The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on September 19, 1894 · Page 12
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 19, 1894
Page 12
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ef m torn tariff tab fa* ing to (jto to the VoteM. IOWA, Sept. 3,1894. Itie board of Supervisors taet In session with the following present: Chubh, ttollen- track, &awson, feufton. fiie minutes of the previous meet'- trig were read and approved, after cor* feetltig the minutes expunging from the records the report of .T. O. itawsoh, committee in favor of making a grade between sections 10 and 1?, 96-30. At this point Smith took his seat on the board. Moved and. seconded that the tax tety for 1894 be levied according to the statement marked Exhibit " A.'» Carried. State, 2!i. Poor, 1, •ftisano. 0-10 lloacl, 1. Poll, SOc. County, 3i4. Bridge. ». School, 1< Soldiers' Relief, 1-to. Doffs, M.. 50c.;P., $1. Algona Hurt Mnrt Inil Bancroft ...... Crcsc o ........ Corwtth Ind... Eagle Oreemvood, — IJcbron ........ Harrison ....... Irvliiffton ..... todyurd ....... Irfjdvtii'd Ind. ., iLotts Crook ..... JLuVeriu; ...... fytiVorno Ind.. I/incoln ......... Port/hind ..... Plum Orcelc... Pniirio ......... •Iliiiasny ...... Rivordalc ...... Shcrni an.... .. , Springfield. .., •Seneca ......... Swea ........... Union .......... Wesley ....... '•Wesley Ind.. .. AVest Bond. ... ••German la Inc. Whittemore .. Inc... 1:1 0 11 '/s 17 11 l ,i I 10 15 1H4 12 11 :i 23 8 014 7 13 11 5!4 16 15 4 U 14!* 10 5 10'/ 8 10 /"= 10 10 it'/j 5* 454 4 10 5 0 1U 0 W 4-10 2-10 3-10 4-10 1-10 3-10 1 20* 10 10 * 10 mills muuk'ipul. 10 mills water. "The rest of the afternoon was •cupied in auditing bills. TVIoved and seconded that wo journ till 8:30 tomorrow morning. oc- ad- feofcrd met tttth eftt. tiesolysd that the cfotifttj- he Instructed to omit from taxation on the personal property of J, S. Wll* son fot 1894, the valuation of ll»00ft oh account of the destruetiofi e? a pof- tlon of said property, by fife. Adoffc ed. ftesolved: That we put itt a grade and bridge across tlnlofi along h, West of the town of Gefinanta on half section line of section 24,08-28, afld that Smith be appointed a committee to supervise sjlid work. Adopted, Moved and seconded that Smith be appointed a committee to build a Bridge between sections 26 and 27, 98^ 29. Carried. The rest of the afternoon was occupied in auditing bills. Moved and seconded We adjourn till 8:30 o'clock, a. m., tomorrow. iarried. f MB /Aucfi'toTS .office, Sept. 4, 8:30 a. m. •Board met with all members present. Resolved: That the tax on a valuation of $65 be abated for 1893 on lots 1 and 4, block 119, Call's addition to Argona, and that the tax for 1894 be levied on said property on a valuation of $70. Adopted. -The report of the soldiers' relief •committee was presented as follows, Jto-wit: x -Amount in fund Sept. 1, '93.. .$ 576.37 Tax, 1893 ....'. 481.34 Total •• 1,057.71 .Amount disbursed $333.95 Amount oti hand to be •collected 733.76 "Moved and seconded that the report be accepted and T. H. Lantry be elected as his own successor, as secretary. Carried. Resolved: That Dr. McCormack be allowed the first quarter of his salary .as county physician. Adopted. Resolved: That the tax on a valuation of $166 for 1893, on lot 2 block 3 Call's addition to Wesley, be abatec on account of excessive valuation and that the tax for 1894 on said lot be levied on a valuation of $333. Adopt .ed. Moved and seconded that the bill of Dr. F. H. Cutler for medical attendance upon W. L, Clement, amounting ito'$144.25, be not allowed. Carried. Moved and seconded that the bill of Dr. C. B. Paul for $20 be allowed at $5 fur medical attendance upon Evans. Carried. Aloyod and seconded that the appointment of 11. I. Bray ton and S. Benjamin as deputy sheriffs be ap- .provecl. Carried. "The board appointed the following "judges of election for 1894 in townships where the trustees are all of one political party: Grant township the "full board was appointed as follows: -•Clerks, Ralph Stockman, W. H, Mc- JUinch; judges, Peter Strondberg, OJmrles Soiitherland, John Speiclier. Polling place, school house on north* west corner section 32, 100-29. Greenwood—Geo. V, Davis, Whittemore—H. A. Lillibridge. 'Portland—Hugh McDonald, .Prairie—John JJongbottom. .