The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on October 10, 1894 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 10, 1894
Page 1
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OOfJKTr, IOWA, ',VEMfcSDA^ OCTOBER 10, 1894. CLOAKS Our Fur Collar Trimmed, All Tailor Made, At ; $3.50; As Good as Any Sold at $5.00. REPUBLICAN STATF TIf KPT urn uuivlt AH 01A1 L, 111HE, 11 Secretary of State. . . . W. M. Auditor of State ......... C. Gt. MC/CABTHY ....... ] g . Treasurer of State ..... JotiS S. HEftfitoxt Attorney General ........ Mil/Km RfeMtfer Railway Commissioner . . .0. L. BA Clerk of the Supreme Court. ..C. L. Reporter Suprertio Court. B, I. m!S th P& ct that a»ong the honest Masses of the country there is no such .«««,.. *~.,-_^. tojjratda the virtual in the short> Bought of the Voting , ,, , COKTGRfiSSlONAJL TICKET. Congressman— iotli Dlst,<.J. P. Doi JUDICIAL TICKET. Judge— 14th District ...... W. B. QUABTON . . Auditor ..................... tf.D. CALKINS Reorder: ................. M. F. RAND AW, Clerk of Courts ................ u. F. CKOSE Couiity, Attorney .......... j. c. RAYMOND the great issue of "„„' :" involved in the gave three cheers the train sped on to i audience of 8,000 - ~ r —:er in the Auditor*»£'• i wl i? i ttvi ? e thafc number on the outside trying to get in. i j '" ijfftifi COURIER'S WHEELS. ISmmetsburg Reporter: It was with SI? ifit 1 * 1 ?! am . a8 ,ement that We read the Algena Courier's comments on the Wa8 dfea <* a*"* that Lu had just cause fot kicking be- e Hal ' ri8on did °°' t the New Shapes and New Style?- Supervisors | ?• £' K OI *> I L. BABTON. MCFARLAND GOT THERE. How the Secretary of State Got to His Appointment. The Des Moiues correspondent of Marshalltown Times Republican tells how Secretary of State McFarland met an emergency on one of his stumping tours last week: Secretary of State McFarland is always having, interesting experiences on his stumping tours. One ( of his party has just returned to the' city from northwestern Iowa, where . making things hum in the political field. He tells a charmihg story of how the secretary got caught ,at Qeftftrein last Wednesday without-a- train or mode of conveyance to 1 ' UeW' Hampton, thirty miles away. H& had f ni»*t-tr Tvit tiii *•*•»« *A ««.*. tt-.-. —„ i_ 9+L , ' e nomination tor treasurer, and laid great stress on his being beaten by ring in pine Footwear!' BROWNELL, the Shoe Man, has thek ..' */'-/ '•* ' ; >'T ", .- ' ? 1 ' '' If you want GOOD GOODS CHEAP, ah% 'always f '%uti vllue'"'for your money, buy your Boots _ ber Boots, Gloves and Mittens, at Shoes, Brownell , . thirty minutes to get there in. life,got there. To do it he had to hire a special —-•—» •» w «.« *w «iu M*I*\A u\j JA14O a i3WDl/ial engine, \yhieh cost him $25 in the%bin n --- i -^_ c -.»-^ WMV •••• i^uk v*n+ i IA 1«UV WVVIU realms The engineer of the engine Was ^all right, -bujl>;th|8v fireman was a dfemocrat be refused to . burap hiinself--% u thp v ask. of shoveling eoul- was a.caiitip^' ft, was evident wneo the ,start was made that the thirty miles rnu»t consume at least three, hours and the secretary got desperate. He began to deliver his speech to the fireman. The result was a mile to the minute.gait with the secretary, of. the *s,tate of lofaa bobbing back and forth .apnd the 'coal shov.els, oil- cans and ot- ',fler pleasant accoutrements of ,the en- jgine. Bu,t he made his appointment. Chairman Blythe was at K,ew Hampton and presided, while Congressman .Updegraff followed ,the address of the- secretafiy in a rousing speech. i . * MASON 1 CITY This year it is equally suri . M. Doxsee was beaten by "boss* ism, as it terms it. Last 'year it was an Algona ring that dominated ttrt'o* JSSSvMi fll i Vor ,r of A1 g°na. This year poor htll«v.Lu Verne, that was so trampled upon last vrar, enters into a combination to bent JJoxsee in order to se^ cure the nomination of a supervisor from that part of the county. ./The political eye or the Courier is peculiar. It always discovers a ring in everything. This muat be from the fact that Ufe editor has a wheel in his head, which so affects the optic nerves aa.'to actually transmit the Impression of ,a ting to bis' impressible brain. The Courier puts us in mind of a garrulous old' Woman who is always endeavoring Trt n7s%*b> *»n n MA^M!.!,..-.! __ _ _* _ . *_ "'.tf 1 ) ° id. work up a neighborhood rQ*w.,foy ?