The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 10, 1966 · Page 19
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 19

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1966
Page 19
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<lft4 &M j%£ irr Fst. I fcijj* a: SK pot£it ISnrsry, ^- S- O &Ki trtieies 5iftw*»r«i u. 3ft e£ic sr aSss v ~ *~?^"2s aSeqoate for :? e?T3ers rf fee buss*. is K£*CI-.C iofie ttal , TK S'f rial _ pfij aal ij. ctaaix is i :•? 3 »-&s it T&T? f -3^2 . Tie Lii«rt? riki vtia; lits .toupee fr-aa. tr-^aa: $1" "o 121 it ertri extent i-. *idst it ti 'Jl 53Si3r3I. Sal* IS TSTJ 1E.-X OSl A i£iri'Xi f 5iis n; it pr'p^-rt.-jc^ "BIS. Sft jit IJ^-rJj rail ii eztra Sag * * Lssi -jf 14 C s-. {£-* rir, ix^i tv si£z tift Isle ?r«-s. sts.* i^t is isd t rvtc*: *•% TV-. j". tnri . LuVerne Folks Moving To St. Benedict -a? ioci is tb% t/^ieal i Lri"E£!»"£ - A bSa'! 2* *i% 7CJTL Bill Mr. feai Mrs, Ksas«± TTijo £j% s»7Trag ts St. Ii cia-r5% erf tie party -w«r% Mr. iac Mrs. GTr-ix Gr«g-?TT ia; Mr. saf Mrs. MOioc -sr:2»%;ii •»tti an tie ZK&nrs isnriissi. »j vts ^i;«rf vt± Mr. iisl Mrs. 5x Vin r%5ehtag higi Gr«« ii»c Mr*. ITT. early vsrks 3f fa fTj*gTi^ Vfeii vT'li^y 2. He iwt&i that Bortfc bat two scarce tides,' leas as from "Monsieur the best cteacfes crt Hals is older l&razles rests IB the IMP* extttkcs oilrxud ere, Suci Mrs. 3irl*rr 2riag%r of Dee her si Mrs. of ttneir braEber £iri SOE, Mr. Mrs. Bob nUL the west, rattans, aa! the CirQ War are m'jci La <iemaaj aaj aad geoerral local c-oior would merit a price coczsder- atloc greater &as the tuoal &=*> oai-haal dearaa» table. Fre- qaeotly, a vriter irQl perscoany his ova order ooly a haaired or so copies tor his friecrfs, etc^ vitfc co iateiztkes of general gal* cr m^irlng uuxxy. This type of work is later years fca* co&- siderayjc yalaft tor Cb* coll&Btor a&d studest. - o- May I agaia arge feat wisea baalles of oid correspoe^e&oe are Ltrtrcired, dctft tjfesjr toe stamp off the feaveirjpe. K&ep GJ« eaitre cover ictact as toe cancel may have coiie«ticg interest. Tb«re is coasl^rable interest i& &e old flag type case*! ased La fee treaties aai earlier. Is this case, ike stasp Useif is a sec- ooJarypoLat. - o - '/cw csrrecey collectors have so doubt coted thai the stayl srffc three pockets are available with both fo«jr aad two pockets. The four pocket size is primarily tor the current Biz* bill acd the two pocket will serve for some foreign bills that have ertra height, although extra lecgth is not served. For thfeee koger bills, however, I find that I ca& insert them vertically and the extra depth of the two pocket page will hold them adequately. These pages in all three sizes are also excellent for covers, souvenir sheets, blocks, and even, in the four pocket page, single stamps and sets. I generally have these on band in all three sizes at 20 cents each in lots of 5 or more, . o - Tbe first bust has hit us in the regular postage series. General Washington did not win ever/ battle and it Is obvious that he had bad