Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 1, 1966 · Page 11
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 1, 1966
Page 11
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Complete list of Kossuth County Fail 4-H winners 4-H PAIR RESULTS- SWINE CLASS The grand* champion market hog at the Kossuth county fair, a 223-lb. crossbred gilt was shown by David Stetzel of West Bend. The gilt sold at auction to Klein Farm Supply for $47.50 per hundred. The reserve champion market hog was shown by Tim Molacek, Algona, and was also purchased by Klein Farm Supply for $33.00 per hundred. Other winners include the following champion market pen shown by Gary Laabs, Lone Rock, and reserve champion pens shown by Dennis Richter, Champion market litter shown by Tim Molacek, Algona and re" serve champion shown by Dennis Becker, Bancroft. Another veiry interesting and educational class was the carcass class which is first judged on the hoof and then slaughtered and judged on the rail. The number one placing on the hoof was shown again by Tim Mala cek, Algona. The on the rail re- suits will be published later when they are available. Other blue winners include— Purebred boars—Harvey Work, Jr., Swea City; Mike Paul, Swea City; Neil O'Brien, Algona; Marvin Carlson, Wesley; Mark Reding, Ottosen; Pat Mino, Ledyard. Purebred gilts—Harvey Work, Jr., Swea City; Thor Thoreson, Swea City; Neil O'Bricm, Algona Mike Paul, Swea City; Kathy Skow, Wesley; Bessie Skow, Wesley; Pat Mino, Ledyard. Pen of Four—Harvey Work, Jr., Swe'a City; Mike Paul, Swea City; Marvin Carlson, Wesley; Mark Reeling, Mino, Ledyard. Ottosen; Pat Market Pens—Dale Detrick, Whittemore; Bob Krause, Fenton; Dennis Franzen, Titonka; David Stetzel. West Bend; Clara Hanson, LuVerne; Steve Madsen, Burt; Tom Merriam, Lu- Verne; Gary Laabs, Lone Rock; Leslie Richter, Burt; Bob Bernhard, Algona; John Scuffham, Jr., Algona; Dennis Richter, Burt; Gene Hartman, Lone Rock; Tim Work, Swea City; Harvey Work, Jr., Swea City; Brian Hrubes, Wesley. Market Pig—Dennis Becker, Bancroft; Mark Reding, Ottosen; Dennis Franzen Titonka; Gary Laabs, Lone Rock; JoAnn Bernhard, Fen ton; Thor Thoreson, Swea City; Charles Parsons, Fenton Tim Molacek, Algona; Patty Parsons, Fenton; Dale Detrick Mark Ldcktedg, Wesley; Danny champion showman and Joe Fett Trenary, Corwith. Dog—Debra Bulten, Algona; J. C. Kain, Algona; Bessie Skow, Wesley; Jean Abbott, Algona; Linda Kracht, Lone Rock; Mary Jo Swanson, Swea City; Norma Bode, Algona. Jean Abbott was named champion. Garden—Lloyd Eichenberger, Lakota; Kathleen Ubben, Titonka; Colleen Reding, Bode; Patrice Bode, Algona; Mark Lickteig, Wesley; Jim Hun gate, Bode; Jean Gisch, Algona; Darrell Nyman, Bancroft; Kim Martinek, Wesley; Phyllis Blumer, Livermore; Roger Walker, Algoma; Loraine Arend, Algona; Louise Smith, Ledyard; Dawn Quftafson, Ledyard; Debra Bierle, Fenton; Maribeth Thilges, Bode; Jane Walker, Burt. In photography top awards were given to Jackie Detrick, Whittemore; Denise Montag, West Bend; and Jean Abbott, Algona. Other blue ribbon awards were as follows—Jean. Walker, Algona; Bonita Kiilsholm, A,l gona; Colette Capesius, Whittemore; Kay Steier, Whittemore; Sherry Bulten, Algona; Mike Banwart, Ottesen; Mary Besch Whittemore; Zelda Meelhause Algona; Susan Smith, Wesl Bend; Debbie Sabih, Algona Janet Origer, Whittemore; Loraine Arend,.Whittemore; Mary Mertz, Ottosen; Susan Walker, Algona; Rochelle Arend, Algona; irenda Eden, Titonka; Beverly Detrick, Whittemore; Mark Red- rtg, Ottosen. : The poultry and rabbits department named the following members blue winners with their •espective projects. Poultry—Ed Bergum, Bancroft; Lowell Eichenberger, Lakota; Ed Kiilsholm, Algona; Roger Muehe, Wesley. Rabbits—Larry Rickleu'J;, Tdr tonka; Jim Pergande, Algona; Dennis Franzen, Titonka; Steve Schultz, Algona; Mark Elbert, Algona; Larry Franzen, Titonka. 