The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on October 3, 1894 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 3, 1894
Page 8
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IDEAD SHOT! i the name, and Sf tJDLBY'S DRtJG SfORE the feWa fhi. hoot if the Wofld; it kills flies b^ the SShel *Kto to wkftf* And take no othef. Sold only by W. J. SftDLEt, DtltJGGU8T, ALGOft A, IA, A. D, OLAKKl ife CO, Chicago & Kortlu Western ftpfetylld ffi'usic;>nd by all reports they - it'; If you don't believe it ask the girls.and Succ<?feM In .splettdid hdtt tho wofthy couple a ' ' . besides we will betmoftey, cbalk of inaf- , IOWA, 00* 8,' 1894. When m need of Hardware, please call on me and get prices. I aim to keep the best, such a* Garland Stoves and Ranges, Baker Barbed Wire< Heath *fe Miiiigan's Paints, Etc, ity'Doit Pay FARMS AND WILD LAND FOR SALE V, MONEY CONSTANTLY ON HAND FOR FARM'LOANS'; i And furnished immediately upon application. Opera House Block. HAY & RIGE -+ CHAS. ROSEWALLj-t- Painting and Paper Harwinq . ' .. w " ' ' '' ;'• ••' I ••• - : •••• •••''"•• •:%!•• v C.L.LUND. EsTABusiiKfc 1880. J.J.RYAN. (Successors to O. L. LUND.) Real Estate Dealers, Algop; Iowa. The IBanqjPOft • f T .^ e Onl y one >" KossutW'cciunty. n ' ;;; ' " ' If your Poliqv • needs chang- Companies Bepire£er)iji;ed. i Phoenix of Hartford, Fire'Association, •Philadelphia. • ' "* State Insurance Co., of Des Moines Capital Insurance Co., of Des Moines. Merchants and Bankers,^!.Dea Moines Anchor of Creston. Dubuque Fire and Mirme, Dubuque. Standard Life and Accident.- •• Equitable Life. . \ - ; < '•' •> .';• Equitable Life Assura'hce So6'y of thetl.S JNorthwestern National of Milwaukee. Creamery and Threshing Machine Insurance a Specialty J". .&.. %'-o'r fixing up, focan^do it, forjyou no matter what com-; panv? you, are insurec}^, . ^ '• "' * ; Oenduoted by j* A, i?Rfectl. NEWS OP THEJQWN, The annual dafflp^flre of the Grand Ar* of the Republic, which has always been a success here, was a greater success than ever last Wadticsday evening, in rsplte. of. adverse circumstances. Everybody was disappointed because Father. Seheffiffiel of St. John's church could hot be present and make the principal address, as he was called away unexpectedly in. the;ftfter- noon, He has promised to speak at some future meeting.on the same subject, however. About *45 was taken in for the benefit of the needy ones whom the Post Is aiding. About 250 people partook. pf one of,the best suppers ever gotten up in Bancroft. The tlnion.Cornet Band did themselves proud and the people hero are beginning to appreciate the fact that wo have a first-class band. Among -the fine features was the singing of a choir of the leading singers of tho town. Also deserving mention were the address of Samuel Mayrio, the recitations by Erma Barslou and Mary and Lillian Wood, and the singing of tho German War Song "Oh, Strasbourg," by Alex Carpenter of Seneca, of frog farm fame. The, speeches by the old soldiers were appreciated aud applauded by the audience. The ojd soldiers want it understood that.thpy heartily' appreciate the patronage and aid they 'had in getting up the camp-lire and the people all seem tothluk it is a duty they owe to the old soldiers to help them in every way they can. If there Is anything that fosters patriotism it is certainly such meetings as the one at Jefferson Hall last Wednesday night. May we soon have another;Jack Johnston' took in the flourishing cities of Wesley and Corwith last Sunday: He reports a good time and that! said towns are booming. " . -. ...