a hard day at tbe front. This is the instant impression from tbe new 5-cent stamp. Our founding Father on this stamp needs nothing so much from his country as a razor and even the much-abused click, click brand will do. Tbe background suggests three swarms of agitated gnats. Maybe they are bother ing George rather than tbe British, someone ought to get agitated at this rnon$- tt is a national disgrace. Eaery ',•: Ft. iriEb Mr. aai Mrs. Htsz sad Mr. aad Kzs. 2£ Eistaja. Ag*rd boeae •rere teeirn Uada,aad: ol Ft Dodge aid Mr. ami Mrs. Szakry Bddd aad tkree eMkU«> of Eovza. Marria Maasc, teaeter fcitte Ogtiea sctoxJ, and brotiier, Rabat M22££, staieat 2t WfestJESzr Cci- iege, LeMars, ver« T&si«ai £5*st8 c^ S«6ir xsotiAr. M^s. Mari& M^a&s. D«2idi Zta&fel JaLg retaroerf to Moll«, 21^ istiere be is «s- ployed byD^ere aoj Co. He bad com* bvcoe for Katlooal Air Gaar»i 4aty. WML« la LaYerae, he 'oscamg Ql aal B3ier«r6£ii sarger/ at toe Ea&coek Memorial <xw2ty bc«piiaJ at Brttt. PrU Heary Sceo«zer has re- tarred to MoGoire Air Force , Nen? Jersey. He had been at Frankfurt, Germany, vita be v£s called home by toe death of bis mofter, Mrs. George Sch«rtz«r, reeectly. Mr. a&d Mrs. Ralph stoll vere recent dinner guests of her sister, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Hutchinson of Eagle Grove. Gordon Hirmon visited his sister, Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Hefty of Ottosen. Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne Tobey and Hick were weekend visitors of her mother, Mrs. Jessie Stripling and Mike. Annual Meeting Of Production Credit, March 24 The 32nd annual stockholders' meeting of the Emmetsburg production credit Association will be held March 24th in Emmetsburg, according to Manager Leo B, Jensvold. Highlight of the meeting will be an address by Karl Klilsholm, Kossuth County farmer. Stockholders also will hear a report on the Association's progress during the past year and elect two directors, Jensvold said. The annual meeting will be gin at U;3U a. m. witn registration at the Assumption Parish Center. Directors of the Emmetsburg PC A are c.H. Arttwr, Spirit Lake, president: R, B, Chamberg, Emmetsburg, vice-president; Robert Place, Armstrong; Rexford Hansen, Rutbven; and Kenneth Patterson, Swea City. fmeftfs THAT DAKN CAT* AIGONA THEATRE TWrvioy ft** ft*,**, rf £«3e Grcw« *•** it lot £*1ffe *t- Mrs. **B «*e* of tfrifed her safcer, Mrs. Aba*, T*wtaj- Mr. ••* Mrs. M-rfia ta£ iuaBT of G^aoie Cater vert Uuud^i tfemoas FKfkt M te Mfee Mrs. JJbsst ttena afi K&offii SLtvB^rt iliHfii Mrs. Mary Bra «S Buile HHBIOT. Mr. ad Mrs. Flitter East*ton ot FL Dodf» vert Mr wt i Larry Mr. sat Mrs. ««! Ear! Mr. Krs. ParceS, Mart* 5 - Admitted : W> Am West Bead, isoeificaL S - Admitted: Bradley raedkal; Lois Barter, irwt BaS, aeffieal; dismissed: ifleis* pitta, Avis Bradley, i; Mark Kr. JSr. tbey Mirri ? - Admitt^: Lisa , Bmcrofl, injury; Robert oedical. Mr. ad Mrs. of StenartgrSaa, Ma. day 'i'T'fiiii|,1i g*fists it { «tf Mrs. Esafe Cooper. Mr. aod Mrs, Daaifi Sara