Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 8, 1966 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 8, 1966
Page 7
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«•••••••••••••••••,,,„, /£ THURSDAY, SEPT. «,1966 — ALGONA, IOWA WONDER WHY IT IS that announcers of football games think their ugly pusses on trie TV camera do anything for the viewer? They look as silly as their guff sounds about who is who and what is about to happen. After listening to their pre-game junk a viewer could turn the idiot box off and be reasonably sure their predictions would turn out exactly the other way. Particularly irritating is the habit of getting some player on the mike ana screen hiding the half-time activities of the bands. They say there'll be a great half-time show and what happens — these mugs are on the screen and the haif- time show goes while the announcer and player pass around a few cliches and what a great game the first half was. Best way to watch a program or any college game for that matter is to turn tne sound off and go to the refrigerator or elsewhere when these clowns come on with their bunk. Phooey. SOME SCIENTIFIC organiia- tion has come up with the awesome report that bachelors are the unhappiest human beings. This applies it is reported to the ''old" bachelors particularly. The Old Goat can understand about that "old" part, but lumping the group as a whole it doesn't sound too reasonable to put the young bachelors in the same category. The Old Goat suspects these researchers had one thought about peace and quiet on the home front when they came up with that idea. Nothing gets a woman more riled up than to have her one and only view anything but married life as the best there is. Those researchers could have been in a peck of home trouble and probably they tinted the report to keep off the hook. Anyway when they restricted it to "old" in part they let the pussy out of the bag by indirectly indicating the young ones had • pretty good time. Mebbe so. The Old Goat can't remember. Improvements are made at Wesley school Wesley — The faculty of St. Joseph's parochial school attended a one-day workshop at Garrigan high school, Algona, Aug. 24. After the general session, the teachers met with department heads and discussed methods and policies to coordinate elementary and high school programs. On Aug. 28 an open house was held at the school after each mass giving opportunity to see the new library. The old multipurpose room has been remodeled into a central library and materials center. New walnut >anehng has transformed the walls, and the floor is covered with tile. Alternating drapes with a few creative arrangements of bookcases and furni- ure, have produced an attractive room. The materials center will house the audio-visual aids anc other teaching facilities. The emedial reading classes will al so be held there, with Erma Kunz implementing the Title 1 project. Father Phillips is responsible for the improvement. Classes began in the school on Aug. 29 with enrollment of 130 in the eight grades. Sister Anthony Marie teaches grades 1-2; Sister Agatha, 3-4; Mrs. Oscar Monson, 5-6; Sister Ralph, 7-8; and is principal. Pupils will have an opportunity for band lessons and the boys had their first football practice Sept. 6. Mr. Rezec, band master of Garrigan, and Mr. Neubrand, coach at Garrigan, will teach. Beatrice Hildman and Agnes Lickteig are cooks. Leonard Froelich is bus driver for Garrigan students and is custodian for SI Joseph's parish. First graders are Michael .Bee ker, Randy Cink, Rhonda For burger, Jeffrey Koppen, Debra Kisch, Marjorie Lickteig, Debra Loss,. Craig Studer, .Jeffrey Stu der, Kent Studcr, Lisa Studcr Michelle Studcr, Roger Stu der David Vitzthum, Wayne Vitz thum, Daniel Youngwirth and Dean Youngwirth. There arc 15 in the second grade. nold Stuflicks, Kanawha, and John Green, Denver, Colo., in St. Patrick's Catholic church at Britt Saturday morning. Mrs. Ricke cut the cake. Janice Ricke and Shery Hovland served punch. The Mike Vitzthums also attended the wedding. The newlyweds will live in Denver, where both are employed. PASTOR INSTALLED Rev. Linde, District Supt. of the Central division, conducted installation for Rev. Curtis Anderson as pastor of the Evangelical Free church and of the Upper Flat