4-H FAIR RESULTS- SHEEP WINNERS The Junior lamb show 'it the Kossuth county fair saw Joe Fett, LuVerne, show the grand champion market lamb, which wai later sold at auction to Priebe farm for $33.00 per hundred Rtserve champion was shown by Robert Bernhard of Algona Other winning groups in the lamb show were grand champion pen of three shown by Joe Fet as reserve showman. Other blue ribbon winners were—Fat lambs—Jerome Anderson, Ledyard; Robert Bierle. Fenton; Bob Bernhard, Algona Doug Widen, Corwith; Randall Bierle, Fenton; Jerry Simpson, Mgona; Tom Higgins, Titonka; Susan Walker, Algona; Philip Meyer, Fenton; Bob Fett, Lu- Verne. Pen of three fat lambs—Leslie Simpson, Algona; Doug Widen, Corwith; Bobby Dodds, Algona; Don Lynch, Fenton; James Elsbecker, Bancroft; Tom, Anderson, Ledyard; Philip Meyer, Fenton; Bob Bierle, Fenton; Joe Fett, LuVerne; Randy Bierle, Fenton; Bob Fett, LuVerne; Jerry Simpson, Algona; Jerome Anderson, Ledyard; Bob Bern-hard Algona; Don Bernhard, Algona. Ewe Lambs—Bob Bierle, Fenton; Randall Bierle, Fenton; Dennis Hanson, Swea City; Tom Anderson, Ledyard. Carcass Class — Bob Bierle, Fenton; Leslie Simpson,, Algona; Don Bernhard, Algona,; Bob Bernhard, Algona; Bobby Dodds, Algona;. Philip Meyer, Fenton:; Jerry Simpson, Algona,; Randall Bierle, Fenton,; Tom Anderson. Ledyard; Tom Higgins, Titonka. Purple ribbon Whittemore; David Stetzel, West Bend; Joe Detrick, Whittemore Mark Barber, CorwLth, Philip Bode, Algona; Gene Hartman Lone Rock; Tom Becker, Ban croft; Mike Hanson, Burt; John Scuffham, of Algona; Bob Bernhard, Algona; Dennis Richter, Burt. Market Litters — Pat Mino, Ledyard; Russell Spear, Algona; Dennis Becker, Bancroft; Tim Molacek, Algona; Mike Hansen, Burt; Jerry Besch, Whittemore; Lloyd Eichenberger, Lakota; Mark Barber, Corwith; Richard Merron, Bancroft; Tom Becker, Bancroft; Philip Bode, Algona. Carcass Class—Tim Molacek, Algona; Gary Laabs, Lone Rock; Robert Bernhard, Algona; Dennis Richter, Burt; Larry Curry, LuVerne; Lowell Eichenberger Lakota; Steve Madsen, Burt Tim Work, Swea City; John Scuffham, Jr., Algona; Pat Mino Ledyard; Harvey Work, Swea City. 4-H WINNERS- OTHER PROJECTS Along with the livestock projects 4-H also has a lot of projects known as related or other projects. Included in this group 'are the following—Collection and Construction, Garden ant Crops, Photography, Poultry Rabbits and Dog projects. The following people received to awards in their respective pro jects— Collection and Construction— Dean Teeter, Algona, plant collection; Douglas Nyman, Bancroft, climatology; Mike Cyphers, Bancroft, entomology; Dean Teeter, Algona, tree identification; Brenda Eden, Titonka, home grounds improvement; Whittemore Boys, small motors; Gerald Askeland, Corwith, woodworking; Steve Sohultz, Algona, model cars. Others receiving blue awards in the above projects are—entomology — Edward Bergum, Bancroft; Dean Teeter, Algona; Jane McGuire, West Bend; James Mino, Ledyard; David Roethler, Algona; Tree identification—Susan Elbert, Whittemore; Jean Haag, Whittemore; Karen Fuchsen, Whittemore; Maureen McDonnell, WJiitite- more. Home grounds improvement—Connie Molacek, Algona Linda Nitchals, Algona; Julie Molacek, AJgona; Mary Lou Nitchals, Algona; Carmen Montag West Bend. Woodworking—Dean Teeter, AJgona; Don Brpeldinf Bode; Peter