&£ ping her nose into everybody else'sbtis- iness. The only difference is that"the -Courier has.worked the same old raek- efrsp long that no one takes .any stock mat. Give us something new or give twja rest, Mr. Courier. B We have a PULL OABOF POTATOES, Rose and Burbanks, which we expect to arrive the latter part of this week. Wait for these and we will put in your winter supply at prices that will interest you. M. Z. GROYE & SON. Opera House Grocery.. One Dollar and Eignty ,/ .• . . - • .'•.. PATTERSON & SARGHETT ' """ ~ ' ' ' " '"' ' --'i^iT'i'i i ".'..--'i 1 ''- """"__^ j' '" " .-^.---r.-. Successors to Patterson Bros., Big Bargain Orocerv, r?rf^!i»<-i, ,, <, , > '.•r' ' ^J 7 rl ,'«• • I . ' . , ' ' '' ' ' ''' • ' ' ' —r'T"l.*"'' **»SfliWlj kjc*i£o«»«i;j. DCJX auui several private, citizens j?eht ,dowo to MasOn.City.Saturday to see 'and ,hear Goy.McKinley^who w^as announced to sp^ak at theljujMJtibn on his way from Des'.Moines to S,t. 'Patil,, They found" Mason City alive with excitement over i PS poking" of,.'the great statesman, and by-a little past twelve anyone/ who wanted to hear,McKinley had only to follow the •, crowd. As the time approached people flbcked in from all dis,, tapqes.m every mode of conveyance, and-by ooe o'clock, when the train was due, there was a croWd at the junction' station estimated at 2,000. The-'word was given out that the train was' a*d hour Jate, but the expectant multitude waited without any sign of impatience; 1 When the hero came he was greeted With musjc'and cheers, but Chairman Blythe, without waiting for ceremony} lied the way to a'little flag-draped plat* fpr^m in. a sheltered- corner '*>f the »ta- K i tann.r'wiWB, {be champion of Atnerican •' --o-fi™.-— ai >^ interests against the vorld spoke f pr ten minutes. We have neard it said that McKinley does not look like bis pictures, but the features Q£nq,public man in the United States .flrfl'mnm f 0 ,vhA,n^ delineated in'the , NON-PARTISAN FREAK. ' : The Emmetsburg Democrat In a lengthy article labors very hard to con- .yey,|he impression that C. E. Cohoon, the democratic nominee for judge, is not a partisan. It says he is "strictly " . -- ~ p*frr~r—"- -.VUMJUIJO to ObllUI/lJ independent in politics." What acur- ipsity he mUst be. "Barnum" will be after him. Just think of such an idea —a non-partisan man, a man without a.political conviction. Usually a. man •who has not snap enough to have a po- Wical conviction has no other convictions. He would make a pon-decisive judge. Some of -our exchanges are more honest and call him a populist;. Inch is probably correct.—BeveiltoF.- ' ;j j BACK FROM NEBRASKA. 'f Qjie morning last week one>pf tluk We have a most Complete Assortment and ^f many bargains in this line. We have a full " _t J town, tb«tsit r has^beenTurIot"fo1Bee *A*€WL^ear'aea, maii?t«difJI script Children ^drawing"a h'c'avV^w'6 wheeled vehicle, and liflrpmf-'along be-', Xl'nman VifAiiokt- ,4ij fK'fa vpar , they make up Jt j* " *«**-» MWVJ.J. WUOJ LUd.n.D UU one of the families burned out in 'Nebraska 1 by the drouth. They^'-claim'itio ,|iave made the entire distance overlahd ; on foot, 1 and state that 1 for tetoht vfiii^ -Eaglt DUBS' HIJJI STAJ^ CHAMPIOl^. One -of thej;<jhief attractions at the Algona fair laijt week was the five mile bicycle race on ^day., Moore, of Des Moines, the champion rider of Iowa, Merkle,' of Lij y er ne, and Myhre, of Estherville, were the contestants and the five mile qash was made in 18 min ' -__ —,„ ^uxv i^W7M TT»O tUHl4O 111 J.O lUlU- utes and 9 secbijds, Myh're winning by the length of ^tiis wheel. He now not only carries the gold medal but js aa- know edged champipn cyclist of Iowa, —Estherville/Vicdicator,, PEOPLES'}PARTY CONVEllTION. There •will be a mass convention of 'the •gonaooTuesday, Oct.i^at 1 o^cfook, fqr, the Purpose of pjaojng r fu nomination a S??^^?*'-?. 1 ** f °r W°. transaction of It'Is hoped that' ! i for 25 oente. This is a f ap er ; sc^ th^^wottf'^ "" ^ ~* I f\tT£*1* -ff\^\ Kf\ A,.^- J__ ••_ * " j - * < *, AJ? e for\ 5 cents. l • Our goods are first-class and n 6iir : prices are thelowesC, • ! ' " '' •' ' I "<• • > ','..!„ ' :FRAMK w; DINGLEY, THE DRUGQIST. -)- w5 OF TITLE! ? •bJHty o| the flrnrpertifymer to^tSe sanw. L. TOifil^MJ^&ls^^ af they »» held responsible Jor errors! ~lnd of piislnes 0 •*"•* ~--~ —••-- --" tf * f Give us a call. t v*«pvt#v nancial ,:«, We " ir wjork. < ALGONA, IOWA, We U ft v e .large and.^^ 8t ock of Grooms *#**, wfll p^, M ,,ft»p ^r^S^^Sff*& £?*%«?**&_ 8pwe , ?° F* 108 *° &«w ° U F oustomers; w« iplleli» f S52S*ttWff. l»« e :,P^nts itself Tpwjsrf ^JIP CAUCUS aa^dWbet^itmrpnheweW^ , owe oejrk, two justices ^B^'S^SiM^^ft l?l«sffiwmwg i^lMf&SRLy - * -j ^ ->jiW»w?*k<*^' ^ Pi m» By .order of Chairmen of .hnt.Vilam!'.

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