church Sunday evening in the Evangelical Free church. The Legion served some 375 at the barbecue chicken dinner Saturday in their hall and in .the lumber yard driveway. Their wives helped. The Legion plans to show a film, "Why Viet Nam' October 1. , Delores and Carlene Potthoff; of Minneapolis, and Vivian Pals, Mason City, spent the holiday weekend at Albert Lickteig's. The Ivan Johnsons will take fcheir son Ronnie to Sioux Palls, S. D., Sunday to enter Augusta ma college. He graduated froni Corwith-Wesley last spring. The, Johnsons were Sunday guests at Tony Pearson's. The Larry Pear! sons, Tiitonka, were also guests there. j The Howard Funnemarks re-< turned Wednesday from a week at Colorado Springs, Colo., where their son Dennis is atr tending the air force academy. It was open house for families. Mrs. Ivan Johnson substituted for Mrs. Funnemark at Corwith- Wesley as math teacher. Mrs. Pauline Pfeffer and Mrs. Herman Wise teach in LuVerne; Mrs. Merle Peterson and Mrs. The Bernard Erdmans, Cedar Rapids, spent the weekend with his mother, Mrs. Olive Erdman and with his sister, Mrs. Chas Vestrum. They were enroute home from a vacation at Lake Okoboji. . Bonnie Bleich, employed as a dental assistant in Minneapolis spent the holiday weekend at he parental Art Bleich's. The Herman Bodes had as Thursday guests, her nephew Paul Eisele, who returns to Mt St. Bernard Seminary, Dubuque soon; Ms father, Frank Eisele Whiitemore; Mrs. Frank Ko. ^hittemore; Kenneth and Leon rd Prohaskases, Garner; Paul Bill Goetch teach in fitotika; lasch and Mrs. Lydia Bisenlus, Donna Bleich is at Moline, 111.; Carol Root at Columbia Heights, Minn., and Margaret Flom at Ft. Dodge. The Wm. Walkers, Van Meter, were guests of his sister, the Harold Hemmingsens, several days last week. The Sam Alnes, Ames, were callers in Wesley Saturday. They are former Wesley residents. The Albert Lickteigs, Don Ha nigs, Dennis Potthoff and Mike Lickteig attended the Twins- Yankee ball game in Minneapolis Sunday. Twins won 9-2. Bode and Wally Turchin, Algo-led summef skshdot ftt i -- * , __ • * > . A* • ._ . _. <» I . . j_. t i_ at j-- j.* A jtj. *** •- * • t-m aM tia, and the Franklin Bodes, of 1 university, Omaha, Wesley. Paul Eisele had attend' Traveling to ST. PAUL? MINNEAPOLIS? STAY IN THE MIDWAY Wh»r« »h» Twin Cities Meet MOTOR LODGE wms Motor Hotel .:« 1 !* S ! TAKE YOUB PICK 2 FAMOUS RESTAURANTS AND COCKTAIL LOUNGES-MR. JOE'S and INN OF THE BLACK KNIGHT* 2 SWIMMING POOLS-Indoor Heated Pool/Lirgt Outdoor Pool ind Patio • 230 LUXURIOUS GUEST ROOMS AND SUITES-AII Alr-Conditianed • Radio & TV. THf ffPffCT I OC AT ION 12 Miwtti I* Ownitoim SI. Piul • 15 MimrtM I* lirtfrniHmtl Air•Ml ml IM SIMIui* • J MnuMi to MlihMf Sh»MM| CinMr - imit Bitn SO iftopt «nd item • Mimtn I* Unlnrtlty ol •Inntntt, WnnNMlK m4 SI. PM! tim. •um, Mt«Nl e«rttt tn« MMtfM, Slilt rilr Imn*, SUM CiriM in* Oftici fifto, Mf Cmnn ~ lirtimt. FREE: USE COUPON FM FOUOWINO Tcheck BoxeJ) I MIDWAY IOOGM GUEST SCRVICI I 1975 UNIVERSITY AVENUE ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA SSiOS Singles- -$9.75 Doublos-$12.75 Twins-$14.75 Children Under 14 FREE Gentlemm; Pl«is« «nd the following: I Q Midway Malar Ladft irotna Q Turin* Mater Halal IfKhyr* I n Informillun an thlnn to tt ~* M« In Uw Twin CIUM Him* Address SHU Zip 10 MEETING ind BANQUET ROOMS to iccommodate groups up to 500. fw Rtimtllom MUM (612) S4S-K91 Mltoif *•!« l«4|t- (112) M5-03I1 Trim ••!« Hittl t pritr » Unlnnllr »i«mit, SI. Piul, Minn. 55104 COAT Lay-a-way SALE MICKEY ROONEY is going to take a sixth wife. By now the short movie actor should have had enough experience to keep one reasonably happy and contented. However experience also indicates the gals get a bit tired of Mickey after a short time and give him the old heave- ho out the door. At any rate any girl who takes a five-time loser in the matrimonial sweepstakes is either a mighty brave girl or has rocks in her head. * >'.' <:> SOUTH AFRICA has been taking its lumps recently on the race problem, and probably properly so. But one big count in favor of that benighted country is the fact the government banned an appearance of the Beatles. Said it would be in the "best interest of the country," That "interest" probably is the amount of moolah those yelpers take out. They took this country's