-.1. i . • There seems to be a groat deaf of moving going .on these days,. Amo^g the changes are. as follows:' Fred' Pdttorsoii will move into the residence vacated by C. F; Higley. • J. &; Graham goes into the N! ; E. Sheridan house near'the s'chb'ol' hPus'e N.E.'Sherldan moves intb'ihehcntse-'va-' catedby D. R. Crowel, who will soon move Into the J. T.-Russell. hPusoWs®.:C. McClellan is m6ving r into:th6-T. A. Wilson house' in the' Svest patftf tPWrii-aDdi!F;:' W.' Kinne will moveJnto the..Gh/.-W. Skinner house'on Nov. 1st, and:we understand;vttiat weddings will occur, and no.wly..married couples occupy all .th^e vacant x houses left in ; tqwn,. it Hui!rahfoij i the wedding^ ( .., •••• Rey.'T. S. Cole is ubaont atv conference, consequently no preaching service waahad p,-t the M. E. church last Sunday. V^H-.; ., • 'Miss Maggie-Mallory'''came* i*i*,from Ames-yesterday drid. will ffeQ'. to" JftJffalo CenteKto visit her bnbther a' E;- Malory ' whote very ill. -- - — ,-... _-„- bought a Waterloo dfill and d gasoline engine to fuh it with. Hecafi dfiH,a ; hple from 3 to 8 inches across .as he sees fit, And can go 8dd feet,' TheoutfitdoSts.hitti .about *«« and will be a valuable. ptttfit for this patt of the county, '' ' FMNTON, q». Sep|, 2§.~pfle of Will Gftlllon's hired meh..gpfhurt while drilling'a well The b»s told him to . — •r--.--.-o 1 "'* • ..*.**« u./aa WJ1U, niul 10 tirlve up the team a little, and while he was doing so the. teata sapped, and he told them to gO; ahead!,.and they took a jump and broke the double tVee, and the sweep jumped back, hitting .the young'man on the leg, It was thought his leg was brbk- en,, and he was .taken, to Bancroft, The doctor found it badly .bruised only', The young man will >o laid up a few Weeks, FEwiotf,. Oct, l.-Mike Welsbrod,pur insurance agent, was out last week lookinc up cyclone damages. ; ..'.. Frank Ranney, and wife and Paul Moore and wife were visiting friends in Forsythe last.week. .. ... Conrad Raba was last week driving around with his uncle from Illinois, look- ingland. •••; . There has been a bustle of improvement for the past few weeks. H. F. Dreyor has built a corn crib and grain bin, with space between for a wagon drive. If we are not mistaken It Is 25x30, with ten-foot-posts John Weisbiiod built a hog stable 24x56, 8 foot posts, and a grain bin-8x24, R. p. Hayenga being the chief carpenter and doing the work nicely, but after the threshing was done and the. bin filled with grain it bursted in .every direction, and looked as though it had been struck by a cyclone. Jacob Weisbrod -Jr., has. just hauled the lumber for a large hog barn 56X34, and 8-foot posts. This looks as though Fenton proposed to raise .lots of _. „. (Very Uttleof the fofmet however^ our stocfir'is limited), .tie is doing a good business, too. we understand. Mrs. -Alton's father and mother, are hete v.iSitlng. , .. . ' t)r. Paulrthey say* is never satisfied. Iti fact'no end to his Wants, especial* ly, since the--baby girl came. H<$ how wants'another, girl; to help.;take care of this one; H&says a bigger one .is wanted thistitrie, to whom Mrs, Paul will pay wages If she.coffles soon* . ... ttev, aiid .Mrs, Hotchkiss have beeti away to conference, Dr, Bruner, our dentist, returned Saturday to his studies at the.State University at Iowa Oity, He will graduate next spring, . . .... -...,....,, Mrs. Wlchler.returned Monday from the Methodist conference, . The Good Templar entertainment was a roaring success. We believe it could: be with a large audience. a *»Ai tiSTATiS! Atrb A&SMAV? to QtTABTOK, rrows ¥ AT Office ovor Kossuth Co, lia'nk, Algona, >, Sept. 34.