The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on October 3, 1894 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 3, 1894
Page 5
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ffirf r i/'?-? mom, r, . 3, 1894 LOCAL MATTERS, 8ee Ort Wqtiestions of paink Fresh oysters at Ladendorfl's. If: yoli want a job of painti«j? Angelina is the girl for good bread making. " f » 8. Norton says the lumber business is booming just now. The democratic convention comes One week frqiti to-day. The Horari brothers have bottght the W, F. Carter residence. Choice jellies, preserves and pickles at the Opera House Grocery. "Jane" was on the ft. Dodge opera iouse program for Monday night. Mr, Platt's merry-go-round has been stored in the O. A. R, building for the season. Forrest Stough will spend a few weeks in Wesley, selling out a stock of Don't miss the steteopticon entertainment in the Baptist church Monday evening. . Have you been able to get good butter?. If not, try the Opera House Grocery and you Will, f Taylor il selling aprons 1 ' and wrappers very cheap. He always has the nicest to be had. See his ads. Ask Forrest Stough to tell you about his piano playing "classical music" and the telegram that never came back. The Burt Monitor says Becorder Bandall is a man of excellent judgment. He has just bought residence lots in B'tt. : ••"•.:••.•="••.,.., :' 'each Cowan, one of the best stone nitrons in the state, is back in Algona afvlr a season's work at i Jefferson, Iowa. , * '•', *•, s " Ben Haggard is down \v,ith'&n attack of typhoid fever. His doctor Is trying to break it tip and it is hoped he will be successful. The subject of the Sermon at the Baptist church next Sunday .evening f \ "The Spirit's Witness to Bin>V Series begin at 7:30. 'here was a heavy downpour of rain jnday and Monday night. A few ih tains would restore the normal Mtion 'of things.' .i'e ladies of the Monday Club will d their first meeting for the season «.v the residence' of Mrs. Kate. Starr, "Monday evening at 7:30. . Hard coal was quoted as low as $8.50 'per ton Monday. This' we believe as /the lowest price at which the article 'Was ever sold in Algona. ', . , .When fine Early Ohio potatoes can 'be got of Mr. Lund at 80 cents a bushel a good many people will want to put their winter's store in the cellar."' LosTl—On the fair grqunds Friday p. m., a new silk umbrella with large fig; tired gilt ring at base qf handle., Finder please leave at' BEPTJBLICAN office. Apples Sare'^ftout' half, the price- they •were Jast ,year, and they are of fine quality/' Taey are beginning to-'appear - in the markefr-and sell-at>$2.75.per barrel and re an. up^a^js.,,,, .,,.>, ^ , , v . ." jCongressm'an",iD,oUiveB, is" to, 'speak •with .Gov.,.McKixjley., at. pes* Moines Friday night. . It is expected that it will he one of the greatest meetings of the campaign'in this state.' ' ' " Alderman" Magnusson was out yesterday circulating a subscription paper for the benefit of -Swan Peterson, 'who was one'of the victims of the cyclone. The citizens in general responded liberally. < " .>,-,. There will be a -"Poverty Social 5 ', ,at the home o| Mr. Lee ..McW.horter, Thursday evening, Oct, ,4. A, literary program wil.l be one of the' features of the affair. ' "Everybody is cordiklly in-, vited'to attend: • • v - . - - , ..... Mr. F. ! D- ! Norton will give a-stereopticon, entertainment in, the Baptist church next Monday, evening, for the benefit of the 'building fund;' %r. Norton has 8,000 selected views and' comes well recommended, > * < , < The Kossnth. County Medical Society 1 wiU h ol fl its .B ext regular meeting in AJgona,, next Tuesday, beginning at 10:80 a, m, The doctors of the ' county are gettiing on 1 delightful terms. They • meet at the Thorington, " ' '•• Mrs. 'Swan' Pelersoii'''!