Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 23, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 23, 1896
Page 6
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f?"-' ; '• X*'-Ml^^BHMMBMBBMBM^BBBBB^MBBlMi^^El^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^"' . • ! ^__^___^J»B B EST -with a bin B. Blnekwell's Genuine Bull Durham la In u class by Itself. You will find ono coupon inside onoli two ounce bug, and two coupons Inside each four ounco bug of Blackwell's Genuine Durham Smoking Tobacco Buy n bftg of thlfl celebrated tobncco nnd rond tho coupon- \vblobelvoHtthatorvaluablepreaontaaadhowtogetthom. , "T.ara fully informed as to the proportion ^ • cfgiain enteringinto the mash from which y this whiskey is made, and car. say that the J* proportion is such as will yield the finest T product. The purity and excellence of this y '.vhiakeyrECommenditforall V MEDICINAL USES ? Professor J. N. Huity, Chemist, Indianapolis, say* the foregoing of Process His certificate appears on each bottle. This whiskey is sold only by druggists. A. Kiefer Drug Company Sole Controllers and Distributers FJttoil for-Ouo Kellprlou* Duty. . Ja.mos Bayrr tells .1 story of a. oc-rtain •officer oi.'-a: transatlantic steamship, who. in the -absence of any clerical .passenfl-cr, was -asked 1 ,, during 1 a, storm. to undertake thcrclutles of chaplain. He TVOS anxious to oblige, but felt that Sc -was altogether unequal to ccclesi- Bitiea.1' operations— to preaching or even reading-. "I can, however," ho aai'd, "take up a collection." * THE^MARKETS. Grain, Provl»lon«, Etc. Chlcafro, AUK. E, WI-IE-VT— StronKor. September, 5GV;(fJ c- December. 55HW4C. • ooRX-Barley steady. No. 2. 22%®«c: X6- 2-£eUow. 22%©23'ic; September. 22^9 ZJe- Dccemtoer. 23%!£>24c: May, 25%027c. OATS— Steady. No. 2 cash. 17©17%c: fltptcmber, 17'A©17^c; llay. l!%®19'Ac: ples stenuy. No Grade. S0133ic: £0. @21c; No. 3 White. lS©219ic; No. 2, IT^O c; No. 2 White, 21Vi@22%e, RYE-Qulet. No. 2 cash, 30'^c; Rejected, 2I02Sc; September flellvery, 3ic; December, '"i» '' t. ' BARLEY— Quiet. Less domand for old Barley, masters having bought somo TCiun'J lots to arrive were supplied. Quo- tnblc at 20©23c for thin, 25®35c for malting light weight to choice. New Barley easy at 15®23c for poor damaged to fair poods. BUTTER— Market firm at IKfflGK-c for CMinnerles and ll«i)Hc for dairies. I>CVE POULTRY— Quiet. Turkeys, S0 lOa; Chlekens, 7Vi@9V»c; Ducks, 8S9y s c per pound: Geese, per dozen, J3.000f.50. . "WHISKY— Steadr on tho basis of $1.22 tor hifihwlncs. _ ' New York. AUK. 22. FLOUK— Steailr; unchanged. WHEAT— No. 2 red fairly active, firm. -Sflptembcr, 63%0M 3-lCc ;- October, G3@Gj%c: November. OG@WVio; December, CC%© «-.l>16c: May, 70%®70%c. COBN— Ko. 2 duH. steady. September, SS%c; 'October, ,29%c; December, SOVic: May. CMTS— No. 2 dull, steady. September, jEd; State, 22@30c; WcBtern, 1S030C. BEEF— Steady, duU. -Extra Mess, $G.OO@ . too. '• yORK— Steady, quiet. New Mess, SS.oOQ: K75; Old Mess, $S.OO©S.2C. i LARD— Dull, steady.- Steam Rendered. »82«.. BUTTER— Dull, steady. Western Dairy, 9012c; %Vc3tern do., U@lGo; Elglns. ICc. CHEESE— Steady, dull. Part Skims, 2 We. EGGS— Quiet, firm. Western, 12.3>14o, I/lvc StocV. Chicago, Aug. 22. CATTLE— Market steady. Fair to Best Beeves," {3.2504.70: Stockers and .Feeders, J350(g)3.00; Mixed Cows and Bulls, $1,25® ,135; .Texas, 2,30(613.25. . HOGS— Light hogs strong, others 3o Tower. LiKht, S3.3U@li.6G; Rough Packing, 12.C54J2S3-" Mixed and Butchcra', $2.?3<iJi3.50: Heavy' Packlrg and Shipping, 52.00r f p2.30; Figs, J2.Mffi3.60. SHEEP— Market steady. Native; S2.OC.