Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 1, 1966 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 1, 1966
Page 10
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5—AL60NA (Iowa) ADVANCE THURSDAY, SfiPf. 1, 1W6 • '•' " .'.'''. ....-: ..;—;— : ~ - ~- •• - --V •*•••«•*****•••••••••••» (Si MOST PLEASANT Monday morning was to see all the little darlings on their way to school with clothes on for a change. They had gone all summer half- naked in shorts and whatever the girls call skirts, and the boys with shorts and an open 1 skin above to the sun. The small 1 girls were dressed up to the teeth for the first day and instead of racing around and prancing like they have all summer now just marched demurely a• long, very conscious they were dressed up. High school girls who had worn those gosh-awful tight pants and shorts deals all summer had dresses on and they looked right pretty instead of like drop-outs from the charm ''•school. The Old Goat also thought he saw a gleam of relief in some .of the mammas freed after a summer of constant i .-duty. * * * THE BRANIFF advertising is fresh and unusual but the one after the conclusion of the ' strike left the Old Goat a bit cold. It showed a stewardess sitting on the ground rubbing ' her feet thankful the rush was " over. But she wore bloomers, '•'• said to be by Pucci (whoever 1 that clown may be or whatever it is) and they didn't add a thing to the glamour of air 1 travel. Anyway Braniff has planes in fancy colors and the ' stewardesses change styles ' from port to port, a most intriguing idea. But whoever put v those old-style bloomers on the girls must hate women. Reminds the Old Goat of the •v days of 50 years ago when that • was pretty daring stuff and allowed only in segregated gym classes. WONDER WHAT the boys who write those TV commercials will do next year? Everything now is new, advanced, improved. has secret ingredients and all that kind of malarky. How can they improve the t , improved, renew the new, and advance the advanced? When you get right down to it they are pretty silly and appeal must be to those considerably less than the popular 12-year-old mind they are supposed to be aimed at. These boys who write this junk should lay off those four martini lunches. AN EXPERT on the mini skirt in England has insulted American women saying they don't wear the mini skirt because they haven't the legs for it. Frankly the Old Goat considers the English girls pictured in the gazettes as pretty straight up and down. An American responded with the fact (that's what the man said) U. S. girls have much better tapered calves and narrow ankles with those extremities having "as much expression as their hands." The Old Goat is like the average fellow watching a hula dance — to- heck with the hands. And now the Old Goat isn't about to see the expression in a calf (human female garden variety) or their ankles. Not until the skirts get a lot longer anyway. * * * NOTHING SEEMS particularly exciting in the prevues of the new television shows as glimpsed on NBC, CBS or ABC. Most seem to be shoot-em-up westerns, situation comedies which aren't funny, and variety junk. Return of the Garry Moore show is spooked for the Old Goat by Kirby. Looks like he's going to be on it. The Old Goat is goine to miss Perry, Mason. It wasn't a show easily understood and the best thing was to watch it without trying to find whodunit and let Perry get the culprit in the last five minutes. But it was entertaining, and the bad guys always got it and the good guys always prevailed, a most satisfactory if not a customary way in this silly life. * * * MISSING AGAIN will be Mitch Miller and his singalong, a delightful show pleasing to the eye and ear. The reruns this summer were just as entertaining as the first time shown. It's a pity such good entertainment isn't continued. Lone Rockers shook up by town painting Lone Rock — Oh I liked it. Married at St. Benedict Karen Ann Seller, daughter of Mrs. . Elizabeth' Seiler and the late Martin 'Seller, Algona, and Larry Fogarty, son of Mrs. Lk>r etta Fogarty and the late Jos Fogarty were married Aug. 20 at St. Benedict Catholic church, St. Benedict. Father Nicholas Ruba officiated at the double ring ceremony. The bride was escorted by her brother, David Seiler. Mrs. Jane Rowe, Florence, S. D., cousin of the bride, was the matron of honor, and Liz Fogarty, West Bend, sister of the groom, was the bridesmaid. The bride's personal attendant was her cousin, Renetta Hanson, of Frost, Minn. Bill Fogarty, West Bend, was his brother's best man, and Paul Seiler, Algona, brother of the bride, was the groomsman. Kraig Thilges, nephew of the bride, and Kari Hanson, Godchild of