^' 1 still at the home'of H.'p. Larson, -where she is receiving every care and attention from Mr, and Mrs, Larson, and is improving mpre 1 rapidly 'than it 'was hoped at . first that she'CQuld. ,' A.' W. Sierzbach is still troubled with bis' hand, ,It. pains him ,at night; so that be cannot sleep. He expects to be QbUged to havp a ,pjece of dead bone $jp9vea f row his haM. before he ex- ip'erieiices permanent reUef , ,%he> Jadies 9? tbe Baptist church are .arranging |oy W hat promises to be a» * r latenMff loptow cgme for.the com« .Ing^eason, , Jiey, Wwland H 9 yt, D, D,, of .MiftBeapQjis, , ana Dr. C. H« SfcrjcWana, of.SionX'Oity. are among the M o! 1). Wi Komnson, ws»jiun;MHBmoMitJg by having bis horse fall on faim/ Me was fiding m bis usual rapid gait and tvas turning the,Watson cotner when the mishap occurred. He Was unconscious for a few minutes but Dr. Mc- CoJ- reports that be was not seriously hurt. John Hohn, the fnah Who runs the peanut and pop-corn stand m Gal- biaith's cottter, vfeH.t to Nebraska last week and was mArtled to alady tesid- iffg thete. They tettifned Friday &M ate MOW keeping house in Mr. Hohtt's comfortable residence ott west State street. They have the best ^rilhes of The floor of the G. A. B. hall is covered with clothing* bedding, trunks and msscellaneous articles Which had been brought in fot cyclone relief. It is being put in shape fot distribution in the neighborhood of Wesley* where it is to go oy train to-day. A couple of ladies will go down there to see to its distribution, You will notice an attractive advertisement on the first page of "Beady- to-weat" .clothing* made by Hart, Scbaffnet & Marx, Chicago, and sold in Algona at the New England Clothing House. The suits made by this firm tire in the very latest ttyles and Mr, Durdall is having a great sale of them. Countj supervisors Chubb, Bawson and Holleribecfc have been devoting considerable time to investigating the need of relief in the cyclone belt. They announce that they do not propose that any man who suffered by the cyclone shalUaek for any comfort, but it is not believed that any great expenditure Will be called for. • The ladies of the Belief Corps announce that the G. A. B. hall will be open every afternoon for the reception of articles for the cyclone sufferers. The ladies are requested to come to the hall to help in sewing or to call and get work to be done at home. They also want to be informed of any cases where help is needed. Bev. Bobt. Bagnell arrived home from the LeMars conference this morning. Mr. Bagnell goes to Emmetsburg,while Bev. Geo. H. Kennedy, comes to Algona from Fort Dodge. Bev. Black is still presiding Elder. Bev; Cole returns* to Bancroft,-Bev. C. H. Hawn to Burt, Wesley gets Bev. PJummer and Whit-, teinore Bev. Hotchkiss. • • ' Frank Gray, a traveling man from New York, was in the county Monday and took home with him bis boy, Ber-, nice Gray, who had been living in the family of Geo. Boevers for several years. The father saw the account of the cyclone itt the papers and concluded to come on. and get his boy, The mother is dead. — ' A. Mv'& G. M. Johnson report fourteen calis for windmills from the cyclone district, seven of wliich they put up last week, including one 75 foot tower and\ two 40, foot towers. The demand is largely for the Elgin mill, which is warranted to stand even cyclones unless damage is done to the other permanent improvements. The, Wesley Beporter says: E. E. Thomas has soId;hisM20-acre farinysix milos, northwest of Wesley 1 , to Frank Farley from-near Belm9nd,(considera- tion $30 per acre, possession to be giv-: en next March. Kossuth county land trail-right and is being bought up-at-a; rapid rate. ,Mr. Thomas expects, to mo'v,e,to.towri in the teprinfy* .•'_"!'; • Parish & Frise ranVhalf-pageiin the BBPUBMCAN, adyertising the Majestic Bange. Then they tendered the Catholic ladies the free use of one'of the ranges at, their dining hall on the grounds, wfhere it made good every claim in its fayor. The result was that the enterprising dealers sold eight of the ranges.- That was Majestic. . .: Algona theatre-goers are beginning to'understand that to see one of Frohman's playsi is to see the best. The comedy, * f Jane,'? last week, drew a splendid house and was very entertaining. It is noticeable that the 'best people are always out to hear anything of Frohrnan's. .Manager Haggard has to pay a good price to get them, but is always ready to give them a date. It was hoped that Gov. McKinley would pass over the Northwestern line, on bis way from Des Moines to Minne-. apolis, "but the State Central Committee mapped out 'a route for him which- would take him through a .larger number of cities, He goes by way of Mar- sb'alltown, Mason City and Austin. Our people who