Berger, Algona nnd reserve champion shown b> Bob Fett. A carcass class is also held in the sheep contest. The number one placing on the hoc was Don Bernhard, Algom. The rail results will follow when vailable. The show was concluded bj laming Daniel Bernhard a JUNIOR BEEF SHOW WINNERS Grand champion was a Short lorn shown by Dennis Uthof, 'enton. The 1010 Ib. animal was purchased by Linde Implement Io., Swea City for $41.00 per cwt. Reserve cciampion was an Angus shown by Lenora Hilbert of M Verne. Champion Hereford was shown by Janice Erpelding, Bode. Champion carcass class animal (on the hoof) was shown by Steven Berte of Livermore. Other purple winners was reserve Shorthorn champion shown by Barbara Pompe, Whittemore; reserve Hereford champion by Kathy Jensen, Lone Rock; reserve Angus champion by Dennis TJthof, Fenton and reserve carcass champion by Linda Nitchals, Algona, Beef showmanship was won by Paul Thoreson of Swea City. Reserve champion showman was Lenora Hilbert of LuVerne. Blue ribbon winners in class 1—Shorthorns 625-lb. - 860-lb.— Jerry Besch, Whittemore; Heidi DEAN TEETER of Algona, representing Kossuth county at the Iowa State Fair in the demonstration department, came home with a purple placing and a certificate of excellence. Dean gave his demonstration on "Torture Insect Control." He explains the loss which the cattle industry is facing if they don't control heel flies and grubs. Other members representing Kossuth county at the State Fair with demonstrations were Diane Bode with a talk on "Citizenship" and Lenora Hilbert with a demonstration on "Bound Buttonholes." They both received certificates of participation. ' Diane Pompe, Whittemore; Peg-ton; Diane Uthof, Fenton; gy Sabin, Algona; Rickie Johan-Steven Berte, Livermore; Janice Cylinder; Dennis Berte, Livermore; Lenora Hilbert, LuVerne; lark Studer, Wesley; Joe Nied- ielske, Wesley. Class 1J— Carcass 9754125-lb. —-' Mark Besch, Whittemore; 5ecky Bormann, Whittemore; im Bormann. Whittemore; Mary LoU Nitchals, Algona; Barbara <ompe, Whittemore; Nick BOr- mann, Bancroft; Lee Dreyer, Fenton; Richard Spear, Titonka; Tom McGuire, West Bend; Steven Bsirte, Livermore; Mark Stud or, Wesley. Class 12—Shorthorn 945-1225 b.—Roger Sarchet, Burt; Tom :<iain, AJgona; John Winkel, Whittemore; Mike Nitchels, Algona; Becki Watts, LuVerne; P.a.iiene Uthof, Fenton; Lynette Johnson, Cylinder; Dennis Ut- hof, Fenton; Bill Lofstrom, Armstrong; Danny Trenary, Corwith; Kevin Rostihler, Algona; Lance Rutledge, Algona. Class Ib—Hereford 1045-1235 Ib.—Tom, Eichsen, Algona; John Kete'lsen, West Bend; Ray Govern, Ledyard; Ted Pompe, Whittemore; Robert Ruhnke, Algona; Jack Pompe, Whittemore; David Sabin, Algona; Marvin Kohlhaas Irvington; Allan Kohlhaas, Irv ington, Kevin Krumwiede, Swea City; Rodney Jensen, Lone Rock Kathy Jensen, Lone Rock; Dick Lynch, Fenton; Duane Kunkel ty RfldileaUi Algona? EVfciyti Si- erstedt, WhitUimorfc; Jackie Betrick, Whittertore; Phtiif» ftuger, Fenton; Pamela Work, Swea City; Norman Zaiigg, West Bend: Charles Mogief s Weat Bettd; Dah Banwart, West Bend; Rodney Schmidt, West Bend; Duane Bet- ninghaus, West Bend; Aflen Nyman, Bancroft; John R. Nyman, Bancroft; Martin Montag, West Bend; Curtis Mogler, West Beftd. Holstedn senior calf class t— Philip Ruger, Fenton; Roger Walker, Algona; Kent. Madison, Lone Rock; Mike Cyphers, Bafi» oroft. , , -• Holstein junior yearling-r-Phi. lip Ruger, Fenton; Mike Cyph ers, Bancroft. Holstein senior yearling — Martin Montag, West Bend; Larry Rochleau, Algona; Philip Ru er, Fenton; Dennis Banwart, of Ottosen. i Holstein two year old — Phiip