vere Ftlmj at fie BtraM booae xt Mr. sad Mrs. kkaoe risifei at &• at DaksSi Cfiy to bel; Mr. Loasaag Farmer's Union Meeting Held At Swea City GIZ - Aiont S*?ET- safe; Sf? tinner zsai a! fie Fira*rs Uiiiai, <1 Si* Legix teH ii Fra C3tj Fet. H. i af Das prs^isat a! its Jrri uuiac, -rus present te to tie p^K5% Art w. LLT- it cyuuij rezi HaiTtE LczAer«« AJuSirj- of Legiac sirred itr. £ai Itrs. ^ eatertiiaed tSieir csri dsfc Fri <^7 rrfsfj-g Ta Mr. rsil GCOE Mr. «^i Mrs. absSatfti fcr Mr. 2i Mrs. ETSTSS "niTrscc. Mrs, Ezlffc filter exertei i^r iier 'iza^aer, Dori's, zT Se&ri£T. Gassts Mr. sad Mrs. Kpsnett Boss ol LeM-trj beezse the pared* of a baby gtri, ve^Uv 7 Qa^, 7 oz^ Feb. 28, Ttejr tare too odtex ***v*^^"j a gtrt ad a boy. Mr. aad Mrs, LEO Gaexdet aze Sereral persoss from this area 2tteaaded tte fcrnsral Tbarsriay at Armsfcroog tor joim Filer, &5, fz&er of Mrs. Leo Mr. Flier bad beea in healfc for some time. Mrs. Filer preceded him in death in 1&49. A KB, Ralph Filer, Ms vtjfe aoi daoghter, came from Turtle L&le, Wise, and a daughter acd SOQ, the Lester Filers aid tfa* Elvifl Flsfaers aod SODS aod a oep&rv, the Richard Fliers of Gooflaad, Minn., came for the fnoeral. Mrs. David Medema of Rock Rapids left Sunday after t»x> veeks at the home of her parents, the Virgil Jensens, while her mother was recuperating from surgery. Mr. Medema came and took his family back to their home. Mrs. Virgil Jensen spent Moo- day and Tuesday at Rochester, Minn, where she went for a check-up at Mayo Clinic. Among last week callers at the Virgil Jensen home were the Weldon Brandts, Dick Krumms, Mayoard Jensens and Rev. Crandall. Mr. and M-*s. Gaylord Johnsoa, Algooa, were Sunday callers at the home of his brother, Tru- maa Johnson. The Trumtn Johnsons were Sunday evening visitors at the home of her brother, the Beryl Bromleys at Fairmcot. M*. and Mrs, Johnie Tobin and Marcia were Sunday visitors at the Frank Spear homeatsher- burn. On Thursday, for the fifth birthday of Chert, Mrs. Art W. Larsen entertained guests including Claudia Reece, Shelley Dawson, Bruce Larson, Kim DitsW'jrth and Denny Waldschmidt, and all the children's mothers. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wiechmann and family were Sunday dinner guests at the Art w. Larson home. Eagle Homemakers met at the home of Mrs. Kenneth Broneg March 8. Mrs. Johnie Tobin was assistant hostess, Mrs. Marcella Chapman of Mason City was present with a program on heart health. Mr. aaf Mrs. irer» & ber Lesttr Bes5«iii5ai»iE si Wiaas- LEDYARD 77 of Mr. SessedaM's SK Aadior Hesseifiafcis. at &e Walter Ease veek vere Mr. aad Mrs. MHtori PgtEJttJL aid Mrs. petersz- aai Jotou qart is zSeaiiag a - Lrvreace Teraes is Mrs. CSeaii to 2« Bine of sctooaar far Fsris Serrice E! Bicoaui^taQ, EL at UK Jla Kooos -wer* Mr. sd Mrs, Micfcad Cirist, Jr. ssai jgixdij, sad Mr. Mrs, O. 5. K-xos, aQ oi te. Mr. sid Mrs. sac ver? Mocrizj ristos ii Des ver» pesU ctf Mr. sal Mrs. H. H. Ojsssze, sad Mr. alteoied fee tozrd of of &e iTn Baptist aefic&l patient. Alex