wish to see McKinley will have to go to Des 'Moines, where he will speap Friday night, It is a frequent? remark, that there is a dullness in politics,, considering that election is only a month away, The reason for this may be that Jjhere is not enough opposition to the republican ticket to warrant any stir. Be this as it may, .the republicans should not be caught; napping; There is time enough yet for 1 a' seMo with the democrats, unless, they should conclude to give away tbe Qounty nominations to the populists., as they did the congressional "*"' judicial) inortjj from all pver the cyclone are. that the. injured ar,e,in> proving peyond'tbe most sanguine ex. • ',JQPB, Mrs, Barrick 19 regaining feeling in her paralysed limbs, ' Js, Qf course, entourages $e her Ultimate .jecoyery,, T,Jjejfe , .ar M b.e9£Ht pnejjeatb who were injured byJM; thoae. grst' reported, w*$ program should ha?e consisted ehtifelj- of hoiaft talent. The meeting of the Social Union was held Friday eveftiag at t 6>el66t, afl unusual bout, selected on account of the concert held at the opefft boaee the same night. It was doubtless on a6- count of a misufidefstaftdintf as to the hour that the audience was small. W, H. Campbell read a poem, describing a voyage afotind the World, and Mrs. C. A. ingbatn read a suggestive pajrer ej^ titled: "Lookittg Fdtwafd." Mrs B. Mi Seeley and Miss Rosa Scott, of tiiv- etinore, rendered the musical program. The Ft. Dodge Messenger says: The body of Jacob DittgmatJ one of the unfortunates who was killed in the storm between Algona and Britt last week, Was brought to this city on Monday for burial. Mr. Dingman was one of Webster county's oldest settlers, having lived on a farin near BfUsby for many years. Several weeks ago he left here to go into KossUth county to tout up some hay and was there at the time the storm struck that section Friday night and was instantly killed. The funeral services were held from the home in this city Tuesday morning and the body taken to Buncombe for burial. Photographer Peterson has displayed in his case at the Algona State Bank corner, thirty*two photographs of scenes in the cyclone district, which have had a crowd about them for the past few days. They are kodak views taken by Mr. Peterson, Archie Hutchinson, Thos. F, Cook and B. A. Palmer,* and developed and printed by Mr. Peterson. There has been a demand for the pictures which has kept Mr. Peterson busy. They sell at the rate of two for a quarter. Col. Cook has sent a collection of these views to Harper's Weekly, together with the local papers describing the tornado. The- most numerously photographed place was that of Myron Schenck. tXtff^ttfr.tmm** p*»«pM^ s^pr? „ «j;^ &!tfiraJMraM'm4ffiWl# repwVJic8.n§ tife iiaYioK Kmt PERSONAL MENTION. Postmaster Hinchon went to Allamakee county Monday. Dt. Kenefick went to Belmond Saturday, to visit his mother. E. O. Fitz, the Germania baker, was a visitor in Algona yesterday. IP. M. Barslou was down from Bancroft, Monday, on legal business. Geo. Hobn, the Bancroft restauran- teur, was visiting in Algona yesterday. 1 Dr. Garfield reports that Horace Schenck is getting along remarkably well.' ' Mrs. Lew Bobinson returned to her home in Des Moines on Saturday of last week. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Taylor and son, of Charles City, have been vissiting Mr. and Mrs., D.S. Ford. Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Dingley are expected home from Yellow Spring, O., this week. Mrs. G. W. Hanna and Mrs. Bube Buell, of Lu Verne, were visiting friends in town Monday. Jas. Bandall left for Des Moines Monday. He will take a course in the Highland Park Business College. Mrs. Gideon E. Clarke and daughter, of /South Chicago, are spending a few days.with Mr. and 'Mrs. A. D. Clarke. -EI/.H. Hill land' family,'!of GrejBB Mountain,.Iowa, were visi.ting Mr. afld Mrs. Guy Grove /last' week. Mrs. Hill and Mrs. Grove, are sisters. '. • Wm. Lockridge, the Story;county land'man, .was in town looking after his buildings upset by the cyclone in Buffalo township. : 'Capt. Jeanson, of Eagle Lake, passed through town Friday on his way to Des MoinesT taking his son and two daughters to Gallanan College. J: C Boevers, Esq., of Galena, Illinois, was in the county last week to visit