as widely as possible and with this end.ih view have provided tickets, which will be given free of charge to pupils pn their presenting proper credentials from their teachers. This is a move which will help to inter- eat the people of the town at large in the success of the institution.. The Courier prints an item from the Armstrong Journal which says, that 'there seems to be a row among the republicans down in Algona." It may seem so at the distance of Armstrong, _.-..,„„«-„„, advertising solicitor for the Des Moihes Register, was in* Algofla yesterday. J. B. Jones came up from Des MoineS Saturday. He is spending the week at* tending to busihess in this locality. ^Miss Jessatbine Jones is at Sioux City this week attending the annual Unitar* ian convention, and is on the program for a paper. frank Miller, of Ledyard, was IB town on Moaday. Mr, Miller is to open up in the drug business at Germania this weeki Geo. C. Call and wife Went to Sioux City Saturday to visit relatives and friends and attend the Inter-State Fair now in progress in that city. Rev, T. 0. Douglass, Secretary of the Iowa Congregational Home Missionary Society, was iti Algona Saturdaytnorn^ mg, He went on to Garner to fill an appointment. Miss B. Hutchison, of Chicago, is visiting her brother Archie. Miss Hutchison is employed by that city as tnatron of the Isolation Hospital,where smallpox patients are sent. Mr. and Mrs. M. De L. Parsons went to Des Moines, Monday, to attend the annual meeting of the State Grange. Mr. Parsons is che State Lecturer and Mrs. Parsons went as the delegate of fore it was recorded, the case under advisel^.,,,. The case of Caroline Ward vs, Arthur Ward is now being tried to a j «ry. The actieh is for damages alleged to have biett inflicted by defendant upon the p-ersoh of the plaintiff on the occasion of the lattef's visit to her Children. Ward was Worsted in a criminal action not long aeo for the same offense, The trial will be tedious* OF MRS. W, K. * t - —. « V" «.<*-• »-»-.«~ity x '* J WWJ W VMMflf V*~IVJ ^J AAJ.ISU. township election will be held in Charley Hall's, residence, the trustees having, made arrangements to that effect since the xlestruction of the Frink and Sctyenok school houses by the cyclone. The democratic convention comes off ,tpday. It is a trifle embarrassing, too, as the populist convention has not yet been held, and it looks as though the democrats would have to make a break, in their record or endorse the republican ticket. Ben. Haggard has been suffering a regular, siege of typhoid fever and his friends have been very anxious for some time. He is alarmingly weak, but it is now thought the fever has taken a turn for the better. Dr, Ken- icfick attends him. , Among the distressing features of the,cyclone, so it is now reported, was the total demolition of an elegant wedding trosseau. The home of tbe bride -•elect went,and the wedding has bad to be postponed until another tros- seau can be got together. The "young 'people of Norbh Thor« ington" have- invitations out for a 'dancing party to be given in Clarke's ball Saturday evening. There can be no doubt-of a pliant party, as the young ladies of that 'Street are known to be charming as entertainers, A.-A. Call has purchased tbe Mink,. Jer building and lot on State street.for ,,«3,900. It is-anticipated that a brick Mock will go up there, covering that #nd a few other lots adjoining wbicb are now occupied wftb wooden bujldk i t but probably not nejct season, i.wJU'Jpe interested in the T)4,s,al§ of furs by the Mc» ,.. C/prapuny at Taylor's to- powpw. JtwiUpy".