•Letts Creek—J. O. Jluwson. •Germania—W. F. Hall, clerk, 33, O, .Flbz. Led yard — Albert Ogren Wright. Springfield—Geo, Tinker. Wesley—A- E- Gidcjings, •Seneca—Fred Anderson. Riycrdrtle—J". O. Paxson, jAJgona, 1st ward—Max Herbst. » 2nd " -M. p. Pajton '» 3rd " -J. B. •j) 4th " ~ti> M TWoved,ajacl seconded that we fuw jsh the material ftw a 10 foot bridge sections 4, 97 aad 3,3,, One Dollar and Eighty-five Gents. It will be to Your Interest to Investigate 1 l'<"<t<>ll'<ll<l|<<l<'tll'l<>'l<>ll«lf<ll't,<<,,<!.('!,Ml W. A, Auditor's office, Sept. 5, 8:30, a. to, Board met with all members pfes> ent. Moved and seconded that the highway petitioned for by Dan Benka, et al, commencing at southeast corner of the southwest quarter of section 24, 94-28 and running thence west on section line between sections 24 and 25, 94-28 and terminating at southwest orner of southwest quarter of section 24, 94-28, bo laid as petitioned for and that the auditor be Instructed to re- ;ord and plat said road. Carried. Moved and seconded that the road petitioned for by Wtn. Paetz, et al. >eginning at a point six chains west of the southeast corner of section 14, 96-28 and running thence east on section line to within three rods of the said southeast corner of section 14, 96-28, thence south 21° 30', east to ntersection of old road, be laid as petitioned for and that that portion of highway beginning 6 chains west of the north-west corner section 24-96-28, and running thence south 60 degrees, ast 4.5o chains^ thence south 80 deg, east to intersection of the highway above petitioned for, be vacated. Carried. Moved and seconded that the petition of C. Betche et al, for a highway commencing at south-cast corner 3197-30, and running thence north on section line to intersect county, highway and to vacate so much of the county highway as lies wholly within the south-east quarter section 31-97-30, be not granted. Carried. Moved and seconded that the highway petitioned for by R. Lane et al, commencing at west side township 97, range 27, on section line between sections 30 and 31, and running thence east across the township, be . laid as per commissioners report, provided the petitioners pay all claims for damages. Carried. Moved and seconded that the highway petitioned for by Fred Harmes et al, in Garfleld township, be laid over till the November meeting. Carried. Moved and seconded, that the highway petitioned for by Martin Schneider et al, commencing at State line at corner post between sections 7 and 8, township 100, range 28, and running thence south on section lines and terminating at south line of Springfleld township, be laid as petitioned for provided petitioners pay all claims for damages allowed by the appraisers. Carried, The bond of C. C. Rippentrop, appointed constable of Germania town- hip, in the sum of $500 was approved. Report of Clerk showing fees collect- id in his office amounting to $209.80, was approved by the board and placed on file. Report of Treasurer showing fees ;ollectecl in his office amounting to B1.40 was' approved by the board and placed on file. Report of fees collected by Auditor n his office, amounting to $77.50. - was approved and placed on file. The claim of J. M. Perkins of $8 for 'our cub wolves killed in the county, was allowed by the board. Smith reports in favor of making a grade on the west line section 7-98-30,. when slouyh is properly drained, Chubb reports in favor of making grade on south line section 32-94-27, when I-Juiiaboldt county is ready to do its share of work. Resolved, That the tax for 1893 on lot 4, section 10-100-29, be abated, the same being a tree claim and not taxable. Adopted, Resolved, That the following propositions be submitted to a vote of the people at the ne:st general olecy tion: Shajl the number of members of the board of supervisors be increased to seven? ShjU the county be divided into supervisors' districts? Shall the sum of 17,000 be raised by a special ta« to p«ilfl a }an in and for said county? Tbat a tax of one and one-half wUle Qft the dollar ehall be levied i}p.on, the taxable property of said county fop 1895. All, the legaj votefs 9f saj^i cpupty who shaU ^ lo favor of, !