Ruger, Fenton; Madonna Jansen, Lakota. •- \ Holstein cow class — Madonna Jansseri, Lakota; Rodney Janssen, Lakota; John Kiley, Burt. Thoreson, Thoreson, Swea Swea City; City; Thor James Ruhnke, Algona; Diane Pompe, Whittemore; Paul Thoreson, Swea City. Class 2—Herefords 700-860-lb Barbara Reding, Whittemore Bill Lofstrom, Arm- Paul Thoreson, Swea nesen, Bancroft. Class 3—Angus 595-865-lb— Kurt King, Algona; Harvey Work, Jr., Swea City; Delon Jentz, Fe'nton; Gary Laatos, Lone Rock; Michael Berte, LuVerne; Keiin°ith Emeldin.g, Bode: Don Erpelding, Bode; Randall Berte, LuVerne. Class 4—Carcass 765-970-lb — Kathy Besch. Whittemore:; Mike Nitchals, Algona; Linda Nitchails, Algona; Mark Nitchals, Algona; Dave Sabin, Algona; Gary Laabs, Lone Rock; Mike Berte, Lu- Verne; strong; City. Class 5—Hereford 865-925-lb. —Sheryl Winkel, Whittemore; Barbara Jergenson, Algona; Darlene Uthof, Fenton; Janice Erpelding, Bode; Tim Lynch, Fenton. Class 6—Hereford 930-980-lb. —Kolleen King, Algona; Merlyn Metzger, .Whittemore.; ..Mike IIa,n : sen, Algona; Judy Wolteri Whit-' temoi-e; Peggy Sabin, Algona; Dean Teeter, Algona; Danny Kunkel, Wesley; Kim Dreyer, Fenton; Diane Uthof, Fenton. Class 7—Angus 870-925 Ibs.— Ella Beck, Lakota; Ruth Baumann, Lakota; Mark Besch, Whittemore; Jerome Anderson, Ledyard; Timothy Work, Swea City; Mike Nitchals, Algona; Ronald Wolf, LuVerne; Dennis Uthof, Fenton; Delon Jentz, Fen- Erpelding, Bode. Class 8—Shorthorn 865-940 Ib. —Howard Elmers, Burt; Kathy Besch, Whittemore; Tom Eischen, Algona; Barbara Pompe, Whittemore; Francis Stork, Bancroft; Bob Bierle, Fenton; Lenora Hilbert, LuVerne; Bill Lofstrom, Armstrong; Mark Studer, Wesley. Class 9—Hereford 985-1005 Ib. —Dale Beck, Lakota; Russell Spear, Algona; Jim Walker, Algona; Bob Muller, Whittemore Dave Schneider, West Band Randy Hansen, Algona; Tom Thilges, Algona; Alan Lueditke Lone Rock; David Sabin, Algona Kay Dreyer, Fenton; Lee Drey er, Fentoni; Dennis Berte, Liver more; Rodney Jensen, Lone Rock. Class 10—Angus 930-1005 Ibs —Mark Mawdsley, Burt; Mik Mawdsley, Burt; Mark Nitchals Algona; Douglas Johnson, Swe City; Daryl Holcomb, Swea City Diane''Pergrande, LuVerne; Denise Hrubes, Wesley; Eugene Bormann, Bancroft; Robert Bierle, Fenton: Kevin Johnson, Wesley. Class 14—Angus 1010-1240 Ib —Mike Bierle, Buffalo Canter Kurt King, Algona; Gloria Ca naday, Algona; Marvin Carlson Wesley; Howard Elmers, Butt ferry Richardson, Ledyard )uane Seegsbarth, Lone Rock lichard Arndorfer, Bancroft; Dreyer, Fenton,; Allan KoM- iaias, Irvington; Tom McGuire, West Band; Richard -Berte, Lu- Veirne; Tom McGuire, West Bend; Colleen Niedzielske, Wesley. ALOOWA THURSDAY, BEEF GROUP OF FIVE WINNERS The St. Joe Trojans 4-H club showed the champion beef club Ijroup of five. Others placing tlttioft Boys, Cf esco HarrWon Boys, &*n«*ca sive Partners, Fenton Pi-ogres Sors, Whittefrtore Boys^ Plilitt Creek Bays, Algona Bdys and Letts Creek Leaders. HORSE SHOW The foliowirtg people received blue awards at the Kossttrith county fair horse show—P,ony foais, Barbara SchlieVert, Al<?oha: One year fiot over 1 two Donald Patterson; two year, not ove.r three, Kevin Fett, Algona; light horse foals, Jean Abbott, Algona; Ferris Fett, Alg&na; light horse, one year, Jean 1 Abbott, Algona; David Peter, Whittemore; Larry Peter, Whittemore; David Tokheim, Swea City. Light horse, 2 year, Pat Lynch, Lone Rook; pony under saddle. Garry Bahling, Titonka; light horse under saddle, Kolleen King. Algona; Carl Kiley, Burt; Pat Lynch, Lone Rock. Grand champion showman :was Pat Lynch, Lone Rock; reserve champion, Jean Abbott, Algona. Also