—Another prairie fire started 4 miles scuth of Ledyard south of the B. C, R. & N, tracks, and resulted fri J. M. Keller loosing ail of his hay, about 100 tons, and Lalburp, who at the time was away, lost all of his grain; 6Ver >t,000 bushels, his stable.'granary and other out buildings. The farmers, Iri the neighborhood, just came In time to save his house and stock. F. Thompson, on, the Nicholas farm, northwest of Ledyard, last week while feeding a hay press wlth'his hand got it caught and his hand may be amputated. Del Brown, west of Ledyard, last week got a-car load of shoats shipped in from the southern part of this state. They cost him on track in Ledyard about 82.50 por head; It was a fine load and ho oxi.ects them to make him some money. . Mr.C.Bodone, a big .stock feeder of Stratfprd, Iowa,, spent the .most of last, week In this neighborhood jbuying wheat and is going to feed It to his hogs, which, at40c. Is far cheaper than.eorn. He bought ubout 14 car loads. .. , ; .... ,. ,, ; .Duiit It himself,. 'Ferdinand Miller has - Since the cyclone at -Algona,. everybody built a large hog stable, 40x24,6-foot posts.! re are di S8 in STCellars and oaves. Every F/C. Newell is laying the'foundation for man ou a*-t to have a cave near his h«i, 0 «. *•» • ~ *'* **i*wwv(v* uv A oaou 'JUL9 UJ, hogs. F. C. Boevers Intends to.bulld.a hog barn before it freezes up. He has also built a new grain bin; 10x28 and 12-foot posts, in which he can put 1,000 bushels of oats.attd close to 300 bushels of wheat; Ho .built it himself,. Ferdinand Miller has . LOAtfS AXDv^ _ m Oojlectlohs a Specialty.- Office hi oardnerdowlesnm Algona. E.V. ATTORNEY AT LAW, J^^a^ ^Algona.^'. ATTORNS? AT LA If, Uttnaaud^nsurance. Bi.eclnl attention gtWa, Office oVeroiiMMhin25?i.i u kl H| ona , lowa< ; a new house. , H. Lohse'has'bullt a- grain >biny-16x8.r • -. ...:•.- . ; ' .. , v ., . Mrs. Louise Vogel,-:of. Emmetsburg; has ;rented her farm of 80 apres for $125. :••••••••: ;'•' •••BUFFALO FORK." 1 '" 1 '" " BUFPA-LO FOBK, iOc.t. 1, .'94,-iL. Q., Smith is-havln'ga'rtewbaraerectedion his farm in ; PortlaWdi'<-;- .:•••••} •••.•v j-'iii-,.}.-.:'.- .,;,;..-•.•,•• ' MisS'Rubh Butterfield is spending a few da^siti Bur t! this 'Weefc; y :.> •?, ;,•,•:,-. ...,:,., ,. ; Mr. and Mta.' WiU'iLad-endorf, of .Algona, viMted at' HeflryBajtlett!s,laat w his hous.e '' man ought to have a cave near in case of storm. '/;:•... . ,<<••> Mrs; F. J,.Dunlap, who,.-,jTpr some t\imo lias been away, returned Saturday greatly improved in health. • , ; , . . '• - - I j j , K. GARFIELD, M. £>., * PHYSICIAN AND BUROBOH, Oflleo on State street, • Ri.J.KENEF10K, M.I 'Office over Taylor's store. 1 Miss Rose Mayne, of Nbviivsvllie; 1 'Iowa.' is making a visit with her' brptheV,"Sani'l, Mayne and wife,'- ' ' • •' 1 i^'>; ; K. M. Richmond, ' ' A. B, BlcHmond, "' 0. J. Lenander, Oasbter, Ass't, --- .„„„„, A.00 i. r u»3IJ« Farmers' & Traders' SavihgSf Bank ; . BANCJJOPT, ; IOWA •'•• Author. e ^*^^^^ ' ' Land, Loan, and Offices at ^l^.^?^«mf5B8SS rth « Swea City, Iowa. R. M, RICHMOND. CALL AT THE OFFJQ^ QF uAND AND TOWN LOT 00. is Mayhe and wife, .SamuerMay'ne spj.d the S,V. : ^.o> 34- ; ^-SQ ; tp Jrohn,Minderi, of C.hici^sa'iy county, for. £18.75, per'aero.; Mr. Winder! will'' come on and improve "iiho farm. Mr. 1 May no'also sold'the E. Jf of 24-99-39 td Messrs. 