^ step in und wpyej 1 $§ j?PQflfti,,TbP gentlemen but right here it does not seem so. We heardla man say Monday that Algona .Was the .most peaceable community he 'ever lived in. Everything is all right here, especially among the republicans. The residence of James Orr was the scene of unwonted festivity Thursday evening, the occasion of which was the marriage of his daughter, Miss Nellie Orr, to Mr. Martin E. Lutz, a prosperous young farmer residing near St. Peter, Minn. The ceremony was performed by Rev. W., E. Davidson. There was but a small company of invited guests. The REPUBLICAN extends sincere congratulations. Tha friends of the Methodist church count themselves fortunate in the appointment of Geo. H. Kennedy, of Ft. Dodge, as their pastor. Rev. Kennedy and wife are both graduates of .Cornell College, from which institution they took their degrees in 1888. Mr. Kennedy studied for the ministry in Drew Theological Seminary, from which he graduated,, three years ago. lie has been in the;ministry only three years, but has already made a good record. 1 The World is one of the few plays thatcan be'said to please everybody. Its strong comedy, pathos, sentiment,, thrilling denouments, startling climaxes, laughable oddities and intri-l cate and beautiful scenic effects are so Algona Grange Webster City Freeman: WillCalvey went to Algona Saturday, where he has secured permanent employment at his trade. Will is a bright, intelligent and active young man and a good printer. The best wishes of his Webster City friends will follow him. The Estherville Democrat says: Rev. Bowen had the pleasure of greeting his wife and children yesterday morning after they had been absent a year in England. Thej arrived on yesterday morning's train and are welcomed back by their numerous friends in Estherville. One of the children had the small pox and was quarantined in the hospital at London for several weeks during the summer. Our former popular townsman, Alex Younie, was in Algona yesterday. He is now in the newspaper business and is running it in connection with the land business. Mr. Younie says Weft Bend is going to have water works, and that the town is just completing a $22,000 brick block, with four store fronts, and hotel'quarters above, which will be one of the finest blocks in northwestern Iowa. It takes live men like Mr. Younie and his partners to make a live an^ prosperous town. The South Dakota State Journal, of Huron, says regarding a family who have just come among us, and who are now living in the Peck house, north of Capt. L. M. B. Smith's on Thorington street: Mr. G. C. Culver having sold his interest in the hardware store to his partner, Dave Smith, he will remove his family to Algona, Iowa, for the winter. Mrs. Culver's .state of health requires the .change. We are more than sorry; to lose these "estimable people from bur midst and trust the change will' be beneficial 1 to Mrs. Culver. Mrs. W. K. Vickroy t>ie3 in Met Home in Lakeport, California, October a. News comes of the death of Mrs. W. K. Vickroy, at her homo in Lakeport, California, on the second instant, of cancer of the stomach, an event which was for some time anticipated. Mrs. Vickroy was in the neighborhood of 03 years of age and Was a woman of remarkable intellectual force,-ind endowed with tho heroic quali* ties which fitted her for the circumstances of her life in pioneer days in Minnesota tiud Iowa. With her husband she moved from Illinois to Minnesota in the fifties. They had little more than established themselves in their new homo when the war broke out, and Mr. Vickroy Entered the Union service. In the fall of '63 the Indian outbreak in Minnesota occurred, and the redskins were but a few miles from her home when Mas. Vickroy bundled her five children in a wagon and made a wild run for tho settlement on the We cordially invite your inspection to our latest display in these goods, which comprises the choicest and most complete line the markets afford. Alii ne$\ clean stock; marked at lower prices than ever before. , KINDLY FAVOR US lower border, subsequently going to her old home in Illinois. Mr. Vickroy hearing of tho troubles of his family, resigned his commission as lieutenant and came home. Tho family