end T«S MaByer tad Orris ol BI, K». Dzk, £t tbe M&rj BtsSarz. Fred Mosrer bases list Trosdsr eTpeaiiig, fier were guests of &e MXks Soensers si An&strtsc sad Weiaesizr an sapper pests at S>e ^cte ksae, Sztarizj Mrs. Bzsbara. «|t her ~£%sis bad sspper via ti»e Ed Mtrsrers Is Ehaore. Whfle &e? vere bere tie Kent Tbe D*Ssaer Tboa^^acs aad C-«ae Tijocpsx^ zsdfmilT-spere Friizj s^per pie^s £t fee Da£se Ericksss bocie £t OTTOSEN By /Ars. Donald Usher Mrs. Lester We&rspesa vas a ot^jt at Lstiieran hos- FL Dodge. Sbe retoroed SfctanJay. Mr. aad Mrs. j "Wefersptan aad family of skuaz. ...£2ljr Jweaee Teeteod guests. Sesda? risttors were Mr. asd Mrs. H. D. Beosoc, Mrs. Mf&a Weferspam aad Mr. aad Mrs. Eiaett QihegtrofWeat Mr. m A Mr.: Ttrited at tte Westpbal Carl "SsoA. aad Jota homes at Worthingtoo, Friday. Mr. aod Mrs. Jesse Tan Boskirk were Sunday dinner guests at the R. B. Carlson home at DmoelL, M <nn t In the afternoon they attended a doable anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rosburg celebrated their golden wedding and their daughter and her husband, Mr. and Mr ^Harder celebrated their silver wedding anniversary. Mrs. Rosburg and Mr. Van Buskirk used to play together when they were children. The Van Busfctrts also drove to Ceylon, Minn, where be had been a deport agent. Mrs. Donald Cooper visited her mother, Mrs. Frank Henely, a medical patient at the Emmetsburg hospital, a couple of times last week. Pamela Lynn, born Feb. 27 to Mr. and Mrs. Gary Cooper at Ft. Dodge, was baptized Sunday at Sacred Heart Catholic church at Ft. Dodge. Attending were the maternal grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Louis KrugofWest Bend, Mr. and Mrs, Donald Cooper, paternal grandparents, the paternal great grandmother, Mrs. Essie Cooper and Mr. and Mrs. Mike House and Robert of Ft. Dodge. They were all dinner guests at tbe Gary Cooper home. Enroute home, the Donald Cooper family and Mrs. Essie Cooper were coffee guests at the Hollis Cooper home at Humboldt. Mr. and Mrs. Laurel Worster spent last weekend at tbe Nathan McGuire home at Marshall, Mo. Sunday, all went to see the Bag* nell Dam at Lake of tbe Ozarks. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Mad&en and family of Sheffield were weekend visitors at the Chester Alme home. They also visited his father, John Madsen, a patient at Mercy hospital. Mr. and Mrs, Alvin Mclntosh and Jeri of Webster City Sunday visitors at the homes of Mrs. Annie Leist and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kempen, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Kinseth were Sunday dinner guests at the James Barber home at West Bend. Mr, and Mrs, Bernard Maier Mr. sad Mrs, Arkrve left Maodaj by pi me frcsu Masco City to visit Mr. and Mrs. RiHip Lack sad family in Eaglzad, Tbej pisa to be gooe tfer&e veeks. fijree vesks. WMle their par- sis are avar, Dowlas and Terry are staying 2! tbe Terooo gmtfr borne 2sd Bob and Karen are at tbe Henrard Hiricsiek's. Leroy Basch vas released Iroa Blae Earth hospital