-5> IEO; Western, $2.30@3.35; Lambs, ?3.00JPu.r,0. DOG FOUND THE LOST MONEY. IntolllKent Animal 1'lckcd It Up »n<1 Re- dtored It to tho Oivuor. Johu A. Slants, proprietor of tho Sheridan house at 'Elizabeth, bus a setter do" named Fnnnic which he valued at several hundred dollars. He now 1ms cause, to think wore highly of the imi- mnl than ever, as she saved him n considerable loss the other day, says the New York Journal. Staats had the receipts o£ the hotel Tor Saturday and Sunday in the sate, 6iid in the afternoon made up his accounts and placed the bills and checks between the leaves of his bank book. About t'hc. book he placed an clastic baud. He put the book in one o£ hja pockets and stna-tcd for the bank. When he reached the bank n.nd put his baud in the pocket lor the book it was gone. He examined his other pockets, and then started back to search. Just as he left the bank he met his dogr JTonnic coming- toward him with the book in her mouth. The money and checks were undisturbed. . It is supposed he dropped the book just as ho left the hotel, and it was picked up by the dog-, who followed him. VERY ROMANTIC. Vomit Woman Pluee. Hor Cird In a Box und WedH Man Who Flndu It. Miss Laura High, a young woman employed in the WeJsbach inccndescent light works in Camden, N. X, as * packer, some months ago placed a card containing her name and address In & box into which she had packed o,, lot of lamps. This box proved to be. destined for Chicago, 'and tb we the card fell into the hands' of William Lincoln, a young business man. There was a correspondence and photographs were'cxclitrnged. The couple were married Sunday in Camden by Eev. E. C. Stinfleld, a Method ist minister. They have gone to Baltimore and Washington on their g- trip. •MM*M< DISEASES of the Liver, Kidneys and Bladder are quickly !. relieved and permanent' ly cured by using Dr.J.H.McLEIN'S LIVER AND KIDNEY | BALM Forraleat Drugglits, Price, $1,00perbottlt J.M. McLt«N MIDICINICO. < •T. LOUI1, MO. { K THE DR. f %fer«.Thirly Years Experience , t .1 have the best ^Iraife awd Nerve Tonia postpalU. or address for particulars. -• A: S. Johnson, M.D., Batlle Croek,Mich. Speed ot Carrier Pigeons. Expfrimcnts- made with carrier pig-eons in connection with various European armies show that the speed of -the carrier in calm weather and for a short distance 'is about 1,'210 yards a minute. With a very strong wind m the direction of the flight a bird has reached l.DSO yards a minute. . Scarcity of 1'nre Milk. It is estimated that if pure milk only were sold in London between 20,000 c»id 30,000 more cows would be re- cnij-rod to keep up the supply. Tow« the liahy. • A Burlington (Vt.) man • gives his baby an airing by towing the chi.fi s carriage behind his bicycle. Selene* Halts. Layman — I understand tha.t you have flevoicd your life to the study of disease germs. Great Scientist (proudly)— I have. Layman— Have you found a remedy for any of them ? Great Scientist— Well, no; but I have succeeded in finding ffood, long- names for them all.— N. Y. Weekly. — In the early years of the present century there were in the.world 33,toim tif Kilver to one of gold. Medicated Hon«y tor DI»«BA«. According to a 'Paris:" journal • a French scientist is trying to compel bees to miike medicated honey for the cure of various' diseases.- He keeps the bees under glass • a-nd furnishes only such .flowersaspossesijtbe desired properties By the different kinds of honey thus produced influenza, 'coughs nnd colds indigestion, aflthma nnd many other Jlls arc said to -bo -readily If indirectl reached. ' • '' • POLITICAL EVENTS. Eieroisa No Definite Control Over Business Prospects, ' Large Excess of Exports Over Imports—Speculation Causes Advance in Price of Grains. New York, Aug. 22.