silly set for a lot of dollars to benefit England. THESE EARRINGS are getting out of hand. -Now the girls are wearing bangles that flip and flop around when they wave .their pretty little heads. A boy friend could get all scratched up with a little necking. Some of them dangle clear down to the shoulder. Of course a fellow without ethics in the war between the sexes could grab the oarrings and lead the girl like a farmer leads a bull with a nose ring. Now there's something! It's quite the fashion in some African communities to wear nose rings. Of course after marriage you can guess where the ring goes. * * * THE DEMON Register she- male page came up with this "fun"??? idea: "A fun trick is to pick up marbles, one by one, with your toes. Also sit with right leg crossed over left. Rotate the right foot in a circular motion. Then switch to the left." This is fun??? CORN — From planting the third week of May Walter Anders of Alden now is showing off two 18-foot tall corn stalks in his yard. Mr. Anders reported they grew as much as six or eight inches in one night. ATTEND WEDDING The Arden Hovlands and three daughters, Minneapolis, were weekend guests at George Ricke's. All attended the wodding of Kay Stuflick, daughter of Ar- THE NAME THAT SPELLS VALUE IN HtK TIN6 KHD KIR CONDITIONING H E ATI NG GREEN COLONIAL AIR CONDITIONING I.CoalbyLilliAnn,,. Fabulous treasurable tweeds and plaid actually hand-woven in Scotland of finest mohair and wool for LILLI ANN, the most elegant of the Paris season, wide- swinging, swirly, marvelous-looking on the move, marvelous in repose ... in the most thrilling color alliances planned' by artists in the LILLI ANN Pans de•Sign studio. '150°° 3. Goat by Dee Dee Deb Sketched, bold and beautiful Sutter Plaid, collared in dyed Spanish lamb*. Smartly stated, double-breasted coat with deep patch pockets and the popular back belt. Brown only. Similar plaids, choice of colors, collared in other treatments of Spanish lamb* or dyed fox*. $5500 SHEAKLEYS WILL MAKE THE DOWN PAYMENT FOR YOU! Sheakleys will make a clown payment of $5.00 on any full length coat priced up to $50.00. SAVE $5.00 Sheakleys will make a down payment of $10 on any full length coat priced from $51 to $99.00. SAVE $10.00 Sheakleys will make a down payment of $15.00 on any full length coat priced from $100 and up. SAVE $15.00 LAY-AWAY YOUR FALL COAT NOW AND SAVE 2. Goal by Lilli Ann... The 'coat of glamour planned in the LILLI ANN Paris design studio according to the new Paris couture code adds magnificent mink to magnificent fabrics woven in Paris exclusively for LILLI ANN of finest mohair and wool, the result an eloquent statement of great fashion with great elegance. Beige, with natural ranch mink. ^" ; LET US PROVE.. QUALITY COSTS NO MORE Why buy "second best." you can j?ei an engiiu quality hcaliiiKor air nmcliliou- jng installation and sore money in the long run. Green Colonial furnaces and air conditioners art! bettor built to give you greater comfort, more dependability, with lower operating costs. TOP PERFORMANCE M Every Green Colonial installation is factory engineered and tailored to fit your Jionie, U» fissure perfect comfort in every room. Why settle for less than the best. V Get our Free estimate R. J. FUNK numbing & Heating 4. Coat by Bettijean... Bettijean presents this style as a most lavish example of the exciting season ahead. Giant male mink skins form the grandiose caped and buttoned collar. The elegant fabric is GRANATEEN, scissored with an easy-flow silhouette and nicely detailed pockets and buttoning. $170°° LONlAi AIR CONDITIONING ALGONA'S FINEST COAT SELECTION $130°° "All Coats Shown Are In Stock" m 5. Goal by Youthcrafi The Coachman's coat, adapted and feminized to provide this pretty fall covering for diminutive ladies 4' 10" to 5' 3". Double breasted front features braid accented collar. Full length side seams release inverted pleats in front and back. $55°° 6. Coat by Youlhcrafl High voltage fashion, electrified -with wanted welt-seam detail in front that crosses the sleeves to form a deep back yoke. Elegant fabric and impeccable tailoring make it a stand-out coat in the best tradition of the new fashion season. $7QOO ALGONA Ladies and Children's Fashions EMMETSBURQ

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