his'brpther, One of the worst sufferers from the cycto^ C. B. Mateion, one of Algona's hustling real estate men, was in this city between trains, Wednesday afternoon. —Emmetshurg Beporter. Bev. Bobt. Bagnell and family have been at Le Mars most of the week, attending the annual conference, over which'Bishop Merrill presided. Mrs. MJ. F, Bandall is at Keokuk this week, in attendance upon the Grand Lodge of the Eastern Star. Mrs. Bandall is tbe Matron of the Algona lodge,' ' GeOf E. Boberts, editor of the Fort Dpdge Messenger, was a'visitor in Algona Friday evening and Saturday. He,-was able to note many substantial improvements in Algona since his last previous visit. Mrs, J. K- Fill, who has been visiting friends in Algona for the past few weeks, returned to her home m Milwaukee yesterday. She was accompanied by Mrs. Amy Seeley and Mrs, Geo, Galbraith, who will visit there for some time, / -• Will P. wrvis returned to bis work at The Chicago Art Institute, Saturday, Will has been a thorough and ambi* tious stupent, and during the. past year- he oaad© great progre9s, His first year was wholly given 'to drawing, mainly of casts, He made such good progress in this that he was admitted y the Life class, He gives evidence of possessing talen^ and what is equally p -"-' to making his mark, he m in- and has a genuine lave gt the KP r .dsw,« from nJgfitt 'He say$ that-abawt twenty Hjb>e,re J?gt ip KogputJ} Qounty fl to w« stwp.jw^J¥ w»fry« P e Jffi »@wji wits brovight to Algona soon after OF iai Mecerd of th« Last two Meetings. The Water W«k§ feu^iness Vig. btously ttaindled. , IA., Sept. 12; iSMi—The ,.., Council met in special aessfon at the request of the watet committee fot the purpose of completing the business edfinected with laying Water 1 toains aiad purchasing material, Mayor A. A. Call itt the Chaif. Membets present: Tesper, Wadswottb, Gatfield^ Petti- bonej Cordingly, Magnusson and Hutchins; absent, Nicoulin. The fol- IbWittg resolution Was Offered: Mesolved, That font inch mains be laid as follows: ftom the crossing Of Minnesota and McGregot streets west to Bidgley stteet via., such route as the Water committee finds most feasible* thettce north on Bidgley street to State stfeet; also ftom the cornet of Thoring- toii and North streets east to Moore stteet, thence south on Moore to Call street, east on Call street to Wooster stteet, thence south oh Wooster stteet to connect with main on State street. Moved and seconded, that the above tesolution be adopted. Ayes: Vespet) Wads worth, Garfield* Pettibone, Cord- Sngly, Magnusson and Hutchins. Noes, noiie. Carried. The following resolution was then presented; "Besolved, That we ap^ prove the action of the water committee in the awarding of the contracts, for digging the ditches for the wat$r mains, and in ordering the four inch mains, and that they are hereby authorized to buy such smaller pipes or mains as may be needed together with all specials for connections, hydrants, etc., and that they also be authorized to arrange for the laying of all mains as fast as practicable, and to lay the smaller mains in such places as in their judgement will best serve the public interest. The ayes and noes being called for on the aboye resolution. The vote stood as follows: Ayes: Vesper, Wadsworth, Garfield. Pettibone, Cordingly, Magnusson and Hutchins. Noes, none. Carried. In order to make provisions for the payment of the laborers on the city ditches, the folloAVing resolution was presented. "Besolved, That the city clerk is hereby authorized to draw warrants to pay for digging ditches, on order of the water committee. /Moved and'seconded, that the above resolution be adopted. Ayes, Vesper, Wadsworth, Garfield, Pettibone, Cordingly, Magnusson and Hutchins. Noes, none. Carried. Moved and seconded that we adjourn. Carried. A. HUTCHISON, City Clerk. ALQONA, IA., Sept. 29, 1894.—The City Council met in regular session at tbe city clerk's office. Mayor A. A. Call in the chair. Members present: Vesper, Wadsworth, [late,] Garfield, Cordingly, Magnusson and Nicoulin; absent, Pettibone and Hutchins;, The minutes of the last month's meetings Were read arid approved. 'V Moved and seconded,that'the following bills be allowed and warrants drawn On the 1 treasury for the same. / Gfiinori/'& Winkle, coal................i ..