— K. G. Dun & Co. in their weekly review of trade say: "Polltiual events of the week had no definite influence upon business prospects, !or the phenomenal variations In sterling txclianffo nntl the beginning of Imports of cold although following the great meet- nr In Madison Square Garden on Tuesday may ba fairly 'attributed to tho accumulating excess of merchandise exports over Imports, to which attention has oeen repeatedly called, exports from New York for tho imst two weeks having been 20 per cent, larger and imports hero 21 per cent, smaller thun last year. The rapid movement of grain, and tho unusuaUy tarlv marketing of cotton tend strongly to aid the banking syndicate which has undertaken to regulate foreign exchanges, "Withdrawals of money to the Interior are rather large, 'and commercial loans are'hard to place, and this dllliculty checks many new enterprises and business in many departments. Bank clearings are small for the week, 1C pcr-c'-nn. less than last year. Railroad earnings are not as ~ood .is-mlb-ht be expected, tor tho first half of August, exceeding those of last year by only 3.J per cent. "Speculation bus advanced wlioat over 1 cent durlrs the week, corn u small traction, and cotton live-eighths, the principal 'rnoilvc power being reports .of injury LO Browing crops. "Tho b?ot and shoe Industry Is rapidly nearlrg the end of past onlm-s. Prices are a shade weaker. Leather Is weaker with a small demand, although. 1 restricted supplies have causfid a slmdu of advance in some kinds. Hides at Chicago averaged more than 3 pi>r cent, lower for the week again, the frill in tiio past live weeks having averaged about £5 iw cent. "The Iron and stetl manufacture has only colitlr.ucil degression to report, ami nearly all ilnlshc-d [jrujucts ui-u being sold below current quotations. 'J'liere is rapid curtailment of prouuutlon, but In spite of this the supply of llnlshed products appears to greatly exceed the. demand for them.' The one bright spot is a sale of 11,000 tons of steel rails to Japan, lor refitting I'lilhvuy.s-in that country, which makes an aggregate of 40,01)0 tons exported durlnp the year. Nothing encouraging can yet be said regarding the woolen manu- factu-e and the demand for goods, even at recent reductions In prices, Is still disappointingly small. A heavy auction sale of cotton goods brought prices, which were considered quite encouraging, and tho current demand is fairly maintained, although the mills are not Ir.ellned to make large contracts for the future in view of the rise In raw material. In general the work- Ing force in tho textile branches does not aopear to have Increased. •-Failures for the week have been 250 in the United States against 222 last year, and 27 l» Canada, against 43 last year.. FATALLY INJURED. Throe i'er»on« Likely to Die from u Runaway Accident. Galena, 111., Aug. 82.— At the reunion of the Modern Woodmen of America of Oo Davicss county, held at Hanover, a lunaway team plunged into the crowd of 3,000 people gathered in Main street, causing serious injuries to a number of men, women und children. John Atkins, of Savanna and two residents of Hanover cannot live. They received Internal injuries of a serious nature. . Minim on Fire. : Chattanooga, Term., Aug. 22. — The Nelson mines, owned by the Duyton Iron company, we on fire. About midnight Friday night entry No, 20 was d.js- covered fin fire, find all available force was put to work to extinguish the flames. So far as known no one has been injured. Xo men will be allowed! to work in any part of the mine until the inspectors say all is sale. At present the gas appears to be confined to one room. This is the mine and entry in' which ; 20 miners lost their lives a few months ago. _ Twelve- Year-Old Boy Snlcldo». Greensburg, Pa., Aug. U3.— At ten o'clock Friday' night the lifeless body of Edward Orclell,. 12 years old, son qi 'George Ordell, of Jeanette, was discovered by his mother hanging from ii joist in the cellar. Edward was.Iast seen a.bout seven o'clock, ploying with his companions. The cnuse of the suicide is not: known. _ . Strangled 'Her Child. Cincinnati, Aug. 22.— Maggie Greener, a young woman, 20 yea-rs of age, whose home is in Te'rrc Haute, Tnd., was detected Friday evening in the act of burying her baby under a pile of leaves in Burnet woods. 