&§ foregoing propositions shall deposit UaUot* havipg written op printed IJiwon the following increase uf s»pey« "Waukegan Fence Wire" Before you buy; because we can give you more rods per pound in the "Waukegan" than any other wire made; because it is the strongest; because it will turn stock where other -wires will not. Investigate the k » STOVES and RAW, . There are none better. Always insist upon having the Sherwin-Williams Prepared Paints, "Jewel" and "Riverside' Because one gallon will cover more surface than any other Paint made, And because it win stay where you put it, This is a small list of our many customers who have used the Sherwin-Williams paint in the past eight H. J. Winkle. R. It. Spencer, Goo. E. Clarke, Gardner Oowles, H. A. Clock. .T. F. Nlcoulln, W. K. Ferguson, Ambrose A. Call, Sid Blossom. .T. B. Hoflus, W. F. Hoflus, M, W. Ferguson, Win. Bailey, M. E. Parsonage, A. J. Jones. W. D. Nugent, S. J. O'Neill. O. E. Minlcler, P. O. Peterson, W. F. Garter. T. F. Oooke, Jas. Patterson. GO TO. WEIT GUDDEN BARB Of which they have the sole agency, Anti-Rust Tin Wire, Minnesota Linseed Oil Company's Paints, AND THE— «# l Bissell Carpet Sweeper, The Best Sweeper Made. WEITGENANT BROS., Corner State and Thoringtou. Spurbeck & Lambert, MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS IN "» "Apltist jail tl*> It Ittf tih& t eidlvsd thai the dlgfb b! said boafd of supefvlsofs Is hcfeby ordered to cause due fifid legal publication and postlfig of the fofepolngr fesolu- tloh, by causlhg said fesolutlon to be published ih each of the newspapers published IB said cbtifity fof fotif weeks prlbf to said election, and cause a copy of said resolution to be posted at each, polling place* within said county oa the day of election, Adopted, Hesoived, That the tax for 18&3 oa the north half of the south-east quarter section 6-91-S^i be refunded, said property being owned by a soldiers widow and exempt from taxation. Adopted. Moved and seconded that we adjourn tllll o'clock p. tu. Carried. Moved and seconded that the audi* tor be authorized to have the court house porch repaired, Carried, Moved and seconded that the petitions to change the voting precinct pf Germania by putting the east half ,of, section 2 and west half of section 21*' 99-28, in iJedyard precinct, be laid on the table. Carried. Moved and seconded that the members of this board are entitled to the several amounts set opposite their respective names for per diem and mileage in attendance upon this meeting. Carried. Chubb, 3 days, 2 miles $12.24 Hollenbeck, 3 days, 12 miles.... 13.44 Burton, 3 days, 29 miles "".... 15.48 Smith, 3 days, 28 miles..... 15.36 Eawson, 3 days, 15 miles 13.80 Moved and seconded that the auditor be authrized to draw warrants for all bills allowed at this meeting. Carried. 0. M. DOXSEB, Auditor. WALKER BROS. IN CHARGE. W. F. Carter Turns Over His Store to t;he Walker Bros.—They Have a Word to Say. A CARD TO THE PUBLIC. Having purchased of W. P. Carter his entire grocery stock, we wish to announce to the people of Algona and vicinity that we shall endeavor to always keep on hand, everything belonging to a first-class grocery. We shall aim to please, and ask a share of the public patronage. Yours Eesp,'y, WALKER Buos. & tariff o! tern lo 46 m WKl, Is let iM cm wtfdlefi wasted yaftrs,* em knit t&Mea -torn 8& ta 40 f e» 6eBt; oft blankets, hate o! cent; oh Wotaen coat and For the next six days or until further notice I will sell at way downprices as this is the time of year I make ray clearing sale.—J. B. LAIRD. P. L. SLAGLE, Manufacturer of and dealer in Harness and Harness Goods, 35 and 60 pet childten's etc. f 40 16 tjlothiug, sS to SO pef ae«t. f ottilbg is page 29 it is found tlmt "peatls, ifr eluding peat-Is hot set" are liable to & duly of but- id t^ei- fiefii.', praeiotis slotiea of all kinds, 6ut but hot set, only 25 per cettt. If set 30 pet cent,-, inl* itatiotis of precious stones, 10 per cent, and uncut pfecious stones, 10 pet cent, tage 31 shows that a tat iff of hut 10 pet cent, is levied oil piped and pipe bowls, while pap 36 reveals the fact that diamonds ate .admitted free pf duty, As one notices these iticdagfu> itieg the democratic promise to make the "luxuries bear the burdens of tariff taxation" appears to be a delusion and a fraud, Precious stones, pipes* etc., are admitted almost free, while blankets, ready-made clothing, women and children's dress goods, etc., are subject to high duties. IS any further evidence necessary to Convince