$45 00 Thfe Co.urier,publishing notice..... 1.60 •1.00 2350 5700 450 25 50 875 2400 900 E. .Tellier. BpeciaVpoiice, etc.. '., 4 00 O. & N, ,Wi B. If; Co., freight 34 19 Nauditlri BroB.;»'freight and drayage... . 7 10 A.-F. Dalley, months salary, etc......... 51 91 Franlf B,phn, feeding tramps.;....,...... 4 65 The following are the bills paid by order.of the water committee to ditch diggers: Henry Cook..... ..$ 5 60 E, F.Bufflngton. ., 6 40 Iver Morwiok 8 05 W.J.Stevens 16 95 NickHubbard. , 1800 A. Finch. .-. fi25 B.T. Seohler;, 875 Ayes—Vesper, Garfleld, Cordingley, Maguusson and Nicoulin. Noes— None, Carried. After a petition from William Miller for an increase in wages was read, it was moved and seconded that Mr. Miller's wages be raised from $12.00 to $15.00 per month, • The above motion was unanimously carried. E, J. Gilmore asked for the privilege of erecting a stairway on the west side of his new building. After -due consideration tbe following resolution was unanimously adopted: Bepolved, That E. J. Gilmore be allowed to erect a three food iron stair way on the west side of his new building situated oo lot flve in block 22, provided he build an eight foot walJc tbe length of tbe building, The following resolution was presented by Garfleld and unanimously adopted by the council; Whereas, The displacement plunger or cylinder in the pump furnished to' the city of Algona by Laidlaw DttnuGordon Co,, js not round and doesijot operate satisfactorily and Is otherwise not suitable for the work to be4one by it. therefore Resolved, That the city of AJgopa dfQlines to pay for the pump until it Js put in good working order, %ved and seconded that tbe Super* In&endent of waterworks and finance " be instructed to purchase :.:, ;pfwoandone«haU Carried, J no f wrther bwslnew,. Q_n seconded TBe Courier, pubising not \ !, fighting lumps Geo? Turner, ^cleaning city J ng umps. ..... ,..,... ing city Jail . . . ,,,..„• JLi'.'-L. Fpster, labor....-..; : O. M. Dalley. labor on well.'.. S. S.'Stebblns, street com..... A..;White, labor ....,/........ F. S..Norton, lumber,— Oscar Anderson, la\>or: Thos. Dalley, pumping Alfred A.nderson.'.labqr We oordialjy invite your iMpedtion to our latent display ,111 these goods, which opmprisf^ the choicest and most complete iin& the markets afford. Alii new, clean stock; marked at lower prices than fsrer before. KINDLY FAVOR US WITRAOALL, I HAVfcSOLD MY STORE BUILDIN0 AND WILL CLOSE OUT MY ENTIRE STOCK, • . • i'j; Everyflnng at Reduced Prices! k Things at First Cost; M&ny Things Below Cost. TERMS STRICTLY CASH. It will be to Your Interest Investigate the"Waukegan Fence lire": ':'.'-,- .Before you buy; because we can^ive you more rods' per r ; pound in the ^Waukegan" than any other wire made; ,» because it is the strongest v because it-Will" turn stock . ; ,.where,pther (i There are none better. Always insist upon having the erwin-filliams Bints, Because one- gallon will covet 'more; surface' tliati any other Paint made, Andiecau^e it win stay where you put it. This is a small list of our .many customers who have used the Sherwin-Williams paint in :the past eight years :^ H. J. Winkle. BiH.Spen.oer, , f G'e6. r/ B. Olarke. Gardner Oowles, H. A. (Olock. .T.P.'Nicoulln. , ' , ., Ambrose . . Sid Blossom, J. B. Hoflus, W. P: Hoflus, M. W^ Ferguson, Wm. Bailey, 'M. E. Parsonage, A. J. Jones, W. D. Nugent, S.J. O'Neill. O. E. Minkler, P. O. Peterson, W. P. Garter, T. JB1, Oooke, , "Jas. Patterson. Spurbeck & Lambert, MANUFACTURERS AND DBALEBS IN Water TQHJTQ PiQtpriiQ PPPQIIIPM . ffdlDl IdES, ulblulllD, uludlllDiy 9 ' ~ 9 9 * i» 'mwm ,m vr \' " r; < '.** u 'tf^wKBr; , Vc£lx!^3^^ ^fsSniT !wBT^RflMrlMNVEM«PIQNl'' We will save you money on the following; Belting of all kinds-^leatnej 1 , Gandy and i bev; complete stock 01 Engineer's Supplies; Qas Pipe and fittings j Globe Valves'; alj<fet^,, , . of Steam Fittings, Hese and Hose fittings; Oils of all kinds, We have a large stock of QyJJn».; "" deppUandOup Gyease a specialty. Large stoob; of., otner goods too numerous to — "~~~ " Give us a oaU. Factory and supply House near 0, & N, W, r KT^ "" < 77^,^ :'-^'?i^^wMfixjiiiim $$#• ^' -v-'^i'^vwTimww^^m fcr : - &-?n j n flUiftsUaaliMU

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