the bride, and Kendra Thilges, niece of the bride, were ring bearer and flower girls. Ushers included: Duane Seiler, Algona, brother of the bride, and Danny Fogarty, cousin of the groom, Cylinder. Ronnie Plathe and Mike. ,Balk, cousin of the bride, were acolytes. Soloist Jane Arndorfer was accompanr led by "organist Mrs. Bob Eis- cheh and the adult choir. A dinner and reception was , held at the VFW hall after the wedding. Jackie Hanson, cousin of the bride,, and Janet Fogarty, sister of the groom, had the uest book. Darlene Thilges, sis^ ;er of the bride, and Gertrude Wedel, Spencer, aunt of the groom, poured while Edna Fogarty, Des Moines, aunt of the groom, 1 and Rbsetta Hanson cut the cake. Waitresses were Joan and Carol Orthaus, Florence, S. Was I surprised icvc my e-yes ,one Rock? couldn't be- HoW come Who did it, did you see him? ... How rtiee, looks just like our town they'd taken it the Gefc, if other way they'd have gotten my hotis6 in Did he paint it here? .- . , I didn't . I'm going to frame Oh, 1 sent mine to like these on the D,, Linda Seiler, Algona, Doris Montag, Nora Springs, Doreen Thilges, Pam Batt, and Mary Jane and Doris Taphorn, all Algona. Opening gifts were JoAnn Klemme, Stella Preuschel and Sheryl Weydert, all Algona. Barb Fogarty, sister of the groom, and Shelly Wedel, Spencer, cousin of the groom, carried gifts. Out of town guests were from Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota, Illinois and Washington. She is a graduate of the Algona high school and a timekeeper at Weidenhoff Corp., Algona, and he is a graduate of the West Bend high school, now engaged in farming. After a trip to the Eastern states, they are at home on a farm near West Bend. CENTENNIALS — Among Iowa communities having their 100th birthdays this year are Woodbine and Plainfield. Each town reported their events were well attended and acclaimed to be huge successes. Poverty board is elected at ^— ^ meeting here A new 16 member Advisory Board for Kossuth county was elected at Friday night's Poverty meeting. This committee will have the responsibility of administering the county poverty pro gram for the coming, year. The following were elected: Oliver S. Carlson, Algona; Mrs. Rosemary Dudding, Bancroft; Ed Elbert, Whittemore; Mrs. Bernice Heneman, Armstrong; Mrs. Orlene Hinrichsen, Swea, City; Ted Hoover, Jr., Titonka; Rev. Robert F. Lorenz, Algona; Steve McCall, Algona; Vincent Meyer, Bancroft; Mrs. Rose Ann Mondragon, Whittemore; Harold Montag, West Bend; Harry Naffziger, LuVerne; Mrs. Martha Nemmers, Bancroft; Lawrence Schiltz, Bode; Joseph Straub, Algona; Cecil T/horeson, Swea City f More than 100 attended. M. Peter Hart, director, conducted the meeting, This CAP •'gency serves Kossuth, Emmet, Palo Alto and Pocahontas counties. Mr. Hart explained the plans for the coming year, including a neighborhood youth corps project that would employ 35 Kossuth county youths. These young people would work 8 to 15 hours a week as they go to school. They would be paid $1.25 per hour. This program would be administered by the local OEO office. The youths must come from low income families. The new Kossuth Advisory Committee will inset Saturday morning, Sept. 3, at 10 a.m. in the court house assembly room to elect officers for the new Kossuth County Board. Delegates will also be elected to the Upper Des Moines Opportunity, Inc. Board of Directors, of Emmetsburg. see him mine . Johnny Comments painting by Frank Miller on the Picture Magazine of the Aug. 21 Des Moines Register, of the town of Lone Rock, made up lots of the conversation as Lone Rockers congregated around the new voting machine used for the first time in the vote on the gas franchise. The. other main topic of conversation was of course the new voting machine. As the judges and clerks tried to explain, the simple to operate yet extremely complicated shiny new instrument, some were curious, some were shy, some asked questions, and some men didn't at all like to have a "woman" explain this new fangled gadgit. All in. all the new gadgit with its 22,000 parts, caused a lot of comment and interest. The curiosity about this new instrument, yet old as Thomas Edison who invented the first voting machine, brought out a good percentage of the town people who were eligible. Out of a possible >asketball and baseball. Before coming to Sentral he was in the Plymouth school systeriv Where iie coached girls and boys basketball and boys baseball lii all he has 11 years of coaching experience. In addition to coaching he teaches social studies and gefiefal math. STUDENTS TO WHITTEMORE Students of the Emantte! Lutheran church school at Lotts Creek will no longer be going to the school there. They Will ba affiliated with the Whittemore St. Paul Lutheran school for one year. The church at Lotts Creek has purchased a bus that wiU transport the 37 students to Whittemore each day. The present school building at Lotts Creek was built in 1930, and the Emanuel Lutheran congregation has been established since 1875 FRENCH IS DELAYED French classes at Sentral high chool will be delayed for two o four weeks because the tea- her, Mrs. Clayton Ditsworth, of 'enton-, is recovering from an operation. Mrs. Ditsworth, also ibrarian ait Sentral, will resume luties after a few weeks rest. This will be her second year at Sentral. 