the unprejudiced mind that the democratic party is playing the part of a hypocrite on the question of "tariff taxation?" AN OVERFEED OF CROW. Humboldfc Independent : For a man who believes in genuine old-fashioned democracy and has practiced its Virtue* and suffered for its sins for lo, these many years, the editor of this paper- feels that his cup of bitterness is full to overflowing— his dish of crow is full up and running over. After ^ractieing a month to keep his political stomach right side up when considering the nomination of a populist for congress by a large majority of a regular democratic convention, he went to the Emmetsburg judicial convention to assist in the nomination of some good democrat for the office of judge; only to find that lie was to be bound hand and foot and delivered over to the Philistines again, and to see an intelligent democratic convention fall down and again worship the silver calf of populism. Yes, verily I Our 'cup of affliction is full and its taste is like unto the closing « night of a mulct shop opening. : We ' had prayed that this cup. might. pass,! away from us, but it was not to be.i ,We have escaped death but in nakedness and humility we cry aloud. •', We are clothed only in our good intentions and what little honor may from a quiet kick. It is crow — but— it's good I . ALGONA. IOWA. E. G. BOWYER, DEALER IN" • fATCHES, CLOCKS AND JEWELRY, All kinds of Silverware. Repairing, a specialty. MONEY! On Real Estate. HOXIE & BRUNSON. Homeseekers' Excursion: TheB.,C. E.&N. Homeseekers' Excursions Sept. .II, Sept. 25 and Oct. 9. .Tickets on sale tc points in Northwestern Iowa, South; western Minne'sota and South Dakot at a rate of one fare, plus $2, for tl round trip. Good 20 days from date sale. Tickets at the above rate will also» sold to points in Kansas, Nebiaa Missouri, Colorado, Wyoming, Utj Montana, New Mexico, Manit Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabi Louisiana, Arkansas, Indian Territory» Oklahoma and Texas. J. MORTON, Gen. Tkt. and Pass: Agt Cedar Rapids, LOW EXCURSION RAT,feS. OSEWALL, PAINTER and PAPEB-HANGEE. Postal card orders promptly attended to. O.KOSEWALL, Algona, Iowa. We will save you money on the following : Belting o£ all kinds—leattier, Gandy and rubber j complete stock olEngineer's Supplies; Gas Pipe and fittings; Glob.e Valves ; all kinds of Steam Fittings, Hose and Hose Fittings; Oils of all kinds, We Uave a large stock of Cylinder Oil and Cup Grease a specialty. Large stock of otner goods too numerous to mention Give us a call. Factory and supply house near C, $s N. W. Depot. How They Like It. Read what some of those who've received The Hub's Boy's Head-To-Foot-Outflt think of their $5,00 Bargains. DRAIN TILE! -AT$12,00 PER M, ON CARUULGONA, This is cheaper tHan tney are retailed at factories, Pon't fail to yftll pn « J, A, Hamilton & Co, EAGLE GROVE DISTRICT FAIR,'. For the above occasion the Northwestern line will, from Sept. 17 to 21, inclusive, sell excursion tickets ' to Eagle Groye and return , at reduced rates; tickets good for return passage until Sept. 22, 1894, inclusive. For tickets and full information apply- to agents Chicago & Northwestern Ball* v J •way, _^_ ' " J ' HAMILTON COUNTY FAIR AT WEBSTER ' " CITY. For the above occasion the,,Northwestern line will, from Sejpt, 17 to 21, inclusive, sell excursion tickets'- to Webster City and return at reduced rates; tickets good for return passage untill Sept, 22, 1894; inclusive, -'^Fqi? tickets and full information > apply* ^0 agents Chicago & Northwestern ^Bail'V 'way* ' '•> • Will bo visit; you .. , I}ne, > roes and addresses of -'ns to whom tMs inform",, prove interesting,, a Qirt^lar,, nd. full detail* of these m, ' ;> "Received the Hoa4-To-Foot outfit rlglit, and am very nmoji pleascsa with ft, T?£8 a pei'ifeot fit, even to tjie sUoeg.' 'M, , , N. IJ. 'Thesuits, Man's Biisitiess eult, were not only received O. K. but eults o. K. Dragging of the bargatne I received wiu you more oyflers you ftre sure to get ' "Most satisfactory. You will receive fur; ther prdpfs froj» pie from Wwe tp MWP," ' A . _ RBYAWTJQ Atty. at Law, Tucson, "Tne Bap's OlotUea % m well pleased THE HUB I Km'Sm ' JT* \#'mi A ntt of JUJrllKHi flow, m 8 to .18 y Cap to i&toli the suit-and A Pair of Stou and

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