'Campbell and KaiW, o'l* Greene county for $17.00 per acre last 1 ' 'Friday/ These parties will cbine up' in 'the ! spririg ahd'will'itnprove the .land and be actual •settlers;'- ' • •..• i-. ..;•. : .... , ......... Dan Smith has been laid up again for a couple of weeks. He is ha'viiig hard luck this fall, '•'• •• .-• , >•. . /The Ray L.Royce Boll Ringers were the b^st. musical aggregation ever"-scon "in Bancroft and ..'tlio'lmperspnatJohs of Mr, Royce were the best ever seen hero. '" Miss Lola Davison was over from Buffalo Center last Monday. ' Get your property Insured before you build those big (ires for :\vinter, J, A ' Frecihcandoitforyou, •,. Congressman DollIver speaks in 'Buffalo Center, October 9th'. Quite a number are intending to go over and hear hlnu John C. Coy, of LaMoJUe, 111., l ms been hero looking after his his landed interests- during the past week. Joe Russell has an addition to his new Jwuse completed and has had it' painted ill the latest style .by J, S, Patterson, who .by the way, did some of the best work ever seen in these .parts, on the above house, H, Austin did the carpenter work an,d that is also a splennid job, .' - Remember-that J, A. Freck handles the two largest Life Insurance companies j u the wprld, the Equitable and Mutual See him and get a policy, .Theso companies' pay air back premiums, paid in 60 years with 4 per cent, compound interest and wry ypur life insurance besides, Can you afford to bo without it? The Armstrong Journal s ft ys nhat C, A, Mpljnaer, of Swea, is putting up a floe largo barn, • ' . < * , P. A, Haggard had business in Bancroft yesterday, . 4M " Word cpmes from Thornton, fcwa, MlV »»4 Mj'8. Patterson are MB %£**$* SW *»lv «w iwt wwlj, Mr, , . : ! Mike Bartlett'has.'had a new Star windmill erected'. ';•<''• !."< Smith and .„., son, Charlie, visited ~" —--- •» — »••»• uukAp WAAWA 11C| V 1(31 bUU relatives in this Vichiifcy-one;day last week. & son'-was' born'to Mc/and Mrs. Herman Ward, Sept, 27, ./ V JY>. ;:,-..,.;,-• Mrs. Frank Fowler 'isi expected home tliis.week Thursday: •••..•;• -.-: y v •',--. : Mr; Bowyer.hais.l,efta.;.fine new,. Bush & Ge'rts piano on trial at J. H. Grover's. : • Mr. • and Mrs. Carl, Ostrander and -son visited relatives i«'this .neigh bqrfipod pne. 'day last week; • .v-n..;;..-.•.-,.••,•. >;--...; •..,.. '• Mr. : Stotty of (Humboldf,. father, of J:W. and J. B.-Seott;-'.lfs .visiting 'present.^ ••.;• >.,. ::••>, :•••••• .•••,..., ,,, ,._,;.../.'., "Fred Bingsdorf :has; rbad >a! new.; coal house pu-t up:recently. •••'••• ':;. .,.,/•.. -Misses Maude and' Carrie.' Manley and Eveiyn-Stone are attending the Jail'term, of school atBurt. .".-.-..iV .• : ;i ,; ; .,,. ...;; : Ellis McWhorter Is ca.nvasBlng ; -:this...vicinity in the interest pf the (State.Mutual '•Insurance company. . . / • , f . ; , •Mr. Eddy has secured the services of >Ed, Ricks to assist him'in'his farm. ;york. next 'year. '--'-^ •< .> > lir , . '-• r " i: BURT.,""'.' ' •..-: . ';,.;• v , . Sept. as^Jitr; Win; R^per; and tf company of 6 nien, ; have canvassed this section of th e< coiihtry with black'smitli outflts-and^o-.uhdflrstand: i thab''atidut' iw' outfits have been distributed throUghi\th^ country:--' ' '' :( ' •"••• • •:.; iijvvi'M/T/->'-i.'