'She was arrested and taken before the chief of police, to jwhom she confessed thnt she h strangled the infant to death. Merchant Assigns. Washington, Aug. 22.- -A special from .Cumberland, Md.,-says:. Samuel Kein- heimer, of Cameron, W. Va., one of the largest merchants of West Virginia, has made an assignment. The liabilities, according to claims filed thus far, a,re $120,000, largely' held by Wheeling wholesale dealers. • Carriage Company . Cincinnati, Aug. 22. —The T. T. Hay dock Carriage company, at. Twelfth ant 'Plum streets, made an assignment to the Union Savings Bank & Trust company at coon Saturday. Liabilities $150,000; assets, $200,000. T. T. Haydock is president o£ the company, anc E. B. I'iepho vice president and genera manager. Dogx In tlio Gorman Army. A special feature in this year's 'G.:r- inan grand maneuvers, u French military journal says, will be supplied by war dogs, which have been most admirably trained for seeking- the wounded mid carrying dispatches. At the command "Seek!' 1 accompanied by a gesture indicating the direction in which the dogs are to search, they will Rltirt off without allowing themselves to /be disturbed by any surrounding circumstances. They will find the men who figured 'is wounded with trofnillug certainty, trite a piece o£ thiiir clothing— cap, :helmct or a piece, of cloth torn ofl — '.and bring this back to the ambulance men, whom they then conduct to the spot. In the dispatch service the dog's fulfill, their duty with, admirable speed and cevtainty. ' They curry .the d:s- Batches in a small box a/fixed to their Some men. are afraid of death, some are not. Most of us would rather not meet the grim destroyer today. We would rather put it off until to-morrow, or until next year. Mere wishes do not count for much in the 'matter. A man may not want to die. He may not want to be sick. He may wish land hope and pray that he will not- be sick nor meet death, but wishing and hoping won't help him. t is what he does, and not what he wishes that serve his purpose. If a man s losing- flesh, and is nervous, irritable, sleepless and debilillted, he may wish he would get well, but one bottle of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery will do more than an ocean of wishes. If a man is on the way to-consumption, he should make a stop as quickly as possible He should put on brakes. He needn't be afraid he has consumption if he will do the right thing—if he will just take the right medicine. 1 he "Golden Medical Discovery" cures incipient and well developed consumption. Consumption is*B germ disease and n blood disease The "Golden Medical Discovery " kills the germs and purifies the blood. U increases the appetite, helps digestion, makes assimilation perfect, and so builds up solid, wholesome flesh Hundreds of grateful .people afflicted with" consumption, bronchial, throat and kindred diseases, have testified that it has actually saved their lives. For the *ake of the information they contain some of these letters have been included in Dr Pierce's Common Sense Medical Adviser, a thousand page, illustrated book, which will be sent free on receipt of twenty-one (21) one-cent stamps _to pay for mailing only. Every family should have a copy for ready reference in case of sudden sickness or accidents. World's Dispensary Medical Association, No. 663 Main Street, •tJufFslo, N. Y. CARRYING ELECTRIC POWER. Nicoln Hectares It Is ft Dooion- .-.. .