settled in Kossuth in 18G5,and it was somewhere aboutlSSO when they went to California. Charles WopSr tor's wife is a daughter of tho deceased. With Miss Carrie Durant she went to Lakeport to care for her mother a few weeks since. Among the older settlers of Kossuth there are many who pleasantly remember and mourn the noble: woman who has now gone to her rest. WITS A GALL. Jas. Taylor. I HAVE SOLD MY STORE BUILDING AND WILL CLOSE OUT MY ENTIRE STOCK. Everything at Reduced Prices! REPORT OF CITY SCHOOLS. Following is a report pf the city schools for month ending Sept. 28th, 1894: Total .enrollment 522 Monthly enrollment 612 Avr. belonging.; 485 Av. attendance. 463 Days lost .. . 414 Pupils tardiness ...'.. 31 Per cent attendance ,. 95 5 Per cent punctuality... 9088 No. belonging at end ol month 495 Teachers tardiness.... : 2 No. neither absent nor tardy 259 The following table compares the different rooms with reference to various items: Most Things at First Costj Many Things Below Cost. TERMS STRICTLY CASH. ULtLLLJ. Naifte of Teacher. ti — —— — -—•*»-—.«••.*»*. hJVVA^JW V4-1.UV/UQ Cvi. O O\J admirably woven and blended together that there is hot a dull moment from the rise to the'fall of the curtain. The interest-in the play is never allowed to. lag and the evening passes away before one is is barely aware of 'it. It is one of the truly great comedy and dramatic successes of the day. "At the Call, Thursday night. Oct. llth. There was a rumor afloat last week that a farmer .whose corn was destroyed by the cyclone had sold twenty cows <Vvi» (ttlAA Kn4- m*nKnK1-» *-U __. for $100, but probably there was no truth in it. There couldn't have been any farmer foolish enough to 'make such an offer, nor any buyer mean enough to rob an unfortunate man in such a way, With cows earning what they are in this county to-day, and with plenty of feed for them in the county, there would be no excuse for such a transaction, •Jones & Stacy have been making very thourough work in rebuilding their •mill, Much new machinery has been But in and the capacity of the mill has been substantially doubled,- being now uuo JU about 65 Barrels per day, All tbe oW ments machinery left has been refitted or .re- pany The Emmetsburg Reporter thus welcomes Rev. Bagnell to the place: We notice with pleasure that Rev. Robert Bagnell. formerly of Algona, has been Assigned by the M. E. conference to the church at this place; He is a fluent talker, an energetic worker, and above all imbued with love for the Master's work. During his two year..' pastorate at Algona the - membership of the church was increased by nearly eighty, the greater; number of whom were added by his individual effort. The Re- Boom 1 Tillin Cramer.... " . 2 Gertrude Clarke, !' f 3 MayMcKittrick. " 4 Willie Campbell. " '.-'bMaud Smith " i-OTena Wallace... " , -7 May me Farrell... " .-SNettie-Durant.... " OMrsLMHorton. " no Minnie Ooate Depot, Josle Pettibone.. I II - s .S5-d Ss o'2 It will be to Your Interest Investigate the Respectfully, W. H. DIXSON. porter gladly welcomes him and his estimable family to this city. CASES IN COURT. A Large Number of Cases Have Been Disposed of by Judge' Can's Court. Judge Carr's Court has been' turning off business during the week with all possible expedition, The petition of the'Minneapolis & St, Louis Railway Co.'for a retrial of tbe issues of the Gorman case and the setting aside of the judgment was granted after arguments by R, M, Wright for the Com- t^'i'mxvf^s^'i^y^iS^^^^^ tni Ck 11 *\ fi run 1 * n POTATOES—EARLY CHIOS, Eighty cents a bushel. Leave orders for your,winter's supply at my office. C.L.'LuNi). • :i built and the boiler and engine thoroughly rebuilt, Tne proprietors-will resbingle and paint the ,mill, whjch will be first-class in every particular, Foreman W, B., McMurray expects to set the machinery in motion in a few days, The RPPUUWOAN: is coming out in very gppd shape on its matrirapnial come up again, In Campbell vs. Watkins and Hodgson, the last named was sued as surety Watkins, The have extended fHB «T, T » ,- ^yji.j-^pj, vt ments foe $he}r wea.r BJabop Persy pj W.8S ir A ' — ^wree new^mTws fcyMw. Jowa, predwtipns (big season. JSrp. Ingham has been a trifle timid but the day has at last been named. Yesterday morning's Oes Moines Leader has the ' -I-fT-".