included in the show-this year was a new class called saddle seat. In this class the rider is judged on the way he rides blue were Prairie Future Farmers, Grant Hustlers Greenwood Boys, Garfield Hustlers, and sits in the saddle. The champion of this class was Pat Lynch, Lone Rock. FORENOON PUBLIC AUCTION As I am discontinuing farming I will sell the following described personal property at public auction, on .... Wednesday A.M. - September 7,1863 Sale Starts at 9:00 A.M. Sharp Johnson Lunch on Grounds Location — 2 miles north, 4 miles east, % mile south of.Elmore, Minn. — or — 7 miles south, 4 miles east and V 2 mile south of Blue Earth, Minn. 19—HEAD OF CATTLE—19 JUNIOR DAIRY SHOW Breed champions were — Hoi stein, Phillip Ruger, Fenton; Gu ernsey, Dennis Franzen, Titonka; Ayrshire, Donna Berninghaus, West Bend; Jersey, Matt Clark, Algona; Shorthorn, Mike Banwart, Ottosen; Brown Swiss, Dennis Franzen, Titonka. Dairy shov/manship was won by Jackie Detrick of Whitte more. The winning group of five was shown by the Garfield Hustlers 4-H club. Blue ribbon winners in the Holstein calf class were — Lar- 10 Angus Heifers, Weight Approximately 675 Lbs., Vaccinated; 9 Angus Steers, Weight Approximately 725 Lbs. MACHINERY John Deere Machinery — 12-foot RW Wheel Disc; 4-row Rotary Hoe; No. 400 Cultivator; '490' Corn Planter, rubber pak v/heels; No. 5 7-foot Mower; 6-section Drag with Evener; Model H Manure Spreader; No. 45 Loader and Snow Bucket; 15-foot Disc; 40-ft. Elevator, built in power. Picker — Oliver No. 2 2-row Corn Picker — rear elevator. Sheller Drag — 24-ft. Corn Sheller Drag with 8-ft. incline and speed jack. , 3 Tractors — 1963 J. D. 2010, wide front; 1958 J. D. 520, power steering, live power; 1940 J. D. A, new rubber; 2 J. D. Cylinders. Trailers — 2 Case 4-wheel Trailers with good flare box; Steel Wheel Wagon; Wood wheel Wagon with wood box; Steel wheel Running Gear with bearings and rack; 2 — Unloading Boxes with unloading webs. Plus Other Machinery — Miscellaneous — and Older Machinery Usual Auction Terms — No Property Removed Until Settled For. , Not Responsible For Accidents. Wm. Grimmelman, owner Wedel & Clark, Auctioneers First National Bank of Elmore, Clerk. AUCTION GIVE SOME THOUGHT TO YOUR HOME LOAN TOO!.,. 240 ACRES Saturday, Sept. 10,1966 1:30 P.M. FARM IS LOCATED 1V 2 MILES EAST OF BURT i, & New furnishings ... cooking in $at 'Nght new, kitchen.. -. pleasant thoughts for nsw home tetiyem...t>Mt...very careful consideration should also be given tQ your new home financing, save mooey on a low «o§t home loan is here. in and talk over your plans with our experienced staff. Home Federal Savings & Loan Assn. All Accounts Fully Insured to $10,000 Save From The 15th — Earn From The 1st SINCE 1917 —ALGONA, IOWA All Savings Accounts insured up to $10,000 by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation of Washington, D. C. Grade "A" Iowa Land THIS IS A CHOICE 240 ACRES WITH OUTSTANDING CROPS PRODUCED THEREON AND IS WEBSTER AND CLARION SOIL. THE LAND WILL BE SOLD AS A 160 AND 80 AND AS A SINGLE UNIT AND TO THE HIGHEST ULTIMATE BIDDERS. THE X60 ACRES IS ALL TILLABLE AND THE 80 HAS 14 ACRES OF TIMBER-PAS* TORE. BLACKTOP ROAD ADJOINING FARM. Complete Set Of Farm Buildings -N- 160 80 DIAGRAM OF LAND TQ BE SOLD AS SITUATED IN SECTION 30-97-28 1. Farm Building Site 2. Road Right Of Way Of 2 Acres For Access To 80 Acres. TERMS: 15% Down and Balance When Title Approved en er Before March 1,1987, Possession Date. SWEA CITY, IOWA ERMA Z. HARVEY AUCTIONEER - VIRGIL SPENCER, AL60NA AGENT

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