< - ~ Among- die visitors in tlie uity dfi JSriugara Fulls, N. V., the other day were Nicola Tesla, the electrician, anil Chief Engineer Melville, of'the United Stutes r.avy. They came to look over tlie electrical developments there. Mr. Tesla, in an interview, said that lie was immeasurably impressed with the great work there. He said that of late he had been working to perfect the system ol long distance transmission, and he now regarded such transmission as 'an absolute success and certainty. It was both possible and feasible that electrical power would in the not distant. future be transmitted great distances at probably, one-half the present cost of stea.m power. Asked os to his system to telegraph without wiros, lie said he had nothing new yet togiveout, though he was working on it. The same answer was given when the subject of artificial sunlight was broached. Mr. Melville said he was sim.ply there to sec the improvements. It was proposed to improve the electrical devices in the navy, but nothing has been decided upon, norwns there anything said to give out. HAPPY IN A QUIET WAY. Two Doof Mritcs Arc United In M.srrlag* at Xonln, O. A unique wedding has just taken place at Xenio, in whicfc John Ernst Bcrshing, of Springfield, 0., was the groom 'and Lida.Bartlc.tt, of Xenia, was the bride. Both are deaf mutes. Rev. P. G. Ramsey, of tlie United Presbyterian church, officiated. A type-written copy of the ceremony was held up before them, and they followed with their eyes while the minister traced the words -with a pencil and .pronounced them for the benefit of the company. That order was followed until the direct questions of the ceremony were i cached, arid Mr. Bershing, Sr., father of the groom, translated the questions into the sign language. The words .-verc spoken by the preacher. A nod. which was clear enough in its meaning, and given by each of the parties, sealed the contract, and they were declared man and wife. Refreshments for n large, company followed tho .ceremony, and after supper both the brido nnd the groom entertained the guests .with recitations in the =ign language. CAN SEND PICTURES BY WIRE. Dr. Frank M. Clone Claims to Have Solved a Porplexlnp Problem ut Last. Dr, Prank M. Close, of Oakland, Cal., has perfected a machine by means of which pictures or scenes may be transmitted by wire. The apparatus closely resembles in principle the telephone. ' Dr Close claims to have discovered a property of light which he calls the thermal ray. None o£ the seven colors have any effect, upon n, thermometer, but at o. certain distance beyond the. red ray, the mercury rose very rapidly. He then passed a magnetic needle along the spectrum and found at a .certain distance beyond the violet ray an electno » i _ t _ -i • .;„! ,<v« n.9 i.nf* 1 ifTni CC UtyvIlU ^iinj T»V*^-« * **•* .™^ • or an electric division, of the light iy, The telescope, as lie calls it, is as yet in a crude state, but Dr. Close.behevna he has paved the way so .that some day one can talk to a man in 'Frisco nnd seo him at.the same time. .ray, Butter Comes Quickly. The rapid manner in which certain, modern churns convert cream into butter is one of the wonders of tlie dairying age. Butter can now be made while the breakfast -table is being laid, ftvo or six minutes being-all the time needec ,to churn, while in a few more minutes the -butter can be mnde up and brought to the table, _j Honey In the Roof. During some alterations to a'house it -London road, Dover, it was found thai •'the whole interior of the sloping rooi was covered with honeycomb and honeytothcamount several hundred- •weig-ht. Much of it is black with ape but a great deal is g-ood und i* being* removed in bucketfuis. . . WITHIN OUR BORDERS. Ne-ws Briefly Told from Various Towns In Indiana. Let he Wfiofc £now The Good •. )r.Mes'Heart Cure Does Contest* Her Father'* Will. Gi-eeusburg-, Ind., Aug. 22.~Suitwas filed by Mrs. Egbert McCoy against the 'state of John E. llobbins to contest the vilJ. Mr. Bobbins, besides being the ..jt and only president of the Third na- ional bank, was also president of the v'ernon, Greensburg & Kushville, and Columbus, Hope & Greensburg roads. Ju was the richest man in the county, laving- accumulated over $000,000. Jn lis will, however, he bequeathed but .100 to his daughter, Mrs, McCoy, and .he remainder of the estate was to.be livided equally between his other chil- li-en, eight in all. She claims unsound uind and undue influence. Will Hun Pipe LlniM Into CulcUB". Indi:u<apolis, Ind., Aug. 22.