Toes- day. Students •rtoareatteadiagfcnra State Uohrersiry at Ames here a tea-day quarter break their parents. They are Mr. cad Mrs. Roger Grees aod fazafly and Bin Green vith Mrs, Dallas Greei; Monica Manyer Fred Maayers, Diane Water- thflv A*rey Water; Jon DeBoer rtflj Sapt. ad Mrs. Gffittt DeBoer aod AH Carpenter at the Elrin Carpenters. Merit g^vJai^r tests and Educational Development Tests were taken by pfrvfc>nts in tbe freshman, sophomore and junior classes Tuesday. Mrs. Melbourne Haag and Mary Alice spent the week at Bancroft with her mother, Mrs. Pauline Coady, who has just returned from a Rochester hospital. Us, visited her mother, Mrs. J. F. Sullivan and Jeremiah over the weekend. Tuesday coffee guests of Mrs. Sullivan were Mrs. Alma Gel- haos, Mrs. den Borrow, Mrs. Marie Ealvorsen, Mrs. Harel Carpenter and Mrs. Mary Bashara. THURS - FRI - MON - TUES- WED - "That Darn Car", 7-10 9:25. SATURDAY and SUNDAY "That Darn cat" 12 : 15-2-3&4:40-6:55-9:10. CONTEST AKT Miss LTOB Am Delashnnrtt of Torin, Iowa, participated in the, 1966 national "Miss Rarai EJec- trificatioo'' beaoty pageant in Las Vegas earlier this month. Miss Delaatawtt won tbe right to represent her state after first winning beauty contests s}Mft> sored by the Moooia County Rural Electric CooperafJre to Onawa and a second one in Des Moiaes. She is a junior at East Moncoa big]] school and plaas to attend Iowa State University. If It'i Newt We Wtat ft! idft ara&er, Mrs. GU Mrs. tasSj tt Anter^, S. Dat, tcay, Befirj aag Mr. Mrs. Roy af Altert Lea ton ai fig pcrs£xl HOSPITAL NEWS 1O BIG REASONS TO BUY THIS BOBLEE BROGUE check the extra benefits you get from 1 Fui tone winf to« 2 Toncue ffwd wifh tttthw 3 Three-foorflw leather 4 L«*fh«f pipint 6 Separitc cotof 6 Ful AwWt »o4« 7 F«« ttortn w^t 8 Extended heel *e« 9 Cushioned heef p»d 1O Quatttr vorfammMp *nd tetlher uppers ROBLEE All Colors All A Widths to E All lengths 6% to 13 I - : Mrs. j«;im Mrs. MITC& 3 - i: Mrs. Mark West 3ea2, medical, March 4 - Dismissed: Frsak Tagro, Margaret Aread^ Algtca; Anna Mailer, WMttemare; Leooa BROWNE'* SHOE STOPl WIEN YOB BUY A WESTINGHOUSE OECTRIC RANGE! ( a Wilwn H«m for "I /a Wilson Turkey for "k EASTER J (ThankglvtngJ AI4Q BONUS FOR YOU I.. .Three holiday meats provided FREE with your purchase of a wonderful modem Westinghouse Flamelesi Bectric Range! Buy now ... there is a Westinghouse range to fit your need*, budget and decor. Trade-ins and easy term*. WMtinfhouM Rancet... • FULLY AUTOMATIC... '*** ** • Clean, cool, fast cooking. ..• See the new No Turn, Speed-Broil model..." All the new features, including I Removable Ovtn Panels. I OWA me IGROWER COMPANY E Wfcf AnhM* Duty to Cu4tem«r, «n him Cfecblc mil rwv Comwny Hint THURSDAY thru WEDNESDAYS MARCH 10-16 ™ SATURDAY and SUNDAY Continuous From 12«00 Noon ^ WWf RCMNE-M°D(Bll CQIOR CARTOON ADMISSION $1.00 VAOWA DBrt KIDDIES UNDER 12 YEARS OF AGE SQ C STARTS THURSDAY, MARCH 17- ST. PATRICK'S MIDNITC SHOwT SEAN CONNIRY IN "THUNDERBALl"

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