106 voters voted. there were 61 who COACH IS NAMED Don Blanchard has accepted the position as coach for girls basketball for Sentral high school for the coming year. Mr Blanchard has taught at Sentra for the past 13 years. During his first years here he coached boys .heir daughter Margaret, Mrs. Larry Menz, and in Webster City with their daughter Nancy, Mrs. Bill Shelton. EUgette Gardner has accepted position as guidance counselor at Sentral high school for the coming year. Mr. Gardner has been associated with the rehabilitation center at Mankato for a year. Me is married and will make his home in this area. He the son of the Ray Gardners, Bancroft. The Bernard Millers return fed afiter two weeks in several eastern states including Washington D. C., where they toured governmental buildings. The Phil Bal lards, Algona, and Joe Culbert sons, Swea City, were Wednes day guests of the Bernard Mil lers. The Nick Wymas, Chicago, am the John VanOofts, Orange Ci ty, were recent Weekend visitors at Leroy Bras's. Sunday tht hree families met other rela ives for a picnic at Spirit Lake. Mrs. Denis Flaig and children Mt. Pleasant, visited last week t Frank Flaig's and Loren Geitzenauer's. The Denis Flaig are former residents of Lon HOME FROM EUROPE Ellen BUllock, daughter of the lev. Albsrt Bullock, returned lome Friday after a summer in Europe working in a German tiospital and touring nine countries. She teaches music in Uorning, and returned there on Sunday for her second year. Kay Geitzenauer left Wednesday for Latimer, to again teach second grade. This is the second year she has taught in Cal community school. She has attended two sessions of summer school at Drake university in Des Mot ties this summer. She is the dau ghter of the Lorenz Geitzenau ers, Lone Rock. The Delmar Fischers and Steve returned last week from a trip through the Dakotas, Min nescta, parts of Canada, and th Wisconsin Dells. They stopped in Swisher for a short stay with , np fc — , ^Curtis OjSOft'l Tfihey were on The James R. Olsons; of fluiti- Iheir my h*me *ft€f Mew days »ldt, were Tuesday guests alj In Miller? S, D. wtt CHARLES PLATHE DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE FOR fisor 1st DISTRICT - KOSSUTN COUNTY Whlftemor*'*— Crtieo.— Garfield — LuVern* Riverdale — Irvingtbn — Shtrman TowmMpi PRIMARY ELECTION, TUESDAY, SEPT. 6, 1966 Your Vote And Support Will Be Appreciated. 68-69* FOOTBALL TALK DEANIE COOPER GARRIGAN KEITH CHRISTIE ALQONA ON COACHES CORNER SATURDAYS AT 11:05 A.M. KLGA RADIO 4-H News WESLEY BOYS The Wesley Boys met in Augr ust at William Hrubes' home. Tony Muehe presided. Aug. 24th the club members clipped corn at the corners for safety measures. There was a record book meeiing at Joseph Skow's Aug. 29. Brian, Denise and Jpann Hrubes gave demonstrations. Joe Skow gave a talk on the fair. All members exhibited a project at the fair. Jerry Martinek is reporter. Vote For LLOYD R. SMITH Republican candidate for AUDITOR of STATE § Graduate Forest City High School, Waldorf College, Chillicothe Business College and attended Drake University. 9 20 year member of Baldwin Patterson Post No. 274 of American Legion — Navy in World War II. § 25 years experience in State Treasurer's office and State Auditor's office. 9 Married Elaine Solyst of Story County, 5 children. Win with SMITH in 1964 Don't wait until the sumac turns red. Install fresh-air gas heat now. A gas heating system constantly circulates and filters the air to get rid of cooking odors and cigaret smoke and trap dust and pollen. It gives you clean, fresh-air warmth. If you're building or buying, converting or remodeling, remember this; gas is the only modern heating system that circulates and filters the air. It can make a big difference in your com* fort. See your gas company now for the names of gas heating contractors who install gas heating equipment. Gas makes the big difference, (Costs less, too.) INSTALL GAS HEATING EQUIPMENT NOW — NO BILLING UNTIL SEPTEMBER PUBLIC SERVICE CO 10 EAST STATE STREET - AUHNtt

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