—It ia jtated that Michael and John Cudaby, •he well-known' millionaire packers of Chicago, have bought the entire plant o£ the Northern Indiana Oil company in Adams nnd Wells counties. Ind., mil intend building- a pipe line from the wells into Chicago. It is said they have already ordered 170 miles of six-inch •>ipe and that work will be started on the line as soon as possible. It is understood that the investment, outside of the purchase price of the wells, involves ibout $1,500,000. No .details of the deal nave yet been given out. For the General Assembly. Eagle Lake, Ind., Aug. 22.—At a large ..id enthusiastic meeting of Ohio people in attendance, upon the Winona assembly strong resolutions were adopted pledging themselves to assist in raising; $10,000 of the $40,000 additional neces- iary suitably to accommodate the gen- rni assembly . of the Presbyterian jlnireh here next May. The Illinois people passed similar resolutions for another $10,000 nnd the Undianians prrs- 011L propo.se 10 raise $20,000, .$5,000 of which was pledged at their meeting. Mr. Mount's Dnnehtor to Marry. Crawlordsville, Ind., Aug. 22. — The )c:t;roUin.l is announced of Miss Helen, (.laughter of James A. Mount, candidate for governor, and Prof. John W. Nicely, of the Syrian Protestant college at Beirut, Syria. Mr. Nicely graduated from Princeton in 1S93, and Miss Mount graduated from Coates college in 1806. Mr. Cicely, who is here on a short,vacation, has taken up his life's work in Syria.. He will return again next spring, at which time the wedding will occu r. Horns Dies from Frlpht. Anderson. Ind., Aug. 22.—Mrs. Eliza, eth Hawkir.s drove her old family horse tip to sec the circus parade. When the iirst. band appeared the horse began t.o tremble violently and every wagon filled him with more fear. When the r-lepliants passed hc^ooked at them once and fell to the ground dead. Veterinary surgeons and horsemen say it was fright. The horse was 8S years old. It was probably the first circns parade he had ever seen. Strlokcu Far from JUomc. Huntington, Ind., Aug. 23.—William M itcheJl, from Gallup, N. M., left a Chi. cago <% Erie east-bound freight train ir this city and sought a physician. I! was found that bis mind was afEeclct: and he was taken to the county hospital for treatment. He now has typhou fever. From letters found in his pocket it was learned that he represents the Eocky Cliff Coal Mining company, of New Mexico. IVomiin and Cbild'ron Hnrt. Brazil, Ind., Aug. 22.—As Mrs. James NfcFail and five children, of Cardonia, were driving across the'Vandalia track at Kiiiglitsvillc their vehicle was struck by a f ivight train and smashed to pieces .Mrs. Mr.Fnil, lie* infant, which she hac in hor arms, and her nine-year-old son were seriously injured. No hopes are fiitertained for the recovery of the boy The remainder of the family escaped unhurt. Will Bo F»Id In Full, Wsibash, Ind., Aug. 22.—The depositors of. the colLipsed First nationa bank, o'f North Manchester, will withii 'the next two months receive the remain hi"- 25 per cent, of the amounts they hat jvTtlie bank when it closed three year! •i"o The bank hnd n capital of $50,000 with $10,000 surplus, and $130,000 deposits. Depositors will be paid in full but the stockholders lose all. Shot Down on the 'Street. Oaktown.Ind., Aug. 22.—Daniel Wolf shot anil almost instantly killed Claude Kablc, on the street here. Much excite mcnt was caused by the shooting. There seems to have been a grudge existing between the parties, although there \v.-,s no apparent cause for this out break. Kable is a young unmarried n;an. Wolfe has been arrested. Preparing foe .Trouble. El wood, Ind., Aug. 22.