«« feevei'ai harrSw escapes frdin the cyclofie are Reported from our Burt people, among thembeing Forest Kibe,' GfcU ifibffi'hflNu'fe Sha'flfdr and ladles '^hb' l wer'o'driv'iiiWlh the path 6f the stbrtii'bufrsucceeded' ! (ii'getting alittle- j pastfMr.''Bau''s wh'en : ''fhe' ga'le struck. 'Am'inutebr ; soia:teaiid'it would have been all upr witlV-.them. Mr. Rice had a <?ood sized grip In the rear pf his buggy. which:was scooped out and to date • has!not;been'j.etui i ned.,:, : ; •,;•?:..;.<,/. <.- •' •Emmetsburg.papers-havQ'it that VVHITTEMORE. 1 1, Sept, 25,—The cyclone did not touch Whittomore, but came within a mile of it, which was too close, This ought to be a lesson to the .survivors, and result in many storm caves being .made, .This idea of stonn caves is hooted at by a few'pessimists who see nothing good in anything, but those who have not- taken ,tbe precaution simply, because some; oae •else has ridiculed the idea, or possibly called you cowardly,- shpuld stop, and think. And don'-t think to? Jong, but Jet go at it and'build your cave, and our word for it, if a storm, comes and' your neighbor happens to be one-of the pull«baqks above mentioned, just watch, If he don't lead you into your own cave it will b<j» 'because he is too far away, too'reach Jt, j&beaiJ pf ypu. , , . '. "' A Mr,, Newhpuse ha.s been ber^ Jopkjng up the prpspects pf a.Jftwprac'ticW as has ajsp a Mr,,JE5?roe, IjYe 1 sh,'puld"b0 pleased, to gee both, pf these young gentlejnen Jpc'ated llAl'A. fillH T^nlfatrA K/\4-Vt -omitU J*^ ..._n /*t .-un has been wiped out of existence by the cyclone, ,but we -are, thankful, tov, sayntha,t' savo'a,heavy wind storm-and a ...bad saarer we were.otherwise unmplested.... , ,-,••:• ••: Jim Stow has just finished bailing a ; hundred,tons.of hay for parties ; near Led-' •yard: ,-.••.. .,...,...• _••..<.,.,. . i; .••'', ,...,•' "•Ai ne^y creamery is, contempl^tGdInPoj-t- landtownship near Mr, ; Robt. Lane's farm Work upon the building : ,will .commence .Monday morning of/next week. F. B. Fargo & Co, furnish' the separators and Mr •Culver of Burt does the..carpenter work, So our. country with' new improvements and industries. - ', , ' - Mr, Lincoln Hall, druggist at this-place, returned last week irom a trip to Ohjb where he had been called by the sickness of his mother. , ,. ' Ovep.J\ViljJ]lert) Furniture stqrp, Be-sldenc'e north OonauU^J<in\n ; Ens;Hs Over Goetoh's s , 's store, Whlttemore, low*, F. 0. HEFLIN. PHYSICIAN AND im > UNJON. ,. Wo are pleased to note the rapid provement of Mr, H'. Sche'nck;' hi$ friends will be glad 'to hein-this, • Little HomerB6evers : 1s getting along nicely from his injuries ' received'' by"- the cyclone, as is also' Bernic'e Grayer, Boevers'. adopted boy. ' ' ' ' • • Myron Schenck is rebuilding his :barns and will his hous? as soon as be' can,' Such CH4S. .MpCOIUyiAC^, , "» SAYERS, D, V, former bwsp WU VA8M1V Florence tw Qf the tumor M. 1. iDsurance anil Farm Loans R, M. ?-!-\ e> ^i^ , / * " ' ' • -Y," '• '•'">&&"¥•"'"•' •*•.'-'^ '' ^ here, and belieye tajnjy tF° lawya, nesstbawQBe, yp« all we can, to dp jt^ The cycionrt ojra te yiew the dp .well, Cer* , uc enterprize is what roatos Kossuth such a good county, , ' Jos, Thompson has his house nearly. ready to go into, His barns ftre gpjng «p ^l 7 ' jfww.Js over from assisting them, Reibhoff »rps. are W. H, Bailey, A, D. B Am 4, Wbeejpr, Q, Dm and BJJJsboou BJ-PS., h aY ean E..S.QL §IER,D,D, PENTAL Mr, i. T " ""•"»*•«» f* t- spent Friday njg^ a t a has rscefttjy purebjed three go's n e a r tbfiwtUw.vwap.tliw and Mra, Patter,

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