—IV !-T7»^Srfr>»f « f ^e chaFming; tfepburn,, county r; -,-^, ^,«_ »v, yarned |ne 38rd WJ .this month |p Mr, -Hajyev Inghaoj of Algona, Migs flepburft¥roaRy fjisn^s . aye wishing her -sinoere^ gop event,". .The on a. note given by piamtiff was shown to the note without the surety's consent, and tbe-judgment was for the defendant Hodgson. J. p, Breenvs, F, 0, Fuller/, This was an appealed case fjom Justice Clarke and came up on a writ of error, It came originally ftom Qbed Robin- goo's court at Wesley, on a change of venue, ana^wlJey's counsel claimed that the case should have gone to a justice nearer by, The court sustained to back send Pjum remanded the case f ,,^.^,^,,^ with instr«6twn§ tp it te, ijustwe &, jj, White, pf Pw&- -T6§courts that in i — &'fibange v pf. yenae tbe J .^.^jw^fiaQi toeir „,**,.««,,,,<»„» „»•* w&ifr W to * be '«Wrt .aw/JiBs ! te_ ^jjis, wsg.apQwteoti pmYigus, >ici JT»/X»I*-«^*» fcJv« A A.l.£_t - Jwgttiog Athenians in the Arena. The Athenian Society of the "'Normal school held their first meeting for literary exercises last Thursday evening with the following program: Recitation.,,..., , Orpha Shirk Instrumental music—guitars ana mandolin. .Ohas, and Guy Taylor, Ohas. (Joan, Essay,p-Facts About Alcohol, ..Peter Knoer. Debate,—Resolved, Tbftt wind Is more destructive than fire. At Fuy Reed, Rosa Nelson, Neg. Edith Wilkinson, William Hunt. Essay,--Pashion , Ada Smith, Vocal dtiet,— Ruth Clark, Jewell Hunt. Recitation, ,..,,.Olive Salisbury. All the numbers were well rendered, each one taking part showing a deter- rainatipn to make the whole a success. 'The exercises were quite interesting, and gave promise of good things to come, 'The.debate was very spirited, on both sides, but the wind of the affirmative was overcome by the fire pf the negative in the opinion of the jury. OH^BE & SANBQSN CIQITEE, Walker Bros, have the Chase & Sanborn Coffee agency, Make no mistake, about that. V, I i'n . . .11. nn Don'Ji get in too big a huryy for your potatoes, but wait fpr the car at tbe , Opera $o«je Grocery "Waukegan Fence Wire" y-^ 'Beiore you buy; because we can give you more rods pound in the "Waukegan" than any other wire made- because it is the strongest; because it will turn stock where other wires will not. Investigate the "Jewel" and "Riverside" There are none better. Always insist upon having the Sherwin-Williams Prepared Paints, Because one gallon will cover more surface than any other Paint made, And because it win stay where you put it. This is a small list of our many customers who have used the Sherwin-Williams paint in the past eight B. H. Spencer, Geo. E. Clarke, Gardner Oowles, H. A. Ulook. J. F. Niooulin, , W. It. Ferg-uson. Ambrose A. Call,' Sid Blossom, J. B. Hoflus, W. F. Hoflus, ,M. W. Ferguson, Wm. Bailey. M, E. Parsonage, A. J. Jones. W. D. Nugrent, S. J. O'Neill. O. B, Minkler, P. O. Peterson, W.'F, Carter, T. F. Oooke, Jas, Patterson. X ^ ' I ':$Us ; S $4 ,,8 fei Spurbeck & Lambert, MANUFACTURERS AND DEAfceRS IN Fater . Gjy<? us ft call. >,BW ana Hose Wing* ,' Ql ,» ot&ltVir arease a specialty, fcarge sjoek of Qtller goo$ Factory and supply house pear Q, ft y, W,D?pol W, .. the t •feurpft Saturday night' ywopfl, wbQ is delighting brjJHant performance pn Qi Jft io by ItoJ§£ *«!.&> *8e " i CQ TO, ,<.,'<: •lit Jlf$S ^ t -." v ' i ^ v^-^gz^ "^•^.JI^M.^J, w,"v» \Vr^%fw,, f u> ; ,r?'Sj " ^^fAji^^lll 'V.$&. J T ^\ 'V'A W'&'rd • V »t V -j '/ i »«, "ITEY,^- fl^'V $ >|S •A*-.

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