—The Amer jean Tin-Plate company will start u; Monday nonunion, and the compan; has arranged lor the. employes to ca and sleep in the factory, and when one they enter the grounds they will no leave until the strike is settled. Cook • ing, .dining and sleeping outfits hav been provided. KHOO Track Finished. Butler, Ind., Aug. 22.—The race trac' here has been finished and' is claimed t be the best track in this section of th .state. Good races arc anticipated a the- Septembermect. Uroppod Demi. Shelbyville, Ind., Aug. 22.—John >' Clark, a wealthy contractor and builde oi this city, dropped dead. UlK Lumber Firm In Trouble. Saginaw, Mich;; Aug. 22.—Merrill « . Ring, one of the largest lumber firms j the Sugiuaw valley, has asked for a extension of time from their creditors The firm has 'more than $500,000 wort Of asscts.'but owing- to' 1 the rccen-t fai ures of other'lumbering concerns an the busincss.dejir<!8sior. thoy o curmbl to care for slio;-t-1irr,i- p->- . H EAUT DISEASE, has Its victim at 4 disadvantage.. Always taught, thkt heart disease Is incurable, when the ymptonis become well defined, tlie patient becomes .-Uarroed and :i nervous panic takes piacc But when a sure remedy is found and a cure effoctod. after years of suffering, there is (Treat rejoicing auJ desire to "let tho whole world know.". Mrs. Laura Wlnc- n-»r of Selkirk, Kansas, writes; "1 desire 10 luttho whole world know what Dr. Miles HeartCuro Las done tor me. For ton years I had pain in my heart, shortness of breath, palpitation, pain in my leftside, oppressed feeling in my u.wu~iv" • chcsi:. weak and huugry spells bad dreams, could not lie on either side was numb and suffered .terribly. Itook Dr. Miles' Heart Cure and before I finished the second bottle I felt its goo<5 effects. I reel now that I am f ally recovered, and that Dr. Miles' Heart Cure saved my life." Dr Miles'.ITeartCuro is sold on Ruarantep that firstIbotUe beacfl-A or money refundad. Dr.-Miles' Heart Cure Restores Health ri ONE-HALF 8IZE OF BOX, POZZONI'S- COMPLEXION POWDER] hu been tho stanaarU for forty y«ar» ana" Is more popular td-<ia7 thau ever oeiore. POZZOX'I'S Is vhe IcJoM complexion powdor—bo«ut!fyinK, | rcfrciiL'.DK, cleanly, jHnllhful and hormloM A. dsllcaio. Invisible protection to tic lace. with pvcrv uuz ofJPOZZOXFS n roar I niflcJnt SccTllfii GOLD I'CFF ' BOX J* Riven tree ol charR*. DRUGGISTS . The COAST LINE to MACKINAC ..}.>.TAKE MACKINAC DETROIT PETOSKEY CHICAGO 2 New Steel Passenger Steamers Tbcamtcirt Perfection yet attained In But ConitraoUon-Lnxiitioiu Equipment, Artlrtlc K"nl.ntaK"oecor«tlon nd Efficient Service, Insuring the highest degree ot ___, COHFORT, SPEED AND SAFETY. FOUB. TRIPS P« Wtex Bm*tc» ToIedo,Detroit^Mackinac PETOSKEV, . *i8; EVERY ' " 3 ' ? °* Between Detroit aad Cleveland ' Cooncctine at'cievdand with Earl lest Trdnj I*M 'SohSFA* Sonth and Sortbmtimd .t Dctroitfor M points North and 1-ortbwert. 8undijTri»»Jun«.l«lr. *u»«*«n* *«H««b«» Qrtj. EVERY DAY BETWEEN Cleveland, Put-in-Bay ^ Toledo Send for Uluittnted Pamphlet. Addrew . A. SCHANTZ, •• r. «.. DITKOIT. IIIOH. ~ 60. Manhood Restored m • the Generative Organ*. T^^fjL. K( $»rt uco of\obiwv :tt«l indlMretlon r ,or v»£««ft |p°,,,.;y load to jpluro, or « 1|B1U !*"^ Jj^SJnjVy. put ui> Jn «>»• the yonttful 1] CHICAGO MUSICAL COLLEGE Central Mu.ic.H.II. Chlcijo. Or. F. ZlejJeld. PfM. Ul.tYcoi- bcgln< 8ept.T, 18»« MUSIC and DRAMATIC ART p Tor tpo free ana p«tlaJ schol«rahlpt will bo rocclTod lx> Auen»t IW^ J GOOD NVESTMENT. CERTIFICATES. no Tim interest is from earnings. The coupons arc payable »cmi-aj«ia|Ily. They nrasiniilai U> Collateral Trust Bonds. The ijrincipal israplalyenoancingin v»lxxe. TJicyaroasofeiuvcatoeut. ..... ,- WEMM. , Manbattaa Building, Chicago. IU*

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